Posted on: August 19, 2013 Posted by: Nicole Harding Comments: 0

Many have had mild acne as a teenagers and continuing into adult life. While various tricks to overcoming the hurdles they posed are available, nothing can prepare individuals for an onslaught of cystic pimples.


Cystic pimples are much larger than regular pimples. While they may or may not be as red, they all share the same characteristic of a large and very hard base. When running your finger over the skin, the area cannot be missed, and it is possible to press hard on the area and feel the massive lump move back and forth. Many can relate to the types of pimples that can occur as a result of an ingrown hair. While similar in size and shape, ingrown hairs can normally be popped and consist of a massive buildup of pus. Cystic pimples cannot generally be popped. The sufferer can squeeze as hard as they want with absolutely no results other than causing extensive scarring. Furthermore, playing the waiting game does not help, either. No matter how much time passes, the cystic pimple never matures to the point where it is ready to be dealt with. Most cystic pimples have to pass with time, and some of them can be evident for months.

It is easy to become more frustrated with this problem than regular acne. Searching different ways of how to get rid of cystic pimples, however, can eliminate this nuisance completely. Many fail to realize that abrasion can trigger cystic pimple outbreaks. While the benefits of exfoliation are vast, many overuse these products. If an exfoliant is being used as part of a skin cleaning regimen, the label should be closely examined. If the product is made for full body exfoliation, there is a good chance it could be triggering the outbreaks. By ceasing the use of the exfoliant and purchasing a rejuvenating cream or serum, quick and effective results can be yielded. For dry skin, exfoliant can still be used, but it should be a product that is less abrasive and designed specifically for the face.

Anyone trying to discover how to get rid of cystic pimples should certainly take the time to analyze their current acne fighting regimen. Consistency is key, and if the wrong measures are being consistently taken, negative results will inevitably result, and continued use of exfoliating products on cystic acne prone skin can further complicate the problem.