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While researching this topic, I asked a relative for some practical advice to rid my house of cigarette smoke. Their answer was immediate and to the point: QUIT SMOKING! Who isn’t tired of hearing that one? The truth is that cigarette smoke permeates into our furniture, our carpets, our walls, our windows, and just about every other nook and cranny in our homes. Us smokers are generally unaware of the smell. The same problem exists in our cars. There are large numbers of people who are allergic to cigarette smoke, or suffer some very serious breathing issues when they come into contact with it. Even the lingering smell of cigarette smoke left in a home or a car by its previous occupants is not just noticeable, but may be close to intolerable to a non-smoker. So if you’re not ready to kick the habit just yet, let’s explore some methods of controlling the cigarette smoke in our environments. Who knows, the next person to bask in your odor may be a hot date or prospective employer and if they don’t smoke, a noticeable odor will definitely make an impression.

Get the Smoke Out!

If you smoke inside, devise a system that pulls the smoky air outside of your home so it doesn’t have time to set on your surroundings such as smoking in front of a window fan that is set to expel air from the room. Despite the people who feel second hand smoke is a health risk even if you are smoking outside in a wind storm, the smoke needs to be trapped inside an enclosed area to deposit its odor.

Make a Smoker’s Lounge

If you have any rooms in your home which are seldom used, consider making one your smoker’s lounge and furnish it accordingly. This room will reek, but it will also keep you from stinking up the rest of your home. Better yet, set up shop on your porch or patio to keep the stink out of your house entirely.

Purify the Air

There are many air purifiers on the market that claim to remove cigarette smoke and odor from the air before it gets a chance to turn your windows yellow. Many of them call themselves “ozone” based air cleaners. They run the gambit from crap to somewhat effective, but even the best ones only work in the room where they are placed. If you only have an occasional smoke then a good air purifier might be just what you are after, but for daily smokers these will only drain your wallet along with your electricity.

Mind Your Butts

A single ashtray can stink up a room almost as quickly as a lit cigarette. You can fight this menace by placing an absorbent substance in your ashtrays. This works both inside your home, and in your car. Baking soda works wonderfully, just pour enough in your ash tray to submerge your butts and use it to extinguish and bury the tip of your cigarettes when you are finished with them. This is not going to solve the problem 100%, but it will help. It will not only help diminish the smell of an ashtray full of extinguished butts, but will also draw some of the smoky odor out of the surrounding air. It is certainly a lot cheaper than putting an “ozone generating, state of the art titanium based corona and ultra violet light” air cleaner in every room of your house. Even if you can plug one into the cigarette lighter of your car, you’re still going to need to unplug it to light your next cigarette. Ashtrays with air-tight lids will also do the trick.

Your Clothing and Your Breath

If you find yourself in a situation where you really need to keep your person free of cigarette smoke smell, but you want to light up regardless then here’s what you do. First, smoke outside facing away from the wind, upwind from any other smokers in the vicinity, if you have an overcoat with you, wear it. This will keep most of the smoke away from your clothing. After you’ve finished your stogie, remove your coat and stand out in the wind a little longer to flush your person with fresh air. If it’s not particularly windy, take a brisk walk. As for your breath, the best you can do is brush your teeth, gargle with a strong mouthwash, and follow that up with the strongest mint you can handle.

Fall in Love with a Fellow Smoker

You might as well face it. Your body, your clothes, and most of all your breath are going to smell like cigarettes. Also, your teeth are going to turn a bit yellow. Cigarette smoke can be removed from the body and your clothing with normal washing. You can use whitening toothpaste , brush three times a day, use lots of mouthwash, and visit the dentist daily for professional teeth cleaning and this will remove all traces of cigarette smoke from your body, your clothes, and your breath… until about ten minutes later when you light up your next Marlboro. Cigarette smoke smell can be reduced, and it is a polite thing to try, but as long as you smoke, the problem of their lingering odor will exist, and non-smokers will be unhappy with it. Oh well.

Getting Rid of Cigarette Smoke Smell for Non-Smokers

If you are a non-smoker, and have become the owner of a home, car, book, or sofa that once belonged to a smoker, you are likely here because you want to remove that awful cigarette smoke smell. Here are some suggestions:

Cigarette Smoke Smell in Furniture

  • The Fabreeze Controversy When confronted with any odor on furniture, curtains, or bed linens, the natural thing to do is reach for a deodorizer such as Fabreeze. Some argue that this simply masks the odor temporarily and it will return as soon as the spray product evaporates. There have also been reports of breathing problems associated with the use of fabreeze and other deodorizers. Others swear it doesn’t work anyway. It just turns the odor into a disgusting blend of smoke and the great outdoors. If the odor your battling is very weak, it’s worth a try. If it’s strong then don’t even bother.
  • Get it Steam Cleaned Cigarette smoke smell in fabrics emanates from tar ash and oil deposits left in it’s fibers. In order to remove the smell, you need to remove these deposits. Unfortunately, when cigarette smoke condenses onto something, the resulting ‘goo’ is very, very stubborn. If you’ve ever cleaned (scraped) this residue off of glass or painted walls you know exactly how stubborn it can be – imagine that same goo stuck in every fiber of the piece of furniture you wish to clean. The bottom line is that household cleaners just won’t cut it, hire some professionals to come and clean it for you. Make sure they use a van-mounted steam cleaner and tell them exactly what your objective is so they can use the appropriate cleaning solution.
  • Low Budget? Completely cover the piece of furniture you’re cleaning with baking soda and then rub it and pat it into the fabric so it gets as far into it as possible. Let it sit overnight and then vacuum it all back up.
  • Get Rid of it This is not meant to be flip, but sometimes you just have to cut your losses. When cigarette smoke gets deeply enmeshed into the fabric of an ex-smokers favorite couch, there may be nothing that will ever get it out. Unless you enjoy reupholstering furniture, you might just have to throw it away. Better yet, sell it to a smoker.

Removing Cigarette Smoke Smell from Carpets

Carpets aren’t as hard as walls, but they’re still a lot of work.

  • Rent a Shampooer Most home improvement stores have carpet shampooer available for rental. Go pick one up, along with a bottle or so of shampoo, and get to work. A good carpet shampooer can remove the cigarette smell, but it may take several passes through each room to get it all. To make your job easier, sprinkle baking soda liberally over your entire carpet the night before you plan on shampooing, and vacuum it up just before using the carpet shampooer.
  • Call in the Professionals Give the carpets a serious and professional carpet cleaning . Hire a carpet cleaning company that uses van-mount steam cleaners. Tell them exactly what your goal is so they can use the appropriate cleaning agent when they arrive. If you have furniture to de-smokify, make sure they use smaller upholstery attachments and not the huge vacuum-like wand they use on your carpets.
  • Low Budget? Fill a large tub with bicarbonate of soda (baking soda), add a few drops of essential oil and mix well. Lavender smells nice, but the flavor is up to you. Sprinkle the mixture liberally over the carpet, let it sit for at least four hours and then just vacuum it up. Repeat as necessary.

Cleaning Cigarette Smoke Residue from Walls

Cleaning a smoker’s house is a nightmare, brown and yellow stains will be on everything from the windows to that intricate crown molding. Unless you’re willing to hire somebody else for the task, get ready for a lot of work.

  • Vinegar Next to Italian salad dressings, this may be vinegar’s most important job. Even if you are going to paint the walls, you still need to clean them first. In a large bowl or bucket mix one cup of white vinegar for every two cups of warm water, then add a scoop of baking soda – it should fizz. Use a sponge mop or brush to wash down your walls and ceilings with it. This solution will make residue much easier to remove and should be easy on your paint too. Follow this up with a vinegar based window washer for windows (can be found in organic grocery stores), and your basic bubbly vinegar/baking soda mix on the window moldings.
  • Paint If you’re still not happy with the result, you can attempt the last step again, or just repaint your walls.

Removing Cigarette Smoke Smell from your Car

  • Good old Vinegar The same mixture of vinegar and baking soda that you used on the walls inside the house can work on the interior of the car (one cup of white vinegar for every two cups of warm water along with a good scoop of baking soda). Wash down the windows, plastic moldings, and metals with a generous amount on a sponge. Don’t use this on fabric, however. Treat fabric as you would carpet inside – saturate it with baking soda, spray with a diluted solution of essential oil and water (optional), let sit overnight, and vacuum.
  • Cigarette Smoke Smell Home Remedies: There are almost as many cigarette smell removal remedies as there are people. Some of the ideas appear to mask the smell with another more powerful odor rather than to remove, so be sure you are going to be happy with the result. Here are some of them:
  • Fill a tub with vinegar and place it on the floor in the front seat, close the windows, open the floor vents and turn on the heat full blast. Let the car run in this state for an hour before removing the tub. Another version of this remedy requires hot summer weather and allowing the tub sit on the floor with the windows closed all day.
  • Leave an opened bag of charcoal in the car overnight.
  • Put a few drops of vanilla extract on a rag and toss it under the seat.
  • Put a sliced apple in a cup and set it on the floor. Leave it until it shrivels.
  • Sprinkle dry coffee grounds on the floor of the car, let them sit there for a few days and vacuum them up.
  • Mix of apple sauce and cinnamon and put it into a jar with holes punched in the lid. Place the jar on the floor of the car.

Which ever method you try, be prepared for several re-applications. You are going to most likely need them. If you have any tips to make this easier, please share them with the rest of us using the form below. Good luck!

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  1. use a large paint brush to apply vinegar wash. the sponge mop will be less likely to fall apart so quickly. Vineger is an acid.

  2. wash your hands with soap and water IMMEDIATLY!!! your hands consume the most smell because they hold the cigarette and they leave the strongest aftersmell so wash up right after smoking!!!!!

  3. i have tried very hard to get the smell out of my clothes and i cant. I nor noone in my family smokes, but my boyfrineds mom does, so the very little time i spend with them leaves me clothes horrible smelling. Can anyone help me with this

  4. Regular Bar-B-Que charcoal will remove the odors within a week. Just place several bowels of charcoal around each of your rooms and watch the magic!

  5. Ok i just recently had a couch brought in my home that my husband bought at an auction.. It really smelled of smoke . So i first tryed febreeze well that didn’t work .So i tryed some other things my final idea was i put mint shampoo or u coud use mint extract in a spray bottle with water and sprayed the couch like crazy ..Then i rub baking soda in before i went to bed ..vacumned it up and the next day it smelled great. You must like mint cause your home will smell minty for a few days..Good luck and hope it works someone else.

  6. A good solution for getting the smell out of hrads is… use GOJO.. If u are not familiar with this product, it is mainly used to get oils and tar out of your hands.. It comes with a scraper so u can rub it into your hands evenly.. Works like a charm!!

    Also to get rid of bad breath, i use mouth wash.. Just keep in your mouth and gargle for about a minute.. Than try to drink something acidic like coke.. Tends to work like a charm for me.!

  7. I bought a couch and loveseat on Wednesday from a smoker and by Sunday I moved the couch and loveseat outside. My throat has been burning and sore ever since. Seems like anyone that has come here is sick the same day even though I put the couch out and washed my floors with water and vinegar. I took the couch to the carwash and soaked it down with soap and water about 5 times. It is now in a heated shop with a fan blowing on it to dry it. The lady I bought it from is dying from cancer. Maybe I should just get rid of it???? Any one else experienced this?

  8. I just looked at an apartment that would be perfect for me, my husband and my 5 month old. If it wasn’t for the smoke. The man living in there up until now is a smoker and since it is a furnished place I will keep all the furniture. Can I have my 5 months old live in those conditions? If I air it out and clean like crazy, will it ever be risk free for her?

  9. Here are a few of my tips for removing cigarette smells from yourself:

    1) Brush your teeth – fastest way to remove the smell from your mouth. If you can’t brush, use mouthwash to rinse.

    2)Chew gum – helps remove odor, but takes a longer time then brushing your teeth.

    3) Wash your hands with toothpaste – THIS IS KEY! This is the fastest way to remove that smoke smell from your hands. Take a little bit of toothpaste and wash your hands with it. The smell is gone in seconds.

    4) Wear gloves – like the disposable ones you get at the hospital (rubber). Prevents odor build up on your hand from ever occuring. I keep a glove handy in my bag just in case.

    5) Spray off with deodorant – Since its not always possible to keep cologne lying around all the time, keep a can of Axe or any other cheap deodorant so that you can quickly spray off and get back to your normal duties.

