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While many people may consider chipmunks to be cute and harmless, having too many in your backyard can cause quite the disturbance to your garden. They can interfere with the growth of your plants and vegetables, as well as ruining the overall landscaped look with the holes they create. Fortunately, there are a number of different steps that you are able to take in order to get rid of the infestation of chipmunks on your property.

The first thing that you really want to know is what exactly attracts chipmunks in the first place. This is in addition to their regular habits as they scurry around property. Things that attract chipmunks include the following:

1. Clean up food scraps

Chipmunks will eat almost anything, including grass, as well as human food such as peanuts and bread. They will also eat small rodents and birds, however they do not actively seek them out as a food source.

By keeping your yard tidy and free of food scraps, you’ll make it less inviting for the little critters to set up camp.

2. Mr. Sun

Chipmunks don’t like open spaces as it is easier for them to be caught by predators, and as such they are attracted to sheltered areas with trees or even the rain gutters on your house. If you have areas in your yard with a lot of open cover, chances are you are giving these chipmunks plenty of real estate to scamper about.

You can make the effort worthwhile by trimming trees and bushes in your yard. That way, you can get some much needed yard work done while solving the chipmunk problem.

3. It’s a trap!

If you want to pursue these strategies further, your next step would be to purchase a live animal trap. The most common form these come in is a metal cage in which you would place peanuts or other food items to lure the chipmunk inside.

These types of traps are designed to close once the chipmunk is inside and eating the food. Once the chipmunk cannot get out, you can remove them from your property and the trap in accordance with any animal control laws in your area.

4. Make your own trap

Instead of purchasing a trap, you may also consider making one at home. The most popular homemade trap is the bucket of water. For this trap, you want to pour water into a bucket until it is about half full, then lean a wooden plank up against the bucket. Make sure that it is at an appropriate angle so that it is easy for the chipmunks to walk up the plank.

After the plank is set up, you will then want to scatter peanuts and sunflower seeds around the bucket and plank, up the plank, and in the bucket of water. This will attract chipmunks to your trap and cause them to walk up the plank while eating the food, before falling into the bucket and drowning.

5. Dispose of dead chipmunks

While you must make sure to check with your local animal control about how to dispose of dead chipmunks, there are two main things that you will have to do regardless of location: The first is to wear gloves whenever you have to handle dead chipmunks and other dead animals. But even when you are wearing gloves, you should always wash your hands after handling dead animals as they may be infested with fleas, mites, or other unpleasant things (including diseases).

While traps can leave chipmunks alive, this type of method often kills the chipmunks. If you only wish to get them off your lawn but do not want to kill them, natural methods tend to be the better option, although chipmunks can still be killed in a few of these methods.

6. Use some mothballs

First, you can place mothballs around the foundation of your house, the plants that you wish to protect, and any chipmunk holes. This method will not kill the chipmunks, but as chipmunks do not like mothballs and are deterred by their scent, mothballs will end up pushing the chipmunks back to the perimeter of your lawn.

If you don’t want to use mothballs, you can replace them with another item that chipmunks do not like smelling. This includes blood meal as well as un-chewed sticks of fragrant gum.

7. Use your pets

If you have a pet, another more natural method would be to let your cat or dog roam around outdoors. This will often scare the chipmunks away, as most pets will chase them. Keep in mind however, that even though chipmunks are quite fast and will often escape, this is the natural method that can result in some chipmunks being killed if your pet manages to catch them.

The other more natural option is to use a hot sauce and water solution to deter chipmunks from eating your plants. All you have to do is mix these two ingredients in a bottle and spray the solution over your plants. Chipmunks stay away from hot sauce and similar tastes such as cayenne pepper. As a result, this method limits their food supply in your area and will drive them to move and seek out food sources in other locations.

Remember that any sprays you use will need to be reapplied frequently in order to remain effective.

8. Call in the profess

If none of the above methods work, you don’t have enough time, or there are simply too many chipmunks for you to handle, the other option available to you is to simply call a professional to handle the situation.

Professionals are trained in getting rid of pests and animals like chipmunks and may often have other methods that are unavailable to you. They are also better equipped to handle any dead chipmunks. Generally, this is also a foolproof way to get rid of the critters terrorizing your property.

Getting rid of chipmunks doesn’t have to be overly difficult. They are fairly sneaky animals, but remember that they are quite small and are easily scared. This is a battle that you can win! Follow the suggestions listed above and there will hopefully no longer be any chipmunks in your life.

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  1. you can get a bucket of water and float sunflower seeds at the top. make a ramp to get to the bucket and wala. foolproof the chipmunk cant get out

  2. As much as I hate to kill living creatures, I HAD to do something QUICKLY.Chipmunks were burrowing not only in my backyard, which I didn’t mind, but were now in my front yard and in my garage.A 5 gallon bucket with about 5-6 inches of water in it with a layer of black oil sunflower seedsfloating on top worked. An old piece of wood acts as a ramp.

  3. Thanks for the tip on chipmunks we are going to try it today. The chipper dipper idea. We will let you know if it works. I hope so as these chipmunks are very pesty. Even with a neighbor’s cat they are still around.thanks again

  4. I just found out my huge flea problem is due to the chipmunks living under the house. I’ve done everything to treat the inside of the house and yard, but nothing has helped. Guess I will have to resort to trying to eradicate the chipmunks and then work on the fleas!

  5. Try those snap traps for rats or mice, and bait them with whatever they are feeding on in your yard. I’ve had issues with their eating tomatoes right before they ripened, so I baited the snap traps with semi-ripened tomato bits. Just make sure you warn kids of where the traps are, and keep pets away.

  6. Would someone tell me if the bucket with water and seeds kills the chipmunks? I do not like chipmunks to live under my house, but I also hate to see the tragedy in eyes of my kids when they will spot drowned little animal.


  7. 5 Gallon Bucket from Home Depot – $3.99
    12 oz bag of lighly salted sunflower seeds – $1.50
    Alvin, Simon and Theodore Floating 1 hour later – Priceless!

