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Cold Sores

Riddle: How is a cold sore like a brother-in-law visiting from out-of-town for the week?

Answer: You can’t dispose of either of them easily; you usually have to wait until they go away.

What is a Cold Sore?

Unlike brothers-in-law, cold sores are not irritants brought on by marriage but are small, painful infections that attack skin and nerves, look like chicken pox, and are caused by the herpes simplex virus. They can appear on various parts of your body but usually show up on the lips and, less commonly, on the nose. They start invisibly with a tingling sensation, followed two days later by the red, fluid-filled pustules that we call cold sores or fever blisters or, simply, β€œthose disgusting looking things.” And there they sit, painful to the touch, for a week to 10 days.

Unlike canker sores, with which they are often confused, they seldom appear inside the mouth (Tips on how to relieve pain from canker sores).

During that 7-to-10-day period, the blisters break, ooze, and form a yellow crust. They thus get even uglier. The scabs then fall off, and the skin heals without scarring. During that period, the sores are communicable through direct contact with others (or with yourself) or through an intermediary like a towel or razor. So, if you can actually find someone who will kiss you on the lips during that period, refuse them that dubious privilege.

After that’s over, and your skin is back to normal, you might be fooled into thinking the virus causing the infection has died and gone off to virus limbo. No, it doesn’t. It becomes dormant in the skin’s nerve cells and can be reawakened quickly by such things as stress, menses, a fever, or getting a sunburn. The first infection by the virus usually occurs in childhood; once the virus enters the body, it remains there forever. The first outbreak is typically the most severe as no antibodies have been produced to resist it. Meningitis is a possible complication.

Cold Sore Treatments

Unless you really like hanging around clinics, there is generally no need to visit a doctor to get cold sores treated. Non-prescription ointments are available to ease the pain, and an oral analgesic may also help. That said, however, there is a remote chance of complications. For instance, if the infection spreads to the eyes, the result can be blindness. There is also increased risk of more serious infections for people with defective immune systems or eczema, and also for infants. So if you are in a group at increased risk, or if you are having severe symptoms, or if there is an itching in your eye while you have cold sores, or if you have a crush on your medical care provider, it’s best to see your doctor. Whatever you do, avoid touching your eye after touching a cold sore. Wash your hands frequently to avoid spreading the disease.

Severe infections can be brought under control – they may be treated with a prescription cream, Zovirax. But, regardless of its severity, no cold sore can actually be cured. If treated early, however, the period of viral activity can be shortened with drugs like Penciclovir, Aciclovire, Valicyclovir, and Ganciclovir. A derivative of castor oil, undecylenic acid, is also thought to be effective against viral skin infections.

Preventing Cold Sores

  • Use a lip moisturizer if your lips tend to be dry or chapped; when outdoors, use a sunscreen lip balm with an SPF of at least 15
  • Limit your exposure to sun or UV lamps
  • Avoid stress (See how to get rid of stress)
  • In support of your immune system, follow a healthy diet and sleep regimen
  • Avoid skin contact with others who have cold sores or with any cups/glasses/cans, utensils or towels they have used, and avoid sharing food with them
  • Wash your hands frequently.

There are those who promote various cold sore remedies for terminating them early or even preventing them from starting up (Learn how to treat a cold sore). You will find dozens of them, involving such things as nail polish remover
, here. Try them at your own risk, and please feel free to add any of your own cold sore home remedies to this page using the form below.

Click here for more information onΒ how to get rid of cold sores.

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  1. I know this sounds weird… But I used nail polish remover (it has to be WITH ACETONE) on my cold sore the moment I felt that tingling feeling on my lip, and the cold sore went away before it was even fully there. If you use the nail polish remover once you already have a cold sore, it will dry it out and will go away fairly soon, but it won’t disappear like it does right on the onset of a cold sore. You just put some nail polish remover (with acetone) on a cotton ball and dab it on the cold sore for about 5 min or so. Be careful, because the fumes from theh nail polish remover can be pretty bad, so be sure to hold your breath when you have the cotton ball on your lip. Leave it there for as long as you can hold your breath and then remove, breathe, and repeat. I know this sounds super weird, but I used to get them all the time and it really helped me out. I hate cold sores!!

  2. I use abreva to prevent cold sores. If you feel a tingle coming, then just take out that small little blue tube and apply a dot on the area that feels tingly. Keep it in your coin pocket and take it everywhere, because you never know when you’ll feel the tingle. It’s better than going through a couple weeks with the sore on your lip, and once you rub it on, the cream becomes invisible.

  3. I took my mother’s advice ~ I used a hot tea bag and placed it slowly on top of the cold sores. It is used to help relieve the tingling and pain of the cold sore. It also brought some of the swelling down that were caused the cold sores.

  4. I use the lip ointment BurtsBees. It’s a popular brand that has alot of ingredients that are recommended for getting rid of cold sores. I have used abreva, tea bags, and even prescriptions but this common lip ointment is the only one that works the best for me.

  5. I was getting cold sores all the time and was using Denavir, but it only helped a little I asked my doctor if there was something else and she recommended Valtrex what a life savior. You take two pills when you feel the cold sore coming and then two more. Like two in the morning two at night, this helps so much and the cold sore goes away right away. I recommend this to anyone.

  6. Cold sores and Nail Polish Remover.

    I tried the nail polish remover tip which I had found on a different site but mine was NON-acetone and it worked great!

  7. Blueberry juice is great for coldsores! when you first get that little tingle on your lip drink some pure blueberry juice. i also find what helps is toothpaste(mint) right on the coldsore. another good thing to do is put your coldsore in mouthwash for a couple of seconds because it gets rid of alot of bacteria it gets ride of all that bacteria. if you don’t wanna use mouthwash or this is another idea put your coldsore in salt water for a couple of seconds.

  8. Country remedy. I had a cold sore the size of a chick pea on my lip and a lil old lady told me about this.

    I know this sounds weird and a little nasty but I PROMISE YOU this will work. Once you start feeling the tingle, take a little of YOUR OWN ear wax. Dab a little on the head of the cold sore. Guaranteed to be gone the next day. I thought it would be the nastiest thing, but I PROMISE that this will work. Even if you’ve had an outbreak and want something to dry it up quickly. Try the ear wax. It works.

  9. Well the reason i am writing this is because right now I do have a cold sore and I am searching for more helpful ways to get rid of it quick. Im using a tea bag and it really has made it feel less painful. But what else helps is an ice cube. I just put an ice cube in a plastic baggy and hold it on the cold sore for about 10 minutes. It numbs the pain and freezes it. You should try it!

  10. i’m using germolene with local anaesthetic at the mo and it seems to be working it numbs the tingly feeling kills germs and seems to be taking the swellng doen.

  11. ABREVA does not work and I was upset that I paid $22 for it. I tried a nutrition supplement called L-Lysine and it stops the cold sore virus from attaching to the affected area. You can find it in the vitamin isle. It even stopped the pain for me. If you take it when you feel the first sign of it, it wont even appear. If you already have it, take 3 pills – 3 times a day, or you can take 1 a day to prevent it from ever coming back. I haven’t had one in 2 years!!! TRUST ME THIS IS THE BEST REMEDY EVER

  12. Wow, i felt my lip tingle today, and searched for ways on the internet to prevent it from forming, and i found the nail polish! && it is working like a charm! πŸ™‚ Acetone nail polish -hooray!

  13. I have been getting cold sores ever since I was four years old. I have tried everything. Carmex, Abreva, Valtrex, tea bag, toothpaste, EVERYTHING. But I still get them and it still takes a week for them to heal. My doctor prescibed me Valtrex and now I have the biggest cold sore I have ever had.

  14. In the past year I have got two of them.. then first one I used L-lycnie. It went away bout 7 days, the second one someone told me to use witch hazel. So I did . The swelling went down and does not hurt as much. still there, but not as bad.

  15. i get cold sores often . i tryed many things to help but mine still seem to last 7-10 days. i am hoping some of the tips from this site work . i do have to say ABREVA does not work , i was told to try that do not waste your money , you pay $15-$20 for a very tiny tube and it does not help . the toothpaste has not helped either. im going to try the nail polisher remover tip hope it works .

  16. I pop the blisters with a pin and then put after shave or metholated spirits, you have to do it a couple of times then it dries it up and forms a scab. It really works.

  17. I use a few things that have worked for me. First I have hydrogen peroxide and i use that to clean it up. Cleaning it up I think is the most important part because it stops it from spreading. This next part kind of hurts but it gets rid of the painful middle stages and goes straight to the scabbing healing phase. I get a brand new fingernail clipper and i cut open the little bumps as they from and put more peroxide on them. yes this hurts a bunch but it last a lot shorter

  18. well i got my first coldsore the other day and its horrible, my dad told me to put aftershave on it, i did and it dried up in that day and is healing well now! plus my face smelt nice!

  19. I get cold sores often and I have found that rubbing alcohol works the best for me. Once the blisters appear, I get a needle or pin and put the tip in rubbing alcohol and then pop the blisters with the needle. After the blisters have been popped, I get a cotton ball and soak it in more alcohol and dabb it on the affected area. Works great!!

  20. Abreva does not work at all, it made mine get bigger. My cold sore is spreading so i need to get something fast! im gonna try the nail polish i guess! =[

  21. i started getting a cold sore yesterday itreied it all nail polish remover, ice, blistex, even aloe. HELP HURRY BIG MEETING AT WORK TOMORROW I CANT SHOW UP LIKE THIS.

  22. i have one right now and its driving me nuts…but anyways i have tryed a mix of lipactin and toothpaste so far is has only been 2 days and its scabbed all ready but once be4 i have tryed vinager and its works soooo good….its hurts soo bad but works soo good!

  23. I have two cold sores, one on top lip and one on the bottom and I have been getting them since I was a kid. Abreva DOES NOT WORK at least not for me. I have been researching all day on things to help them. I am going to try the nail polish and the toothpaste. I did just try milk, soaking some milk on a cotton ball and holding it on there for a few minutes, it helps the pain.

  24. I have one just now! I always used to put zovirax on it, but it never worked. the feeling is horrible coz it gets hot. now i’m using toothpaste. not sure if this a quicker way to get rid of it. but at least it doesnt give this awful hot sensation. what i discovered is that cold sores are always different. sometimes one thing works and other doesnt. and it also depends on how early u spot one. the worse thing is when one grows over nite n u r peacefully sleeping completely unaware of what u have to face in the morning. mouth wash is also a good idea. tried it just now so can’t say the result. oh n never over dry it coz then u end up wiv even worse stuff. guess i will finally have to start taking some diet supplements. if u know carmex, this one is also good to prevent cold sores but only before it even starts.

  25. Hey all. I’m using Abreva and … it is NOT helping! It seemed better than picking out the others on the shelf with names like Herpex and Herpicin. I’ve only had two other outbreaks and this time it got HUGE. I think after I used Abreva. I’ve heard a lot of people say it makes it bigger. What gives? I’m going to try the nail polish remover. I also used a cold washcloth and ibuprofen, which made the swelling go down some, but now I have a big, nasty red rash on my face. I hope it’s gone by Monday….Glad I’m not alone, but also not glad.

  26. I have been getting cold sores since i was a baby. I get really really bad outbreaks. what i do is i take a clean washclothe, some dial soap (although im sure any soap will do) and hot water and i wash the cold sore and surrounding area. it feels kinda weird but make sure you apply pressure. The i take a clean pin and ***** the sore to open it. Take a tissue and apply pressure so that all the fluid comes out. BE CAREFUL NOT TO GET THIS ANYWHERE ELSE ON YOUR SKIN BECAUSE IT WILL SPREAD. After that i apply tons of rubbing alcohol. It burns a lot, but it dries it up fast and works great. Best of luck!

  27. OMIGOD! I just tried the nail polish remover trick, cause I am a waitress and this cold sore just looks tacky, WHO IN THE **** CAN HOLD IT ON THERE FOR 5 MINS! It burned soooo bad, I had to stick my head in the sink. Maybe I am just a big wuss but seriously OW!


    I use rubbing alcohol to dry it out. When it scabs over i use Neosporin. The blisters go away after about a day using the rubbing alcohol. But when I use the Neosporin, I clean it with rubbing alcohol then but a ton of Neosporin on there. I’ve tried Abreva, Herpecin-L, and the Nail Polish remover. None of them worked. However different things work for different people. Try different things then use what works best for you.

  29. I have gotten cold sores since middle school… they are such a pain… I am a “Valtrex” AND “Zovirax” user… when I take the valtrex and then use the zovirax CONSTANTLY it usually goes away pretty quickly… but I think I’m going to try the nail polish remover idea…
    Oh one more thing… Abreva does NOT work for me either… and yes, it made them get bigger!!! A lot of money for no help in my opinion…

  30. Abreva is a big waste of your money. Valtrex is good but after awhile your seems to become immuned to it. The lysiene once a day is one of the best things. and make sure to wash your blankets and pillows after an outbreak. mine spread from that.

  31. i use tea tree oil and campho-phenique kill germs and its an antisepic stop hurting fights infection and relieves itching dried up in two days plus pain gone

  32. Hi, i used to use zovirax, and if i caught it in time it would take it away, well this bad boy on my lip now snuck up while i was sleeping! and now its a hideous crispy yellow think, so im thinking about using surgical spirit! i will use anything!!!! iv got some lypsil coldsore gel that seems to dry it out well cos it has an astringent in it, and it stopps it spreading because it puts a film over it that you can pull off and reaply through the day! i hate cold sores

  33. Abreva does not work. i tried the nail polish remover and it burned like heck. By the 3rd day the sore was pretty red and blended well with my lips. It took about three weeks of that before it was back to normal. im trying ice and lysine, hopefully it works

  34. i have an autoimmune disease so i suffer from cold sores frequently. abreva does not work i used it at the first sign of my cold sore and overnight it got alot bigger. i break mine open and clean them with rubbing alcohol, or hydrogen peroxide. and take lysine. i plan on trying the nail polish, and the tea bag before i go out anywhere to reduce the swelling.

  35. ok its my senior year and i get one, abreva can kiss my ***!!!! i take valtrex for mine it works great but you need $$$$ if you dont have insurance. and the fingernail polish remover works great too, but hurts like ****!!!!

  36. I have one right now.. I hate abreva.. i doesnn’t work… well it does help IF you can catch it when it’s tingly – except for some reason i always associate the feeling it with something else… then next day this atrocity happens and guess what… its my birthday today.. happy birthday to me πŸ™

    So my roomie.. SWEARS by no name glass cleaner… it has always worked for her.. but im going to try my luck with some of these tips thanks!

  37. Abreva does work but ONLY if you put it on at the very first sign of a cold sore, if you already have a bump, it’s not going to work. That’s why it’s best to always have some with you.

  38. Taking lysine and drinking 2 cups of lemon balm tea a day (a handful of fresh lemon balm, or a heaping teaspoon dried, steeped for 15 minutes), and placing fresh lemon balm (chopped so it becomes moist) on the cold sore has worked well for me.

  39. I really don’t have a tip and that is why I am here looking for tips from other people. Want to hear something real strange? My dad and I are the only 2 people in our family that get cold sores and we usually get them within a few days of eachother. If I go and visit him or even talk to him on the phone and mention that I have a cold sore… Within a few days he will get one and vise versa. Has anyone ever experienced that? Weir ay? Well to all my fellow cold sore people good luck and thank you for posting your ideas. I am going to try them all.

  40. I have my first cold sore && its so GROSS!!! Im really hoping that the alcohol && nail polish remover works. I dont want ANYBODY to see me like this.

  41. I Have A Colesaw And Its So Annoying. Iv’e Tried Toothpaste But That Doesn’t Work, I Might Try The Teabag Trick And Maybe The Salt. Well I Better Try It Actually Because I Want It To Disapear As Soon As Possible. I Have A Habit At Picking Them And Its Just Makes It Worse So I Better Not Touch It Again! I Wouldn’t Buy ” Abreva ” Or Whatevr Its Called Because It Is A Waste Of Money Just To Let You Know.

    Well I Read Most Of Your Idea’s And Hints From Preventing The Colesaw And There Are Great Idea’s.

  42. ive never had a cold sore before..but one spot on my lip feels all tingly and i have a slight bump
    and even though ive never had one i sure dont want one so im trying some of these tips! im trying the nail polish remover now and i hope that will stop it. it does make it sort of burn though, prolly hurts worse if your sore is worse. just make sure you’re occupied while you’re doing it and it helps
    good luck everybody

  43. The Nail polish remover is the best thing ever…I have suffered from cold sores atleast one a year since I can remember… I never pop it I just apply the nail polish remover on each little blister (usually there are a few close together) and it dries it right up!! I dont get mine on my lip anymore just right above it.. So I dont know how the nail polish romover would work on the actual lip but for right above the lip it is perfect!! Good luck to everyone I know what a pain in the butt they are!!! I won’t leave my house sometimes =(

  44. Ice helps the swelling especially in the first signs of a cold sore. It keeps the blister from getting ny bigger. I have one now and i used it the first day and its almost gone and this is my 3rd day having it.

  45. CARMEX??????????? DOES IT WORK???????
    k. well i have 2 coldsores one on each side of the corners of my mouth. it suks. well im usin carmex. does that really work???

  46. ugh i get these stupid things all the time (i have one now) and its only me n my dad in my whole family that gets them and i agree that Abreva sucks and it has made it worse n a lot bigger n i’ve been getting them a lot this year but i thinbk its because i’m having an extra stressful semester in school but im trying the nail polish now n im trying to suck up the pain cause it does burn, i usually use ice because it helps the swelling and sooths the pain. i have issues because i NEVER get cold sores during the day its only when i’m sleeping so my the morning all the prevention stuff wont work. i did take the lysine all summer n it helped a lot but i’ve been forgetting but im back taking them. good luck to everyone n hopfully they will find a CURE for this soon!!!