    6) Drink coffee or tea – masks the odor of smoke very well and gives you an excuse as to why you smell funky.

    Being in the medical profession, I don’t want my patients to know my smoking habits, so its important I smell as clean as possible. I gaurentee this will work. Very seldomly will someone ever notice if you apply these principles in addition to the tips mentioned in this article.


    Dr. Khan

  10. On walls, use TSP (trisodium phosphate), use lightly it can give a painted wall the “tack” needed for repainting (if used to heavily, too much TSP). On textiles, warm water and detergent (non-clorox) about 1-5 times (google for a univ. of MO site page on professional fire restorers tests and procedures).

  11. Help! My mother has been a smoker for over 30 years and gave me her antique furniture (wood) The dresser is “smoking”!! It smells HORRIBLE! I cleaned it really well first- and then I used Almond oil. I used some scented liners and air freshners in the drawers.. But you can still smell the thing “miles away”. I have left all the drawers open- But it’s too cold to put it outside right now. (And I am afraid any moisture may warp it).. I have a dressing table that will be coming home in the next week from the same set that sat in the bedroom for 30 years with no windows open and 2 “FULL TIME” smokers for 30+ years.. Any suggestions to get it to stop “smoking”?

  12. Ever wondered what to do with those colognes that you always get for Birthdays and Christmas that you don’t like ? If you smoke in your house or car, keep a bottle with an atomizer (sprayer) on it handy to eliminate smoke odors from your house and car.

  13. I’m a little skeptical of the suggestion of mixing vinegar and baking soda to make a cleaner. Vinegar plus baking soda produces an acid-base chemical reaction, the product of which is carbon dioxide (i.e. the fizzing), plus water, plus some kind of salt. So in other words by mixing vinegar and baking soda I think you are just converting two potential cleaning products into salt water.

  14. Smokers, please! Stop submitting tips for getting rid of smoking odors. Your sense of smell is so much less sensitive than a non-smoker’s that you have absolutely no clue whether your “hint” works.

    That being said, my least favorite smell in the world is the stink of a coat that’s been steeping in tobacco smoke all winter without being washed or dry cleaned. Ugh!

  15. To all of you who dont smoke: stop complaining about the smell, just stay away from people who smoke! Just because someone smokes doesnt mean they are some horrible person. Get over it, its addicting and if it was that easy to quit, i dont think anyone would be smoking! But as for the smell, baking soda does work for almost anything, so i would try that.

  16. I recently moved in as a lodger with a smoker and while the smell wasnt that strong, it was in EVERYTHING in the flat! We ended up using a Vadra air purifier that used active oxygen, and while this article was quite sceptical of such air purifiers, for us it worked really well. After letting it run for 10 hours a night, after 3 or 4 nights the smell was gone. Now if my landlord has been smoking (usually in the evenings) he just sets the timer for 30 minutes when he goes to bed and the flat smells fresh the next day when i get up to go to work.

    We got our air purifier from and, while it was a bit expensive, it really did work. Like the article says, there are a lot of cheap, crap ones around, but this one really works for cigarette smoke.

  17. washing your hands with soap and water wont make the smell go away.. get a concentrated car air freshener. and use mouthwash.. two times if nessesary..

  18. I agree with Trisha. Smoking is a nasty, disgusting habit, and I wish I would quit. I started at a young age and regret ever picking it up. But, I do not feel that nonsmokers should feel that I am lesser of a person, or that they are SO much “better” then me. Yes, smoking is a BAD habit, but everyone has a habit, think about what yours is.

  19. I live upstairs in a two apartment series, the neighboors downstairs smoke like it is going out of style–my clothes, everything reaks of freakin’ smoke. I wash all my clothes its seems like every damn day–as I HAVE NEVER SMOKE IN MY DAMN LIFE! I just woke up to a headache b/c the smoke is surrounding me in my sleep, oh and landlord doesn’t know what she can do..umm don’t rent a. to a non-smoker…so my question i am moving, so i am going to clean the crap out of everything..for dresser etc can the vinger soloution work? for the couch how much do you think a professional would cost? and can they do beds as well? and for the temporary fix, do you think if i left every damn windown slightly open would the smoke at least leave?

  20. Try using Odorzout, it has worked in the past for removing various odors in and around the home and it is eco-friendly. When my children have been ill it removes the odor, also when the puppy has had accidents. It has proven its effectiness with my family. The website for Odorzout ( claims it works on Smoke Odor as well, and I tend to belive in this product. I am looking at purchasing a home from an elderly woman who has been smoking in her home for the past 30 years, I am hesitant to put my family in that environment. However, we are looking at completely over-hauling the home, so I hope the before mentioned suggestions work. Thank you for your time.

  21. I live with a smoker who has been doing it since the late 40’s. Finally, due to renal kidney failure she was forced to quit with the aid of a patch. She is not happy about this but I am. Smokers are selfish people who only care about themselves. I know plenty of ex-smokers who told me it really was easy for them to quit. They realized that their habit was affecting not only their health but the health of those all around them. There is nothing glamorous or exciting about smoking and it wastes so much money. Think of all the other things you can do with all that money being thrown away. Peope who smoke obviously do not care about their health one bit otherwise they wouldn’t smoke. If you want to die that badly there are other way’s that don’t affect the air of those living around them.
    Now my problem is getting the smoke out of all the clothes? Whenever I travel somewhere and open my suitcase it reaks of smoke. People who have known me my whole life question why and when I started smoking. There are a lot of bad habits out there, but none worse than smoking anything and hopefully soon smoking will be banned from every place exept your house and then when close friends/relatives refuse to come to your house due to the smoke you might think a bit before lighting up.

  22. There are some great suggestions here and a few slurs. I think most people are uneducated about why people smoke.(Nine out of ten would love to be a nonsmoker.) I as a smoker appreciate the tips. I myself hate the smell. Nicotine is an addiction. Dr.s have said it is easier to get off cocaine than nicotine. I know noone who had the “addiction” who ever said it was easy to quit. You first need to know what an addiction is. Knowing that you realize it is not a matter of wanting to quit. That’s why even though it ruins peoples health they still don’t quit. I have seen people who could hardly breathe light up. It’s sad but that’s what an addiction is. Having said that…I spray with febreeze after a smoke. It does get rid of the smell. Put some in a small bottle that you can carry in your pocket to have it handy. And yes everyone should try their best to quit.

  23. hi i just cleaned my kitchen cupboards with the vinegar and baking soda and water solution and let me tell you it worked like a charm it takes a little elbow grease but oh my goodness i have a lot of work ahead of me but the end result is amazing. as for quitting smoking it is harder than the non smokers think… but that also depends if you are ready to quit because if youre not ready to quit unfortuntely it will not happen.. But at the same time i know people that have quit cold turkey and didn’t have any problems…at the same time i have tried quitting a number of times and yep i am still smoking you never know maybe tomorrow will be the day..

  24. just spray some cologne in your car and then roll down the windows when your driving on the highway to air it out it works ive been smoking in my car since i got it and no one knows ive smoked in it

  25. I came for tips today because I am in a non-smoking room right next to the smoking rooms at a sold-out hotel.The room smells awful.Because of allergies I travel with an air purifier.If the vinigar, baking soda and charcol tips do not work I will be sleeping in my car in the parking lot instead of the room.I do not think smokers are horrable or that I am any better or worse than them, I just get a bad headache if I go near someone who smokes and throw-up if I go near someone smoking the cheap or sticky brands.Yes, I work from home. If I buy food out I buy it to go so not loss my dinner and spoil someone elses night out.The law where I live just changed to say no smoking within 25 feet of the entrance to a resterant so I may soon be able to eat out with friends. I am off to buy more vinigar….wish me luck in cleaning this hotel room.Good luck to all of you trying to quit.Everyone I wish you good health.

  26. I have a 9 drawer dresser that was given to me by a neighbor who has three smokers living in her house. I am planning on puttin a couple of charcoal briquettes in the drawers and leaving them for 3 days and I will wash the outside with Murphy’s Oil Soap. I will let everyone know how this works for me. And by the way, Lee, most people become addicted to nicotene when they are just basically children,and no, children don’t really worry about their health because they think nothing bad will ever happen to them. Apparently you have never come down off your throne long enough to be addicted to anything or you would be able to see how totally ignorant your comments are. As a former smoker(6 years delivered, thank you God)I know how EXTREMELY hard it is to just quit. Maybe it would be easier for you to quit being so judgemental.

  27. I am a college student who lived with three smokers in the house. They all smoked in the main room, bedrooms, everywhere! However, a trusted friend of mine let me borrow an air purifier of which she is a dealer on a free trial for 7 days.I kept it and I can honestly say that it worked and the only time I would really smell it was when a cigarette was lit, but the smell did not linger and my girlfriend did not have a problem coming over at night like she did when we first moved in.

  28. I was wondering im a heavey smoker and i have someone who visits me who is a non smoker and his clothes smell like smoke when he leaves even if i dont smoke around him. Can anyone tell me how to stop this from happening? thanks Kay

  29. You know, I come on here to get tips on getting rid of cigarette smoke and just like everywhere else in the world there are people all thinking they are better or worse than someone else.. It’s really just sad!

    I’m a non smoker. However, my father and many of my good friends smoke. Now with that said, I would like to say.. I have never smoked so I don’t know how hard or easy it is to stop so I would NEVER say one way or the other. But it seems to me, if it was EASY to do the HARD things in our lives.. there would be NO smokers, NO overweight people, NO underweight people, NO ugly people (they have surgerys for that lol), NO poor people and so on right?

    My point is you people get a life and stick to the reall problem at hand!! How do we get rid of ANY yucky smells!!

    VINEGAR DOES WORK!! I tried it and it worked GREAT!!


  30. To Trisha who says “To all of you who dont smoke: stop complaining about the smell, just stay away from people who smoke!” You smell. Everything you own smells and those smells permeate to people who “stay away from you.” So being that we have to suffer from your addiction, I have a few suggestions for those of us who value our lives. Oust is a temporary fix but it seems to be best to blast at someone who has just finished puffing. Febreeze is a temporary fix and won’t completely keep your clothes fresh. You have to literally decontaminate your clothing and bedding by washing it over (even if they are clean) and storing it outside of your house (if you live with smokers) or in very secure garment bags. Do not let a smoker do your laundry.

  31. These are some good tips, however, to the lady freaking out over the furnished apartment and her 5 month old: The furniture is not smoking so why are you being so dramatic about furniture that smells like cigarette smoke is going to kill your child??? I don’t think that a piece of furniture that smells of cigarettes is going to give your whole family cancer. Just a thought, maybe you should find something else so that your child can live “risk free”.

  32. I have lived in a 3 room apartment now for 9yrs. I smoke and the walls haven’t been touched that whole time. Yesterday I was in the bathroom and decided to try something on the smokey walls. I used the 16oz bottle of THE WORKS – Sink & Vanity Cleaner I bought at Dollar General. I cleaned the entire bathroom with less than 1/2 of the bottle and it looks like I just painted it. No cigarette smoke residue left and it leaves a great smell besides. $.50 for cleaning the entire bathroom?? Not Bad. I’ll use it on the rest of the apartment over the weekend. Use a washcloth and rinse it often.

  33. I am a former smoker and here are some of my tips: for stinky clothes, leave them outside before a rainstorm or else just pitch ’em. For stinky house, I ended up moving. This may not be an option for everyone… Then I never smoked indoors again!! For stinky breath, I should have bought stock in Altoids. I would have to say that the best solution for all of this is to stop smoking. I have a wonderful wife who was patient with me as a stinky smoker (but still a great guy) and she knew (being a former smoker herself) that I could only quit when I was ready, when it was on my terms. So don’t pressure yourself of beat yourself up, just take a good look at you and why you smoke. Maybe that will bring about some clarity. I know that nicotine is powerful, but I truly believe that the mind is able to overcome immesurably more! Go out and live your life and lets just give each other a break okay?

  34. When smoking in the house put out a small bowl of ammonia. Keep it a distance away from you and your guests as it is quite noxious, but will absorb the smell. This will only work WHILE you are smoking. It will not work after the fact.

    To rid yourself of smoker’s breath chew on a stick of celery or parsley.

    To keep the smell of smoke out of your car Bed, Bath and Beyone sells a small bag of lava-type rocks in a green mesh bag to keep under your car seat that will absorb the smell.

