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1. Chigger identification

Chiggers, or harvest mites are microscopic, reddish arachnids that usually cannot be seen with the naked eye. The larvae (babies) hatch in grass and foliage and attach themselves to anyone who gets close enough for them to climb onto. After finding a suitable host, the larvae attaches itself to a pore or hair follicle and injects digestive enzymes into the hole that promptly dissolve the surrounding skin cells which are then used for nourishment by the growing chigger. Once they’ve eaten their fill they release from their hosts, grow into adults and feed on plant matter on which they lay more eggs.

The bites themselves usually progress into super-itchy, raised red welts that can take up to two weeks to heal. Below you will find instructions for eliminating chiggers as well as reducing the effects of their bites.

2. Eliminating chiggers from your property

Chiggers are active during the warm season from spring to early fall. They can be found living in berry patches and bushes, tall grass and weeds, straw, leaves, fences, bark, and dense foliage.

Shelter and breeding grounds

Outside, keep grass trimmed and weeds pulled. Remove any dense foliage that isn’t part of the landscaping as well as piles of decaying leaves and plant matter. Flood all remaining foliage with a mixture of soap and water to kill off adults and larvae. Repeat the flood once a week for a month to get newly hatched larvae and you should have eliminated most of them.

If they’ve made it into your houseplants, move them outdoors and kill the adults and larvae by soaking them with a mild insecticidal soap that is labeled as safe for edibles or houseplants. Keep the plants away from people and pets and repeat the rinse weekly for four weeks.

3. Chigger treatment and prevention

If a person or pet becomes infested with chiggers, it’s important that you wash them as well as their clothing at the same time. Otherwise larvae that hadn’t yet made it to the skin can stick around for another chance and once they feed, they will drop off and head for the nearest houseplant.


When traversing a potentially infested area, try not to move through dense foliage or sit on the ground. Following are some additional preventative measures:

Protective clothing

The most protective clothing you can wear is tight-knit, loosely fitting garments that leave no exposed skin for a chigger to latch onto. Wear your shirt and socks over your pants along with shoes that do not have open ventilation holes. Bathe and wash all of your clothes on the hottest setting with detergent immediately upon returning.

Sulfur powders

Sulfur powders available at your local drug store work well as a chigger repellent. Apply in and on your clothing and shoes before heading out. A powder puff makes application much easier.

Insect repellents

Insect repellents containing DEET (Diethyl-m-toluamide) are effective at repelling chiggers. Apply these to your clothing, not to your skin or to your pets. Be sure to use on your shoes, pant legs, waist, shirt and sleeves.

Citronella oil based products

Citronella oil is derived from citronella grass. It is used in perfumes, soaps, and insect repelling sprays, candles and tiki torches. These are marketed mainly as mosquito repellent

but also repel chiggers.

Chigger removal

If you think you’ve just become host to a gang of chiggers, immediately wash all of your clothing with detergent and on the hottest setting – then wash yourself with plenty of soap and hot water. An exfoliating pad can be used and special attention should be paid to warm, moist areas (inside of knees, groin, anus, waist, armpits, neck, between toes, etc).

Chigger bites

Chigger bites are insanely itchy and swell into raised red welts that can last for a couple of weeks before subsiding. As difficult as it may be, resist scratching these bites – they can become infected. Instead, apply something that will limit their exposure to air. Several possibilities that people have reported success with are:

  • Clear nail polish
  • Green tea extract
  • Calamine lotion
  • Hydrocortisone cream

If you know of others, please add them with the ‘tips’ form below.

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  1. Tea Tree Oil sufficiently suffocates the bugs and reduces itching temporarily. It usually takes about 1-2 applications, a few more for particularly stubborn or wide spread infestations.

  2. Aloe vera plant leaves will stop chigger itch and speed up healing. Open the leave and rub the gel on the bite, morning, noon and night, when needed. The plant is more effective than over the counter products.

  3. I have found that Eucalytus oil helps immediatly. I found it at a flea market (HaHa) sold as Granny’s Original used for a pain reliever and it works for that too. In fact, it works on any itches, burns, and muscle aches that I have found and smells not too bad as well.
    It doesn’t burn like some of the other rubs and liniments so I thought I would try it on my poor Pug dog that has gotten into chiggers or fleas and was itching like a crazed dog. Well the little guy got a great night sleep finally an he will go over to where I put the bottle as if to ask for more every so often.
    The web address on the bottle is or something like that (I am not at home now so I can’t remember exactly) And NO I am not a sales person from there, nor do I have any stock in the company nor do I know if it is even still operating, but I do know this stuff helps alot.

    It also works on sunburns fast

  4. Hair Spray works as well as all these other things listed….

    It burns for a little bit but not so much that you can’t stand it.

  5. You can physically see a little black dot that chiggers leave, if you remove the dot, (like a splinter using a small sewing needle), the itching stops. Disinfect area with anything as you would after removing a splinter. I have read that they dont burrow, they do leave this black splinter, look for it. Remove it, itching will be gone!

  6. Scratch like hell, and pour on some bleech, then disinfect with some antibiotic soap, and cover bites w/ vasoline. Thats how the Marine Corps taught me to do it. It burns like hell, but kills them.

  7. My grandmother’s prevention was to eat a teaspoon of pharmacy grade sulphur with a tablespoon of molasses. I worked for about a week between doses. My parents and siblings did that for many years, especially on fishing trips to farm areas.

  8. I have tried everything…but what works is this….make a paste of salt and rub in the chigger bite….usually once or twice will do the trick….also works on skeeters and fire ants…rub the fire ants as soon as they bite….I have used salt for years and chiggers no longer give me a problem…..

  9. Instant relief from itching can be achieved by soaking in a tub of hot water with 4 ounces of salt and 6 ounces of alcohol dissolved in the water. This will burn like hell for about 5 minutes but relief is complete.

  10. At my local drug store they told me that the only thing that will give instant relief to chigger bites is “Cigarid” and I have found that to be true. Its available at Walgreens and CVS for less than $4.00.

  11. Take your finger nail and make an X right in the middle of your bite! This will start working in about 2 min after you do it but it helps! I have been doing this for about 8 years and it has always helped me!

  12. Somebody told me to use a sponge and rub pine sole over chigger
    bites and they can’t stand it and they will jump off and die.
    As for itching we used hydrocortizone cream or something for itching.
    It worked!

  13. All you people saying to puncture, cut, or score the chigger bites are leaving yourselves open to infecting the bite, resulting in possibly greater risk of infection.

    Scrub GENTLY in a very hot tub or shower, using a good antibacterial soap. Use a soft *soft* brush, or a wash cloth. Lather, rinse, lather, rinse, lather, rinse.
    Dry off thoroughly. Use an oil-based such as Sting Eze, eucelyptus, or camphor oil. Or a covering lotion like Caledryl, IvaRest.
    Over-the-counter benedryl works very well easpecially at night, to ease the itch and allow a good nights sleep.
    Wash ALL your clothes, wash your linens, wash your towels, in very hot water.
    When you go into the woods, use Deet on your clothing! Or rub on some Vicks vaporub around your wrists, ankles and waist before going out to chigger-infected areas.
    TRY NOT TO SCRATCH…. Good luck!

  14. I live in the deep woods and have tried several of the ideas mentioned on this site. I put on socks, spray deet on the ankles, put on long blue jeans, tuck the jeans into leather boots, strip and bathe as soon as I get in AND STILL I AM TREATING A CASE OF CHIGGERS RIGHT NOW. For the treatment, I’ve scratched with abandon, used camphophenique, tea tree oil, cortisone, hydrocortisone and a bleach bath with no relief. The only relief I got was when I used straight VINEGAR, right out of the bath, while still damp. I then lathered down with calamine which provided a cool feeling and sealed the spots. Good luck.

  15. as soon as u find out what the heck they are find the clothes that you were wearing the first day u got the chiggers and wash them and then put some lotion on it then pray to god that they go away.

  16. I’ve tryed most everything you could posibly think of.
    what I have found most effective is this,
    1. Use a small neddle and Releive the “Bites”
    2. after you have Poked, you will see a clear fluid roll out, Scrape over the “Bumb” and attempt to remove every bit of fluid.
    3. Apply Rubbing alcohol. This works great, it also reduces the chance of infection. This removes the “digestive enzymes”
    I’ve found that by doing this it reduces the duration of these little buggers! And it also helps relive the “ITCH”

  17. We have found that if you put icy hot on the chigger bites it will help the itching and smother the chiggers. You can also put icy hot around you ankles, sleeves anywhere they might get in to keep them out when you go outside around areas where they might be. Make sure you do not get the icy hot around your personal areas, it will burn very badly

  18. When we were kids we would bath in a local bromide spring that contained sulphur. This really did the trick! We also used to drink the water mixed with Kool-Aid to make it more appealing. Try bathing in a strong sulfur solution in cold water.

  19. Bath in super-hot water dissolve in lot of epsom salt . Also get like a knee high pant hose stocking fill it full of regular oatmeal . Tie off the oatmeal in the stocking and soak it in the bath and you can scrub with it. It helps dry out the exsisting bites. Good Luck , I feel your pain in N.Ga

  20. I might be the only freak on this entire site who has had chigger bites for two years now. (Yes, the same exact ones in the same exact spots.) Apparently the more you itch them, the longer they’ll stay around, according to my doc. I was taking a prescription steroid cream which helped, and also antihistamines, which also helped. I stopped them though because antihistamines made me gain weight (the doctor verified that was a side effect – they increase appetite) and steroid creams thin your skin. Anyway two weeks ago I tried using nailpolish. Wouldn’t you know that helped immensely? The bites are smaller now than they’ve been in two years. It’s not because the buggers are still in there – they’re not, it’s because it helps the skin be less sensitive and I don’t scratch as much. I don’t like the idea of smearing all those chemicals on my skin though but it’s worth it to see them go down. I have heard Chigger rid (sp?) has the same effect. Best of luck, may no one have them as long as I have!

  21. chiggers are a pain for me and my family. we get them all the freakin time i hate them.. but whenever someone gets them i always tell them to use finger nail polish… i know some websites say not to, but me and my family have been doing it for years and its been great its worked. but then my mother in law told me that u can use vasoline, i havent tried it but it might work but i kno that finger nail polish works for a fact soo try it, and i wish u and maybe ur family good luck and that it works for just like it worked for me and my family.

  22. I’ve gotten chiggers before (and actually have them right now) and my mom has always told me to bath in warm/hot water with epsom salt dissolved in. For me, when I get out of the bath, the bites are always redder, so I put clear nail polish on them and that seems to help smother the chiggers. It’s worked before, and hopefully it works again this time because its driving me crazy..haha.

  23. I was told this afternoon to dampen a dryer sheet and rub it on areas that will be exposed haven’t tried it yet but plan to when I work outside tomorrow.

  24. ok, so call me crazy…but as far as the itching goes i have found that hemmoriod cream works (what does it not work for lol), and so does gold bond itch cream…they are both sold at wal-mart or any other grocery/pharmacy store for less than 5 bucks! and they work!
    much better than putting nail polish on them!
    hope that you find the same works for yourself!!

  25. When outside wear high leather riding boots, a under shirt and a regular shirt over it. Button high to neck. Wear gloves and a hat. Spray all with Deet and Permecthrin straight out of the bottle. Show no exposed skin; open boot tops. IF you get bit, wash all clothes in hot water detergent, yourself in a hot shower. Dose your bites with peroxide straight and rub in gold bond powder. Take an antihistamine pill. I also use listerine on them. I am convinced they smell your SKIN so keep it covered with SOLID material or leather. Better to sweat than deal with the bites.

  26. I have found that betadine or witch hazel work great. The best thing to do is pur regular oatmeal (the kind you cook in the bath) about 1cup to a gallon of water. This has a drying effect. Then put the betadine or witch hazel to alleviate the itching and stop the enzyme.

  27. I not sure what can of bug it is, but my mother thinks it’s the red bug (chigger). Her mother use to put turpentine on them. I’ve tried tea tree oil. It’s working so far.

  28. I read this on a posting a few months ago, and can’t retieve the post, BUT THIS WORKS!! (Ya gotta try it to believe it.)
    Rub a bit of Vicks Vapo-rub on the chigger bite….itching stops at once and doesn’t come back. The bite-mark will be gone in a week; the itch is gone in a minute or less.
    The poster went to great lengths about the chigger larvae being alive under the skin, etc.
    (I was trying to find the original post to send it to my daughters, as they don’t believe it, either.)

  29. This remedy was discovered quite by accident. Where I live is extremely infested right now with chiggers. I have never, ever seen them so bad. My brother-in-law, that lives next door to us, and I have both been ate up by these vermon. I have tried the fingernail polish (I think that just sedatited them for a little bit and then really make them mad). I covered the places in vasoline. I used thera-gesic pain relieving cream. I soaked for over an hour in a salt bath of epsom salt, table salt and sea salt. It only provided temporay relief. The next night when the itching became unbearable, in desperation I ran another tub of water and got myself wet and poured salt right on the places. Only stinging, temporary relief. Topical creams…..only temporary. My brother-in-law gave me an almost empty container of Old Spice original scent stick deoderant. He said that he noticed that the bites in his armpits were completely itch free and not irritated within 2 days, while the others were still inflamed and itching. So he proceeded to use it on all the bites which brought the same results. So I used it. Every time I started itching I rubbed it on the places. It slightly stings, but puts a nice, dry coating over the bites and provided almost instant relief. I am on the second day, and I am amazed at the results! It takes the swelling right down and stops the itching! I do not know if the other types of Old Spice deoderant will work, but I sure was not taking any chances on getting anything other than the original at this point. Other than smelling like a man, lol, I have been extremely pleased and relieved with the results! I totally recommend this and wanted to share it with everyone. Wado, (thank you)

  30. My wife and I just returned from Arkansas where we just got reminded about chiggers, not since I was little have I had them this bad. I spoke with my mother who reminded me of Ulisi,s (my grandmother) solution to them it may or may not help others, it has helped me now as it did those many years ago. A hot soapy bath followed by an alchol rub then 1 or more applications of Vicks rub to the bite area. A spoonful of Sulphur and Karo syrup or molassus once a week was her preventitive to them and one I shall return to maybe helps maybe no what I do know we didnt have chiggers much after the first time back then. Each must find what works for them I wish you well in your search. be well be safe dodadagohvi

  31. i had chiggers for 7 years and most people will not suffur that long only certain skin types. there is no cure the female has to be surgically cut out. good luck in trying to find a docter who belives you. In some skin types if you use nail polish it will cuase the chiggers to become infected thus leaving scars on your body. when the top layer becomes infected use penicillin it will help the infection but only when they are swollen. What happens in some people they burrow deep into layers of skin. The female keeps producing eggs.

  32. There are 3 types of chiggers, one is the cool weather type that is found in tall grass. The second one is from south africa and are found in the water carried over from birds. The thrid type are commonly called sand fleas and they orginate from the desert. So it depends on what type you have on how to treat them.

  33. Clear fingernail polish… without a doubt a lifesaver. Coming from someone who loves the woods and lives in them, this is the best way to get rid of them and it helps the itch as well.

  34. I think I have the worst case of chiggers because I didn’t know I had chiggers for years. Yes,I itched, I went to the doctor was told I had extremly dry skin. I know it is chiggers because of my own research. However, I have found that vinegar base products help the most,vacumning, and washing clothes in hot water keep population down. Unfortunately, I have chiggers in my scalp. The chiggers that I have get under the scalp and eat away the hair follicles and leaves a bald redden area. I think this is where the adults live and lay eggs and they fall off of me and infestate other hairy things around me, such as wooly sofas, carpets, blankets etc. These chiggers itch really bad. Afraid to put anything on my scalp. If you have any ideas on getting rid of chigger in your hair let me know, please!

  35. We live in a wooded area and I wear sandals and shorts in the summer time. I have had the chiggers twice in a months time. My husband puts vapor rub after I take a shower and it controls the itching and allows me(and him) to sleep. They are the nastiest critters I know of.
    Good luck to all of you chiggers victims.

  36. my husband is a tree surgeon and he has tried everything so i keep buying ointments etc…so any way i bought some asorbine jr.for itchy feet and he put it on and it stoped the itching instantly…

  37. For the person with them in her scalp, I recommend Nix or some other product for head lice. A friend of mine swears this product works great on Chiggers too. Apparently the female can lay eggs under your skin, and the Nix kills them.

  38. Baths for 1 hour in bubbble bath and 1/4 cup of peanut oil added every 20 miutes to keep mites from climbing back on you. Keep water slightly moving to stop them from swimming.
    Turpentine kills mites dead. Also betadine (betadine is not for the eyeball it causes problems)

  39. Chiggers do NOT put eggs or larvae under the skin. That’s an old wives tale based on the fact that people find it hard to believe anything can itch SO MUCH without something of the critter still being in the skin. They use digestive enzymes to dissolve skin cells and then suck up the liquid for food. They only stay on for around 2-3 days. The skin reacts to the enzymes by forming a hardened wall called a “stylostome”, and it’s this stylostome in the skin that is the source of the itching long after the chigger is gone.

    The best solution is to remove the chiggers before the stylostome forms, which can be done with a hot shower or bath and a vigorous scrub with a loofah or good scrubbing sponge. Do this if you even THINK you MIGHT have been exposed to chiggers. I’ve done this religiously after one particularly bad year for chiggers and I’ve never had more than a couple bothersome bites since. After the red marks start to show you can still remove them this way, but it won’t stop the itching; still, the sooner you remove them, the better. Trying to remove the stylostome often causes more damage than it’s worth, but it will stop the itching. I use camphophenique or chigarid to help soothe the itching, and minimizing the scratching will let it heal faster on it’s own.

    If you have a chigger bite that isn’t itching, DON’T TOUCH IT! Scratching it will make it start itching if it wasn’t before, another reason people believe there is something alive under the skin. If you have a mark that lasts more than a couple of weeks, it isn’t a chigger bite, particularly on the scalp. You might have head lice, a different bug entirely. Good information on chiggers can be found here .

  40. I got bitten about a hundred times from knee to ankle whilst on holiday in St Lucia. It happened on one night at a restaurant when I was wearing a skirt. The next day the bites were red and soon developed to the boils shown on the main pic above. I cleaned them two or three times a day with hydrogen peroxide and applied it with cotton wool with pressure on the bumps, I used calamine to soothe the itching and DIDNT scratch AT ALL, I also took an antihistamine tablet daily. After a week the bumps were not so firm and I burst them all and cleaned them carefully, they looked better at this point and two weeks after the bite they were hardly noticeable. It has been 5 weeks now and I have scars but I think they will pass, just a couple with scabs still. My advice, leave them alone, find something for the itching and KEEP THEM CLEAN, or you will scar badly and possibly get an infection which will be nasty!

  41. i have had chiggers for over a month now and nothing works acetone,bleach,calimine,not itching,aveno,hot bath,and its getting worse goes away kinda for a little bit then comes back even worse what the heck

  42. Now i was going insane i really tried everything i could think off,everything.My grandmother always had these nifty little remedys for everything.i had gotten fleas in my house a few months earlier and i use a product called borax on the floors couches really kills fleas so one day i had gotten chiggers really bad and i was moving things around in my garage when i came across the borax box of laundry detergant i thought why not?I was desprate so i made a paste with it and i applied it.Long story sort im soooo glad i found it.i use it on my kids and it works good with them to.Hope it works for you,if not good luck.

  43. There is a product called “After-Bite” which I get at the sporting goods stores like REI. I have also had my pharmacist order it for me, which takes a day if they don’t have it in stock. There is a regular strength and a double strength (the second one comes in a cream or gel). It is primarily ammonia, which not only relieves the itching, but applying it after a hot shower or salt bath will kill them many times. For some reason, I am a magnet for these things and this is the only conconction that works, especially to relieve the itching, which otherwise lasts for weeks.

    You can keep these in your pocket or backpack and if you get a bite or sting of any kind, immediate application will reduce swelling, itching and other negative results. Works great on wasp/bee stings, too.

  44. my grandmother gets chiggers when she is outside working in the garden or mowing the grass. this is the longest that she has had then so we took a fingera nail file and put a ( x )and dabed gas or you can use kersoine on them and they went away within 24 hours.

  45. I use ice for the ichy,it also takes some of the swelling away. where ever I have been chiggered in the past & present,I now have a scar. It doesn’t seem to mater if I have scratched them or not.I think some of us just react to them worse than others.on the brighter side ,I have NEVER had poison Ivy,oak,or sumac.yes I am sure I have been in contact with them.

  46. A great amount of watching Borat and popcorn. Use some nailpolish too and don’t think about it. I hope it helps.

  47. Use NIX lice treatment, dummies! Put it on as perscribed for scabies. Which is; bathe and towel dry, apply NIX lotion to damp skin, leave on overnight, rinse in the morning. BAM! Dead chiggers!
    …or you could do what James the Marine from June 9th, 2006 suggests above…’cause that works too! But, not for the faint of heart!

  48. umm ya im not sure if i have chigger bites but i dont think there could be 18 misqetious at one time im not sure what it is but it itches really BAD

  49. to save u the trouble dont go lookin around in the woods cause thats exactly what i did and i was wet at the time too. the nailpolish does work but it’s very hard to not try and peal the polish off, especaily since they ich so much. oh and dont use colored fingernail polish or u will walk around will colored spots and look retarded, believe me!!