  47. Ive suffered with big unsightly cold sores for a long, nightmare I hate them! This morning I woke up with a WHOPPER of a cold sore on my bottom lip, soooooo sore. Usually use Zovirax which is ok not great, but have ran out, so I burst about 10 blisters and repeatedly dabbed surgical spirits on it, quite sore & painfull may I add but has helped a lot, worth ago. Please can someone come up with a cold sore cure!!

  48. My cold sores always appear overnight so there is no chance of the preventative techniques. I always wake up with a full on blister (or ten!). The best thing I have found to dry it out is salt. Seriously, it hurts like **** but really does work for me. You can only use this remedy if you don’t have to leave the house!
    Crush some table salt using the back of a spoon to make a powder. Now, wash your hands. Moisten your index finger and dip it in the salt powder. Hold your finger on your cold sore for 30 seconds (or as long as you can handle) using gentle pressure. Do not rinse off. Leave the salt paste on your sore until it flakes off itself. Your blisters should already have started to dry up.
    Keep repeating this paste 3 times per day (if possible before bed) and your cold sore should bypass the weeping stage (which is the ugliest and most painful stage) and go straight on to form a scab. Take care of the scab to prevent it cracking and you should be healed within a couple of days.
    Hope this works as well for you as it does for me.

  49. The other day my sister and I were talking about cold sores, and lo and behold I woke up Sat. morning with one. I can’t even mention the word COLD SORE or talk about it, and I get one. But I’ve been surfing and I found a few great tips for getting rid of the nasty things. Ice and nail polish remover. Ice the cold sore, then ***** with a clean needle, and then put the NPR on a cotton ball, hold for 5 mins. the ice brings down the swelling, the needle gets rid of the nasty blister and the NPR dries it up. I tried this remedy and it worked like magic. By Monday morning my C******E was history, for now anyways. Hope this this works as well for you as it has for me.

  50. i have my very first cold sore at the age of 18 and it’s doing my head in, it never weeped or anything just sort of grew went dry and me being me couldn’t stop myself from picking at it! so now it bleeds and is painful! i’ve had it going on my 3rd week now and just want it to go! any tips please! x

  51. i have coldsores right now!! they are sooo sooo painful me my sis and mi dad are the only ones who get them. I was searching on the net and you can actually get tablets to stop them but youhave to have them twice a day but i would do anythings to stop them

  52. That tea bag **** does not work and neither does Abreva. My cold sore is going away now. Nail polish remover does a good job of drying it up and all that’s left to do is wait. My cold sore even made one side of my lip (which are already big) swell up a little bit. I was too scared to pop the little sucker with a needle so i just waited. Worst 5 days of my life, but it’s not unbearable.

  53. yeah a good idea is to pop it then aqeeze all the **** out nut if you do make sure to dap off the**** and dont rub as it will spread the coldsores and if you do it early enough it’s gone forever
    i also saw another solution on a different website i’m gona try this one out it says to get a aloe vera leaf and rub it on when you start to feel it and it makes it go away or when it’s up (it may hurta bit though) but i’d do anything to stop the coldsore
    plz ind a cure soon i dont want to have tablets i want a needle!!!

  54. i used abreva all it did was dry it up i tryed carmex that did nothin, them my dad told me about hydrogen prioxide it worked really good and cleared it up in 3 days

  55. ok i have been getting cold sores since i can remember and i have always gotten one like right after i met a new guy or someone reli important and it is sooo imberassing i hate them but i have read all these posted comments and alot of them speak of nail polish remover sooo im goin to try that THANKS a million


  56. I read that using waterless hand sanitizer works. I’m trying it right now and seems to be helping. It’s cheap and it’s something I usually carry around with me, unlike nail polish remover. It probably works just as well as the alcohol since that is what it primarily is. Also, a plus is that when you are done putting it on the sore you can clean your hands to prevent the spread of the bacteria!

  57. Hydrogen Perioxide works but, like most remedies, only at the very beginning of the Cold Sore. After the cold sore has already blistered and is swelling up your face and making you miserable very few things really work, short of prescribed pills from you doctor. I have gotten Cold Sores since I can remember and they are horrible. Stress is a huge problem with me. Physical and emotional stress. I have found that valtrex works the best but those are not easy to come by. I haven’t tried the nail polish remover yet, I’m going to today, I have a huge one from being sick for a week. Please tell me I’m not the only one who gets them in the nose? not always but they can start there or end up there if the lip gets bad enough. Guh, those are the worst.

  58. OMG.. i just got a cold sore this moring and i never had a tingly feeling.. I have school tomrrow and i don’t want anybody to see me like this.. I’m going to try the nail polish remover, hopfully that works i need this thing gone FAST. What WORKS OVER NIGHT THE QUICKEST! i HATE COLD SORES!!!!!!!!!!!1

  59. Abreva definitely doesn’t work- DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY. I even bought it more than once, being desperate. I just tried the nail polish remover trick and that does work quite well. It didn’t magically heal it overnight, but it really kept it from becoming the most prominant thing on my face. 3000mg of L-Lysine per day really does help. It stops it from getting worse, and if you take it early enough it cuts way down on healing time. The other thing that does work is Herpecin L. Horrible name, and really embarrasing to buy at the store, but I always wind up swallowing my pride.

  60. Hopefully the nail polish trick works… I heard that a lot…. so i am going to try that… i just hope that it doesnt hurt me… thank you all for your advice…

  61. This Is A Great Way To Stop Coldsore’s!!!!!

    Step 1:

    Get A Hot Towel Or Cotten Bud And Keep It On The Cold Sore For 10-15mins.

    Step 2:

    When You Are Done Put On Some Cream To Stop The Puffing eg/ Germline.

    Step 3:

    Try Not To Be Stressed Out Or That Will Make It Worse.

    Step 4: Eat Plenty Of Healty Food’s And Wash Regurly.

    Step 5: Finaly Have A Early Night’s Sleep And Relax.


  62. Hi Everyone
    I’ve suffered from cold sores for 10 years now, over the last 4 years I have had 1 or 2 every month. I can tell you that I’m completely fed up with them!
    It seems to be whenever I eat chocolate or sugary foods, this is because of the argenine content. Even if I counteract it with lysine it doesn’t seem to do much. This is such a shame as I love chocolate πŸ™
    I find ice cubes, alcohol and occasionally zovirax will work – it depends on how long I haven’t used it for. It seems that they become immune to different things so it’s sometimes worth going back to your old remedies.
    I think if I went to chocoholics anonymous I might be cured!!!

    Good luck in getting rid of cold sores – will let you know if I stumble across a miracle cure πŸ™‚


  63. i noticed i was getting a cold soar so the first thing i did was looked up quick ways to get rid of cold soars at first i dipped my fingure in water and then table salt and held it on the soar for 30 seconds and left it on there to soak in, it took the swelling down and made it start to go away.But i still wasnt happy that i still had it,so then i used witch hazel and rubbing acohol and rubbed it on the soar with a cotton ball and it started to tingel and dissapear i was so really works you should try it it helped me alot.

  64. ok so i’m 15 and i have been getting coldsores 2-3 times a year for the last 5 years. for the last 2 yrs i have been using zoverax but it doesnt work. i have a cold sore right now and this is it’s 2nd day. 15 mins ago i put on toothpaste for about 10 mins then i rubbed rubbing acohol on it and hydrogen peroxide. It burned a little from the acohol but it is already scabbing. by tomorrow i think it will be almost or totally gone.

  65. i keep getting coldsores until i read MARYS advice and it really worked a bet of acohol and it will so start to fade but it will take a while

  66. whatever you do don’t use blistex all it does is make your face feel weird and makes it scab and people say when it scabs it should be gone the next day nope not for me it’s been scabing for 3 days now

  67. Hey. After reading a good amount of these, I decided I’d pop it, press out the infection, and apply rubbing alcohol. I had popped it earlier, but didn’t apply consistent pressure. This is what worked for me, and it feels better already – and I just did this!

    1) Take a new pin or needle and run it through a flame for 2-3 seconds. If you only run it through for 2-3 seconds it’ll disinfect the metal better than alcohol.
    2) Prick the little pustules with the needle, and apply CONSISTENT pressure for about 5 mins to get out all of the liquid.
    3)Get some rubbing alcohol (mine is 70% alcohol) and cotton balls and apply more consistent but lighter pressure on and around the cold sore. Make sure not to rub it, as you might just spread the infection around. Do this for about 5 mins.
    4) Apply a petroleum based lip balm. I recommend Carmex, because it numbs the area. You could even just use petroleum jelly. You’d want to do this because the petroleum creates a sort of barrier between the open sore and bacteria that could make it worse.

    Also, be sure to wash you hands before and after each step to prevent spreading and just to be safe ;D

    I really hoped this helped, cuz it worked pretty well on me. The swelling and unsightliness even went at LEAST 65% down!!!

  68. I’ve been getting coldsores every once in a while since i was about 10. the thing that works the best is take L-lysine, to be sure it doesnt get worse. then wash the coldsore with poroxide. Then use the green mask stuff, you know the stuff people put on they’re face for pimples. just put it right on the coldsore and it dries up.

  69. I had a cold sore that appeared 10 days ago. It is only just fading now. I tried lysine, echinacea and a multivitamin. Also Penciclovir and vitamin E oil from the capsules. I think all of this did help to shorten the duration, but 10 days is so long.

    I just had a panick today because I felt a small lump on my other lip. I thought that you couldn’t get a cold sore on both lips at the same time. I’m not sure if it is a cold sore yet or if i am over reacting, but i went to the shops to buy some nail polish remover and cotton buds. I am feeling desperate today. I have a date in two days and i really don’t want to cancel it, but can’t go if i have a cold sore. So i’m not even sure if it is a cold sore, but i dipped a cotton bud in the polish remover and help it in place on my lip. I felt a burning sensation and the skin pealed away slightly at the sight. So i don’t know if i kept it on long enough, but i wasnt sure. I have also put some Penciclovir on the burnt sight and am trying to take lysine regularly. I am so worried about it. I really hope that it doesn’t turn into a blister.

  70. hey everyone, ok ive been getting cold sores ever since elementary school.. and its got to be the most embarressing thing anyone can get.
    i want to try the nail polish remover, but i scared. i heard it hearts like a but i seriously need some edvice, because im having lots of my friends over saturday(including my boyfriend) i really hate cold sores more than anything in the world, im sure people talk about me behind my back saying that i have herbies
    (which i probably didnt spell right) please, if anyone comes across this message, e-mail me at daniellebw94. im in desperate need of help, i feel like i want to crawl into a hole….
    please help me..

  71. i am a 13 year old boy and i have 4 cold sores 1/5/08.i tried toothpaste and nail polish but it does not do me any good(i tried it this just made it big and docter game me mupirocin and i dont know if that is good,but it helps a little.l

  72. Hey everyone. look, i understand how you feel about cold sores, but i promise that my way will work. what you want is a little container to begin with. next, take a bit of moisturizing hand sanitizer. i use that kind of sanitizer because rubbing alchohol with acetone is a bit too harsh for your delicate skin right now. next, make sure you have ALOE GEL. i use Solarcaine Brand, but any type of medical aloe gel should do. now, what you want to do is make a mixture of one tablespoon of sanitizer, and 1/2 tablespoon of aloe gel. mix it very well, and take a cotton swab and dab on and around your cold sore.

  73. i agree with everyone that said abreva does NOT work. what i did was i used ice to numb the cold sore. applied the nail polish remover with a q-tip (it really doesnt hurt that bad, so try it) and then put toothpaste over it for about 20 minutes) hopefully it’ll be better by morning

  74. My poor 5 year old has been getting cold sores since she was 1 1/2!!! (I think she got it from her Dad, he gets them all the time) since she is so young I am always afraid to put anything on her. ABREVA DOES NOT WORK!!!!! She woke up withh one yesterday morning and I put carmex, & after all these years finally got smart and googled it. this morning while she was still asleep I poppedthe blisters with a needle (burned over flame and w alcohol) then I used alcohol 99% when she woke up it was already drying out. Then I used a mixture of toothpaste and Visine (for the reddness) it looks sooo much better. I think by tomorrow it will be almost gone πŸ™‚

  75. I use a combination of many things. I started to get a cold sore Saturday morning, and its now Monday morning, and its looking a lot better. I use Abreva, listerine, Blistex, Carmex, hydrogine peroxide, and that antibacterial stuff for hands. At morning and night, when brushing my teeth, I use a cotton pad, with listerine on it, and wipe down the cold sore, and hold it on there, until it stings. Then, I use Abreva. During the day though, I apply hand sanitizer several times, and this helps dry it out. Then, I alternate carmex, and Blistex, and when I’m at home, I’ll randomly use Hydrogene peroxide. I dont know if its one thign working, or a combination of everything I’m doing, but its gotten a lot smaller, in just two days.

  76. I don’t have a tip… I was reading this for advice. I think you guys are right about abreva. It isn’t helping. I see advice for people to stop the sore, but what happens when you start scabbing? I’m so confused I have a big scab and small bumps around that area. It’s like I’m in two stages at once. I didn’t go to work today, but I can’t take another sick day. This is sooo horrible. I’m crying while I’m typing. I have never seen a cold sore an anyone before. I look horrendous! I’m really dreading leaving the house tomorrow πŸ™

    I haven’t told anyone about this, so I’m venting. Sorry.

  77. Don’t even waste money on Abreva. It’s a rip-off.
    And I think Erica is right, it DID spread the redness when I’ve used it.
    (my cold sore went away btw :D)

  78. I just wanted to say that Abreva has worked for me, but only when you put it on the sore RIGHT when you begin to feel it tingle..I have also taken the pill Valtrex, and it also helps but it doesn’t make it magically disappear. I’m trying the nail polish remover now, hopefully it will work!

  79. so many great tip[s. Over and over again…Abreva does not work. Who feels the tingle before ti comes? not me…waste of money….! I am doing the rubiing alcohol …ouch not looking forward to it. Here I go..then when i brush my teeth tonight some toothpaster ans listerine.

    Scared! haha

    plus it seems like it has spread across my buttom lip! …like bumps. oi had no idea it could sread and im ****** if i get tons more along the bottomw.

    first week back to class with this on my lip was embarssing!!!!!


    ive dealt with cold sores my entire life, none of those drugstore products work, they work just as fast as not putting anything on it, although ive never tried Lysine i think that would be your best bet, however if you don’t have lysine and have to deal with home remedies the best way to get rid of it is to
    1.) dry it out,( rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover on q tips) the ice cube thing does NOT work maybe if you feel the cold sore coming but when you have one it does NOT work at all
    2.) before you go to bed every night put some blistex or good lip balm on, or even polysporin
    3.)continue to dry it out, wash it ever so often and continue with the blistex

    cold sores last 4-7 days so really you just have to wait it out, even if it looks HORRIBLE! just don’t think about it, half of it’s psychological anyways!

  81. Rubbing alcohol will kill the virus, and by that same thought, so will hand sanitizer. However, be cautious as it will leave permanent skin damage and scar if used too zealously.

  82. I get cold sores often, about ten a year. I really recommend staying away from people who have cold sores. I also tried this vitamin my aunt gave me (she works for a dermatologist) It did not work at all. It made me get a cold sore. I just pop the blister which turns it into a scab. What I would like to know is how to get the scab to go away with out making your lip bleed.

  83. Yeah everyone pretty much said it…the Abreva doesn’t work. I spent 15 bucks on that little tube of **** for nothing. Eh but yeah, I’m trying the nail polish remover and its drying up the sore pretty fast. I’m using 2 different cold sore treatments at the moment…Lysine which can be found in drugstore and on Its really cheap and its not making the sore look so big. I also use Orajel medicated cold sore goes on clear and just like the original orajel products, it numbs it where it hurts. Its so good. =]
    Hope that helps. I also heard putting the tobacco from a cigeratte on your lips help?? I’m not going to try it but if someone wants to do it and then tell us how it worked out, go ahead. Just get the tobacco and wet it..then put it on top of the cold sore and cover it with a bandage and it should be gone the next morning…

  84. My grandma had a cure all medicine, lol, and told me it worked on everything…even cold sores, but it burns like crazy for a few seconds, but if u can take the burnin…it will be better afterwards. Her cure all is Campho-Phenique,it is GREAT on cold sores, it takes the pain out, and it even makes the cold sore not look so bad. It also dries it out and u have none of the crustiness, i hope ya’ll try it and see for urself. But like i said before, it will sting real bad for a second, so beware,but it will b worth it…I promise…

  85. Well, I woke up(luckily!) at about 2 am because my lip was burning and I had the beginnings of a cold sore. So I put my abreva on it. For me, abreva works well, but obviously right at the beginning stages. So it’s not that big, cause it stops it from spreading.
    Honestly, when I get these I just use abreva, presription cream( Don’t remember the name), salt, poke it with a clean pin, nail polish and pretty much just attack it haha. It goes away really quick for me when I do that. I wish I could remember the prescription name but it shaves two or so days off. But remember when you’re putting a hwole bunch of ointment or whatever you guys use on it, don’t put it on one after the other…put one thing on it and then wait a bit and put more on…and keep doing that. I find that it shaves a good 4 days off for me, it isn’t a pleasant experience but what cold sore experience ever is? Try it πŸ™‚
    I get picked on for cold sores by my friends and honeslty, they have no idea what it feels like. It sucks so bad haha

  86. I have been a firm believer in the Lysine supplement and watching my diet. I used to get outbreaks once a month and until my outbreak Monday I had been cold sore free since last February. I guess my recent outbreak is proof that this virus is vicious. I was feeling depressed so I got on this site for some tips (I’ve been using nail polish remover and eating Lysine like it’s candy since Monday and I still look hideous). I am so sorry to hear that so many people are out there suffering as I am. Does anyone else get really bad depression, fatigue, and irritability when they have an outbreak? A few days before this one I experienced all of these and when I look in the mirror it just seems to make the depression worse. I’m usually a fairly upbeat person but having a cold sore has turned me into a crying hostile witch. Goodluck to everyone who is also battling with their outbreak. May they all clear up NOW!