  35. To the lady with the 9 month old. You are right to be worried. If the smell is there that means there are chemicals giving off the smell. Either replace the furniture or find another place.

  36. To all of the negative, mean-sprited posters, do you own an automobile and do you drive it, if so, please quit, because
    you are killing all of us.

    To the women with the nine-month old, how are you protecting
    your child from the exhaust of combustilble engines in our

    White vinegar, baking soda, and apple cider vinegar with the
    mother(web looking substance in the bottle, found at health
    food stores)are the cure-alls for everything.

  37. I agree with just about all the post. Smoking stinks! But, the lady who says it’s easy to quit is uneducated about nicotine addiction. I smoke and guess what? I hate the smell,but Dr.s have said it’s easier to get off cocaine than nicotine. It stinks, it’s disgusting but it’s very hard to quit.It’s one of the most powerful addictions around. That said, my favorite thing to use is fabreeze. I like to spray my clothes with it when I am out and have a smoke. The vinegar works well too. I would not buy a house from a smoker. So I guess that tells you that I as a smoker know how bad it smells and gunks up on everything. I would like to suggest that people educate themselves on addiction and try to help people who are addicted instead of slurring them. Twould be much nicer.Offending or hurting someones feelings ia as bad as blowing smoke on them.

  38. i recently moved in with my boyfriend and inherited a very stinky smokers sofa; i am a smoker myself, but the smell even bothers me since i don’t indulge in my bad habit indoors. try mixing 1 part water, 1 part mouth wash and spraying the mix onto stinky fabrics. seems to have worked here and the house smells minty clean too… but remember to test on a piece of concealed fabric first!

  39. A smoker gave me a great tip when she gave me a lift in her vehicle when mine was in the shop and her vehicle didn’t smell of cigarette smoke even though she said she smoked in it – dryer sheets – like Bounce. When I inherited mom and dad’s furniture I tried it and it really worked.

    As for the whole smoking thing, I have asthma, my mom died with COPD and my dad with lung cancer, both were chain smokers, both lived with the choice they made and both honored my request not to smoke in my house because of my asthma. It was their choice to smoke, and it cost them their health and their lives and I miss them very much. If your being “here” matters to someone you love, please try to quit.

  40. As a smoker I tried this prior to selling my last home. Open a tin of paint and stand somewhere inconspicuous and the house will smell like it’s newly painted. This will mask the cigarette smell for some time. Oh, and open some windows, freshair helps.

  41. I have to go with vineger and water. its good for everything. I used to smoke and quit for 11 years. I went through a divorce and started to drink occasionally and smoked when I drank b/c I hated the taste of alcohol. I now smoke full time again. But Im close to quiting again. I remember when I didnt smoke, being at a red light and I swear, with my car windows down,I could smell cigarette smoke from people 3 cars up. I used to hate it. I smoke again now, so I cant smell it, but I do remember hating that smell. I will quit when I get ready. The main thing is boredome for me, and being used to using my hands to smoke all the time. I actually feel ashamed of smoking I think. I find myself holding my cigg down a little in my car so people cant see it. sad huh? Again though, I will quit soon. When you get sick and tired of being sick and tired then change will come. The mind is all poweful…for sure. Overcome the addiction in your mind 1st. But for some of you, in the meen time, dont be mean to me because I smoke. I know my faults better than you do. It takes only a second to figure out a persons insecurities, and we all have em, so think about yours and consider how it makes u feel. another reason, is if you catch me on a bad day, u might just get your ass kicked for being snooty…lol Hey Lee, they say ignorance is bliss buddy…I know you’re happy. Good luck. Peace y’all!

  42. I dont smoke, but both of my parents do. It’s really embarassing when I got out to places, and people ask me if i smoke because my clothes smell so bad. What I do is I started folding all of my clothes in a dresser (as opposed to hanging them in a closet) I put a couple bars of strong smelling soap in each drawer, and it works pretty good.

  43. I smoke but hide it from my parents, i get a STRONG can of lynx africa and spray it all over me. then i go for a walk to make the lynx smell not too bad. i then get a strong mint and cheww, then i finish it and throw it away and drink something,(coke,red bull etc) and go home.


  44. LOL This is so funny with the Anti-Smoking people. Get an education rather than listening to the idiotic propaganda against smoking. Yes it smells, but so do people who don’t wash, drink beer, have bad BO that they cant help or wear that horrid perfume by the litre! What are my rights? I don’t care what you do, it’s called freedom baby or have you forgot about that? Get over yourselves. The drug companies are moving into the lucrative NICOTINE market with all there expensive garbage patches and gum, which most people end up addicted to. Then you have all your other pills and tabs and they do so much damage to people, but where is your sanctimonious outcry? It’s all about MONEY Dumbo’s and BIG pharma. I have lost count of all the people who don’t smoke and are sick. I smoke my head off, train hard 6 days a week, eat well drink lots of water,(no alcohol)and NEVER been to a doctor in years! I’m more healthy than anyone I know! Yes I am 38 not 13 so don’t give me your garbage: “It will catch up with you”. I love how when a smoker dies; “It was a smoking related illness” When a non smoker dies; “It was natural causes” But they both died of the very same thing! lol I laugh at how easy it is to fool people with propaganda. Is there anyone on the planet left with half a brain? It seems like we live in a world where no one has an ounce of self discernment about anything, everything that they know or think that they know has come straight from a government PRONOUNCEMENT. Since when was it governments job to tell us how to live our lives anyway? “Oh but we shouldn’t have to pay for your hospital bills” Yeah, well I wont pay for you when you drink too much and need medical care or drive like an idiot, get injured playing a sport, over eat, carelessly burn yourself or even if you fall of a ladder. Not my problem that you made a mistake or had a bad habit right? So why should I have to pay correct? Where does this as a society end you hypocrites? Go read below: But I know my body WELL and I know that I am not getting sick, in-fact quite the opposite.

    Smells: I bought an Electrostatic Ionic air purifier off ebay and when people come to my home, they can hardly smell anything. My dad says that it’s the only smokers home he has been in that smells normal. Left on all night my house is fresh in the morning. Try to buy the ones that dont need a filter replacement and dont go for the cheapies. I think I paid 100US from memory. Hope this helps.

    P.S I keep it on my desk where I always smoke.

  45. We just moved into an apt. whose previous tenants smoked inside for a couple of months before skipping out. The apt. was assigned to us before we moved in and we didn’t have a chance to inspect before it was too late. . . needless to say, what we are going through now trying to detox our environment is ridiculous. The management has step by step been addressing possible sources of contamination: full paint, carpet change, ozone machine will be coming, etc. There are so many sources however, so much more needs to be replaced in my opinion, radiators, cabinets, etc. Unfortunately, we have to do the majority of the cleaning ourselves and I am still looking for workable tips. I have two children and am very sensitive to smoke as is my husband. We all know the health concerns for smoking and second-hand smoke, but what I am encountering is a lacsidasical attitude about the whole issue because alot of people smoke; if this weren’t the case, it wouldn’t be permissable in society because people are basically killing themselves and those around them. This isn’t to say that there aren’t other very dangerous sources of pollution, but I don’t think others understand the panic I feel when the environment I call home is being polluted by those around me when smoke enters through the ventilation or through the windows, is emitting from materials in the home, etc. I understand addictions, but how can anyone excuse themselves from polluting another human beings lungs against their will? No one would willingly place themselves behind an exhaust pipe and suck it in unless they wanted to kill themselves, yet so many have a plethora of excuses for why it is OK to subject others to it.

    we have laws and agencies that are supposed to protect the health of our society, yet they have failed in this and so many other areas. I pity those self-destructive smokers who lash out at those who are health conscious, but I applaud those who overcome their addiction. There is no difference in the attitude of these die-hard smokers than the industries that pollute our environment and then pass on the costs to the populous. The sad thing is we HAVE the knowledge of the dangers, yet my neighbor can still pollute my home environment and feel justified. It is a really sad testimony to our society. Smokers, please stop feeling justified and realize the ignorance in assuming that your actions really aren’t hurting that much–some people have serious health conditions and sensitivities and are really suffering. . . when is causing human suffering ever “OK”? How can unwilling victims just “get over it”? What a sad, sad cop out.

    Thanks to everyone’s tips; I will say that I am trying to enlist the power of the mind to overcome the panic I experience when my home is being polluted and try to find ways to gain more control over my environment and ward against the hostility of those selfish, ignorant attitudes.

  46. Anyone have suggestions for working on a computer that you share with a smoker? I hesitate to spray around it or wipe it down too hard but my fingers always end up smelling like smoke and it smells around that area while I’m working on the computer.

  47. Wow Steven, you are something else.

    My husband and I recently moved into an apartment together. The man who lived here before us smoked for and left us with a very gross drop ceiling. We’ve shampooed the carpets and cleaned a lot but the ceiling is gross. What is the best way to clean the drop ceiling without having to take it all down or replace it? It’s easy to wipe the gridlines down but when you wipe the tiles they can push up dropping a lot of dust which is obviously the last thing we want.

  48. To all those who suggest(ed) using perfume, cologne, Febreeze, whatever to “kill” the smell after smoking: Do not kid yourselves. All that does is make the furniture, the body, whatever smell like the awful odor intensified with the scent! And many people cannot tolerate the chemicals in the scent, either. I used to have a “significant other;” I could really tell when he had been drinking way too much for too many days and not bathing and smoking packs of cigars; he would show up covered in cologne thinking it masked the smell and made him smell better! (Notice the past tense.)And old smoke is more than just odors, it is chemical residues that WILL harm babies and others.

    I visited here to get tips about cleaning after smokers; I just bought a house that I had inspected before, but I walked into it yesterday with all the furnishings gone and the air conditioning off, and wouldn’t you know a heavy smoker lived in it last. So now I have my work cut out for me. I’m going to probably have to replace the ceiling fans. I’m definitely going to have to clean from top to bottom, closets and rooms and floors, use KILZ as a base coat for paint or wallpaper, and find somebody to clean the vents. I’m going to leave the vinegar and charcoal out, for sure; vinegar has worked for me before in soaking up some odor in the air. But for cleaning, I am going to get some cans of “Scrubbing Bubbles” bathroom cleaner. THAT cuts the film and washes it away. If you use it, test an inconspicuous area first; it might damage the walls or paint if that’s important to you. I’m also going to go to Dollar General and get some of that “The Works” to try, and I will try some other hints that people left here.

  49. I work in the medical field and the people I work with are either just too polite to tell the truth, they just don’t want to hurt me or they are telling the truth. I am the only one who smokes and it is a small office, but they all tell me that they never smell smoke on me. They have been to my house, they are neighbors and they all know I smoke, but they didn’t until I told them.

    A new employee just found out that I smoke and my child has gone to school with her child for 9 years and she didn’t even know I smoked. She was quite suprised as we live in a very tiny town. Being a smoker has made me feel like I should hide like a monster.

    All I do is what others have said…. wash, brush your teeth and just be aware of others. I also keep a very clean house and wash my walls, windows and everything else I can often. Even if I didn’t smoke, I would do that. Vinager does also work wonders, (on more that just smoke odors). Also place an onion cut in half in a dish. That also will absorbe paint smells if you are interested.

    Yes, shame on us smokers, but what about the oil paint in our homes, asbestous (sp?) and many, many other harmful chemicals, including mould? We should all quit and most of us would if it was easy as washing a wall, but it is not.

    I grew up with smoking being accepted and cool and am now ashamed that I smoke. I would love to quit for myself and everyone around me, but I hate feeling like I am socially not accepted for being a smoker. I am a good person with the same feelings as non smokers.

    By the way… I also do not enjoy the smell of a smoker!! I also do not enjoy the smell of people who wear perfume or don’t wash often enough, but I don’t complain. At least not out loud!

