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Dandruff can destroy your confidence. It’s embarrassing, misunderstood, and everyone wants to avoid dealing with it. Unfortunately, dandruff has a very bad reputation. Many people believe that dandruff only happens to people who are ‘dirty’ or people who do not bathe often enough.

The truth is that dandruff is caused by the skin on your scalp, and not by your actual hair. The skins cells on your scalp grow, die, and eventually fall off. This is what causes those tiny flakes that often make their way onto your shoulders. It can happen to anyone—no matter how often you lather, rinse, and repeat. In fact, almost half of the population has dealt with dandruff at some point in their lives.

No one wants to deal with this condition. Dandruff might make you avoid being seen in public, or enjoy everyday activities due to the embarrassment you are experiencing. Fortunately, there are many ways to get rid of dandruff and get on with your life. Take a look at these simple tips!

1. Try a shampoo designed specifically for dandruff.

There are many shampoo and conditioner products that exist out there that are designed specifically for dandruff. Your existing shampoo might not do enough for you, so try replacing your everyday shampoo with one that is specialized to get rid of dandruff.

Most of these special products are a little bit pricier than shampoo made for regular hair, ranging from about $10-$50 per bottle. Try out different brands (and remember to follow the directions properly!) and you will eventually find the one that works best for you.

Wash your hair with this new shampoo once a day until you notice that the skin flakes have disappeared. Remember that you should leave the shampoo in your hair for a few minutes in order for it to work most effectively. After this, to avoid dandruffs’ return, use this special shampoo only a few times a week. You do not want to overdo it, of course. You should not shower everyday normally; this is bad for your skin and your overall health!

2. Work on your inner health.

Dandruff can be caused from or worsened by skin issues derived from stress and/or an unhealthy lifestyle. Be sure to take control of your stress level by trying your best to avoid situations that stress you out. Is working getting you down? Are you having some relationship problems? Identify the stresses in your life.

Whatever the case may be, be sure to avoid whatever stresses are happening in your life. It will also help you to find an outlet for built-up stress such as exercise, meditation, writing, etc.

Your eating habits can also influence your skins’ overall health. Try your best to avoid overly processed foods that are high in fat and sugar. Eating foods with plenty of vitamin B6 and zinc will have a positive effect on your skin’s overall condition. Foods high in vitamin B6 and zinc include fish, poultry, spinach and lentils. Eating health food is a smart life choice anyhow, so this is a win-win idea! Health is wealth, after all.

3. Coconut oil scalp treatment.

There are many natural scalp treatments that exist for getting rid of dandruff. The coconut oil scalp treatment is one of them, and can be a great way to not only get rid of dandruff but have a relaxing experience in the process!

The first step to the treatment is to wash your hair with shampoo only, and not use any conditioner. Allow your hair to dry after this.

Once your hair is dry, apply coconut oil to your scalp alone, trying your best to avoid the rest of your hair (you don’t want anything on the tips, for instance). Almost immediately afterwards, wash out the oil completely. It may take a couple of washes to remove all of the oil, but be sure it is all gone. Look in a mirror to check your results. Use this method once a week until you get the results that you desire.

4. The lemon juice method.

Another natural method for ridding of dandruff is the use of lemon juice. The citrus fruits’ acidity helps to clear out unwanted flakes, and it also smells great! Bonus!

Simply take two tablespoons of lemon juice and massage it into your scalp with your fingers. You can also use an actual slice of lemon to massage your scalp, with no need for juicing. After you have done this, rinse your hair with water.

The final step of this process is to do a final rinse of your hair using one teaspoon of lemon juice in once cup of water. This method can be repeated daily until results are shown.

5. The yogurt method.

The first step to this method is to wash and rinse out your hair. Before your hair has dried, rub plain yogurt onto your scalp. Try not to eat it before you put it in your hair!

Leave the yogurt in for about 20 minutes. Rinse out the yogurt using little to no shampoo, because shampoos that are not specifically designed for getting rid of dandruff can cause dryness. You can try using this method once daily until results are apparent.

6. Use salt as an exfoliator.

Shake some salt on to your scalp and gently rub it throughout your scalp with wet fingers. Massage the salt into your scalp for about 10-12 minutes.

Because salt is a natural exfoliator, you should be able to see and feel the flakes remove from your scalp. After this, rinse your hair off with shampoo. You should be able to see results immediately.

Dandruff is very common, and as you can see, there are plenty of options available for tackling this issue. Remember that every case of dandruff can be a little bit different from the other and can be caused by very different factors. Some dandruff is drier, while others are oilier. If one of these methods do not work for you, don’t worry! Just try out another a few days later. Find the method (or combination of methods) that work best for you and your scalp. The best of luck!

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  1. boil stinging nettle leaves in water. the next time you wash your hair rince it with the water when you’re finished. it makes hair shine and helps dandruff!

  2. soak your scalp in Listerine. it kills bacteria. then shampoo a little and stop shampooing so much that just messes up your head’s natural oil balance. if you are rich you can use the listerine all the time

  3. rub cocoa butter lotion with shea butter into scalp, leave on for 30 minutes then wash & rinse, works wonders. also try just using baby oil, comb through hair, leave in for about 30 minutes then wash & wash alot or your hair will look rather oily but its great for ridding dandruff.

  4. When you wash your hair..dont double shampoo your hair and dont shampoo everytime you wash your hair either..shampooing strips your scalp of oils that it needs…so everytime you was your hair use conditioner but use the shampoo every other wash..and also get an all natural oil for the scalp…just put it on the scalp…you dont want to get your hair all oily

  5. Bring water to a boil. Remove from heat. Place a bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the water until warm, don’t worry bottle won’t break, the glass is made thick to withstand heat. Massage oil into scalp only. Cover head (not face) with a shower cap or plastic bag. Wait for about 15-20 mins. Wash hair throughly otherwise hair will look oily. Works very good with getting rid of Dandruf and you would only need to do it once every 3-6 months. Also, it’s a great remedy for growing hair on scalp and preventing slight hair loss. Hope it works for you as it does for my mom and I.

  6. welll… i have had dandruff for a long while and right when u think its gone, u see more flakes dropping onto ur sholders. IT STINKS! but, u can try pouring vinegar on wet hair and leaving it in for 10 minutes or so…it keeps flakes away for a few months or so…not forever but it sure is better than nothing!!

  7. Put moisterising creams (face creams for dry skin etc.) and apply to hair and leave for about 10 – 15 minutes. Wsah out the cream with lukewarm water, great for a dry scalp and remove any flakes.

  8. Listerine rinse after shampooing and change pillowcases nightly. Warm olive oil keeps scalp healthy by using cotton balls to rub into scalp and then heat treat with a shower cap.

    Stress really makes it worse so practice something soothing – hot soaks, meditations, rosaries, peaceful music or quiet time. Try to get more sleep by really saying no to the more trivial matters that consume our time.

  9. Salicylic acid,even if it’s a facial preparation for acne. It’ll help with excess oiliness and lift the scales. I bought a facial acne medication that helps. But also found something by Longs Drugs called “Scalp Relief” which contains salicylic acid 3%.. It also contains aloe, tea tree oil, vit E, propylene alcohol and water. I put this on after shampooing.

  10. An hour prior to shampooing I mix honey and vinegar in a squirt bottle and rub into scalp. Honey is an anti bacterial and vinegar adjusts the PH of the scalp.

  11. i used to get really bad dandruff up until i dyed my hair…

    Thats right… the best way to get rid of dandruff is to dye your hair.. any colour and it only has to be an 8 wash pack or you can go perminant.. and if this doesnt work use T-GEL its the best thing out there

  12. put baby powder! sprinkle in hair it obsorbs the oil..leave in like 30mins… and don;t forget to brush it out not wash B-R-U-S-H! ok hope it works!!

  13. Mayonaise—rub a big handful into your hair and then wrap with plastic bag—sit under hair dryer and warm it all up—let sit in hair about an hour and then wash —moisturizes the scalp and makes hair soft and shiney—OR my Mom use to wash my Grandfathers head in Lye she would put just enough to make the water feel silky when you ran your hands through it –not enought to burn you—then wash his head this worked for about 3 months she said—I have never tried it—good luck

  14. Rub with Salt till you get the flakes out then apply Virgin Coconut Oil. Wait for 10 minutes then you can rinse your hair with water. Do this twice daily until you get rid of the dandruff

  15. so i had bad dandruff from dry scalp untill i tarted experimenting to fix it. T-gel didn’t work nor did other producs. so i mixed vinegar, Listerine, a little olive oil, and a a little salt all together into a waterbottle. then i took a shower bu instead of uing shampoo i used the remedy. then all you hae to do is dry your hair and shower again but this time with shampoo so your hair wont smell weird.

    also, if you want to get rid of dandruff for one day instantly:
    before you go to bed scrach every part of your scalp. it only takes about 10 minuets and its a sure-fire wa to not have dandruff the next day.

  16. I used to have lice so i tried olive oil so then i thought maybe it would work on dandruff so my friend told me it did i haven’t tried it but i hope it works for you.Maybe i will try well hope you have some luck!

  17. ORGANIC apple cidder vinegar (try BRAGGS) mixed with Hydrogen Peroxide and water. Leave on scalp for about an hour then rinse out. Worked for me after suffering with SEVERE SEBORRHEIC DERMATITIS (HEAVY DANDRUFF)for 6 years after trying every shampoo and all the crap dermatologists tried to give me.

  18. Hi erm has anyone ever heard of amla oil? Well this is what i used to help get rid of my dandruff.
    You simply massage the amla oil into your hair 2 hours before you have a shower and then you rinse your hair with a strong shampoo such as vatika or herbal essence, you should go through this about 2-3 times a week and you will find an instant change after you have gone through it a few times.
    HOPE THIS HELPS!! thank you and bye xxxxxx

  19. i had really bad dandruff until i put peanut butter for about 15 minutes than wahed it with head and shoulder really good if you dont believe me try it really works

  20. I hope this works,it worked for me!All you gotta do is massage your scalp with 1/4 cup lemon juice+olive oil (2table spoon), then leave it dry . After it has dries you have to have comb backwards and try to untangle your hair.Now wash your hair with a good shmappo.Repeat this every three days for good results.It will work if you be patient!

  21. I think U should use Head and Shoulders and Also every month use VINEGAR on your hair and leave for 5 mins to burns the flakes and bac. caused in ur hair i promiss this will work. ALso T-Gel… works really well.

  22. Hey, I am 10 and i started getting dandruff when i just became 10, I am almost 11 and now i am really trying to get rid of my dandruff…My best advice is try a anti-dandruff shampoo every month..If it dosent work after use for 1 month ( 3 to 4 times a week) then try a diif 1 the next month. keep trying untill it goes away, btw it will prob cum back within 4 weeks of use and it will get worse and worse untill u use the shampoo again ( there is no cure to dandruff…that will last forever anyway) O YER, TRY TEA TREE OIL SHAMPOO…I will try it soon, it is meant to be reali gd..hope u get rid of it…ps..people with blonde hair are lucky, u cant see the dandruff in their hair!!!( correct me if i am wrong) 🙂

  23. Mix 200gm henna powder 1 egg white half lemon juice 100 ml tea water and keep it for overnight.massage your head with mild warm coconut oil leav it for 30minutes afterwards apply the henna mix to the scalp and cover.keep it for 1-2hrs.wash with any mild shampoo.try it twice in a month.u will shine with luxuriant hair with no dandruff.

  24. Everyone has dandruff, just some people have more. The most common cause of dandruff is when you use shampoo, not rinsing it all out. The extra shampoo sits on your scalp and when it dries it dries out your scalp with it. So just rinse rinse rinse and it should help :).

  25. The shampoos listed are exactly the same ones my dermatologist recommended. What’s not mentioned is that Dr. said I should rotate the shampoos every 2 weeks.

    Having been plagued with dandruff most of my adult life, I found this rotation regime FINALLY controlled the dandruff.

    I’ve been doing this for 3 years, and haven’t had ANY recurrences.