  87. The most helpful I have found when I get a cold sore is toothpaste. I’ll admit, it burns like crazy when u first put it on the cold sore but I have yet to find something that heals them as quickly. Try it! it works

  88. I’m a scientist who studies herpesviruses for a living. I am not a doctor. I do get cold sores.

    Topical non-drug treatments (such as acetone (!?! Seriously…), campho-phenique) will usually inhibit healing, and stress the cells, making them more prone to infection. Lots of things may help as well as a placebo. They will help to dry out the cells, and will minimize swelling, at the expense of the cells you’re killing. The camphor and menthol will help to kill the stinging sensation.

    L-lysine will be mildly helpful, but only at huge doses (>1g/day).

    The best treatments are:

    Early action! The sooner you react, the less cells will be infected, and are subsequently killed. By the time the cold sore is a big painful blister, it’s too late to do anything other than helping it from spreading to colonize new infections.

    Valtrex and/or Famvir. (Yes, they are genital herpes medications. They work against HSV-II quite well. Ask your doctor for a prophylatic supply to keep on hand, and start taking at the sign of first virus outbreak, or during times of unusual stress, fatigue, or cold/sun exposure. Your doctor can help decide what dose is appropriate for you.) They* are not* magic bullets which will make your cold sore go away overnight – infected cells are still killed by the body’s T-cells, resulting in the big ugly sore. However, they will prevent the virus from spreading, and can help to mitigate the damage.

    Abreva (or any cream of saturated n-docosanol) will help, but if and only if it is applied extremely early in the period of infection. It prevents the virus from infecting new cells, but the infected cells are goners… (think big painful blister). If you start putting this on when you have a big outbreak, you’re out twenty bucks, and it won’t do much for you. Put this on when you have a vague tingley sensation in your lip, BEFORE the painful blister manifests. You can get the brand name stuff (pricey, but easy), or buy n-docosanol and prepare your own 10% w/v suspension in a suitable carrier base. Be aware that abreva requires mechanical action to get it into the tissues… massage it into where it hurts. Yikies, that’s not fun. Don’t use soap or toothpaste after applying abreva. Make sure to put plenty on before bed.

  89. I have one right now.Abreva does not actually work at all!horrible as it is, since the going price for it is 15$-20$, BIG WASTE OF MONEY.I decided to try nail polish remover, it burns a lot but i see it working already! thank god

  90. I have cold soar now, its been about 6 days but it seems like forever, i havent had one in about 2 years..but i have been popping the blsters and putting rubbing alcohol on it, it burns but i see it improving!

  91. Hey ppl the advice is great but honestly I think what everyone wants to know is how TO NOT GET COLD SORES AT ALL!!! Well here it is VALTREX. Its amazing when I feel the tingly feeling I take a valtrex, 12 hrs later I take another one and it just doesn’t come up at all ya
    Another thing that I actully did the last time I had a cold sore (I ran out of valtrex) I rubbed zovirax cream one it 3 times that day and made sure it was clean and dry. Hint hint…. coldsores need moisture and dirt to continue… so stay dry and clean.

  92. toothpaste didnot work for me. by the morning it hant gone down at all and me rubbing the **** stuff off made my coldsore HELLA inflamed.
    the nailpolish remover and hydrogen peroxide and rubbing alcohol seems like it would just inflame it. my lips are very sensative and handling the coldsore a lot makes it worse.
    blue berries are very healing though so i will try drinking blue berry juice.
    ACYCLOVERE is a pretty good drug. i think ill use the hand sanitizer and maybe some ice to help the swelling and i already put a little ear wax on it. haha,
    the mouth wash i thnk i will do as well.
    is it good to put heat on it or try to freeze it with ice?
    maybe ill use the after sshave as well.
    honestly tho just dont talk about it and pretend its not there.
    if you try nd bite your lip or cover your mouth youll just make people notice it, they’ll care less if you do.
    im def not popping it tho. this i belive will release and spread the virus as well as enflame the sore.
    i need su over night thing cus i have 3 bad ones and i was gonna hang out with my boy friend today but i guess i wont be doing that.. i have school tomorrow tho.

  93. Abreva does work at the 1st signs of tingling.
    If you already have the blister it’s best to just wait it out, and it probably is a good idea to use a medicated lip moisturizer . Don’t pop it, don’t pick at the scab when it forms…just leave it alone.
    Nail polish remover, toothpaste, rubbing alchohol, and all the other things most of the time only make it worse!
    Cold sores are horrible but leave it alone and let it heal.
    Sorry, I couldn’t leave anyone the secret for an amazing cure…there just isn’t one.

  94. I’ve had cold sore’s for my entire life. In the ages 4-10 i would get them under my finger nails and my nails would fall off. Surprisingly i would rather that then getting these ugly things on my lip. I used abreva forever. And I never knew how bad it really was cause I’ve never compared it to anything else. But then i switched to Zovirax and that did double the time. But now that I’ve used zovirax i think i’m ammune to it. So now I’m trying the nail polish thing. It hurts like a b!tch for the first two minutes. But after that you can handle the pain. I hope it works for me and you. And don’t pop your blisters. That’s how you get more.


    i get cold sores terribly. the creams are useless. they just make it bigger. you need to ‘dry it out’ – though keeping it moist does prevent scaring if it’s on the ‘skin’ part of the lip.

    Anyway.. one teaspoon of salt to one cup of water. Lay flat, wrap a towel around your neck, and use a tissue or something soaked in the water and lay it accross the lip. do it for 10 minutes or so, resoaking when it dries out.. then remove it, and lay until it’s dried a little (else it just runs down to your neck, you need it to soak in)

    If you do the salt thing at first sign, it will kill it off. do it every hour.

    Combine with lycine. you can take heaps more of lycine than they put on the bottle… one every hour for the first 8 hours, then 3 times – 5 times a day.. take with food, that makes it work quicker.

    Recently been told about a prescription drug’FAMVIR’ – it’s a course of 3 tablets you take at the first sign of a coldsore, and it stops the virus from replicating. apparently it’s great and is only new to the market, and is the first thing developed specifically for cold sores (yet to try though)

  96. i just got a small feverblister on my bottom lip so i put fingernail polish remover on mine and shazamm its gone! praise jesus!

  97. Help me!

    I’ve NEVER had a fever blister before but I definately have one now. It’s on my side of my nose, right on and around the nostril!!!

    I initially thought it was a pimple so I (stupidly) popped it. Now I have this huge pink area on my nose with red breaks in it where it popped. WHAT DO I DO?
    I bought Abreva already but if it already popped, is it too late?

    I have family in town and have plans to go out most of this week but I’ve too scared to even cover it up with makeup!

    Someone please help me. I’m desperate (not to mention disgusted)!

  98. I just got an annoying fever blister again this week and I am going to take the supplement L-lysine(cheap too) which I believe really adds to the healing process greatly. I then pop the blister and apply an over the counter product called RELEEV, this seems to make it scab and heal very quick. Dont touch or lick your lips, its uncomfortable but it wont work if you do. ABREVA DOES NOT WORK if you cant find releev just wash the sore with soap and water it will heal faster

  99. Ok here’s a tip I do which I haven’t seen on here yet. We’ve established it’s good to dry them out. SO what I do (sometimes after icing it for 20 mins for the itching) is I just hold my hair dryer against it…Not actually touching it! Don’t do that! Try not to get it so hot that it burns, but just a continuous warm flow of air hitting it is good. Protect the unaffected area of your lips with vaseline or something so your lips don’t dry out. Do it for as long as you want, but the longer the better. I’m scared to pop them because of the risk of spreading, but I do press a folded tissue against it really hard several times and it seems to flatten out the “swollen look” a bit as well as absorb a little fluid.

    I’ve also noticed, as a preventative measure that when I put a good layer of chapstick, vaseline, carmex, or neosporin on my lips each night before bed I get them a lot less.

    Best of luck to you all! I know it sucks big time!

  100. I bought ABREVA once at the first signs of the outbreak and it worked like a charm. This 2nd time I have right by my nose and it connects to the one on my lip. I bought ABREVA again and it did nothing. It feels worse.

    I’m trying the nail polish tip, because it’s been 4 days now and no healing is showing. I will come back to post on how the nail polish did against the ABREVA.

    PS – I don’t plan on spending $22 on a single tube again. If this virus is so well known about and millions of people have would think medication would be a little more affordable for something like a red dot on your face/genitals. **** corporate world.

  101. HELLO,I have been suffering from these nasty cold sores for years now.The only thing that has really worked is nail polish remover.IT Drys the coldsore up really quickely.don’t know if polish remover is harmful or not but at this point I think it is worth it.

  102. I woke up with a huge cold sore this morning- it was so bad that I called into work sick. I have been reading tons of ways to treat cold sores and have been trying every single way. This afternoon I started using these Purell Hand Sanitizing wipes that I had in the house. Within a few hours, the swelling had significantly gone down. I have been going back and forth between the sanitizing wipes and some tea tree oil– also taking lysine suppliments throughout the day. For the first time, I can honestly say that it has made a significant difference in a very short amount of time. The swelling was so horrible this morning- I didn’t think anything was going to be able to help me!!

  103. Here’s the deal, folks. I’ve been getting them for years and it always sucks. I still haven’t figured out a way to make them go away faster but I have figured out some things in life that I could change to lessen the chances of getting an outbreak. First off, I seemed to always get a breakout within 48 hours of a huge partying binge – obviously stress on my system from battering my immune system. I used to drink heavily, smoke pot, and pop pills and snort cocaine. I pretty much cut all of that out six years ago and my outbreaks have lessened to once per year. Many of you need to look at your lifestyle habits and see if recognize a pattern.

    I also enjoy peanut butter but after reading that peanuts can trigger an outbreak I stopped eating it as much. The other night I passed the peanut butter aisle at the grocery store and thought it looked great so I bought some. I ate two peanut buter sandwhiches and the next day I got a brand new cold sore after 14 months without one. Just goes to show you how foods can affect you.

    So I was at work yesterday and at about 9am my lip felt like it was beginning to swell. I ended up not being able to get a break all day to leave and go home to start using H-Balm that I had bought just in case. So 9 hours later I got home and it was obvious I was about to break out. I called in sick today and started using the H-Balm. I’ve also been reading these forums and now I’m using the ice, nail polish remover, Lysine, echinachea, B-complex, etc.

    Honestly after almost 24 hours of combining all these remedies I can’t honestly say anything’s healing any faster than before. My lip is huge but I don’t actually see any blisters so maybe there’s something to this. Knowing that I missed a 10 hour window between the time I felt the swelling and the time I actually got to put something on the blister perhaps I missed my chance to make a premptive strike?

    I think all of the remedies above have potential, even the dreaded Abreva, when started immediately – as soon as you feel the swelling or the tingling. Some of you need to pay more attention to your lips – ANY itch or tingle should be suspect.

    1) Never assume it’s just an itch.
    2) Don’t abuse alcohol or anything else. Treat it as God’s wake up call to get your life straight.
    3) Sleep 7-8 hours a day and quit staying up until 4am.
    4) Eat better – cut the fried foods and the caffeine. Don’t skip meals either. Have breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day.

  104. I am 48 and I have been getting cold sores since I was 5. I swear every year my mom would be so upset on school picture day because I would always have this huge cold sore on my lip. Not only are they embarasing they hurt. Needless to say I have tried every home remedy known to man (or woman) as well as all the cold sore medicines on the market, I have only had one thing work for me. L-LYSINE. coupled with a cream called SUPER L-LYSINE +(plus) Good luck finding the tube of super l-lysine + I found it in a health food store, it was the miricle cure I had been looking for. I have not been able to find it at any drug store or pharmacies. A local health food store carries it and I buy them 5 or more at a time so I never run out, and I give them away if I see some one with a bad cold sore. Any way, If you catch your cold sore before it breaks out(a tingling bump)take any where from 1000-1500 mg Lysine supplement 4 – 5 times that day and you probably will not get a breakout. If it does the SUPER LYSINE + is amazing. Check your local health food store for it. Someone told me they found it at Walmart also.Good luck

  105. If you can find it I believe it a miracle drug. It’s in a tube and it’s called SUPER L-LYSINE +(PLUS) I found it at a health food store.I haven’t had much luck finding it at drug stores but I have had some of the worst cold sores you have every seen. If I catch it early while it is just a bump and tingling I take huge doeses of Lysine supplements about 5 times a day and it usally won’t ever break out. But if it breaks out before I catch it I couple the Lysine with the cream SUPER LYSINE + and I promise it will be gone in a day or two at the most. I also have to agree with Frank watching your diet and I think stress is a big factor. If you notice everyone who wrote on this site who has a cold sore says ” I have an important meeting or family is coming or my wedding is in 2 days” point is I notice every time I get stressed or even if I get really emotional(cry all night over something) Almost allways I will wake up with a cold sore. Well good luck. If you find the tube of super lysined + buy a few tubes so you will always have it on hand.

  106. I just looked on-line and found a few sites that sell super lysine + cream. If you suffer from cold sores often trust me it’s worth trying

  107. Well.. I suffer with cold sores also..I have found that brushing your teeth..first of all helps but after you brush your teeth.get a q-tip or a cotton ball NOT your fingers..and dab some on the q-tip and put it directly on your sore.let it sit for a few mins, then gently wipe away…Next I applied the liquid Campho-Phenique on top of it.then some Carmex…It worked wonders! Amazing it cleared up in two days…

  108. ive had this coldsore for about 3 days now!
    ive been using zovirax persistently but i dont want to have to show up to work on monday like this!
    does anyone have any tips on how to get rid of a coldsore on the lip in 2 days!
    thanks it would be much appreciated!

  109. so i woke up this morning with a nasty cold sore and i had nothing to help it except for carmex. im thinking that wont work so i did the whole nail polish thing ontop of that. i want it gone fast but is it bad to mix a bunch of remedies together at once ?! let me know i want this sucker gone

  110. ive had this coldsore for 4 days and it got to the point where it was huge and green underneath and took up half my bottom lip. my parents say not to pop it cuz it will spread and right now im on valtrex but i think im gonna try the rubbing alcohol/neosporin technique and hope it works

  111. I woke up yesterday morning with the tingling sensation on my bottom teeth. When I rubbed my teeth over it, I knew instantly that it was a cold sore forming. I hadn’t had one in awhile, so I guess my time was due!! Ugh.

    I use Lipactin, and while the cold sore still appears I tend to be able to bypass the whole scab stage. I don’t know if Lipactin is available in the US [I’m in Canada] but I’m sure you could buy it online. I have about three tubes [they’re tiny, buw whatever] around my house and one in my purse.
    On the tube it says to apply 3-6 times daily, but I probably apply 5x more than that. I apply after every time I eat or drink, when I wake up, before I go to bed, afte I brush my teeth.
    I will never pop them. I can handle the blister, but the last thing I want is a scab on my lips.
    I’ve also heard from a few people that a possible remedy is putting alcohol on it when you first feel it coming on, then smear plain YOGURT on and let it dry. I think they said plain yogurt. I’ve never tried this, so I can’t vouch for it.
    Also, try exercising and eating healthier to PREVENT cold sores. Take multi-vitamins as well. [I should really take my own advice]!

    I’m going to stick to my Lipactin for now, and I’ll try the L-Lysine as well. I can see that a lot of people swear by it, on this site and on others. So thanks!

    I just hope this goes away by Thursday because it’ll be my boyfriend’s birthday and we’re going out celebrating with friends! Send me healing vibes! πŸ˜‰
    Good luck.

  112. i just grew 2 monster cold sores on my bottom lip. i didnt go to school today cuz they are so bad! i just used the ice for 10 minutes and it numbed it pretty good. i’m going to go do nail polish remover and then toothpaste. i use carmex now but it just doesn’t seem to really help at all. i’m also using neosporin (i know thats wrong spelling). i hate these and i want to get rid of it by tomorrow so i can face my boyfriend. these are the most embarrassing things ever. :[

  113. i used to get cold sores like 2 times a year. and ever since i’ve moved to the east for school, i’ve been getting them every month! i think it might be because of the extreme weather. i really hate them. and they leave scars. i pray every night hoping that God will find some way to get rid of them. i’m so embarrassed. the first time my boyfriend saw it, i told him that i thought it was just a bug bite. haha… i just want them to go away!! but my doctor prescribed zovirax. it’s alright. it’s an ointment. and it’s bitter. i also use neosporin lip treatment with it cause it’s clear. the zovirax is white. so i’ll put the zovirax on before bed. and wear the neosporin during the day. and with those two, i’ll occasionally use rubbing alcohol. and to help get rid of scars, try an aloe cream or vitamin E cream.

  114. OMG!!! I have this ugly cold sore and its driving me crazy!! I’m already a shy person and with this on my face it makes me go into a shell!!! Well i tried abreva WASTE OF MONEY!!!!! I also tried releev which is more expensive but it works ok but not great! I am going to try the nail polish remover and maybe the aftershave too…this sucks!!!! Best of luck to all that are facing this with me!!!