  50. Put some carborator cleaner on a rag and dip it on your chigger bite
    It killes them instantly and relieves itching.

  51. Chiggers don’t live in your skin. If you have recurring red welts and you’re not hanging out in tall grass or something every day, you probably have lice. Not chiggers. Chiggers (Trombicula larvae) bite you and feed on digesting your skin anywhere from an hour up to day day or more, and drop off.

    Again, if you have itchy red bumps that do not go away after a week or two, quit trying to ‘cure chiggers’ and figure out what you do have so you can get rid of it.

  52. This is my first time to get chigger bites and I obviously itch so bad that I can’t sleep at night. It is 4:54am right now and I am up looking for relief. My dad told me to wash with alcohol and then cover the spots with clear fingernail polish, I did and I am still itching so bad that I can’t sleep. This is only my second night of itching and I don’t know what I’ll do if it lasts for weeks. Being a stay at home mother of three I don’t function well without sleep. I itch all day but at night it intensifies. I hope that some of your tips will give me some relief from the night time itching.

  53. I have had numerous bouts with these evil little critters.
    You have to limit the amount of chemicals that you apply to your skin.
    And please do not break the skin it only makes it worse.
    If you get them from the knees down just get 2 5 gallon buckets and fill them with ice water. stand in them as long as you can and repeat the process.
    Lowering your body temp will kill them and drive them out. Don’t get overzealous and give yourself frostbite.
    This will also relieve the itching in the short term.

  54. Fry a piece or two of bacon and add lots of salt. Then after the grease cools a little, place it on the bites โ€“ this is good for small children (doesnโ€™t scare them to death). Go to bed. The next morning do it one more time. By lunch the chiggers will have gone away (smothered to death)!

  55. scratch just enought to irritate the skin the use a cotton ball and a little bleach…hold the cotton ball on the bite for 30 sec’s the apply to next bite…once a day for 3 – 5 days…..the bleach will burn like crap but wont kill you …make sure to clean with alcohol afterwards

  56. I have had chigger bites for about two weeks now, people here are saying that we don’t have them in our state, OBVIOUSLY we do! My neighbors even have them, and until today we had never come in contact with eachother. Our lawns consist of cheet grass and weeds, not to mention the canal with ritch greens along each side. Nearly two weeks ago I went into that canal to get my old dog out, Long story short he’s old, water was cold, and he could not get out. About 6 days later, I broke out in one small rash on the back of my knee, within days of noticing it, it blew up because HUGE! Within a few days of that my arms and and both calves were covered, I have taken EXTREAMLY hot baths used antibacterial soap and peroxide at leaste three times a day for the past 4 days. I seem to feel a bit better, but am still getting new bites, not alot at once like before but one or two here and there. I have removed all house plants, (because the adults will attatch to them to feed) washed all bedding and clothing in the house and still find no releif. No one else in my home is suffering from these EVIL little monsters, but I fear that it will never go away. After 4, 4!!!! Trips to the doctor, oral steroids, antihistemene pills and creams, I am at wits end! My doctor thought they were some odd strand of chicken pox…???? I don’t think so. I have kids, and know the difference. Not to mention I had them so badly when I was a kid that I could not eat for a whole week. I will try the VICKS amongst other things, I did try the epsom salts and they just seems to sting but no real results. Thanks for all the input….. ITCHY IN IDAHO

  57. i have chiggers right now and i hate them! but what really helps is when you put nail polish all over the bite! what it does is is suffocates the bug and kills it and then your body will eventually absorb the dead chigger body and dissolve it! isn’t it amazing what our bodies can do?

  58. I got chiggers today while fishing in the Smokies. What a way to start a vacation. What seems to help is soaking in hot water for about 30 minutes, dry off, and apply a anti-itch medication. I was told not to use nail polish because it will kill the bug but it will be absorbed by the skin making you itch longer. I was told that hot water and soap will make the chiggers dislodge and fall off. Also, wash all clothing twice in hot water

  59. Lived in the country woods my whole life, what everyone has every done when they have got those red bugs is use bleach. Fill u up a bath tub with hot water and then just pour some bleach in it. U mite want to grab u a sponge of some sort or wash clothe but all u got to do is itch those bites. They itch like hell but as soon as u open up that bug bite that bleach gets in there. It gets the job done. Can’t suggest to much about itch cream never used it, but if you actually kill them its instant relief without the itch. By the way wash everything you touched while and when you had the chiggers with hot water and bleach. Alright yall have a good itching.

  60. Make a paste of 3 parts baking soda and 1 part water and apply to irritated area. It helps to sooth the pain and itch. I used many over the counter items, but this seemed to work the best!

  61. Wow, lot’s of “remedies”….I will try some. Just bought my very first house…yep….surrounded by woods. Never had chigger bites in my life, til now. Couldn’t figure out what it was. I have trees covered in poison ivy and thought it was poison, til I saw the site with the pictures. Gosh, these are nasty little creatures! I’m miserable. All over my toes, ankles, and back of knees. DYING at nite time itching so bad. But regular Benedryl cream seems to relieve the itching immediately. Is the liquid that forms in the bump poison of some kind from them? I almost feel like busting them open, and draining it, will help speed up the process of healing?
    I want to know a way of just getting rid of them from your yard?
    My lawn is always manicured and cut short. Can’t figure this out.

    S in Virginia

  62. I am suffering with Chiggers as I write. With all the great tips I got off this web site I am sure I can find some relief from the itching but I found out I have Chiggers in my well manicured lawn in Denver Colorado. This is my third year of trying to find a way to rid them of my yard. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  63. Chiggers are a very misunderstood ectoparasite. Many people believe that when you see chigger bites, the chiggers are still in your body and you need to “smother” them with nail polish. This is false. Chiggers, like most mites, are Raptorial Feeders. This means that they cling to you, burrow slightly into your skin, get a meal, then leave right away to feed on grasses and weeds and then to reproduce again. So if you notice chigger bites, its too late, the chiggers have already left. The best you can do is try to relieve the itching and the bites will heal in a couple of weeks, hopefully less. But don’t bother “smothering and killing” them with nail polish or alcohol, your only causing yourself discomfort.

  64. I don’t think I saw anyone else with this tip. I have found that rubbing the bite with an anti-acne pad such as stridex or generic store brand (active ingredient Salacylic Acid) relieves the itching for hours, does not burn and helps them to dry up much faster cutting healing time at least in half. Works wonders.

  65. Scratch them then run bath water and put about a cup of bleach in it. soak in the water for 30 mins and after put neosporin and a bandage over it. the bleach will kill all the bacteria and the bandage and neosporin will sufficate them and help it heal better.

  66. a Non chemical way to kill them (if you can handle it) – heat the tip of a needle and dip it right into the center of the bite for a second or so. wierd but effective Not red hot though or you will scar

  67. The hot bath soaking in saltwater with alcohol gives complete relief, if there are 1 or 2 spots you could not get rid of the itch use some clear nail polish. Best bet is to use a loofah and scrub like crazy in the bathwater. I just got them a few days ago tried hydrocortizone cream it didn’t work, tried a walmart pharmacy brand called chiggerex didn’t work so I looked on here and Mike Schmidt so far has had the best advice in my case. The hot water opens your skin pores, the salt and alcohol kill and disinfect the poison left in your skin, so this works really well! TY Mike

  68. Does anyone have any suggestions for getting rid of them in your house? Never even knew we had chiggers in this part of the country until we moved into this house, now anytime we get a little rain we are eaten alive. Sitting on the sofa at night watching TV we will get bit. I’m going to try a regular home extermination type stuff from the hardware store.

  69. sometimes benydryl works (cream or gel)
    don’t use any other type of nailpolish besides clear
    and with my experience of chiggers they itch more when you get hot or take a hot shower/bath, they start to get bigger and they itch more
    draft or dreft whatever this stuff is called but if you take a bath in it(1 cup)they will start to go away and scab up
    it really worked for me so you should try it!!!!

  70. What I really want to hear about is when they get into your UNDIES!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe this is just a prob for men, but I’ve had chiggers/mites before! And downstairs in UNDIES! I was driving yesterday and realized that I didn’t have poison ivy but CHIGGERS and remembered itching and scratching furiously in the groin and I got all teary eyed. What’s going on. How come nobody has even mentioned the WORST PART about these little b**tards. They make satan and hell seem like heaven. If chiggers don’t lay eggs in your skin, reproduce and migrate all over your body in their conquest, I might not have chiggers. Whoever started this forum, thank god. Please, has anyone had them in your undies? I’m in Central Texas close to Waco. Could it be anything else beside chiggers? Mites are the larvae of chiggers right? Extra Strenght gold bond powder works in the undies. Be careful not to use too much! It takes all of the fun out of “Goldbond #$&*(undies),” i.e. if you just used to do it for fun with all of your buddies when you were kids.

  71. When putting on nail polish I prefer to use colored so I can see where I put it and if the chiggers are migrating to new places. I think it’s funny to look retarded. Also when using nail polish, I have found using a small paint brush is better than using the little smurf paining tool included w/ bottle. I suppose it depends on how many little “put satan to shame critters” you have, I just spent an hour doing nail polish w/ smurf brush and still have more to do.
    I just took a shower, scrubbed away the top layer of skin with a loofa and used pinesol undiluted as a disinfectant and soaked in the tub with hot water for 2 hours with 2 cups of bleech in bath. This seems like a bunch of bleech but it still wasn’t as noxious as some swimming pools that I’ve been in, i.e. bleech dilution.
    I did the nail polish as soon as my skin dried enough. The chigger sores were still oozing something viscious. God I hope this works!!!
    I will post followups.

  72. Ammonia, I’ve heard, is something they don’t care for. I’ve tried it and it works. It’s probably the active ingredient in Pine Sol that another suggestion confirmed. Good Luck.

  73. From an article by colorado state university:
    Chiggers actually do not bite, but feed by digesting small areas of the skin through saliva. The “bite” that chiggers produce is a reaction to the proteins in the saliva. This reaction can develop within a day or so after exposure and often becomes very itchy. By the time the reaction occurs the chiggers often are no longer found on the body. Chiggers are very rarely noticed since they are not only extremely small but spend only a short period of time on the body and are removed by changing clothes and showering. Chiggers do not reproduce in the home and all bites will occur from accidentally acquiring them when moving through infested grasslands.
    Chigger “bites” can largely be prevented by use of insect repellents containing DEET. Salves and, sometimes, antihistamines are used to reduce itching from chigger “bites”.

    So whatever is infesting someone’s home, it isn’t chiggers. Its probably fleas, if you have any pets around.

    Bathing and antihistimines are the recommended solution for itching. But if the bite hangs around for more than a couple, see your doctor, because its not likely chiggers, unless you are allergic to them.

  74. I so empathize with those of you who have had extended or repeat cases of chigger bites. There appears to be quite a variety of remedies out there. My personal favorite is New Skin. I originally thought, like most folks, that the chigger buried up in the skin, but the latest research data refutes that presumption. Nevertheless, New Skin does provide relief and promotes healing, perhaps because it covers the bite and hampers scratching and contains an antiseptic. To eliminate the clearish fluid that, for a couple of days, oozes from the bite, I apply it a couple times daily. Simply remove the old New Skin by applying a fresh coating, give it a few seconds to soften the old layer and wipe off with a cotton ball. Then apply a fresh coat.

    Fluocinonide (a prescription adrenocorticosteroid) does wonders for the itch and prevents the ooze from forming that crusty yellow scab.

    To eliminate chiggers from your property, I recommend Permethrin. It is available in a concentrate at Wal-Mart and at farm and ranch supply stores. Permethrin is apparently relatively safe since it is used to treat mosquito netting and clothing in the Amazon. I’ve found it eliminates a number of yard pests like fleas, mosquitoes, ants, chinch bugs, etc.

  75. Had never had them before. Went to a doctor, thought I had something containous—–He siad “You’ve got an old fashioned case of the chiggers!!! By some hemmorrhoid cream. It will shrink them and stop the itching” Bought the cream and it worked! Will continue to use this rememdy.

  76. I’m in Pennsylvania! I now know that we have chiggers in Pennsylvania. My house has become a favorite stopping-off place for the local chigger population and it’s driving us nuts! We live in the woods so I’m supposing this attack was to be expected sooner or later (later would have been better). After reading all the above suggestions I do believe that I will call the local fumigation company and have them make a trip out here and do what they do best. I live in a log home which makes things rather difficult when it comes to trying to clear out the little creepy-crawling creatures who like to take up residence with us ——- I shall report back in a couple of weeks and let you all know if fumigation is the way to go!

  77. I mix 1/2 oz alcohol with 1/2 oz white vinegar and dissolve 3-4 aspirins in the mix. Shake before each use and rub over the bites. Itch goes away with a few applications-does not raise big red welts.

  78. I think that I am allergic to chigger bites. I have welts the size of half dollars and they are taking over!! Both my legs are immensely swollen. Any ideas…I am almost ready to head to the ER to get some drugs to knock me out so I don’t care if I itch! ๐Ÿ™ Any new ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanx!

  79. I am very allergic to bites, so I went to the doctor and got a shot of Depromedrol. I iced my legs down with cold packs and took Benedril. I am much better today.

  80. In follow up of my last two postings about a week ago, I BEAT EM!!! My entire concern was to get them before they made it to my nether regions. This is the third time that I’ve had chiggers in the last three years, but this time I HAD NO CHIGGERS DOWN AROUND THE WAISTLINE!!! I’m not sure what worked the best as I tried many treatments: scrubbing furiously with a loofa w/ pinesol, bathing in bleech (2 cups regular bleech in a bathtub is not for the weak) and fingernail polish. I did this for three days in a row. Also I washed all clothing and bedding and alternated to a different bed every night. This seems like a lot to do, but I would gladly do two or three times more to keep from… well… scratching off almost all layers of skin on genitals! FYI, If you’re going to look goofy with colored fingernail polish, remember, you might just reveal some true morons. I did. lol, this one real dense headed guy called me a sicko. I couldn’t believe how nasty and rude as heck that he was. This guy told the management of the resort that he was staying at all sorts of pigheaded stuff. This being Texas, I wouldn’t have it. I called the management of the resort to complain about this person. The manager said that they took down my liscense plate number, called the cops and that I was to NOT COME BACK or they would file charges of harrassment. I tried to communicate with them, but they were just flat out ugly to me. So I called the cops to explain, actually they bluffed that they had called the sheriff and so I filed a complaint against the resort with the police. The resort is at Lake Whitney, TX. It’s called CliffView. I have never encountered such blithering rudeness in all my life! I am very grateful for this forum. If I wasn’t a new college grad strapped for cash, I would certainly make a donation!

  81. Just got home from camping, already had about 100 bites on both legs, the first night. The people I went camping with said to use orajel. Tried it and it stopped itching for a couple of hours. Also, tied tinactin-athletes foot spray. Again, works for a while.

  82. I have found if I get into chiggers if I just use rubbing alcohol it usually kills them. I might burn for a while but they go away. Also if I know I am going to be where there are chiggers I put rubbing alcohol on before I go out for a reventative, works for me.

  83. salt works wonders…wet your bites and rub salt on them let it sit as long as you can stand it and then rinse…it stops the itch instantly and helps to dry the bites out ๐Ÿ™‚

  84. I heard about Nail Polish , and noticed that it contains the same thing as my favorite. Acetone.
    There is a very old and effective over the counter product that has all the ingredients to stop the itching, and speed recovery. My Grandma gave it to us for mosquito bites when I lived in Michigan. I have used it for bee stings and now for chiggers. It burns like hell at first then relief comes.
    Absorbine Jr.
    at this is not an ad but a testimony.

  85. NailPolish works GREAT! That’s what my family and I have been doing for YEARS, it always works. Trust me, I get them all the time.

  86. I tried a combination of the above recommendations. I had chiggers on my ankles for a week and they were driving me crazy. So I ran as hot a water as I could stand in the tub and dumped about 2/3 of a box of salt and about half a bottle of alchol and soaked for about 30 minutes. It burned like heck for about 10 seconds because I had been scratching. After that it stopped burning all together. Once I was done soaking I did not itch at all. After I dried off, I coated the area with Bag Balm (kinda like medicated Vaseline) you can get at a feed store or maybe Wal-Mart. Today, the bumps are a lot smaller and I have not itched at all. I would say it worked pretty good.

  87. If u have dog in house and then the chiggers may be on dog and jump in house and it could cause catch u and it is supper itch so be careful and make sure dog dont bring chiggers also watch out for ticks it also could be in house from dog in house too be careful take bath a dog ok




    Talk to any nurse or doctor, they will tell you. I know of someone who made their child take a bleach bath, not for very long either and the child died from it.

    Please….DO NOT DO THIS.

    There is so much correct information on the internet on how to get rid of these boogers and DO NOT follow others & their mistakes. Please use information from reputable sources.

  89. Chiggerex Plus is a good product for relief. Clorox works to get them out, but make sure you get them before they go back in.

  90. I was walking in a bean field one day and that next morning I was fine. The next day, I was going to the bar and put on the same clothes I was wearing the day of the field walk, just cause thats how I role, but I guess that the clothes had chiggers still on them and when I woke this morning I had aprox. 12 chigger bumps…even one on my sac. So if your in the outdoors around very green areas its important to wash your clothes along with yourself afterwards. For releif I have tryed nail polich and it seems to be working.

  91. Well right now I’ve had chiggers for two days and tonight was my second bleach bath and the first time using nail polish. I’ll repost the results in about three days.

  92. The is the best tip that I have ever had.

    First soak the lesions in alcohol. Then rub sand all over them.

    First they get drunk and then beat each other to death with the little stones.

  93. I’ve had my share of bites with others around me are not affected at all. A friend of mine says that she takes B-complex and has no bites from chiggers or from mosquitoes. I’m giving it a try too.

  94. Dr.prescribed 100MG of Doxycycline 1 capsule,2 times a day for 5 days and apply hydrocortisone Anti-Itch 1% cream.

    Seems to be working.

  95. I have been to every site and they talk about how to get rid of chiggers BEFORE they attatch themselves and BEFORE you scratch them. What about when you’ve already scratched them to the brink and if you scratch it again, a weird ooz will come out! And pics of after you scratch it that far because, if you have, then your bites will not look like chigger bites! Please add something about AFTER you scratch them. Thank you. โ˜บ

  96. I’ve had chiggers twice and each time, I’ve use Chigarid and it really helps with the itching. Don’t know how or why, but it works better than anything else I’ve tried. Got mine at CVS pharmacy. Also Prepration H seems to help some too.

  97. My ankles were eaten up day before yesterday! I got little relief from Hydrocortisone 10 or Vicks Vapor Rub like I have in the past. So, per James’ (and numerous others’) suggestions above, tried slight scouring with ammonia, then took a hot hot salt water bath. This worked wonders to get rid of itching. I also put some Wal-mart brand wart remover on them as it contains the salicylic acid mentioned here several times. It works great cause it sticks to the chigger bite like liquid bandaid or new skin. Chigarid works ok but only temporarily for me.

  98. I have tried everything lotions creams everything on this earth except i recently tried vicks vaopr rub and it worked like a charm u must try it

  99. It never ceases to amaze me the lies people will make up to get attention or in this day and age just plain try to get someone hurt. If you find yourself the unfortunate victim of the bites from these little creatures do yourself a favor and ditch the thousands of self proclaimed doctors and seek competent medical advice. most of the stuff here is just amusing but some of it has the potential to actually get someone hurt.

  100. I have recently been to Arkansas and got chiggers on my feet first.
    All the local people told me to soak my feet in water & bleach, I avoided doing this the first few days. ( thinking it was harsh treatment) but in the end i did and it works!!
    Soak feet/hands/body for 1/2 hour in water with bleach added and it gets rid of chiggers…. trust me it works…
    1/2 cup to a 2 gallon bucket, 2 cups per bath full.
    thats what the Locals do in Paragould Arkansas,

  101. Take a needle and heat it with a match.
    Put the head of the needle into the bite.
    Same technique as removing a splinter.

    Then a hot shower & soap up the effected areas.

    Lastly, apply generous amounts of Hydrogen Peroxide.

    Relief will take only 2-3 minutes to be realized.

  102. The other day I went with my husband to his uncle’s farm. I am a city girl and never sat on hay before and never been bitten by a chigger. Well that day was my “lucky” day because I got to do both. Sitting on the hay is not nor will ever be worth the this itchy mess. I have driven myself crazy and the only thing that has helped some is Gold Bond Medicaned Cream. I also been using rubbing alochol to “hopefuly” kill these mites from hell. I recommend visiting the country and being outdoors but beware of the hay.

  103. Try a thickish layer of soap, it temporarly stops the itch and if another chigger bites, it gets a mouthful of soap. WASH: clothes, sheets, covers, etc. (every piece of fabric you touch) stuff them in a dryer and turn it on(or heat them up somehow to dry)

  104. Well, I have tried using diluted bleach on a wash cloth, it only relieved the sting for a bit. Then used vinegar on a rag and diluted in bath and it didnt work. Used 2 treatments of Nix and that didnt work. Used 2 different lice shampoos and that didnt work. Doctore gave me a prescription for Eurax creme and that didnt work.