  26. Wash your hair 3 times a week and wash it really well. Dandruff is actually dried up shampoo that was not rinsed off well. So rinse for a longer amount of time until there isn’t any shampoo left.

  27. Alright, I need help. When ever I scratch my head flakes come off, but if I don’t nothing happens. Is this dandruff?

  28. alright scratching your head will only give you small cuts and then applying Head and Shoulders will bring even more pain to your scalp. Try cutting your hair very short, COMBING your hair and then applying Ketoconazole shampoo. After that bathe and continue doing it before going to bathe! It works if you do it daily. 8)

  29. These are the most popular and most efficient remedies:

    ~Olive Oil
    ~Coconut Oil
    ~Amla Oil

    Any one of these should help!

  30. Listerine; The original kind (No flavors).
    Listerine is the best! Just take a shower with little shampoo, and while your hair is still wet, massage a cap full (or two) of Listerine and let it sit for at LEAST 5 min. Rinse it off and apply just a TINY bit of shampoo (to get the smell out) Brush and dry your hair as normal! Do this for 2-3 Days and your hair should be Dandruff free for months!! 🙂

  31. This is the best way to getting dandruff outta your hair!
    Pretty much soak ur hair in virgin olive oil then wait 5 minutes just to be on the safe side. Hop your way into the shower and start washing it out, use soap and A LOT of shampoo works wonders!!!! Scrub really hard on the skelp and use a lot of shampoo i mean a lot untill all the olive oil is pretty much out!!!! You use shampoo so first u can get the olive oil out and second so when you get outta the shower it doesnt look like you have greasy hair!!!!! It works wonders it really does!!!

  32. well this isn’t a tip, because i havent tried any of these things yet, but i was going to try listerine, and can anybody tell me if i can use the whitening kind of listerine in my hair? or will that whiten my hair too?

  33. omg!! if u have dandruff ( like me!) you should eat lots of omega 3, which is fish oils. also, dandruff is ur scalp getting too dry, do try to put special hair oils which u can get from the shops.. GOOD LUCK!

  34. I think u should jst be urself…..everyone has a different way to do things and u do wa u tink is correct….dont let people put u down if u got dandy…..jst be urself…be happy mwah luv ya 🙂

  35. dandruff sux, and its worse when ur friend tells u its snowing on ur head cus u thought u got rid of it but u didnt and u found out in public, but these other people got some good tips so try em out and dont be discouraged!!!

  36. 1 taple spoon peanut butter,1/4cup of virgin olive oil, 3 tea spoons of salt, 1/4cup apple vinegar,1/4cup isopropanal and 1/4cup of real lemon juice. apply slowly to scalp.rub it in good let it soak for at least 5 min take shower wash out good with mosturizing shampoo

  37. get mayonnaise apply to scalp and wait 20-40 minutes then wash out with VERY GOOD SHAMPOO i reccomend alloy shampoo. do not use conditioner for the next 2 showers. this really works i have mayonnaise in my hair right now. It gets rid of dandruff for about 1-1.5 years =). have fun

  38. My son had really bad itchy dandruff. I bought a home remedies book that advised us to take one large lemon, juice half of the lemon, wash hair with lemon jucie, rinse with water, shampoo with baby shampoo, rinse with water. Finally, juice other half of lemon with two cups of water and rinse through hair and do not wash out. We had to do this everyday for about a week and now the dandruff is gone. If it does flare up a little we just do the same process again about once a month.If you want a more intensive treatment you can replace the lemon and use 1/4 cup of Sea Breeze. My son is so happy because his head doesn’t itch anymore and he is not getting teased at school anymore either.

  39. dnt worry is not only u hav dandruff, majority of the peole hav it so jus amke sure u wash ur hair properly not leaving any shampoo on it ok, gud luk!

  40. Rubbing salt and alcohol into your head seems bad for you… Although the honey + vinegar (or lemon juice) looks like a good recipe.

  41. hey guys. i used to have dandruff but then i saw a tip in a magazine that said to wash your hair, then masage your scalp with a 1/2 of a teaspoon of honey. after that make sure you shampoo and condition your hair again. try it!!! good luck!

  42. i used to have dandruff and i’d wash my hair, then masaged my scalp with a 1/2 of a teaspoon of honey. after that i used shampoo and condition again.

  43. dont use head and shoulders because if you have coloured hair it will take out the colour. it also doesn’t get rid of dandruff because it packs it down on your head so when you stop using it, you will get even more dandruff. if you go to a salon and ask for dandruff shampoo it will work because that is what i use now. if i stop using it i still dont have any dandruff.

  44. I have had dandruff for awhile now but I have been neglecting it. When it got more than I can handle I scratched like crzy and washed my hair with hot water and intensive treatment head and shoulders. BIG!!!!!! MISTAKE!!!!!!!! This burns like crazy! I would wash my hair once every 2 weeks because it is as long as my lower back. My mom would yell at me for using so much hot water! I looked up how to get ride of dandruff on google and found this website. I am going to mix together vinegar, listerine, lemon juice, olive oil and salt into one big container. I hope it works tommorow. P.S after you use this natural remedy what is a good shampoo to use to wash it off?

  45. Don’t try the vinegar treatment it really dried out my scalp. The first time I tried it I was really amazed but then when it came to the second treatment it really dried up my scalp so I decided to wait 2mths before I tried it again and sure enough it got worst now if i bend down the flakes just fall out. SO Please don’t try the vinegar it might just give u even more flakes excuse me I mean alot more flakes.

  46. use vinegar on your hair only if your dandruff is because of a oily head, don’t use vinegar on flaky dandruff, it would make it worse, i use vinegar but when i got my brother to use it who has a very flaky dandruff it got better at first then got worse. so i guess people with dry scalp shouldn’t use vinegaer,

  47. take 10-15 neem leaves and boil it with a hot water for few mins then take the leaves out and rinse it. after that u can shampoo it n conditioner

  48. So I came here before and decided to try out some of the vinegar tips. The first time I saw a small change, but repeated use didn’t help at all. My dandruff is mostly caused by dry scalp, and they start to appear after I shower.

    So then I tried to use an oil based solution. I didn’t have olive oil, but I did have a bottle of baby oil (Johnson & Johnson with aloe and vitmain E). I rubbed it into my hair and scalp and let it sit for maybe 5-10 minutes. I then showered and washed my hair with shampoo. After that dandruff was gone, even the next day! I’ve done it three times already and it definately is working. Baby oil also makes my hair smoother, even moreso than any conditioner i’ve ever used.

  49. i have blonde hair…and you can see it ! very clearly. i dont no how to get rid of it…iv had it for a year now. and i hate it ..i cant wear hair down at school because you can see it on my shoulders

  50. i’ve had dandruff for as long as i can remember. and i’ve done a lot of remedies for it. it’s either they’re not effective or they do their job but my dandruff’s still too powerful for them because they come back after a day or two. i heard an expert say that stress causes dandruff too. and so i think i am always stressed. and i live in a tropical country too so, stress + tropical country = a BUNCH of dandruff. 🙁

  51. use lots of condishoner and rinse thoroly for five minutes to ten. you shoulsd see results in three days. if it does not work seek help from a doctor-Michael

  52. Umm, I’ve read many suggestions and all here, but it seems for every suggestion, there is a criticism for it. I believe my dandruff (yes, i have it. :() is caused by ‘oiliness’. has anyone got a sure-fire way to get rid of dandruff for hair like mine that won’t be backfired? Please, I’d really appreciate it!

  53. okay. i recently got dandruff april of this year. i has tired head & shoulders, selsun blue, sea breeze, && mouth wash. NOTHING SEEMS TO WORK. !

    the only thing that made some of the flakes go away was selsun

    im only 13. can anyone help?

  54. have* not has.

    anyways adding to above, i also tried lemon juice.

    i think i have an oily scalp due to being a teenager.

  55. ok jokes!… well i have been using different products for my hair and it like just never seemed to work!. i always tried to get advice from different people but just never worked once more…. well then i tried something different, use the shampoo called NIZ… it helps, its take ur dandruff away forever, u just have to use it like they tell you on your instructions!… and if u cant find the product, use vinegar… or use olive oil! good luck hope you get rid of your dandruff! peace!mwah xxx XD

  56. use lemon juice with your conditioner but dont use shampoo!and scrub your head really good!i had really bad dandruff and this worked!

  57. hey guys,
    i have been tryin 2 battle ma dandriff 4 a while now…i’ve tried so many things…tips from me!dnt use heads n sholders, once u stop using it u just get more dandriff, i find that vinigar burns my head n so i dnt use the moment i use head remidy that u can get from the chemist. i just about 2 try mayo everdenty that works??
    so i hope that this stuff helps…n i will tell you how the mayo goes

  58. I usually just scrubbed my scalp with my fingernails as hard as I could until the dandruff wasn’t as bad.

    Vinegar burned my head, cooking oil and lotion mader my hair greasy, so I finally decided to go to my doctor and he recomended mayoneise… and it actually worked!

    Good Luck with the Flakes… xD

  59. i’ve been having the exact same porblem with dandruff .
    but i’ve also tried olive oil . after putting olive oil for an hour.
    wash your hair and rinse it REALLY G00D! it worked for me! hopefully
    it works for you!
    -G00DLUCk :]

  60. Mix 9 table spoons of Epsom salt into a cup of dawn dish washing liquid. Only use it 3-4 times a week and don’t use anything on the other days. If you use pomade or anything like that, this will take it out really easily.

  61. No need for dandruf shampoos or such and such just do it the easy way! Shampoo your hair and try to touch every single part of your head with shampoo and do it well!Do this for a week and taadaa dandruf free!

  62. oh no i have very teribble dandruff. ive read all tips and i wish just one of those who work for me. im getting pissed off my family laughing about my dandruff. i also guess its a part of me not washing my hair properly so i wil try to rinse and rinse my hair real properly. step by step. if not i will try on for a better way, like say olive oil and vinegar.
    wish me luck peeps plus im only 15! i dun wan dandy for the rest of my life that’d suck!!

  63. Listerine and lemon juice works or dandruff shampoo. But the chemicals in the dandruff shampoos can damage and dry your hair.

  64. Hey everyone, I just have a question for anyone who’s tried using baby oil.

    Earlier today, I put baby oil on my hair and scalp and let it soak in for about an hour before washing it out. So far, it’s worked great! I’m just wondering how long this treatment lasts before you start seeing flakes again? How often do you have to put baby oil in your hair to keep it flake-free?

  65. If you have very persistent, or severe dandruff, go see a doctor right away. If you don’t know what you suffer from you can definitely make the problem worse by using the wrong remedies. For instance, seborrheic dermatitis is a fungus which responds well to anti-fungal shampoos and remedies like tea tree oil and vinegar.

    But because SD treatments are very harsh on the scalp (even tea tree oil, which is a strong astringent, and vinegar which is very acidic) you would definitely not want to use them on someone who has psoriasis. At best, you will further dry out their skin while doing nothing for the problem, and at worse you will inflame their skin making it worse.

    Another reason to see a doctor is because it’s VERY difficult to tell the difference between SD and psoriasis. You will probably need to get a skin culture done, even if you see a dermatologist, to be 100% sure.

    The main reason though, is because you CAN suffer hair loss from bad dandruff. When thick scales form on the surface of the skin, they often trap hair in them, and when you scratch or comb your hair, the dead skin gets caught pulling the hair with it. If the hair is pulled out too often, it can damage the hair root permanently causing no hair to grow.