  115. i have had this cold sore for like 2 and a half month now and it is driving me nuts.i hope the nail polisha thing works for me

  116. i have been looking at all the tips that you have posted on how to get rid of cold sores. right now i have one on the top of my lip and its killin me i have not been able to get rid of it i have tryed everything i need a fast remedy because i have valintinesday and my birthday the day after that i really would not like to have it for those days i need the fastest cure HELP

  117. Well for me what really brings them out is just thinking about them. I swear, any stress whatsoever and bam! All I can say is catching it early is the best way. Abreva works for me, but also diet is important. Drink a TON of water and the rest of your face, at least will glow. My doctor told me that no matter what you do for that 7 days, it will still be “active” so that means it can still be spread, even if its scabbed or almost gone, so be careful until the end of that week.

  118. Ok so my bf gets out of jail tommarow and i wanted everything to be perfect well its not going to be so perfect bc this morning i woke up with a cold sore. So i took like all these tips and mixed them togeather. I used crushed salt, bleach, nail polish remover, alchol wipes, and hand sanitizer. I usually get really bad cold sores like i mean huge and they last for weeks so i have been workin at trying to get rid of this for 6 hours now and its like i skipped the whole big painfull blister and straight to dried up. If i keep at this then it should be almost completly gone by tommarow! Im going to warn u the npr stings like a ***** and the alchol and hand sanitizer to but its worth it. Good luck i hate coldsores just as much as the rest of u

  119. I have been getting cold sore since I was a baby and they are awful last month I had to call out of work for three days because it was so bad. I got one this morning and have already used alcohol and neosporin (doc recomended it works best after the the blister breaks)I also used a hot tea bag right now i have the salt/water mixture on. I almost always pop mine but you have to make sure its at the point where it can be popped I know your not supposed to but I cant stand it make sure you get all the fluid out otherwise it will get worse also put alcohol on it right after it usually helps I would also like to kno which is better hot teabag/ wash cloth or ice cubes heat works good for me but idk neway good luck to you all

  120. I have to agree with jackie about one thing tho half of it is psychological most people wont even notice if you dont mention it trying to hid it with your hair or biting ur lip will only draw more attention to it. try to hid your insecurities and act totally normal and most people will do the same

  121. A few years back (2003) I was having a major issue with coldsores. I was stressed A LOT and was not taking care of myself at all. I found a product on line that was called “No More Cold Sore”. It was a powder in a little white container. I used it and it was AWSOME! I mean AMAZING! Well it kept me from getting any more breakouts until now. YEARS! I went to look it up on line to buy more, but I can’t find it. I think it is a true miricle, but I guess it isn’t sold anymore. If you find it will you let me know?

  122. The only thing that has ever worked for me are prescription pills from the doctor, Acyclovir(there’s many variations but they do the same thing)none of the topical ointments I’ve used ever worked in fact they made them worse. The pills work almost instantaneous 2-3 days for a full blown cold sore but I always have some on hand when I feel another one coming on and it prevents it from spreading.

  123. i hav hade a coldsore for many days and i didnt no how to get rid of it so i went to visit my local GP who is dr khan who is a very experienced asian doctor and he advised me and said to go home in my 2 bedroomed house in kirkholt and get my Β£4:99 cookworks kettle and boil some water and put it in a pan and get a towel and put it over your head and let all the steam hit your face and the cold sore will eventually fall off it is aboustely brillant superb and it doesnt waste you a penny.

  124. People who get cold sores, their body’s produces a higher amount of L-Arginine than normal and do not produce enough of the natural vitamin L-lysine. This plays a very large role in producing cold sores. I’ve done plenty of research on cold sores and have had plenty of painful ones as well. I strongly recommend taking the vitamin L-lysine at least once a day, preferably 1000mg. Using Herpecin-L chap stick helps as well because of it’s L-lysine in it. Using these two everyday, you will make cold sore go dormant for as long as you like until you quit using them.

  125. okay….this morning i woke up with a HUGE cold sore on the left corner of my lip!it was huge-mungus!and to make it worse i had 2 of my best friends spend the night! so when we woke up, BAM there it was! soi decided to go online and look for somthing to cure it with. i found lots of ideas!right now i am using an ice cube! but i never felt tingling before it came! next i will be trying nail polish remover!

    wish me luck!

  126. Well guys after about 2 years of ‘remission’ from cold sores I awoke this morning with a fatty on my top lip. Got straight onto the Zovirax which i have been using all day. Then lucky me scored another one a few hours ago also on my top lip (never had two at once b4) this was the icing on the cake and I decided to do a little research. Now I’m about to go to sleep and have just cleansed both with alcohol solution and topped each with toothpaste. Hopefully i wake tomorrow and they are both at advanced healing stage or better yet gone. Currently both are swollen and the first is slightly crusting. Will report my results tomorrow. I know the first was triggered by dry lips and excessive sun the day before. I wish you all a cold sore free future and quick healing time.

  127. No change for the better im afraid they just got bigger. My lips look like they went a round with Tyson very fat and pussing a little. Tried the boiling water and towel this morning which hurt a bit. seemed to help the sores to begin pussing but other than that little change. From here i’m just going to wait it out. grrr i really dislike them such a hassle. πŸ™

  128. I just went up to my medicine cabinet because i have a cold sore and i saw this stuff called super colloidal silver that i had used for my plantars warts and i decided to give it a try…the redness and swelling went right away now its just a hardly noticable bump and i iced it after.

  129. Last night i felt a tingle and i scratched it, i knew it was a cold sore forming, but i didn’t have anything in the house to keep it down. I tried toothpaste and it just made it worse, i woke up with a hugeee swollen bump. Great day to get it too- im hanging out with this kid i reallyyyy like today. Ive tried all these tips and none of them have worked. Im trying to get rid of it as soon as possible, but obviously ima have to wait a good 7-10 days. Ive gotten cold sores my whole life and im sick of it. Releev seems to make it heal the fastest, but no product works magic.

  130. i was eatiing something then i got this coldsore =/ i was suppose to go to the moives today with my girlfriend =[ i have tired all these tips like using toothpaste not working. bumy girl said shell still kiss me with this thing i my lip i love her so much :]]

  131. i hav not got a tip but i have been looking for 1. im gona try everything from tea bag nailpolish remover and the tooth paste. need to get rid of this!!
    will let you kno how i get on.

  132. sores are gross.
    im 15 and have been getting them since 12.
    gay.i dont have a tip.but a question.if a trigger for a cold sore is extremely cold weather”or atleast thats what ive ben told” how does the ic cube work.ive tried it and the after affect feels pretty darn good.but i want something that will get rid of it bam.
    any suggestions??

    and im going to try thr toothaste once i get offline.
    and im currently using abreva.pfft.dont waste your money.get the cheaper kind f treatment works just as good.

  133. I’ve not had a cold sore for a long time! This year iv been getting them at the worse times! Anyways! Iv tryed almost everything! Nail polish ect just about everything it all seems to dry them but but even after they scab you got them annoying REDISH marks! From were it was!

    Anyways iv been fighting theses cold sores on the corner of my bottom lip! Yay almost gone? Guess what! BOOM another one pops up!! :(!

    So i went and bought ABREVA yes it was like 17$! But it seemed to make my cold sore on day 1 the first day dry up? And it seems like it might heal much quicker then my other ones!

    Nail Polish seems to work okay
    Abreva this is day 2 of using it its looks pretty good might heal alot quicker i hope!!
    The other ones ive had for 7 days there redish but there pretty much gone i hope the redness gos away!

  134. I heard something before and I’m interested in finding out whether or not it is true. Someone told me that if you didn’t get a cold sore before the age of 3, you won’t get one for the rest of your life. Why do some people get them all the time and others have never had one? Does anybody know if this is true?

    I have a bump in the very corner of my lips that I am not sure if it is a cold sore. I’ve never had one before. It’s been there about 3 weeks. It is like a bump the same color as my lips and then is split in the very center. Sometimes this part has a scab on it but it usually opens up whenever I open my mouth. And it did have a tiny bit of pus in it ONE time. Any ideas??

  135. I agree- abreva SUCKS and is too expensive. Thanks for the suggestions everyone- I think my next step is nailpolish remover… πŸ™‚

  136. nail polish remover here i come… i have gotten cold sores forever and anything that may cut down the length of the cold sore is a blessing… i’ve tried just about everything and feel like there is no hope…

  137. Ive Got One Now , I Would like to use the nail polish remover but i havent gt any so far i have put kettle water into a cup nd put my mouth into the cup (making sure no water is touching me ) and the steam helps the swelling go down i am now trying the toothpaste and mouthwash hope it works

  138. Omgshhhhhhhh I Had A Cold Soar Yesterday And I Woke Up This Morning With Another Anormous One Ive Steamed My Lips Put Them In Mouthwash, And now ive gt toothpast on its really tingeling i hope thats a sighn its working i didnt go to school today beacsue of it i jusz hope its gone by tomorrow i cant Stand talking to people when i hav 1 !!!! it makes me so consious well ill tell you tomorrow if theyve gone

  139. I tried every method on here and I can tell you through experience that Abreva doesn’t help anything. Tootpaste is messy and annoying but helps dry out. The best thing to do is get a prescription for Famvir and keep it on you at all times, especially during stessful times and drastic changes in weather. I only take it when i feel one coming or see one already there. Take 2 500mg pills right away and 2 more 12 hours later. I also take 2000-3000mg of lysine when i feel one emerging. I the cold sore is already their before I take the meds, I use nail polish remover very few hours as well. The meds will make it where the sore stays small and the nail polish remover will dry out whatever has already developed. I use this method and even if I catch them late, I dry it out when it is still small and the sore is never even noticeable and it isn’t painful at all.

  140. I just got my first cold sores and they are the most awfull gross thing. I noticed my lips were chapped a few days ago and they stated to peel a little . never pick anything because it makes everything worse!Then i noticed a small raw cut where the skin had pleeled in the middle of my lip from the chapping. This little cut was so annoying and i kept biting it during bordome. Well the next morning i wake up with the middle of my lip swole to a pea, and a nice little cluster of itchy blisters on the bottom of my lip as well.after the second morning the cut had become a cold sore as well.GREAT! I bought Hepicine L , i duno if it works yet ( on second day).im goin to try some of these methods of drying it out like peroxside.
    thanks for the tips, good luck everyone, and if u pretend its not there other people wont notice as well!

  141. I take Lysine 1,000 mg every day. Avoid spicy foods….do not eat Almonds as they contain Arginine…Avoid Arginine and Ornithine men as it can cause an outbreak if you have the Herpes virus….get cold sores. It’s a virus and doesn’t go away but waits and comes out as a cold sore if certain conditions occur. If I get a cold sore I take my Lysine but 3 times that day…yeah 3,000 mg. Then I take a tablespoon of Pepto Bismol ….usually stomach is upset. I use Campho Phenique liquid and or ointment. Use a cotton swab…no double dipping. Wash hands often, don’t touch the sore. I’ve had them since childhood but don’t get them as much anymore. Keep you immune system up by taking good vitamins, avoid almonds. Get the book Vitamin Bible by Earl Mindell who is a herbalist and pharmacist. Good reference book. I used Abreva but it was too late in the day I guess and it didn’t work. Good Luck

  142. Well, I just got the second cold sore of my life. These things are horrible. My bottom lipped swelled three times the size it should be after putting on the abreva. The next day it started weeping some nasty looking fluid, my neck swelled and was painful to the touch, as well as all of my joints swelling and becoming painful. I even ran a fever. Of course, I went to the doctor. This the most painful and embarressing thing I have had to endure. I work in a hospital so missed the next day of work, luckily it was my friday..per MD’s orders. Anyway he prescribed Valtrex and I have to say it worked great, the next day the swelling started to go down and the scab began. I am now four days in it and have to return to work tomorrow, any suggestions on how to get rid of this HUGE scab on my face, I think it draws more attention to it than the swolen lip. Oh well, guess I will be wearing a surgical mask all day again, what a ****** way to get an occurence at work for calling off..because of a cold sore…this sucks!

  143. I have had cold sores since i can even remember!! I have tried everything nothing works.. and i get them like on a monthly basis.. it drives me nuts.. I tried The ice cube and then popped them and then put NPR .. It doesn’t seem to hurt so bad .. But i just wish they would hurry up and make something so it goes away in a day.. I usually wash my mouth with salt water just to get the infection out.. cuase usually the infection comes from inside!! So Please someone give me good tip!! I Don’t want them anymore!!

  144. ok… so i have been reading all these tips, because i have one (i think) and i am at work πŸ™ so this is what i did… i took two motrin, cut one in half.. swollowed 1 1/2 then took a mint tea bag and seeped it in VERY hot water.. i took a paper towel, put the other half of hte motrin in it and put a couple drops of the hot tea on it to melt it, in a couple seconds it formed a paste, i washed my hands and rubbed the paste on the open sore, it coated it, took away some of the pain and dried it out, while doing what motrin does and reduced the swelling… then you take the super hot tea bag (mint) and put it on the cold sore, it numbs it with the mint and reduces swelling with the hottness… i dont know how it will look tomorrow, but the swelling and redness is down and it doesen’t hurt anymore and it’s only been a half hour

  145. I just got a cold sore last night. sometimes I feel the tingle, but this time, no luck. What’s worse, my lip is swollen like you’d NEVER believe. I’m going out of town this weekend, and I desperately need this darn thing to go away. SO, I started doing some research. looks like the best thing to do is dry it out as soon as possible. I put hot water on a cotton ball and cleaned the sore, then put some nail polish remover (on a q-tip) and held it on the sore for 5 minutes. It stung a little, but it was manageable. The sore looks like it’s turned white. Then I had a moment of sheer genius. There’s this product called “bye bye blemish” which is a drying lotion for acne. it’s 10% sulfur. I just put it on the sore, it has dried, and I plan to leave it there for a few hours. I’ll check in and let you know if it worked.

  146. Oh, one more question… does anyone know if drawing salve works on cold sores? seems like a logical answer to drawing the bacteria out.

  147. I HATE CARMEX!!! I swear it gives me more cold sores then it prevents… i also get them from using listerine, so i had to buy crest pro-health mouthwash. Me, my sister and my mom have been getting them for as long as i can remember, and we usually get them around the same time and pretty bad. Ive done all these tricks (except the tea bag, which i’m definitley gonna have to try) and everything has its days that it works. I love campho-phenique, once the blisters have popped, it does a pretty good job. I have one now, just from biting my lip 2 days ago, and its HUGE!

  148. hi ya i have been getting cold sores about twice a month for the last yr well i tried compeed but this just made it worse i went to a chemist and was told to use bongela i thought yeah thats for teething but i was willing to give anything a go well it worked. you put it on at first sign of a cold sore when the bongela dried it puts a film on this stops infection and spreading i never had the yellow blisters it just shruk my cold sore lasted 3 days but it was a big nasty looking thing on my nose. i always use a lip balm with sun factor 15 hence i dont get them so much on my lips now just above and on my nose good luck to every suffer i know how you feel ive had one come up today and cant find the bongela thats why im here :~(

  149. ABREVA doesent work so i use HERPECIN L you can get it at Rite Aid, CVS, WLLGREENS, TARGET preety much everywhere that cells chap stick. I put it on my lip even at school because it is CLEAR. when i put it on you wont even know that i have a cole sore. You can not see the medicine and it puts something on the lip that the cold sore is there but you can not see it. Try it it also has SPF 50. I also use Burt’s Bees it works BUT is turns your lip WHITE, and it is made of beeswax

  150. I hate this i wake up this mourning boom! i got one on my lip geez i hate these i havent had one in a long time… and the day i got both wrk and school i get it… im trying the toothpaste/alcohol/poroxide looks a lil better but ti could be a trick…. i knew abreva dotn work but i kno valtrex wrks last time i took that boom! in one day its dissapearing and next gone but just 2 be safe dont kiss nobody for about 2weeks and keep put alcohol and blixtex ……… and for ppl who didnt kno when u just start using blistex ur lips r gonna feel weird after a while its like nuttin

  151. DO NOT USE Nail Polish Remover. This will just make it worse, especially if it has already blistered. I tried this and it spread across my face… HORRIBLE absolutely HORRIBLE.

  152. This cold sore is driving me crazy! Abreva does not work…it made mine bigger! Im going to go home and try the nail polish remover trick..hopefully I dont pass out! Im at work right now and wish I could just go home until this thing goes away!

  153. Here we go….
    Well i’ve suffered this “curse” since i was 4. From 4 – 12 i used to have 6-7 at a time on my lips and it happend every other week in the winter(but never in the summer). IT WAS DISGUTSING. unfortunatly i used zovirax which DID NOT HELP AT ALL! (NEVER USE ZOVIRAX). but now i have about 1 to 2 at a time and not often. When i have Cold Sores i try to get rid of them ASAP. Although im only 16 i’ve tried everything. In the first few times i’ve used it, Nail polish remover, as helped but after a while i didnt feel the “burn”. Although carmex diesnt really heal the cold sore it helps by relieves the itch, burn, etc.
    After “years” of serching i FINALLY found it, the “cure” this are the steps:
    1st: (Although it might not work) use Q-tip or Cotton ball to apply nail polish remover (w/ acetone)
    2nd: -this is the best medication- !Reliev! although at the cost of the USELESS aberiva, Reliev “kills” the cold sores in about 2 days and the symptoms in 1.
    3rd: apply reliev once more before going to sleep let it dry then apply carmex. I gurantee this will help heal ur cold sores.