    I even feel them on my face and in my ears. Doctor coul;dnt find a thing but have numerous bites above my chest.
    I had nightmares one night that all the bug bites on my chest opened and thousands of chiggers came running out. Couldnt sleep after that.
    I want to cry cause nothing works.
    I fould some tiny mites on the bottom of the tub after taking 3 baths yesterday. HELP HELP

  105. I tried the Vicks Vapo-Rub. It helped temporarily. For the most part, it made the area feel cooler and less irritated. What worked well for me was New Skin Liquid Bandage. What worked better was a prescription cream given to my husband when he had a severe case of poison ivy. It is Clobetasol Proprionate Cream. This is a miserable condition to be stuck with. Good luck to everyone.

  106. Oh these little b**tards. For the better part of 2 months I’ve delt with these. I’ve tried peroxide, alcohol (consumption helps only temporarily), nail polish, cortizone, chiggerex. Doctor gave me Eliminite cream with a steroid that stopped any new ones from popping up for a few days but the itching was still there. Now some old ones are itching again and new ones are popping up and I now they multiply rapidly. I’ve even tried showering with pest killing dog soap, boy do I feel stupid but you’ll try anything when you’re in pain. And yes I’ve taken all the precautions, I was ALL my clothes all the time and what not. Has this happened to anyone else? I will try some of the other ideas I’ve read here. What else can I do short of taking a flame-thrower to my legs. I want them gone for good so I can get a good nights rest. And also, I’m already scarred mentally but will I have these scares permanately?

  107. i’m young so i always go in the internet to find things to help me with coldsores, but recently i’ve gotten chiggers. I’ve read about the “X” tip for mosqiuto bites, so i figured i would try it with chiggers. It only worked for a little bit, but for how bad my itch was it was a good enough.

    “X” tip: Just use your nails and mark an “X” on top of the bite.

  108. I am a land surveyor. I traverse homelands as a marine would. I agree with James. If you know what chiggers are, then you know you don’t want them… there is a simple and slightly painful process to get rid of those little things…. just wrap you legs in a paper towel, that has been soaked in bleach, for a minute or so. Take a cold shower after the process. While in the shower, splash areas with green alcohol. Then rinse again. Dry and apply aloe-vera. GONE!!!

  109. Hey – DO NOT BATHE IN BLEACH, TURPENTINE, or any other poison – TOO DANGEROUS!
    I noticed that warm or hot water made me more itchy and “crawly feeling” but noticed that cold offered some relief – I had alternately used Benadryl (oral and topical), Caladryl, cortisone creams – because the more than 150 bites were on both legs from the knee down, the area was too large and I had an “overdose” reaction with each of the different applications. A friend suggested Chiggerex – wonderful relief, but only after a fresh shower and only for a few hours.

    I also was afraid that I brought chiggers into my California home because I had a few new bites – I cover my chair with a fresh sheet and wash my towel after each shower and my bedding and clothes each day plus I just sprayed my carpets with flea and tick treatment. I hope for no more bites tomorrow – we’ll see.

    I decided to try a more natural approach to my legs – Kosher (coarse) salt paste patted all over, let set for a few minutes then a very COLD shower – RELIEF and A GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP after a month of suffering. I have done this 5 times over the past 2 days and not only are the bites less itchy and crawly, but they actually appear to be healing and are less noticable.

  110. IT’S A COMMON MYTH that the Harvest Mites stay in the bite. They are long gone before the itching and irritation begins. So any method that proposes to suffocate the chigger is an old wife’s tale.

  111. Since using the SALT PASTE AND COLD WATER, everything is getting much better FAST! I may not become crazy afterall. LOL – I also put items from my suitcase that couldn’t be washed in a plastic bag in the FREEZER and sprayed every inch of my suitcase with deet.

  112. I was afraid I was using too much antibiotic ointment, benedryl, and steroid creams so I found alternating with Desitin zinc oxide diaper rash ointment helped. After reading all these tips I read the ingredients list and it has aloe, sodium borate and petroleum jelly in it and might be easier to get quickly at the grocery store. Good luck!

  113. you can get a script from the dr called lindane but is a very strong medicine.not for kiddies.basically a pesticide cream you use.for my son who goes in the woods i use nix or rid -x.this is a standard treatment for head lice(scabies).take a hot shower and use plenty of soap.after shower dry.apply cream starting at chest area and cover the whole body down to the if you were putting on not put on face.wash hands a few times well to remove any redidue.leave on for 8 hours(usually overnite is a good way)after the 8 hours shower well with hot water to remove and left over residue on your body.there you have it!!!any spots that seem infected from scratching apply neosporin ortriple antiobotic medicine.rix- x and nix contain (permethrin)which technically is a pesticide.these two products can be found in drug stores and wal-mart.good luck to all!!

  114. If you catch them early and they are only around your lower legs try Nair hair remover, follow the directions on the can, this really works. Don’t forget to wash your clothes asap and put your footwear in a bag in the freezer, yes the freezer the little rascals will be dead in a few hours.

  115. I’ve been working in the woods restoring an old building and I noticed little red bites, especially on my ankles. My boss, who lives in the woods, told me they are chigger bites. He believes they burrow in the skin, but after reading up on the little buggers I don’t think they do. He swears by IvyDry, a lotion sold in drugstores but says most of his friends swear by kerosene to get rid of them on the skin. I’ve been using Ivarest, a cream, and a store brand anti-itch cream and then Benadryl at night to sleep. I appreciate all the ideas from everyone but since there seems to be some disagreement about items such as bleach being safe to use, I’m going to call my doctor and ask about some of these remedies. My boss says they can last months so I definitely see the need to be aggressive with treatment. I’ll let you know if my doc comes up with any new ideas.

  116. As a gentleman above said, 6 inches of the hottest water you can stand and a cup of bleach. Soak and scrup with a was cloth, then air dry. If you have them bad, do it again. I have been cursed with these things through my life and this works. Same with the clothes, if you have rubber boots for hunting, boil water and pour them down. Good luck

  117. I’ve been hiking for over 17 years and have never gotten a tick or for that matter any serious bug bites. I also have never worn sneakers on a hike but did two weeks ago. I didn’t know what was on my sneakers after the first 1/2 mile but they were microscopic red bugs, 1000’s of them converging together on the mesh of my sneakers. Had them all over my ankles when I came out of the woods and tried to wash them with the water left over from my canteen. I didn’t know about chiggers and I think I am scarred. I used everything on the itch and finally, I started putting Lavendar Essential Oil and a insect repellant EO called Purification on my ankles. Unfortunately, these bites covered my legs stomach, back private areas. Now I know what a dog feels like with fleas..these things are horrible. After an 8 ay course of Prednisone and Zyrtec every night, I am not itching anymore but when do the welts go away. My ankles are still bumpy and discolored and the little bites behind my knees and stomach don’t seem to go away..any feedback on this as my doctor is clueless.

  118. I have these as of 2 days ago. These GD bugs SUCK!!! They are red bumps that after a day or so expand, and itch like hell! I swear I could wipe them off the face of the earth until they were extinct and wouldn’t even think twice about it. I’ve seen images of the GD things. They are microscopic spiders is what they are. They serve no useful purpose.

    I’m gonna try the VapoRub, and ask the folks at the pharmacy what else they recommend.

    Let’s all try to find a way to rid the earth of theese things forever. Right now, I seriously would contemplate use of nuclear weapons!

  119. I got some Walgreens Hydrocortisone Ointment. It says 1% Hydrocotisone Anti-Itch and Maximum strength (doesn’t everything anymore?) on it.

    I used that stuff around lunch time, and then took a shower and used it again at night before bed. I also took 2 Benedryl Pink tablets. See package for dosage, it says 1 to 2 tablets for adults, can’t remember the childrens dosage, and I believe it says to see a doctor for children under 12 and pregnant or nursing mothers.

    That has helped alot. I now know alot more than I did before about these pests, and am kinda embrrased that at 40 years old I didn’t know any better before, but I sure learned the hard way to protect myself whenever I go into wooded areas.

    The place where I picked up these pests was at a sod farm in the woods. It had irragation canals that had standing water, there was tall grass surrounding the woods and canals all around. I had to actually jump the canal to get into the woods. There were also ponds around. I found what has to be a heaven for these creatures.

    I still hate them, and would love to find a way to rid that entire area of them for good. If I could find a pesticide that could be sprayed, I would actually pay to have a cropduster spray that whole area. I do have feelings for animals and cretures, but these things eating on humans serve no purpose to the natural order of things. Without them, I can think of no negative consequences at all.

    Chigers, Jiggers, Red Bugs…whatever you choose to call them should be erradicated. Declare war on them! LOL I still have these awful blood red almost bruised looking places that look hideous. I hate them. They still itch a little and i’m treating that. I’ll be glad when everything is healed.

    Thanks for all the suggestions. It’s nice to know that people care enough to take time to help others. ๐Ÿ™‚


  120. some earlier postings sounded more like scabies than chiggers….
    Also, when choosing the right method of treatment, you may want to ask this simple question…”Do I really want to apply ____ near my privates?”

    have fun

  121. I have had chiggers more times than I care to remember. I have tried literally everything (including scrubbing my skin with abrasive pads for cleaning pots and pans and then dousing the open wounds with bleach, oooouuuuch), without good results, up unitl now. I’m beginning to think that different combinations of products work on different people due to their body chemistry. I showered within 30 minutes of exposure and scrubbed my entire body with loads of soap on a pretty rough wash cloth. I purposely tried to break each bite open, sort of like popping a blister open. After drying, I found that placing a dot of compound W on the bite and letting it sit for about 1 minute until it turned a white chalky color and then applying Eucalyptus oil gave me immediate itch relief. The compound W will burn so take it slow. Do a few bites at a time. Depending on your pain threshold. Let the Eucalyptus oil soak in for a minute or two and then apply a coating of aloe vera sunburn lotion let it dry. Finally place a dot of clear nail polish over top of each bite. It was truely amazing how quickly the compound W stopped the itching. The rest of the products provided long term relief. I do not recommend this approach for bites in your groin area, however the Eucalyptus oil and aloe vera worked wonders there. My husband applied many different combinations of products. (salt baths, calamine lotion, alcohol, peroxide, etc…) He’s still itching, to the point of open wounds. I tried my approach on his bites and it seemed to provide better relief for him as well. Although his bites are more severe now due to his persistant scratching. My little boy, who is 4, is covered on both stomach and back. I bathed him immediately, scrubbing him with a wash cloth and then literally covering his oozing bites in calamine lotion. I wouldn’t recommend the more agressive products on children. Fortunately, he’s not scratching his. And it’s now day 2. His bites never even formed scabs, nor did mine. My husbands are all scabbing. So, in the nut shell, quick cleanse, quick short and long term itch relief, to prevent open wounds. Also, avoid sweating if possible. I found that my itching did fire up in my sweaty areas. back of knees, groin, pits and waist area. I had no flare up while in my air conditioned office or home and just a few itchy moments when exerting myself outdoors in the heat.

  122. Don’t scratch them. I don’t care if you think you’ll go mad. I did scratrch mine a couple of times before I knew they were there and took my socks off and that made them itch worse after i stopped scratching.

    After reading about these on numerous sites. I would avoid opening them also. These pests inject and enzyme that breaks down the cells and surrounding tissue. If you open that, and spread that enzyme you will make it worse. I didn’t. Mine cleared up in about 4 days. All I did, was shower twice a day and apply the Hydrocotisone and take the Benedryl. Those Benedryl kept me from itching and helped me to sleep. If you work ina job where it can be dangerous you may only want to take 1 for starters. I took two.

    I did not scratch, open wounds, or bleach or anything harsh. I’ve read that this not only burns and hurts, but it’s dangerous.

    Read up on the Internet, and if you self diagnose yourself, take the advice of the colleges and the doctors. I used the science backed methods and they worked. If you are having real troubles, you may want to see a doctor as it might be something different, or you may be allegic. Allergies can be serious and should be treated by a doctor.

    In my case I was certain i had chiggers as a freind that was in the same woods had them as well, and we were in a “chigger heaven” of sorts. I did alot of reseach and was careful not to do anymore harm that these pests had already caused. I would highly recommend taking the less harsh appraches first. It takes a few days…don’t scratch…give it a bit. You do have to live with it a little. Making it burn just creates pain. Yeah, burning will probably relieve the itch, but why do something painful? That is your body trying to tell you “Hey! Don’t do that to me…you are causing damage!” hehe ๐Ÿ™‚

  123. My husband and I were raking the yard last week and we both got bitten on our legs and feet. I put clear nail polish on them and the itching stopped. My son talked to his friends who are hunters and they said they use the medicine for head lice to cure them. Is it possible that there are more reproducing even after showering and laundering clothing and bedding?

  124. It seems like I get these things a couple times every year and I used bleach after scratching them and it burns! It worked in the past. but not this time. I am telling everyone out there do not use bleach it only offers a short time relief and it is not a long enough time of relief for the pain that you have to go through.
    It is now 3:30 in the morning and I can’t sleep because of the itch I took a benedril before I went to bed and it worked for about 3 hours and woke up scratching I am gonna try the vics vapor rub and the bag balm to see if it workes so I can get some sleep if it does I will gladly let you know!

  125. I’m currently dealing with chigger bites that I recieved over a month ago. During my many, many nites of not sleeping (no exaggeration) I counted them on my legs – 122 bites! I feel like an expert on them and I’m sure I have read every website offered. Here’s what I have learned: (1) Chiggers DO NOT burrow into your skin. They attach to hair follicles and easily washed away, but not before doing their damage! (2) Hot water makes it WORSE! Take it from me, I was bawling like a baby in the bathtub! (3) Try not to scratch (easier said than done) but I have found that Gold Bond Maximum Strength Itch Cream has taken away some of the itch. (4) I continually rubbed my legs with a cold washcold when the itching was more than I could bear! It helped, but I still didn’t get much sleep. My bites were so bad and I’m extremely allergic to chiggers, so I had to go to the doctor and get a Prednisone shot. I am now dealing with the scars but that’s a whole other story. Hope this helps!

  126. My ankles & feet were covered with chiggers. I used various over the counter remedies over a 4 day period – none worked. A 96 year old neighbor lady told me to pour unleaded gasoline on the bite (be careful around certain areas) let soak for 1-2 minutes then wash thoroughly with soap & water. Instant relief and great night sleeps.

  127. In the military when we got chiggers, we found that Vagisil(sorry about the spelling) works fast. Its kinda nasty to think something like that would work but it was the fastest working thing we could find.

  128. all of you are talking about doing things to “smother” the chiggers. the thing is, you are smothering them. chances are, you wiped them out once you began itching. what is making you it is the digestive enzymes. the more you itch, the worse it becomes. you’re not suffocating anything.

  129. # 1) Do not mix ammonia (or pinesol-yes it is ammonia based) with bleach EVER…you will create a deadly gas that has taken out more than a few housewives…by “do not mix”, i mean don’t even open the containers in the same room together ( A little extreme i know but i hope your getting my point), let alone mix the 2 liquids or even residues on rags…

    # 2) For those of you with lighter pink not dark red, non-weeping, itching sites that are mostly groin and waistband area, as well as top of thigh, who also experience flare-ups after the sun goes down and under hot water…you probably have scabies not chiggers…scabies are a form of body lice that rarely attach to the soles of the feet, palms of the hand or scalp…they do like the webbing on your fingers though…if you have scabies- premetherin (Rid-x, Nix) is generally not strong enough (unless they have improved the formula since i had them), to kill them…the bed and furniture premetherin spray does work effectively for many types of furniture (including your chair at the office) that can’t be heated or frozen…you must wash EVERYTHING Fabric in your house and car (another greaat use for the premetherin spray) or any place you’ve been since you have had them-in EXTREMELY hot water….for those of you with large stuffed animal collections, harvest them all into thick black trash bags and seal off for a minimum of thirty days if you are unable to wash them (I recommend spraying with the premetherin spray as well if you think the fabric can handle it…)…You must do this for every person in your home…even people without bites can still be carriers…as far as treating the body with scabies, see a doctor…i don’t remember the pharmaceutical name for my treatment but it works…if benadryl makes you overly sleepy, it is safe to “pill split” the tablets (not capsules) and do half dosages (a whole single tablet knocks me out for almost 12 hours a half for 6-8 hrs)…the prescription cream does not stop the itch, and you will have a “dying” day where you think you’re going to go insane but it will get better…
    # 3) For the person referring to large welts…that sounds more like an allergic reaction than chiggers…go see a doctor!
    # 4) If you have a sub dermal mite under the skin after more than a few days it is probably scabies, or fleas and not chiggers…as many of these posts have pointed out chiggers don’t linger…
    # 5) I’m sure that harsh chemicals work for relief but the long term effects for chronic sufferers may not be worth the diseases you could suffer in the long term for consistent use of many of the chemicals suggested…the herbal oils are probably safer methods but you still may went to check with an herbalist or pharmacist if you are on any regular medications as there are known complications between plant and pharmaceutical remedies…
    # 6) People from the ozarks will tell you bleach is the only way…will swear by it even…it may have worked for them but before you rush out to fill your bath up with a bottle of clorox, the fumes alone from sitting in a hot bleach bath are going to sear your lungs, possibly give you a headache, and you will wonder where that cough came from tomorrow or the day after…that’s your body trying too heal the lesions in your lungs that the steam from the hot water helped carry the chlorine deeper into your body…be kind to your body it’s the only one you got…
    Best Of Luck

  130. I get chiggers every year at the same time (have them now) and the only thing that worked for me was to scratch them until the skin breaks open and then jump in a swimming pool. They were gone the next day. It burns a little bit but is a small price to pay for weeks of sleepless nights.

  131. Permanone for prevention. If you can wear long pants and shirt use permanone as directed and chiggers will not get on you. Spray the outside of the clothes, not skin. Tuck your pants in your socks. Lasts about 2 weeks on clothes, even through couple of washes. Also, no ticks, no misquitos, … No bugs get on me when I am protected by this stuff. Same with my friends. We hunt woods September thru May, sitting on thr ground in the spring. Lots of chiggers and lots of ticks. Kills ticks. I started using this stuff after a bout of Lyme disease in 1990. Same ingredient in Permadone.

  132. I have read so much on chigger bites because I had never been bitten before last Firday and it is now 6 days later. I had 44 bites and had never experienced this. I put on cortisone cream, benadryl spray and took claritin. This was just OK for the first couple of days and I was MISERABLE!!!

    I need to advise everyone that I then used an old product for the last 4 days called Bag Balm after a very hot bath. It is a salve for cow udders, and it took the redness away and also the bruising that looked like it would turn into scarring. I am feeling so much better. Try it!!!!

  133. Here is a sure way to keep the chiggers off of you. My husband is a timber cutter and he got chiggers really bad until a older gentleman told him about vitamin B 12. He takes one every day and sure enough, no matter how much he is in the woods he never gets a chigger anymore. It puts off an odor they dont like.

  134. The “chiggers” do not burrow under your skin. They only use their saliva, like flys, to turn your skin into a liquid form to eat. This is what cause the spot and itching. They generally fall of with a shower or after they have eatin enough. So, this means no nail polish or hair sprays and those likes. This will only cause you undue suffering along with your itching. As for my advise well… just dont scratch. Scratching prolongs the healing process. You pretty much have to let it take its course and attempt to use lotions or creams to help with the itching (creams and lotions over the counter for itching and rashes)

  135. Use Rid shampoo on affected areas(available for lice in most pharmacies including grocery store pharmacies) as soon as you realize you have chiggers. I guess it kills them. It ends all itching and signs of them. It doesn’t seem to work as well if you wait too long.

  136. I get chiggers every year during the fall and am yet to find a solution. I have tried smothering with fingernail polish, soaking for hours in bath, bleach, anti-itch cream, alcohol, and so on. One thing I can guarantee, the more you scratch, the worse it gets. Unfortunately, my only suggestion is to wait them out. They will itch for about 4-5 days and then it will stop. I know someone who kept scratching until the bites got infected which caused many other problems. Good luck!!!

  137. I,m going crazy with bugs. Please help my 4 dogs and I have them. Is their anything I could spray my yard with that would not harm my flowers, trees, or pets, but kill them. I have been washing clothes, shampooing carpets, and bathing dogs with no relief. I’ve just started using Off Spray with deets, but I don’t know how healthy that is for me and my dogs. Please Help

  138. Listen up people! Take a shower with regular soap and water and apply Tiger Balm LINEMENT oil to all afffected areas. I tried nearly every suggestion on this page,(with the exception of you crazies who do the bleachturpentine thing!) and suffered for two days until I tried this on a (desparate) whim. The itching stopped and the bites shrank to almost nothing in a few hours. Reapply as needed, preferably BEFORE any itching fully returns. Take two Benadryl and call me in the morning! Good Luck!

