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Crohn’s disease, or also called CD, is a type of non-contagious, inflammatory bowel disease which affects the digestive system, and the walls of both the small intestine and large intestine. Experts still don’t know what causes it, but it is said that bacterial infection is the main culprit. Crohn’s disease is somewhat similar to ulcerative colitis or UC, except that it can affect even the whole digestive tract and the bowel walls. Crohn’s disease can lead to worst digestive dilemmas, so if you suspect that you have it, you must treat it immediately.

Recognize The Symptoms

Knowing the symptoms of Crohn’s disease will help you determine whether you have this ailment or not.

  • Diarrhea. It occurs because of partial obstruction of the bowels and excessive bacterial growth in the small bowels. Poor nutrient absorption, large intestine inflammation and bile acids can also cause this. Oftentimes, blood comes with the stool. (Tips on how to treat diarrhea)
  • Abdominal pain similar to getting cramps. It often occurs at the right side of the abdomen, and might be mistaken for appendicitis.

Other signs of CD that might occur less frequently are:

  • Diminished appetite and weight loss.
  • Constipation
  • Low-grade fever
  • Low iron levels
  • Fatigue

Diagnosing For Crohn’s Disease

The symptoms of Crohn’s disease are similar to many internal ailment. To confirm whether you have this problem, consult your physician. With the help of your health history and several physical exams, she’ll help you determine whether you have Crohn’s disease or not.

  • Blood testing – Signs of inflammation or anemia are determined.
  • Stool sampling – To see if there is infection or blood in your bowel.
  • Barium enema – A fluid with barium substance is inserted in the rectum. This lets the doctor see and x-ray your colon.
  • Upper GI (Gastrointestinal) Series – Just like the enema method, this also uses barium. You are to drink a chalky liquid with barium, then x-rays are taken.
  • Colonoscopy – A thin tube with a light is placed through the rectum, then in the colon, so the whole colon lining can be seen.
  • CT Scan – Barium is ingested, and a dye is also placed in the blood. These will then show up on CT scans.

Once you’ve confirmed that you have Crohn’s disease, you can now proceed to proper treatment of this dilemma.

Take Medications

Your physician will recommend a set of medications to treat the ailment and alleviate the symptoms. If no improvements are seen, then he or she will add or change the prescription. Some common examples of medication prescribed are:

  • Antidiarrheal medications, such as loperamide are ideal for mild symptoms, stopping painful spasms in the intestine.
  • Aminosalicylates (mesalamine or sulfasalazine) will manage most of the painful symptoms.
  • Antibiotics (metronidazole or ciprofloxacin) can be taken with aminosalicylates.
  • Corticosteroids (prednisone or budesonide) can be given to control inflammations. This medication might have other side effects, so they must be taken in moderation.
  • Medications for suppressing the immune system can be taken if the above medicines don’t work or if symptoms come back.

Improve Your Diet

Since the problem is in the digestive system, it’s only sensible for your diet to be modified to ensure that treatment will go along smoothly. Here are some diet tips to remember

  • Add foods that don’t have any acidity, and won’t irritate the digestive system. Celery, kale, garlic, broccoli, brown rice, Brussel sprouts, papaya and oatmeal are some examples.
  • Avoid foods that are histamine-high. This is a compound which includes nitrogen. Most Crohn’s disease patients have a histamine intolerance, so make sure you avoid foods with it, so the symptoms will be relieved. Examples of food to avoid are wine, tomatoes, dairy products and spinach.
  • Stay away from foods that can irritate your digestive tract, such as carbonated drinks, caffeinated drinks, eggs, meat, fatty fried foods, popcorn, spicy foods, chocolate and alcohol.
  • Always cook vegetables before eating them. You can boil bake or steam them. Add little or no seasoning.

Also, you should try not to overeat, to ensure that your digestion goes smoothly. Take small bites and chew your food thoroughly.

Try Herbal Remedies

There are also safe alternative remedies that will help ease Crohn’s disease. Here are some examples.

  • Red clover – Extracted from a perennial flower, this was first used in China and Russia for medicinal purposes. It helps clean the blood and decrease inflammation. Buy it as a tea, tincture or capsule from a health foods store. Make sure you take the recommended dosage. Be cautious when using it though. People with heart ailments and women who are breastfeeding, taking birth control pills or have cervical, breast or ovarian cancer should not take this.
  • Aloe vera juice – Drink half a cup twice a day to soften the stool. Use it occasionally, to cleanse the bowels gently. It can have a laxative effect, so avoid using it for long periods of time. Breastfeeding and pregnant women must not take this though, and diabetic patients should consult it with their physician first.
  • Cod liver oil – It doesn’t taste good, but it’s rich in Omega-3 fish oil, it will help reduce inflammation. Take one teaspoon a day. A few side effects of this are nausea, gas or bloating.