  50. My husband & I smoke, him longer than me. I quit for 6 1/2 years & started back like something stupid due to nerves but, anyway my husband had a truck with a nice interior. He smoked in it all the time & it smelled terrible. I couldn’t stand to ride in it for the smell, it was awful. He used OdoBan spray in it & went by the directions. It was amazing! The odor was gone! We use this a lot & it really works. It has eucalyptus in it & it does the trick. Try it, you want be disappointed. Smoking is a bad habit just like any other habit. When I quit I begged my husband to quit & he tried & couldn’t. He was very ill all the time & after 6 weeks he ask me if I mind if he went back to smoking. I told him no I didn’t mind because if he hadn’t started back, we would probably have gotten divorced.HaHa. Seriously, he changed so much after giving up smoking I couldn’t stand him & he couldn’t stand himself. We both are still trying to quit & I know I will quit again, hopefully soon but, as for my husband I have my doubts. I’m very self-conscious of my house smelling like smoke. We remodeled his mothers house after she died due to lung cancer & she chained smoked. The house smelled terrible. We removed all carpet & now have hardwood floors. I had always said I didn’t want any carpet in my house when we bought again & it sure makes a big difference. Carpet holds all odors, smoking, cooking, smelly feet, pet smells, etc. I wouldn’t have carpet again. I put myself down enough for going back to smoking that I don’t need anyone else doing it for me. It is a very expensive, addictive, smelly habit & I hate I’m addicted to it but, of all the addictions in the world, I’d rather be hooked on smoking than the other addictions. All your doctors want you to quit but, they charge an unheard of fee for the options to quit. I can’t figure out why the insurance companies & doctors don’t make things cheaper or free to help us quit for good health if they are really concerned. One last thing to all non-smokers out there..DON’T put down smokers until you’ve been in their shoes. Smoking doesn’t make us a lesser person & we do care about ourselves. We’re just addicted to smoking like any other addiction & if we could quit so easily, don’t you think we would & put all these companies out of business who sell the stop smoking products. I’d love to see that!! Do try the OdoBan! It really worked for us!

  51. Sorry,this is not a tip. I am asking your help instead, how to get my husband from smoking inside our one and only extra room meant for our grown two children, our relatives & friends when they visit. Inspite of my protestation, he has made that extra room his smoking room where he now sleeps, watches TV, reads, types in his laptop and yes, do dreaming, too. He practically lives in that room. He smokes three packs of cigarettes a day and . So you can imagine the kind of smell the room and even the bathroom are subjected to. And when he opens the room, the stale nicotine permeates in other areas of the house. The smell is so terrible. Its a mixture of stale nicotine, BO, minced garlic and onions left inside a closed jar for ages. I am not asking him to stop smoking. I only begged him to please smoke in the porch or outside the house but he won’t listen. What shall I do? Pls. help me! I am so unhappy and desperate. I want to pack my things and leave but our new cottage house was built using my inheritance. Pls. hellllllppppp!!!

  52. I had blood on my clothes when i was at a friends house back home I knew from school. Her mom said try Alsome. I was like what! She said its a spray you can get at the doller general called Alsome and it works wounders. To show you just how it works my step son got juice and choclate all over his good clothes I srayed alsome on let it sit for 45 mins then when the wash was done it looked like it was brand new. I also use Oxy clean at the store. Or you can go to the doller and get something called Oxy.Which is a generic one of oxy clean. that works wounders.Another is Mean Green and you can get that at just about any store and that works wounders.

  53. To get rid of smoke laddies I have the use carpet freshner arm & hammer and it works. My boyfriend of 1 year smokes like crazy so I buy arm and hammer and put it on the carpet and it works. As for the bathroom he smokes there to I usesrubbing bubbles atomatic shower cleaner and i use scrubing bubles to clean the walls.

  54. We needed to get the cigarette odor out of a house we were trying sell and hired guy who advertised he could remove it. While treating the house using a fogger we noticed there was a different odor so we asked him what he was using and he called it Vamoose. The next day we came back and the odor was completely gone. Other realtors who showed up for the open house were very impressed since they had been in the house before it was treated. It’s been several weeks now and still no cigarette smell.

  55. I was given a bag of baby clothes for my grandbabies, only problem is they smell like stale cigarette smoke. I have washed them twice and I can still smell the cigarette smell, can anyone give me ideas to get the smell out before I decide to get rid of the clothes??

  56. I find that spraying Greased Lightening on surfaces and rinsing with vinigar water gets off the tar, grime and dust on just about everything. I am a smoker, I enjoy it, yes it stinks, yes I wish it was eay to quit (it isn’t!) and I would, and until you take the DUI’s off the road, (I’m not against all drinkers) leave the complaining against all smokers alone. My daughter hates it, I don’t smoke in her house or car, nor near her or her kids, and I try to limit my smoking places and times when she is at my house.

  57. Hi all;
    I’m an ex-smoker (they make the worst non-smokers) I’m sorry but it seems that a lot of the people on this site that do smoke don’t understand that the smell is not the only problem for us non-smokers.
    We actualy have physical problems when we are around the smoke or the residue. My wish to all that do smoke and want to quit is that after you do quit (and I’m not saying that its easy) just think about all the times that you said “I don’t care, If you don’t like the smell, don’t come around”. I bought an audio mixer board on eBay, great deal. But the thing reaks so bad I can’t get near it. I tried the fabreeze thing, about drowned it, fabreeze running off the edges. Didn’t even dent the smell. Problem is, you can’t dip the electronics in any solution to remove (or mask) the oder. Just wondering, can you buy car deoderizers in bulk? or does someone have a tip that I can use on this thing (other than getting rid of it). Again; to all that do smoke, I’m not bashing you, I’ve been there. I just ask that you try to understand.

  58. Vinegar worked for my car, smelled like vinegar for a week, but its like heaven now.

    To all those consoling and slurring those who do or don’t smoke in order to justify who is better or worse:

    Its incredibly entertaining to watch you all stab at each other, when you don’t even know who each other are. This page was created to help people with an odor problem, nothing being said from either side is incredibly enlightening in any sense. Its all been said before. So instead of trying to get “Trisha” to change her lifestyle, or convince home boy that smoking is ok, why don’t you just leave a tip about getting rid of the smell.

  59. Steve,I don’t know how big a mixer board is,but you might try sealing it up in plastic with some charcoal for about a week and see if that works.

  60. My Aunt died recently, she smoked in her apartment for over 35 years with the window closed, never open! She was an avid baseball card collector and I’d have to say the cards were pretty much worthless even though they had never been out of their boxes, they smelled bad, they were permeated! I smoke, although I don’t smoke in my cars or home and even I couldn’t stand the smell of the apartment, we’re talking 4 packs a day for over 35 years, never once opening a window. My brother was storing boxes and boxes of the cards in his closet, probably over 700 boxes 4″ X 12″ with about 500 cards in each box. They made his whole house smell! He does not smoke. One day he came home with a little steel disc called Zielonka Smell Buster, about the size of a silver dollar, no idea where he got it. You put a disc in a bowl of water and let it sit and within a week, ALL of the cards had NO trace of the smell, I just went though all of them and it was incredible! There was NO smell in the closet either! I think it’s just a piece of stainless steel????

  61. Can anyone answer how to get stale cigarette smoke out of clothes?? I have washed and washed my daughters jacket that I bought online and it stinks!!! Thank you!!

  62. I am a smoker and my car smelled awful. I was embarrassed to let anyone, especially a non-smoker in my car. Then, I discovered OdorXit CLO2. I put a 5 gram packet in the sleeve they provided, stuck it under my dash and the next morning, the stale cigarette smoke odor was gone! I had been using OdorXit magic spray for years to spray on my clothes/coat when I got out of the car to meet clients but it didn’t work as well inside the car. Thanks to OdorXit, I don’t have to worry about reeking like a cigarette anymore. Hopefully soon I’ll quit, but until then, at least the smoke odors won’t be bothering others around me.

  63. To get stale cigarette smoke out of clothes, you would need to soak them overnight in vinegar and baking soda, then wash them and line dry. I have a medical condition where I cannot tolerate household cleaners and perfumes, aftershave, or laundry detergent and fabric softener so vinegar & baking soda is the solution. You’d be amazed at how clean your clothes get. That’s the only way I can get the second hand smoke from my clothes..and the scents people use.

    Vinegar is amazing and can be used for many things..even rinsing your hair to get rid of dandruff.

    Thanks for the tips on getting rid of the smoke. My son blows it out his window but that’s not very effective. I guess he will be going out the window if he doesn’t stop the smoking in my apt. HAH

  64. how can i get the smell of smoke off of myself i live with a smoker and i always get asked if i smoke please help any help would be appreciated

  65. Move out? It’s a ****** thing to say but it’s the simple truth. Otherwise put your clothes in a vacuum sealed closet, bathe at a hotel, use huge amounts of perfume/cologne, shave your head and become an outside kind of person. My mother was a smoker all my life. As a child I was unaware how badly I smelled and how it effected me but having my own family now and being able to breathe fresh, clean air on a daily basis my sense of smell is 100 times what it used to be and I can’t imagine ever living with a smoker again. My mother is so selfish about her smoking habit that she won’t even visit me because she’s not allowed to smoke in my house. What does she do? She waits until she goes to bed and smokes in my son’s room. She’s not allowed here anymore until she can respect my property as well as my family. …ask your significant other/ roommate to have respect for you and take it outside.

  66. My current home was completely repainted when I purchased it, but I could still smell the smoke. Latex paint does not seal nicotine odor and stains. You have to prime everything with oilbase primer first, but that will eliminate the odor and keep the nicotine from bleeding through. I was worried the odor was trapped in the ductwork and heating/ AC too, but that was not a problem. Maybe recirculating all those paintfumes helped. Let everything gererously air out.

  67. Please could you tell me how do I get rid of smoke smell. The offices next door to us another company on its own, they smoke in their offices and our walls are very thin, and its coming through and we on the opposite side smell the smoke. How do I get rid of the smoke smell any idea

  68. I believe Mythbusters did a program where they used vodka to remove the cigarette smell from clothing. As for furniture depending on the material, either a vinegar/water solution or baking soda left overnight seems to be the predominate home remedy. However, no matter how much you clean if there are people smoking every day in adjacent offices you are S.O.L. The only way to keep the smoke smell out is to stop the smoking. Many cities have anti smoking ordinances for common public areas, maybe you should look into whether or not these people in the adjacent office are breaking a law. It probably won’t win you any friends, but it may prevent the smoke smell and also the risk of respiratory problems from the second hand smoke. Because if you can smell it, it’s going into your lungs!

  69. One of my biggest tips to anyone who lives with a smoker and is trying to keep the smoke smell from getting out of control… change your air filters OFTEN! A/C filters are very cheap, and the more frequently you change them, the cleaner the air in the house will smell. Obviously that won’t get rid of the problem, but it will help some with the smell. I suggest changing it about twice as often as you regularly would.

  70. You wont beleave this but if you rub your hands with Tomato sauce
    any brand, just a little it will get rid of cigarette smell.It works
    great on Tom cat spray,you know when you touch somthing from the garden that has been sprayed ,the smell just wont wash off.I understand it works on Scunk spray as well.Thats for all you USA readers.

  71. Help! Need to remove cigarette smell from a closed in desk. The type where you drop the door down and use it as a writing desk. Also the books in it! YUK!

  72. the quickest way to remove cigarette smell is to light up a candle while u are smoking..doesnt has to be a sented candle, could be an ordinary one.especially when im smoking in my bathroom i light up a candle and put it near me…it absorbs most of the smell…works like a charm!!
    happy smoking 🙂

  73. I’ve just moved into an apartment building and one of my neighbours smokes. The hall reaks and I can smell it in my apartment, too. It’s giving me headaches and I don’t know what to do. Because of our backward policies, that smoker has the right to smoke in her unit, no matter how many others she’s affecting with her disgusting habit. Does anyone have any advice on how to keep the smell from getting into my apartment? Thanks!!

  74. To all of you people bashing smokers:
    Smoking is an addiction and while I have never been addicted to nicotine I have been addicted to other things and know how hard it is to quit. Most of the smokers I know regret ever starting and are trying to quit. It is not the easiest thing to do, especially when you keep telling yourself that what you are doing is ruining your life but your body is screaming at you and telling you that you need it. I don’t know if thats what nicotine is like but thats what my addiction was like.

    Now to all of you smokers:
    Yes smoking is bad and I realize you are trying to quit, but I know many of you are just “trying”. You tell others you are trying to quit but really have no plans to do so. My grandfather who has been like a dad to me died recently of lung cancer. He told me for the past 20 years that he has been trying to quit but he never really put any effort into it. As a non smoker I think I speak for all of us when I politely ask that you please smoke outside and away from doors and public places. I am sickened by the smell of smoke and my wife has thrown up and fainted at bars filled with smoke (and no she doesn’t drink so it wasn’t that.) Also if you could please set out some baking soda or charcoal or even give your house a good vacuuming before non-smoking friends or family members come over, ESPECIALLY if it is to stay for more than a few days because of thanksgiving or other holidays.

