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The best way to get rid of chin fat safely and permanently is by maintaining healthy balanced eating habits. It is recommended that you eat six small meals a day as an alternative to three large meals a day. You should drink plenty of water and absolutely no soda. You shouldn’t eat anything after six p.m. If you enjoy a late night snack than make it peanut butter. It is high in protein low in fat and it is good for you.

You should stay on a low carb diet. stay away from pasta. You should also avoid fried foods. You should cut down on foods that have sugar. You can use a sugar substitute called granulated no calorie sweetener. You can drink Crystal light; it is only 10 calories per ounce serving. Crystal light comes in many flavors. There is also Mio which has 0 calories and comes in various flavors. Check your grocery store for items with lower calories.

The best foods you ought to consume are foods that are rich in vitamin E. Men seem to suffer from beer bellies. Women suffer from double chins more than men. It appears to happen around menopause unless there is a weight issue. Some foods that are rich in vitamin E are: almonds, green leafy vegetables, raw sunflower seeds, boiled spinach, and papaya, and milk. Make sure that you are burning more calories than you are consuming.

Exercise is the key. You may not be able to do much at first but do what you can. Keep track of what you eat daily. Look at the calories per portion size and start your calorie journal. Then keep a workout journal. Almost any type of exercise will help you lose weight in your face and neck. Start by walking as far as you can. You must keep working out. Just once won’t do. Swimming, running, biking, or high cardio exercise will really get rid of that chin fat. You have to work your way there. It may take time. Set goals that are reasonable. Don’t set yourself up for failure.

You can chew sugar free gum to keep the muscles in your jaw and facial muscles working. That is the key to preventing chin fat. There are facial exercises that you can also do to work the slack off of the drooping muscles in your face and neck. Good posture helps you by keeping your jaw stuck out.