Turn To Surgery

Surgery can help relieve the symptoms of CD but cannot cure it. The inflammation tends to return next to the part of intestine that was removed. So, people considering surgery for CD should carefully weigh the risks and benefits.

When the symptoms become too unbearable, the most highly-recommended option is to undergo surgery. A proper procedure will help correct problems such as fistulae, intestinal bleeding or blockage, as well as relieve symptoms. Although it’s highly efficient, it can’t completely cure the problem, though.

  • Small bowel resection. The damaged intestine part is taken away and the two healthy ends are attached together.
  • Stricturoplasty. An area of the intestine that became smaller is opened up.
  • Colectomy. A small part of the colon, or the whole rectum or colon is taken away. After doing this, the doctor needs to create another way for the body to dispose of the waste. A small opening, called a stoma, is made in the abdomen, and drains the stool from the small and large intestine. There’s a pouch placed over the opening, so the waste will be collected.

Having Crohn’s disease is never a good thing. With proper diet, the right medications and a healthy lifestyle, you can get rid and get your digestive system back on track. If you learn from this article, you’ll surely be interested in reading how to do a colon cleanse.

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  1. Actually, you can NOT “get rid of” Crohn’s disease by doing these things. It is an autoimmune disease, and until medical technology improves, people with this condition are with it for life.
    The remedies listed here may help with symptoms, but the disease is incurable at this time.

  2. I take Flaxseed oil capsules for the inflamation, together with probiotic drinks. I have spent years adjusting my diet to suit my body after being diagnosed with Crohn’s and have a partial colectomy. Do not always take other people’s advice with regards to tolerable foods, trial and patience is best!

    As far as I am aware CD and UC are IBD’s, meaning diseases and IBS is a syndrome, which means although they share the same symptoms, IBD is characterized by inflammation and ulceration. Hope that helps! x

  3. Carolyn is absolutely correct!!!! My brother has CD and has been through it all, short of a colostomy, hoping it will NEVER come to that. Because of his CD he had to have a T.P.N. to give him the nutrients that he needed, and, when that became infected it led to endocarditis, to where he almost died. So, my brother has tried everything that is available,(to our knowledge, anyhow) including all medicines and treatments, along with all medical procedures. So, as of right now, there is no cure. However, if anyone becomes aware of any new treatments, medicines, procedures, home remidies (just to make living with this disease a little easier), please, please, please, post it here, I will try anything to help my brother. Thank You.

  4. Eating coconut macaroons really, TRUELY helps. And you don’t have to eat an excessive amount. Just snack on them. It reduces the pain to nearly naught.

  5. I have been reading some of the comments about crohns disease and the hard time some of you are having. I also suffer from this debilitaing disease. I have had it for 14 years now and was recently introduced to a new medication called infliximab also known as remicade. I can honestly from the bottom of my heart tell you now that this is a wonder drug. I have no symptoms any more and it has changed my life around. It is an infusion which is administered intravenously every 8 weeks. Hope this is of some use to someone. There is no need to suffer when this drug is available. Good luck with your recovery. Bernadette.

  6. I have lived with CD for many years now, getting diagnosed was a major prob.At first doctors thought I had a lactos intoerent condition, next doctors thought I had picked up a parisite from a camping trip.Irritable bowl syndrone yet another.At age 52 years I went in for a colonoscopy and thats when they found it.The doctor first put me on ASCOL (mesalamine) AND I still had diareah and terrible hems from going to the bathroon 30 time a day.I was taking 4 x 400 miligrams twice a day.For years I thought I would have to quit my job. Now I take lialda 1 pill twice a day, I take immodium 1 pill once a day and a pro biotic from gameden products called crohns colitus, digetive advantage.been taking products mentioned for about 2 years.And it has improved my life dramatically.

  7. I had low-grade chronic intestinal inflammation and heartburn (gerd) on and off for over 5 years before I discovered that eating a low-carb diet solved all my problems nearly overnight. I have eaten this way for 5 years now and rarely suffer from any digestive problems.