  139. Do you know that scabies has been around here for at least 15 years? It came from europe, the itchy mite that parasite in human, some hosts do not have symptoms unless they eat something that make their blood too hot to awaken tham.
    During my 8 years here in kansa, I’ve got them 3 times now, evry time got it after I returned to kansas from some place else. Doctors call it allergy, and have been fighting a forever non winning war with numerous visit to doctors and immergency rooms. First time 9 month intensive itch, I tried suicide, but after a travel, it get’s better, the itch is there, but very light; second time, 6 month, I suspect insects are eating me alive, doctors put me in mental hospital for a week, forced to eat antidepressant. I used to be very easy to please, got at least 20 orgasms during one act, but now it’s gone, but I know God will recover me;the third time, I have tried numerous remedies, and one doctor finally agree to treat me as scabies, but he refused to give me orals to last for a week, elimite cream helps a lot, but does not kill all the eggs, so I suffered a lot, always seemed to get better, but always came back . and I found this website, and I mixed a paste of sulphur, venigar, salt, alcohole, and bleach , and it seemed to have killed lots of pimples.
    at least no itch anymore.
    mites reside under little pimples, eat liquid there, come out when mature to mate, when they come out, it’s very itchy, and the skin where the pimples are , are covered by scales. any moisturizer will wipe the sclaes away, and stop the itch, but numerous mites were on the floor, so it’s better to use sulphur paste, you can use less ingredients to start with. Four hours later, some moms burrow under your skin, and make lots of pimples, and are very itchy, so it’s better to apply pastes on them, or use bleach to kill them. Some eggs are too deep to kill, use half cup borax plus a gallon water to clean floor, or spray borax on it, and leave it there over night, to kill most mites that drop from you.wash with borax(2 cups),or at least dry all bedding and clothing before you use them.
    For orals, take one teaspoon sulphur with one teaspoon honey, and eat it once per week. use nix shampoo for hairs(3 places, head, private, arm pit)when showing.after shower, put bag balm, or moisturizer, or rub raw aloe vera on.
    mites move, all treatment has to be whole bodily. Whatever you puts on, needs to be plenty.
    I’ve had it since fall break, and is 3 weeks now, using my own treatment plan, and lots of research, I’ve been able to control it all the time, but failed to rid it. today, after I found your site, I used sulphur treatment, and oral, and I’ll update tomorrow. I have to borax the floor right now. It’s 6 am, I’ve been up since 2am, for these 3 weeks, I only sleep 4 hours. The time the new eggs mature and hatch out again. I’ll se if I breaks the cycle.

    mam does not love man, the known(doctors) act worse than the unknown(us)
    God loves us!
    Without his guide, I’ll not make it this far without any antihistamine, and cortisone. i’m determined to win.

  140. Any one knows if there’re air borne? I know kansas 2004~2005 mast itchy mite outbreak, the mites homes oak tree, and are airborne.How to avoid that? Anybody from pittzburg state university area? I did not see any follow up reserch on this, but I do know lots of people suffer , could that be the same mites?
    It’s windy today, and I just got itched again, and followed by lots of red wells, and pimples. I asked for ivermetin, see if it helps. Heard that it will help longwer terms.

  141. I think what I got is chigger caused exzema. I had wet stool, full stomach, low abdomen pain, that’s the onset of exzema, which is indicate that my skin is wet and hot. I need to it down, instead, I went and ate antibiotic, which made the situation worse, then the chigger bite made the skin more swollen and wet. Any thing on the yard, or in the air will trigger my exzema. I went to immergency room, and the doctor thought too much steroid might be the cause, for me, I’m sure it’s too much antibiotic, which is not needed. then doctor gave me probiotic, ment to counteract the antibiotic, but only nature probiotic does the trick. Like antibiotic, probiotic is an acid, which has a similar structure of bacteria, but meant to function differently, to replace different bacteria.
    My situation alwayss gets better if I go other states, so I guess kansas water is too sour, I have urged KU to reserch on it. too much acid makes the skin wet. When I was healthy, every time I shower, I got itchy. I had rubed myself with salt and stuff, which made me dry, and itchy free, then I remembered that doctor said that I had dry skin, so I applied plenty of moistrizer, which is the cause of ezxema coming again, and again. I’m drinking a herb tea that I found years ago to ease non infection UTI, also a symptom of wet and hot, and I’ll get better, and I have to avoid shrimp, crab, duck, lamb, beef, all things that make me hot, and things that make me wet: juice, watermelon, salad, coconut juice, kiwi etc.
    What I got is crusted scabies. the thick crust is allergic reaction, or wet and hot reaction, I do sometimes burn for an hour, some times sweat for an hour, especially after moistrurizer treatment.
    the outside of exzema is dry, so western doctors think it’s dry skin, but it’s because the allergic reaction due to wet and hot, the skin got so thick, the nutrition can not reach, so the skin scaled up. tea tree oil, and raw aloe vera helps. And I also tried veniger to dry it up, or lactic acid oil(this roted my son’s teeth.)I’ll stick to tea tree, and aloe vera, see tomorrow if I could buy more.
    I had visible 8 insect bites, so it’s not just exzema, and I tried all the scabies remedy, and they worked. Not exercising hard enough to sweat often, I got myself too’s a hard disease for western medicine, but things that make man urine more, thus bring out the water, might help.And I’m going to ask for it from my PCP. I’m on ivemetin now. And I learned that scratch will gets the mite deep for the med to kill it, so I scratched like fell, I think that’s wrong. I tried to disturb the mites, so I ate shrimp for dinner, ma, I did stir them up. I got myself only two hours of it’s two in the morning, and i’m up for 2 hours now. after eating some fruit, I drank the herb tea, put a little tea tree oil on my face where itchs, I got my skin calmed down. I’ll put benedyl cream after wash up, to get rid of the crust, like I did on the second broke out., it really brought the skin to –just regular scabies, and can be treated. I had this for three times now. Last two times were all hives. maybe my skin was not so dry before.dry skin or not, the scabies cause secondery infection or skin reaction, for me the second case.actually now my exzema looks more like hives, but they other when the mites burrow.sure cover them up for doctors to see.luckily I only have crusted skin on neck, so they can see from other places.For hives, doctor have no idea it’s caused by scabies. I ddo not think it’s unkown reason, since every time I enlighted my situation by using elimite, then slowly it goes away. Since three times elimite application only kills 95% mites.(doctor’s fact sheet), oral is necessary. I checked on lots of forums, very few sucess cases, when the host eats 4 courses of oral, once a week. My situation is the worst, since it’s complicated, But I’ve got it three times now, and every time, the cure is shorter.

  142. I think I should got on scabies forums. But some of you might got not just chigger bites! kill them idsimportant, once I got one near my private place, so itchy and painful, i squeezed it dry, not stories later. No matter what mite it is. kill it, end odf story. If not, and you see small red lines or black lines on your skin, scale with intense itch, and the itch can be killed by wipe it off with olive oil, hours later(first time about 2 weeks) cluches of pimples pop out, you got yourself scabies. depends on how many moms you have, the pop out time will be longer or shorter.
    I’m still not very sure if I got scabies from mites that do not usually cause people scabies, but whatever, it’s acabies on me, I have to treat it like scabies.I know one aunt for my friend also suffer like me, and my friend and her son , without the secondary stuff, they’re very suffering. My son’s better.
    Any one any success story. Please share. I’ll come back for a solution, with my diet.I’ve forght it for almost 2 weeks now, better, and worse, the only wayout is diet, to restore my body balance.
    God have mercy. 9 month suffer, 6 month suffer, now 2 month already with lots of treatment, lots of burden done to the skin.
    Lord take my sin. So I can be light and follow you, and grab your robe, and be cleansed, and be comforted by you. In my vision, Lord said to me, cleanse yourself,just after I felt good, but Lord knows the battle is not won, and I’m tring hard here, to cleanse my self, with tea tree oil, and diet, which all worked before, and I’m going to stick to it(doctor’s advice).
    Lord lead my way, so I can win, so people who have lighter situation, or harder situations can be helped without misdiagnose, and suffer a non winning war.
    I love you lord. In my vision, you would not love me when I asked you too, but you covered me with your robe, when I said “Lord, I love you” Lord, you’re my lavendar, you’re my comforter. Lord, I’m suffering, and I’m working hard to cleanse myself, and your promise to be with me, keeps me going.
    Lord,Ilove you. I’m weak, I love you.I know mercy is with me, I did not manage my body well, it was made perfect. Lord I’m tring hard. Lord take my sin, so I can follow you, and not be lost, so I can grab your rrobe, I’m waiting for you to say:”daughter, your faith saved you.” But you told me to cleanse myself. Lord, your order is my duty.

  143. Since I’m getting to it, I’ll share more. I first have intestine discomfort, full ,heavy, and then pain, all due to I like to cook, I like to eat a lot, especilaay I’m nursing, gives me the right to eat. but sometimes gas, sometimes wet, sometimes dry, When any one has this:enzyme, the nature stuff for digesting, I got antibiotic, when tests showed no infection, and probiotic, when skin stroke, all makes it worse. And I ate ginger to harden the **** up, which is wrong, I did not listen to body’s call.
    Love is listen to the call.
    After praying, God showed me this. Now I start to have diareha, the cleansing started, Thank you Lord.That means my body is cooling down, and water is going out. I’m going to monitor it, drink more, and pee more, maybe no more medicine is needed, too much side effects. Lord is my medicine. I’ve been healthy for 3 years, with nothing going on. Now this! medicine after medicine!!!!even if I had infection, by eating more veniger,rest more, should take care of it. for antibiotic is just acid.(my research)

    I have suffered, no more for my children!! I have to figure out a resolution, without doctor’s anti-probiotic, without doctor’s antihistamine, which will hook me up to them, without doctor’s steroid, which will thining the skin, cause more skin problem if stop using them
    Lord is my medicine. I’ve been using him for my son and myself, and I have 4 years, my son almost 3 years medicine free ,happy times, now this? Doctors should do more analyse, instead of seaing patients more. The clinic is so hard to get in, dyas and days later, you got the appointment, 5 minutes, the doctor will see you.We have a walk in here now, only one, and I like it, why not all become walkin? Patients just call, see if he can be squeezed in, if not, go to an alternative, or wait for another day. Who has the authority to get this going? American are the most loving, best men in the world, they treat each other well, but this medical system is not good. A little change, a little disorder, but the best balance is you you not olan it, isn’t it?
    We all have the duty to make the world a better palce for our children. We seek a better life, we left our kin,we suffer, but we stick here, no flea. no flea.I’ll be with my Lord, and fulfill my duty.
    God is good to me. I know it.

  144. God gave me resolution. I went to the immergency room last night November 12th. 8 pm, begged for ivermetin, and the doctor gave it to me. I ate it, But only 2 hours of sleep, a lot less than your remedy, that will give me 4 hours. So I prayed hard while
    I wrote to you, itching like ****. finally at 6 am, I slept for 2 hours, and before waking up, lord gave me hint: Go take a baking soda bath. I put 3 cups in, and 5 minutes later, I’m a new woman. I bathed my son too, and his cough, and new itch on his chest went’s still red, but not itchy. He is not coughing any more, after 3 days of coughing.after I got it, he got it 2 weeks later, and I wipe it off whenever I see him itch.and he started to cough 4 days ago. Three weeks of rash! Finally. Today I went out, covering my self, I got 2 spots that lightly itch, I mix club soda with baking soda, and wiped it off. so far I use lavendar to calm the skin, but I’ll try natual aloe vera, oil has alchole in it.I used aloe vera and veniger when it first started, had I known, I’d use baking soda and aloe vera.
    God is good to me. i still have tiny itch here and there, not knowing if it’s the newly hatched itch mite, or the airborne mite, butI wipe it off with clubsoda., and I’ll diet with alkline food, and I’ll sonn live a soda free life.
    ps: regular soda has too much citrus in it, will make things worse, and damage teeth.

    god bless Amerika, God bless Kansas, and Texas, and South California, and oklahoma, iowa, N/S Carolina too. This will be the end of it. I’ll drink bottled water, bathe in sada treated water, wait until kansas do some thing about acid water, and itchy mite that live on oak trees.

    I have suffered, 7 years of itch. My children, my brothers and sisters here in America will not suffer it any more.

  145. too much antibiotic, and probiotic maybe the reason of too much acid in the water, we use antibiotic every where, we wipe our hand frequently during the day, we wipe our babies, we put it in processed food, we feed our animals with antibiotic, we treat bacteria(an acid form) with treated acid:antibiotic, we try to reverse antibiotic with acidopphilus, another treated acid.
    Lord, we have sinned, and we do not know, when will man wake up? In my village, we treat all disease with a huge bottle of salt water, they poke a needle in me, and I sleep there while the water goes in me, and they put vitamines in it.
    Lord, the future medicine might lie in genes cure, but the oldes nature cure, why can’t we have it? and doctors can still earn money, with different solution, and drug companies can make diffenren salt solutions for different diseases.
    If I had been on histamine, or cordisone, before long I’d get cancer, I’m sure of it.

  146. If you suspect chigger infestations put a capful of Lysol disinfectant liquid concentrate in the “brown” bottle that you can purchase from most any detergent aisle in the grocery store. Fill the bathtub and soak yourself for a few minutes and sponge yourself while sitting there….Rinse and then bathe. This will kill chiggers immediately. Also put a capful into your washer and wash all clothes and shoes or make spray bottle for your shoes.

    Worked well for me.

  147. Do not know what their life expectancy is but they will eat you alive. Wish my mom had known this when I was a child. I spent a misreable summer resulting from chigger bites…I think they stay around a long time feasting.

  148. i would really want know know of a cure for chiggers that actually kills them instead of releiving itching. something besides Lindane or Permethrin which are POISON and can have serious long term side effects including birth defects. these bugs have been itching me for about 2 months now. ive had them before, but never have they lasted this long. Last time i had them, they only lasted about 2 weeks.

  149. Thank you, anewlife, I appreciate it so so much. By using baking soda bath, for my severe situation, I need to have one every 4 hours , since it break out every 4 hours. But I did not know, that morning, I bathed in baking soda bath, feel lots better, then at night, I took a bleach soda bath, but in the morning, still new burrows, I lost my mind, and went to ER, and the doctor gave me a benedyl shot, and suggest to bathe 3 times of soda during the day, and I’ll bathe while I’m up at night, for I’m not sleeping anyways. I’m almost clear, slept all afternoon today, and I did not use the burrow-solution doctor suggested, since my husband has company visiting him, he worked whole night last night, because I kept him busy during the day, and I tend to like your suggestions, I think I just need to do more often, since my situation is delayed, and I got all over my body, and heavily crusted on my neck, now my neck is clear, they’re drinking my son’s milk on my breastmaking little polyps, I cut them . but the burrows are my headache, I bleached both breasts, very painful, but still can not get them all.
    But now I’m a light infested victem, with your successful solution, I’ll get well sooner than using baking soda. I got thousands of little eggs behind my knee, my inner leg, after I bleached them, tons of red spot appeared. That’s where the eggs are, I was focusing on the mites, but the eggs are hiding in places, where no sign of itching, no sign of pimples, just a little darker than normal skin. before the infestation, it was the same color as my other skin.I also have polyps under my armpits, one on my cervis, and some hardened nodule, I never knew what was, after bleaching, they softened up, and started bleeding, and slowly fading, I also have red tiny blood spot on my arm, and they start to bleed, and disappear.
    I think I got the worst situation. I did not feel the bite, when the first patch of eggs on my neck hatch,(I knew then something is wrong) then I found two insect bites on my ankle, so I used veneger and deet and aloe vera to get it under control, but they already lay eggs under my armpits. Then they lay eggs on my inner legs, so I had it all my stomach. It’s itch mites. One would not notice the bitesuntil two weeks later. in 2004,2005, some of the kansas county, there were 54% population infested, so the doctors used the right solution–calamine lotion, if use early, it’s quite effective, a few days or a month at most, one of my friend used it. It takes the new eggs 14 days to hatch out and be killed, so my battle is long. my milk shrinked. But I’ll win, you all helped me so much, God knows I’m grateful. Though I’m still battling, I feel like a new person again.
    Tonight I used up all the baking soda, so I used borax, my skin tured rigit and white, after using bag balm, it’s healed, but now I’m itching, last night I had a good night with baking soda, bet borax is only good in steam cleaning carpet.I’m shopping now, buy baking soda, and lysol. I sprinkled some borax under my chair, And I can feel them jumping on me, bet the mites don’t like borax, but when dry, kind of not doing much to them.
    I infested myself and the house, But I’ll renew them real soon.a lot of working, but not suffering, all thanks to you. Doctors real help came too late. Since I told them I was always misdiagnosed, that might made them alert, and they treated me with the method of treating scabies, but never say the word. STAPH is going around kansas, and I asked some doctors online about the symptoms, and they confirm it’s scabies, but kansas deny, said it’s infection, which no antibiotics works, and they treat it with steroid. But by using steroid, the treatment will be long, if it was treated too late, might last 9 month long(my first out break), and will cause internal injury. I don’t know what to do. Got to get myself well first.
    Thank you all.

  150. I put tiger balm on suspected eggs, and nearly frozen myself, hope it’ll fasten my healing. unlike bleach, which kills eggs immediately, but burns the skin, tiger balm does not hurt the skin.

  151. I suspect that parasite make people insane, I have been sleeping only 4 hours for 3 weeks, and no sign of fatigue. A friend of mine, her son Luke was always having rashs, also went sleepless. Afrind of us in Texas, his wife went insane, A friend visited kansas with his friend last spring with his family, his wife went insane. A 7th grade boy shot himself last night. He’s been uneasy lately, always a trouble maker. A frined of mine who moved from Texas to kansas, always got rashes spring and fall, she used calamine lotion and tiger balm only. and usually got it under control within a month.
    Lord, clear my mind.What’s going on? Who has any idea?

  152. In my village, there’s no word called allergy,if I got sick, my grand mother pulled some plants or weeds, acording to my symptom, I drank it, it’s gone.
    That’s why I believe there must be reason for allergies. molds?mites?pollen?what else? nothing else make people more sick. bacteria makes infection, virus makes high fever.
    My second year in kansas, I went breathless for a short period of time after 20 days of antibiotic that did nothing, then I had hives all my body.I was under antihistamine and steroid treatment,out side, I looked normal, but my interior hurts fierce. I ate a whole bottle of sleeping pills, but they’re fake. I only slept a few hours. The next spring, I stay indoor most of the time, and refused any med, and I was cured. The second time I got it after I weeded so much in my new home lawn, this time, I tried to cure myself, and lice shampoo helped me, so I suspect parasite, doctors would not believe me, I was in mental hospital for 7 days, forced to eat antidepressant. I used pesicide cream myself to ease my itch. This time, I did not realize it at first. Because all the medications I’ve been given, the rashes went crusted, which is a very severe kind of scabies , caused by delayed cure and wrong medication. I’m still here, healing well, due to Lord’s mercy, and your kindness, your tips helped me most.

  153. My report of healing– Mange:

    Mange usually caught by animals, but due to extreme dry skin, this disease will develop very fast in human.(my case).
    Doctors usually suggest moisturizer, but it’s liquid just feeds the mites, and alcohole and acid it contains that remained on the skin , makes the top skin more dryer. As my skin is so dry, 5 minutes after I apply any moistulizer, it’ll be tight like ready to burst, and itchy. The only thing helped is bag balm, and baking soda bath reduces all the rashes so quickly, it’s amazing, then I’ll use bag balm.I’ve been using cetaphil befor I use bag balm, and found out that I need another coat of bag balm to counter act cetaphil, which is the best moisturizer so far that does not contain alcohole.all other moistulizer contains alcohole, and god knows what, to hook you up to it.
    Apparently mites prefer dry skin, and acid skin. antibiotic makes my skin more dryer, and after I got the mange, I some times had dry stool, some times had wet, depending if they’re hatching or laying eggs. so first time I got neck full of pimples(eggs), a doctor said, irritation, and I asked something for digest, (enzyme), she suggested probiotic, generic probiotic is an acid, which will survive stomach acid, which makes my skin burning for two hours, then I got myself whole body of exzema(eggs and hatch outs.) when laying eggs, the mites make a lot of itchy pimples,and my skin got wet, before hatching out, they drink so much liquid, that my skin burns, and lots of scales appear. I believe they got inside me too.
    If you have animals, this is how they feel when they’re infested by mites. My neighbor has gods, and cats, and the cat always likes my tree.
    If at the beginning, instead of antibiotic, I ate some enzyme, fasten my digest, and I would have chased those mites away.then none of this would have happened.
    In early fall, it gets cooler, it’s hard to drink cold water, it’s even harder to let my son drink. and kansas water is more acider than other states, since whenever I shower or bathe, my skin itchs, and none happens when I go anywhere. usually on the airplane, the itchy sensation is already gone. last two times, I cured myself by travelling out of state. odd odd,odd. ans kansas has more than normal mites, that’s for sure.
    People like me, live in a certain place, at a certain time, we just got sick, and doctors have no idea, allergy is the common diagonose, best doctors in town diagonosed as “dry skin”, and those fake moisturizer just make us sicker. I tried once when a doctor said I have dry skin, which might have caused this allergic reaction to the envioment, he was so right, but his prescription was oral benedyl, which would not stop the mites from eating me.
    Baking sada bath dries the skin instantly, but the alkline remained on the skin helps the skin to get water fro outside, and bag balm is wonderful, though a little sticky, it protects the skin from dryness and infection.(I burned myself every where with bleach).
    God is good to me, After numerous praying, I found this website, and got myself cured. 7 years of itch, three times almost dead(once breathless, once suicide, once sleeping while driving my one day old car due to certain prescribed drug).
    I wonder there’re so many cases like mine, why doctors can not figure out, maybe they’re too busy earning money.(not all doctors), though my case is a little complicated, but as far as I know, lots of people I know got it, more severe, or less.
    God gave me a new life.