  66. I’ve had very bad dandruff for years now…and dandruff shampoos never worked. They would irritate my scalp a whole lot. So then i tried some homemade things. I found that lemon juice, henna powder, and a little baby oil works the best. However, if you have light hair i would skip the henna…it’ll turn your hair orange…if you have dark’ll get a pretty red tint in your hair. but basically just mix all of it together…apply to the scalp..leave on for a few hours and rinse REALLY WELL. Then you can apply whatever shampoo but make sure to scrub your scalp really well and rinse well too…because some of your dandruff may be because you dont rinse your shampoo out thoroughly. hope it helps 🙂

  67. I have suffered for many years with dandruff. The only times I was able to get respite was when I used an oil based treatement. The best oils to use (they must be the real thing) are tea tree oil(known for it’s anti microbial benefit), aloe vera oil (excellent!), castor oil (the raw unprocessed works best) and olive oil. If you combine the oils and add it to a deep conditioner such as “Queen Helene” along with a egg yolk, you’ll get the results you need. Now, you must wrap your hair with saran wrap or a plastic shower cap and devote 20-30 minutes under the dryer or a heating cap. Wash your hair well with a clarifying or neutralizing shampoo afterward. Use a good quality conditioner and enjoy the results. If you do this every two weeks, you will be able to enjoy the results without damaging your hair and scalp with acidic solutions. Try to keep away from blow dryers and wet set your hair.

  68. Head and shoulders DOES work so do not listen to people who say it doesnt. Also, when you wash your hair make sure you rinse it properly otherwise dandruff is coming your way

  69. leaving Lemon juice in the head for longer time(say more than 1o mins or so .. ) might lead to early gray hair. so if u consider applying lemon juice, make sure u hop to ur tub and rinse it off in less tha n 10-15 minutes.
    Patti adivse:
    crushed white pepper+lemon juice+coconut oil
    Apply hard in the areas of dandruff., leave for 1 – 15 minutes and go for ur shower.

  70. Don’t scratch your head! Forget what anyone tell you, if you ask the experts they tell you whatever you do, don’t scratch! Dandruff is dry skin so there will be a dry skin part on your head where the flakes come from – if you scratch this part it will become sore and then just produce MORE flakes and a bigger dry patch on your scalp! I get dandruff.. but the cheapest thing to do is just to keep rinsing your hair about 5 times – and shampoo isn’t the thing that produces the dandruff, its the conditioner because it’s so thick and clings to your scalp. So rinse your hair then don’t dry – it makes your hair even dryer eventhough some of the flakes might come out – it makes it WORSE. I’m illergic to Head and Shoulders so couldn’t use it, it made my scalp WORSE and I came out in big red patches all over.. it wore off in a couple of ours but was really itchy! So just rince and don’t shampoo and condition your hair every day – every 2-3 days is okay. And also, mayonaise and vinegar don’t actually help dandruff – they only make your hair soft and shiny, nothing to do with dandruff. Hope this helps!

  71. Try using MaryKay’s Deep Moisturizing for face… Leave on scalp for about 10 mins before showing while, brushing teeth or preping for a night out… Wash & Rinse… Its kept flakes away for me for 4 months only doing it twice in one week!!

  72. When I was in Basic training I had itchy dandruff, and a hair specailist introduced me to T-gel neutragena shampoo and conditioner. At first I did not like the smell, but after seeing the results I continued to use it. You can get this product from walmart or sallys. Get it. trust me. I have some dandruff episodes…but now, I’m good.

  73. I have a question not a tip. I have dry scalp and oily hair, I know it is weird. All day I have flakes and my head is really itchey. I have tried the lemon juice, vinigar, and I have also tried every shampoo for dandruff I can find. Does anyone know what I can do to get rid of it. I am 25 and I have had it for has long as I can remember. Someone please help. I have to wear Navy Blue shirts for work, I really need help with this.

  74. The salicilyc acid sometimes works for me, but every time I wash my hair it seems like the dandruff got worse……hmmmmm

  75. firstly (head and shoulders) doesnot work big waste of money,get a good brush and really work that scalp, then use amla oil massage deep into scalp leave on for a hour wash with good shampoo rinse and no flakes or itching repeat every 2 weeks thickens hair as well.

  76. For me i get dandruff if i go swimming, but only if i havent been in a long time. i think this has something to do with the clorine
    What i do is

    Find a brush with string bristles and brush your scalp hard, to get rid of the flakes

    Shampoo your hair really good while massaging your scalp

    blowdry hair to dry out any remaining dead scalp and repeat

    it helped me alot

  77. None of the shampoos worked for me…. but when i used ordinary shampoo and made sure i rinsed it out real good, then dry real good after showering, the flakes were barely noticeable… I hope everyone here gets it sorted because i know how much of a pain in the ass it is when you wear a suit or something and are constantly aware that there are flakes on your shoulders… good luck all

  78. Well im 15 and i have both dandruff and i break out around my nose 24/7. It never goes away. i need some tips and i would really appreciate it. im fixing to try mayonnaise but i think it might stink or something. And i am not tying listerine. that will be the last thing ill try. i used garnier fructis and it worked for a little while. Please help. Thanx

  79. the best thing that i have found to work is dandruff shampoo..
    i no for sure that oil does not work they tested it out on the news.. so dont waist your time the only thing the oil duz is give you oily hair

  80. Buy a Anti dandruff shampoo.Wash your hair and scalp with the shampoo.Let your hair dry then put on Hair oil,Olive oil or jojoba oil onto scalp and hair.

  81. Okay, so i have a really weird question;
    I;ve read through all of these and havent found anything on this subject;
    last year i found a little teeeeeeny spot of dry skin on my scalp;;
    smaller than the size of a dime;
    nothing really happened to it;
    now; a year later;
    i see that this spot has grown from smaller than a dime;
    to about the size of my palm;
    and i have big hands..
    i dont know what im supposed to do;
    i got dandruff shampoo; but it doesnt seem to be working that well; it works for a little bit then just stops; does anyone have any suggestions that will help me;
    and something that will actually help; and not just make more problems; thanks so much!

  82. oh, and also–
    i only have dandruff on one spot on my head; not my entire scalp;
    does anyone know what exactly this is??
    thanks for replying!

  83. i have a daughter that has dandruff just increase intake of water and apply natural yogurt for two hours once a week i know it sounds disgusting but after a good shampoo you would notice it really gone

    best of luck i tried it and banished dandruff hope it helps
    much better then expensive non helping dandruff shampoos

  84. i live in NZ and it’s cold pretty much the whole year round. i started having dandruff when i moved here 2 years ago. i reckon it’s because of the weather and probably from showering with hot water all the time. dandruff shampoos never worked for me, even if i use them religiously. i tried Bryl cream but it doesn’t work as well. pyrithione zinc based treatments just won’t do it. i can’t get my head around putting vinegar or mayonnaise or listerine on my head. what i found that works though is shampooing twice with creighton’s nettle and yarrow treatment shampoo. just use a little bit everytime. also, the body shop’s scalp oil is a good remedy for the itchiness. i massage it on my scalp and leave it on overnight and then wash my hair with the nettle shampoo the following day. this reduces the flakes and the itchiness. im not so sure about the long term effects as ive only started this regimen a month ago.

  85. Use virgin coconut oil/any natural oil,but most probably an oil extracted from coconut(no other mixtures but pure)then massage it into your hair 30 minutes before you take a bath,or you could also massage it every night then cover your head (hair i mean) with shower cup.
    Try it…daily..and you’ll see the effect.
    Or, another method is through using a calamansi juice (pure) massage in the hair and leave it for 30min. It is itchy and painful, but ignore it,its a sign of effectiveness..
    try it….

  86. ok i haven’t tried anything yet ‘cept using the head and shoulder shampoo. iam very confused some of u guys are saying to do stuff whiles are like no no don’t it! i mean how ami suspose to get rid of it? so far iam sticking to my shampoo and my comb with the very tight theeth and the thing is iam only 13 and i found a pure white hair in my head!! wtf iam worried… plz someone help

  87. NO MORE DANDRUFF! I have no more dandruff now! Heres how I stopped it! I washed my hair every 2 days and DIDN’T SCRATCH. But when your’e in the shower/bath, take a brush in with you. When you put conditioner on your hair brush your hair and rinse at the same time. It makes the conditioner (that normally doesn’t get washed out) come out. EVERYTIME you go in the shower you ALWAYS have some conditioner left in your hair, no matter what anyone says. Theres always at least ONE bit. Brushing it seperates your hair therefore making the conditioner to be washed out! This REALLY helps! Also, iv’e tried putting mayonaise on my hair and it helps a LITTLE bit. but not much. DO NOT use head and shoulders!!! Seriously. It works but then when you stop using it it comes back WORSE than it was in the first place! Hope this helps! 🙂

  88. DOnt use head and shoulders or any of those other store bought shampoos they work yea but when u stop using them they come back WORSE only use them if u want dandruff….use home remedys like lemon juice… put the lemon juice in ur hair over night… put it in 2 hours before u go to bed right before u go to bed soak ur hair with lotion (any kind) put plastic wrap around ur hair and wrap a towel around the plastic wrap… in the morning rinse ur hair very well.. that way ur scalp is tender allowing all the dry dandruff fall out in the shower… hope this works

  89. cut ur hair short, and squeeze tho whole limes onto ur scalp. leave it for half an hour, then wash it off wof any anti dandruff shampoo..
    continue this for one week, and dandruff will totally dissappear.

  90. I tried head and shoulder int never worked but the menthol flavour worked. The best experience was with CLEAN AND CLEAR ANTI-Dandruff Shampoo and SEBA MED ANTI-DANDRUFF SHAMPOO. For me Head and Shoulders is useless.

  91. Head and Shoulders does not work!! I’ve been using it for about 1 1/2 months and I haven’t seen any results yet. Another thing, it does remove the dye from your hair.. I dyed my hair 2 weeks ago and you can’t even tell.. and that was with permanent hair dye.

  92. I have had dandruff now for over 10 years… and I can attest that Head and Shoulders is No longer working for me anymore. I’ve been reading all these other comments and am confused on what to do. I know I don’t have an oily scalp, just a dry one… so home remedy recommendations? Or another brand of shampoo recommendation please?! help!

  93. I am def. going to try putting on the baby oil and if that doesnt help, i might do honey and vinegar. Im so sick of this dandruff. but il post if it worked or not.

  94. Have to say that I have never really had a major dandruf problem like I have now. It has been like this for about less than six months and is really annoying, like dandruff on the shoulder and how annoying it is when I have to scratch to get the dried bits of my scalp. I am trying oil as I have a dry scalp and I will try salt to help lift the dandy of my scalp, as well as using some other natural remedy to wash and condition my hair. Will let you all know.

  95. i have a oily scalp and had dandruff, and i tried putting vinegar on my scalp and after that i put honey too, it works really good and it also made my hair softer, i guess vinegar does only work with oily scalp that have dandruffs!

  96. I have had dandruff all my life, and i am really young still….what you should do is, take some tea tree oil, and dump it into a bottle of shampoo….then keep it in your hair as long as you can, then rinse out really really really really really really good :D….it will help a lot!!!!…also try some t-gel… it doesn’t work for me because i have it BAD… but it could work for some of you out there 😀

  97. i have had dandruff for as long as i can ever remember i always alternate shampoos really cheap ones will only cause you lots of grief in the end and head and shoulders t-gel selson blue none of it works just makes your hair dry and much more itchy i have never tried the above listed theries but hey i’ll try i found only washing every few days and conditioning well helps some that’s about it some so i guess here goes with the oil and vinager hopefully off to sexy hair

  98. (EDIT: Somehow my message got cut off….)

    Okay, I’m DEFINATELY not a know-it-all when it comes to hair (I mean heck, I’m a 17yo guy with no experince in this subject, lol) but I have come to notice that my dandruff has been getting worse over the past month. So I decided to google search how to get rid of it and I came across this site.

    And I just decided to experiment with what I had around my house. …COCOA BUTTER AND SALT! I mixed about 3 tbs of regular table salt into a small cup of cocoa butter, rubbed it all into my hair really well, let it sit for ~10-15 min, and rinsed my hair with WARM (not hot) water until the smell of cocoa butter was out of my hair. Also, I didn’t scrub my head like crazy when rinsing it out, but just mushed it all around with the water for a few minutes kinda soft-like. I didnt want to scrape my scalp.

