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While the sound of chirping crickets make beautiful music when depicting night time scenes in the movies, no one really enjoys hearing the sound all night long in their home. Some people even consider crickets good luck, but even so, the constant cricket chirping can get old really fast. Crickets in the home will invade your kitchen cabinets and pantries, as well as cause damage to your furniture and clothes. Crickets love to make their home in your closet and eat on silk and other materials. They may also just freak you out by their mere presence. The loud and repetitious noise all night, added to the inconvenience of their presence and damage, may have you wondering how to get rid of crickets in the house.

One of the best ways to get rid of unwanted pests like crickets is to never let them in. By placing crickets baits near outside windows and entrances into your home, you can trap them and prevent them coming in. Cricket baits and cricket traps can be bought at retail and home improvement stores anywhere. These baits can be set up inside the house, especially if you already see and hear signs of having crickets in your home. You should always take extreme caution when using cricket baits and traps that contain bug killing poisons in homes with children. Likewise, use chemical bug sprays when children are out of the house. With this caution in mind, many different bug sprays and poisons can help you find ways on how to get rid of crickets in the house.

Boric acid is a powder that looks like flour. Once you sprinkle it in and near places you suspect a cricket problem, it works in an amazing way to rid your homes of these pests. Once a cricket walks through the boric acid powder, they carry it to their nesting spot and share it with the entire cricket family. The exposure to boric acid will eventually wipe out a cricket population in short time. Soon you may be able to tell the cricket has left the building when your sleep is undisturbed with constant cricket chirping.

Of course, there is always the professionals. Having crickets in your home may be the beginning to a bigger pest problem, as crickets attract spiders and scorpions. These pest may rid your home of crickets by eating them, but then you have traded a cricket problem for another invasion of unwanted creatures. If your cricket problem is more than you can handle, or want to deal with on your own, you can look up a qualified pest control company that truly knows how to get rid of crickets in the house.