  8. I tried the bucket trap.It works beautifully!I think that it took two days but I have two Chipmunks floating.Time to reload!My husband and Son were skeptical but not anymore.You see we have been at war with these cute little creatures.I even caught one in my utility closet.It came in through the crawlspace and made its way into my furnace room and got stuck on a sticky trap that I keep out in case of mice.Every time I seal up their little holes(burrows) near my foundation they reopen them.I tried cayenne pepper in their holes but I don’t think that It did anything but make them mad.I have a cat who loves to catch them and let them go!So after reading about this method I decided to try it.It only cost me the bag of seeds.Thanks for the info.I to dislike killing them.But my property is valuable and I would like to keep it that way.

  9. Explain the 5 gallon bucket of water with sunflower seed. Do you bury the bucket to ground level or will they climb up the side of a plastic bucket. Give more details someone I need help fast.

  10. I just wanted to say that I was very sceptical about the bucket tip, but I went out yesterday and figured what do I have to lose? I bought a 5 gallon bucket, and a 5 lb black sunflower seeds. I set it up in the path of the chipmunk, and within 15 minutes he was in the bucket!! I couldn’t beleive it worked so fast.

  11. No, they do not climb on the bucket. Place your bucket where they can climb on wood or a step(in the area they are around already). Fill the bucket half way with water. Use about 1 lb. of sunflower seeds. I had my critter in 15 minutes.This REALLY does work.

  12. The bucket tip works wonders! I had counted 12 in the first two days… two buckets now get raided by a raccoon who comes back nightly to eat the floaters so I don’t even have to get rid of the bodies.

  13. I cant afford a harpoon gun!! im desperate, please any other tips, ive tried everything. I did hear that they hate grasshoppers?

  14. This so works,,,,,had to do it, sick of them running around my house and I’m so afraid that one might get in (kids are always leaving door open). Put the bucket out yesterday and I did get two of them. Not sure how many I have but I would guess more.

  15. I heard from a pest control person you can place Juicyfruit gum with the wrapper in tact. Once eaten it clogs their intestines and they die. I used bubblegum and all they did was remove it from the burrows. I will try the Juicyfruit gum when I return to the ranch in two weeks. Has anyone heard of this method?

  16. OK! I keep seeing this bucket trick to getting rid of chipmunks, but can’t find a complete explanation of what to do. Can someone fill me in asap. We noe have 3 seperate families that need to “go away”.

  17. I put the bucket out with a 1 lb. bag of sunflower seeds in it. I also put a rotten peice of wood up against it so that they could climb up in it. I filled the bucket a little more than halfway full of water. The result after 2 days – nothing. I placed the bucket near the holes, too. Let me know if I am doing something wrong.

  18. I have used the bucket trick for years. We now get the occassional chipmunk or two, and they always end up in the bucket.

  19. Anyone had success with trappers paste and liquid poison?

    For the bucket do you need a ramp and a diving board?

  20. I tried the bucket tip and after 48 hours did get one chipmunk. Not one other chipmunk (and there are many) took the bait. Worst yet, the squirrels seem to be able to hang on the rim of the bucket and reach down for the sunflower seeds without falling into the water. I have lowered the amount of water in the bucket, but that has not proven successful either. Help! Both the squirrels and the chipmunks are reeking havoc with our patio and plantings. Any other suggestions or tips what I might be doing wrong?

  21. The bucket of death works. But we left one bucket sit for a couple of days in 90 plus degree heat, so the smell when I dumped it out was just nasty. I almost lost dinner over that one. We had better luck with a black plastic rat trap that has a wide platform surface with cup through the middle. We fed them for a couple of days with sunflower seeds before we started setting the trap. We used a little peanut butter to stick some the seed downs in the cup and on the platform. We put down a nice pile of seed. We got two the first day and then about one every day plus some mice. We got them all. The rat trap is much easier to set and empty. Also, the squirrels were eating right out of the bucket, so I stopped using the bucket.

  22. How to make the Bucket ‘o death trap:

    The idea is to drown the rodents. It’s not the most humane way to get rid of them, but it works.

    What you need: household bucket, large bag of sunflower seeds in the shell, unsalted (bird food), water, board, bricks or rocks, plastic baggies or a shovel for disposal.

    Put the bucket in your yard, near the chipmunk holes if possible.

    Fill the bucket about 2/3 full of water.

    Place a board as a ramp to the rim of the bucket, from the ground, to provide access to the contents of the bucket (placing the bucket near landscaping rocks, stones or bricks also works).

    Scatter sunflower seeds over the water — they will float. Put in enough so that the top looks dry, as though the bucket is just full of seeds, sitting there for the eating.

    The chipmunks go up the ramp to the bucket jump in and drown.

    Once he’s dead, fish him out (hand covered with a plastic bag works, then just invert the bag, tie off and toss ’em in the trash), or use a shovel and bury the body.

    Every few days, you’ll need to replace the seeds b/c they’ll rot.

    Our chipmunks are helping water access our basement b/c of the tunnels they’re making near our foundation. It’s been very destructive to our home.

    I placed our bucket ‘o death in the window well of our basement, because that’s closest to the ‘munk’s hole. I put a bucket out yesterday afternoon and had a dead chipmunk floating this morning.

  23. The bucket does work! After two day, we have a floater. Hopefully we can get them all. We are goign to put out another bucket on the other side of the yard.

  24. for Shiela…
    1) Get a 5 gallon bucket (paint section of Home Depot/Lowes etc.)
    2) Fill it 2/3 full of water
    3) Pick up some black sunflower seeds (pet aisle of any supermarket, bird section… or the same Home Depot/Lowes) – I got a 10lb bag
    4) Just pour the seeds into the bucket. They will float, and after enough is poured in… it appears to be a nice, dry, full bucket of seeds
    5) Use a 2×4 stretch of wood as a ramp leading up to the top of the bucket. A four or five foot span is what I’ve used.
    6) Place a meager trail of seeds on the ramp leading up to the top. I was using about 8 – 10 seeds spread out.

