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Cloudy pool water is the number one problem that is called in to any pool company. This cloudy water can be caused by many different factors. The most common factor is the low levels of chlorine in the pool, or if some of the other necessary pool chemical levels are off. The cloudiness of the water can also be caused by the lack of filtration of the water.

The worst feeling on a hot summer day is to run out to your pool hoping to find refreshment, only to find cloudy pool water instead that looks unhealthy and gross. There are many ways you can get rid of cloudy pool water, simply read on to find out how!

1. Take a Water Sample to a Pool Shop.

If you call a pool shop to ask questions hoping to find answers for your cloudy pool problem, you will likely be asked to take a sample of your pool’s water and bring it in to their shop to get it tested. After testing your pool water, the experts at your local pool shop will often suggest what type of chemical you might need, or provide a list of other possibilities that might be causing this problem to occur.

Often these shops will try to oversell you certain chemicals or systems, so just be aware of what you are buying, and consider using the cheaper option if possible.

2. New Filter System.

The cause of the cloudy water can be the simple problem that your filter system just is not one of the top brands, or that it perhaps has something wrong with it. In order to get this problem fixed you can call a pool company and request to send an employee over to check your filter to make sure that the filter sand, or the filter cartridges (depending on the type of filter you have) is clean and working properly.

Depending on the company, they can give some very helpful advice as to what to do to prevent your cloudy pool water problem, or they may try to upsell you on a ‘top brand’ filter. More often than not, your pool merely needs a backwash to put the water through the filter and get rid of the small particles causing the cloudiness.

3. Robotic Cleaner.

There are robotic cleaners you can buy that can go around vacuuming your pool. These robotic cleaners actually help with the filtration of your pool because they go around picking up both large and small particles from the pool floor and walls. That’s right, there are some cleaners that will actually climb your pool walls!

Not only do these cleaners make it easier on you, they are very beneficial to your pool as well. If you buy a robotic cleaner, you should make sure that they do not run through your pool system. The reason behind this is that when a cleaner has its own filters, they act as a second filter for the pool. They have their own cartridges that clean up small particles that don’t put anything through the system at all.

If your cleaner does run through your system, it just collects the stuff from the bottom of your pool and will run it through your system and into your pump basket. Those small particles of dirt might be what are causing your pool to become cloudy in the first place, as they are getting through and staying in the pool water.

Be sure to ask your local pool shop or pool companies about these types of cleaners.

4. Weekly Maintenance.

Often during the summer seasons, companies offer their services to perform weekly or bi-weekly maintenance services. This is a great way for you to never or very rarely have to worry about any problems with your pool. Obviously something may go wrong every once in a while, but getting a weekly maintenance helps keep your pool looking crystal clear.

5. Backwash.

Backwashing, or lack thereof, is one of the easiest and fastest ways to let your pool and the water within it to become cloudy, occasionally giving it a green colour because of the formation of algae.

By backwashing your pool at least once every two weeks (if not every week), you will be able to filter those small particles out of the water so that they stay in your filter. In the case that you do get maintenance done, the company you hire should do the backwashing.

If you decide to backwash yourself, follow these steps: turn the pump off, turn the filter head to backwash, turn the pump back on for 1 minute, turn the pump off, turn the filter head to rinse for 30 seconds, turn the pump off, turn the filter head to filter, and turn the pump back on.

Make sure to ask a pool company how to work your system if you are a new pool owner and are unsure of what steps you need to follow.

6. Manual Vacuum.

The most efficient and effective way to get rid of your cloudy pool water is to vacuum all the sediment off of the pool floor. In order for this method to work in the best way, try using an external pump that will pick up the sediment and pump the water and dirty particles out to the street. This will allow for the dirt that is making the water to turn cloudy to be removed directly and entirely out of the pool.

To ensure that the pump will not run dry, fill the pool up to the top of the skimmer frame before you begin vacuuming. This will ensure that water does not go beneath this skimmer and have the pump run dry, possibly ruining it in the process.

A pool can be the most refreshing and enjoyable place to spend a steamy hot summer day. Remember to check on your pool’s chemical levels, and ensure that they are at their proper levels in order to maintain your healthy-looking pool. Whatever the reason behind the cause of your cloudy or green pool water, remember that it can be easily fixed. Using the right steps together, you can also work on preventing this problem from happening to you in the future. Whichever method works best for you and your pool, be sure to keep an eye on it, and keep it regularly maintained!

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