    I tried this over a period of 5 days and every day I have seen amazing improvements. I felt good about myself haha! I have no dandruff as of now, but I cannot say what the future holds =/. I just know that cocoa butter and salt seemed to work on my OILY scalp. Might/might not work on dry scalp, not sure.

    Also, here’s another (rather obvious) tip: Just don’t scratch your head too much throughout the day. I did this all the time and it can only make it worse… =]

  99. I don’t have a tip,but my boyfriend has VERY VERY bad dandruff,and I sit there and scrap it all off.Well not all but as much as I can possiably tryin get before my hand starts hurting..I was wondering what is better to use Listering? Or Lemon Juice? Or Viniger? I mean he has is worse than I’ve ever seen..he has a shaved head..Not bald but short hair soo its very noticable and his work requires him to wear a hat which makes it worse..Any suggestions?

  100. Im 17 and have curly, dry, dandruffy hair. Its a total nightmare so I decided to do a wee bit of research and find out how to get rid of it. Basically:

    Dont use head and shoulders
    Dont blow dry
    Dont scratch
    Use natural remedys
    Be patient

  101. Coconut oil helps. Rub it onto the scalp and keep it on for a night. Wash it in the morning and you’ll see a considerable difference. I usually do this every four or five days.

  102. hi i have oily scaly dandruff. if i scratch i get a build up under my nails (most embarassing).i am willing to try some of the tips given here. the problem is that i have braids in my hair (kinky hair type) and cannot wash every day or for more than once a week. is there anyone out there who share my problem?????? most shampoos, which i have tried- head and shoulders, selsun blue,keto plus, neutrogena t gel and others DON’T WORK!!!!if they do it is only for a little while and then they come back. in all fairness their directions state that they should be used on a daily basis. i am a little worried about using some of these natural remedies, since i believe they need to be rinse out immediately or used several times during the week after shampooing.PLEASE IS ANYONE SHARING THIS PROBLEM OR HAVE THE SAME TEXTURE HAIR I HAVE???? I WOULD LOVE TO “READ” FROM U!!!!!!

  103. hey im a freshman in college and today i noticed i had dandruff. after freaking out for about an hour, i googled “how to get rid of dandruff” and found this site. i used the VIRGIN OLIVE OIL remedy and an hour later i was dandruff-free NOT A SPECK OF DANDRUFF yay! 🙂 so i thought i would just say that it worked for me and i hope it works for you too…

    heres what i did.
    1. put about a fourth of a cup of extra virgin olive oil in the microwave and heat it up till its warm.
    2. pour the olive oil on your scalp and massage it all over your scalp and add more olive oil if needed
    3. wrap a plastic grocery bag around your head and leave the olive oil on for an hour
    4. use a blowdryer to add heat for a few minutes at some point during the hour
    5. take off the grocery bag and rinse reallyyy well
    6. shampoo and condition.
    7. let hair air dry (because common causes of dandruff is heat and use of a blowdryer)


  104. p.s. oh yeah and no, your hair will not smell. or you will barely be able to smell it and it will completely go away after washing it a few times..and no its not greasy either 🙂

  105. Hey,Im wondering how to tell if I have dry dandruff or oily dandruff,if someone could post the answer to my question it’d be very appreciated =)

    Thanks in advance

  106. hi my self still suffring from dandruff as like others i used every shampoo but didn’t work i have oily scalf dandruff,some people with dry scalf use hot oil available from any indian shops applay it on ur scalf before u go to bad repeat every secound night then cover ur head to protect ur pellow and wash it in the morning i know it sounds abit strange but it is usefull for only dry scalf for oily scalf do not use it

  107. Tired of dry scalp, dandruff, whatever it is. So many choices. So I mixed them all.

    2T salt
    2T Listerine
    2T Olive oil
    2T Lemon juice
    2T Apple cider vinegar
    2T honey
    warm in microwave
    wet hair first with warm water(easier to work with long hair)
    get as much solution on scalp as possible
    wrapped in damp warm hand towel, plastic bag over all for 10-20 minutes. Rinse with warm (not hot) water. Shampoo with baby shampoo. Rinse out well. Lightly condition. So far so good.

  108. If u have oily hair, it’s oily dandruff. Like if your hair feels all smooth and all, it’s oily.
    anyways, the best remedies are lemon juice and vinegar although I have a oily head so maybe the COCOA BUTTER and SALT will work. but APPLE CIDER VINEGAR is really good.

  109. for the nose dandruff, I used to have it. Thing was I always peeled it so I trained myself to stop doing that. after showers, the skin at the nose would be soft so that was the best time to exfoliate it using a moist face towel to remove the dead skin. then straight after the shower, i put moisturizer using the fleshy part of my palm to apply lotion cause I kept thinking that, my fingers would have bacteria or sumthing that would cause the nose flaking to get worse lol. after you moisterize the skin will fill tingly and appear red but the next morning, the skin around your nose will appear smoother, which will just stop you from picking at the skin there since it looks so smooth. I just kept doing this everytime it got flaky and the nose flakiness was gone. and everytime I got stressed and start picking at the nose area, I just repeated the routine above. Always good to do at night cause I figured during the night your body gets to work at healing the redness around the nose.hope it helps peoples out there!:)

  110. After that rinse with water….Keep on washing your hair everyday because if u don’t wash it gets smelly and stinky…Especially your sweat…then it will create an opportunity for dandruff to exist. Eat healthy food…Fresh Fish, fruits and everything fresh…With that, it will stop dandruff on your head and your hair will be fresh as you are.

  111. DO NOT USE CONDITIONER!!! It dries out hair.

    USE any type of hair oil, put it in hair for 2 hrs before showering, and wash it out with any shampoo… VOILA, dandruff free hair in weeks!

  112. Okay- so I read all these and everyone was saying something different so I mixed: mayo, vinegar, and salt together. I soked my hair in it but it didn’t work. So I then washed my hair and put virgin olive oil in it. I tworked amazing! (but its super messy. You have to wash your hair at least six times to get it all out, and your tub is so oily.) Then after I washed my hair and got the oil out, rinse your hair with mouthwash. It kinda stings, but only where the dandruff is, which means its working. 🙂 Then rinse the mouthwash out. IT WORKS AMAZING! But you meed some patience. It takes about an hour in all, and make sure you have everything you need there in the bathroom BEFORE you start. 3 towels, mouthwash, bathrobe…. It makes it so much easier! Good Luck 🙂

  113. I have terrible dandruff. I’ve tried all the shampoo’s and found that nothing works. So now, I am going to make my own concoction of Baby Oil, Kolestrol(I think that is how you spell it) lemon and coconut oil. Perhaps a little mayo just for the **** of it.

  114. use CLEAR… CLEAR men for the guys…

    I dont know if tis really that effective…

    But still try it… it has a cool sensation…

  115. okay,
    so i am a little worried to try ANY of these.
    i don’t know if i have an oily scalp
    or just a dry one
    anyone know how i’m supposed to know??

    I’m fourteen and its EMBARRASING.

  116. my friend justin has dandruff really bad sometimes he trys to fight people cause he cant get rid of it!so he normally yells atme and says he “Can make it snow”!

  117. take some curd and add the hair oil preferably mustered oil . mix it well in the bowl then apply on your scalp leave it for half an hour and then wash your hair with the shampoo . it works for the dandruff. Do it once in a week see the result within one month.

  118. Ok i have a very strange kind of dandruff. i don’t really even know if it is dandruff at all. anyways, its not flakes. its more like these little oily balls that are stuck in my scalp so i can’t scratch my head without feeling bumps in my scalp. i tried head & shoulders and that didn’t work. I tried selson blue and that didn’t work. i even tried stuff the dermatologist subscribed and that DIDN’T WORK. I haven’t tried any home remedies yet but i think i’ll try vinegar because i have extremely greasy hair.

    is there anything that “cures” dandruff or is all of this stuff just temporary??? havning to do this every month or two weeks doesn’t sound very promising.

  119. oh yeah i have dyed hair so i don’t want to change my hair color. my mom just told me that lemon juice and vinegar changes ur hair color (blondes use it to become even more blonde) so idk what to do for oily hair :[


  120. i am using HEAD AND SHOULDERS right now and it is doing well; but when you stop using it…the dandruff comes back. because dandruff cloges your hair roots and stuff, i suggest just scratching it all out one night.

    btw: you can still see dandruff when you have blonde hair, but people don’t realy notice it.

  121. okay so when your in the shower, don’t scrub too hard and make sure with the water people that your showering water doesn’t have minerals in it that causes dry skin. make sure you take vitamins daily and fish oil. try out scrubbing your hair in the shower with oil, lemon/lime juice, tea tree oil, Listerine, vintager. you can try out all those things during time to see if they work out!

    you can also try using the shampoo & conditioners “head and shoulders” or “selson blue” i’ve used them and i recommend they will work good!

    when your in the shower, try not putting your conditioner at all the parts of your hair, try just putting it in the botton where your hair isn’t attached to your scalp.

  122. I tried the thing with shea butter lotion or whatev and it does NOT work at at all!!! It just killed my hair and made it all dry and it made it super oily and all the dandruff just stuck to my hair, after rinsing for forever! So i wanted to ask what isi better? extra virgin olive oil, yogurt, mayonaise, honey? what do you recomend? I think i have dry skin cause my hair isnt oily except after using lotion. i need reccomendations! getting kinda desperate!! thx in advance!!

  123. the best thing that works is to wash ur hair with a moisturizing shampoo and let it sit for 2 minuates and then use moisturizing conditioner and massage it in to ur scalp and do that every day and it will work like a charm.

  124. its better not to use condituner every time u shampoo.use it once a weak and better use vinegar in water for is a natural funda for soft and silky hair u want.

  125. I thought that using head and shoulders can help me but after reading your comments on not using it then which shampoo should i use.

  126. Mix a little tea tree oil in conditioner then rub it into your hair. Make sure that it’s down to your scalp then put shower cap, towel, ect. around your head to keep it on your head and from running everywhere. Leave for 30 minutes to 1 hour (depending on severity) and then wash hair like normal. (For extra control mix tea tree oil into your reg shampoo and use at least once a week) (This also helps prevent lice)

  127. iv only recently started getting dandruf, my head isnt oily or dry so i dont know how i got it. but iv made up my own random remedy, and ill let you know how it goes.
    im going to use:
    i’ll write back after i have done it 2 let you know how it went! bye!!!

  128. well i’m 13. i have dandruff. its so…… depressing, i only got dandruff because i was on holiday and we forgot the shampoo so we bought some head nad shoulders i used it and now i’ve got it. i like the cocoa butter idea, but i dont wannna make it worse. i’ve got dry scalp i only went on holiday in october theres none like on the strands of hair, its only on the roots. i need to get rid of this stuff fast because i aint the patient sort. i have tried puttin just plain salt mixed with my conditioner but that dont really work. my friend gave me that tip and i was soo…… happy cos i thought it would finally go but it aint hense me posting this on the site.all of this because of my holiday

  129. I’ve had dandruff for years and something my grandma told me was to rub in aloe vera gel in my hair 30 minutes before showering and then when showering, crack an egg and scrub the yolk into my hair and then shampooing thoroughly. This had great temporary results. I think if this is done like twice a month it could work for some people. I’ve found that commercial products work the best.

  130. It is important to make sure you use the correct treatment for your skin type. I tried tea tree oil and apple cider vinegar (not knowing it works only for oilies) much to my regret, it made it horribly worse! I typically have a dry scalp and I’ve tried letting baby oil soak on my scalp for about 10 min. and then shampooing twice, making sure to get all oil and shampoo out. I did that twice the first week and then about once a month; that has gotten rid of my dry scalp problem, but I have curly hair so I use lots of hair products (Yes I HAVE to,lol) and I’m certain that is causing build up. I found it works best to use ALL the same line of hair products, or any skin products for that matter because chemical reactions can occur by mixing brands, but it’s also important to wash thoroughly as has been stated. I plan on soaking my hair in baby oil and this time using a fine-tooth comb to get the build up out; let you know how it goes…

  131. Place a mix of mayo and baby oil into your hair and scalp. Leave for an hour or until fully dry. DO NOT WASH hair right away. Reapply another coat, use a simple shampoo like baby shampoo and remove the remedy.

