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Computers are wonderful; you would be hard-pressed to find any professional who thinks otherwise. They let you get your job done, pay your bills, and do your taxes (well, the computation part, at least). For the students, the computer is an indispensable part of studying. With it, they are able to do research, make school presentations, and print out research projects. Even small kids barely into their preschool days are into computers as well. These days, there are software programs that aim to educate little children even before they step in school. Nowadays, it’s really hard to think about life without the help of computers.

The desktop is the quickest dumping point of all your files from outside since it is the default area of your computer. Also, shortcuts to your frequently used programs can be placed on your desktop so you that you don’t have to trawl through menus to get to them. As a consequence to this convenience and accessibility, the desktop can oftentimes become very cluttered.

Cling and Clutter

There are many disadvantages to having a very cluttered computer desktop:

  • It can be very difficult to find the exact file or folder you’re looking for, especially since there’s really no way to individually customize a certain folder or file.
  • You won’t immediately know where to put in the new files that you have.
  • You’ll waste time cleaning your desktop for temporary or downloaded files when the desktop has become too full.
  • Moving files around can be very tedious.
  • The cluttered look is just very visually distracting and looks bad.

Fortunately, clearing away your cluttered desktop isn’t all that hard. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Delete all the files that you no longer need. You might have to think whether you have to delete something new, but that proposal for a project that was completed three years ago is definitely a candidate for the recycle bin. Delete files that have already outlived their purpose. Not only will it help you unclutter your desktop, but you will also free up much needed hard disk space and memory. Also, the recycle bin is a safety net in case you do need those files back; only when you empty your recycle bin are your files totally lost. Even then, an experienced tech can retrieve them without too much trouble.
  • Create folders to store the files in. You might think, “Wait a minute! We’re supposed to unclutter my desktop, why would I want to create more folders?” Well, the answer is simple: it’s better to organize all your files into categories and then put them in their respective folders. That way, you’ll be able to reduce, say, dozens of files and folders into just two or three main folders.
  • Transfer icons to your Quicklaunch bar. The Quicklaunch bar can be accessed by right-clicking your toolbar, clicking on Toolbars, then checking Quicklaunch. A space on your toolbar will then be reserved for icons or folders you frequently access. The Quicklaunch is great for those things you frequently use.
  • Move your desktop files to the My Documents folder. The My Documents folder is already built in once you install Windows. In it you will see My Pictures, My Videos, and My Music, and you can create other folders, too. Transfer all your files there for easy organization and access.
  • Use the Desktop Cleanup Wizard. Windows has a Desktop Cleanup Wizard utility that moves unused item from your desktop to an archive folder. To activate this, go to the Start menu, then Control Panel. In the Desktop tab, click on Customize Desktop then choose Clean Desktop Now. You can also choose to have this run periodically.

The above tips should help you in organizing your desktop. Remember, just like a real desktop, your computer should always be clean and clutter-free. That way, you’ll be able to work more efficiently.

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  1. Ho do I get rid of a icon i.e. a red star on my cursor. I clicked on one of the icons and thought i could paste on my myspace. But, it won’t paste and I can’t rid of it on my cursor.

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