  8. I have had Crohn’s Dz for over forty years now. I originally was put on Asulfadine and Phenobarb. After I had a upper respitory infection(HONG KONG FLU) and an intestinal virus,at the same time, I got pneumonia as well. Most doctors did not know how to treat Crphn’s or what it was except that it was a bowel obstruction. I was wisely informed by my internist who diagnosed Crohn’s NOT TO HAVE SURGERY UNLESS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. Over the years I have had 3 small bowel resectionsl I have been seeing a gastroenterologist and having colonoscopies at least every one to five years, depending on my symptoms. I am an R.N. and as I’ve frequently said, I know how to avoid NG tubes. Stay on liquids. Now I am taking Remicaid and Imuran, which seem to help. Of course I’ve taken steriods and have some problems from having taken them…arthritis, weight gain,facial hair, symptoms of diabetes, kidney stones,…to name a few. I don’t think I inherited the tendency or gene, because no one else in my family has had Crohn’s. I truely hope and pray that medical technology inproves over the near future. I don’t wish this on anyone. I have not found that diet helped much. Everyone gets to know what they can and cannot eat by trial and error. Maybe gene therapy or a vaccination of some sort may be the answer.

  9. Google Ken Presner and find out what really causes it, buy his book and discover the road to completely recovery. It’s not “immediate” and it’s not easy. But he did it. Anyone can write.

  10. You can’t “get rid” of Crohn’s disease. There is no cure, only treatment. CD and IBS are not the same, they fall under the umbrella of Irritable Bowel Diseases. Good luck to everyone out there.

  11. Lindsey,
    I just read your post and I have been through the same thing as your brother. I was diagnosed with CD and for months nothing helped. Then they put me on the TPN and it about killed me as well, or I should say the port did. I have had CD since 1997 and no matter what anyone says, its all trial and error with food as well as with medications. I cant work because of it and when I tell people that I have this they look at me and say that I dont look sick. This drives me crazy! Just because I dont look it on the outside doesnt mean that I cant feel it on the inside. I explain to them that its like having a stomache flu over and over again. One more thing, the advertisement that this site has saying ” Cure Chrons Disease is a lie and misleading. I hope everyone feels good today and can enjoy some great food, even if it is just for a few hours!!! Thanks

  12. I was diagnosed with the disgusting disease in 1990, and suffered extensively for many years. I ended up having surgery in 1996, and then started having diahrea. I think this was due to having lost an illeocal valve during surgery.
    Doctors cut out parts that you need, and they don’t have to live with the results of their decisions which really sucks! They treat people like they are used cars with parts that one can remove and throw in the garbage!
    Anyhow I was having to take my ill cat to this holistic vet and I happened to mention that I suffered from this disease, and she mentioned that a naturopath she knew used “Grape Seed Extract” and so I rushed to the health food store and started taking it every day.
    The only time I ran into trouble was when I ran out of the pills and decided that “maybe I didn’t really need them”, and well I ended up with an attack again.
    I then had to visit the Doctor who poo-poohed all mention of any natural herbal alternatives saying that they didn’t really work. So shortly after that I started taking Humira! I was on that for about 6 months and then started getting numbness in my feet and then in my hands. I stopped taking Humira immediately and have now put myself back onto the Grape Seed Extract pills!

    If you look up online what Grape Seed does to your immune system you will find out that it has an effect on your T cells which is similar to Humira and Remicade.
    I have also decided to take Vitamin D3 at 2000IU a day. If you look up Vitamin D3 online they talk about it being a sort of “immune system regulator”.
    Now I don’t know about anyone else, but I have noticed that the vast majority of attacks happen during the fall and autumn seasons, and I am beginning to wonder if this is because the sunlight levels drop and so we are not getting enough Vit D from the sun. One Doctor online mentioned that,”He thought Vitamin D3 should be classed as a Master Hormone, because it regulates a lot of reactions in the body and also the immune system”.
    Since taking Vitamin D3 I have noticed that the numbness I was experiencing has slowed…for it was very quickly spreading and intensifying! So that is where I am at right now.
    I find if one wants GENUINE HELP they might as well find a Doctor who knows Natural Alternatives too, do research online and fire Doctors who are of no help or who are in bed with the drug companies!
    My Gastroenterologist is useless! He doesn’t think anything else but drugs help people and he knows didely-squat when it comes to nutrition! Most of his patients who have Crohn’s disease are SKELTONS!
    Now if you are spiritually inclined I would also recommend the book, “The anatomy of a miracle” by Dr. James Richards. He is also doing a series of teachings that can be seen online at He has walked himself out of severe kidney disease by the principles he teaches. He also has a website called, “impact ministeries”. His teachings are revolutionary and very interesting indeed. I am putting them into practise since there are NO drugs left for me to try, because I’ve tried almost all of them.
    The only thing that really DOES help is Grape Seed Extract and it doesn’t give you side effects either! Some of the drugs are down right SCARY…too many serious and even DEADLY side effects!!!! You end up feeling like you are playing Russian Roulette or you are a Guninea Pig! I know steriods work for me but that also has very serious side effects!
    Anyhow I hope that what I’ve mentioned here shall be of REAL HELP to someone!

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