    Now after all of that my tip:
    I am stuck at my aunts house and she is a heavy smoker and refuses to go outside or even open a window. I have snuck small open sandwich bags of baking soda under most of the furniture and set them out around our bedroom. It helps a bit but my eyes still get watery. My cousin gave me some oils to burn and they work great, unfortunately she doesn’t have that many and doesn’t know the brand.

  75. I came onto this site for tips on getting rid of cigarette smoke smell from the one room we do smoke in and half of it is a bunch of self absorbed, pius prudes. Lee, its not as easy as you think to quit and I don’t want to anyway. Maud, our backward policies are called freedom, if her lease doesn’t state no smoking then she has every right to, if its that bad, go out and buy her a good air purifier and nicely ask her to use it. There are many other people with more disgusting habits out there. Anyway, back to the question. The best seems to be washing the walls and woodwork with Vinegar and water, leaving out the baking soda, spreading baking soda on the carpet the day before having them steam cleaned, a good fan in the window when we use this room and an air purifier plus we leave little mouse cages of real charcoal in the room 24/7. It works for us as everyone agrees that its really hard to tell that its our smoking room.

  76. I have smoked for 15 years up until recently, I just quit, and have only been quit for a week, and the smell of everything is making me sick. So it is true that a smoker’s sence of smell is messed up. And so is your taste if your a smoker. But I live with my parent’s and they both smoke, and I am like washing my clothes everyday, just to get the smoke smell out….it’s crazy how quick the smoke smell gets on your clothes…It really is making me sick…and to all the smoker’s who say they can’t quit, YES YOU CAN….I did, and I never have will power to do anything and I quit smoking. And if you can go for a week without smoking a single cigarette, then you will be fine, cause by then you will feel so much better that you are not going to want a cigarette again….

  77. I like the mint smell to remove cig smells, it works good. My tip for all the back and forth comments from both sides, is for all of us to just respect each other! Im a smoker, dont like it, but i am, I try to respect non-smokers, and i like it when they respect me and talk with respect to me. I think we would all get along if we would just remember that..

  78. First off let me say I am a smoker. But, just to let you know I am not that horrable, appalling, detestable, revolting, sickening, disgusting person you are all talking about. I thought this site was for tips on how to get the smell of cigarette smoke out of things not to degrade, ridicule and torment or crucify ordinary people who have feelings. Right now I am so ashamed of all of you. I am 60 years old and have never heard of people degrading other people that they don’t even know like you have. I am so ashamed to even think that people can be so callous and heardhearted. I started smoking when I was 14. If I had known then what we know now about cigarettes, I can promise you I would have never even tried one. But back then the comercials showed all the cool people smoke. They didn’t say this will kill you. ****, I was only 14. I have tried to quit quite a few times but to no avail. I just started a prescription my doctor gave me today to help me quit and I pray that it does help. But if it doesn’t I am still the same person I would be if I had quit. It would not have made me any better than anyone else on this earth including the smokers. Who are you to play God?

  79. Like the tips…will try the vinegar & baking soda.
    I’ve used/use vinegar to absorbe the smell by filling
    small glass bowls with vinegar and placing them in the
    room or in a closet with great results.

    Happy Holidays !!

  80. I am a first year medical student who recently moved into an second floor apartment where the tenants downstairs smoke. I need to know how to control the smell! I cannot physically handle the smoke; I get horrible migraines and have to rush to the ER for an injection to keep my throat from closing. This is in addition to copious amounts of drugs I am taking to control the problem. My lease doesn’t expire for another 7 months, but will gladly move when it does.

    I agree that we should all respect eachother, but if you think you aren’t killing yourself and others around you… please come with me to the anatomy lab and take a look at the lung carcinomas of all the cadavers who probably thought the same thing.

  81. i dont have a tip but my boyfriend is a smoker and like christie everytime i kiss him the taste makes me feel sick… he doesnt want to kiss me becuase of this
    we dont want to break up so does anyone have any simple suggestion to help remove the odour.

  82. Stop talking trash to each other and give out your tips. If you know that they don’t work, then move on to the next one and try it. Don’t bad mouth the person for trying to help, just move along. If you find some thing that seems to work a little better than what they posted then just repost stating what you tried that actully work. Good grief people, this page is suppose to be for HELP AT REMOVING THE SMELL, it is not for BASHING EACH OTHER WHETHER YOU SMOKE OR NOT. Please leave more tips as I am in need of removing the smoke smell from a home we just moved into. I will try all that I have seen here today and keep checking back if it don’t work. Please people stop bashing and bad mouthing each other, again, remember, we are here to HELP each other. Thank you for your help.

  83. Lots of sickly non-smokers here. “I thought I might have smelled a small amount of possible tobacco and I had to call an ambulance to rescue me from having a seizure.” I though smokers were supposed to be the sickly ones.

    I’m a part-time smoker – about ten cigarettes per month. Two of my friends smoke and when they come over for drinks we all smoke. That will stink up the place.

    The best way to get it out of carpet and furniture is to spread baking soda or carpet deodorizer over the carpet then vacuum. Then steam clean. You can rent a “Rug Doctor” ($20 for 24hrs) at many grocery stores with special accessories that allow you to do both carpet and upholstery. Soapy water or vinegar are good for wiping solid surfaces.

  84. I am an ex smoker. After 20 years of smoking up to 40 per day I gave up at midnight on 27th February 1999. No patch. No therapy. No brain transplant. I was gutted when nobody had noticed that I’d quit, until I asked someone why they hadn’t noticed. It was because I stunk, just like I always had done. I had to wash every fabric I could (clothes, carpet, sofa) I used the money I saved from not buying ciggies and spent it on cleaning products.

    The carpet shampoo machines are great. Most also have attachments so you can use it on sofas.

    The walls were all painted, painted again and them wall papers

    I got new windows because I had wooden frames and they seems to keep them smell (and it was time I went for double-glazing anyway!)

    Other than that, and a lot of elbow grease, lemoms are great! Rub lemons everywhere!!

    Quitting is easy. I know not everyone can “just quit” like I did, but many of my friends have now quit…. there is LOADS of help out there…. just take the help and stop smelling of stale tramps/bums!!

  85. Just an FYI here..I tried the “scrubbing bubbles” tip
    to clean some surfaces and it worked like a charm.

    Also from trial & error I have found that if you want
    elimate the smell of smoke from your clothes…

    Vinegar does the trick.

    Start out by washing the clothes you can..
    ( Move the clothes you can’t wash to another closet)
    then place a glass bowl of vinegar on the floor
    of your closet and keep that closet shut.

    I do this in all of our closets and it does work.
    Keeping the clothes like coats, sweaters..ect.. that can’t
    be washed after each a different closet !!!
    With Vinegar of course !!!

  86. When you smoke, I do it outside or in my garage then you dont have to worry about the smell in the atmosphere, then were a jacket or coat make sure you zipp it up when your smoking then take it off after you smoked your cig then leave the jaket outside or somwhere secluded.

  87. Its easy to cut back smoking i used to do about 3 in a row or 4 and i realized, only 1 is fine for the moment, I would go through 1 sometimes 2 boxes of CAMELs everyday. I also used to do menthols but they crystallize your lungs so I stoped doing menthols.

  88. My mom just passed away at 83 from emphazema and congestive heart failure. She and I would always get into fights about her smoking. Please please please – if anyone you care about smokes, stay on them about quitting. If they do, it will be well worth it. If they don’t, death from not being able to get a breath of air is a horrible way to die. –

  89. For you smokers out there. Smoking is NOT addicitng it is all in your head.You have to tell yourself it’s time to quit and have good will power. I was a 2 pack a day smoker for 8 yrs. I one day said I’m done and am smoke free now for 12 yrs.

    I sure hope you can do. It’s all in the mind.

  90. I am desperate for help. I too have recently moved into a brand new apartment that has recently been renovated, new everything. It took alot of hard work to get my family into this nice new apartment so moving is out of the question. We live on the top floor and either the tenant belows us or the ones next to us or both smoke heavy and I am allergic to smoke. Not only that, but I watch my grandson who is asmatic and my husband has a heart condition.So it is very hard to sit in our apartment where I have made conditions as sterile as possible for my families health and see a smokey haze forming in the apartment from the smokers below us. I am not sure where it it coming from, ventilation or through the floors or walls. I run a air purifier night and day, I have windows opened in the dead of winter, I put out vinager, our clothes reek, our bedrooms are full of smoke day and night.
    Our landlord is useless with help. I understand every one has the right to do what they want in their own home, but all I am asking for is helpful tips on how to live with the situation. Short of begging the tenants below to find alternative ways to smoke, example to smoke in front of a window or use some ventilation, I do not know what to do. Our closets pick up the odors, the rooms are so full of smoke at times I literally throw up. I have headaches, loose sleep and have missed work because of this. My husband has been ill and I am afraid he is getting worse because he can not breath properly and because of the smokey conditions, my daughter does not want to have me babysit her asmathic son for fear he would have attacks. So it is not a question of morals or habits or anything else for me, it is a question of health issues. So please if you have any more ideas, on either how to handle this, or how to rid the rooms of smoke, let me know. Thank you.

  91. I’m almost in the same situation as Debbie! I live in a duplex, I own 1/2 and the other 1/2 is rented to a couple that smoke. I have put out bowls of vinegar and it’s helped a little bit with the smell…cuts the smell in 1/2, but it doesn’t last long. I have to change out the bowls every few days. The smell is worse in the kitchen, coming through the cupboards. We’ve caulked everywhere we can think of, but still it comes through. Debbie, ours isn’t as bad as yours as it doesn’t fill the whole home, just the kitchen and dining room, which are common walls. I’ve contacted the owner and he’s no help. I never have seen the renters and they keep a gate locked, so I can’t talk to them. Do states have their own laws about these types of things? Good luck, Debbie! Hopefully, someone reading this site may be able to help us!

  92. I am a heavy smoker, and I don’t want to quit. But I can’t stand the comments my friends make about the stench in my house, car, clothes, etc. Can someone get me out of this mess?

  93. honestly, just use febreeze after you smoke. rub it in your hair and put a little on your face and hand. even spray the area that you were smoking in (but this will not work as well if you smoke inside so smoke out a window or outside). also if there is a problem with a renter or a neighbor who smokes just ask him nicely to smoke out a window or outside. I am sure he will comply unless he his just a straight up jerk. if that fails talk to a lawyer, I’m sure he can. remember to explain to the smoker why he needs to smoke outside or out a window

  94. I need to sell the house. The RE broker says it smells of smoking. I have done extensive Internet research, and found the advice on this site very helpful, but I need more info. My problem is not the smoke — there is a very good forced air central system here, heating in the winter and cooling in the summer, with a “fan only” option, and it’s very effective. I think that the smell is insignificant when the system is on, but of course it works with a thermostat that turns it on and off (although I can set the fan to be on constantly), and when it’s off the smell lingers for weeks. There is residue of nicotine in the walls, furniture, drapes, etc., particularly in certain rooms and locations. My carpet cleaning guy says that cleaning the carpet will not have any effect since the smoke (with the nicotine) goes up, not down, and from what I can see he is right — there is yellowing on the walls near the ceiling line and in corners, but not down below. And the drapes in the computer room look really filthy, so all the drapes in the house will be removed and thoroughly washed. Clearing the house at this stage from all furniture and other articles is out of the question.

    OK, I know what and where action is needed, and the repeated advice here to use vinegar, baking soda and charcoal is great, but I need further specific instructions.

    How do you use the vinegar? Do you dilute it with water, and if so in what proportion? How do you apply it — with sponge, towel, or what? Do you leave it to dry or apply water to wipe the vinegar off? Is it safe on furniture finishes or metals? Same questions about baking soda.

    Has anybody tried to mix soda with vinegar? What are the results? Please be specific! Has anybody tried other things e.g. rubbing alchohol (great on electroniocs!), amonia, or kitchen or bathroom detergents? Has anybody tried professional air ducts cleaning (highly advertised around here!) and did it have any effect (I doubt it)?

    As to charcoal, it’s well known to be odor absorbant, but how and where do you use it? My sense is telling my that small chips will be much more effective than the big chunks that are sold for BBQ use, and my idea is to place it in some hidden spots in a pan, or perhaps by the air return vent. Any experience and positive results?