  132. mix ketchup and olive oil together.IT WORKS GREAT!!!!!my hair is nice and silky and smooth now.apply mixture to hair and wait about 10-15 minutes and then rinse with cold water.good luck whoever uses the remedy.

  133. i just tried this a while bak and it seems to work, first you wash your hair like you usually would, then you rub cocoa butter all over the scalp and massage it for a few minutes, then you wash out and the dandruff should be gone for at least 2-3 days. i swear this works just try it

  134. people with dandruff are so unlucky! it’s such a bad thing to have
    i used to have it really badly and my pillows would be covered in it
    so i started using t-gel and it helps alot! it’s alot better! and if i use it every time i shower and try not to mess with my scalp too much, it’s as if i don’t have dandruff at all
    i feel sorry for people with really bad dandruff
    it goes down your back and stuff and itches!
    it’s the worst thing!
    and if it’s really itchy then you can’t scratch it because it will go everywhere
    and it never goes away

  135. Natural Home remedy: 2 drops is all you need. This will get rid of your dandruff IMMEDIATELY: While in the shower, pour shampoo in your hand and add 1 drop of TEA TREE OIL and 1 drop of PURE ESSENTIAL LAVENDER OIL, wash your hair thoroughly with this mixture. Let the shampoo mixture sit for about 5 min. Rinse. If you use conditioner, add the same 1 drop tea tree oil and 1 drop lavender oil and condition hair for 5 min. Make sure you massage this well into your scalp. (Do not scrub your scalp, that can lead to abrasions and sores.) Rinse well with cool water and your done. Keeping tea tree oil and lavender oil on hand can be very useful. These oils can be bought at any vitamin stores. Search the net for other uses for these pure essential oils you’ll be amazed at what 1 drop of these oils can do.
    Use common sense when trying home remedies. DO NOT use peroxide on your hair for heaven’s sake it will dye your hair!

  136. Im 11 and i have dandruff so bad that my head is oosing with blood whenever i scratch it. So i tried the listerine it burned so bad i cried. then i tried coconut milk it moisterizes hair and gets dandruff out with no mess!

  137. Rub Virgin Olive Oil on the roots of your hair and leave it on for a few minutes. When you shampoo your hair (use head and shoulders or any kinds of dandruff shampoos, the ones that smell good of course..) don’t use your fingernails to push the dandruffs off your scalp, but use your finger tips… and massage your scalp gently to push the dandruffs off, rinse with warm water (not too warm or too cold because your scalp is very sensive!) rinse at least twice or three times, apply a small amount of shampoo again if you want, then rinse again…Dry with a towel first, then blow dry…. Your dandruffs is gone…This is what I do and it works for me. You should try this..:-)

  138. ok so first you get lemon juice and soak it with a shower cap then you wait 20-30 mins then you scrup your head till it hurts.Hope it Helps.:)

  139. ok that works but i fond another way ok first you put baby oil gel in your head for an hour then you scrub with a comb then u tak a shower for 10-20 mins and scrub your head.Hope that works too:)

  140. I read the whole page a few days ago and was confused with what i wanted to do. So I kind of made a mixture of Listerne and Pert 2in1 Dandruff Control. Put the mouth wash on first with hair wet. Then waited about 3-5 mins. and applied the shampoo/conditioner.It burns but when your out of the shower your hair feels amazing and it doesnt itch. Helps controll the dandruff much better where its 85% gone. Results May Very.

  141. Stress and lack of sleep does a lot to make it worse. But, then again, that seems to be at the root of everything!

    My hair is a darker shade of brown, and goes down way past my back (I actually sit on it if I’m not careful)… and I primarily wear black… so you can imagine how much fun I have with dandruff. I’ve had it for, quite literally, as long as I can remember. I’m currently using Sels. Blue, but it doesn’t seem to be working very efficiently. I have noticed, however, that the shampoos that burn do seem to work better than the others. It gets rid of the itch, and kills the bacteria, I’m assuming. I prefer to use natural remedies, so I’m going to try using honey when I get home. I’m actually shocked I hadn’t thought of it before- I use honey on cuts to kill bacteria and moisturize the wound, which is better than letting it scab over… I’ll update you on whether it works for me or not 🙂

  142. ok I’ve had dandruff since august and ice tried head and shoulders and selsum blue. none of those have really worked for me. I also began to develop patches of red spots on my head and now my scalp is covered with redness. dandruff is really ruining my life I need help asap!

  143. I went to the doctor for an unrelated issue yesterday afternoon, and i showed the doctor the back of my scalp, since i was there. he gave me a script for this foam called luxiq, amd my GODS does it work! i noticed a difference the moment i put it on- the itching stopped. you apply it twice a day, and this morning after i put the 3rd dose(?) on my head and walked around, i noticed that i had quite literally no white flakes on my shoulders!!!! this stuff is amazing. seriously. go ask your doc 🙂

    and no this isnt advertising. lol. im just a happy, though a bit shocked, patient ^_^

  144. So, this isn’t a tip. It’s more of a question.

    I’ve gone through everything here, top to bottom, and don’t know how to do it. I don’t want to use any of the lavender oil things, but I’ve also seen the vinegar and that might work. Only trouble is, I’m afraid it’ll hurt and sting. I’m allergic ot mayonnaise, Honey, well that’ll probably make my hair sticky and anything else I’m mixed up…

    Can someone tell me how, or what, to do…?!?!?

  145. kay i have dandruff and it looks like lice,
    i dont know what to do and when i put my hair up
    in a pony tail it looks like lice eggs.
    what do i do help me please=[

  146. Cut an onion into several pieces. An with a smoothie machine throw the onion in. You will get this liquid form and apply it to the head before you shower. Do this for 5-7 minutes. Use shampoo to rinse of the onion. Do this once a week. It worked for me.

  147. HELP,HELP,HELP,HELP i work this morning and i Have dandruff,(I THINK)
    but i just SHAMPOOED REALLY WELL and it seems to be gone,did i have dandruff?Will it come back?

  148. Any kind of dandruff shampoo will work, but also add a lil bit of lemon juice. It works if you dont put to little of it on your hair.

    Im absolutely ecstatic! I have had really bad dandruff since i was 15 and i am now 18. Tried every shampoo in the world but dint work. I have never straightened/blow dryed my hair which is very long (past my bum)because i believe that it damages the hair. I was getting very annoyed 2day so came onto this website for help and the above tip by “chloe Payton” (thank u v much btw)
    The procedure is:
    1. put about a fourth of a cup of extra virgin olive oil in the microwave and heat it up till its warm.
    2. pour the olive oil on your scalp and massage it all over your scalp and add more olive oil if needed
    3. wrap a plastic grocery bag around your head and leave the olive oil on for an hour
    4. use a blowdryer to add heat for a few minutes at some point during the hour
    5. take off the grocery bag and rinse reallyyy well
    6. shampoo and condition.
    7. let hair air dry (because common causes of dandruff is heat and use of a blowdryer)

    I missed out point 4 and didnt use conditioner…it has worked…i found like a couple of flecks of dandruff but nothin in comparion 2 b4 when it was as if it was snowing. Lol. hOPE THIS HELPS. Thank u 2 chloe once again for posting the tip….TNANK U xxx

  150. Also when i was washing the shampoo i used a comb to brush out the dandruff, just as mentioned by others above…so yeah.:)Dandruff free!

  151. well im trying the dandruff apple cider viniger remedy right now.
    i am praying it will work!
    i dyed my hair blak then to brown when i had gorgous bleach blonde hair
    my mom was sooo mad then i started to get dandruff so if this dosnt work is their anything better?

  152. okay people READ good—







  153. STUBBORN DANDRUFF?! yeah, i have that too..i was suffering with it since i was elementary and hello im 23 now! yet it doesnt left skin is really really dry. I tried to use anti-dandruff shampoo, coconut-oil, and conditioners, i even try using mild shampoos to see the difference, but my dandruff still “come and go”..BUT i tell you what helps time after bath,i dried my hair in electric fan combing it until dry(about 300-400 combs-coz i have long hair) whoa! it works!…my dandruff is gone! plus my hair smoothen REALLY WORKS for MONTHS, im 5-7 months DANDRUFF-FREE(well at least)…Now,if you try this for MONTHS and gives you remedy and then, afterwards creates resistance and doesnt work as before, SIMPLE, try another! like use vinegar or honey or lemon(depending on the type of your skin), alternating shampoo brands also helps..Alternating remedies does help ..(because shampoos like other medicines sometimes causes resistance)it works for a while, then suddenly it doesnt!. if it happens, try another brand and try another remedies.. FACE IT!ACCEPT THE TRUTH! YOU are one in a million having scalp problems..compile suggestions from other people and try it for yourself…


    I’ve tried almost most of the stuff that people before me have suggested… BUT…. nothing worked for me… plus i have also some flakes looks like my hair dandruff on my eyes… IT KILLS ME… i’m 23 and i’m having this problem since i was 12 years old.. i lived in so many countries, and each country have different water and different kind of shampoos.. and now I have been living in canada for about 4 years… and the problem ( dandrufffffff ) is still facing me and it kills me… by the way, it takes me at least one hour to check the mirror and clean all the white stuff that appears on my hair and my eyes…so can anyone help me PLEASSSSSSSSSE ???

  155. try going to a body shop they have some great products or try mixing head and shoulders with lemon juice, honey, cream for dry skin, boil some water with ginger in it untill the flavour has gone into the water then remove the ginger and add the water to the mixture and mix well then use. GOOD LUCK

  156. THIS IS A ONE TIME DEAL! The best thing is to use a mixture of italian salad dressing(it has some of the vinegars and oils) Olive oil(oil is essential) and Molasses(just a little bit. It helps to keep the dead skin loose, but together and on your head) and water. Mix it all in a bottle and take a shower and use it like shampoo. Then use real shampoo and conditioner after and all your Dandruff will be gone FOREVER!

  157. well, i dun geh dah flakes often buh i LUVV to press my fingers against my scalp to see if flakes come & then i get addicted to doin tht and it causes a lot of dandruff . so my tip, JUST DONE TOUCH YOUR HAIR. the more you touch it , the more it gets oily and flaky.

  158. use hair and scalp conditioner with olive oil (it’s already in it) and keep your scalp conditioned with it for about four-five days. every one of those nites wash yhur hair .then yu have to wash yhur hair very qood at the end to qet all the oils out. and yhur dandruff should be qone. do this every month for bad dandruff. another tip is not to scratch when yu shampoo or conditioner. that will make more flakesz. [scratchinq] will make more flake to STAY in yhur hair. not qooD !

  159. once asked a doctor-friend of mine what the perfect cure for dandruff was.

    His answer?


    Well, he was not wrong, I suppose. But I’m sure there are other ways to deal with this condition. In fact, I know it.

    Thanks to more of my painstaking research, I can now bring you the best ever ways to rid yourself of dandruff… forever!

    What really causes dandruff

    Dandruff is caused by a reaction to a yeast called ‘Pityrosporum ovale’. (Sounds bad, I know. Let’s just say I wouldn’t make my bread out of it!)

    The reaction causes you to shed more and more dead cells from the surface of your scalp.

    But here’s the curious part…

    It’s not actually dry parts of your skin where dandruff occurs, but the greasy parts, where the skin glands are more active. So don’t confuse dandruff for dry skin. It’s quite the opposite.

    Nevertheless, here’s how to sort out your dandruff for good.

    * Remove margarine and oils from your diet. Except for sesame oil, which you shouldn’t eat, but rub into your scalp instead. Yes, yes, it sounds ridiculous, but it does prevent the skin from peeling.

    * Don’t wear a hat. Sunlight actually stops pityrosporum ovale yeast from growing. So get more light on your noggin – doctor’s orders.

    * Don’t scratch! Even when you shampoo, rub gently and don’t dig your nails in. Fingernails damage the roots.