    P.S. if u try this please Email me with the results

  154. Today I got my first cold sore in 5 years around 10:00 am. I woke up to an itch above my lip an with the two lightest scratches I had a cold sore. I immediately put ice on it to stop the swelling and cleaned the affected area with a little dettol. After reading everyone comments I bought rubbing alcohol and herpecin l (it was more of a lip balm not a cream). I put the rubbing alcohol on the infected area for a 5 minutes and then the herpecin (only on the affected area with a cotton swab). By 1 pm it wasn’t noticeable at all. I repeated the alcohol and herpecin steps ever few hours and by 6 pm the tingling and numbness feeling was completely gone. I hope this helps someone but whatever you do PLEASE DON’T POP ANYTHING IT WILL SPREAD, make sure you wash your hands after dealing with your cold sore (so you don’t spread anywhere else on you and others). By the way does anyone know how long it will take for me 2 kiss my daughter without spreading it to her?





  156. I have been getting cold sores since I was a young infant and I get probably 5 a year, less every year. I woke up yesterday morning feeling refreshed because I woke up at noon, only to realize as I walked into the bathroom that I had a huge fever blister/cold sore on my upper lip. I did not feel any tingling or pain, I just woke up and it was already in the growing stage. I learnt from experience that once it is already there that it will be there no matter what for at least a couple of days. I put ice on immediately for and hour, did nothing, put abreva on, did nothing! I have a tip that me and my brother use that gets rid of the sore part in a couple of days,lick it constantly for a couple of days. It is still there but doesn’t look like a cold sore just looks like a little cut/dent in your lip, very painful but it doesn’t look so damn ugly. One downside to this is that while u lick it it swells up alot and gets red around it. Does anybody have any tips to keep the swellin down, i will try the tea bag…bye.

  157. Hey everyone…I researched how to get rid of cold sores on google and found this site. Its nice to know that Im not the only one! I have had cold sores since I remember it happens when Im sick…I hate it. Ive tried abreva…just made it worse. I have tried Ice that made it worse. The last one I had before the one I have at the moment went away without me doing anything, it did take about 5 days but thats ok. So this time I tried Bactine, its a green and white bottle. I used to use it for my piercings. It takes away itchiness and swelling an kills the germs. I started last night, I put it on a clothe and held it there for a while, then i started to see it get smaller and dry out, so i did it again this mornin….and guess what it started to go away!!!!!!!! It still hurts a little but guess what the bactine numbs it for a while (: well I hope that this helps you all, try it I promise it doesnt burn at all!

  158. Usually, I pop mine with a safety pin or a razor blade. Then, I clean it for about 5 minutes straight with peroxide. I used to use rubbing alcohol, but I’ve found over the years that peroxide works better. Abreva SUCKS! Releev SUCKS! Zovirax SUCKS! I have yet to find something that minimizes the appearence of these nasty suckers!

  159. I just tried grating garlic and placing it on the cold sore. I nearly fainted from the pain, but after that it dried up and some swelling has come down. I am also going to try eating some raw garlic as it is supposed to kill any germs in sight. Wish me luck!

  160. omg were goin on a unitrip on sunday and ma lip lookS BIG! :((((( im so depressed just made and appointment last time i had it must have been wen i was 10!!!!!! its 2nd day! whats da solution!! anyone??

  161. I have a massive, really deep in the skin cold sore on my CHEEK!!! Go figure!

    It all happened because i felt a tingle on my chin and i must’ve touched it and then touched a small little pimple i had on my cheek!! WARNING PEOPLE!!! a cold sore can happen anywhere.. not just on your lip or nose! It is so painful because of it being so deep in the skin. I have been getting cold sores since i can remember and i have tried EVERYTHING under the sun. Nothing has worked for me, then my Nan told me to use a tiny bit of perfume to dry it out with. Now i find that if i pop the little blisters and put the perfume on straight away, moniter the weeping and wipe it away every few mins until it does’nt weep anymore it dries up a lot quicker. Hopefully it will go away soon… its SO UGLY!

  162. When you have a cold sore you need to be very careful….use Q-Tips not your fingers….wash hands after every application….of whatever your applying and start taking Lysine about 500-1000mg every morning before breakfast with water. I’ve done this for years and it helps alot but doesn’t always eliminate them. Use Campho Phenique(spelling) as it works to heal them so they don’t spread. Forget the nail polish as you might get a reaction. Don’t eat Almonds or anything high in Argine or Orthine….get a vitamin book that discusses vitamins and food. The Vitamin Bible by Earl Mindell is very good …about $6 bucks and well worth it. Don’t let your immune system get run down or too much alcohol or stress and this doesn’t help. If you want to cover it up for a date or whatever is the brown or flesh colored clearasil (it also dries it up like zits or covergirl makeup and use a Q-Tip not your fingers. Good Luck Ladies!!!

  163. Hello! Well I have one right now, and Im looking at all the tips. Ive tried L-Lycine annd it works okay I guess. But i tried rubbing alcohol and it seems to work. I just for mine Saturday morning and today is Monday and its already yellow around and scabbing. I just tried the Nail polish remover so Im not sure on how that will work! Oh I also tried this really weird tip… I poked a hole at the bottom of a Ibeprofun gel cap and poured it on my cold sore last night! I really cant say what it has done to me because Ive been using so many things!

    But if you would PLEASE tell me some ways to get rid of it faster now.
    Its yellow and scabby now… What shall I do now!?
    pleease e-mail me!:)

  164. ugh…

    i have three seperate cold sores and they’re all in different places on my lips… i’ve been trying abreva and it really has worked for me before, but it’s not working this time… ugh…..

    i think i’ll try using the pepto-bismol trick on one, the nail polish remover on the second, and toothpaste on the third….

    guess we’ll see how it goes…

  165. The best thing for my cold sores is gently scrubbing the cold sore with searing water.
    Once you think you’ve scrubbed enough, apply your favorite cold sore treatment cream, mine is a German kind called Aciclostad directly on the cold sore, and a little bit around.
    Then apply Abreva (which only works at the first tingle) all around your mouth except for the cold sore area to ensure not getting another one of the nasty suckers.
    Repeat every 2 hours if possible.
    DO NOT scratch or pick your cold sore.
    It delays the healing time, spreads the pus which could cause more cold sores, and reddens it making it EVEN more noticable.
    Thanks for all the other great tips I got from this site! πŸ˜€

  166. The best thing for my cold sores is gently scrubbing the cold sore with searing water.
    Once you think you’ve scrubbed enough, apply your favorite cold sore treatment cream, mine is a German kind called Aciclostad directly on the cold sore, and a little bit around.
    Then apply Abreva (which only works at the first tingle) all around your mouth except for the cold sore area to ensure not getting another one of the nasty suckers.
    Repeat every 2 hours if possible.
    DO NOT scratch or pick your cold sore.
    It delays the healing time, spreads the pus which could cause more cold sores, and reddens it making it EVEN more noticable.
    Thanks for all the other great tips I got from this site! πŸ˜€

  167. The key for me is catching them early. Whenever i feel the tingeling i start applying loads of abriva, and usually the don’t show up. But sometimes they magically appear full grown out of thin air, one minute my lip is fine, then a tiny cluster of pussbumps just appear; in this case i wage war by cutting them open or poking at them with a needle. Then i generesly apply abriva every 15 min,the goal is to dry it out so it scabs as soon as possible. Ice sucks, abriva works sometimes, I dont know what to do, they completly gross my girlfriend out. But i think i will try some bactine.

  168. so i woke up yesterday morning with an enormous cold sore on my lip. it basically came out of nowhere, i mean no warning or anything. so i started taking lysine right away and put some abreeva on it. by the way abreeva does not work. nor does zovirax. what a waste of money! so today i went to the pharmacy and bought some more lysine (1000 mg) and this stuff i have never heard of, it’s called ” Morgan’s Lysine Lip Balm” I paid $10 for the two products, and i must say my cold sore is almost gone! did i mention i took 9000 mg of lysine today? well yea i did, but hey my cold sore has almost vanished, and to me that is all that matters! Good Luck!

  169. All these weird tea-bag, razor blade, salt water treatments just don’t seem to work for me, and I think sometimes they can make things worse. I find the best, safest and most simple solution is to just avoid it totally. When you feel that annoying itchy tingling sensation at the beginning, don’t touch it AT ALL (this will be difficult, but you must fight the urge to touch it!), don’t lick it, don’t put anything on it (no creams, potions or remedies), and just forget about it! (Stressing about it might make it worse!) I have one now, but it’s only day 3 and it’s practically gone because I let it run its course without interfering.

    The only thing I have ever used to try and help with cold-sores are those sticky clear patches you put over the sore (can’t remember the name), but I found that unless you do this right at the beginning (at the very first signs that a sore might be emerging, even before it starts to tingle), they can be ineffective; otherwise they are pretty good. I guess the main aim of these is to stop you from touching them anyway, so if you do that without the patches you’ll be ok (and save a small fortune πŸ˜€ )

  170. Okay, so cold sores absolutely SUCK and well all know that. Heres my remedy for getting rid of it within 2-4 days.

    (1)When you first feel the tingling sensation, apply a thin layer of Blistex (MAKE SURE IT SAYS “FOR COLD SORES” ON IT). For me, this weakens it and makes it easier to deal with in the future.

    (2)After it becomes that big ugly bump, just use a cotton swap and apply a thicker layer of Blistex on the affected areas. Even though you may feel discomfort, dont tamper with it AT ALL!

    (3)Once you feel the layer of Blistex has “died down” and a nasty yellow scab has formed from the ****, lightly wash it with a wet cloth to remove the scab, and re-apply the blistex again.

    Repeat steps (2) and (3) until the discomfort is gone and the nasty bubble-like thingies have popped.

    TIP: Put on generous amounts of Blistex when you go to sleep, because that’s when it is the most effective. Also, wash your cold sores in the shower (making sure theres not too much water pressure) because this also helps a lot.

    Follow these steps and your ugly cold sores should be gone within 2-4 days :D.

    (P.S. Blistex can be found at any pharmacy for around $3.00 CAN, also if you apply a bit of Blistex to your lips daily, it will prevent any outbreaks from occurring. I haven’t had one in roughly a year now because I apply it regularly)

  171. I have been getting them on my lips since i was young and what i do is put toothpaste on it and it seems to do the trick


  173. This is my trick:
    At the sign of the first tingle (EWW I know), Immediately wash that area of the skin with hot, soapy water, then apply Abreva (or other over the counter cold sore medication).
    This may prevent the cold sore completely…however, if it continues…
    1. Wash with soap (gently) and extremely hot water
    2. Apply Abreva and let set for an hour or so, then apply CoverGirl tansluncent powder. For me, this dries it right up, and the demon cold sore is gone in 2-3 days.
    3. Make sure you keep up with this routine morning and night. At nighttime, make sure to coat in cold sore blistex and abreva combined.

    Hopefully this works for you too, good luck fellow suffer-ers.

  174. Ok, so i got this cold sore,and i have braces so yeah its in with the ******* blister things on the inside of my mouth. And its driving me mad because i have a boyfriend who wont come near me, thats a given lol im contagious.. ughhh.

    but the best tip i can give is;
    dont touch it! it mutates and gets worse and yucky haha! instead i like use VICKS VAPORUB it tingles and feels nice and you know that feeling, kinda like.. fresh yerh well it feels good.
    gone in days!
    Another good one is BONJELA numbing cream, thats always a good relief from pain, not sure if it helps though i think its helping me.
    different aye. give it a try i mean everyone is different.

    Good luck and i hope you get the pulsating monstrosity off your lips.. they hurt lol.

  175. Well idont realy know what i should do with mine. any tips? this is my first coldsore ever, and im 18. Right now its a HUGE yellow scab. Its like all connected into one giant mass and its a big yellow scab and i dont know what to do. I have never had one of thses before and the abreeva stuff seems to absorb and make the scab get thicker.

  176. first sign of a cold sore make sure you go out buy some sort of coldsore cream like zoviorax (how ever u spell it) but the most important thing to do straight away is to buy Lysine tablets, which are just vitamins but are purely based for cold sores. It is one of the eight essential amino acids needed for human development. it helps reduce the frequency and severity of outbreaks of cold sores and provides relief for the symptoms of cold sores.
    and i know a lot of you tend to wash the infected area with water, you really shouldnt. it is ok when you first feel the sypmtoms but once is has become a scabby ***** sore the more you wet it and get it moist the more it will fight and sometimes even spread. just numb it with medicated cold sore cream, take your tablets and leave it alone. It will be gone a lot faster, sometimes it wont even break out if you get on to it straight away, the tablets work a treat!

  177. okay well
    i HATE cold sores
    i’ve had them almost all my life
    people alwayz ask me
    eew wat is that
    or ‘u have herpes?’
    i usually juss leave them alone
    but i put abreeva and zovirax
    i also put ice wen it first comes out to stop the swellin
    so yea

  178. This morning i had the need to lick my lips alot.
    I had to take two hour test and during the test i noticed i had a C0LDS0RE! :[ so i quickly grabbed my chapstick and rubbed alot of it on the coldsore area. It made it go down a little but not alot it helps.


  179. all i can say is CREST toothpaste..this stuff is absolutely amazing..i had tried everything before tea,abreva,carmex,nail polish remover..nothing…i got a cold sore friday..its monday now the cold sore is nothing but a tiny tiny little scab..take a q-tip, put some toothpaste on a little plate..pour some water on it..and just mix the toothpaste with the q-tip until u see little bubbles through the mixing..then just dab the toothpaste on ur cold sore..leave it on the whole day then take a hot shower to take it off and add on again next me this stuff is unreal

  180. Cold sores blow. There is no quick and easy way.

    I heard though you can get an over the counter medication from your doctor that helps big time. However, you will want to get this from your doctor to have on hand to take as soon as you see signs. Ask your doctor about it. Also I was able to get this at the University Health Services at my college.

    Otherthings I have found to help are the over the counter creams, although they are embarassing to buy, I reccommend buying a few because the first time i used Abreva it worked great and now it does nothing for me.

    Another thing that can help besides lysine (which i have never used but many people seem to say helps) is Zinc or Ecenacia (not sure of the spelling but that is how it sounds). They boost your immune system and seem to lessen the lenth for me, especially healing the scab phase.

  181. I use peroxide applied with a q tip.than next day i use vasoline.i repeat wit peroxide again at night and add camphopenique antiseptic .it does work awesome and fast on cold sores.

  182. I just wanted to say im amazed at all the different things everyone has tried – I’ve never heard of half of them, but I’m not above trying them! I usually stick to Campho-Phenique, which has always worked for me (maybe not as quickly as I would like) and I’ve always passed it on to friends looking for a remedy. I noticed a huge ‘goober’ (as my boyfriend & I like to call them) on my lip this afternoon, and it couldn’t go away any sooner! I just tried the warm water, then peroxide thing, so let’s hope it works! Thanks again, you guys are ALL extremely helpful!

  183. When I start to feel a cold sore coming, I put on the Abreva. I also start to take a pill three times a day called Lysine. Morning, lunch, and dinner. It helps a lot. I usually take it everyday to prevent them and of course, the month I stop, I get them.

  184. I really hate coldsores, they ruin my day and they always seem to come come at the worst possible times! For instance, i got a cold sore today, and this Saturday i have a friend’s wedding in which i am a part of the bridal party! And no matter what i do, i know it wont be gone by then!
    My advice to everyone is use abreva or zovirak (sp) and just dont think about it!!
    Make sure you change your toothbrush and toothpaste when you get it aswell!

    Coldsores are awful… why cant their be a cure??

  185. Denavir (penciclovir Cream) 1% 1.5 g is about the best thing you can get for cold sores. You do need a prescription for it and it costs about $30-35 but it’s worth it. Speeds healing time and if you can get it on your cold sore at the first sign it will stop it from getting any bigger and speed healing time.

  186. i get coldsores 1nce a month and the homiapath has treatment but if ur not bothered ten soak it every nite n ginger tea and after dap on tea tree oil its a miracle water!n if ur really lazy jus do wat u do best sleep 15 hours a day to boost energy which demolishes and kills coldsores!!!!

  187. i am only fourteen but i saw a tiny red dot so straight away i mixed warm soapy water with disinfectant and tea tree oil which kills the germs and than i iced it and the next day the little red dot was gone, i have another one now and it is very annoying and saw so i used the soapy water with the disinfectant and tea tree oil and than iced and it swelled down and i could hardly see it the next day, bye

  188. My boyfriend thinks that im cheating on him……he thinks I gave oral sex to another boy….he said that is the only way to get them….thanks for all ur tips they really helped!!!!!

  189. I have had them since before i can remember! i got one this morning (brilliant!) i munch on a whole heap of lysine tablets (the more the better) smother my sore in zovirax and when i get home i ice it for a good 20 mins because i find that stops it from turning into a blister

  190. I got a cold sore once and i put Vaseline on it and it really made a difference. However you should wash it with warm water and soap first!

  191. hello fellow sufferers, cold sores kiss ass, and i seem to get that tingling sign of a cold sore whenever im out, so in evry bag i carry a small tube of Lucas’ papaw ointment its awesome, i used it as lip balm but ive found that it really sooths my lips when i get that little red blister, then as soon as you get home put on the cold sore cream and ice for a couple of minutes……..woo
    funny story… years eve 03 kissed a few boys woke up and had 4 COLDSORES!!! you actually couldnt see my top lip because my bottom one was so big and i was away at the beach and wasnt going home for 2 weeks it was the worst week ever! so another tip if you go out to a club or something and kiss a guy/girl maybe check to see if they are infected first! i curse that boy for giving me this retched virus grrr

  192. There’s a thing called Cold Sore Begone that works. Its a little bottle with a wizard on it. They swear it works or your money back. I’ve used that before. Also girls if you want to cover it up wear a deep red lipstick. That helps conceal it.