  154. Also, I apply a little tiger balm over new pop out pimples, stopped the itch immediately.maybe apply befor bag balm works better, but for babies, out side will freeze son sometimes will not take a bath, I just soak tower in baking soda water, and wet the places, then apply bag balm. He only has some on his chest, a few pimples on his cheek.(infants usually get on cheek, doctors call infant exzema, or dry skin, and recommend moisturizer, which always make things worse, then cortisone, also make things worse) I’ll tell this good news to my son’t doctor, so he’ll try. There’s no harm in puting a little baking soda on babies,right? especially they tend to have dry sclp when they are 2 or three months old.

  155. My grand parents lived in north east Okla. and had blackberrys. After all of us got finished picking berries Grandma would put a few caps of the Lysol concentrate in the tub. We would all take turns washing off with it and it worked great to keep from getting chiggers and ticks. As for the itch the chigger is already dead by that time and not in your skin they feed from the surface like a tick or lice. Take a couple benidryl.

  156. thank you, I’ll use lysol bath next time.and many will benefit.
    In NBC news, 8 states near kansas has itch mite out break since the 2004,2005 vast pruritic out break in kansas.I’ve called the kansas health department, asked them how come the leaves of osk trees where they reside were not burned. in early fall, the leaves are dry, and the mites migrate every where, and are airborne, now we have the first snow rain, and today I went out, and I did not have another breakout, thpough I’mm still itchy from the previous attacks.
    These states are: Kentuky, ohio, misouri,… google itch mite NBC,
    If you’re in these states, get the words out, and be careful, if the situation does not get controlled, other states will follow, and 99% of the doctors are not prepared. I went to my PCP today, he has no idea what’s going on, what med he should gave me, I have to educate him.

  157. Finally I got myself under control.
    I went to a known friendly, open minded, modest, patient doctor, and told him of the fact that every time I was treated by elimite cream, I got it right back the next day, and I have seached the internet, looking for other countries treatment, and have found out that they usually treat at least 3 consective days, so I got 5 tubes of permethrin from this doctor, and put it on whole bodily every night, put on eucerin (from jar, and is thick, the thin one does not work, water in it will feed the mites)during the day, and I eat claritin every night, which I believe will put the mites in sleep, and miss laying more eggs. Since the eggs hatch after 3 or 4 days, at least 5 days of treatment is needed. And I asked for crotamiton lotion, which is for pesticite, and dry skin cure(got it from internet), my daughter has dry skin on her elbow, and it worked nicely with the eucerin. eucerin alone would not work.eucerin with cordisone also does not eliminate come back, but eucerin with crotamiton will kill dry skin or insect bite rash/exzema in one week. Other countries have found out the relation ship between allergy and mites, US will soon, but before that, it’s better to know that severe allergy from chigger/mite bite can be controlled with both claritin and pesticide(including lysol, bleach,deet,permethrin,lice shampoo…), the trick is to break it’s egg hatch cycle if the insect bite triggered animal mites or human mites to parasite on you(lay eggs on human), which is hard to get rid of. In chicago this fall, some people had severe reaction, I suspect it’s gall mite triggered scabies, either animal scabies, or human scabies. human scabies is in the state for 15 years, abotu the end of it’s 15 year community cycle, and it’s about time for the doctors to traet dry skin right, with antihistamine and steroid , which masked the symptom so hugely, the community cycle of 15 years are expected to be prolonged. Scabies usually hit sodiers in war badly, as I said, with modern antihistamine and steroid, they’ll suffer endlessly without proper treatment, and will develop depression, and antidressant, which makes people immensely sleepy, do work better than antihistamine to break the egg hatching cycle, but will not eliminate it, since they’re in the envioment.
    I wet vacuum carpet, and hot dry my bedding every day, bleach my bathroom, lysol spray places I sit on, borax the carpet(if dry vacuum, spray water before vacuum is recommended)
    I’ll stop all medication, and go on eccinacin(German doctor recommended when my daughter was 3, and had carpet allergy/mite allergy), eccinacin does not work if one has severe symptom, but works well at the beggining of a cold, or at the end to totally eliminate rebound.
    My daughter never had medicine after she was 5, she is 14 now. 2 years of carpet/mite allergy. I got sick when I dry vacuum, so I prefer hard surface, and my husband love carpets, so now my son(he is 2), and I gets exzemas/hives all the time, they go away on the airplane, or if we go to other places that’re vacuumed every day like hotels, or a room that hasn’t been lived in for 3 days(mites can’t live more than 3 days with out a host), I did find when they lay eggs(the dry skin patch on or behind knee, elbow, armpits pimples, inner leg), I’m going to write a detailed report/book, about my findings, so normal people who have allergy/athma/rash/exzema/cervix polyp…lots of mite related disease can know haow to prevent to get sick, and doctors who read it can develop new medicines that are not antihistamine/steroid to help people.
    In my village, even in Shanghai, when I was little, only a couple children gets sick at a time, and none, none needs inhaler!!!
    I’m going to work on get rid of inhaler in weatern countries. I come here for a better life, a lot of things are better, but I suffered so much when ever I got sick, i realized that though Chinese has less developed technowledge, the vast mojority gets fair care when sick, not like here, the vast mojority are calmed down with antihistamine/allergy shots. I never heard of depression before , and now with the more and more use of antihistamine and steroid, it’s more and more in China.
    With my six years of life in Europe, and eight years life in USA, I know the difference you don’t know, and I know there’s a better way for a real better life, for those who have “allergy”, who got insect bites, and did not get rid of them right away before they lay eggs, who are extremely allergic to mites, and I know my findings are of great value, and I’m going to get it started. Who ever out there can help me publish my book, please contact me.
    scientific result–mites allergy contribute to 50% of athma, but how much have we done besides antihistamine, which is a immune system suppressant, whch makes us more vuleneble.
    I found out also that enzyme/yogurt/natual probiotic is a very good defense for parasite allergy. those who have allergy, cancer, can try for a month, and see the result. I can not write too much here, and not many people will see it, so after new year, I’m going to write a book. I was planning to open an online shop with my sis, she is selling all kinds of stuff now in Canada, but I think the book is more important now for me. I also want to sell the book online, whoever is a webmaster, and can help me, please contact me. A woman wrote” hives cure”, and she is sellin her book online, I have way more tips that she do, and I can help way more people that she do. If you’re a webmaster, google” hives cure”, the woman sells five steps of how to get rid of hives, most I’ve known already, but I want this kind of website. so please contact me, so we can get it started. We can share the profit, make a deal.
    xiaofeng zhang(maiden name)/michelle xu

    From A Special Forces Doctor doing Research on this Problem.

    I had chiggers for over 6 months from jungle training in the Army, I tried everything, my wife thought I’d contacted some form of VD – wouldn’t touch me. A Special Forces Doctor told me to go to a drug store and buy any vitamin that contained as many of the “B’extracts that any one type of vitamine could contain – B1, B12 etc. He said a good indication of a strong B vitamin will be that the inside of the bottle should stink – use non gel cap type vitamins………take 2 or 3 as the inital dose and four or five more after the first day – until your arm pit sweat smells of the same B extract of the vitamin bottle.

    IN LESS THAN 3 DAYS THEY WERE ALL GONE! As GOD is my witness this works! I tried everything from soaking in a bathtub of bleach to use of pestacides and finger nail polish nothing worked except the vitamin B extracts it does something to the blood and either kills them or causes them to leave you.

    Ithing stopped, and healing began in 3 days – I actully noticed a change by the second day! The itch was gone the following day.

    I presenting this because I experienced it – I see a lot of dis-information submitted as tips – but this is the real deal.
    Chiggers live off the oxygen in your blood, they do live under your skin and they do lay eggs that continue to spread. I can’t speak for all the other comments on techniques that worked for them but this not only worked as a post remedy procedure but also as a preventive measure. I was the only guy out of 300 people in a Jungle Warefare class that didn’t get chiggers the next time I went into the field.

    Something to think about.

    Best regards,


  159. Okay so I’ve been reading all these great tips for 2 hours now! However, like someone else wrote, my problem lies in the groin area, in the crease. I can’t imagine putting nail polish or any other irritants in this area! At first I thought maybe it was some sort of fungal infection so I picked up some anti-fungal cream. This really isn’t doing anything so now I’m pretty convinced it’s some sort of mite/chigger/scabbie. I shower in the morning and just apply vascaline for now. Late afternoon/evening I wash the area again and reapply. It helps, but the welts are just not going away. This all started about December 28th or so. Anyone have any tips for the groin area! It’s itchy and hurts all at the same time. Embarrasing to say the least and I have a hard time wearing jeans! Just loose jogging pants!
    Help please – Montreal Canada

  160. Thanks Johnny (Special Forces Doctor Remedy)! Okay, so I just happen to have a bottle of B50 Complex. I just popped one and will try this for the next few days. I pray that it works. I appreciate this tip!

  161. Pour vinager on infected area then add plenty of salt and rub it briskly into the area. Scrape the wet salt off with a credit card or plastic spatula. Wash off with lots of soap and water, apply aloa vera and your torment will be over.

  162. I did not read this forum after Dec 7 th.
    I’m well now, and I want to thank you all.
    Jonny is right, vitamin deficiency is the cause of easy to get bitten. antibiotics and chemicals(detergent moisturizer) might cause the body lack of vitamin.
    I had new small welts or itch for a while, now I’m using only organic aloe/oat soap as shampoo and body wash, baking soda to wash every thing, add vineger+bs for the drain
    most powerful and not harsh stuffs are:
    1. wine vinegar , or add some fresh mint
    2 turmeric or add neem oil
    3 olive oil or add tea tree oil
    4 baking soda+salt with iodine
    I bath in 4 too, use 3+water as moisturizer. works wonderful to kill itch, and cure dry skin. turmeric is wonder for pushing down the red welts or pimples. neem is pesticide.
    Start this forum, I found so many good stuff from other forumstoo. I recommend,
    American is ready for an era of bio-medicine, which has mild side effect, and envioment friendly.

  163. There is one sure fire way to get rid of chiggers, get a needle and dig the suckers out. Make sure you get all the surrounding whites stuff ( tehir eggs) and then disinfect the hole that is left. I have just removed two and will work on the other one later. It helps to have some alcohol to clean the area and to dispose of the bug and eggs when you dig them out.

  164. Chiggers do get on outside dogs. This eve I was embroidering and my dog was on the sofa next to me, I saw the tinyest little red bug run across what I was stitching. I also saw one in my closet. I now have 2 huge bite marks that itch worse than any thing. I am putting banana peels on my bites. The 3 day old bite q uit itching almost instaantly the newer bite still stings but doesn’t itch nearly as much. Scabies are not like chiggers. Scabies leaves a line of bumps. Chiggers just leave unbareably itchy single huge red welts. I will spray my acre of yard this weekend and pray for the best. My dogs are not scratching at all but I KNOW we have chiggers in our yard. this sucks!

  165. I think that deodorant works. It helps me when I have ant bites, so it should work on chiggers and chigger bites. It puts a nice coat over it and makes the itching stop. Something in it must be a itch reliever of some sort but it does work.

  166. Not only clear nail polish, but I was told by several people, soak with some bleach in the bathtub, it will kill and stop the itching. Also pour peroxide on the spots and apply bacatracin on the bites. It does help keep the area clean.

    The bleach will kill any bacterial from the bites and so does the bacatracin.

  167. **** Our US chiggers DO NOT LIVE UNDER THE SKIN, Johnny Special Forces.

    I just hate to see the advice urging bleach/ammonia/lysol baths. You can die from this.

    Young Chiggers (thee are the ones that bite you) hate sulfur and one way to PREVENT getting chiggers is to dust your clothes lightly with any commercially available sulfur garden product. DEET is equally effective on your clothing before you go into the woods.

    Scrubbing your itching bites, pricking them, rubbing raw leaves you open to secondary infections. Don’t do it! Once you realize you’ve gotten bit by chiggers —-

    1—- wash all your clothing ASAP in hot soapy water.
    2—- bath yourself in hot soapy water. Chiggers drop off your body with the least brushing, so most of them will be gone by the time you realize you’ve been bitten.
    3—- treat your bites with any anti-itch remedies available in drugstores, benedryl, ivarest, zanfel, etc, NOT bleach, kerosene, gasoline or other dangerous chemicals!

    I KNOW how maddening the itch can be, but please don’t douse yourself with dangerous chemicals. If you want to try linements, oils, deodorants, etc. feel free. Vicks vaporub offers relief, but so does ice applied to the sores.

    Use isopropyl alcohol to clean the bites before applying your creams, ointments etc. It helps clean where you’ve been scratching so helps to avoid secondary infections.

    If you are regularly getting chigger bites while you’re in your yard and garden, consider dusting the entire area with a sulfur product from your garden supply store. Sulfur will kill the young (larvae) chiggers — they’re the only ones that bite you.

    Remember: there are NO chiggers “in your skin” — they bit you, sucked some tissue, and dropped off you. You are itching due to the enzyme they left behind. So there is no “suffocate them” or “dig them out”!

    Hope this helps some of the weirdo suggestions here!

    PS – my brother in Missouri tells me that years ago he got chiggers, and got an Rx creme from a doctor that stopped the itching immediately; he was told to use the smallest amount possible on his skin, and it was NOT for use on children. It may have been the lindane mentioned in a post above. So you may want to check that out, even tho I am not positive that “lindane” was the product.


  168. You can wash with hot water to get rid of the chiggers initially (right after you have been outside or exposed to them). But after that, after a day or two, when the chigger is gone and all you have is the itchy bite, hot water will make the bite itch worse. This is true for any bite to which you are having an allergic reaction–hot water makes the histamines in your skin come to the surface and anything itchy will itch worse. So, you should bathe or shower in cool water.

    It is the enzymes in the chigger’s bite that causes your skin to react. If you are trying one of the remedies that involve opening up the bite, or you have scratched the bite so it is open, try pouring hydrogen peroxide over it. The hydrogen peroxide will a) disinfect so your bite has less chance of being infected, and b) break up the enzymes chemically.

    You can use alcohol, but that only disinfects. You can use vinegar or lemon juice or another acid, as that will also help break up the enzymes, but that will not disinfect.

    So try pouring hydrogen peroxide on those open bites and let it bubble. Pour some more on. The earlier you do this, the sooner you can get rid of some of that enzyme before it irritates your skin. You can buy large bottles of generic hydrogen peroxide at your drug store for cheap.

  169. Try chigger-x from Wal-mart. it works like a charm on itching.
    It is a small jar of cream that is applied topically.

  170. I had chiggars in my bed…I vaccummed the mattress, treated the bedframe with insecticide, washed the bedding and clothing I was wearing even towels, but it was back…so what do I do now?
    If chiggars like grassy areas…why are they in my apartment in the spring and in my bed?

  171. I get bit by theses little terrors every few years. The best remedy I know if is to get a bottle of iodine, they now make it clear colored instead of the old fashioned orange color – rub tip of applicator on skin with just enought pressure to scratch the surface. Withing minutes the itch is gone. You might need to reapply every now and then. Please try this, it saved my sanity more than once.

  172. Looking for tips on chiggers. My son has had this going on for 4-5 weeks now. How the heck can I get rid of them. If they aren’t living under the skin. WHERE? I can’t see them to know what area to treat. I only know when I see a welt. I apply Burts Bees diaper creme on them and they heal but before know it another one shows up. They are on his inner thighs and butt and left scars. The poor child would be so happy to have them gone once and for all.

  173. I dipped myself with dog pup for 2 hrs. It really help a lot, I couldn’t feel any more bites after that, It sure helps if you can stand the smell…

  174. This is a very complicated area of discussion. There are some very good answers here and some VERY BAD answers as well. Folk your health and that of your children is of paramount importance. I have felt your pain and your frustration as well. I have been there and got the tee shirt, believe me. For some top notch information for chigger bite relief I can only suggest you find what I found over at Those folk saved my *** and my little girls to. Their information is sold gold.

  175. I’m Going through **** and every thing I do is not working just getting biger and biger by the day. Maybe its all just a bad dream, I wish.

  176. GOLD BOND Body Lotion in the green bottle, cools the area around the bite and helps relieve the itch of a chigger bite.

  177. Here is a tip that I use each year while hunting. I know this may
    sound strange but another way to keep chiggers from getting into your skin is to wear a pair of lady’s nylon stockings under your clothes.
    they are so tightly nit that a chigger can’t get through them. Not
    to mention that they are very cheap. I’d rather put up with the
    guys calling me a mary then dealing with the itch. (enough said).
    One more thing. when you return home take them off, put them in a
    plastic garbage bag and seal it tight and you’re chigger free for
    another day. Don’t forget to wash yourself AND the clothes you wore
    in in very hot soapy water.

  178. Since I’ve been in the army the thing that works best for everyone is this lotion called “Chigg-Away”. Everytime I go to the field (army camping so to speak) I always put some on around my waist, and around my ankles. It’s also helpful to not make it easier for them to get inside your pants by not tucking away any loose clothing.

  179. As soon as you come in from an area that you may have come in contact with chiggers, wash your body down with straight household bleach. Pour bleach on a wash rag and wash with it. It will not burn unless you apply to an open sore. If you do get chiggers do the same thing and it will keep the itching down for several hours.

  180. I went to a camp that was outside surrounded by alot of trees and I got three chiggers in my thigh but I didn’t know they were bites and I strached them but I had to put some “chigarid” on the bites and it took about 2-3 weeks to heal!!!

  181. Make a concoction of Baking Soda and Water into a paste and then rub over bites. This will ease the itching and pain substantially and works great on both humans and animals if they get chiggers.

  182. get a hot soldering iron and get to poking,will give instant relief from the itch,but make sure you have vinager for the burn from thee iron……Happy Hunting

  183. Take a sharp razerblade knife and cut them out. Relief from the itching, but now you have a stinging wound.

  184. Take a lighter and burn them out!
    Bleach, Nail Polish.
    The easiest way is to just put anti-itching cream on them and leave them alone, works everytime!

  185. If you get chiggers and they keep on itching and itching than right away u should get some Listerine mouthwash and put it on a wash cloth and apply it directly where the chiggers are and it will work within 30 minutes and if you keep on doing this every night after your shower then in the morning wash it of in about three to four days they will be gone

  186. I recently bought ‘Chiggerex Plus'(in a medicine bottle sized red and white container) from the local Walmart for like $5. It has Aloe Vera and Chamomile in it to soothe the irritated skin and it has benzocaine in it for pain relief to make it stop itching. It works really well, if you’re going to buy something this should prolly be it.

  187. 1/4 to 1/2 cup of household bleach in you bathwater
    then yous some type of anti itching cream
    only down side is the burning feeling from open sores
    best way i fond to git rid of chiggers

  188. This old time remedy came from a grandmother. It works very well. Fry SALTY bacon or SALTY country ham in a skillet with oil. After the oil has cooled apply it to the bite. If applied before going to bed at night, the itch is usually gone by morning. You can even put what is left in a jar for later use.

  189. same remedy of clear fingernail polish, or calamine lotion will work. someone told me to use super glue, but I am wondering if before you go into an infested area, that is known to be infested if you put a lotion on yourself that contains menthol or any lotion if it would deter chiggers. As the lotion would fill the pores up and the chigger would not be able to get to you through the lotion. Just a thought.

  190. DO NOT cut or burn any bites or poison plant infection. That is not only unsanitary, but just plain stupid. Any anti-itch cream sold at the local grocery store or walmart used in combination with clear nail polish is effective for treating chiggers.

  191. Put either Chapstick, Bleach, lotion, or clear nail polish. They will be gone in about 3 or 4 days. Or leave them alone and they will die in a week or so. good Luck!!

  192. ATTENTION ALL: DO NOT soak yourself in bleach water, as someone suggested. Your skin is an organ, and it delivers anything you put on it to every organ of your body! I don’t know about the rest of these “cures”, but I do know the bleach suggestion is dangerous.

  193. I have found Off Misqito repleant has worked as a preventative. The other thing that I just tried with sucess was washing the bare skin and apply tes tree oil.

  194. My husband drabs gasoline on his bites and then jumps in the showe. This really kills them and stops the itch instantly. We live in Missouri where the Chriggers are horrible.

  195. First of all use spell checker on your computer when posting messages. Bleach works, Listerine works. Chigger X is great after you get them.
    Best way to avoid them is to spray pants & shoes with insect repellent. Also Avon Skin So Soft is great for keeping them away. Listerine also works well in a spray bottle.
    Your yard can easily be taken care of with just about any granular insectiscide.

