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People, by nature, are self-conscious. They may not necessarily be vain, but more often than not, everyone wants to look better than they do. In today’s society where you are judged more by your appearance than what you are, how you look will always be how you are perceived when you first meet someone.

Since your skin is pretty much the only body organ that is visible to others, it is no wonder then that people go extra lengths to take care of it. Pimples, spots, blemishes (For blemishes treatments, learn how to get rid of blemishes)—all these are blights to those who consider physical appearance an important part of their persona. To people who rely on their physical appearance for a living (models and actors, for instance), maintaining perfect, smooth skin is as important as maintaining a good reputation and wardrobe.

What is a Scar?

A scar is the body’s way of repairing the skin when it encounters an injury, whether it be due to an accident, surgery, or a disease. Every wound (except for some minor lesions) leaves a scar. When the skin tissue gets wounded or broken, the body mends it by lying down a body-produced protein called collagen fibers.

Since the body can’t reproduce whatever tissue it has lost in exactly the same way, the new scar tissue will be different, both in terms of texture and quality, than the skin surrounding it. Usually, the new scar tissue is inferior to the old tissue. For example, it will be less resistant to UV radiation than the original skin and it does not have hair follicles or sweat glands growing back in it. Most scars leave a trace of the injury that caused them, usually in the form of redness on the skin. The redness itself is not the scar, and it is temporary, usually going away after a couple of days (although in some rare cases, it could take several years).

Types of Scars

A scar can be raised, lowered, or, in some cases, stretched. If the body produces too much collagen during the healing process, a raised red lump on the skin appears. There are two types of this kind of scar. Hyperthropic scars remain relatively within the boundaries of the original wound. Kelloid scars, meanwhile, are far more serious since they can grow indefinitely, becoming large and tumorous (although they are usually benign).

Scars can also be lowered or pitted, becoming a recess into the skin. Such scars are the result of the loss of underlying structures that support the skin, like fat or muscles. Acne scars are the most common examples of this (For natural treatment of acne scars, learn how to get rid of acne scars naturally), along with chickenpox scars.

When it comes to pitted scars, few elicit as much of a reaction as chickenpox scars. Compared to other facial marks and scars, chickenpox scars can be numerous, depending on how you treated the pustules while still in the throes of the disease. If you gave in to the almost irresistible urge of scratching each and every itching blister you had when you were suffering from the condition, then chances are you will be walking around sporting ugly scars for years on end. Even if you were a good little patient and kept your hands off any chickenpox nodules on your body, there are some instances when scars still remain, though not as severe as if you clawed them out.

If your scars are particularly deep and large, you might have to accept the fact that they are there to stay; however, there have been several treatments and methods that people swear to that may get rid of the scars permanently or, at the very least, diminish their appearance so your face won’t have to look like a used dartboard (More tips on how to remove a scar).

Scar Treatment Methods

Wait and see. Before you do anything drastic about any new scars, wait first. Most chickenpox scars will usually go away after a few weeks. In fact, most people who have had chickenpox usually come out without even a single blemish on their skin. If the scars will not go away even after several years, then chances are there really isn’t anything short of laser resurfacing that will take them away. The bottom line is that chickenpox scars should go away even without treatment.

Ask your dermatologist about oral and topical medications. People swear on the effectiveness of treatments using Vitamin E and glutathione. However, before you spend huge amounts of cash buying treatments containing these antioxidant chemicals, consult with your dermatologist first. Every person has a differing skin composition, so a treatment that works wonders for one person might not work for another. There are also different methods of applying these treatments and some have been said to be less effective than others. Ask your dermatologist if such treatments are really found to be clinically effective and what the dosage and application method is best.

There are also people who have reported success in herbal and natural-based topical treatments like camellia oil and sandalwood oil. Gulbaaz plant seeds made into paste by mixing the white portion with water and then applying it once daily is also reportedly an effectively way to get rid of the scars. Before you try these home-brewed remedies, check with your dermatologist for any particular side effects.

Consider microdermabrasion. Microdermabrasion (also known as microderm) is a dermatological operation in which the dead outermost layer of the skin known as the stratum corneum is removed via light abrasion. There are different methods of microdermabrasion, mostly with the type of abrasive substances used, whether zinc or aluminum oxide crystals, a roughened surface, or fine organic particles.

The microdermabrasion procedure is not particularly painful. While it is mostly used for scars that are raised, it can also be used for lowered or pitted ones, although the effectiveness is admittedly lower.