  193. Grr,
    coldsores suck,
    i got one this morning and its my mates birthday on saturday and i know it wont be gone by then! i know it sounds grose, but if you dab some perfume onto the area then it dries it up quicker so the coldsore goes quicker too, even thought yu still have to suffer the dodgy scabs tho . Grr, why cant there be a cure! x

  194. I have tried everything under the sun with these damn cold sores and nothing works i am getting to the point that i give up. So if anyone has any tips email me

  195. i have had cold sores since i was a baby and when i get them there are always 2 or 3 of them so my lips end up looking like steve tylers and its so gross and annoying but i use lysine and put sorvax on it with a hot hot hot washcloth on it and wait a few hours then out ice on it then put a tiny bit of salt on a wash cloth and it works a bit i mean there is no way really to cure them it just takes time ………………………………always annoyed and tired over these sucker clod sores ..Lauren

  196. i had blisters ever since i was a toddler but every time i go through the tingle stage i pop some carmex on and itll be gone so quick but yu gotta keep applyin it nd it never turn into a blister

  197. I get cold sores 3-4 times a year. Ive tried so many things, but using pure oregano oil and abreeva really does work. My cold sores dont even get that big and in a week its almost gone!

  198. The dose of lysine should probably be 3 grams per day. The tablets are available in 500 mg and 1000 mg (1 gm) size. You don’t have to take the whole dose at once, but I do. The tablets are big and hard for me to swallow, so I chew them up – they don’t taste good but there are worse things. Chase the chewed tablets with gummy candies, especially the sour ones, to get rid of the taste.

    This is both preventive and expedites healing. If you are in a situation that promotes cold sore emergence – stress, pms, excess sun, fatigue, other viral illness, etc., start taking the lysine and stop the &*##@ things before they start!

    Lysine is an amino acid – a protein building block. It isn’t toxic at these doses, doubt you could stand to take enough of it to do harm.

    This preventive/cure was discovered serendipitously during a study of something else at Johns Hopkins. I don’t recall the details, but that’s where the 3 gram dose comes from. If you google it you can probably find out.

    If you don’t get to the lysine in time, Abreeva really helps.
    My doctor recommends and will prescribe for me Valcyclovir, 2 grams one time at the first sign of a cold sore. It works, but that stuff is crazy expensive!

  199. i like abreeva a lot that always helps. But recently my mom told me to put hydrogen peroxide on it to help dry it out and it works like a charm! def give it a try. i just put some on a q-tip apply it to my lip.

  200. I’ve gotten cold sores seen I was a baby. Only 2 of my other siblings get them, but out of my whole family I get them the worst. I get cold sores about 3 times a year. When I get them I usually get 5 or more all around my mouth. Anyways I put Peroxide and Abreva on them about 5 times a day. I also take a lot Lysine tablets. I’ve heard that green tree oil is really good. To prevent cold sores i would suggest to not get to much sun exposer. Stress is supposed to cause them and don’t eat to much citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, grapefruit ect.


    got one of these badboys on the wednesday. no “hello, nice to meet you” tingle on my lip, just woke up and there it was! so i used zovirax (similar to any other coldsore cream) for about 24hrs, and as usual it wasnt doing anything in a hurry. so i checked this website and got myself some lysine cream from holland and barratts for 2.99 (the tablets were expensive and wereaimed at constant sufferers) 3 days later, HALLULUJAH!! its literally gone. so my friends, get yourself some LYSINE CREAM stat!!!!!!

  202. I just got my secound cold sore ever today, but i’m glad this one isn’t as bad as my first one. my first one was actually a fever blister. but this time i kinda knew what to expect because i looked up what to do last time cuz obveslly i’m going to get them for now on. so this time as soon as i felt the tingle i put abreava on it and then put an ice cube directly on it. for about 2 hours straight, that made the sweeling stop and the redness go away. now i’m just constantly putting carmex on it and later tonight i plan on putting proxied on it (i just learn that it would help dry it out on here) and it seems to be doing good. its way small and dosn’t tingle or hurt anymore. like i said i’m way more satisfied with this then the fever blister i got the first time because i didn’t know what to do and it just got worse.
    I’ve learned alot on this site and plan on using these diffrent techniques and see what works best for me.
    :] thanks for the tips

  203. urrghhh, these cold sores are dire.

    i think this is my first lot, ive got one on each side of my lip and like 4 or 5 jus outside my mouth, rank.

    ive been putting loads of vaseline of them cos i thought it was just chapped lips but reading these posts and the article there obviously cold sores.. lysine is the best or wot?

  204. Try using these 3 steps…always works for me when i get them

    1.) apply ice to the sore, hold it on until you can’t bare it anymore.
    2.) Use hydrogen peroxide it dries out the sore and the sore should be smaller by the next day.
    3.) Finally use aloe cools the sore and prevents it from coming back.
    HOPE IT WORKS πŸ™‚ it works for me

  205. ok seriously this is THE BEST way to rid of the cold sore AND! you can have fun doing it.

    it’s simple

    go to the beach and play in the Ocean. Seriously its that easy! the salt water will dry out the cold sore in about half an hour to the point where its nothing but a small dot. Seriously it works.

  206. I’ve gotten cold sores since i can remember. I’ve tried many different remedies and the best ones that i know of are:
    1. Once you feel and outbreak coming on, put an over the counter cream on it ASAP. this will dry it out and prevent it from becoming to large. keep in mind: its most likely going to get worse to get better. don’t lose hope!
    2. take lysine tablets. the tablet support collagen and tissue maintenance. take 3-4 a day durring an outbreak. lysine should also be taken as a daily vitimen for those who do suffer from cold sores (1-2 regularlly)
    3. refrain from picking/popping. not only do the fulid inside of cold sores are most likely going to spread if they come in contact with other surfaces of you face, but picking at your sores increases the possibily of scaring.
    4. once your cold sore is dried up and scabbing/ed over be sure to mostureize! cracking lips are less likley to heal then ones that are treated with a moistrizing agent. try: medicated mentha lip remedy/ or aloe vera

  207. hi…
    i i hav the worst cold sore and now its all dry and i’m really sad because i have to go to school and i don’t want anyone to see it but they can and its embaressing
    i was putting tea tree oil on it but its just dried it out to much

  208. I know when a cold sore is coming because I feel a bump on my lip and the next day it comes and I got one today I haven’t had it for almost a year!

  209. i just got a cold sore and it KILLS and now i have 2 go 2 school on monday and i have to hide it all day AND be in pain

  210. I’ve been living with cold sores since I was 12. My first outbreak was quite ugly from my top lip to inside my nose, yuk! If you feel an itch on your skin particularly around common areas you get cold sores than you can almost guarantee that it is one… measure is to get at it before it starts breaking out as it will reduce the severity of the blister, but if you don’t it will get worse before it gets better. The most effective treatment I have found so far that’s readily availabe is Zovirax – I don’t leave home without it!

  211. NEVER EVER EVER EVER use Nail varnish remover…..I read a few reviews on here about how effective it was to put nail varnish remover on a cold sore so i did this the following day my lip was huge and my cheek was swollen for a few days the cold sore grew and took double the amount of time it should have to disappear. I have now got another one after not having a little visitor in over a year so I am extremely stressed however I have decided to just leave it for time to hea;l the more you mess the more stubborn they are!! Good Luck all you fellow sufferers!xxx

  212. I have gotten cold sores forever,they suck!Right now i have one on my lower left side of my lip and another on the right side.And i have a birthday party to go to tomorrow.Ahh!

  213. I use toothpaste as soon as you feel it put a generous amount of tooth paste on (peppermint works best) and it goes away i am doing this right now! =[ hope it is gone soon i just changed schools and don’t have many friends as it is!

  214. i read that if you eat licorice[sp?] it stops the bacteria/virus from spreading because it has some enzyme or something.

    i haven’t tried it but i will if i find some
    i have a horrible cold sore and i’m on the 3rd day
    as of right now i’m trying a cold sore treat meant from oragell[sp?] and it nubms the pain but it swells the sore
    should that happen?

    i’ve been getting cold sores since the 7th grade and really i have no idea how i got it, i’ve never kissed anyone b4…
    help me out?

  215. I get cold sores so bad. My worst outbreak was 5 at once and all in different spots on my lip. I am having a very hard time finding something that works. The only thing that i found that significantly reduces the outbreaks was over the counter pills like Zovirax and famvir. I went from maybe getting a cold once every 2 months to maybe 2 a year. the pills are expensive but they are worth it.

  216. I get cold sores every 2 weeks, so I have plenty of time to experiment with what works, and with what doesnt. What I have found to be the most efficient is Hydrogen Peroxide, I use it every time, and it seems to help out a lot. I recently tried taking Valtrex (1000mg) for the first time, and it seemed to help as well. Hard to tell though if its the HP thats working or the medication. But however Valtrex muxt have helped to some degree, because my cold sores retreated in 2 day without even bursting. Boy was I relieved, since I had exams at school, and wouldnt have been able to hide out until the cold sores went away.
    I also take lysine tablets 2 a day. They help a lot with reducing they severity of the outbreaks.
    What doesnt work is lysine ointment, or vasiline. Herpes grow in warm moisture. So the key is to keep the area dried out. Thats why Hydrogen Peroxide is effective.

  217. Hey

    right now i have this gross blistery cold sore on my bottom lip!
    and its so embarrassing like i go to school and it seems to be the only thing ppl look at when they talk to me
    Anyways i try baking soda with a tad of water. You put like a teaspoon of baking soda in a cup and a tad of water, not to much that it will make it liquid, but just enough to make it in to a paste. anyways rub that on to ur lip where the cold sore is .. it stings for a little bit but its totally worth it.. and after like 10 minutes take that off and put a fresh bit on and .. ull be amazed the cold sore totally is like gone

  218. when you feel the cold sore comming just out an ice cube on the cold sore and leave it there from about 5-10 mins and it should go away but do it when you feel the cold sore comming.

    And also i herd from a science teacher in my school if you put a hot tea bag on a cold sore it goes away. iv tried it and it works.

    but ovesly using leading brand cold sore creams work the best.

  219. This may totally sound gross.For my sores that come in my nose, I use my husbands ear wax.Putting it directly on the scabs, it soften it and heaks up in 2 days. I tried using my wax and even my children wax, but their and mine do not work. I don’t know if it has something to do with what my husband eats but it works.when I figure it out i will let all of you sufferers of this know.

  220. Wow, I tried that toothpaste on the sore and it is gone by 1 HOUR!!!!!
    It really works.(Maybe it matters on who the person is…)

  221. the new oragell patches yea they take away the pain bhut i just started using them and i have gotten 6 in a week my lips r soo nasty and i hate going to school but its exams so i have to. i have used a spice alum it kinda works u just wet ur figure dab a lil alum on it them apply to cold sore. im a teen and i have had cold sores sense i was lik 3 soo believe me ive tried everything wutever u do dont pop it i just popped mine even though i new it didnt help it takes away pain but i no tomorrow that ill have three new ones. icing helps alot and wash ur pillow cases and anything u com in contact with us straws when nesisarry and sun block on ur lip . When u get a cold sore yea it totalyy sucks but u just got to deal with it and DONT touch or pop it the spread,, but im gonna try the toothpaste thing hope it works. ??

  222. I have dealed with them since i can remember. Every school picture of me, I always had one. And they used to last like 4 days to a week. I GET RID OF THEM IN ONE DAY NOW. Heres how, if you even think you are getting one dont wast a sec. put heavy Carmex on it. This will sufficate it. Wait untill it just starts to blister (maybe 4 or 6 hours) depends on when you catch it, and (pop it) with a needle and immediately apply rubbing alcohol for the next hour. Might have to pop and apply again, but as long as you keep it dryed out with rubbing alcohol with in 24hrs. it will just be a sore like when you cut yourself shaveing, or get to ruff playing with the kids or any other great excuses!!!

  223. k nothing ever wrks 4 me either…but read all ur comments n am trying the toothpaste at d mo….stinging like mad so hopefully dat means its wrking

    gud luck 2 every1 else!!!

  224. I find that putting nail varnish remover on it or even tooothpaste on it is really effective. Apply the nail varnish remover onto a cottom bud and press it against the sore . Do that for every so often . Keep doing it until the sore drys out and turns into a scap , turning it into a scap is the best hing to do because that means its getting better and then just put Zovirax or Carmex or some kind of cream on it . It should help , well thats what i do and it does .

  225. I get my sore in the cornors of my mouth because i lick them when they are chaped.
    And I am doing the tooth paste remady and stiny at first but dont know how long i leave it on for. I need the fastest way (under 1 day) to get rid of them. I hate talking to people because thats all they look at

  226. Hey,
    I get cold sores really really bad. Its very unusual for me not to get one at least once a month. This morning i woke up and i felt like i had a fat lip, yep another stupid cold sore. I put Aloe on it at noon and its now 6 and almost completely gone. Also after i put the aloe on it, i did the tea bag thing, i think that hepled alot too.

  227. I have had cold sores for over 5 years and right now i have one and i need to get rid of it or i cant go to work on wednesday!!! i take zovirax and it helps but i need to get rid of it asap…any ideas?? please let me know!!

  228. I take a valtrex evry once in a while and I have been reduced to about 2 to maybe 3 a year also zovirex cream, rubbing alcohol and petroleum jelly lay it on thick it usually works in a couple days!

  229. i woke up the other day and felt the tingle, i new what it was but hoped it was just a normal spoT!!! the next day it had spread into 3 cold soars!!!!!!! im trying toothpaste right now,(aquafresh) tingles like hell so it better be working. not leaving the house till they have gone, tip is dont drink out of a can when you think you might be getting one πŸ™

  230. I have just tried using hand sanitiser (the anti bacterial hand wash without water) and it has dried the cold sore right out πŸ™‚ WOO HOO!!!

    put some on the affected area .. and get a tissue and apply pressure on it … it may sting a little but it is wroth it!

    Please note … this worked for me but may not work for u … so just be cautious!!!!

  231. I have a few ideas: when you feel the tingling, hold an ice cube on it for as long as you can, and do that over & over until the blister doesn’t even come out!

    Unfortunately I am one of the few who get them all over inside my mouth – an unfortunate side effect of having taken an acne medication in my 20’s. If anyone has any ideas about those, well, just let me know.

    If you get recurring cold sores, find a doctor who will prescribe 800 mg Zovirax pills (CDN drug name) every (?2-4 hours?) for a few days. It just blows the virus out of the water. You may have to repeat this a few times, but then the virus seems to go into remission. Side effects of this medication – zilch. I just can’t find a doc. who will work with me at the moment, so I had to eat soup for the past week as I just had a full blown session inside my mouth. Oh well.

  232. HESPERIDIN & Vit C with Lysine — Hesperidin is the KEY — but in an emergency I have even used JO feminine lube at 1st tingle — & my mouth cleared up within the day. I also once cut my lip where the coldsore was. Where it was sliced off it took years to recur so i had relief for a long period.

  233. I just had an outbreak of coldsores which I have been getting for my whole life. I find that the fastest was to cure them is to hold an ice cube on it for about 5-10 minutes. Or whenever the cube melts, whichever comes first. The apply rubbing alchohol to it and it should be g one by then next morning =]


  235. I get cold sores all the time, sometimes three a month. I hate the way the make you feel out in public. I didn’t realise there was anything you could do to get rid of them, but I found this product called Zovirax – it’s quite expensive (Β£6.35 per tube) but it works really well. I got a cold sore on Sunday evening, and smothered it before it became a big blister (it was already raised). I kept it smothered in the cream for 24 hours, the next day it was almost gone! Usually nothing works for me, they get really big and sometimes they spread, I’ve had them since I was about seven. Try Zovirax! Also look up Lycine, I have ordered a Lycine suppliment, apparently it helps.

  236. What i do is i put some campho phenique on it then i put rubbing alcohol then baking soda and ikeep repeating a couple times then i reapply every two hours or so. it is usually gone it three days at the max!