    * Don’t dye your hair. If you’re gagging for Grecian 2000 or just hankering to return to the days of punk, forget it. Hair dye reduces the number of good bacteria on your scalp, some of which are essential in fighting dandruff yeast.

    * Use tea tree oil. In the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, research showed that a 5% tea tree oil shampoo improved dandruff by 41%.

    * Give it thyme. I found this interesting solution while surfing the internet. You should boil 4 table spoons of dried time in half a litre of water for 10 minutes. After it has cooled, strain it through a sieve. Massage the liquid into your scalp 3 times a week and leave it there overnight. (This potion can also be used to turn your neighbour into a newt, so use wisely.)

    * Look for zinc. When you choose your anti-dandruff shampoo, try one with zinc-pyrithione, which is reputedly very good. Or you can try taking a zinc supplement. It could help.

    As with most chronic diseases and conditions, getting the right nutrition is vital. Make sure you get vitamins B6, B12 and F into your diet.

    A final thing. Stress is also a factor because you may not realise it, but when you are stressed you rub and scratch at your scalp. I am preparing a Good Life letter on stress, its effects, and how to deal with it.

  160. Use oil you can use any: Coconut oil, Olive oil, or Amla oil. You put the oil in your head leave it in for an hour then rinse it out. If you don’t like oil then you should use any anti dandruff shampoo like Nizarol, Head and Shoulders or Equate. Use them 2-4 times in a week. Though the two main reasons for dandruff are:

    1. People don’t rinse the shampoo out of thier hair hard anough and there is shampoo still left on your head, which gives you even more dandruff!

    2. Your head isn’t moisturized enough. An unmosturized head gives you dandruff. You should use oil or take baths every day or every other day!

    This WILL help! You’re dandruff will be gone soon!

  161. Can some 1 pleaze tell me how to get rid of IT… I’ve herd listirine works but it has alchol in it so will it make my hair come out or what??

    HELP ME!!

    Now I read all of these things and i did something on my own.
    1. Now the first thing u do put a cup of water until it freezes then let the water freeze.
    2. Take it out and rub on ur head
    1. just put some water into freezer and let it get really cold and take it out and pour onto scalp im sure it will work.
    i told all the people who i know and they said it worked.

    PLUS: EAT ALOT OF AVOCADO even if u dont like it
    the reason why i chose ice is becuz it mosturizes

  163. HEY PEEPS KK SO THIS IS WHAT U SHOULD NOT NOT DO: dotn try those products like selson blue or head and shoulders they DO NOT WORK I TRIED ALLL OF THEM

  164. I know this is one of the most obvious things to think about whenn wondering about dandruff, but here goes:

    If you are using hair gel or wax or another hair product, you may be mistaking the dandruff flakes for flakes of this product in overuse or incorrect use. Just lay off the product for a while and your hair may return to its original state and fix itself!

  165. To get rid of my dandruff I did a vigorous process.I went to war with my scalp with brush for about a week. Every day I would shampoo and brush my hair and shampoo again and brush as I shampoo. After the first 3 days of brushing my scalp hard I noticed that my dandruff was almost nearly gone. So now everytime I shower I brush my hair and I don’t have it anymore. If you have long hair you will have to blow dry it and brush it thoroughly as well. it takes a lot of time for long hair. The reason being that dandruff growth is consider exponential so it only take a few bacteria a few days for it to become a big problem. So go all out and try to clean your scalp and long hair as thoroughly as possible if you have a lot of dandruff today.Then make it a routine to brush and shampoo as your shower and brush even more if you have longer hair.

  166. Listerine does work. Just carefully pour over your scalp, and let it sit for at least 3 minutes. Then shampoo, and style as usual. Be mindful not to let it drip into your eyes, and be warned that it will sting a little if you have any cuts or scratches on your scalp. It’ll take a couple of days to get the dandruff gone, but then follow up with a rinse of Listerine once a week and the problem should stay gone. Neat side benefit: Listerine makes your hair very shiny and helps remove product build-up. I’ve found the best one to use is the classic gold one…the flavored ones will work too, but good old yucky medicine smelling Listerine is best.

  167. Try head and shoulders. i used it for about 4 years. it works. the only thing is that it comes back for me at the same time next year..

  168. HEy .I haven’t triend this yet ,but I think it will work.Most people use hot water when washing there hair.Well things that are hot dry you hair out like hot iron and blow dryers.Try using cold water ,it may cut the dandriff out quicker cause its not drying it out.About the blow dryer I have to use one ,because of my hair texture.Just buy a good blowdryer.Mine cost three hundred dollars but it doesn’t use lots of heat ,and you don’t have to dry your hair all the way.Also wet hair makes your hair grow faster.So don’t dry your hair completely cause when I first got my hair cut off I put water on it everymorning and it grew out.

  169. I scratched all my scalp with a metal nit comb. It was then sore and i squeezed a lemon onto it. I left it for 5 mins. After, my head was not sore and my dandruff was gone.
    Another tip – put your tap on full blast when washing your hair, it helps clean the scalp.

  170. HEY GUYS i need your help, i have soo much dandruff its crazy i never had tht much in my whole life.if i just scratch my head on the top a whole bunch will fall out.. any ideas or ways i can get all of it it!
    thank you

  171. Shave your hair, this makes a big part of dandruff to gone:)And if you are baldy… the hair will grow again easily. At the next hair shave, you will get more:)This worked for the most of the people.
    I think a single hair shave is required for everyone… you will have a new hair, a healthy one! a nice one!
    Good luck!

  172. washing my hair with very cold water (only) works like magic!but it has to be very cold.never use warm or hot water.

  173. many people say head and shoulders work but if u have ALOT of dandraff like me, it will not work. and please do not scratch cus it looks dirty and when the dandraff falls out, people see it and get discusted so there is this shampoo i use, its called NIZORAL and it works!!
    also thnx for the people who gave tips of getting rid of dandraff 🙂

  174. this sounds really crazy but i read it in a magazine and tested it out and it works so good. Take a bowl of mannaise and a bowl of soy sauce. mix them and put the combination in your hair. let it sit for about 5 minutes. it works fabulous. (:

  175. I have used Head and Shoulders multiple times but it didnt work. I had bought it from Dollar Tree. Does this make a difference?? Like are the products the same in Dollar Tree as in Walmart??

  176. Avoid hair products that have parabens (a synthetic preservative found in many cosmetic and hair products, that may also be carcinogenic according to some experts) and sodium lauryl sulfates (a foaming agent that is commonly used in many cleaning agents and hair shampoos).
    Many people are sensitive to these products and don’t even know it, because they assume it is dandruff. I used to have a very bad case of dandruff, and I have black hair – so it is super noticeable. A friend of mine who is highly knowledgeable about naturopathic/alternative medicine recommended I switch to hair shampoos and conditioners that were both paraben and sodium lauryl sulfate free. So, I did so – within a few washings I noticed I didn’t have the chunky hair flakes that I use to have when I used other products. The shampoo I used is called Jason Organic shampoo. I got if from a health food store.

  177. What i do is i get L’OREAL ELVIVE anti-dandruff shampoo
    and i use cold water while shampooing and it works every time
    also a good thing about L’OREAL ELVIVE is that is comes in different types so if you have very bad dandruff there is one for you and if you have hardly any dandruff and just a few flakes there is one for you
    i hope this helps

  178. I’ve had drandruff for a while now, and have tried a few things to get rid of it, Head and Shoulders shampoo never worked for me, I tried blow drying my hair after I washed it but that didn’t work, and I’ve heard that if you just rinse the shampoo out really really well that can prevent dandruff too. Sometimes if I can be bothered to wash my hair twice over that can help but I’d love to get rid of it completely (and so I’ll never have to put up with it again!). I find that I get it mostly in the area of my hair closer to my fringe, but are not sure why…
    Does anyone have any good ideas of how to get rid of it, avoiding the use of chemicals, strond-smelling oils and pricey shampoos?

  179. I have horrible dandruff. I’ve had it for a while and I would love to get rid of it. I hate seeing dandruff in people’s hair, so I’m pretty sure they get turned off as well. I get my hair chemically straightened every 3-6 weeks so I can’t wash it, which makes my hair extra dandruffy and oily … yuck. Can someone help me or give me some tips that actually work, that would be great.

  180. I dab lemon juice on my scalp before i go to sleep, in the morning the lemon juice has dried ad the hair looks horrible, but as soon as you brush your hair the lemon juice hair goes away & it doesn’t leave any dry flakes.

  181. If you need a really quick fix before going out, rub your hair loads so it starts to flak out, then get your carpet hover and suck all the stuff out of your hair!!!

    This gets rid of the stuff that sits in your hair, but nothing for the masses of it on your scalp, but it works to get rid of the embarassing stuff that is highly visible.

  182. Hey Friend use Henna powder, Egg white and 2drops of lemon juice and mix it and keep it for 4-6 hours. Then apply on your scalp and you ll get shiny hair and dandruff will be gone in 3 situps.

  183. i had extremely bad dandruff i bought hair oil and they said store it in the fridge for 3 days then take it out put it in a pot and heat it till it is a lil warmer than the room

    and aply it to scalf with hand and massage in and leave in for 5 mins then shampoo over it with a normal shampoo (anything) and the wash out throurly untill hair is clean leave towel round and wait till damp then if still day sit out side for 10-15 mins and should be soft and no more DANDRUFF(also try shampooing it put a towle round and leave the foam to set in your hair then washout)

    hope it helps

  184. My son-in-law’s dermatoligist put him on a regimen of 3 different expensive shampoos and told him to rotate them each day. This did not work. I told him that AVON has an inexpensive dandruff shampoo that has a 5-star rating. I ordered him some and he loves it! It has replaced all of the other expensive shampoos he was using.

    ADVANCE TECHNIQUES 2-in-1 Anti-Dandruff Shampoo & Conditoner

  185. I just realized a dry scalp issue. I thought it was my combs and brushes that were just full of dried skin…It wasn’t I bought new ones. The flakes are still there I don’t know what to use I’ve seen so many choices what would be the BEST!!!!! So, it won’t get worst!!!

  186. U can use the vinegar method….6 table spoons of water n 2 spoons of vinegar….leave it over night…not for few mins….it must be over night…wash it next morning….do it twice a week…dandruff free….u can also apply oil once a week…..i mean lotz of oil then wash it next morning…dandruff free, shinny, natural colour ( even if ur hair is brown, the colour will remain ) and it b’comes super soft….any oil…even johnsons bay….swear to god it works…

  187. Massage aloe vera gel into your scalp 10-15 minutes before you wash your hair. Leave for 10 minutes, then shampoo with a mild shampoo.
    Should work! 😉

  188. i have so much dandruff!!! i scratch my hair so often too!! ive tried pert and selsum blue and they both dont work!!! omg. i need help! im sorta afraid to try these remedies afraid my hair might start to fall off. but they have fallen off a lot ever since ive had dandruff. sigh. i just have tons of dandruff. it started wen i started using sunsilk. i stopped wen i noticed it irritated my scalp. but then i started using it again because i forgot(VERY STUPID OF ME TOTTALY!!! IM SO ANGRY) and yeah. i feel horrible. and i think i have sensitve skin too!! thats way horrible! help anyone?

    i noe ppl say tht ur hair will fall out but it dont just use it evry1 in ma family used it works

  190. I have really bad dandruff and is really noticable when i’m in school because i wear black and it’s so embarassing! How do i get rid of it quickly?

  191. Hey apply warm coconut oil and keep it for 5-6 hours or you can apply egg white and keep it for 15 mins. This would be the best. I swear it works.

  192. hi i read theses about 2 mounths ago and i just figured out what to do. I realised i wasn’t washing my hair enough and so i washed it every day and shampooed and conditioned with head and shoulders every other day and i thinks that what you have to do and it really did work and now it’s all gone. i hope this helps because this really use to get me down and i think just give it a go and i think it will work and i hope you get some more confidence too. ohh and don’t let it get u down.