    Of course there will be no more smoking in the house when and after the action is taken, so please spear me the moral preaching and whining. And yes, after the cleaning is done I will use air refreshener, which all of you mistakenly call “Fabreeze”, apparently not realizing that it’s a brand name and there are many others, cheaper and more pleasant — I use Glade’s “Clean Linen” scent for a fraction of the price, and found it to be less offensive and gentler. I wish I could find pine or eucaliptus scents, any suggestions?

    Another piece of information: My house is in southern Arizona, with very arid air most of the year. Everything here dries off very rapidly!

    It’s a huge job in front of me, but it must be done. Thank you in advance for answering my questions.

  95. P.S. I went back to the original article on this website and found answers to some of my questions. My apologies! However, some of my questions still deserve answers. This site is becoming very long, and my advice/request is that future posters will stick to the purpose of giving REAL, ACTUAL advice or ask material questions, and avoid the whining and preaching. Everybody will benefit from it. I am sorry for forgetting the beginning excellent posts after spending all this time reading the numerous personal opinionated stories that added nothing to my quest for solutions to a real problem. Thank you for cooperating.

  96. HELP!!!

    My neighbors smoke outside of their house. But the wind keeps blowing the smoke INTO my windows and the sliding door, if OPEN. What can I do to prevent the smoke from coming into my dining room, living room, kitchen….. Is there ANY THING could ABSORB the odor before it reaches to my place?

  97. Well I ended up in the hospital and out of work for 12 days do to second hand smoke and all the irritants caused by it from the tenant below me. My physican clearly stated that my respitory condions were caused by smoke. When I told her that I was or had ever been a smoker, she told me that who I live with is causing a great deal of harm. Again, I informed her my spouse has never smoked but that we live in an apartment complex and the tenant below chain smokes, well she told us we have to resolve that issue or look forward to more serious one in the near future.

    I bought the best purifier I could afford. I run it 24 hours a day. Along with that, I run a small window fan 24 hours a day. Then 3 times a day (because it is winter) I open a window for about 20 mins to bring in even more air. It helps temporarly but it is also part of the cause of how I became ill too. Drafts from fans and open windows? Is this really how I am suppose to live?

    Mu question is to you out there who smoke. Is someone can to you and suggested various things to help the situation described, would you accept them> 1) Smoking near a open window?
    2) Using a air purifier in the smokers apt
    3) Using a secondary bedroom to smoke in leaving others alone.
    I think these are all reasonable/ We are not asking you to quit, just be sensible and fair to the 700 others that live in the building with you. We have the right to clean air, just as much as you have the right to polluted air. You have the right to smoke and soil you air, we if we want to live healthy do not.

  98. spray car or turck cab with oder remover let sit in sun on a hot day one too two hours then rey spray then vacum all seats after open all doors and let the cab air out for one too two hours works every time four me

  99. A friend who is a heavy smoker gave me one of those little folding wooden lap trays. She said she had only used it a couple of times.
    It smells strongly of smoke. What can i do to get rid of the smell?

  100. i love smoking, but hate the damage of smoke smell and its time to invent a better tobacco that smells good for all, smokers and non-smokers. to bring peace

  101. bestway is 2 leave a cup of coffee in the car make sure it is hot
    and leave it

    or smoke when the windows are open and spray some air refreshiner in the car

  102. smoke sucks, wat should kids do when rents light up? we cant tell them to get out, we r kids, and they “PROMISE” they wont smoke by u, but they do, wat do i do, my rents get mad and we start fighting because i hate it when they smoke, they never listen

  103. To Debbie, what good is your dream apartment if it’s killing you to live there? Those guys could be there for years, find your limit and make your move in one direction or another.

    As far as bashing smokers goes, it’s not a choice activity in which to engage. I’ve never smoked but I’ve dated a few smokers and actually found a couple I enjoyed kissing and No, it wasn’t like kissing an ashtray. I moved in with a guy once who promised he’d smoke outside. After we were cohabiting he went back on his word and stated that if he’s paying the rent he should be able to smoke where ever he dam well pleased. He wasn’t that way because he was a selfish smoker, he was that way because he was a selfish person and in case anyone wonders what happened to he and I, he and his cigarettes are still happily puffinf away.

    I was thinking about moving into the perfect room but it’s current resident is leaving behind several months of smokey build-up. I came here to find out how to get rid of the smoke and after all this I think I’ve about decided that room just isn’t perfect enough. Thanks for all the info.

  104. I recently rented a VW Passat with only 6k miles on it from Enterprise and the car absolutely stinks of cigarette smoke. It’s truly unbelievable how concentrated the smell is.

    I used baking soda, left it overnight and vacuumed, then used Febreze. Nothing.

    I’m running the car now with vinegar and the heat to see if that works…next steps are vanilla extract, coffee grounds…and charcoal!!

    Wow…I know some of you may think…”get a different car.” LOL! True, but I’m in the **** thing for another 20 days and don’t have the time to switch out (Charlotte). Thanks for the tips (and entertaining read). 😉

  105. There really is a product that works… Gone Smoke-the-smoke-smell-eliminator.

    I’ve used it in smoke-smell-filled cars, rooms, on clothes and even in my hair! It really works!!! I think you can only get it at the website… gonesmokedotcom. It’s really is remarkable, and really works, if only everyone knew about it! it’s the best kept secret. It gets out any and all smoke smells.

  106. I bought a car from a local dealership and didn’t know for a week that the ex-owner was a smoker. I tried everything you can imagine including the vinegar, baking soda, febreze, yadi yadi yadi and non of them worked for very long. I saw a tip on here for vamoose and looked it up and it seemed too good to be true, but what the heck, I bought it. I sprayed the car and had to call the company for directions on treating my a/c but the long and short of it is that it works.

  107. I have been smoking for along time and do not want to quit. It is cheaper than a shrink. But I do have grandchildren that I do not want around any smoke in my house. So I use carpet deo. and let it set for two hours then vaccum. I place bounce in my closet and dressers for my clothes. I aslo place a jar that has a lid filled with washing powder in my car for my cigs. Guess what no odor. Hope this helps someone.

  108. I quit smoking and also I moved into an apartment where they smoked a lot> I shampoo with my steam cleaner Then I use Downy in the water instead of the shampoo. It works great

  109. I quit smoking and also I moved into an apartment where they smoked a lot. I shampoo with my steam cleaner Then I use Downy in the water instead of the shampoo. It works great

  110. i would just like to say to lee and the other stupid people out there that only think of them selves that we live in a country were we have the right to do what we like (within reason).
    i did smoke and i know better than alot of you out there that smoking kills.
    i lost my father to cancer only 11 months ago. and do you know what yes he had to pay for all his medication. he worked all his life and while he was dying he had to worry about how he was going to pay for the next lot of medication. in the end he ended up not bothering with it, so died even quicker.
    before you open your mouths about things you know nothing about think…
    what about alcaholics that get a grant for their drink is that ok?? they dont work and the tax payers pay for that, who payes for smokers to smoke?? they do. so think on.
    nobody is perfect.
    if you dont like the smell of smoke dont buy or inherit furniture from people that smoke buy new and stop complaining life is to short.

  111. i’m in the same boat as many renters. i can’t wait to find another place to move into. there is a jerk that lives down the hall who has parties every weekend; although he has a huge patio, he still just has everyone smoke inside. the smell leaks into our apartment and i’m very worried about not only it’s annoyance to us but to the health of our 10 month old infant daughter.

    i think the smell can be rid of but what about the carcinogenics of 2nd hand? we run a very good quality air purifier and it still does not seem to help.

  112. I just moved into an apartment that had been rented by a smoker, and the place smells AWFUL. The carpets were replaced and the apartment painted, all of the appliances were replaced as well. The odor was masked by air fresheners when we moved in, and no one told us that a smoker had lived there. Now I’m not sure what to do, if everything has been replaced and the place still reeks, what can I do?

    And to those who say that non-smokers are judgemental and rude, at least my habits don’t infringe on the rights of others, what smokers don’t seem to realise is that they are subjecting non-smokers to their smoke, I can’t go out to clubs, bars, restaurants or concerts because I am allergic to smoke. Honestly I think that’s highly unfair…if you want to smoke do so in the comfort of your own home, I really don’t care. But I don’t think I should be stuck at home because smokers feel they have the “right” to smoke wherever they so choose. Stop being so rude!


  114. There is no way to get rid of cigarette smell. Once it’s on you, it’s on you for good. As much as people think they can hide cigarette smoke, they have no clue.

  115. To Sarah Ryun: Let it go. If you smoke your house probably does smell like smoke. To let it bother you that much that you type on a webpage about getting rid of that smoke smell, that your friend is rude. Who is the one with the problem, you or her? In my opinion (which I’m not going to keep to myself) you’re the one with the problem not her.

  116. I smoke alot ever since I was 9 and today I am 17. To hide it on your breath use mouthwash, mints, mustard, peanut butter, and sen sens. Shower with vinegar and let it sit everywhere for 10 minutes and wash off.

  117. I’m 17 and my mother has smoked all my life. Her smoking never bothered me until I realized all the damage that it was causing me just by being in the room with her while she did it. My advice to parents is don’t smoke around you’re children unless you want to be resented by them when they get older. I cannot tell you how many times I have denied my friends invitation to my house just because of the horrid smell of it when you enter. If you live with a smoker like me and resent it, my suggestion is to wash your clothes weekly, and use febreeze when necessary. I also left my body butter from Victoria Secret capless one day when I went to school and when I came home, my room smelled very good. So instead of using vinegar, you should try body butter from Victoria Secret:)

  118. If you need to completely remove the odor (especially quickly),do the following, in combination and the smell will dissipate (until you light up again).

    First get rid of all cigarette/cigarette ash and wash ashtrays in dishwasher or very hot water and baking soda.
    1. sprinkle baking soda on all fabric covered furniture.
    2. Wash all linens & take out all trash
    3. Steam all draperies (hand held steamer usually less than $20 at places like Wal-Mart and Target. Put 3 drops of any essential oil in water if you like or 1/8 tsp. of white vinegar).
    4. leave out small dishes of white vinegar near affected furniture.
    5. Sprinkle carpets with odor neutralizer made for carpet.

    1. vacuum all furniture and carpets.
    2. spray all soft surfaces with white unflavored vodka and (this also works on dry-cleanables. It removes odor and kills bacteria).
    3. get rid of dishes of vinegar.
    4. do your normal cleaning on all hard surfaces.
    5. light some nice scented candles, get a glass of your favorite spirit, sit back, don’t smoke inside, and enjoy the clean!

    I used to smoke and used this method often. If I cut down my smoking inside, it usually took a week or so to begin to get bad again.

    As far as daily, I emptied ashtrays and washed them nightly, used Ozium in my car and on my clothes, brushed my teeth twice daily then rinsed with hydrogen peroxide, and kept Altoids with me at all times.

    Good Luck!

  119. Vinegar really works… Yea it is our right to smoke, people that are allergic to dairy products don’t complain so neither can you…

  120. I usually take cups of vigner and put them under the coffee tables beside the couch. I only smoke in one place and never walk around with a cirgarette. When it is warm outside I put a cup in my car. I’ve asked several of my friend to montior the smell of my house and car and they say that they can’t smell it.

  121. Actually I was looking for ways to eliminate the smell of matches and notebook paper. I recently made a laser pointer that burns and wasn’t paying attention to the smell until it was too late.

    I sprayed the wall with Lysol disinfectant and covered my carpet with baking soda. I also sprayed the carpet with a scented spray and set up mild candles around the room.

    Also my bathroom has a window and is near the room with the smell, so I turned on a hot shower to draw in the air from the room and flush it outside.

  122. Whatever you do, please do not spray yourself and hands with perfume thinking that will make the smell better. It just makes the smell worse. I have terrible allergies to smoke and the woman I work with comes back in from her smoke breaks and sprays perfume. I have to use her desk sometimes, and everything reaks of smoke and perfume so badly that I’m sick most of the time. For those of you who think you can do what you want and we non-smokers should shut up, you are so wrong. Is it fair to make us sick? My insurance doesn’t cover allergy shots, and nothing I take works enough to keep my eyes from watering. I have a difficult time breathing and end up feeling drowsy from taking over the counter medicines. Please consider those people who have to be around you. For you to say they don’t matter just makes you an insensitve pig. The only answer to the smell is that I’m going to end up quitting my job to get away from the woman I work with who reaks of smoke. How fair is that?