  196. My grandmother gave me this remedy and it works very well. You take a gallon of vinegar and pour it into your bathtub. Take your time and sit in the bathtub, being very prejudice, wash the infected areas with the vinegar. Took one day for my itching to stop. Another thing I tried when I didnt have any vinegar is Mayo. It is made of vinegar and oils. I took a spoonful and just rubbed it into where I was itching. The following day I was itch free. Caution when using mayo to cure chiggers, you will need to leave it on for about 10-15 minutes and you will be slimey.

  197. i have over 200 chiggers on the left leg and about 100 on the right.
    the best thing i am finding out works chiggerrex shit and clear nail polish and if you scratch them get some neosporn
    fuck chiggers!

  198. My dad has the chiggers right now and tell you the truth he has tried EVERYTHING but the best thing to do that has helped so far is putting a gallon of vinegar in his “hot” bath. So do NOT DO THE FOLLOWING:

    * put nail polish on skin it irritates the skin and causes rashes
    * do not put bleach on skin it may cause serious damages to the skin
    * do not put oil on skin it makes the skin break out
    * lice shampoo has no effect to the skin or bites

    Calamine lotion will work but may be hard to fine.Do not put any kind of bug repelant or any sort it causes damages to skin.Gasoline is very harmfull and at times it WILL cause fires.

    Please contact a doctor if none of these suggestions work.

  199. Pour a cup or more into hot bath water and soak in it. Then bathe in a real soapy bath and chiggers (red bugs) are gone. No more itching!

  200. okay. your skin is not an “organ”, it is not directly connected to other organs. that’s not how osmosis works. chlorine is most harmful if inhaled as a gas. (not to say it is safe in other ways) bleach works extremely well at getting rid of them. but in my experience, you have to leave it applied until the chlorine begins to chemically burn your skin. but it is the fastest working. first, try the exfoliating thing combined with vinegar. then go to a doctor if it doesn’t go away.

  201. Rolaids work really well. Just wet the tablet and spread it over the bite. I don’t know how it works, but they are gone in hours instead of days.

  202. I just got them again. The last time I was in the field and they set for a week. Don’t just let them sit they multiply. You’ll have family of chiggers. That really sucks. I found liquid band-aid. I just took a bath in yard bleach and took a rag after soaked in bleach and laid of over the largest section of about 30 bites. No itch. Tomorrow will be the test!

  203. Things that have not worked for me. Nail polish, NewSkin polish,perm solution, calamyne lotion helps itching, I just dont know if blackberries are worth it:)

  204. First of this is to Dale: Just for the record…it is spelled Chiggerex…I just bought a little jar of it this evening & that is the correct spelling!
    I have been battling these pesky little critters for about 4 days now, & have tried alot of things, but the Chiggerex is by far the best thing that I have tried! Almost instant relief. Also, using Preparation H on the bites helps to reduce the inflammation!

  205. At work we used the granular pesticide about 2 months ago in May and the previously infested areas are fine to walk on. I’ve been told we’ll need to do this again in August to treat the areas for the rest of the year. Two weeks ago, I was working in an untreated area and had dozens of chigger bites. Most of the bites were under my socks. I tried chiggerex plus several times and it didn’t help. The fingernail polish helped and it took about one day. Today, after hiking though the woods yesterday, I’m again plagued by the little buggers. Thanks for the advise about the vinegar. I think I’ll try that because my Wife says fingernail polish has formaldehyde in it.

  206. All the information is helpful but the hot water bath has seem to work the best for my husband. HOWEVER, I am not sure what treatment we can suggest to “ashton” to cure her/his potty mouth. Does it make your treatment more real because you added cuss words?

  207. I have been pleagued by these little nasties since I was a child. I am actually allergic to their bites adn if I get them it takes several weeks for them to go away. I even have scars left from them. Over the years I have tried every single one of the listed suggestions. The items which seem to help the best and get over them the quickest is (1) while stand in the shower liberally apply house hold ammonia and let it stand on the skin as long as the fumes don’t over whlem you (2) If in a few hours you find you in deed do have actual bite apply Absorbine Jr. [it available at the drug store where arrthritis products are sold) then (3) when dry apply New Skin over the top of the bites. This combination has worked best for me. One final piece of advise. During the hot months of the year there appers some type of very bright orange flowers, which has blooms on the top of 6 or 7 inch stems. My grandmother many years ago called these “Red Bug Flowers”, and I can tell you with complete certainty if you see the little flowers beware. Anywhere these flowers grow (bloom) you will come in contact with these nasty little critters. Good Luck.

  208. I find that when I am bittn by mosquitos or chiggars my best defense is to get into the swimming pool where they seem to be neutralized by the chlorine. I, personally, think it has something to do with PH, either acid or alkoline. At any rate, I like to garden and get attacked by both and rely on this cure.

  209. I use a cotton ball soaked in hydrogen peroxide and rub it over the chigger bite and around the area of the bite which tends to be itchy also. I then wet a styptic pencil with water and rub it on the bite area and the surrounding area also. Rub the bites as hard as you can until you feel some relief. This is probably temporary relief but it seems to help for several hours.

  210. We use bleach. It doesn’t make them go away but it helps with the itching until you can get to something else. Just rub bleach all over the bites and I promise, the itching and pain will go away.

  211. “Sting-eze” works well once you have been assaulted by the little devils. Camphophenique is a viable alternative. Permethrin – available at outdoor supply stores – is an effecetive repellant, when applied to your socks and pant legs – will usually last a couple of launderings. As to eliminating them from your lawn, making a tea from chewing tobacco and putting that in your hose-end sprayer mixed with a teaspoon of dishwashing detergent will keep them at bay between rainstorms, and is not toxic to the birds, unlike diazenon and other commercial insecticides.

  212. I have looked at all the tips here, and tried many. I too have considered some of the more drastic (and crazy) ideas during a moment of insane itching, but didn’t. I was and am severly allergic to poison ivy and such and had it yearly as a child. I have found that I am equally allergic to benzocaine, the one truley decent anti itch component. Today I read about using Vicks. Much like IcyHot for muscle aches it feels cool, or hot, but the itch really does go away for a reasonable amount of time and I got a decent nights sleep.

  213. I remember fingernail polish as a kid, but is difficult if you have a lot. I recently read about and tried T Tree Oil (Melaleuca Oil). It works great…I was pleasantly suprised (other than the fragrance of which I’m not too fond of). The itching stops and it relieves the inflamation. I was living (or sleeping) on benadryl before.

  214. After experiencing these things for the 1st time ever, I have tried every thing before going to the web! Amazing what you can find here. I trieed hand sanitizer to try to dry out the ozing it helped some,Bleach on cotton balls helped, athlete’s foot cream helped, cold shower releived the itching and I slepted all night, ambosol helped, and the second night I slept with a pot of cold water and a wash cloth; everytime I woke to itch I used the cold cloth, it felt great.
    I hope this really helps someone, chiggers are horrible!

  215. well i clean off a knife with 91% alcohol then scrape the area then put some of the alco on a paper towel and run it down my bud does something with a lighter that seems to help

  216. While living in AK and having my children attacked by these creatures, I was told by a local mom, after trying many other remedies, to have my children sit in a hot bath and add a couple of “glugs” of bleach to the water. They should sit there till the water starts to cool.
    Worked every time.
    For those of you who think sitting in bleach may be bad, consider the swimming pool.

  217. If remedies that cool down the itch don’t help you and you really want to itch them try turning on the shower or faucet as hot as you can stand it – the hotter the better – and let the hot water run over the bumps. You still get the sensation of the scratch but it will not get infected feels great and helps drain the bumps as well.

  218. i pinch them really hard untill puss/blood comes out and wipe it with alchohol when it bleeds,lol seems craazy but i think it works the best for me at least

  219. milk and bleach. the milk soothes, the bleach is supposed to take care of the little critters. I have never had such terrible itch. It led me to distraction and was miserable. This remedy was given to me by someone living down in georgia, where chiggers abound.

  220. my kid just got horrible bites on his legs and back, someone told me to use lye soap, he washed with it really good and the itch went away.

  221. OMG Chiggers are the worst thing ever! For all you cry babies like me: BUY(TINACTIN) !!!! It takes the itch right away, I will never use anything else. But I hope I never get them again.

  222. My boyfriend works with high weeds and bushes and ever place possible that he could catch these little guys.. They are extremely annoying.. veryy itchy, the itch ws so baddd i actually woke up ! .. it was horrible. i think i got it from himm.. which is kind of.. like i want him to quit his job haha..weird. i guess. but i took a cold shower that helped relieve the itching for a whilee.. but also rubbing alochol works. and so does chalmine lotion.. but i want to know how to get rid of them compleetlly!!..

    any reall suggestions.??

  223. Have your local pharmacy order “Chiggerx”. It’s the only thing that works for atleast 3 hrs.
    Kill instantly without letting them get away. Apply Skin Shield or brush on liquid wart remover. The acid in the wart remover kills them and ticks instantly and when it dried in a minute you can peel the chiggers/ticks off in one piece and dispose of them.

  224. I know this sounds crazy but I found this tip yesterday and tried it last night and it worked! take a hot bath,dry off well, scratch the bites till they bleed , and then spray them with hair spray. it will burn at first but then they quit itching, i think it’s the alcohol in they spray, alls i know is it works!

  225. TWO WEEKS!?!?!
    How am I supposed to stand this for TWO WEEKS!?!?!
    I’ve got a severe case of them right now and they itch like crazy.
    I’ve got them from the top of my feet to my waist…and EVERYWHERE in between.
    I am all for putting them on the list for extinction.

  226. omg! my arm is disgusting! i went airsofting laid in the brush and shit and now my amr is screwed! i itch insanely put caladrl on them every day and take benadryl. buy they still itch and no sign of releif! i scratched them and now theyre small little scabs of the top of em but god damn y do they last soooo long!

  227. If you have them bad like I did, Buy a bag of EPSON salt draw a bath as hot as you can take it. Pour about 1/3 of it in and soak for about an hour. After soaking, SCRUB all afected areas with sulfer soap (the only one I found was called Thyox by Grandpas from a Natural drug store. Then put on a good anti itch, I used Benadryl itch stopping gel works great. Ive done it every night for the last 3 nights and they are about 90% gone. Good luck!!

  228. wash with lye soap in warm shower and spray infected area with ivy dry spray .the lye soap shower will remove chigger and the ivy dry spray will give relief and rid you of chiggers and itch.

  229. I use Benadryl Itch Stopping Gel in the green cap bottle. EXTRA STRENGTH. Its Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride and it drops the maul on that itch. Comes in a little four once bottle. Walgreens, Wal-Mart or any large pharmacy near you. Fantastic stuff. Don’t be shy with it either. Put it on that itch like you mean it. Its the best stuff I found so far short of prescription stuff and sometimes this gel out does the scrip stuff. Good luck with it, have fun in the forest and stay safe.

    Dino N0RJP
    Saint Louis Missouri.

  230. I think I can say that everybody will agree when I say they SUCK!!! I mean they plain SUCK!!! Any way, yuins will probably say shoo, u stink, but take u some buttermilk and bakin soda and make a paste! I know, it stinks, but do it ! Cover all the bites u can find and then get ur better half to put it on the ones on ur butt! Hey, I know how it sounds but I’m tellin u it works!!! Then get up in the morning and wash off the clabber and then send me a check! Naw, but you’d be glad to pay somebody to rid em I garrinteeeee, “wouldn’t ye”! As far as the clabber goes, it dont smell any worse than it does after a swift night of lovemakin with ur better half, so getr done!! PEACE!!!!

  231. Yes! Chiggers! Choose your weapon! Ok, this is my third time around. My right leg is covered, my left leg was hit, my husband’s ankle is under attack. Desperate last night and got some Witch Hazel. I applied it an hour ago – now I’m sitting here, on a leather desk chair, and they DON”T ITCH!!!!!!! For the last week I’ve been using the green gold bond lotion that would work for a few hours at a time – but the residue causes too much bath time between applications. Try Witch Hazel – I’m liking it!

  232. shower, while in the shower, rub yourself down with scented Pineoil. I mean lather yourself good. it will not hurt you. let it set for about five minutes. do this once a day for three days. NO MORE CHIGGERS! not recommended for children.

  233. Yep, I, too, am battling the chiggers. Witch Hazel does work very well, and, it’s not all that expensive. Also, to control the itchy, and to help dry them out, Aveeno makes a calamine OINTMENT that works well. I think I paid three dollars for it at Target. Vinegar also helped with the itching.

  234. i use hydrocortisone on the chiggers than at night or when at home, rub in hydrocortizone, than COVER your leg with vasoline really good, and than wrap it up with some clear wrap renoylds wrap works good!!! gets rid of them in 1-2 days

  235. Here’s a new one for you, I found that Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask gives immediate, permanent relief. Apply in the shower, let soak in for a few minutes until it tingles, then rinse. Its deep cleaning gets the chiggers off of your skin and the shower washes them down. The deep cleaning also gets the stuff they inject in your skin out. It’s worked wonders for my husband, my son and myself. Any acne or blackhead remover will probably work the same. This products active ingredient is 3.5% Benzoyl Peroxide.

  236. All you need to do is take a wash. Absolutely No Clorox bleach or Harsh cleaner. The chiggers come off in the shower with very little scrubing. The itching that breaks the skin and infects is the problem. An Acne wash disinfects and oral benadryl with cream stops the itch.

  237. In a desperate attempt to stop the itch when cortisone cream & benedryl didn’t work, I tried Vicks Vapo Rub and voila! The itch ceased immediately.

  238. I got a mild attack from these pesky bugs.

    I was told to use bleach or amonia. At first I thought it to be a bit much and an old wives tale.

    A co-worker told me to use Chigger rid and if the drug store didn’t have any, find stuff which kills lice. AND last on the list was dog flea & tick shampoo.

    Needless to say I went with what was on hand in the house…Pet shampoo. All was fine and dandy until the itching kicked in. I sat on the edge of my tub with a container of salt and scrubbed. It felt like heaven ! I then poured alcohol over the bumps and applied a good coating of liquid Benedryl.This process lasted me 10-12 hrs of relief.

  239. I also tried for the itching until I bought Benedryl

    clear nail polish- gave me 3 hrs of relief
    new skin- all day relief
    Badger foot balm- greasy and collected dirt but it helped
    Listerine(Original yellow) dab it on your spots

    And, this may be gross but my dog licked the bites and most of the time the itching stopped

  240. There were no chiggers in WA where I lived, but when I moved to Arkansas I got into them bad. Literally thousands of bites up both legs and on my arms. Put one cup of bleach in about 2″ of bathwater. One treatment will kill the itching almost instantly and definitely kill the chiggers. Don’t soak in the bathwater, just wash down the effected areas. The bumps remained for days after the itching stopped.

  241. I used anti-lice shampoo, Walmart brand. I ended up just spreading it over my skin like lotion, and left it on. 8-12 hours of relief.

  242. Soak a small sponge with Listerine Antiseptic ( original formula ) and dab it on the affected areas, you will get immediate relief for several hours.

  243. Help! We picked up these pesky critters while hiking on a camping trip. Do they live off of your body? As in bedding, furniture, etc? I have washed all bedding and clothes in hot hot water and taken several scrubbing showers in hot water, but it seems that we are still getting new bites! Where are the new bites coming from?!

  244. I tried all this stuff on this page. I live in South Georgia and these chiggers aint no joke. they are having a disco ball on my disco ball. If you get these red little buggars just suck it up and soak in bleach.

  245. use some straight alchole and clear nail polish it will help u can also use the cream for scabbes i went to the doctor he looked it up and told me about the nail polish n alchole it will work for ther most part

  246. I’m a Texas transplant from WA. state and found these critters are bad. A friend told me the cheapest repellent is Vinegar. I spray some on my legs and arms every day and never get bothered again. I have to admit the ladies don’t hang around either.

  247. I am freaking out a little bit. Just thinking there are spiders laying eggs in my skin. I am probably gonna try all treatments. We don’t have these horrible nasty things in Washington State. I seen a lot of people were from WA, I wonder if they like our blood. Well, luckily I am being transfered back to WA in December and won’t have to worry about these anymore. Good luck to ya’ll!!!

  248. I live in the woods here in Florida and they are horrible, my husband and I got them when we were taken down some dead trees that came down on our fence. I had tried everything over the past 16 years to get relief from these things, after waiting weeks for them to go away and nothing ever worked so last night I tried this medicine called BOIL EASE, (it draws all that poison out) I had covered them in gauze and I also took Benadryl. The next day the itching was completely gone and they started to dry up this is the best thing yet. Finally found something that works and I went to buy more and it seems nobody is carrying it, went to cvs, Walgreen’s and publix nobody has it. Will try more stores tomorrow until I find it.

  249. Hey Ginny in Florida thanks for passing along the info about boil ease, I am gonna go searching for it tomorrow. I was wondering if you found it yet and also is it a cream that you just put on the bites??? Thanks for the advice these chiggers are driving me crazy, the itching is the worst thing ever and any relief will greatly be appreciated.

  250. My friend called her mom and suggested that my rash was from chiggers and so she said to apply petroleum jelly to the affected areas to “suffocate” the chiggers

  251. My boyfriend and I have been getting bites for about 2 weeks now and for the longest time thought it was flies. (We have a inside/outside dog) We treated him and got a terminator to come spray and we are still getting bit. A friend told me it could be chiggers so I am looking up info. We’re getting bit at night when we sleep, so do I need to throw our mattress and feather mattress away, or is there a way to kill them in the bed? Please help! Thanks!

  252. To help relieve the itching of a chigger bite, I use anti-persperent on the bite spot….it works absolute wonders at relieving the itch.

  253. Yes, I did find Boil-Ease in Wal-Mart its a cream and comes in a tube. I put Boil Ease on them and cover it with Band Aids so the medicine stays put. This truly is the best stuff I found that works. Tried everything else nothing worked.

  254. Laura NC-
    It sounds unfortunately like you actually have bed bugs. They are nocturnal and hide throughout the house and bite you while you sleep. You may want to research them.

  255. In Tennessee we have the dreaded chigger problem. On one occasion during this summer, I aquired 18 chigger bites on my feet, yet I had been wearing socks and shoes all day and had only been outside for a short time! God knows how and where they got on to me. The bites were still highly visible even after 2-3 months. I found calamine lotion to be helpful for the itching, but applying it twice a day for weeks is a real drag. The bites seem to resolve themselves into 2 types: 1) Ones that itch like crazy but don’t leave a swelling 2) Ones that itch and leave a lump, which prevents healing.
    I found that “picking off” the lump then allowed the bite to get better. Could the lump be the embedded insect, trapped by the swelling?
    Next year, I will buy a 5 gallon drum of DEET and dip myself in it daily!

  256. There is a lotion that I purchased on vacation called Cactus Juice . i read that it is made in Texas but I have not seen it for sale in stores.

  257. I used to play paintball outside of Nashville TN and got eaten alive by chiggers. Weird as it may sound, an ex-Navy SEAL told me to try wearing women’s panty hose. I did and the only place I got bitten was at the waistband. I got a lot of ribbing, but can take that over the itching!

    The treatment I used was either Acetone (nail polish remover) or ammonia. Ether also works REAL well but I don’t even know where to purchase it any more.

  258. I woke up Feb.21st and 4 bite marks on my neck. They itched liked crazy! 2wks later, wake up 4 bites on the other side of my neck! I just figured they were spider bites. But now I keep getting them on my hands and forearms! I woke up this morning w/10bites from my elbow to my fingertips on my right arm! I’ve been to the dr.-that didn’t help! Tried fingernail polish-not helping!! But it’s weird cuz I’m not getting them anywhere else! I think whatever it is, is in my pillow? Although I keep washing it 2x a wk!! Any suggestions????

  259. I started using Vick’s VapoRub yesterday on the chigger bites that I received a little less than a week ago in some woods in Florida. It is really working nicely – no more itch! It is also a cure for nail fungus – just keep applying to nails twice a day and continuing keeping the nail trimmed. It is much better than the prescription drugs that are advertised on TV which are expensive and have liver damage as a possible side effect.

  260. Chiggars…..nasty critters! I have never had to deal with them before. They have gotten on my skin and bit me something terrible. The animals are carrying them into the house! The cats lay on my bed. The dog lays on the rug and on my sofa or chair when I’m not looking. They drop off chiggars (and even ticks) if not treated. I have tryed hydrocortozone, anit-itch lotion, anti-itch cream, calamine lotion, benadryl, and lidocane gel to try to stop the itching…to my dismay, nothing worked. Then I thought what penetrates the skin and sooths and stays put for a long time? Vicks vapor rub!!! It works…it doesn’t sting and it stops the itching immediately lasting for hours and hours…give it a try! ๐Ÿ™‚

  261. The VA issued me some Lidocane which is basically numbing petroleum jelly… most people can buy the stuff at the store, its used for achy muscles and well.. other thing where you guy might numb parts of your body, haha.

    and of course Vaseline, and the infamous bath in tomato soup according to my grandma… course thats also her answer to everything that ails the skin, I think she just likes it. haha.