  193. my story is wierd cuz i had dandruff and then after abit it wud go away and now lately its bak and i hate it. wot can i do cuz i really get put dwn!
    plz help me sum1…x

  194. ok so i checked my hair today and i saw like little white stuff in it and it wuz cumin out in like in little specks after i brushed my hair is it lice or dandruff and how can i get rid ov it??

  195. im really dying on how to get rid of my stupid dandruff..i keep on changing my shampoo every now and then..and i think it’s the main cause of my worst nightmare w/c is having a also using hair coating agents..vitress hair repair:cuticle coat to be specific..because it repairs the damage hair also breaks easily especially when wet..and im so afraid that i might lose all my hair someday soon..sobbing!..thanks for the tips..i do hope that it’ll work..

  196. Another thing is that you don’t use normal conditioner on your scalp because it makes dandruff worse. Mine got better when I stopped too!

  197. cut open an aloe vera plant and rub it on your scalp and at the root of your hair, it let it sit f0r 10 min and then rinse it off, not only does it get rid of dandruff it makes your hair stronger and healthier

  198. I have extremely bad dandruff and it will not go away! It all started when I was grade 4. At first I just ignored it. (That was very stupid of me! But who can balme me? I was just in grade 4!) Anyways, by the end of grade 5 my hair was falling out constantly. When I took a bath, brushed my hair or even evenput my hair in a ponytail! I was left with 2 options. Either my hair would fall out and I would be bald permanantly or I could get my head shaved and my hair would grow back. I got my head shaved. Now I’m going to be in grade 7 in 2 months and my hair is an inch past my shoulders. And that stupid, annoying, and extremely bitchy dandruff came back! I was and still am really pissed. I went on the internet and picked up a few tips that I found from different websites. Here are a few of them.

    1) Massage coconut oil and lemon oil on your scalp.
    2) Use shampoos with Ketaconazole. (Nizoral)
    3) Eat leafy green vegetables and avoid dairy products.
    $) Use tree tea oil.
    5) Apply warm coconut oil and keep it for 5-6 hours.
    6) Apply egg white and keep it for 15 minutes.

    I have no idea of these work but I hope they help! 🙂

  199. amla oil works as does mustard oil they stink but you gotta shampoo properly to get them out
    make sure you was shampoo out properly too
    also use t gel or go to doctors

  200. I noticed someone put Aloe Gel from an Aloe Vera plant. Would over the counter Aloe Gel work too? It says 100% Pure… :/

    And are any of these ingredients harmful to hair?:
    Deionized water, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Glycerin, Polysorbate 20, Carbomer, Triethanolamine, Phenoxyethanol, DMDM Hydrantoin, Methyl & Propyl Parabens, Fragrance, FD&C Blue #1, FD&C Yellow #5.

    It also says:
    “100% Pure Aloe Vera Gel is known worldwide for it’s healing and soothing qualities for the skin. Regular use will help heal, soothe, cool, and condition the skin. Use on sunburns, windburns, minor burns and other skin irriitations. Non-sticky and will not stain.”

    I’m just paranoid and don’t want the chemicals to mess up my hair or make it fall out. Help? :c

  201. Hey guys I once had really horrible dandruff and it later turned to barber told me to use TGel..its an awesome product and i saw remarkable changes in less than 2 weeks…..i recommend the product…i bought it at shoppers drug mart…and also avoid using conditioner for your top hair to prevent your scalp from becoming more oily……anyways try the product….it really works…

  202. buy selson blue ( it has to say medicated on the lable) with 2 times that you use it trust me it will go away. the shampoo will simply get rid of it but more likely then not it will coem back so some reaserch on the causes of dandruff and try to avoid doing what ever is causing dandruff but not to worry everytime you get it just get selson blue =]

  203. Well I’ve used head nd shoulders nd its helped my dandruff go away but then I stopped using it nd the dandruff came back nd I hate it I wish we never had dandruff I’ve heard that dandruff is dried skin or dried shampoo that stays in ur scalp I think that’s true but if u think about it its not going 2 go away completely its just going 2 get better but ur still going 2 have dandruff well wat I do is use head nd shoulders as my conditioner nd then my shampoo is JASON organic shampoo that my mom bought me cuz its all natural nd it makes ur hair healthy well yea u shampoo ur hair really good like massage ur scalp don’t scratch it damages ur scalp so yea wash it really good nd then rinse it really good nd in a week ur going 2 notice that u have healthy nd dandruff free hair well it works 4 me idk if it will work 4 every1 cuz every1 has different hair well yea so I hope it works 4 u like it helped me

  204. Avoid too much using of anti dandruff shampoo because it might be more prone for dandruff to appear. dont get stress all the time and just think optimistic especially if lot things to do. eat green leafty vegetables and have a good personal hygiene all the time. enough rest. simple tips hope it can be a great help. good day!

  205. Selsun Blue works and T-Gel, too, but if you have an oily scalp you can also use a mixture of red cider vinegar and water each time you shampoo and that will control it, too. Another thing: my sister went to cosmetology school in like teh 70’s and at that time they charged custoers big bucks to do a scalp treatment for dandruff. The treatment consisted of parting the hair in small increments, then using a cotton ball soaked in Sea Breeze all ove the scalp, leaving it on for a short time (maybe an hour?) then washing it out. I tried this and it did not cure the dandruff permanently but it helped a lot, it did stop the itching completely within maybe 5 minutes. This is a goood temp. solution for the severe itch when one has had surgery AND CANNOT TAKE A SHOWER OR WASH THEIR HAIR- I was miserable until I tried this. I do not believe there is a way to cure it once and for all, only to control it. I ma 44 and tried lots of things. The quickest and simplest is to just use Selsun (or one of those) as instructed for the rest of your days.

  206. apple cider vinegar is good for bladder infections
    if you take a tsp every 4 hours per day you
    will have no bacteria in yur bladder.
    i have crohn’s disease, and

    i have no immunity, i am having trouble with
    getting dermitis on my hands from handling
    fruit (fungus) i get bumps on my hand,
    have to wear gloves.

    had dermititis on my whole arm from picking
    fruit outside on the ranch.

    please give me a tip on what i can put on my
    hand to keep from dermititis spreading from
    my hand.

    carole anne long

  207. i had like realy fkn bad dandruff for about 4 years even when my hair was like an inch long i had tryed head and shoulders for about 3 months i didnt see any results so i just gave up but then about 1 week ago i was at wal mart and a dandruff shampoo caught my eye its called selsun blue at first i was like whatever its not gonna work but i bought it anyway and after the second day of using the shampoo my dandruff was copletely gone i was amazed i was even searching thruogh my hair to see if i could find any flakes but i couldnt so go and get some selson blue

  208. well the thing thats works like magic is simply olive oil and lemon juice
    i had really bad dandruff and this remedy did wonders!
    the dandruff doesnt come back for like about 2 months for me

  209. I had dandruff really bad and I tried dying my hair once and the dandruff went away for months (my hair is dark so I was going blonde and had to leave it in for quite a while, about an hour) after the dye I used Head n shoulder as I alway had with no success. My druff stayed away for a long time, I dyed my hair like ayear later or so. So for a few years I had no druff, then I grew my hair long (btw I’m male 29) and didn’t want to dye it anymore cuz it would look ridiculous, and now it’s back in full force (which is why I was here) so if you don’t mind dying your hair, I woulld give it a shot, just go a lighter colour than you are now and see what happens, if nothing else druff isn’t as noticable in blond hair with a light shirt. p.s I grew a beard and got druff in it once it got about two inches so I kinda wonder about air flow (breathing of the scalp) and light being a factor aswell as washing all of the soap/shampoo out. hope this helps. I’m gonna try the omega supplements and olive oil method before I cut or dye my doo.

  210. Dear Carole anne long:

    I found a salt product called Himalayan Crystal Salt on the Internet. I rub it on my skin and my excema and psoriasis clear up immediately. It has 84 natural minerals, all found in the body. You can drink it (sole)every day and cleanses from the inside out (that’s the best way). Or wet a rock and set it on your skin. There are tons of sites, the best is “saltworks”. It’s pure genuious, balances your PH. It specifically works for skin, hair and nails. Inexpensive too. Good Luck!

  211. i been having dandruff forever!!!!!!!!i use to cry so much how embarrasing it was that my scalp litterary look soo white that was so nasty!!!!!!! i then tried head n shoulders and never worked!!!!!!!! Apple vinegar helped a lot, i use it at least once every 6 months and dandruff doesn’t show thank you for whoever came up with that remedy!!!!!!!

  212. My Life sucks cuz of dandruff. i look wierd cuz i have very dark hair and i wear lots of black. everytime i comb my hair its like a snowstorm. i tried aloe vera which helped but most of it is still there. i have oily scalp i know that from jeans. is there any help for anyone with an oily scalp?

  213. I have dandruff and it’s not bad enough to when it falls
    Out but if you look through my hair ull see it. It makes me so mad!!! I use head and shoulders and I stopped using it for a week and it got worse. If anyone has any simple home remedies to cure it that would
    Be so helpful

  214. My dandruff is not so bad anymore!

    I started using Heads N’ Shoulders about a week ago. It helped a bit. I was complaining to my dad how frustrating having dandruff was…so he said to drink LOTS and LOTS of water everyday. He said I have dandruff because I don’t really drink water. So i started drinking about 10 cups of water a day. (Gotta go pee really bad) BUT, finally I think I got rid of my dandruff…well I have been drinking the water for about a week so, still lots to go. Anyways, the best thing that doesn’t include any special products is, WATER! Also don’t shampoo to much and try to shower in cold water(not to cold, i tried and i cried =P)

    GOOD LUCK! <3


  215. For dandruff I found some simple remedies.
    -Apply coconut oil to your scalp and leave it for an hour.
    After an hour, apply lemon juice and massage your scalp(this may burn a little).Leave it for another hour, and then shampoo your hair with
    a mild shampoo.This will leave your hair shinny without any dandruff flakes.

    -Take an egg and beat it. Apply to your scalp and leave it for an hour.
    Shampoo your hair and you will find that dandruff flakes have disappeared!

    -If you have mild dandruff,applying coconut oil daily for a few days will get you rid of the condition.

  216. i think i have a dry scalp or more zinc is needed these tips tips really helped thanks i am young only 10 years of age and i am a girl.i live in india

  217. DO NO use head and shoulders shampoo. believe me, its toxic. not everything u eat or use has a good affect on you. I have been reading a book called NATURAL CURES lately and it explains a whole bunch of stuff
    about medicine thats bad 4 u and food that bad 4 u. Head and shoulders shampoo can’t work unless u have less dandruff. all these shampoos are animal tested so that means they squirt the shampoo in an animals (rabbit)
    eyes and test if it starts to react or feel okay with soap in its eyes.

  218. Hi I am just a kid. I am about P5.I from Singapore.I am a girl who has dandruff and pimples and blackheads.Can anybody find ways to help me?I am very embarrassed when my friends tease me. Please find ways like using what kind of shampoo. I am currently using Head And Shoulders Hair Fall.Thanks:)

  219. I have curly hair and sensitive, dry scalp.

    I use a sugar-shampoo scrub whenever I see white flakes on my roots.. It helps a lot to get rid of them!

  220. im just a kid with dandruff i tryed alot of dandruff remover stuff inc. head and shoulers and i cant seam 2 get rid of it. im really sick of known at school as “dandruff guy” =( please someone help me with this problem =(

  221. For the people using Head and Shoulders, are you dumb? Have you been watching TV or been with friends for the last 10 years? Name me one comedy show that has not said Head and Shoulders causes dandruff.

    Plus dandruff is NOT disguisting. It’s the face and body that matters. Think about it, if you are boy, when you look at girl do you look to see if she has dandruff? NO, you look at her face, her hair, her body. Dandruff doesn’t matter. I THINK the same goes for girls looking for boys.