    Doing that “trail” (barring any strong winds) allowed me to easily see from a distance if I had any “activity”. Another sign that something happened is that your seeds aren’t all nice and dry any more and a few of the wet seeds are stuck a little up on the inside of the bucket. This is a sign of when they splashed in. And if you’re timing is right… you can see some swimming around trying to find a way out.

    I’ve seen swim times ranging from fifteen minutes to over an hour.

    I caught TEN on my first day! Six in one bucket alone. I had three “buckets of death” set up. Great, non-poisonous, set and forget method of taking care of your problem.

    As far as re-batiting (making the appearance of dry seeds), it doesn’t seem to matter. That bucket of six was never re-baited as I had left the house for a few hours.

    Also, I had a squirrel taking his fill from a precarious position on the top of the bucket. Once satiated, he moved on. He actually was gathering WHILE a chipmunk was in there doing the swim of death.

    At day’s end, I took my carcases about a 1/2 mile from the house and dumped them in the woods. I did not want to bury them nearby as predators would surely get to them… and I’d be introducing more wildlife into my area.

    Good luck and happy hunting.

  25. I was reluctant to try the bucket trick because: (1) I have small children, and I was afraid of traumatizing them; and (2) the thought of fishing drowned chipmunk carcasses out of a bucket kind of grossed me out. So I bought a live trap. I kept setting it and finding it later with bait gone, the trap doors closed (except one time they were still open) and nothing inside. I finally figured out that mice were eating the bait and slipping back out again.

    After about a week of this futility, I did two things. I moved the live trap up off the ground to a place I knew the ‘munks got to but that, I hoped, the mice would have trouble reaching. Second, I gave in to the bucket.

    Next day I had one in the live trap (which I released in the woods a few miles from my house) and two in the bucket. I reset both traps to see what happens. I moved the bucket to a place where my kids won’t see it. And I think I’ll get over the squeamishness as time goes by. All in all, the bucket works better and is much less work.

    I wonder if you could use the bucket as a live trap by omitting the water?

  26. the fox urine did not work so i am going to do the death bucket. chipmonks seem to be everywhere. we greased the bird feeder pole(metal) with wd 40 and that works. it really is funny to see them slide off the pole after jumping on from a nearby bush. thanks for the tips.

  27. I’ve used the “swimming pool of death” for chippie for the last three years. In 2006, I nabbed 11 over a few weeks. Last year, I upped it to 19 over the course of the summer. This year: 5 in three days. 35 chippies. I’d like to think I’ve put a dent in the local population but I’m sure the death bucket works as described on this site.

    TIP: I’ve had to devise a thin wire mesh cover for the top of the bucket with a tiny hole (2 inch circle) in the middle to keep out the squirrels – which otherwise take most of the sunflower seeds and sink the rest.

  28. I hate you for killing my friends the chipmunks you do not deserve to say about killing these harmless cute creatuers you evil people
    p.s CHIPMUNKS RUEL!!!!!

    ( the chipmunks are cuming to grt you unless you stop it )

  29. YES, the powdered fox urine that comes in a shaker really works. I have tried the bucket also, but the shaker was far more successful. Allow 2 weeks before it kicks in and the chipmunks and squirrels get the message.

  30. I tried the bucket, but it didn;t work for me. What is working is spring loaded rat trap with peanut butter and sunflower seeds. Bait the trap without setting the trap for a day or so, then set it with the bait. I got 3 in a day. Try it, it worked for me.

  31. I don’t want to kill them. I want to get rid of them. They are tearing apart the front mulch area of my home. Dinger the Gay Brain Chipmark is Gay. Brian’s Gay idea is not working.

  32. I tried the bucket method and it worked for 4 chippies and one mouse. It is hard watching them in the bucket, but the thought of what they do to your house/foundation made it so I could walk away and let the bucket do its job. The carcasses are not that bad to handle with long tongs. Thanks so much for the tip!!!

  33. I put just enough seeds in the bucket to cover the top of the water then a few more to make it look “dry”. I hope I have caught them all (4). They arrived this spring after I had placed bird feeders outside the windows in the winter. I really want to feed the birds and wouldn’t mind the chippies if they were not so destructive. To all the chippie lovers…if anyone wanted to come and trap them and relocate them, I would let them, so far there are no offers…

  34. OMG…Too funny. Before I read this, I thought I had a most unique (and quite entertaining) method of fooling the chipmunks, and that was to spray PAM on the wrought iron pole. I see here that someone already thought of it and used WD40…LOL

    Anyway, I actually like these cute little creatures; however, they are ravenous and eat ALL of the birdseed. So, here’s the new plan, and I will post back and let all know how it worked:

    I plan on using a fishing line placed on the hightest branch I can find and then placing the birdfeeder on it and lowering it to my level and away from the branches. I don’t think they’d be able to walk across or on fishing line where it is super thin. I could be wrong (and probably am). If it does work, I’m calling Bill Murray!

  35. The bucket trap is working great for me. Our property has been overrun with chipmunks and they have done considerable damage. We started using the bucket last summer and eliminated 48 of them. We thought we had fixed the overpopulation but they are back in force again this year. So far in less than three weeks we have eliminated another 33 …. 81 in less than a year. I’m surprised at the numbers because we do have natural predators here also … hawks, fox, and coyote, as well as a few neighborhood cats. I guess the population has just gotten too out of control.

  36. I tried fox urine, it wasn’t the shaker, it was the real thing. It didn’t notice anything different after using it for two weeks. I tried the bucket of death this weekend and it worked fine. I eliminated six chipmunks. However, a problem came about with the use of the sunflower seeds. When I went out to check on the buckets I found that the birds were having a grand old time with the seeds. Does anyone have a solution dealing with this problem or do I just continue feeding them as well.

  37. The Bucket of Death is the bomb!!!! I am not usually a Hannibal Leckter type of guy, but I love the Bucket of Death. Chipmunks invaded us, and would not leave under peaceful means (live trap, fake owl, etc.) Soooooooooooo, I employed “Zee Bucket” and they are now in Davey Jones Chipmunk Locker when the little bastards belong. Thanks so much for this easy, effective no-nonsense tip! Now, wondering if I could use a larger device for the unwelcome Jehovah’s Witnesses????