  262. I SCRUB the blister w/soap,water to open it up. Then burn the site with hydrogen peroxide…agressively…at least 2 mins. of submerged contact w/ H2O2. dry and a little triple antibiotic ointment. If it still itches a day later, do it again………usually works first time…approx.20% need second treatment. San Antonio

  263. Treatment of chiggers:
    First of all, suffocating them is not a solution. Chiggers often are gone before the rash even appears. Although chiggers will burrow into your skin and lay eggs, as well as feed off your skin, you cannot get rid of them by suffocation. The best treatment for them is a Steroid cream, and Benadryl or Clearitin for the ichyness. The steroid cream will kill the eggs and will help to heal the irritation that is left when the chigger leaves your skin.

    The best bet for preventing chiggers is to take a shower as soon as you return from outside, and using insect repellents.

  264. I recently went on a fieldtrip to a wildlife and my legs are full of chigger bites. I have never had such a bad itch. I have so far tried clear nail polish and it did not work. What is the best thing to do for these bites? And how long should they last??? Please help!!


  265. I’ve used Germ X antibacterial cleaner with Aloe and it works immediately but I can’t get it out of my clothes and furniture.
    Even the car seems to re-contaminate me. I was told by the exterminator to use Lysol but a spray insecticide seems to work longer.
    How do you tell if it is chiggers or swimmers itch? I can’t seem to catch one.

  266. I tried most of the things listed, as i type this i have over a hundred bites up to my knees (i thought about burning the skin off during bad moments). finally got a combo that worked for me, took a hot shower, rubbed some listerine mouth wash on the bites. then some hydrocortizone and finally sealed with clear nail polish. i feel better than i have in 4 days since i walked around in grass at friends house. nail polish was definately the kicker. GL if you have it as bad as me.

  267. My bf just got chiggers from the bus stop and is trying most everything listed on here. He woke up this morning telling me he was going to skin his own legs and I guess since its not me its rather amusing lol. But once we figure out what works so he stops moping I’m going to post it. So far the clear nail polish did nothing so he just tried deoderant. Next stop is going for some Vicks or Listerine. Something has to work here.

  268. I found a product you can purchae on It is actually used to clear up Acne. It is a product of Serious Skin Care called Dry-Lo Medication Spot Treatment. It is used to dry out pimples and I found that it would dry up the chigger bites and keep them from itching. It is made of 10% sulfur. It is not a cheap product but it works.

  269. Aloe Vera gel works well for me on chigger bites, as well as other insect bites.You can even get it in a spray at CVS or Walgreens. Just make sure the product is at least 98% aloe vera!

  270. Due to medicine I was taking that kept me asleep after my surgery I couldnt feel chigger bites. Soon I had a nest at my house that started at ym sofa which is whenre I used to aly all day long. Even worst I went outside for nothing.I thought I had fleas. After 2 months of fumigating, bombs and everything else I could think off, I couldnt figure out what was biting me. Some one suggested chiggers,and the best remedy for me per doctors prescritpion: buy a bottle of nix, spread it all over your bod and hair if they bother you there too. Leave the mixture on your body for 10 minutes and then take a bath mixed witha bit of cider vinegar. They came out really fast. If in the floor of your hosue cider vinegar will do the trick. ALso in wlamer they sell Chiggerix, it is a cream vry cheap $1.99 and it helps a lot within a few mintues the pain is gone. By the way you cant fumigate your hose against chiggers, only your garden.

  271. I have found that scrubbing with baking soda in the shower works to soothe the itch. After getting out of the shower I also dab a paste of the baking soda on the bites. Most times the bite is gone by morning.

  272. I read this page to help my friend out for chiggers. And when I told him to use the calamine lotion. I told him that he needs to rub it on his legs. But, the chiggers werent on his legs…(he was wearing loose pants) and apparently they are on his no no square ROFLMAO!!! Maybe they arent chiggers LOL!!!!

  273. Nail polish clear or other wise does help to kill the darlins. It takes a day or three. Peppermint essential oil works well with the itch on non- gential/facial areas. (If you get it there be prepared to suffer for upwards of 20-30 minutes, if it gets into the eyes, you can use a qtip saoked in olive oil held into corner of the eye to saok it up and olive oil helps to neutralize it. The olive oil feels good but to get the peppermint into the eye is very very painful. And washing your hands does not appear to help much Dawn works somewhat but not altogether, so if you get it on your hands be careful not to touch genitals or eyes for 20-30 minutes. Citronella oil or oil of citronella works well to help repel them and to smother them, again not genitals or face and be careful of touching with your hands, but doesn’t help much with the itch. We have used EVERYTHING else there is out there, These are the only things that appear to help. Mixing a couple of drops of either of these oils with water and spraying in house and on plantd and animals seems to get rid of them. Check your local health food/ herbal store for these items. Not available at large chains like GNC. BTW a drop of peppermint on ANY bug bite, takes the heat and inflamation away eliminating the itch and pain. Hope this helps ya’ll as much as it did us and our nine year old.

  274. Oh! Almost forgot, and no I am not a spokes person, but DEEP WOODS OFF, and SKIN SO SOFT (Original Scent Bath Oil) by Avon works entirely too well not to put on BEFORE you go outdoors. I know it is the DEET, in the OFF, and the citronella in the Skin So Soft but for some reason other brand names do not seem to work as well.

  275. Nail Polish and Chigarid DO work, especially when applied early. At the first sign of chigger welts, use nail polish (Chigarid makes a similar hard coating) to suffocate them. This will kill the chigger within 24 hours, and the welts will begin to subside. I just discovered 30 or so bites on two days ago, so I immediately applied nail polish, and they are already disappearing. I have 40 years experience with this, so I know it works.

  276. i need some help please, 2 months ago i moved to my new apt and aft a week i started noticing red dots all over me, arms, legs, neck.So i thought may some allergic reaction but until i found this tiny creature which apparently seem to be a chigger. i turned the light on one night where i was itching and there were like 3 eating off my arm, so i picked them up and look around for more and i found more and i keep collecting them but dont know how to get rid of them. they seem to be coming out of my bed frame which is wood then they crawl up to my bed. =Im really frustrated ive tried bombs, raid and nothing PLease help since that day ive tried to sleep in my room but i cant anymore everytime i try to go to sleep there i get bitten!!!

  277. Just to let you dimwits know the chiggers DO NOT BURROW IN THE SKIN!! Therefore, putting something like nail polish on the bite does nothing to suffocate anything because there is NOTHING THERE! The chigger injects a digestive enzyme into your skin causing a small red bump to appear 1-3 hours after the initial bite. The bite is the itchiest after 1-2 days. The bites go away on their own. You can relieve the itchiness with an over the counter anti-histamine such as Benadryl. I hope this helps you dimwits!

  278. I have been infected with several hundred chiggers. I guess I laid right in the middle of the nest. I have bathed and showered, but still cannot get them to release. It is to the point that I am starting to feel light headed. I have enough bites to try different things on, and when I have found the best solution that is working for me, I will let you all know.

  279. I get chiggers every summer. The thing that works, is harmless, covers large areas and stops the itch immediately is hair spray. The same theory as clear nail polish–only much easier. I use White Rain Maximum Hold because it’s cheap. After it dries you can’t tell it’s on there snd you can wash it off with your next shower. Try it. You’ll be amazed.

  280. I go to Oklahoma and Texas to geocache. I’ve probably been out in the woods there 50 times and I never got chiggers, but I always got poison ivy. This year I didn’t get poison ivy and I got chiggers. So I guess to prevent chiggers, you have to get poison ivy : ) Nothing I’ve tried works for long. They itched so bad that I took a washcloth and rubbed myself down with full stregth bleach. It burns like Hell but the itch goes away for a couple hours. I’ve tried skin lotions, Calamine, Hydrocortisone cream, even a cortisone shot! I’ve had them for more than two weeks, and if they’re not gone in another week, I’m going to fly from Seattle to the Chaparral Trail in Texas and run naked through the poison ivy : )If that doesn’t work, I’m going to do what one person suggested and kill them with a blow torch!!!!!

  281. Izzy,

    You may have bedbugs, not chiggers.

    Chiggers are microscopic and you can’t see them. Unfortunately I experienced bedbugs last year, and chiggers this year.

    Bedbugs you can see, may cause black stains on the bed, and are really hard to get rid of. While the chigger bites seem to be itchier, I think they’re easier to get rid of.

    Good luck.

  282. Oh what misery!!! These little buggers are driving me crazy. Been all over the net and this is the best site for chigger treatment I’ve found. I have well over a hundred chigger bites and have tried alcohol, peroxide, hydrocortizone, epsom salt bath, clear fingernail polish and nothing seems to help. I find new bites everyday. Bought CHIGARID and that’s helped best so far—we’ll see. After applied it looks a lot like clear fingernail polish but seems to work better than the polish. I’m worried that I’ve brought them into the house and car. Does anyone know if that’s possible and if so how will I ever get rid of the pests? Will they die after a certain amount of time?

  283. Chigarid seems to work best. Found it at Walgreens. My Mother on the other hand seems to be allergic to chigger bites. I think a Doctor visit is in her future. Her bites are huge and swollen. She has maybe 10 bites and I have well over a 100 but her’s seem to be infected. Our trip to the woods of TN was fun but next time I’ll be using some OFF DEEP WOODS SPRAY. I think they are in my vehicle. What should I do to get rid of these unwanted hitchhikers? Will they die on their own? What is the life span of this horrible pest? Can anyone help?

  284. acetone will kill the chiggers but put you at risk of the side effects of it .some say cancer causing .best and quickest way to ridd of chigs..found chiderex not to helpful hydro the best and neosporn to work well keep area well moist and dont scratch .also works with tick bites with band aid at bite location for a few days

  285. Try Sharpies!!!
    Just color the dots with a black sharpie and it will suffocate the bastards. It looks bad but works

  286. I’m pretty sure what I have from looking at the photos is Chigger bites. Just like on the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”….I have been spraying windex on the bites to get them to stop itching…I want these gone!! I am becomming very frustrated..! It almost feels like I have an entire host family parasite living inside of me. I have been to my doctore twice, first time she put me on pretizone…did not work. Then another 5 day steroid and a different kind of drink like benedryl, that really worked,,,,,for a few days ., they are all back…YUCK!!! I thought maybe it could be mites of some sort or scabies, or flea bites. intestinal worms, or ear mites spider mites. I can’t sleep and I’m up now at 3am. HELP!!

  287. sulphur works great they use to hawe a cream of sulphur tablet and one a day would keep them off you the epa stoped them .but found sulphur 30x at a health food store (made in mexico)they seem to work

  288. I’ve been told from a Health Food Store rep that Neem can get rid of chiggers and kill the eggs. It will dry out the eggs and stop them from hatching. Until then, just use Off!with Deet. Please read the levels of Deet (%) before applying it to children under 3 years old. I’m not a doctor, but I’ve been doing some research online as well.

  289. reposting!!! The CHIGARID has worked wonders. The bite sites are getting better every day. Unfortunate that I shaved my legs. That’s a no no when you have chiggers…according to the Pharmacist. Neosporin is the way to go for these huge soars. I’ll know better next time. Probably get a little furry for a while. LOL. Only 2 new bites recently. Maybe a scrubbing shower, washing bed linens, clothes, vacumming car, each and every day, along with Chigarid externally and Benadryl internally has defeated the chigger advance. Whew, what an experience. Horrible little creatures aren’t they? Too bad we can’t Nuke ’em!!! Take care out there and try the Chigarid first before putting yourself at risk with dangerous chemicals. DON’T SCRATCH!!!

  290. THE best thing for the ich is hot water. Run hot water over it, and start making the water hotter and hotter. Get the water as hot as you can stand it. Be careful, depending on how your water heater is set, you can do some serious damage to yourself.

    It start itching even worse. Just hold it there for a few minutes and the itching will subside (might hurt a little now because you’ve been bathing in near scalding water).

    At this point, you can do whatever you want to manage infection/healing, but the itech should be gone for 8hrs to a day.

    I learned this with poision ivy. Seems to work with any itch for the most part. It allows the histamines that build up in the skin to escape.

  291. The final answer!! After reading all the info I tried some but what REALLY did the trick too oget rid of bugs; I had to wash my dog and cat with flea/tick soap (I did wash all my bedding and clothes ect in HOT water.) I washed my animals and then proceeded to use the flea and tick on myself, I slathered it on like thick lotion, then added a little water to emulsify, then let it sit for 10 minutes (bottle says 5); then go in tub added water to my scrubber and scrubbed the heck out of my skin not missing an inch, then rinsed in hot water :)PS smells like crap but it worked (keep out of eyes! and do not ingest ๐Ÿ™‚
    It has been over 16 hours and I have not had one bite. Also I use Rhuli Gel sp. (it is for drying out poison ivy) on the bites to heal them up and stop itching. Good luck with those critters!

  292. I have had a problem with chigger bites after our last family camping trip. I thought they were mosquito bites at first…but now they are reddish/purple welts. I haven’t found anything that keeps them from biting me. All weekend during our camping adventure I was keeping Off Deep Woods bug spray on. I spray it on my clothes and the skin on my legs. They still bite me. I don’t know what else to do. I guess they just like some people more than others.

  293. I’ve always heard that Avon’s “Skin So Soft” lotion would prevent mosquito bites, so when I went blackberry picking I figured I’d give it a try for chiggers… and it worked! I even wore shorts, had to maneuver around a bunch of chigger weeds, and not one bite! But – my dog went with me, and now he is eaten up with them.

  294. As far as the prevention of chigger bites, the Phamacist suggested taking liquid (must be liquid)garlic pills he sounded confident but who knows. He also mentioned eating very spicey foods and/or hot sauce. His claim is if you don’t taste good they won’t bite. I’ve yet to try these remedies since I don’t intend to go anywhere until I heal from the bites I’ve already received. I’d try about anything if I thought it would keep me from going through this again. Good luck!!!

  295. I just returned from the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee with chiggar bites in all the wrong places. I found CAMPHOPHENIQUE worked wonders to relieve the itching.

  296. Try using tea tree oil; available from Wal-Mart in the heath section for about $6.00. It lasts along time. Use a separate dropper bottle to use only a few drops at a time. I think I have chiggers. Gee I hate ’em. I also washed with Dr. Bronner’s tea tree oil soap which seemed to help a lot. I also use something called magnesium oil, which is a form of salt brine. It seemed to completely stop the itching for a time on my calves. Give it a try. Good luck!

  297. There is only one thing I have found that helps with chigger bites. The best way to prevent them is clothes tucked in with bug spray and Shower after exposure but if bitten running hot water over the bite for a few seconds until you can’t stand it will stop the itching for about 4 to 6 hours.

  298. We live in an area where chiggers have been a fact of life since youth. We grew up using a dab of clear fingernail polish on bites and then putting up with them until the itch gradually subsides.

    After reading all I could find, I found what works best for us, is as follows.

    NOTICE: Common sense must be applied here. Acetone is harsh on skin and removes all of its oils. But its risk or affect is nowhere near the discomfort of the relentless itch of chigger bites. Acetone also bleeds colors, which is why I use a white wash cloth. (So do not spill any on colored materials or clothing. Some plastics are also degraded, so care should be exercised in what is contacted by it.

    Other than that, this method instantly kills the bug, stops the itch, and begins the healing process with a single application.

    1. Carefully pour some Acetone on a white wash cloth in a fair amount – but not so much it will drip off when used to wipe the bite area.

    2. It will feel very cold, but rub the folded cloth on the bites back and forth 3-4 times, with only using pressure similar to what you would apply if scrubbbing with soap in the shower – and no more.

    3. Be sure you get them all – sometimes more bites can become apparent later on – even a day after initial detection. Same method applies.

    4. Put away the Acetone and get out some Camphor. I used some “essential oil” Camphor I had stored away, but if you find any product rich in the oil it should work as well (provided it is contained in a base that will hold it in place).

    lightly massage the oil in a generous amount on each bite site and leave an extra dab on each bump.

    5. You’re done. Itching will stop totally. You will get nearly 100% relief for at least 9 hours. If some itch returns at nite or after perspiring, try the camphor alone (unless you are certain the Acetone is justified).

    Personally, one application as indicated above works for me, but some residual itching may re-occur since the chigger’s secreted enzyme causes an allergic-type reaction, which must fade over time.

    However, if it does linger or return – it will not be anywhere close to the former itching intensity and will gradually subside within a short time. Repeat Camphor application if desired, but as I said, I usually don’t need to.

    FYI – my exposure is typically a minimum of 12 bites. This happens despite using precautionary measures before becoming a host.

  299. Listerine seems to relieve the itching and help cure the bites. I shower and slather it on before bed. It’s a little sticky but the itching stops. I can take the sticky part. I understand that clear nail polish and the like is not effective since the little buggers seem to travel on the skin. Don’t know for sure. Too bad there isn’t a definitive treatment.

  300. There is a simple solution to getting rid of chiggers and sand fleas. It’s called baby oil. My husband has been afflicked before and used hairspray, but that didn’t work as well until the baby oil. We’ve been to the beach many times and if you are covered with sunscreen they normally do not get a chance to get into your skin. At night, after a shower, cover your skin with baby oil. Do this daily while at the beach and you should remain chigger and sand flea safe. It keeps them from getting oxygen and spreading and keeps our pores filled. Unfortunetly, I just went to the beach and forgot the baby oil. I got sand fleas during the rain. I am now home covering myself with the baby oil and they are going away and I am not experiencing any itching. A simple preventative and cure that is inexpensive.

  301. By accident I found that finger nail polish remover also works well on chigger bites. But there are some places on your body that you may not want to apply this to. It not only takes away the intense itching but also kills them.Please let me know if this was helpful to anyone. Good Luck!!

  302. I just got back from camping and it looks like chigger bites. Itches like crazy. Had my husband rub my back with Calamine lotion before goingot bed. It seemed to help. I will try anyting. I also tried the Avon Skin so Soft. I now have some repellent that th emilitary uses when they go ot the field.
    Thanks for all the tips.

  303. Some other good ways to get rid of them is to put a steak where you were bitten.If nail polish and steak doesnt work the best way to get rid of them would be to have a doctor get rid of them.

  304. Prunella Vulgaris/Jewelweed Salve works as a great heal all for many skin irritations. I buy it online at an herbal store in Tennessee along with poison ivy products that also work extremely well. I haven’t dealt with chiggers in years but the salve gets you healed and stops the itch. Good luck!!

  305. I accidently scratched my little bites on my ankles..
    and then I applied salt. Yes/ it stung…but the salt drew out anything that was either alive or itching.

  306. I used Burt’s Bees body lotion and the itching stopped almost immediately. The big red welts were reduced to a small red spots by the next morning.

  307. I had an allergic reaction to the bites. they swelled and turned into blistery looking welts. I tryed everything for a day and medatated. but could not resist after 2 days of rediculous itching. So i took a cold bath and went to town. The pain was intense stung for a good hour then no more itchyness. I’ve been keepng the bites/scrapes clean, but they are still oozing disgusting clear and yellow liquids. I tryed getting drunk as a skunk to get my mind off but i cant do that everyday.. i gots things to do u know?

  308. Okay, after reading so many responses I was ready to try some. I tried what I had handy first – the glue. I used elmers glue stick. Ahhhh, relief. It is easy to apply, washable, and doesn’t smell. I hope this relief lasts. (I got an anti-itch lotion and i work really well but smells a bit like urine and so don’t want to wear it to work!) I think chiggers are hateful little buggers. I never even heard of them till I got them. Guess now I have to go strip all the beds, vacuum the cars, wash all the clothes – ugh! So much for my tanned legs – now they are so bumpy I’ll be wearingpants for weeks according to “you guys”.

  309. I scratch the spot with my fingernail until it really starts itching, then I apply Mentholatum to the spot, and rub it in with pressure for about 30 seconds. The itching stops immediately and never returns.

  310. Does anyone know how long they will live on a sofa? When can I sit on it again? A bunch got picked up outside and transfered to the sofa before we realized they had been picked up.

  311. One of the greatest misconceptions about chiggers is that they burrow into our skin and eventually die within the tissues, thus causing the persistent itch. This widespread myth has its origin in the southern states where pests with similar names such as jigger flea or the chigoe do attack by burrowing under skin. Chiggers are not equipped to burrow, and they are much too large to enter through the pores.

    If chiggers do not burrow under skin or drink blood, what are they doing that itches so much? Chiggers do bite us, much like ticks do. Chiggers attach by inserting minute specialized mouth parts into skin depressions, usually at skin pores or hair follicles.

    The chigger’s piercing mouth parts are short and delicate, and can penetrate only thin skin or where the skin wrinkles and folds.

    That’s why most chigger bites are around the ankles, the back of the knees, about the crotch, under the belt line and in the armpits. The insertion of the mouth parts is not perceptible. The bite alone is not the source of the itch.

    The reason the bite itches so intensely and for such a long time is because the chigger injects saliva into its victim after attaching to the skin. This saliva contains a powerful digestive enzyme that literally dissolves the skin cells it contacts. It is this liquefied tissue, never blood, that the chigger ingests and uses for food.

    A chigger usually goes unnoticed for one to three hours after it starts feeding. During this period the chigger quietly injects its digestive saliva. After a few hours your skin reacts by hardening the cells on all sides of the saliva path, eventually forming a hard tube-like structure called a stylostome.

