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Crows have always been depicted in mythology as harbingers of death and doom. For many people however, the real problem with crows is their loud caws that disturb a peaceful sleep. Once crows flock to your yard, it’s not that easy to make them leave because they may have found an adequate food source. Some people scare crows away to make them leave, while others kill them to quickly get rid of the problem. Whatever option you choose, you must make sure that you are obeying the law and doing something that actually works.

Crows: To Kill or Not to Kill?

Make sure that hunting crows is legal in your state or country before you kill any. In the United States, there are states where hunting crows is illegal, and some states where hunting is only allowed in certain periods of the year. Obtain the proper documents if hunting is allowed in your state, and if you intend to shoot crows to get rid of them.

Another thing to consider when you’re deciding whether to kill or not to kill crows is its effect on the environment. Some people hate crows so much that they find pleasure in shooting them down, but this method of pest control might just leave your yard with foul-smelling dead birds. Scaring them away might solve the problem without doing any harm to your environment and health. In addition, killing crows is rarely the ethical thing to do, especially if they’re not considered by everyone in the neighborhood as pests. Crows are also part of the ecosystem, and other unwanted animals might multiply if too many crows are unnecessarily killed.

Scarecrow: The Classic Scare Tactic

One of the best ways to get rid of crows is to use a scarecrow. Scarecrows are very common in large farms, but you can also build one for your pumpkin patch or yard. The great thing about a scarecrow is that it’s very effective, but it doesn’t harm the birds in any way. Follow these instructions to make your own scarecrow:

  1. Get a bamboo pole that’s at least 10 feet long, and cut it into two pieces, one 6 feet long, the other 4 feet long.
  2. Tie the shorter pole across the longer one about a foot from the top using wire or twine. You can improvise on how you tie the pole as long as it’s secure and level.
  3. Place an old shirt over the poles to serve as the scarecrow’s body. It’s easier to use an old polo shirt for this purpose because you can just button it in the front after inserting the poles in the right holes.
  4. Stuff the shirt with straw, rags, or dry leaves. You may place gloves or mittens at the end of the scarecrow’s arms and secure them with rubber bands.
  5. Get an old pair of trousers, and insert the vertical bamboo pole inside one of its legs. The other leg of the scarecrow should hang freely.
  6. Use a belt or a rope to attach the trousers to the scarecrow’s torso. Wrap the rope around the crossed poles if necessary to secure the trousers.
  7. Stuff the trousers with straw, rags, or dry leaves. The scarecrow should be considerably heavier at this point, so don’t put too much filler or it would be difficult to erect it later.
  8. Get a pillowcase and stuff it with the same filler materials. Tie the head on the vertical stake using wire or rope.
  9. Draw the scarecrow’s face, or use buttons for the eyes, and yarn for the mouth.
  10. Pick a spot near your pumpkin patch or vegetable plot, and stick the scarecrow into the ground.

(For other ways of creating a scarecrow, Learn how to make a scarecrow)

Other Ways to Get Rid of Crows

There are many other ways to get rid of crows aside from making your own scarecrow. If you don’t want to go through the trouble of making a scarecrow, some of the methods below should help reduce or eliminate your crow problem.

  • Set up a bird repel system: Most bird repel systems are audio devices that produce sounds that keep crows away. Some of these devices produce loud shrieking sounds that fool crows into thinking that there are predatory birds around. Other bird repel systems use a combination of nature sounds that crows just avoid. Place a bird repel system near the area where crows flock, and it should scare most of the birds away.
  • Use an owl decoy: Owl decoys are stuffed figures of owls that scare crows and other birds away. Place an owl decoy near the site where crows flock, and leave it there for a day or two. While this method often works, some crows do get used to the immobile owl figure, and recognize that it is not a real owl after some time.
  • Keep your surroundings clean: Crows may flock around your home because your surroundings aren’t clean, and you have poor garbage disposal practices. The birds can find plenty of food in these surroundings, so they stay and encourage other birds to follow them. Keeping your surroundings clean may help reduce the crows in your area by depriving them of food.
  • String old CDs together: Get some old CDs and string them together. Place the string of CDs near the affected site, making sure that the CDs reflect sunlight. Crows hate the reflection that the CDs give off, and they should go away.
  • Keep a dog: Some dogs instinctively chase after other animals like crows. You may build a dog house near the area where crows flock, so the dog can always scare the birds away. (Learn how to build a dog house)
  • Make some noise: Oftentimes, loud noises are enough to get rid of crows. Just bang your pots and pans whenever the crows are starting to flock in your yard. You can also use firecrackers to really send a hostile message to them. Do this consistently every day, so the birds will not return to that place again.
  • Blast them with a water gun: Use a water gun instead of a real one if you want to shoot the birds without hurting them. Large water guns are best for this purpose because they can hit a lot of birds with one squirt.

How About Killing Crows?

Killing crows is not advised, but as was mentioned, you can kill crows if your state or country allows it. Contact your local government first before killing crows or any kind of bird. If it’s allowed, you may shoot the birds, but keep in mind that the purpose of what you’re doing is to scare the birds away, not to kill just for the fun of it. There are people who claim that putting a dead crow on a stake near areas where crows gather is really effective at driving the birds away. Dispose of dead birds in a safe manner to keep your surroundings healthy.

Crows may serve an important function in your area, so don’t rush to get rid of them. If you open your mind and try to see them in a different perspective, you might realize that they are beautiful creatures that deserve to be treated well. If you’re interested in reading this article, you’ll surely enjoy reading how to get rid of birds nest.

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  1. black crows what can l get to get rid of them , they came here this spring and tellin ya they must had 100 babies from the sound ,and they got into my bird feeded and know the bird feeder down , and theres no other bird will come to our home now. plus even the blue jays and l thought they was bad. l like to know if you know what l can use to get rid of them , ther up in back of our land in woods . l never had this done to us before in my life time. cant have nothing with them jokers around believe me,

  2. Try Crow be Gone I did and have been crow free ever since. They make it so easy and have a website so you can learn more about those annoying crow birds.

    They even offer a money back guarantee.

  3. Our business purchased the BirdBGone Bird Chase SuperSonic. It works like a charm! The crows take off and are now “programmed” to stay away.

  4. I have bird feeders and love watching the various types of birds out there, but I’ve noticed a LOT of crows are coming around now. How can I discourage the crows from showing up, while not discouraging the “good” birds???

  5. I have a detachable flash for my 35mm camera. Just at dusk in the wintertime, when the crows are roosting together in big flocks, I take out my flash and shoot it at them. It simulates the muzzle flash from a shot gun. I did that 3 evenings in a row, establishing a perimeter around my property and they have stayed away ever since.

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