  38. Please explain, somewhat in detail, what exactly is the “bucket” method? I have had luck by gluing sunflower seeds on rat traps–11 so far and counting. Thanks..

  39. The bucket method definately works!!! I followed the tips on this site on the bucket method and we caught 16 chipmunks in a few days!!! And to think I thought there was only three. I was really excited when I saw the first one go in…but I must admit it was pretty sad to see them struggle for their life. The bucket method is already explained in great detail on this site so I won’t give instructions. However, just two tips. 1. Do not put too much water. I caught one sitting on the edge reaching down for the seeds! 2. Do not be afraid to put too many seeds. It should look like the bucket is full of just seeds.

  40. Nancy,
    The “bucket” method is this: Take a 5 gallon bucket and fill it half full of water. Float a layer of sunflower seeds on the water (most will float). Set the bucket near where you see the chipmunks traveling. You may need to provide a ramp up to the edge. Bait the ramp with a few seeds. The chipmunks will greedily jump into the bucket to get the seeds and drown.
    This method has been amazingly successful for me. Last year I, stopped counting at 43, but got many more. This year, after only 2 weeks of having two buckets out. I’ve gotten 15 thus far. If you have red or gray squirrels around too, you’ll want to cover the bucket such that it has only a tiny ‘mouse hole’ that a chipmunk can get through. Otherwise, the longer bodied squirrels will perch on the edge and fish out seeds at their leisure.
    You’ll need to change the water every few days. It gets rancid and many of the seeds get water logged and sink. Despite the maintenance, the buckets are a surprisingly easy way to keep the chipmunk population under control. They breed like rabbits and will expand numbers to the point that the land -won’t- support them (meaning the flowers and garden, etc.).

  41. For those of you within reach of a park or some woods..

    Don’t kill the chipmunks by drowning them. I set the bucket up yesterday and today I found one of the pests fighting for his life and about to drown. Maybe I’m too soft, but I couldn’t stand it. I fished him out, sent him off and retired the bucket of death to the garage. If you can go the extra step – trap and release. Here’s a great trap for catching multiple chipmunks which you can then set free miles away..

  42. Squirrels are eating our new metal patio set. They are rampant this year. Anything to do to get rid of them?

    I used to love the squirrels, but my brand new patio set looks horrible and has teeth marks all over the back, arms, and legs.

    We also have chipmunks – but I’ll try the WD40.

  43. Can you use the bucket method without water? It seems kinda cruel to drown the chipmunks. Can i trap them to transplant them? I find this a much better method. I will see if it works and post back.

  44. I tried the bucket method and it did not work, filled the bucket put the sunflower seed in two locations. Two weeks later nothing but the little bundles of joy dancing all over my property

  45. Thank you, thank you, thank you…the “bucket of death”….though gruesome…is indeed awesome. I thought the little chippies were really cute…until I discovered what damage they were doing to my property. I literally watched as my brick patio sunk 10 inches the other day, and decided something had to be done. Had the bucket and the board, so all it cost me was the sunflower seeds. Caught Alvin, Simon and Theodore all in one day!( Never mind…shouldn’t name them… “Chip and Dip” is a better way to think of it. They just went for a little swim!)

  46. I put the bucket near something just a little taller than the bucket. Put a heavy object on a piece of paper, half of the paper hangs over the bucket. Glue a few seeds to the paper that hangs over the bucket, now we have a slide for you know who. Works great and only need a few seeds.

  47. In general, I am ok with the chipmunks that run around our yard. Recently, however, one of them began digging a hole in the middle of my stone driveway. No matter how many times I filled it back in – he re-dug it. Finally, I connected a hose to the exhaust pipe of my car and stuck the other end down the hole and covered it with dirt. Let the car run for 15 minutes and, PRESTO!, no Chippy digging holes in my driveway anymore. Very good solution for one or two of the critters – especially since there is no carcass to deal with. And, it’s quite humane, little Chippy just drifts off to sleep in his little home…

  48. I hated to do it, but I resorted to the bucket. Got two the first night. Didn’t use seeds — just dabs of PB on the side of the bucket. I tried every way possible to protect my veggi garden… Now its war time. Also, didn’t need a ramp, put adjacent to my deck steps.

  49. We are trying the bucket method, but this morning all the seeds were gone and no chipmunks in the pail. How far should the water be down?

  50. I would discourage the use of a house cat to control chipmunks. Any place that has chipmunks also has natural predators like foxes, coyote or hawks. It is not fair to turn a cat into a fox snack when the cat was doing your work. Anyone who has come upon a cat turned inside out and eaten by a predator can tell you that a domesticated cat belongs in the house and only in the house.
    If you relocate chipmunks, you are making a problem for someone else. The greenskeeper and the Park Ranger will have the same problems with chipmunks that you are having.
    Remember, the chipmunks were on location before you were, so you have just a few responsible choices. Kill them and dispose of them properly – don’t keep a garden – don’t build a house in their territory.
    I choose to kill them, but I take no delight in doing so. The carbon monoxide method is the best when it can be employed. It is also highly effective on rabbits and moles. Be very careful when handling these rodents, however, they are always covered with fleas. The fleas are the source of many nasty diseases. It’s best to just cover the hole after the CO injection.

  51. Did any one ever try to put moth balls around your property , this drives the rodents away, chipmunks , moles, voles ,bugs of any type, roaches, ants, you name it, they are cheap and work wonders, scatter them around and you will be bug and rodent free,if there are chipmunk holes toss a couple in there and i promise they will leave, the only thing with this is, they will leave but they will set up shop else where.
    I have put them the whole way around my foundation and they have left .
    Getting them away from the foundation was key , now they have moved further out away from the house , now i will try the bucket dunk, these little rodents are very destructive, and if you follow the assumption that they are just to cute to take care of or hurt, get a grip,they are cute rats.
    I have a retaining wall made out of creosote soaked railroad ties , backfilled with good sized drainage stones and dirt and then a garden on top they have actually chewed through the creosote railroad ties and set up shop pulling the drainage stones out to build there little borrows , man if they can chew through that creosote they are very destructive , when i built the wall I had a very hard time chainsawing through those railroad ties, you do the math!!!!!!

