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You’ve been waiting years for your favourite band to come to your hometown. You jump online to buy them as soon as they’re available and in your excitement you buy a bunch of extra tickets for all your friends that you think will want to go. But oh no! The concert date rolls around but you haven’t found enough friends that will go with you. You wasted your hard-earned money on tickets that will never be used! So what are you going to do?

Well luckily for you, I’ve been in this exact position and have figured out the many options that you have. Of course, the route that you take will vary depending on how resourceful or charitable you are feeling!

1. Give them away.

Now this is the best option if you want to move them quickly and are only interested in seeing the tickets being put to good use. The easiest way to give them away to somebody that you know will appreciate them is to reach out to friends or family. This can be done with a simple Facebook or social media update, surely a friend or a friend of a friend will jump all over them and, if you’re lucky, you might even see the pictures that they post of themselves enjoying your gift! If you were hoping to recoup you losses though, this option may not be for you and you may have a bit more work on your hands.

2. Try to get a refund.

Hey, it’s worth a shot. Most of the time, tickets are sold and specified as non-refundable but it never hurts to try and find out. If the show is in demand and the venue knows it can quickly fill that seat, they might give a refund. Don’t expect this to be the case most of the time though.

3. Sell them locally.

If you are trying to make the money back that you lost, you will need to find someone willing to spend money for your tickets. Depending on how in demand the show is, you may need to take a financial hit if you are hoping to move them. Sometimes though, if the show is in demand and sold out, you may actually be able to make a profit! Take a look at local online buy and sell sites like Kijiji. You should do some quick research to see if anyone else is selling tickets to the same show and what they are asking to be able to price yours similarly. You might just be able to find someone near you to take those tickets off your hands and replenish your hurting coffers.

4. Use online vendors.

The online sale of tickets is growing and some sites specialize in matching up people trying to sell tickets, with those trying to buy. There are several sites that may be able to help you out such as,, or, to name a few. Be sure to do your homework though, and make sure that you are getting a fair price for your tickets.

5. Try scalpers.

This is the age-old method of dealing with extra tickets and this will often leave you with the lowest return on your investment. Scalpers know that you are desperate to get rid of your tickets, since the event is so close. They are taking a risk that they will be able to turn your tickets around and sell them quickly so do not expect to make much, if anything from dealing with a scalper. On the flip-side though, you can attempt to sell them yourself, but be aware this may be viewed as encroaching on other scalpers turf and could lead to hostile encounters. Scalping may also be an illegal activity so check your local laws on this before you try it.

So try out these methods and you may just be able to move those extra tickets that you were stuck with. Don’t be too disheartened if you can’t get rid of them though, simply be content in the fact that you gave a little bit extra to help your favourite band come to your local venue and support to continue doing what they love to do. Performing and making the music that you love!

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