    The stylostome walls off the corrosive saliva, but it also functions like a feeding tube for the hungry chigger. The chigger sits with its mouthparts attached to the stylostome, and like a person drinking a milk shake through a straw, it sucks up your liquefied tissue. Left undisturbed, the chigger continues alternately injecting saliva into the bite and sucking up liquid tissue.

    It is the stylostome that irritates and inflames the surrounding tissue and causes the characteristic red welt and intense itch. The longer the chigger feeds, the deeper the stylostome grows, and the larger the welt will eventually become. The idea that the welt swells and eventually engulfs the feeding chiggers is also a myth. Many people have seen a small red dot inside a welt (usually under a water blister), but this is the stylostome tube and not a chigger body.

  312. As soon as you notice red bite use antibotic ointment on daily and the area clears up with in a few days to a week. Also keeps the bites from getting infected.

  313. Although you will find literature that says fingernail polish does not work, I have to disagree. I grew up in the rural South where chiggers were everywhere. We did not need medications or medicated shampoos/soaps that have potential side effects. We painted over the little guys with clear nail polish and peeled them off when the polish dried. Worked everytime. Itching resolved shortly thereafter.

  314. I believe i have chiggers i tried just about everything and it seems like all it does it makes them worse they spread instead of dying and they itch more then ever i really need some ideas on what to do this is driving me crazy not sleeping cause its so bad

  315. After washing the bite, I spray it with alcohol and use a nail brush; spraying more alcohol as I scrub until it stops itching. I repeat this whenever it begins to itch again (which is several hours later), and the bite disappears within a week leaving no scar. This is only a suggestion, as it may not work for anyone but me.

  316. Another source is to use vinegar. Just rub it on and it helps illuminate the itching and in a couple of days you will see the red spots starting to disappear. I know this as this past week I was infested with hundreds as I went to the jungle of the Philippines doing research. I was told about this method of using vinegar by a friend of mine who does a lot of camping, and I was shocked to see the results so quickly. It really works.

  317. I know this sounds strange but i had them bad on my arm and before when i had sea lice i used amonia so i tried it with these and it worked just as well the itching went away and so did the redness.had to do it 2 times a day for 3 days to a week but it sooooooo helped the itching !!!! ya may wanna try it !

  318. When I feel the strong “itch your skin to the bone” urge, I reach for the scotch tape and cover the bite. Instant relief, cheap and doesn’t require masculine men painting their spots with nail polish. haha

  319. I had chiggers for about two days and i just could NOT stop scratching…It was like a little spider crawling up my leg…A friend of mines daughter has Exima and one day when i went to thier house, I was scrathing and the redness and welts had started coming up…she gave me something that she put on her daughter and it was: Vaseline and some white antibiotic cream. P.S I forgot what the cream was called!:)haha just put both into a little bowl and stir…then, you can use a plastic spoon and just put it wear it itches and rub in…It works!:D (You need to put this on 3-4 times a day)

  320. Just tried tea tree oil! Instant relief. Much easier to apply than nail polish (especially on you shoulders and back).

  321. HOT WATER FIXES ANY ITCH!!!!!!!!! Trust me seriously don’t waste ur time and money on fancy creams be a man and put ur itch under hot tap water as long as u can stand it and ur itch will BE GONE This works for any itch: poison Ivy, poison oak, mosquitoes, chiggers, ticks… Well your welcome ๐Ÿ™‚

  322. A friend of mine works as a tree cutter in the deep woods year around he said to use White Rain EXTRA HOLD hair spray directly on the chigger bite right after you get out of the shower and are dry! IT WORKS ! ! ! JUST SPRAY THE LIL SOBS AND THE NEXT DAY THEY ARE GONE !!!IT SEEMS TO SUFFOCATE THEM OVER NIGHT BETTER THAN BLEACH AND NAIL POLISH ! JUST TRY IT ONE TIME AND YOU WILL E AMAZED

  323. SOAK THE “PAD” PORTION OF A BANDAID IN CHLORINE BLEACH AND PUT THE BANDAID OVER THE CHIGGER BITE. Leave the bandaid on until all itching is gone. It really works! I got this tip from a lifelong resident of Tennessee who often wades into blackberry bushes to pick blacberries.

  324. Scratch the chigger bite raw, mix gunpowder and buttermilk together and rub it on the bite, let it dry and then repeat the procedure over and over for a week.
    The chigger bite will be gone.

  325. Chiggers will attack dogs and it’s hard to rid them of them, take your animal to the vet first! You can apply vinegar on your dog from head to toe,watch the eyes though. Helps must keep reapplying to kill any eggs etc. Use right guard deodorant on your dogs feet and underbelly and back, to do the face cover the eyes and nose and mouth area for preventive of chiggers and fleas. Others say use vegatable oil all over your dog,(this did not work for our dog) might for yours! I know fleas cannot attach themselves to the hair or skin with the oil,this is the best information I can give to fellow pet owners..

  326. I didn’t know what chiggers were till I moved to W.Kentucky! I use Chiggerx Plus. Got it at Walmart. Stops the itch immediately!

  327. I have chiggers in the house. Probably for about 1 week. I just bugged bombed the house with HOT SHOT FOGGER. Will this kill the bugs inside?

  328. A friend that I work with told me if you heat up salt water with vinegar and rub it on it will kill them instantly so I ended up trying it and it worked

  329. The alcohal in hand sanitizer will kill the chiggers on your body. so just rub a little bit of it on your chigger bites or bite.

  330. Chiggers are a problem from May until October in the Carolina mountains. When going around high weeds or hiking in the woods, wear long pant and thick socks, with a binding around the ankle. Wear longsleeve shirts and light gloves when hiking. Spray the ankles wrists and neck area with DEET repellant. Immediatley remove clothing when you return home, being careful not to contact the skin or indoor surfaces before the clothes are washed. Shower immediately, using a POOF or other light abrasive material. If you detect a burning or itch on the skin, even if there is no mark, use a Q-tip soaked in WD-40 applied directly to the spot. Do the same when you see or feel any spot rising on the skin. (WD-40 is great for treating ANY bites) Use Neosporin to promote healing of the affected area.

  331. I found that if you use the product “New Skin” it will stop the itching for quite a long time. I also use listerine.

  332. Scotch tape over the bite helps stop the itching and prevents rubbing the area raw. It is much easier than nail polish. I used Benedryl as the main itch relief drug. It causes drowsiness but is a welcome relief.

  333. I found out from a friend that pouring a small amount of bleech onto skin surface where afected will release them instantly from the inside of the skin and stop the itching really fast. If u get close enough you can even see the tiny red chiggers….might not be safe for kids and please use my recomendation at your own risk….but siriously it helps FAST!

  334. Sulpher is very effective. When taking scouts into tall grass that we suspected would have chiggers we put sulpher powder in their socks and then pulled their socks over their pant legs. This works great.
    As a pest control professional we apply either permethrin or a botanical spray made of rosemary and peppermint in the shady areas of the landscape. We have had great success with this. Spreading a granual with the active ingredient eugenol (clove oil) helps by providing a longer residual effect.

  335. Preperation-H also works well. The anti-itch medicine helps with the itching and they seem to heal fater than fingernail polish.

  336. How to get rid of chigger bites…people would say that you would take nail polish (clear of course) and rub it on your bites but that just gets rid of half of it!:( if you really want to get rid of it put peanut butter on them then take a vinegar bath with cold water then put clear nail polish and leave all tht sit for one hour then by morning they should be gone. thank you!:)

  337. I use stick deodorant on chigger bits. They immediately stop itching and dry up within a couple of days.

  338. A little clorox in your bath water will eliminate the chiggers. If you miss one, dab the red, itchy spot with a Q-Tips dipped in Clorox.

  339. I usually like to rub fresh chicken excrement all over my ankles, under my socks, the chiggers hate the smell and quickly go away.

  340. Chiggers are suppose to die when smothered – try Vaseline pure petroleum jelly. Apply several times a day for as long as you need to.

  341. I recently got chiggers on my ankles and my cure which worked wonders was to put super glue on the affected areas. Then when it dried I covered both of my feet entirely with “Corona Ointment” put socks on to cover my feet completely (Mostly to avoid getting corona ointment anywhere.) My chiggers were stopped immediately with only 6 bite areas.

  342. My Dad was into healthy stuff and he had a jar of soaking whole walnuts (nice green ones that are not rotten) in a jar untill the water turned a dark black. Just to see if it would do anything I rubed that on several times a day and the chiggers were gone within 2-3 days.

  343. Red bugs are bad at our river property this year. Try Sulfodene, medicated
    shampoo for dogs, works great! Bath every nite with it from head to toe, leave on for 5 mins and rinse, Use every day until gone about 2-3 days, make sure you use it as soon as you are exposed or thing you might be. But ok, if you don”t
    use as soon as they break out.

  344. If you wet a rag with water then you put some bleach on it and rub it on a bite then hurry and get in the shower it will kill them

  345. Wash with Octagon soap. Stops itching immediately, and if you wash area three or four times a day for a couple days the chigger bites are gone. I’m telling you this *works!* It doesn’t stink, irritate, or dry the skin. I used on my kids even when they were little and have used in very sensitive places where chiggeres like to go with absolutely no problems. A bar costs about $1.75 online at

  346. Also that works is taking a bleach bath, which, will dry them out. Or to smoother them (which kills them) you can lather in mayonise or put nail polish on the area. For the itch you can buy a stick at the store that’s called “After Bite.” Good luck!

  347. 2 weeks of itchy legs and i got curious on what chiggers were and why everyone was saying i had them. I wish i just washed with Octagon soap, i feel ya kristen, my legs are shredded and my chest looks like swish cheese…

  348. New skin worked on my bites. I’m guessing it is similar to putting nail polish on them. It seemed to work almost immediately and made the bites go away twice as fast.

  349. The day my husband finally cut the grass after weeks of rain and no time , I was bitten from head to toe( not my husband) . I tried everything for the itching not really knowing why at first. I read about chiggers- then ,remembering being scratched by coral – which is alive and can grow in the skin- I tried the Tahitian remedy- lime juice- to kill the coral- it did help dry the bites. Then I started with corticosteroid-I prefer the natural rememdy.

  350. Use something at the store called Chigger X it has a benzocaine and Chamomile with aloe vera it is very soothing.but keep in mind this only gives temporary relief from itching,I still recomend the clear finger nail polish method as well.Believe me I get bit by this little annoying bug every summer and I get them bad!

  351. Aussie or some expenseve brand hair spray works alot but wash and apply to effected skin 5 times a day untill finnished

  352. I had 44 bites on my legs and used degree roll on anti-perspirant ultra clear. they were gone within an hour. any brand would probably work.

  353. Nail polish is the ONLY thing that stops chigger itch. You have to paint each and every one of them. After showering reapply polish and make sure you let it dry completely before dressing. Wait as long as you can to shower so as to keep nail polish on. They WILL drive you crazy!

  354. Windex spray. It kills the insane itch. Hydracortisone is good but Steroid creme is better for bites. Windex is safe and handy. Most bite elixers use ammonia, which is a major Windex ingredient.

  355. I read a few posts here saying to try deodorant.
    It definately stopped the itching within a few minutes. This was all I had handy. I dont know if it will stop the chiggers but it made my ankles feel better

  356. I had them for about a week using that cortizone roll on thing. Worthless. I put plain rubbing alcohol on them cleared up in a day.

  357. Day 5 of an infestation that started at my left foot and ends at the waist. Now begins the 3 day course of prednisone and atarax for itching. This has happened before and a price to pay for living in the woods. Did Hansel and Gretel have this problem? I will spray my shoes with OFF before stepping from my front porch for the rest of the summer. K9 advantix works well for the dog. Would it work for humans?

  358. Our 9 year old has about 30 of them in his “underwear region – particularly uncomfortable for him in the front. Poor guy. Not sure I want to put nail polish there… any suggestions?

  359. People, chiggers are easily knocked off by light brushing, or washing with soap and water. You don’t need to smother them — they’re probably long gone! It’s the enzymes in their saliva left behind and the damage they do to your skin that creates the intense itch. The chiggers are not “in” you. Many of the remedies posted here will work. I prefer Benadryl and ChiggerX.

  360. Washing the bites thoroughly with soap and water, does help. But then pat dry and apply Colgate toothpaste. Cover bite and toothpaste with a band-aid if necessary. It worked for me, good luck! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  361. I have 200 bites on me from walking through a nest over the weekend. Benedryl makes an itch spray and I found that the spray provided better relief than the pill since you could target the skin directly. I also took a few oatmeal baths (made by Aveeno) and have been using the Aveeno itchy skin relief body wash in the shower. A few showers a day opened up the bites so that they could “ooze” and release the itchy toxin.

  362. Crazy as it sounds white vinegar worked for me in stopping the chigger itch. Been told it works for poison ivy as well.

  363. If you put kerosene on your bites it kills them but your legs feel like they are on fire because the chiggers are moving around trying to escape.

  364. Growing up on the farm, we always rubbed soft butter on the bite and sprinkled table salt on the butter. This process was followed by a bandaid. The process always worked then and it does so still today.

  365. I’m in the Army so I used this stuff called “Chigg Away” that you get issued and it doesn’t work at all. I’m gonna try the rubbing alcohol and possibly the toothpaste. thanks for the tips.

  366. I got chigger bites while in basic training in South Carolina. My Father suggested using Rubbing alcohol which works. Camping last weekend I got chigger bites on part of my torso and left arm. Having no rubbing alcohol, a friend had hand sanitiser which was 62% alcohol. It relieved the itching immediately and I
    reapplied for slight itching over two days. The red spots were gone within the week.

  367. I have found success by applying Dr. Bronners Peppermint Pure Castille Soap over the chigger bite infected area and letting dry. Itching stops and red rash and bites calms down. Then after a few hours rinse and scrub. Skin will be softer and calm. Repeat the process a couple times a day.The Lavendar, Peppermint Aloe Vera and Tea Tree plus more in Dr Bronners is what does the trick. Good Chigger hunting!

  368. There sure are some wonderful tips on here for chiggers however, I came across another solution. Take the inside of a Banana Peel and rub it on the bites. It stops the itching instantly.

  369. Guys you got to help me! I’ve been itchin’ like crazy in the middle of the night wondering why now? Then i quickly went online looking for the solutions, I found many that are great! Can some just post on here any home goods use to help my situation! THANKS!!!

  370. I read over and over that Listerine mouthwash works wonders. Well we tried it because we have the little monsters in our yard and now we cant go out without getting attacked by them. Instant relief, even for our 8 year old. And we smell minty as well. We just used a generic brand.

  371. Relief from the itch can also be had by applying a tincture of peppermint essential oil and alcohol. Both are good astringents, as well. Most health food stores sell the product. Spending half an hour or more in the pool can also provide relief, and if you swim laps, some time for exercise.

  372. CHIGGERS SUCK!!!I am itchy going on 3 days now and its getting worse by the hour!!! OMG!!! This is one of the worse things I ever been thru thanks for the tips I’m going to try all of them right NOW!!! Oh my tip is stay out of the grass and the woods in the summer!!!

  373. I have been fighting chiggers for 3 1/2 weeks. its above misery. its painful, ichy, it keeps you up at night, and just awful. i cried, i sobbed, i even got angry. not knowing what the heck these are, i went to my family doctor who treated me for a bacteria infection with an antibiotic, well the antibiotic made it worse. i began itching more, they actually spread all over my legs, hips, waist, arms, and even in my private areas. I then consulted with a dermatologist who diagnosed as chiggers…yesterday. He prescribed me a cream 2 take twice (which cost me $78 and i have insurance!!!) also prednisone. i paid the money and got my relief from 1 night of this cream. Its a miracle. Its a cream they treat scabies with. i got chiggers from weeding and cutting my shrubs. ugh. i pity anyone who ever has to deal with this agony and misery

  374. Warm soapy water is all that is necessary to remove and kill chiggers. There is no need, and it is rather dangerous, to apply household products such as kerosene, turpentine, ammonia, alcohol, gasoline, salt or dry cleaning fluid. Don’t do it.

  375. I’ve used an after sunburn lotion with aloe I purchased at Walmart. It’s non sticky and is either blue or green gel. It stops the itch for about 6 to 8 hours.

  376. Has anyone actually had any success getting rid of the leisions and not just alleviating the itchy symptoms? If so, what did you use? I’ve been fighting what I suspect are chigger bites for 3 months now and it doesn’t look like it’s getting any better. Please helP!

  377. Spray from the waist down (before going outside) with ADAMS flea and tick mist. This will prevent them from getting on you. Once they are imbedded in your skin use Adams Flea and Tick shampoo, and with your finger coat the spot. These products have pyrethrins that kill the chigger.

  378. This is bull shit. I have had chigger in my house for the last two mo.I have try everything.The Orkit man came out,charge me $350.00, and I still have chiggers biting me.What can I do ?

  379. So i have a chigger bite its not that bad i but clear nail polish on it and i am waiting for it to die but i can tolerate it so much as to sleep at night

  380. I have tried many of these things and they didn’t work for me. I work in a hospital and came across alcohol prep pads (they look like wetnaps). I was told to try in on my bites to see if it would help with the itching. Not only did it get rid of the itching completely, it disinfects the area, helps infection stay away, and it healed the bites that I already had scratched to the point of no return. One day, and using 4 wipes throught the day and the bites are almost gone! In a total of 2 days they should be completely gone, for me anyways

  381. I have been fighting chiggers since July. Two weeks ago they exploded on my face and even my eyes. My skin is a mess. They even got under my eyelids and on my lips. My dogs even got them. For the dogs get Revolution from your vet. I’ve been using itchammol ointment (drawing salve) which draws the chiggers out as well as the inflammation. I leave it on for about an hour (beware, it’s ugly and smelly). This is available in your pharmacy’s first aid section. I follow with sulfur powder all over my body including my scalp. I’m totally infested and this has given me the most relief. For the house make your vacuum your best friend. Good luck!!!!

  382. In costa ricas mountains i got houndreds of chiggers driving me grazy , i used aloe and it stoped the itching for about two hours

  383. Read research at NCBI, NIH, pub med, medline. Tea tree oil, eugenol and other essential oils which are often used in mouthwash, shampoo, various creams and other otc products are useful in repelling chiggers as well as quelling the itch. Using bleach, turpentine and other obviously hazardous chemicals is not necessary. Showering alone will remove them before they attach themselves. some people find that alternating applications of heat and cold to itch is effective. nothing worse than chiggers. good luck.

  384. If you live in a rural area, burn your pasture right after the spring “green up” and that will seriously reduce the number of ticks and chiggers you have to deal with and it’s good for your pasture and the deer.

  385. Here’s what works for combating chigger-caused misery:
    –For bites and itch–make paste with meat tenderizer (Adloph’s) of papain enzyme from papaya. Rub onto bites. A treatment or two will end itching, although bite will remain visible for usual period. Enzyme breaks down substance chigger has injected into your skin to create itch-causing stylosome. (Wash hands afterwards.)
    –For clothing and household fabrics, use permethin spray Sawyer’s.) Spray clothing outside and downwind if possible. Let dry before wearing. Wear breathing protection and stay away from sprayed areas for several hours if using in your home. Smell will go away and so will the chiggers. (They’ll be dead.)
    –Use these repellents to taste: DEET, picaridin (Cutter’s non-greasy doesn’t stink and won’t stain clothing. Also neam, citronella, lemongrass or lavendor essential oils on skin beneath clothing. See what you like. Vitamin B1 may help.

  386. Bleach. Yes it sounds bad but bleach really isn’t as bad as everyone makes it out to be. You can pour a quart of bleach in a hot bath soak for 10 mins drain the water take a shower to get the bleach off and your free. Or you can just pour straight bleach on affected areas and leave it for about 30 sec then take a shower. Gasoline also works but I don’t advise that one. If you want em gone there’s your solution. Although gasoline works instantly bleach is the smarter way

  387. growing up around the lake, we would always get into chiggers. the old fashioned glass bottled, Lysol concentrate cleaner works best. One capful, no more, into half bath of warm water. Soak for 15 minutes. repeat the next day, if still needed.

  388. If you have a pool, get in it! The chlorine in your pools will help so much. And cool you off at the same time so you won’t need to scratch that itch. The chlorine is a bleach. If you don’t have one then you can use bleach but not too close to your sensitive areas. If not bleach then rubbing alcohol.

  389. This post worth the read.
    The Ocean is the answer to any skin tear, bite, burn or infection. Not near the Ocean? Make your own Sea Water: Sea Kelp and Sea Salt or Himalayan Salt. Add warm water stir and apply.
    This Sea water will give immediate relief for Chigger bites.
    In several days was rid of a deep Recluse Spider bite using this Sea Water solution.
    Make a fresh batch every day, if you treat a wound. For Hand injury, place in a cylinder container and immerse you hand, two to three times a day. Strain solution if adding to bathtub.
    Smile, you are discovering and embarking upon a solution to all your future injuries.

  390. I am out of town and got attacked by chiggers. I put my clothes in a pile because I don’t have easy access to laundry. Now that I know this is chiggers, I will wash my clothes as son as possible — within a day or two. Would spraying the clothes and carpet with DEET help?


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