  52. I have a chipmunk in my basement. I have read about the bucket method but was wondering if there are any other ways to catch the varmit.

  53. The bucket trick works great , the only thing is the birds and the squirrels like the seeds also, but the chipmunks dive in and are taken care of and it serves its purpose.
    I have 3 buckets set up and have 2 of them producing results,it all comes down to location,location,location .I had a squirrel sit on the edge of the ramp and reach with his entire body length and eat the seeds off the top of the water,we watched him for a little and I was amazed at his dexterity,I then slammed my hand on the window sill, which scared the crap out of him, he fell into the bucket and got a well deserving seed bath, he got out of that water so fast , it was the funniest thing,my son and I laughed our butts off , and up the tree he went.
    I now have a screen over the water bucket to keep the squirrels out but left enough room for the chippers to meet their fate.

  54. we have a major problem with chipmunks living in our A-frame cabin.
    They are somehow getting under the metal roofing and have running
    paths everywhere. They start waking us up anywhere from 4-6 am. every
    morning. it’s getting to the point where it’s really wearing on us.
    Please, how do i get rid of them.

  55. The bucket method sounds pretty cruel. A rat trap with some peanut butter is pretty effective and kills instantly.

  56. As I opened the door this morning a chipmunk ran in through the kitchen door. How do I get him out? Unfortunately, we had to leave to go to work (after trying to get him to leave for a while) We closed all surrounding areas to keep him from going to another part of the house but fear that he could still be there because we did not see him leave. Is this chipmunk harmful and what damage can it do?

    Thanks, and “help” in a “HURRY”

  57. The bucket system works well and the little critters die happy eating sunflower seeds. Just fill the bucket with water and stop when there is about 8-9 inches from the top of the bucket. Put enough black sunflower seeds in the water (they will float) to cover the surface. I put out two buckets last night and with in 10 hours I had 15 critters. The chipmunks have caused a flea infestation in my yard and that is bad for my dog!

  58. The bucket trick is disgusting! I can’t even imagine someone suggesting that! You are saying that slowly drowning a creature is the way to get rid of a living thing! Come on, there are much more humane ways of ridding your home or garden! Pretty much anything is better than drowning, except maybe separating it’s limbs slowly and letting it die!

  59. The mothball trick didn’t work for us! They’re still right back in the same places. Live traps are next, and they’ll be on their way to the park! Please, don’t use the bucket method, it is just cruel!

  60. I am surprised the moth balls didn’t move them , they worked fine for me are you placing them around the house ?
    You cant just put one every now and then you have to sprinkle them about a couple of feet apart, the hole way around the perimeter, believe me if done correctly they will leave , also if you know were a hole is they have dug, throw a half dozen down it, under your shed ,deck where ever they hide and dig,I guarantee they will leave, the main thing here is getting them away from the foundation.After that you can deal with them how ever you like .And the rain will eventually take care of the moth balls , don’t forget they will take care of any thing else that would like to invade the house, ants ,mice,termites, all types of bugs,and rodents, this is proven to work just look it up online, and its cheaper than an exterminator.
    The bucket works great, if it doesn’t bother you to use it , if you prefer the rat trap that works also the end result is the same, if you prefer a live trap and you can afford the gas each and every time you catch one to run it to the woods , you could be in for a lot of trips back and forth , depending on how many you have to deal with,besides dumping them somewhere may just put someone else in the same situation your in now, how fair is that.
    And for all you people that are thinking that its to cruel to kill them,you might think twice once they have a field day on your property and turn it into , one big tunnel ,and invite all the other rodents to take advantage of the under ground road way that leads to your foundation.So just get a bucket and some seed and a wooden ramp or a rat trap and have at it, ………….nuff said !!!

  61. Wonder how many people that think the bucket dunk is cruel ,but turn around and are for abortion ?????????????? Come on people they are not on the endangered list they are very destructive rodents and if you have seen one there are ten more in the ground.So bite the bullet and do the dunk,
    hey that sounds like a dance , do the dunk, do the dunk.
    Simon , Theodore your turn , do the dunk, com on now,do the dunk, its only a plunk , and you wont have to ride anywhere in a trunk,cause I’m tired of all that hole digging junk, just do the dunk, yea just do the dunk!

  62. I was overrun with these guys – they dug along my foundation – holes everywhere and when it rained – you guessed it – those holes were like sewers – the rain just ran down them and into my basement! Then they figured out a way to get into the basement crawl space and finally they got under the floor of my basement – now that’s some digging! So, I used the bucket method (with the help of an exterminator)and it works! We caught 35 of them in a week. I was very skeptical but voila it worked! I was sympathetic to these guys for a while but they have caused me a lot of damage and money. Here little chippy, chippy – time for dinner! Now I have to get them out of the garage.

  63. Alright, I tried everything and was at my wits end, so finally did the bucket. Worked within 5 minutes of setting it up, gross, but worked. My question is will the others from the colony use this same bucket if there is a dead one in there?, or do we have to remove the carcasses everytime one falls in and expires? Any help would be much appreciated.

  64. liz ,
    use a wire coat hanger, straighten it out then bend it in half, twist it so the handle is stiff and make a hook out of the two pointy ends,scoop it out and bury it in the garden , great fertilizer.
    change the bucket seeds and water periodically cause they will start to sink and stink.use the black seeds they will float for awhile, once in awhile you might get a mouse, same thing applies,tend it every day or every other you’ll get the hang of it after the fist few,don’t forget to put the seeds on the ramp for incentive.

  65. I have had great success with getting rid of chipmunks using the bucket of water with the sunflower seeds on top. I have had a terrible problem with them for years and finally a solution. I have vaught 7 chipmunks in two days!

