Posted on: August 19, 2013 Posted by: Nicole Harding Comments: 0

A cold sore is one of those annoying little sores that can show up on your lip at the wrong place and at the wrong time. However, there are some great ways to make those things zap away overnight!


One way on how to get rid of cold sore overnight is to try to relax. Stress with any blemish causes it to get worse. Your body is a really efficient system, and sometimes the histamines in your system causes it to go after thing such as sores and blemishes. This can be negative because of the trapped oil and the like causing the cold sore to get bigger. When you get your cold sore, don’t stress over it. Take action; positive action.

This brings me to one of the clearest ways on how to get rid of cold sore overnight: keeping your hands clean. The hands are bacteria’s best friend. Hands can a number of germs on them, so when dealing with your cold sore make sure you keep your hands clean on a thorough basis. If you have the chance, do not touch your face or the area at all!

A sure bet on how to get rid of cold sore overnight is by finding your triggers. Maybe it is stress induced, maybe there is something you ate or rubbed against your lips that irritated that particular point. These are important to prevent possible cold sores from happening in the future. Finding your problem ahead of time can save you a lot of headaches down the road!

Make sure the particular ointment you use is good for your skin. If you are a person that has really sensitive skin, which may include the lips in certain areas, be very careful. Some ointments out there are very greasy. Grease mixed with oil and a blemish is not a good situation. Sometimes, you might have to keep it simple with something that will dry out your blemish. Rubbing alcohol and toothpaste are great for trapping the virus and fighting it off! When you apply the toothpaste, ointment or alcohol, make sure you use a clean cotton ball or even q-tip depending on the size. That way you won’t directly touch the cold sore with the natural oils or germs on your fingers! It’s a much more sanitary way to help you out!

Ice can also be used to help with your cold sore. It’s a great way to dry out your blemish as well as help so it does not spread to the rest of ur lips or grow in size. Make sure you use something dry and clean to apply the ice.