Try laser resurfacing.Another popular method of removing scars is laser resurfacing. In this procedure, an intense laser is aimed at the area you want to treat. The laser beam gets rid of the epidermis (the outermost layer of skin) and, at the same time, heats the dermis (the underlying skin) so the stimulation of new collagen fibers can be made. As a result, new skin that’s smoother and firmer is formed as the wound heals. The good thing about this kind of resurfacing method is that it allows the doctors much greater control over the penetration to your skin. Accuracy is also increased, allowing the treatment of delicate and hard to reach areas, like around the eyes and lips.

Still, the best way to get rid of those chickenpox scars is to take care of yourself carefully when you have the condition. The most important advice is to not scratch yourself even if you itch like there’s no tomorrow. Scratching the boils and pox will drastically increase the formation of permanent scars, especially if they become infected. Apply natural remedies like vinegar and oatmeal baths to help lessen the itching, hence lessening the chances of you scratching them. Just ride the disease in the couple of weeks you’re afflicted with it. More often than not, you will come out of it literally unscathed. If you learned from this article, you might read how to get rid of chickenpox as well.

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  1. Is there a way to get rid of this? It doesn’t bother me much, but I don’t exactly love that they’re there. I have 2 dots on my forehead, and they aren’t sunken in very far. If I ask my mom for anything to get rid of them, she’ll probably say something like “Oh my god, you look fine the way you are. No one notices that!” But, on rare occasions, they have. Is there anything I can do at home, or somethig cheap to get?

  2. Theres no way at all to get rid of or even improve the look of these scars. I have very bad chicken pox scars in the middle of my face and under my eyes. I have tried dermabrasion, fillers, vitamin e oil, mederma….almost everything out there. Nothing works, they are scars and always will remain unfortunatley.

  3. I have deep chickenpox scars, mainly the ones that I hate are the ones on my face. I went to a plastic surgeon and he said all he can do is shrink them because they were so deep and I would end up with lines on my face. He asked why would I want to do that being I have delt with it so long. I told him I was not aware that there could possibly be something to get rid of them so therefore I just delt with it.
    I hate these chickenpox marks they make me feel ugly. What can I do about them?

  4. I have chicken pox scars on my face. I don’t know what to do about this. The crazy thing is that it controls my life And my self esteem. I don’t like meeting people because I am fearful of what they are going to judge me on how I look. So I put up a front that I am a bitch and that I don’t care, so I won’t get hurt. I guess I have to live with this the rest of my stupid life.
    Laser doesn’t work, creams, natural crap what the he’ll. What ever I guess I was one of the ugly people born in this world . UgHHH
    Anyone have any tips email me

  5. I am 32 years of age right now and i got my chicken pox at the age of 9, until now the scar caused by it is ungrateful to see…the scar is all over my body until now, though the scar turns to white but still it doesn’t really nice to see. I can’t wear shorts or skirts because of my scar on my legs. Worst thing is that my scars are too big and became kelloid. I have no money to see a dermotologist regarding my skin problem. Could you give me some tip on how to remove naturally in using home remedies or something cheaper but effective? I’m hoping for your kind indulgence regarding my problem..thank u.

  6. I think it will work if we apply the way like red indians remove tatto from body.we have to apply excision or cosmetical surgery to remove this scar.every homemade solution,vitamin e oil is funny.

  7. Chicken pox marks last forever Especially if you have African American skin. My tip would be for u guys to try Shea butter, it’s an awesome natural product that helps with stretch marks ,and we all know that stretch marks are hard to get rid of so y not try it for chicken pox marks, you’ve got nothing to loose.

  8. A way to get rid of Chicken pox scar (Cps).I got a way when i read about Silky Camellia Oil and (may be it will also work “Epidermx ii” dermabrasion cream).
    These above oil and cream will get everywhere(in every country) except Pakistan,iran etc.I am from Pakistan and i will buy these products from India. Insha ALLAH

  9. I had chicken pox recently and there are lots of pox scars on my face. They are black and crusty. How can i remove them within one week?

  10. I got one chicken pox scar on my face when i was 9yrs old and now i am 19yrs old, the scar is round shaped ,it is not too large or deep but it looks ugly. I will be thankful to you if you suggest any way of removing it.

  11. Im 14 african canadian and i have had the chicken pokes since i was 7 my parents say i have to wait till im 18 to do surgery to get rid of itif u know if this is true send me a message and it is cureable people for blacks and whites

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