  237. i have been having cold sores since i can remember. i have this really big one right now and its hard to talk because its causing my whole top lip to swell up. i have been using hydrogen peroxide, toothpaste and lots of ice but its taking a while.. can anyone help. something like really fast like an hour please email me…

  238. man.. what is up with cold sores?! 25 now and i have been gettin them since i was 10..too bad my gma didnt tell me NOT to drink after her so i wouldnt be bombarred by this terrible occurence! but here i am researching how to get rid of them..i swear if i read somewhere that all you had to do was eat a hand full of dog sh*t, i would eat two hand fulls! i get them that bad…i have tried lysine,carmex,kanka,aberva,herpcin L,rubbing alcohol,EARWAX, and now im trying a tea bag..obviously nothing has worked for me yet. i cant get any medication from a doctor for it and im just plum out of ideas. im going to north carolina to visit a friend in two days and im just completely mortified. this is when i wish i was muslim so my face would always be covered.. IF ANYONE KNOWS HOW OR WHAT TO DO PLEASE EMAIL ME PRONTO!

    i would seriously love you forever!


    for real! like i said before this i have tried everything for YEARS, and i tried this yesterday and my dang cold sore has went 75% away.. i know its not gone all the way but at least now i can put make up on it and i will look normal.. this is what i did.

    i just got a regular tea bag (orange pekoe) and got a cup of the hottest water that comes out of the faucet, i let the tea bag soak for 3 or so mins the wrapped one side in a towel and put the bag on my lip.. the hottness hurt for like a few secs but after that it actually made it feel good. i did this till the bag got cold and did it again. i kept doing it all night. now im at the scab (gross!) part and its pretty much taken care of from there..

    and i HATE tea! for real, it was actually kinda making me sick to my tummy cause i have never ever ever drank tea before.. but at least im back to my old beautiful self again!

    good luck yall

  240. Ok enough of all of the over the counter stuff. I used to get the worst cold sores from stress. I read online somewhere years ago that Lyzine which you can purchase at GNC or probably anywhere helps to deter these cold sores from forming. IT WORKS NO LIE. I just take 2 pills when I feel 1 coming which is usually when I stress or I am in sun. TRUST ME!! I have every over the counter crap abreveetc… forget about those they don’t work. Good Luck

  241. unfortunately i am a sufferer…thanks for all the tips
    i was only using valtrax but will definitely try something new

  242. I’ve noticed that going out in bright sunshine, especially in winter, can set one off with me so I try to remember to use a sunscreen. The best cure I’ve found is the “over the counter” remedy; Zovirax, or the chemists own brand.The active ingredient is aciclovir. If I apply it every twenty minutes or so, as soon as I feel the slightest hint of that tell tale tingling sensation, then I find it really does halt it before it erupts. You must be quick though and apply it immediately and frequently. I carry mine around all the time, it’s worth it. It’s only a tiny tube so it’s no big deal. It costs about Β£5 but a tube lasts me for a few sessions.
    I have used tea tree oil too, which helps but isn’t as good. Tree tea oil is brilliant for healing up small cuts and grazes and spots.

  243. I have noticed that I get coldsores about 5-10 times a year. It’s not a pleasant thing to look at, and I do use Perscription, but sometimes I just really wanted to know how to get rid of one in one day? Anywho, some ways that I get rid of mine within a couple of days is to don’t touch it! I know its a temptation, but you can’t, otherwise it’l spread. Another thing, is to get perscription at the pharmacy. I know its about $40 for a pinky size tube, but it works great!

  244. Im 14 turning 15 in a few months and i have been getting cold sores since like 1st grade.
    Idk what to use anymore it pisses me off. I want to cut off my lips! Anyways i heard from smart kids in school that they’re doing alot of research to find a cure for this disgusting thing. I have also found that smoking weed helps with stress alot, but you can get it with sharing with other people.

  245. I have been getting cold sores for as long as I can remember. The cold sores I get often occur around my lips, making the it look even worse. The most effective regimen I have found is to apply an over the counter ointment called Abreva and to take Lysene, which is a natural suppliment, several times a day. My cold sores usually begin to clear up within four days.

  246. i have tried abreva, zovirax.. but theyu arent workimg for me .. it seems like i get cold sore for every important event! help?!?

  247. Advice from an “old hand”

    I have suffered from cold sores and I manage mine well, they never make it to break out. Not only are they miserable looking, they cause me to run a low grade fever. I have been dealing with these for 20+ years.

    1. I take an L-lysine tablet daily as a preventitive measure. Its inexpensive and avalable at any pharmacy – I use walmart. As a result I have had to deal with fewer outbreaks.

    (2) When I feel the least tingle, I double the L-lysine supplement for at least a week to ten days. After doubling the L=lysine, if its still tingling. I resort to my Rx listed below.

    (3) I went to my family physician and obtained an RX for Acyclovir pills(generic for Zovirax) especially if the tingling does not stop with L-lysine. During an “attack” I take four a day, after 4 days or so, I take two a day, then discontinue for a day or two. If the tingling comes back – I go back to the 4 a day. (It is not necessary to take L=lysine during the time you are taking pills. There is also a Zovirax cream which is very effective. I use the cream in conjuction with the pills and have very had an actual “break out” of blisters.

    (4) I don’t eat or drink hot products (hot tea, hot coffee, soup,etc) and I refrain from eating highly spiced foods, such as halopenas peppers.

    I have “attacks” about 4 or 5 times a year, but have had as many as 3 in one month. I have succeeded in having no “break outs” in spite of my “attacks”. The best medicine is stopping them from breaking out in the first place. When I feel that tingle – I start treating, I don’t wait.

    Herpes I or cold sores are contagious even before the break-out and for some period of time afterwards. Please be careful of spreading it to others through kissing (anywhere), touching lips and then touching your eyes or someone elses’, shared toothbruches. Be especially careful with oral hygiene.

    I hope my years of experience can benefit another suffer.

  248. I treat mine with “full on attack” – I use Zovirax pills & cream. Pills 4x/day and cream as needed. I also take L-lysine supplement, one tablet daily for prevention. (I don’t take them after I start taking the Zovirax pills (generic: Acyclovir).

    I treat with the first sign of a “tingle”. The nice thing about L-lysine is that it usually prevents the emergency of the blister. It also slows down the time between the tingle and the breakout. So if you take Lysine for (3x/day) after tingling starts and it doesn’t stop, I know is time to go the the Rx pill (acyclovir).

    Using this method, I have not had a “break out” in 20+ years.
    Hope this helps! DA

  249. I break out every few months and I can’t seem to find a way to stop them. I broke out the other day and now I have to go to work tomorrow and I don’t know what to do. Does any one know how to help me? Please email me asap.

  250. I have a very funny story of how I first started getting cold sores, actually it’s not a very funny one. I am 18 years old and I got pneumonia for the first time a little over a year ago. When i had pneumonia I developed my first cold sore. It aggravates me every time I get a cold sore because I always blame it on getting sick. Now everytime I am at my highest stress level one pops up. I have had a lot going on this week. I am trying to crack down on my school work, I just started a new job, I have to play the roll of cinderella for a little girls birthday this weekend, and to make everything better… I am going to see a guy that lives out of town. There is no way I am going if I have this disgusting thing on my face. Also, everyone knows Cinderella is perfect and does not get cold sores. I am going to try the ice and alcohol remedy, and if that doesn’t work I am going to try the teabag one. Wish me luck and I will let ya’ll know how it goes!

  251. So…a i always get cold sores on my upper lip, like below my nose. From blowing it! God! anyways…i got on here yesterday and read about 6 pages of these tips…i tried everyone of them! When i got home i washed it with soap and water, then used peroxide and washed it some more. Then i sprayed some Desenex (athletes foot stuff) on a washcloth and put that on! It actually worked a little. Antifungal stuff is sopost to work! Anyways then i tried the toothpaste…idk how long your sopost to leave that on for but all it did was sting. Maybe that means it worked. Then this morning i tried the whole mixing baking soda with water until its a paste. applied that and it crumbles off! Did that like 3 or 4 times. Now I’m trying the tea bags. This morning after a crazy night i brewed some tea and applied it for like an hour or until i had to head to work. It did do a good job at drying it out. ON the other hand i didn’t get the 75% better looking results! I’m thinking F*** the finger nail polish remover! OUCH! anyways I’m also using a medicine called viractin it makes it super dry. If you have any tips let me know!!! THERE SO UGLY!!! =(

  252. L-lysine are good but i always seem to loose them, Zovirax is as useless as tits on a bull.
    Warm soapy water aye……might try that

  253. RIGHT!!


    Anyway, im writing to see what peoples ideas are on getting them before they form. Im not game to pop them (been there done that) and the nail polish removed seems a bit extreme. I have bought some L-Lycine and had 6 in 3 hours, and bought some blistex/zovirax and put some on. Im too scared to look in the mirrror yet. Im at work and if anyone has any ideas on thigns suitable for the workplace let me know.

  254. ME again,

    My advice to people is smash as many Lycine pills into you as possibly. I was taking 3 every 2-3 hours. use the cream also. once it has finished growing (within 24-48hrs) maybe use toothpaste and or nail polish remover (but dont go crazy).

    Mine generally last 7 days start to finish, these one are looking like they might wrap up alot quicker.

    my advice. lycine and lots of it.

    dont touch them at all.

    dont pop them

  255. So I just got a blister while on vacation…WHY ME!?!?! I put abreeva on to late I found that abreeva only works when its starts to tingle not when its a full blown blister. I waited to long by the time I put the abreeva on I woke up and it was this grotesque yellow scab put more abreeva over top of this yellow scab and it just absorbed it and got more yellow and more thicker. It was really gross I really dont wish this on my worst enemy. Well to get to the really gory part of my ordeal is that I picked the yellow scab off that looked like a second lip and holly shi8t. I had a hole in my lip. I was devastated It was horribble. So take it from me kids dont pick it!!! It really is the worst thing you can do for it. Just stay calm and dont let it bring you down dab some Peroxide on it and it seemed to heal it but now I have a REALLY big scab but Ill take it over the yellow scab any day of the week yuck!!!!! I really want to know if anybody has ever tried the toothpaste and if that really works????????

  256. Im in the scab part of my blister now. Its not weeping anymore I put neosporin on and a cotton ball I left it on for an hour or so and the cotton ball got suck and ripped the scab off now its all raw and shiny OMG what have I done!!!! So just some useful advice dont leave a cotton ball on it or a band-aid let it air-dry. Im going to try some tea tree oil ill let you all know how my recovery is going

  257. ok, so im gonna try the nail polish remover thing.. i dont really know if itll work but im gonna try.

    And i believe that im also gonna try the tea bag thing.
    it sounds like it was very helpful.

    I would just really like to get rid of this thing by tomorrow because im hanging out with this guy that i REALLY like, and it would suck big time if i had toi walk around with this big ole thing on my lip !
    that would ruin my whole day !

    So, if anybody has any other helpfull treatments or home remideys or anything i would really apreciate it !

  258. Whenever I go to the Lake the freezing water always gets me a Cold Sore the next day. This time around I got 1 and another formed right next to it. They usually show up in the same spot and I recognize the burn when they are starting up.

    So I grab a wet towel and an ice pack and just hold it there all day. My cold sores are only there for 3 days max. Since Cold Sores are blisters and blisters usually decay in water you should just keep it moist.

    Good luck everyone, I hope it works out for you because I really hate these things and I know you all do too!

  259. well i think the best way is to scratch the top off and spray perfume at it. repeat this constantly and it’s gone within like three days πŸ™‚

  260. Try zovirx when you get that tingle it will stop the blister @ its tracks and wont let it get bigger.. after 10/15 hrs clean it with proxicide and put some cream on

  261. I always get a coldsore at the worst times, I HATE IT! They are disgusting and embarassing and no freaking website has a single tip on how to get rid of it in one day. I am beyond desperate to get rid of this. UUUUUGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Mine are always puffy and they sometimes go higher than the lip and uunder my nose. EW. People stare, too. I guess I’ll try the ice, or tea bag. Ive been using carmax and vaseline but it doesnt seem to work. :((((((((((

    pray for me!
    please πŸ˜€

  262. I have been getting cold sores for years… i find that nothing really worked. then i just finally left them alone… popped the blister and put a hot cloth on it every couple of hours and sometimes i would put polysporn on it and it would go away within 2-3 days.

  263. What you will need:
    *ice cube
    *clean plastic bag or ziplock bag

    OKay so this is what i do to get rid of my cold sores!!

    1.-I put an ice cube in a small ziplock bag and place it on the infected area (make sure your hands are well sanatized as well as the bag).

    2.-Then i grab my needle and cleanse it with alcohol.
    …..with that same needle i poke the crap out of that sucker! poke the sore so that the liquid comes out (Yuck i know).

    3.-Then i damp a kleenex tissue or napkin with alcohol and place it on the cold sore ! ya it will sting! i also sqeeze my lip to try to get the most out of it!

    4.-I then grab a new ice cube and place it in another ziplock bag! i leave it on my lip until the icecube melts. just relax and dont stress too much about it! and never share drinks or chapsticks because thats mostly how u can trigger the cold sore in the begining. carmex has made my sore worse before and abreva only works on stopping the cold sore before it developes. well at least on me !

  264. Tea tree oil, chamomile oil, oir peppermint oil usually gets rid of my cold sore the next day, or even the same day, as soon as you feel it under your skin waiting to come, apply one of these oils and it usually goes away before coming up.

    Tea tree oil will dry up a cold sore thats pretty big. but the rest of the oils will do the same thing (concentrated oils), and they also prevent the itching, and really soothes the irritation.

  265. Tea Tree oil, Chamomile oil, or Peppermint oil, all soothe the pain, and if you apply it as soon as you can feel your cold sore triggering off, it usually won’t come up, but if it is big already, Tea Tree oil will dry it up the same day or maybe the next day, depending on the size. After it will just fall off.

    They all soothe the itching and scratching, and give off a cooling and calming effect, so anyone of them will do.

    Try to get the CONCENTRATED OILS, they work better and faster.

  266. I’m 19 and got my first cold sore in 6th grade after borrowing lipgloss from a friend lol .. after that I’ve only got it 2 other times. I feel a tingle sometimes but it never gets full blown.

    Well yesterday I don’t know what happened but that tingle actually developed into a cold sore! It’s been a while since I got one, a few years ago so now that I’m internet savy I’ve been researching!

    Yesterday before I went to sleep on the left corner of my bottom lip there were tiny little bubbles so I put toothpaste on it and just went to sleep! I woke up to a swollen lip!! After the research first thing I did was the nail polish remover lol! It stung really bad but i didn’t care! then I did the ice cube in a ziplock bag until it melt than the tea bag than toothpathste – I only kept it on for maybe an hour than wiped it off with cold tap water. After wiping it off I left my lip alone.. I did all of this in the duration of 3 hrs, I started at 8pm finished at 11.

    and right now it’s 12:25 in the mornin and my sore is already scabbing (drying out)!!

    I think I will do ice cube and nail polish again – toothpaste than wipe it off and sleep.. I’ll update you guys tomorrow!! WISH ME LUCK!

  267. UPDATE:

    okay so I woke up to a complete scab! It has officially dried out =).. I decided against an application of toothpaste last night because my sore had already started scabbing up and I know that added a sticky substance on a scab wouldn’t be too smart because wen I try removing the toothpaste it could rip off the scab and I would have to start all over!

    So I did the nailpolish remover thing for maybe 15minutes afterwards I applied cold water on a cotton ball and pressed firmly on my scab until it was warm. Went to bed, woke up and it’s completely dried out.

    Now I need to find out how to rid of cold sore scabs but all I know is that I WON’T PICK IT – that’s the worst thing to do as a scab is there to protect the new skin that is forming and I want that! lol .. I researched once more and discovered that medication creams with menthol should be applied continuously until the scab is soft enough to remove or until it falls off on it’s own — luckily I found some Blistex and it is working great.

    I expect new skin in around 2 – 3 days, but til then I can actually go out because a small scab isn’t as noticeable as a nasty huge cold sore! ugh..


  268. Argh cold sores,why do we need them they’re no use to me
    it’s usally my sister who gets them
    if you want the pain to go away apply heaps of vaseline
    i can hardly feel it’s there now!

  269. how will ice effect the blister? does it help? i woke up this morning with this cold sore, and i start my new job tomorrow,…this is so embarrassing, i need desperate help, anyone?

  270. DO NOT PICK OR POP!!! Cold sores are ugly and very painful. I have been suffering from cold sores my entire life. My experience with them is leaving them alone-DO NOT TOUCH! If you pop or pick at the cold sore it will spread throughout your mouth/face. Scary and not pleasant! I take L-Lysine when I get a cold sore and also when the cold sore is gone. I find that taking L-Lysine daily reduces the occurrence of my outbreaks. Trust me when I say this, I used to get cold sores at least 4 times a year before I started taking L-Lysine and now I only get them once a year! So much better! So my fellow sufferers, do not pick or pop your cold sores. Just let nature take over and heal your blisters. It’s more embarrassing healing an overgrown cold sore from popping and picking than the cold sore you started with!

    Hope this helps! I feel for all of you!!

  271. This is ridiculous. I have had cold sores since te second grade I haven’t had one in a few years and then all of a sudden I get the tingling while I am work so I have nothing to apply. I went to buy some of the tea tree oil so we will see how that works. I went to my dermatologist to get a perscription but he couldn’t give me anything because I am pregnant. UGH! I am too much of a wuss to pop it and try the nail polish and ice cube stuff so I hope this works. wish me luck and best of luck to all of u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  272. There is an AMAZING blog by this person called Lab Rat v-Ki-ras2 updated daily. It does show how to cure a cold sore in a single day. It’s not some lame company trying to sell you some useless crap either. It’s simply a technique along with a set of preventive procedures. Before when I got an outbreak, my lip was usually very sore for 12-15 days. When I came across this blog in November (sorry meant last year in 2008), I tried the treatment and it freaking worked! By day two it was gone! The blog said it would be cured in a day, but for me it took two. Big deal! I can live with two days vs 15 NO PROBLEM.

  273. The blog by Lab Rat v-Ki-ras2 is called “How to kill a cold sore in one day” but it was moved to WordPress? and now I can’t find it. Please help! I used the treatment myself which was incredible, but I can’t remember all the procedures now. Do you know where the blog is Carrie?????????

  274. i was looking in the mirror on sunday night and noticed i had a swollen lip on top, i thought oh its just nothing so i carried on as normal as u do. eventually i went bed woke up in the mornin to refresh myself. as i had a BIG FAT HUGE colesaw on my lipp! yikess:/
    i used a needle & popped all the gunge out then sprayed aftershave/perfume on it it eventually heals it and goes dry & now mines just scabbing & they are falling off, it’ll be gone in bout 2more days maybe 1 (:
    cant wait till its eventually gonee tho
    dun my head in, ive got my skool foto tommorow aswell! πŸ™
    thanks kym

  275. Uhh I am getting going to a wedding in 2 days and i have a dang cold sore! I have always gotten them about 3 times a year. I started taking Valtrex in the first stage of a cold sore. and let me tell you people it works! You only need about 4-6 pills. I know they are ment for people with herpes but this in deed works. i need to get my butt to the doc ASAP! πŸ™‚ hope this helps!