  123. For the physical reactions to smoke and smoke residue, I’ve found that OTC medications containing Guaifenesin (like Sudafed Non-Drying Sinus) will help keep your throat from closing off. It won’t keep your eyes from watering or nose from running, though. I can’t seem to find anything that works. If you live in an apartment where someone downstairs smokes, you can talk to your landlord about moving. I was told rental apartments or homes have an implied warranty of habitability. If you move in and find your home is inabilitable due to the neighbors’ smoke or from a prior renter to your unit, you have a right to ask to be moved to another unit. It’s worth a try. Ultimately, you may have to give up your home and move in order to save your health. What I think people are missing here is that it isn’t the “smell” of smoke that is causing the health problems. It is the carcinogens from the smoke that are causing health problems, and they are around whether you smell them or not. Covering it up with other smells won’t help the health issue. Cleaning and disinfecting may be the only answer.

  124. We recently bought a house that reeked of smoke, even after having the carpets cleaned. We decided to repaint all the walls and trim, and that did the trick.

  125. I just purchased a used car because it was a great deal, and I love the car. But it has a strong smell of cigarette odor from previous owner. My Wife and I are very sensitive to this smell. Do you think I could get rid of the smell soon? I can wash the plastic and leather seat, but I don’t know what to do with fabric that covers the interior side of the roof top. I read someone mentioned using steamer on fabric, I am afraid it may leave stain.

    Thank You.

  126. Please make sure that if you use Charcoal, that it does not have lighter fluid (ie. not quickstart type) unless you like to have volatile fumes built up and make the smoke smell go away along with the car. (Boom)

    Good luck to all getting rid of the smoke smells.

  127. This isn’t the most environmentally friendly, but to clean the walls use a few applications of TSP- it works. Also, don’t forget to clean the drapes, windows, etc. Basically everything you can touch- clean it at least once. I just bought an old house where the owner smoked in two of the rooms and the scent is gone.

  128. I recieved a piece of wood furniture that had been in a smokers home. I tried murphy’s oil soap on it and it seemed to release more of the odor into the air of my bedroom. I am not a smoker and this really upset me. I set the piece out side and bombed it inside and out with Odo Ban every six hours. The finish wasn’t great on this piece and I’m planning to refinish it eventually so I wasn’t scared of that. So far it is working. Just to be safe I’m going to keep it outside for 3 more days just to be sure. But it seems to be working. That smell of cigarette smoke is just nasty. Right up there with the smell of skunk or roadkill!

  129. I smoked for about 18 or 19 years. I quit 7 months ago. One tip I recommend for all smokers: ALWAYS wash your hands after smoking!! Also, carry a bottle of hand gel with you at all times. I recommend you try the 3 oz. bottle of Warm vanilla sugar anti-bacterial deep cleansing hand gel (available at Bath & Body Works for like $4). After a cigarette, I’d slather this all over my hands and presto – no smell! If you have long hair, tie it up whenever you go out to smoke. This will greatly reduce the smoky hair problem.

    My car had a faint stale smoke smell for a long time, even though I always had the windows open when I smoked. Now, I just try to leave the windows open as much as possible and before I vacuum out my car, I shake a powder deodorizer (designed for pet odors) on the floor & let it sit there for awhile. It also helps to have air fresheners all throughout the car. Again, I opt for a vanilla scent. Also, I recommend placing fabric softener sheets under the car seats. Now that I am smoke free for over 1/2 a year, the smell is finally dissipating from my car.

    You know, I can’t believe that I read some posts on here in which people stated that quitting smoking is easy. I disagree – It is very difficult, and even now, months later, sometimes the urge is still there. Non-smokers will never understand that feeling. But, in the end, it was worth quitting. I don’t judge smokers, having been one for more than half of my life. However, I was always a considerate smoker and would never smoke in the presence of a non-smoker unless they didn’t mind. Smokers out there: remember to be polite and courteous — always smoke outside regardless of the weather and never smoke around children or animals!

  130. I really don’t have a tip, but i recently got my own apartment and the guy that lived here before had to have smoked 1 to 2 packs a day. On top of that, i have a six monthold daughter and i’m sick of her clothes smelling like she sleeps in a cigarette box.
    I’m not allowed to paint, i’ve tried all kinds of candles and fragrances but nothing has worked long-term. HELP!!

  131. Shana, Don’t be such a brat. Smokers can do what they want and it isn’t fair. I am allergic to your whining but I realize that its your right to whine. I deal with you. Now it’s your turn. You got a lot of growing up to do.

  132. It’s not really a tip but I was woundering if anyone knows if the vinager in a bowl really works with the smoke smell and if so then would that bowl and anouther bowl with baking soda work….I just really need to find a way to get rid of the smell with out going outside (which is not an option in my case) and well of course I am not yet ready to quit smoking so…if any one can help me please email me with ur suggestions at thank you

  133. okay so it’s not really a tip.. it’s more of a question… someone once told me that if i sprinkle the carpets with baking soda and the furniture that it will help get rid of the smell of smoke from the room & the air, too… they said that it will draw it in…..

    Also, i read somewhere that vinegar is also another good way to get rid of the smell cus it draws it in……

    Will feebreeze also work, too.. i mean if i use baking soda on the carpets & furniture… and if i also use vinegar…

    please comment.. ty

    oh, can you use vinegar to get rid of the smell of stinky clothes???

  134. I use plain ol’ 20 Mule Team Borax in my bucket of woolite and hot water inside smoke “scented” cars that I detail. Works fantastic and is simply simple. On leather upholstery, I just use a yummy smelling leather cleaner. My favorite is Meguiar’s.

  135. the apartment we moved in to is infested with smoke. the smell is endless and everytime we come in it smells like someone just got done lighting up. we have tried vinegar in bowls across the apartment, washed the walls ceiling to floor wall to wall with vinegar, used the baking soda on the carpet, gone through several bottles of deodorizers, and tried airing out the house. nothing is working. i am out of ideas!!

  136. I dont have a tip, just a question. What would work best for getting this smell out of a matress and box springs? My husband and I just bought a very nice used set for hardly any money and it is really bad, we smell like smoke when we get out of bed, we have only used it two nights. I really hate to throw money away since we are both currently unemployed and money is tight, any suggesttions are welcome! Thanks in advance for your help.

  137. Getting Ciggarette Smell Off Of Walls/Ceilings/Moldings:

    I was a smoker for many years and had to learn the hard way about why smoking in your home is such a terrible idea.

    For those who have been trying desperately to get that smell off the walls, ceilings and moldings, and despite scrubbing with everything you can find or that people have suggested, the surfaces are shiny clean but the smell still lingers, here’s why:

    The Tar and Nicotene permeates the pores of the pain or wallpaper. You will never get it all out, no matter how hard you scrub or what chemical you use – there will always be some left over, embedded deep inside and ready to seep out to take the place of the layer you just scrubed off.

    Washing with anything will also activate older, dry and inert mollecules of Tar, which will often itensify the smell – backfire!

    This is also true if you paint over it. You can’t just put on a fresh coat of paint and hope it will go away. Within about a year, the tar from underneath will have permeated through the pores of the fresh coat and your nasty smell is back again! Maybe not as bad this time, but if you’re sensitive to it any amount is terrible.

    TSP is a good temporary solution, it cleans a bit deeper and will get rid of the smell for about a month or so, but it also doesn’t to a complete job. Plus, TSP is a Phosphate (Tri-Sodium Phosphate). It’s highly toxic, volitile and dangerous. You will need to use careful safety precautions to use it, you can’t just wash it down the drain, you have to contact your town to safely dispose of used or extra chemical (usually costing you a disposal fee) and if you have pets you shouldn’t use it at all or you can risk killing them.

    The only real solution here is to use a special Sealer/Primer before you paint, then paint over that. This will seal all the Tar and Nicotene residue under the Primer and keep it from seeping through your new paint.

    WM Zissner makes an excellent Sealer/Primer that is specially formulated for exactly the purpose of sealing in Tar and Nicotene stains and odors. It’s an oil-based primer, but it can be used over any original surface, even if the original paint was Acrylic. You also don’t need to sand first, it has excellent adhesion without sanding. Best of all, while it is an oil based primer, it dries in one hour allowing you to start painting the same day. You can also use any kind of paint as a top-coat, even acrylic. This primer is available at any major Hardware store or Paint Supply store.

    Another tip:

    A friend of mine, not a smoker, recently bought a new house from a couple who were smokers. They never smoked in the house, so it didn’t smell. But, after my friend moved in, they found that the closets had a strong odor that transferred to their own clothes! It reeked every time they opened the closet door.

    No matter what you do, as a smoker your clothes will always have some taint of Tar. That will transfer into the closets you keep our clothes in. As a new buyer, always check the closets. If they smell when the rest of the house doesn’t, have it written into the offer that the sellers must seal and reapaint the closets before closing. If you’ve already bought and have the same problem, you can follow the advice for painting your closets, above.

    Keep in mind, it won’t be enough to repaint just the walls. You will have to paint the ceilings, cabinets, doors, moldings and window sashes as well. If you have wood floors, you may need to re-varnish. If you have carpet, try a deep steam cleaning with some vinegar in the mix, but you may need to get new carpets to completely get rid of it. And don’t forge your closets. 🙂

  138. i just quit smoking after 30 years no pills no cttim down
    i tryed so may times this time i just quit!!!
    and my apartment smells so bad iam just about ready to move
    ive tryed all this stuff all it does is make your house smell
    like some thing eles for awhile then the oder comes back

  139. I don’t have a tip, but a problem. I recently moved into an apartment where there is no doubt the previous owners were smokers. initially when i saw the place, it was clean, convenient, and affordable. it had the new paint smell so i figure it would go aways when i moved it a week later. well, guess what, that paint smell was actually the nicotine.

    i’ve asked the about perhaps helping me with this issue. i asked to be moved to another unit, but was told there was nothing available, and asked if they can changed the carpet. not sure how much longer i can take of this smell. everything smells, my sofas, clothes…etc… urgh! this is so frustrating cuz i have 5 yr old son that smells like Newports…yuck! i’ve tried everything, even pine sol’d the walls, nothing!

    how long does smoke smell stay in an apt? and i can smell it circulating in the vents too, how do i get that out? help, im desperate!

  140. Ok I have a question. I go see my best friend, who does not live in the same area as me, and her uncle is a heavy chain smoker. When I come back from seeing her, everything I brought with me (Backpack, headphones, etc) is just soaked in cigarette smoke smell. I want to get it out, without having to replace everything, and don’t know how. Can anyone help me?

  141. MoMo
    Hint for kissing a smoker

    Have your boyfriend carry tic tac’s mint flavor, the white ones, around when you want to kiss …have it eat one first. also the cinnamon’s ones work.

  142. There are a number of things that can be done to remove smoke odor. Some will work on their own, but together they almost always do the trick. At Paul Davis Restoration of Broward we employ three key techniques. 1) Fog the affected area with special liquids formulated to fight odors. This techniques breaks the liquid into micro fine particles that are much smaller than smoke/soot particles. A fair comparison might be a pin head to a baseball. The smaller particle gets into the micro fine nooks and crannies to eliminate the bad smell. 2) Ozone generators – are very effective, but should be used by professionals. 3) Finally, the average persone can do this one by themselves. Prime the walls with SHELLAC. There are many manufacturers, Bins by Zinzzer is the one we use. Shellac is non-pourus and will not allow the smoke smell through. It basically permanently seals over the bad smell. Kills is not a shallac.

  143. as far as keeping the smell off your person, especially if you are at work or in an environment with other people, i’ve found that simply washing your hands with soap works wonders. most of my co-workers didn’t even know i smoked for the longest because i always do this after i smoke when i’m in public. (if someone already said this — my bad! i didn’t read all the comments.)


    Hate coming home from a pub reeking of second hand smoke?

    Hang your clothes over a radiator heater over night. This really works, promise.