  66. Obviously anyone who’s against killing the #%#$%@# chipmunks has never had them living inside their walls. We saw one climb up our house and go under the siding. When I banged on the inside wall my kid saw it run out. We’re trying the bucket o’ death.

  67. I discovered the “bucket” method by mistake a few years ago. Not sure what that squrriel was after, but I will say that it does work. And I will use it again! The underground tunnels chipmunks have all around my house has also attracted snakes. I’ve killed 2 venomous snakes since March and “relocated” 2 others; a yellow and a gray rat snake. These snakes are after the chipmunks, but I always find them right along the foundation of the house. I have young children and will NOT tolerate snakes!! I don’t even live in a wooded area, I’m out in the open. I’ll also use the moth ball crystals as well.

  68. I have a really bad problems with chipmonks – I set up 3 buckets with the seeds but instead of ramps, I put them even with steps or flat rock,etc. Nothing has happened yet, it has been a day but there has been alot of rain, does that matter? How do you do the ramp up the bucket. Thanks for your help


  69. uugghh — I can’t stand the thought of them drowning or having to fish them out, but I HAVE to get rid of these things. I’ve been watching the cute things in my front yard for a couple of years but now they are living under my house and most likely in the crawlspace which leads right into my basement. This would also explain my flea problem! I have two indoor cats who I keep on Frontline from March – Oct and I use flea collars during the winter but I keep getting infested.
    I see no other alternative to get rid of these things other than the dreaded “bucket method”. My 7 year old will be devastated!!

  70. We had holes around the house foundation, and in the yard last year. I would see a chipmunk here and there and everywhere.I used the bucket method and caught one chipmunk. Then, no more holes. Just that one had caused lots of damage. This year I saw one, and got him before he could make more holes. My wife thinks it is cruel.

  71. just used the bucket method with seeds didn’t put a ramp and still caught one my heart is broken but these chipmunks have eaten alot of my annuals especially my petunias they are flowerless not anymore I hope!

  72. Ive got the chippie problem. Everyone’s comment was very helpful.
    I started using rat traps (instant kill) but it kept me busy emptying and burying. When I read about the ten in one 24 hour period via the bucket method I decided to try that. My wife still likes chippies (in the wild) but after they consumed all her Spring flower bulbs she has become a serial chipmunk killer.

  73. This is a simple and easy solution to getting rid of chipmunks. Use a rat trap which is a large mouse trap and bait it with peanut butter. We placed ours next to one of their holes. I think that anywhere close to the house that it is placed should do it.

  74. I enjoy killing squirrels, rats, mice, voles, and now chipmunks. I’ve had ’em all. I like to imagine they’re Obama voters, being such naive suckers.

  75. The chipmunks morphed from cute to destructive this year. All attempts to trap them failed until I tried the Bucket of Death. I couldn’t believe something so simple worked. The chippys skirted around the bucket for two days – then greed got the best of them and in they went. If there were a way to get rid of them without killing them, we would have done it. After the amount of damage they caused to the lawn and house, it’s hard to feel bad for too long.

  76. I have several christmas cactus. In the cold weather they are indoor plants and when the threat of frost is over out they go on the patio. I have had vwry little problem in the past but this year is different.Those “cute little furry chipmonks” hav all but devistated my plants. The chipmonks have got to go. I used the drownding pool method and in the first two days the count is chipmonks down by twelve. Don’t mess with my christmas cactus.

  77. I was just told by a guy in our Hardware store that Blood Meal also works to get rid of chipmunks.
    You obviously had to re-apply every so often after it rains being it’s granular but it also works as a fertilizer for your plants & it doesn’t kill the chipmunks, it just makes them move to another yard!

  78. OK!!!
    I have gone to war with these critters! I used to think they were cute!! NOT ANYMORE!! They are currently destroying my flower boxes and beds, thank god i found this website!! I am going to try the bucket deal to help them commit suicide!! Such a shame isn’t it????…. NOT!
    I’m hoping to have as good of luck. Don’t mess with my flowers!!!
    (will post what happened and if the bucket works). (which sounds like it will). heh, heh, “here little chipmunk”!……………..

  79. One additional trick to the bucket method. Place it in a sheltered area between bushes or something similar. Chipmunks don’t like it in the open. Having the bucket and ramp in a sheltered area is more attractive to them. This may explain why some people have more success then others.

  80. I used the bucket method (why send them to someone else’s yard?). Would you send mice to someone else’s yard? Nevermind the plants, these little critters have destroyed our driveway. They burrowed under the garage and made a sink hole in the driveway. We first noticed a pile of dirt inside the garage. I have holes all over my lawn. Within a week,I have gotten 15 of them. I would see them running all over the place and then dart under my porch and house. I hate to think what they have been doing under there.

  81. I subscibe to the bucket method, as well. Just drowned 15 (+4 mice) in the last 4 days. I put out four, 5 gallon buckets positioned next to steps, wood piles, rocks so the little critters could see in, thus I didn’t even need a ramp. This works, but the seeds must be refreshed almost daily, as they eventually get water logged and sink and the chipmunks will not go in the water knowingly – small price to pay for a straightforward and inexpensive solution…I’m happy.

  82. I would like to get rid of my adorable chippies but I will NOT resort to killing them. I’m thinking of renting a live trap and releasing them about a mile away. The only reason that I want to get rid of them is that I heard that they dig burrows about 30 feet long and I don’t want anything collapsing. I also want to make sure that I don’t trap a “mom” chippie with babies. Does anyone know about their reproduction times?

