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Stress can come in many forms and crankiness is one of its most irritating products. When you’re cranky, you are trapped in a spell of extreme annoyance towards anyone or anything that doesn’t agree with your preferences. Breaking out of the mood is quite challenging, since you have to let it subside, before you can bear a more favorable state of mind. Luckily, there are measures that can help you break out of a cranky spell.

Causes of Crankiness

Crankiness has a number of sources, all of which leading to probable solutions. When you address the reason for the mood’s development, it will gradually subside until you feel relaxed. You will soon bear a different mental state, one that is more productive socially and professionally. Here are some of the sources of crankiness:

  • lack of sleep
  • hunger
  • stress
  • frustration
  • anger and anxiety
  • fear

Crankiness appears like the human psyche’s defense mechanism when you seemingly can’t get things to go your way. Instead of resolving the issue, the mind panics, inducing the violent mood. Being relaxed is the best solution, but when you’re cranky, conjuring a relaxed state requires certain actions or stimuli that you should apply. You should bear a strong mind and lots of self control at all costs.

The Solutions

The solutions are all simple. Your only goal is to ease pressure until you regain control over your mind. You can also put yourself to sleep, since you’ll have a different mood altogether when you wake up. Just apply the solutions, based on the causes of your crankiness and your personality, in general.

Grab a Drink

After downing several bottles of beer or glasses of hard drinks, people tend to relax and stay quiet for awhile, especially those who are not strong drinkers. You can drink your choice of alcoholic poison to silence your irate mind. However, if you’re quite the emotional drinker, you might as well find a different means. You crankiness might double, as the night leads to a tearful or violent ending.

Find a Patient and Level-Headed Adviser

Some are simply born to give advice. With a rational mind, a good choice of words, perfect timing, and lots of patience, they can soothe even the crankiest of people. If you know someone who has the mentioned characteristics, don’t hesitate to call him or her up. Pour your frustrations out on your pal. Soon enough, your friend’s words and gestures will neutralize your crankiness. You might even feel inspired after, if he or she is an opinionated optimist.

Scream Your Frustrations Out

When your crankiness is spiking to dangerously high levels, you can gather all your frustrations then let them out with a long, ear-piercing scream. Find a place that is isolated from the public, such as an open field, an oddly placed phone booth, the boiler room, or the park. When the coast is clear, hold your breath then scream as loud as you can. Continue screaming until the crankiness in your system has been emptied out.

Listen to Soothing Music

If you and your best buddies can’t control your crankiness, your favorite bands and artists will. Create a relaxing playlist on your portable music player then plug in. The lyrics and melodies will stroke your weary soul like the brush of a smooth sea breeze. Sing along to some of the songs, if you choose. Soon, you’ll be in your proverbial happy place, where crankiness doesn’t exist.

Take a Cigarette Break

For smokers, a cigarette break comes in handy for tense moments. Cigarette smoke contains substances that act as relaxants, gradually curbing your anxieties, one puff at a time. After smoking a few sticks, wrest your composure from crankiness. Focus on happier and more exciting things until your crankiness subsides. Just remember the surgeon general’s warning, if you plan to take more cigarette breaks after conquering your crankiness.

Close your Eyes, Breathe, Meditate

Meditation brings you to the serene phases of your mind through focus and concentration. If you have a strong mind, you can use this practice to beat crankiness. First, close your eyes. Move your body to a relaxed position, including your hands and fingers. Do some breathing exercises for a few minutes, which releases some of the tension. Once done, think of nothing but a white wall or the ocean. Maintain your position for as long as you like. When you open your eyes, you’ll be calm and peaceful. (Tips on how to meditate)


As the old adage goes, the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. The statement holds true for eliminating crankiness, regardless of gender. When you’re feeling cranky, prepare your favorite meal or eat at your favorite establishment. You’ll be a happy camper even before you finish your meal.


If you’re too cranky to do anything productive, just head to your room and sleep. Sleeping, at times, can be hard if your body has produced much adrenaline, coming from excessive anxiety. You can play soft music and decrease your room’s temperature through your air conditioner. If you still can’t sleep, you can read a boring novel, think of your boring math lectures, or watch the aquarium channel.

A World of Solutions

Aside from the given solutions, there are other methods for repulsing crankiness. Just address the mood’s causes properly and you’ll eventually stumble upon a solution or two. Feel free to posts your own solution on the comments section.


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  1. Sometimes, when push comes to shove, all you really need is a good cry. Tears release stress hormones, which is why you can feel so much better afterward. So if you’re so cranky and stressed that you feel like you’re going to cry, go ahead. Hide in your room or with someone close to you and let it all out.

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