  276. lysine works. take 500mg twice a day as soon as you feel it coming on whether it’s a cold sore or canker sore this will work for you. it will be gone in 1-3 days. you can buy this at any drug store 500 mg tabs.

  277. I have 5 or 6 on my top and bottom lips… As if being bedridden for 5 days with the flu wasnt bad enough, now i am feeling well enough to get out of bed i dont want to leave the house coz these hideous little f***ers have taken over my face. Tried the tea bag it seems to be doing the trick. Where are all you people getting hydrogrn peroxide from???? Lol

  278. Different things work for different people. The best I have found is -Abreva- which can be found in most department stores. It is really expensive but a little goes a long ways. If you feel it starting it also works to apply an ice cube on the effected area for a minute or so off and on throughout a few hour period. If anything this will keep it from progressing during this treatment.
    The virus is usually flared up by something. When I’m really stressed, sick, to much sugar or citrus, or extreme temperatures such as cold or direct sun light for a long period of time without some kind of protection on my lips. If I keep myself hydrated it usually isn’t a problem.

  279. Cold sores develop when there is a higher level of arginine than lysine (amino acids) in the body. Thus, to get rid of them, you should avoid foods high in arginine (such as nuts) and take extra lysine (not easy to find in Europe, but available OTC in the USA). The only reason this remedy is not more widely known is that the drug manufacturers cannot make much money out of it. If you take aciclovir, for example, you will keep them happy, but it won’t have as quick an effect on the cold sores as lysine.

  280. I started getting a cold sore a few days ago, could feel it itching and starting to come up thru the skin. Over the next few days it had turned into a massive bump in my lip and could see where this was going. I bought Lysine and Tea Tree oil. I have taken 2 pills of the Lysine and during the 1st to 2nd pill I can already feel the cold sore receeding it feels like nothing now and isn’t noticable at all and this is all during the first 6 hours after I took the first pill. I have taken my second pill and will take the 3rd one before I go to sleep. I might not even need to use the tea tree oil but I highly recommend getting L-lysine. I live in Canada and bought it at the Shoppers Drug Mart in the Vitamins section. I have also been drinking lots of water not sure if thats helping or not but figured it couldn’t hurt. Hope this has been Helpfull

  281. I’ve had cold sores since I was 13, I usually just get them once a year. Well I havent had one for about a year and last night while I was at dinner…(eating raw oysters with >>>LEMON<<<,tobasco sauce, and salt) this nasty little sucker came up on my LIP! UUUUUGH! So I went to Wlagreens and got some carmex which usually works good for me so I put some on and my lip was ok for the rest of the night. I washed the cold sore put carmex on and went to bed...ONLY TO WAKE UP TO A HUGEMUNGEOUS TOP LIP AND A SECOND COLD SORE! AAAAAAAAAARGH! My mom just went to walmart to get me some L-Lysine pills...its safe to say the bacteria in the raw oysters, acid in the lemons, and the spicy sauce were the reason I got this gastly sore! I definately wont be going to school till this heals...its too EMBARRASING! I REALLY HOPE THESE PILLS WORK...I'M SO TERRIFIED TO TRY THE NAIL POLISH REMOVER! But it does have me wondering... πŸ™

  282. I made a paste of,nail polish remover,salt,vitiman e oil,and baking soda.its seems to be working well and its already scabbing.sooooo i dont know how its gonna turn out,but i hope for the best.good luck

  283. The best thing iv found is a combo of things, at the first sign of tingling
    imediatly use aftershave or achohol, dry it of put on zolvrax to help kill the virus then put on benzocain u can use orajel its 20% benzocain, try to do this as fast as u can if u feel it getting realy warm to quick keep the cold water running in the sink to cool it until you can get to the ice stage,
    well ya next after all that use ice until u see that the little bump has gone away
    you can try to take away some of these steps to see if you dont realy need a few but ice is most important!!!!!!
    iv tried lysine but dosnt stop it from coming just lessons the severity
    hope this helps

    from a not fake relibal sorce

  284. Hi!I have a huge cold sore on my bottom lip. I get them at least 2 times a year. I have a dance in 2 days. Please email me for some tips! Please?!?!?! I am using Vorirax right now but it doesn’t work (only for starting). I need a quick solution to get rid of my cold sore ASAP (as soon as possible)!! If i don’t get rid of my cold sore by the dance then I’m not going :(. i want to go. i hope i don’t miss my first dance.

  285. Oops, in my last post, I reversed the order.

    Without a prescription, I’ll have on average a cold sore for 12 days. With the prescription cream, if I catch it in the tingling phase, it’s gone in less than two days!

    One time before I knew about zovirax and believed articles like this, I had the cold sore for over 12 days. It spread onto my lower lip and up to my nose – right before a professional meeting. It was a disaster.

  286. My name is richard le i’ve have cold sore a cupple times in my life but the one thing my parents have past down to me is the secret behind getting rid of a cold sore fast and it cost no money unless u don’t have the stuff in your house which i doubt you don’t have. SALT the main ingredient about a table spoon. add water then apply to the cold sore. leave chunks of the salt/water on your cold sore. if you start to fill a stinging feeling its working. Do same thing for the whole day so i recommend you stay home all day and do this. cold sore should be gone within 12-16 hours.

  287. I usually just put a hot towel on mine for about an hour a couple of times a day, and just by some blistex with a spf of 15 (maybe 20). My cold sores have never really spread to the other corners of my lip nor have they ever blistered or popped. They just stay there, until after 10 or 11 days, its gone. i never even noticed I was having outbreaks or cold sores until i learned about them. Their so unnoticeable to me. I think you guys should try a little olive oil and dab it onto the cold sores, this way it stays moist through out the day and this may actually make it heal faster. My parents get cold sores, actually really bad ones and this is what they do. Its gone in about two days or three depending on the person.

  288. I get cold sores a few times a year. I used to use the expensive over the counter creams and gels. I could never tell if they were working or not and just suffered through the painful embarassing stages of the sore. I talked to my doctor and I Got a prescription for acyclovir. I just take it when I feel one coming( tingling), and it usually prevents them. Even if you don’t have insurance you can go to planned parenthood and they can help you out. It works.

  289. I sifted through and tried to read a lot of posts, but I don’t see anyone saying HERPES SIMPLEX 1 (Cold Sores) are a virus that is highly contagious. Take 400 Acyclovir three times a day, with lots of water, for a few days, at the first tingling or notice, and it is possible to reverse an outbreak of HERPES SIMPLEX 1.

    Some prevent outbreaks with daily intake of L-Lysine (an over-the-counter supplement), fresh fish like salmon and other high Lysine foods. Chocolate, peanuts, and other foods leach the Lysine out of the body, so avoid, or take in small quantity with extra L-Lysine tablets (over the counter supplement).
    Other things that help avoid an outbreak are staying hydrated, avoiding sunburns, and as mentioned, a diet to include L-Lysine can greatly reduce the chances of an outbreak.

    Some people take a daily dose of 400 mg Acyclovir to prevent outbreaks.To me, straight Tea Tree Oil seems too strong for the lip area. Ask a professional before doing any of the barbaric things I have read here.

    Go to WebMd, and type in Herpes Simplex 1 and Herpes Simplex 2. Ask you doctor for the DNA blood test, or go to Planned Parenthood and get the whole list of tests for STD’s. Herpes Simplex 1 can be passed from lips to the genital organs during oral sex, so a person can have Herpes simplex 1 in the Herpes Simplex 2 area. Herpes Simplex 2 is generally in the genital area, and visa versa.

  290. Carmex.
    I have problems with regular chap sticks so I started using Carmex about 3 years ago. I used it in place of normal chap stick and I have no’t had a cold sore in over a 2+ years!!! If I feel one trying to sneak up, it zaps it away that day!
    Plus it makes my lips look amazing and shiny!

  291. I used to get cold sores often, but after a lot of research I have drastically reduced them. I take 2 500mg Lysine pills a day and try to stay away from foods high in arganine. If you look up the herpes diet and stick to it, or atleast take lysine pills, it really helps. I have had my first one in a year (have been slacking on the lysine) and i’m nursing it away. If I feel one coming I will ice it and most of the time it keeps it from getting any worse. I will also double up on the lysine pills and use lysine creme and an OTC cold sore creme on the sore. If it does get worse, all of these will heal it much faster. My grandma (who is a nurse) has always said to rub your finger behind your ear and then on the sore…It sounds kinda nasty, but i’ll do it if I’m out and don’t have access to any of my remidies. Hopefully the natural oils do something and not just make me a weirdo! LOL bottom line, Lysine has been my savior and i swear by it.

  292. Damn…I have one on my top lip that is MASSIVE! My boyfriend is flying down on Friday it is now Wednesday!
    Come on guys, 3 day remedy PLEASE!
    I’m just using cold sore ointment right now, at work! Yuck!

  293. L-Lysine is the best. I have had cold sores since I was in my early teens, so about 10=12 years now, and I just learned about Lysine this past year. I wish I would have known about it all along! Once you feel the cold sore coming on, that little tingle, or tiny little bump, just take 1 or 2 lysine vitamins and it will reduce the cold sore quite a bit. I would still suggest using some sort of lip ointment, maybe Abreva or Carmex. But the Lysine is definitely the key.

  294. Ice Ice and more Ice…all day. Stick with it the moment you feel that “oh no” tingling on your lip!! Thanks for all the other tips I’ll use them in my next battle…mine is in the final healing stages! The ice, for me stops it from getting huge!!

  295. Since I found this ‘Dual Action Cold Sore Lotion’ in Boots-Boots own make, very cheap. It dries it up-almost I have hardly had one since I put this on! although I have one now I was away all weekend and didn’t have the little bottle with me! school boy error!

    So have been surfing to see what can help,,, as my lip has never been this swollen! so I have soo many good tips I’ve added to my phone-thanks guys!

    Wow-imagine if they developed something that could kill it off straight away! πŸ™‚

  296. I have never tried Abreva but it sounds good. My mother says lysene does help prevent them. I use camphophenique gel. If you catch it in the itching tingling stage campho gel can stop it if you have it in time. If you did not get it in time and you cannot afford Abreva yoiu can use the camphor gel to help. But you want it to scab over as fast as possible. Hot water is better than ice once it has gotten there though you might feel that ice would be good since it is burning but hot is better for speeding the healing. I just stick my lip in a hot tea or hot water for a minute( don’t burn yourself though as hot as you can stand it without being burned).To clean it use alcohol first and hydrogen peroxcide next to clean it. Then you can apply some vitamin e oil ,let it stay for about 15 seconds and then wipe it off and then put the campho gel on it. Do this several times a day as needed. Eat some yogurt and drink some milk which is high in lysine. Avoid the nuts and chocolate or any high argenine foods. The next day the sore will be in the scabbing stage maybe still a little fire to it. In the scabbing stage you can get some oils from around your ear and it will help. I don’t have thick ear wax but there is some moisture and oil and it does help. I am clean so it is not that grose as it sounds. I would not leave that there all day but about an hour and it will disingrate the scab and speed healing. Go back to the hot water and peroxide and maybe some neosporin or petroleum jelly but don’t leave it moist the whole time,let it dry out some until it gets tight and needs to be moistened again. Don’t over work the things that could make it worse, do it in intervals. This will speed the healing without lots of money.

  297. This is what I do… I put hot water on it and leave it for about maybe 2-5 minutes. After that I put some chap stick on or the perscription cream for cold sores. Right after I do that I put salt on it. IT dries it out right away and makes the pain go away. When I do that it probably lasts for about 2-4 days. It depends on how much you pay attention to it. I wish somebody can just make them go away for good. But trust me… It works.

  298. Okay seriously this cold sore HAS TO GO.. !
    i just got one yesterday.. i’m trying everything..
    one of my friend at work told me to use After save well..
    i did and its BURNING. i used tooth past it burned too now im gonna try some salt if it dosent work. all burn it off!!!!

  299. Are you tired of suffering from cold sores?

    Are you between the ages of 18 & 64?

    DeNova Research is currently conducting a FREE clinical trial in the downtown Chicago area relating to cold sore treatment.

  300. Put a wet teabag on the soar when it first developes. It may not work for some people, but it worked for me. If that dont work try Abriva five times a day it should clear it up in about two-three days. Hope i helped.

  301. I agree with the L-Lysine, I swear by it and I now have my daughter using it too. I take 2- 500mg tabs a day and the only time I seem to break out is if I am in super sunny/windy circumstances WITHOUT my SPF sunblock(which I wear FAITHFULLY now) or have an immensely stressful event… before L-Lysine I was getting them monthly stress/sun or NOT πŸ™

  302. This may sound rediculous , but if you get some paper towel and put Listerine (mouthwash) on uit and hold it to your lip for about 20 mins.. its almost like it stops it dead in its tracks.. it dries up and is gone by the next day/… I LOVE LISTERINE!

  303. I just started getting my cold sore yesterday after suffering with a cold for over a week i am totally desparate to get rid as i am going for a romantic weekend away with boyfriend and i gotta say i am not looking to sexy! i hope to god this toothpaste and salt works!!!

  304. Ok i am just now turning 15 today, and i have a party, i woke up and i have a cold sore. My lip is puffy around my cold sore and it hurts. I just got over a cold sore though like 3 days ago, and i need something that will work like right away..or help the puffyness go down.

  305. Nail Varnish Remover people!!!

    Now u may think I am mad, but dab some nail varnish remover on a cotton bud or tissue, and press it on!! Be prepared 4 ur eyes to water, as it is a stinger, but I can guarentee the it will turn from being a lump or blister to a scab in hours!! Next step is to apply ur coldsore cream!! I cannot stress enough on washing ur hands, it’ll grow bigger if u keep touching it people…germs are not our friends!!!
    I find that I get on with my day, very self-conciously, then when I get home apply the NVR again!! It hurts, but it speeds up the process alot ! πŸ™‚

  306. How to treat a cold sore
    hey, guys, look. All you have to do is put a hot tea bag on it! If it is at the blister stage then this is the perfect time to do it. I have school tomorrow and it has only just appeared so i should be putting ice on it because it is just a sore red area at the moment. But all you guys out there that need to get rid of coldsores, TEABAGS. They have special healing nutrients in them so dont put them in a microwave to heat them up because it will kill the nutrients. And they need to be quite hot. Also, it is soothing and stress free unlike nail varnish remover??!!! Please, dont put that on your coldsore, who ever said put it on is..umm..well..its a little silly, just what i am saying, and it stings and spreads the coldsore even more. Go for the soothing option. TEABAGS!!! πŸ˜€ x

  307. I’ve gotten cold sores frequently since I was little. Nothing the doctor prescribed worked. When I first feel a cold sore coming, I take a cotton swab and cover it with paint thinner then dab it on the cold sore a couple times a day. It workes incredibly. The next day, the cold sore was healing and scabbing over. The itchy feeling and urge to touch it went away instantly. After I put the paint thinner on, I usually put abreva over the top and it’s gone within a few days!

  308. I woke up this morning with a red blistering cold sore on my lip and i need a quick and easy remedy because im getting my braces tomorrow

  309. Best way to get ride of a cold sore quickly:
    As soon as u have the first sign of a cold sore (small bump, itching, redness) soak a cotton ball in peroxide and run on the cold sore. Repeat this step several times. Next, get a paper towel and soak half in water and fold. Place in the microwave until it is steaming hot. Take it out and test on your arm to make sure you will not burn your lip. When it is nice and hot, just less than burning place it on the cold sore (the wet part of the paper towel). Repeat this step several times. If you have an active blister, use a cotton ball soaked in peroxide to pop it and cover in peroxide. Do not touch the fluid that comes out!! Wipe off with cotton ball. Was your hands. Place abreeva on the cold sore when you have completed these steps. I do all of this along with taking a prescription for valtrex until the cold sore is not longer active with blisters. I usually get rid of the sore in 2 days and may be left with a scab for another 2-3 days. The scab can be covered with makeup concealer. Keep the cold sore hydrated with carmex or any chapstick you have available thru the day. Good luck!!

  310. Dont touch, itch or put anything on the cold sore it will either pread or come out all red and loook ten times worse. —- HAPPENS

  311. Go to chinatown.. buy tigerbalm nothing works better put it on as soon as you feel the coldsore coming, and keep using it like lip balm.. it will still come, nothing will actually make it not come, but it will make it smaller.. and relive the pain and make it dry up faster although tiger balm tastes bad.

    Also once it is an actual blister.. toothpaste on it will dry it up, leave the toothpaste on for about 5 mins then wash it off coldsore will be dried out, but this will make it itchy and if you itch it it will go very red. Only use toothpaste if you can handle not itching an itch

  312. When you feel it coming up apply “New Skin” to the affected area. This creates a seal that will keep it from becoming larger than it already is. It also works as a membrane to keep it from transferring to anywhere else. After showers use fingernail polish remover to remove the new skin and then let it air out. Also, you can’t stop it from pussing out.So after the first night with new skin on I recommend removing the blistered skin with a warm soapy wash cloth. Then apply the “new Skin” and it will make the blister almost invisible unless someone is really looking. Usually it takes about a 3-7 days for it to heal. However with this process you don’t have to suffer from the social agony of that ugly puss pocket on your lips. This also helps to reduce the effects from your constant urge to touch the cold sore. And if you do your not worried about spreading it or making it worse.

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