  83. Tried the bucket method. Racoons seemed to like it. Never found any chipmunk corpses though.
    Using rat traps worked great. Inexpensive, easy to build, bait and remove chipmunk corpses, doesn’t hurt birds, cats etc, and not an eyesore.
    To make a trap out of 3/4″ x 5 1/2″ – 6′ cheap dressed lumber cut 4 pcs to 15″ (top, bottom and sides)and 1 endcap pc to 5 1/2 x 4″. Screw and glue the bottom pc into the face of each of the two side pcs. Screw the end piece into one end of the box. Screw i pc scrap lumber cut to 3/4″ x 1 1/2″ – 4″ into the top of the insides of the uncapped end. The end cap and piece of 1×2 block one end of the box and keep the box from warping too much. The remaining 15″ pc of 1×6 is for the box lid. Hinge the lid to the box if you wish but it isn’t necessary.
    Paint all of the wood dark green so that it blends in with the colour of grass.
    Drill two small (1/8″)holes near the center of the end cap. Using 20#,about 23″ long nylon fishing line tie one end of the line to the holes in the box end cap end the other end to a rat trap. Keeps the trap weighted to the box.
    Pull the rat trap out of the box, bait it with peanut butter with sunflour seeds stuck in it, set the trap and gently slide the trap into about the center of the box. Sprinkle a few sunflower seeds onto and around the rat trap, front side and rear.
    Set the trap outside out of site if possible. When you trap a chipmunk its tail will stick outside of the box. Check the trap often though as sometimes a chipmunk will eat all of the peanut butter and sunflower seeds without setting off the trap. How they do that is beyond me. The box lid protects the trap and bait from unwanted victims and rain and makes inserting and removing the trap inside the box easier and safer.
    I built 3 traps. They all work great and are rapidly reducing our neighborhood chipmunk population.

  84. The bucket method worked great five minutes after I put it out. I cut an apple in half and floated it in the water and smeared sunbutter (rather than peanut butter) on the sides of the bucket. I did not use a ramp because I put it next to the stairs of our deck. Alvin held on to the side and licked some sunbutter and then fell into the death bucket. One down and who knows how many to go, but the war is on!

  85. This is our second season trying the bucket method and this year we have sucessfully removed 31 chipmunks and 9 mice and moles. This method is the most effective that we have tried…where there is one there are many…many.

  86. I love the bucket method, because we live in the woods we have at least 30 chipmunks making holes across our yard and driving our dog nuts. I have spent months shooting them, and filling in their holes. I even tried dropping an m-80 in to one of their burrows after it ran in.

    This mini war aginst chipmunks has turned out like Vietnam; me hopelessly hunting through the forest tring to blast out an underground enemy that knows how to navigate far better than me.

    But now that’s over, that’s right chipmunks now you’re gonna have to deal with my bucket of DOOM!!!! (evil laughter)

  87. The (formally cute) little buggers are wrecking my plants. I went by a wilting flowering perennial grabbed a leaf and it came right out of the ground no root…. Being a former engineer with the bucket method how big a bucket and how high should the water in the bucket? I’m sure there is an optimal.

  88. I spent $7000 paving my driveway this summer. Discovered a golf ball size hole near my house with the start of a sink hole around it. I filled it with small stones and called the paving company and told them how dissapointed I was in their job. After 1 day the hole re-appeared and saw chipmunks going in and out. WOW, can you imagine that they could dig a hole in pavement??? Never heard of that in my life. I hate to kill them as they have never bothered our property before, but I am not repaving the driveway either, someone has to go.

  89. I’m so glad to have found the ‘bucket of death!’ Yeah!!!!!! They are taking over and I have had it! You think they are cute and cuddly? Just have one inside your house. Talk about destructive! Chewed through walls, chewed the weatherstrip off several expensive windows, chew, chew, chew. I realize it was trying to get out (chewing at the windows) but there his buddies were outside destroying my yard. Here little chippie! Say your prayers!

  90. Ok I hate to admit it but sometimes I’m really a girlie girl. What do you do with the dead chipmunks in the water.

  91. The bucket method of ridding your chipmonks really works, I did it a few hours ago and already got one yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they are digging in all my pots of flowers or whatever is in there, eating the leaves off the beans and peas in my garden. I will do this for as long as it takes. I used peanut butter on the ramp with sunflower seeds and sunflower seed in bucket.

  92. I tried water bucket method, didn’t work. Maybe it’s too high from the ground or the edge of the bucket is too narrow for them to stand or walk around or not using the right bucket with right amount of water.

    Then I tried using Rat Traps ($1.97/ea) & Peanut Butter (.99C/jar from .99C Store) and it works like crazy and very inexpensive. I couldn’t even get a break, 8 of them on the first day alone, then 2 on the second day, and 3 more just yesterday. The only thing is you have to keep checking to remove the dead ones and reset the trap so it’s available for next one to join the club.

    My tip is … tie your trap to something (fence or a brick) to prevent from them walking away with it. It’s not the instant kill method. They’re still alive as soon as it snapped and they still can walk away, especially back to their nearest tunnels.

    I keep watching them from a far, and go pick up the whole thing with live one still attached as soon as it snapped. Of course it’s not fun to watch them die, so I drop them in the bucket, covered and leave it there for awhile until they’re dead. Otherwise, they still can struggle and get loose (believe it or not, they’re stronger than we think). It happened to me, that’s why I didn’t want to leave it there on the ground where they have more chances of getting loose.

    I do love animals, but com’on … 13 in 3 days says a lot and wife’s constant complaining … sorry guys, honey gotta do this, do that…

  93. I tried water bucket method, didn’t work. Maybe it’s too high from the ground or the edge of the bucket is too narrow for them to stand or walk around or not using the right bucket with right amount of water.

    Then I tried using Rat Traps ($1.97/ea) & Peanut Butter (.99C/jar from .99C Store) and it works like crazy and very inexpensive. I couldn’t even get a break, 8 of them on the first day alone, then 2 on the second day, and 3 more just yesterday. The only thing is you have to keep checking to remove the dead ones and reset the trap so it’s available for next one to join the club.

    My tip is … tie your trap to something (fence or a brick) to prevent from them walking away with it. It’s not the instant kill method. They’re still alive as soon as it snapped and they still can walk away, especially back to their nearest tunnels.