  145. I had a friend take my car to a company in Anaheim ca where they replaced the filter (air filter) and cleanned the interior with a baking soda solution including the top cloth and sprayed baking soda on all carpeta areas. My friend says they also vacuum the solution and then run the AC on high for 1/2 hr with an air cleaner in the filter. It worked great!!! This service varies between $40 to $60 dlls depending on the car and problem. The company is called Air Brigth in Anaheim CA. Good Luck

  146. I race cars for a living. We deal with gas spills and the odor they leave behind all the time. We were recently given a new product to test called Auto Vaccine from a company called biocide systems. It’s brand-new technology that will eliminate any severe odor, including gas and cigarette odors. I was amazed at how well it works. It’s really easy-to-use, eco-friendly, and not expensive.You just put it in the cup and let it sit in the car for a few hours. My brother-in-law is a chain smoker, and his favorite place to smoke is in his car. I put one of these auto vaccines in his car left overnight. I would never believed it if I did experience it myself. But it completely got rid of the odor. I even put my nose up to the headliner to see if I can get any kind of smell. But all I got was a little bit of a chlorinated smell, and that was even gone an hour later when I had my sister smell it. I’ve tried the vinegar solution and that works pretty well, but it’s only a temporary fix. If you want to permanently remove the odor I highly recommend this product. Especially to people or in the automotive business and auto detailing. I can see out would be a moneymaker.

  147. Jerry, the company you mentioned has the same product for the House. It’s called Room Shocker. And yes, it’s pretty great stuff. I recently inherited a property that was occupied by a chain smoker. It works so well it even got the smell out of the furniture that was left behind and some shirts that were in the bedroom closet. What will they think of next?

  148. My apologies for the double posting, but I didn’t think the first one took. I guess I’ll stick to racing cars,LOL.
    And, Debbie thank you for the info. I didn’t know they made one for the House. This will make the perfect Christmas gift for my sister-in-law.

  149. with good results I have used the baking soda on the carpets and furniture and left it overnight also washed walls and floors with I buy these little bottles of scented oil such as vanilla they are for little potporri pots and I put a few drops onto a fabric softner sheet and then drop the sheet into a vent and then when the heat goes on it just smells wonderful.although this doesnt really get rid of the problem it does mask it nicely….also I have just put a few drops of the oil in basboard heaters if im not able to use the fabric sheet due to fire risk and it works great

  150. I am not a smoker. For some reason, the smell of cigarette smoke does not bother me as much as the smell of a house with cats or dogs in it.
    It really stinks for a long time. I bought a car were the previous owner kept a dog, and hair was all over the back seats. The car smelled and I had to get rid of it.

    I think, baking soda and vinegar reduce cigarette smoke smell to a minimum; hardly noticeable.


  151. People just shut up and quit smoking. Enough of the freakin’ whining! Are you just too stupid to buy this thing called… hmmm… let’s see… NICOTINE GUM!

    Oh. by the way, I smoked everyday for several years but decided not to because the SMOKE is so harmful. That’s what happens to people who actually CARE about themselves and others.

    Oh yes I know what addiction is all about and a big part of it is childish narcissism. If these people were really caring they’d just go get some freakin’ GUM as it contains nicotine and actually it gives you a BETTER BUZZ. So again… enough of the whining!!!

    It really is funny seeing these smokers get on here giving suggestions on how to reduce the smell of the smoke. How ironic. Grow up.

  152. Try Biocide System’s Room Shocker. This product works very well at getting cigarette odors out of everything in the room.

  153. Removing cigarette smoke smell from your car is pretty easy if you do it once a month. Be prepared to use harsh chemicals though. I used to be a reconditioning guy at a car dealership.

    Step 1:

    Vac the car. Completely. Everything needs to come out.

    Step 2:

    WASH THE INSIDES OF THE WINDOWS! Use non-streak glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth. This will rid the windows of resin. Get into every little area too. Everything! Windshield, windows, back window, SUNROOF.

    Step 3: Mix the ammo.

    Lacquer Thinner, Carpet Foam, Good Smelly Stuff :

    1:1 Lacquer Thinner/Water. Add some carpet foam and whatever smelly stuff you want.

    Step 4: Fire!

    No, dont fire. Lacquer thinner will bleach your interior. Spray the mixture on a lint-free rag and wipe down the headliner, and the pillars. The drivers side A B and C pillars are going to contain the most resin.

    Step 4: Wipe down the carpet.

    Step 5: Clean the vents! I dont me just wipe them down, get inside them if you can. Spray some of the mixture into the vents and blast the heat. Replace the cabin filter.

    Step 6: Clean the seats. If you have leather, wipe them down with soap and water.

    Step 7: Open every single window and blast the heat.

    Your done! The interior should be really close to being smoke-neutral. Ive seen some REALLY bad cars. I cleaned a brand new Lexus RX that had a cream interior. The woman who owned it never opened a window when she smoked… the A pillar on the drivers side was dark dark yellow. This cleaned it up pretty well, but it took me 16 hours.

    If you want to go hardcore, scotch guard everything. Dont load it up, but put a nice layer down and then let it dry.

  154. I live in a house where 4 of my family memebers smoke heavily. There is nothing I can seem to do to escape my hair and clothes from smelling like it. I’ve tried many products, but there is always a hint of the musky cigarette odor. Im tired of having to shower RIGHT before leaving, to avoid sitting in the house, and smelling like it; going outside with my hair wet.

    Any tips would be much appreciated.

  155. I would like to say to all the people who make the comment “to just shut up and quit smoking”. My mother and my husband smokes so I have to live with a smoker. I don’t like it but I am stuck with it. Smokers are so inconsiderate people in the world. Smoking is so important to my mother and more so as she has aged. She will on purpose light up and smoke even if someone is asking her to smoke outside or in another room, and everything stinks so bad that when she opens her purse, its all I can do not to throw up and then she will claim she smells nothing. So non smokers are subjected to smoke from smokers all the time and most smokers don’t care. So even through I hate cigerette smoke there is little I can do not to come in contact with the smells it leaves behind. So as it would be nice just to “shut up and quit” thats not life for most people and yes I mean the non smokers of the world. And I have found that the more I say or ask smokers to please not smoke around me I have found most just smoke more. There mentality not mine.

  156. I had a smelly odor in my home due to smoking. My bed smelt like it, my furniture smelt like it, and my clothes. I tried using candles, but that didnt help unless you were nest to the candle. I tried Febreeze, but only a few minutes. A friend of mine suggested using an air purifier. I bought a filter one and tried it, it didnt help at all. I came across a different type of air purifier, Air Oasis. I bought a room unit. I love it! About a month later, I bought an induct unit. It covers my whole house. I get compliments all the time on how clean my home smells. I wouldnt trade it for any oher type of its kind.

  157. Terri, Im in the same boat as you. Only, it’s my parents, AND my mothers parents. All of which have been smoking for well over 30 years (minimum). It’s so hard for people to believe that I myself do not smoke because of how hard it is for me to avoid it in my own home.

  158. Anybody has a trick for getting rid of smoke smell off electronics? I recently bought a used Xbox 360 and it reeks of cigarettes. I go in my room and I can smell it. Ugh. Help!

  159. No one in our home are smokers but our neighbors do smoke and there smoke comes through our shared walls. Is there anything, other than move, we can do? My husband is having a hard time breathing. Any suggestions? Thank you!

  160. I’m really sorry I don’t have any tips but I did date a guy who detailed cars and he basically said everything that the post from the other car guys stated which recommend ozone products/bio-products and a really good scrubbing.

    I have to empathize, I live with a horrible smoker! I am so sad that I smell dirty right after taking a shower. It’s in my hair, my clothes, by mattress, my shoes, and even when I blow my nose there’s this weird gray colored streak in some of the mucous secretions!! I know it’s sick!!! I am convinced that my skin is even absorbing these nasty chemicals = ( Anyway it just can’t be good for my health. I once heard a comedian say “Yeah, I smoke so what? I don’t give a f**k about killing myself,so why should I care about you whiny non-smokers?” I think that sums it up quite well.

  161. I bought an air purifier (XJ-3000D) from for a really good price and even though I’m allergic to cigarette smoke, (and my partner smokes in the house) but with my air purifier I never have a problem with my allergies and the house never smells like cigarettes! I highly recommend buying an air purifier.

  162. I’m a foster mom and a devout nonsmoker. I’m allergic to cigarettes and simply hate the smell. I often get kids who come with everything just reeking of cigarettes. I just now found a solution that may work for others to get HEAVY cigarette smell out of clothes. I have a front loader washing machine. I washed some clothes in warm/cold with some ammonia, laundry soap (directions say use much less soap as the ammonia makes the soap go farther), and fabric softener. I used Tide HE and maybe 3/4 cup of ammonia (which says on the label can be used in the laundry) and Downy fabric softener. It took 2 washings, but the stuff is fresh now, surprisingly enough. I have soft water too, along with a front loader, so I don’t use as much soap as most people or I’ll wind up with a sudsy nightmare. Good luck to you all. I love garage sale-ing (who knows how to spell that!) but I once had to throw out a shirt I bought after washing it 3 or 4 times as it still smelled disgusting. BTW, I have an extremely accute sense of smell. The ammonia is what did the trick.

  163. I smoke sometimes before my mom comes home from work and i spend a looong time trying to get rid of the smell.. i only have 2 hours to achieve this and i found a good way.. if you have this problem i recomend soaking a small towell with bleach and then wave it around the smoke smelling room.. this is very helpful.. make sure its not dripping though or you will discolor your whole room..

  164. I’ve never seen anything like this one before…it’s a FOGGER for cars! Gonesmoke Auto Fogger. took every bit of smoke out of this used car just bought. Tells you to run the engine with air on high/recirculate. Pretty amazing stuff!

  165. Nothing gets rid of smoke odor like BON-CC-41. I made the mistake of letting the in-laws live in my house while my husband and I worked temporarily out of state.

    We were gone for a little more than a year. When we came back, our home REEKED of smoke. I was furious! After cleaning for days and trying numerous products, I finally tried BON-CC-41, which can only be bought online. I didn’t want to buy something online but I was desperate and I am SOOOO glad I took the chance.

    The staff was very helpful (I even cried on the phone with them because I was so upset). I was also on a tight budget, especially after spending so much money trying all that other stuff that didn’t work. They rented me a fogger (there was no way I could afford to buy one) and sent me all the instructions I would need. When I received the product, I still had questions and they treated me like I was their only customer. You don’t get that kind of treatment these days!

    After spending the afternoon fogging every inch of my house, I finally had my house back! I couldn’t believe how well the product worked!

    I swear by the product now and will never use anything else!

  166. I have just bought a beautiful leather settee, unfortunatly it smells very bad of smoke, can you tell me if there is anything i can use on it to get the smoke out. thanks

  167. I’ve been a smoker for a long time and for awhile I didn’t care what people thought of me smoking untilled this doctor says to my husband you need to quit smoking but he doesn’t the doc smelled me and I’m so imbarrased
    Now that I feel bad I’m disgusted also I need to know the best solution to get rid of the smell so I can go into the public without being paranoid that people can smell me. Thanks

  168. I bought some old porcelen dolls and they smell like cigarett smoke. The dolls and clothing are very delicate. How do I remove the smoke smell?

  169. There is a product called “BANISH personal smoke deodorizer” that WORKS! It is a natural, odorless, water-based product that I found and it completely removed any cigarette odor from my clothing and hair. I have also used it in my car after cleaning it etc. and I am telling you, IT WORKS! Good luck!

  170. My niece knits beautiful clothes and gives them as gifts. She is a chain smoker and the clothes smells horrible. It seems such a waste but we cannot wear these especially the baby items she gives. Any ideas on how to clean them?

  171. I’ve had some luck cleaning / covering up / absorbing smells in the past, but I’m wondering how to get cigarette smell out of books / papers. So far the best I’ve found is dryer sheets, but that seems to cover and remove only a little. Any suggestions?

  172. Also, you can improve odor removal with these recommendations:

    – Use a steam extractor for cleaning carpets
    – Clothing may need to be washed several times
    – Take care of the air circulation
    – Take all the drawers out of your cabinets and open all the cupboard doors, wash inside and out paying attention to the drawer slides and around the hinges.
    – Unplug and wash your stove and refrigerator inside

  173. Smoking odors, are the hardest odors to eliminate, these invisible gases attach onto floating air molecules, which drift on the air currents within the room. Over time some dissipate and others
    most notably smoking and urine odors, penetrate walls, carpet and drapes. There is a natural way to improve indoor air quality and remove smoke odors. Air-ReNu, a paint additive, One treatment will keep your home smelling fresh and clean for 10-12 years.

  174. Being a painting contractor, we run into a lot of homes, rentals with pet and tobacco smoke odor problems. Painting the inside walls will not remove the odors as they are impregnated in the drywall, carpet, upholstery and drapes making the home harder to sell, or rent looks good smells badly. If you have to repaint, the inside walls add the Ionic Paint Additive, one treatment will remain effective for 8-12 years.

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