    I keep watching them from a far, and go pick up the whole thing with live one still attached as soon as it snapped. Of course it’s not fun to watch them die, so I drop them in the bucket, covered and leave it there for awhile until they’re dead. Otherwise, they still can struggle and get loose (believe it or not, they’re stronger than we think). It happened to me, that’s why I didn’t want to leave it there on the ground where they have more chances of getting loose.

    I do love animals, but com’on … 13 in 3 days says a lot and wife’s constant complaining … sorry guys, honey gotta do this, do that…

  94. Dont use regular mouse traps with peanut butter the chipmunks in my house ate it like it was nothing. and one of them got the trap and was on it and it started to run away. gonna try to use the bucket method hofally it works!!! 🙂

  95. I got a have a heart trap. Put walnuts in for bait. Have gotten 20 in 5 das. Could they be finding their way back??? Yes it seems so. Before I realeased them I put a dab of blue paint on their back. Today I trapped one with, you guessed it blue paint. How far away do you have to take them??? I released them about 3/4 mi away.

  96. How far away do you have to take them for them not to return.
    I have gotten 20 in less than a week in a have a heart trap. Put a dab of blue paint on their back before releasing them, and you guessed it today one with the blue paint in the trap. I have been taking them about 3/4 of a mi away. HELP!

  97. Iv’e been using the bucket method for about 4 weeks. Got rid of almost all of them. Took me a few tires to get it right. The water has to be about 8″ below the top. Use a sturdy ramp, and bait around the bucket. I put some seeds on the ramp too. For the ramp, I use a 2×4 and and just prop to the side like a ramp. Nothing fancy… Also if you do get one, you have to change the water and use new seeds. The bucket gets changed every 3 days if none get caught. Placement of the bucket is crucial….I place it in a shady area where they are active. Usually close to the house foundation or shed. A place where you see them run and Leave the bucket alone…If you place it somewhere where your working or going to be at they wont bother with it. I spent 1 week watching them before placing the bucket. Place the bucket and go to work. Thats what I do. It works!!!!!!

  98. Still enjoying the-no-chipmunks-in-my-yard moment after getting 21 of them with mouse trap with pb. I kinda miss them now :)).

  99. I tried the chipmunk bucket five separate times with no luck. Maybe the chipmunks in my area are smarter than average. I put sunflower seeds around the bucket and up the ramp. They smartly eat the ones all around the bucket and even the ones on the ramp, but not one of them braved the seeds in the bucket. After a couple of days, the seeds in the bucket start to smell bad, so I removed them and put in fresh water and fresh seeds. What DID work for me is getting an Intruder “Better Rodent Trap.” I got one at my local hardware store. It’s a spring-activated trap, but it’s easy to set. There are a few different sizes — the smaller ones are for mice, a little bigger one for mice and rats, and then an even bigger one for “rodents.” It’s made of a gray plastic material, and the place where you put the bait is very sensitive. The trap comes down surprisingly swiftly and surely — I’m sure you can break a finger on this thing if you’re not careful. However, it is easy to set, and if you exercise some moderate care when handling the device, you won’t harm yourself. I baited mine with a dab of peanut butter with a sunflower seed stuck in the middle. I have found chipmunk holes all over the place, especially under my entryway front stairs and back stairs (they’re poured concrete that the chipmunks have burrowed under) and my sidewalks. Then I found plenty more holes by a retaining wall at the edge of my property. Arrgh!

  100. I tried the bucket method five different times, and I had no success with it whatsoever! Based on what other people wrote, I was sure that the bucket method was going to be the answer to my chipmunk problems, but no go!

    Maybe my chipmunks are smarter than average. I put sunflower seeds around the bucket and up the ramp. They very deliberately ate all the seeds around the bucket and even up on the ramp, but there wasn’t a jumper in the entire population! I even took pictures of them eating the seeds on the ground and eating the seeds on the ramp and then looking over the edge of the bucket at the bounty of seeds inside, but no chipmunk made the jump.

    What did work for me was the Intruder “Better Rodent Trap.” I bought one at my local hardware store. This particular trap is made in a few different sizes, and I bought the largest one. It’s made of a light gray plastic material, and it’s spring loaded. It’s easy to load and easy to handle. The trip mechanism is very sensitive. The trap comes down with a surprising swiftness and force, and I’m sure you could break a finger in the thing if you’re not careful. It’s a very effective trap for the chipmunks, though. I bait mine with a dab of peanut butter with a sunflower seed stuck in the middle. Just be alert and careful when you’re handling the device after you’ve set it.

    I have discovered chipmunk burrows under my front and back steps (they’re made of poured concrete) and my front sidewalk. I also discovered plenty of chipmunk holes along a retaining wall near my property line. I’ve lived in my place for four years now and never noticed chipmunks until this year.

  101. I thought I’d share my cheap, easy and effective method that’s worked for me. Use a Victory rat trap. Place it in a box tall enough for the trap to snap – I use a shoe box turned on its side. Cut a 1.5″ x 1.5″ hole for the chipmunk to enter. They will enter and investigage on curiosity alone, but it works best to bait the trap with peanutbutter. When you check the trap, be prepared for the times when the chipmunk has not died right away. This is the worst part, but I find the most humane way to kill them is to drop them (with the trap) in a bucket of water.

  102. The bucket worked great, 5 gal. bucket filled 1/2 way with water, covered the surface with sunflower seed, used 2x6x5 board and baited it with seed. Don’t get me wrong, I love all animals. I buy peanuts for the chipmunks and tolerate them in my flower pots and garden and share my tomato harvest with them. I only resorted to this when they started chewing the wiring under the hood of my car.

  103. I used peanut butter, corn meal and rat poison, made little balls and dropped down the holes. No more chipmunk problem. We had at least 30 of those pesky little devils. They destroyed my wife’s flower garden.

  104. Chipmunks will attract snakes. We have two King Snakes that live somewhere in our yard and they are most welcomed neighbors. However, my wife killed a 28 inch Copperhead yesterday. It was coiled under one of our shrubs waiting for its dinner. There are two chipmunk holes near that shrub. The rat poison/peanut butter/corn meal really works!

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