  222. My husband and I both have occasional flakes or a flaky scalp. He shaved his head because it could be so annoying. Neither of us have an oily scalp and we shower every day. We have both used head and shoulders, which didn’t work for us. So one day I tried normal shampooing, and conditioning afterward. I applied a small amount of conditioner to my scalp only. When I rinsed, I didn’t wash it out completely like I normally do. I left only enough to make my hair feel silky, and this has worked for both my husband and me since. For acne I use Noxzemas blackhead scrub when I shower. Before I put make-up on, I use Noxzema anti-blemish pads. they’re non-abrasive and feel really clean, and I’ve noticed I never break-out if I use the pads whenever I wear make-up. However, if I don’t wear make-up I skip the pad. Using too many cleansers can dry out your skin, and even bases like covergirl can have a moisturizer in them to prevent over-drying.

  223. hi i never used to have dandruff but ever since i grew my hair i got it and it is ruinin my life .because your afraid of people touchin your hair incase they find out tht you have dandruff and my dad has it or had it so i must off got it from him also i was using head and shoulders for about 2 weeks and it was helping but i wanna get rid of dandruff full stop cause i have good friends a girlfriend and i hate dandruff so much so hopefully these tips will help thanks alot 😀

  224. Here are some home remedies. I tried and it works!

    – mix vinegar and salt(any type of vinegar will do). Then apply it to your scalp, rub the salt to it. Leave it for 30 mins and wash it off. Believe me it really works! You wont find any more dandruff

  225. Ok, Im 13, I used to live in Missouri, and then I moved to Florida. for some reason I lost all the natural blond streakes in my hair and I got dandruff… well not too long ago I tried putting ketchup in my hair to see what would happen. Well, don’t waist your time, it doesn’t work!

  226. hi i started getting dandruff last week so i cut my hair so its just covering my ears but it seemed to get worse then today used head and shoulders for men and my hair is raining dandruff literally
    i have very thick hair even when short theres lots of it the same as my grandad who was Italian any tips on how to get rid of it fast!
    p.s dont use head and shoulders its so bad

  227. Get rid of f your dandruff within 2 weeks.

    Dandreena is one of the most wonderful medicines in Dr. Sreedevi Sreenivasan’s formulations. A mix of 5 herbs in pure coconut oil , basically originates from tribal medicines. Dandreena is 100% effective in all dandruff cases. Dandreena enhances the health and resistance power of hair follicles and arrests excessive exfoliation
    and bacterial or fungal infestation in follicles which is the reason for dandruff.I hope its available in website also.visit —

  228. A very old way to get rid of it is yougurt either on its own, or mixed with a raw egg. Whichever way you do it, leave it on your hair for about 20 mins and then rinse thoroughly with a normal shampoo. It definitely works. In the beginning, try it twice a week, and then once its settled down, just once a week.

    Caution: If you mix egg, it might cause your head to smell bad for some time.

  229. I will tell you my secret and it will surely work. Natural and costs basically NOTHING.

    Well, while showring, have your comb handy and try to brush your hair while the water falls down on your head. It will swipe the DANDRUFF down. You don’t have to comb very hard, just nicely, over and over again. Get ot of the shower, and let your mamma check out your scalp. I bet she or you will find nothing stck in there. Then, rub your scalp with a mild cream. This will prevent it from reoccuring. Try it out.

  230. Never use chemicals or other medicines.I suggest Dandreena Anti dandruff oil for Dandruff and Civettina faca pack for pimples.its 100% natural and organic and very effective in my case.for these products search in your browser

  231. I tried so many shampoos to get rid of my dandruff, but it either came back right away or the shampoos left my hair so dull and tangled that I didn’t want to use them anymore. I wanted to try something different and I found a store on the web that had a Dry Scalp Remedy made up of all natural oils. It works great, and it leaves my hair nice and healthy too!
    I would definitely recommend giving it a try if you’re having a hard time finding something that works for you.

  232. head and shoulders does NOT work
    It makes it worse
    try combing your hair constantly in the shower and moisturise once your out the shower.


  233. head and shoulders doesn’t completely end all your dandruff worries but for now it’s the best thing on the market, a little dandruff may appear especially if you’re not washing everyday or every other day but the itchiness is drastically improved.

  234. When I first got dandruff I used Head and Shoulders but after awhile of using it it made things worse. I started using my moms regular Pantene shampoo and its slowly starting to go away.

  235. I am a 14 year old with dandruff. I don’t think that anyone knows but who cares I still have danruff. I try to hide it but my head still itches all of the time. I use head and shoulders but it does not work AT ALL. I hate it I get so mad. So does anyone have any tips? If you do tell me ASAP. Thanks

  236. I don’t see how dandruff could be the least bit disgusting. I have quite oily hair, bathe often, and have short hair. I still have dandruff. But I don’t care.


    Do you know the myths of Listerine? The ones that say it can help cure dandruff? THEIR RIGHT! I got rid of mine overnight!

    *Listerine(they say the original, but i used mint)
    *Cotton Balls
    *Dandruff Shampoo (I used T-Gel [DONT USE HEAD & SHOULDERS!])

    So about 20 minutes before your shower, your going to want to fill the cap of the Listerine bottle 2/3’s full. Then, began to rub it EVERYWHERE on your scalp. Do this until its empty.. If you feel you need more, go for it!

    Take a shower. Rinse out the Listerine, then began to lather and massage a dandruff shampoo into your scalp. I found T-Gel works best for me.

    THEN, hop out of the shower and turn off the water. Now wait 5-10 minutes, until you can’t see anymore white lather. Take the cap of the Listerine bottle and fill it 1/3 way full. Then tip your head over your tub/sink, and pour it over your scalp. Rub it in quickly – don’t overdo it! Then wait another 3 minutes, then rinse everything out of your hair. Generously apply conditioner.

    **IF YOU SEE YOUR BRUSK CAKED WITH DANDRUFF … either get a new one, or follow these tips!**

    -Pull all hair out of the brush (or most of it)
    -Rapidly shake the brush over a garbage can.
    -Pour a tiny bit of Listerine down the bristles
    -Rinse with warm water
    -Let brushes sit in a sink of hot water

    I got rid of my dandruff overnight, and so can you! If this works for you, spread it all over the internet! If I help you, and you help someone else fight dandruff, we can never have flakes again!

  238. Mix yogurt and multani mitti together and apply 2 your scalp prior 2 your shower. Multani mitti will only be available in India

  239. Ok head and sholders is absolutely the worst thing anyone has ever thought of, it makes it 20 times worse and the dandruff is like a snow storm in your head!!!!!!!!!!
    The comb thing works though

  240. Never in your life use head and shoulders, i used it before, it made my dandruff worse then ever before…

    One good way to do it is just scratch your hair so that your hair is covered with dandruff, then wash out all the dandruff and repeat, if it doesn’t work, then try something else with the other tips below

  241. I saw someone said boys dont notice girls hair?
    thats a COMPLETE lie, my dandruff recently came back for whatever reason and its SO bad and EVERYONE has noticed even my guy friends no joke, so honestly i am trying EVERYTHING.

    by the way.. i actually did used to use head and shoulders and it actually worked so well for me and made it completely go away, so i started using regular shampoo, but like suddenly about a year or so later ive got a bit of dandruff again =/

  242. There is another way with out using anything and its

    1. shave your head
    2. take a small mirror into the shower—> TO SEE THE GRAY/WHITE STUFF ON YOUR HEAD
    3. use any Anti- Dandruff shampoo(NOT HEAD AND SHOULDERS) you want to use for it then scratch (Not that hard tho)

  243. It dosent matter what kind of shampoo i use, each time I shampoo my dandruff is really bad. My dandruff is a fine powder kind. The only thing I can do is not shampoo for a few days but I cant keep doing that

  244. Some people cannot help it and I feel sorry for them. You try not scratching yourself when you have an itch! You don’t have to scratch your head to get dandruff, dry skin is still there regardless. Oil treatments are good and using luke warm water to rinse. Head and Shoulders works for a while (however my friend started getting dandruff because she was using it too much – so alternate). Moisturizing is the key

  245. I tride head and sholders and you know what happend… i had a snow storm on my head it was terrable gosh any advice?

  246. Im not sure how to ‘stall’or get rid of it but i have noticed in school that it seems to only be girls who get dandruff and never the boys?
    -Just another perk to being a girl i suppose…..-we can never get it out eithercus our hairs to long and gets tangled! EWWwww!

  247. You know, iv had dandruff for ever i use the shampoos i shaved my head iv tried lots of stuff and one thing i found out is that for sure the more sun you get the more snow you have on your scalp. But shaving my head worked a lot so if you can try that. but for the girls and men with afros and stuff like that make sure you shower daily and wash you hair. I find it dosnt even have to be with the dandruff shampoo just use ragular. Just keep your head CLEAN!!!!!!!!!!!

  248. Wash your hair with and anti dandruff shampoo and let it soak into your hair for about a minute or so, then scratch your scalp so that the dandruff comes of and keep scratching until the shampoo in your hair feels really fat (weird way to describe it, but it explains it) once the shampoo in your hair feels fat rinse it all out and repeat it again. this really helps becuase i have dandruff too, and i have greasy hair. i hope this helps

  249. U know i also tried head and sholders and IT FAILED try vinigar and lemon juice (NO SUGAR). Trust me it works AMAZING!!!

  250. Im a guy and i get dandruff after i get my haircut! when the guy cuts my hair he puts a whole load of this crap into it (idk what it is) but im REALLY shy! and i dont like to tell people what to do so im scared to ask him not to put that stuff in. i was wondering if that stuff makes my head dry and makes me have dandruff. otherwise i dont have dandruff. yesterday someone made fun of me so i was like omg i need to fix this NOWWWWWWWWWW!

  251. How do u get rid of dandruff i have tried head and shoulders which didn’t help and i have tried other dandruff shampoos so i really need ur help.

  252. I have dandruff and i used head and shoulders and it is so crap it just made me get more if you have any tips on how to get rid of it someone please tel me because i cant stp itching my fukin head 🙁

  253. I am a 14 year old boy with horrible dandruff. I use hair gel every school day because my hair is a mess without it. I have noticed I have a red scalp after consecutive combing. The dandruff is coming from the back of my head near my hair whirl. I have a very high metabolism and eat a lot every day but don’t gain weight. I also have noticed my hair comes out easy just through combing. I am convinced I have a health problem which is causing my oily hair and dry skin. NEED HELP!!!

  254. Try using doo grow it is really good for your hair and it gets rid of dandruff im using it now and myn it getting better so if i was you id try it oh and you can get it from any jamacian carabien shop or some place else where. i hope you all get rid of dandruff byeex

  255. Well, I heard about this new hair care line called Kronos, and it’s formulated to go deep into the scalp and soothe itching and dandruff, while at the same time, strengthening hair and increasing shine. You can get a free trial of Kronos. Hope this helps!!!

  256. Hi , I’m 14 years old with dandruff , though my hair doesn’t itch , I never even itched it at all , what really makes me mad is when my dandruff comes back… , it’s like get the heck off my hair… , I heard useing cold water works better than hot water , I have good shampoos for dandruff but it just makes me really mad a little when I see it. I have black hair so it’s noticeable , when I shower it goes bye bye , but I think the problem is I’m either dryin my hair too dry when I use the hair dryer because I sit drying my hair for like 10-15 mins , sometimes I leave my hair a little wet but I still dry it , any tips or anything how to get rid of dandruff for a long time or atleast a while would help , sorry for my bad English lol

  257. Hi, im a 13 yr old boy, my haed gets itchy when i sweat or wen im nervous or hot, if i scrub my head, the dandruff literally falls out and its disgusting i am on a shampoo medication type of thing i hhope it will work plz help

  258. When i scratch my head, underneath my fingernails theres greasy dandruff. I have tried everything, and nothing had worked. please help:), thnx. raytay.

  259. Hi iam 15 and i have dandruff i use t-gel and it works only for one night and in the morning its all there again. i think all the dandruff is on your pillow when your go to sleep so tonight iam going to wash my hair and change my pillow. hope it works!!!!!

  260. Hi, im a 14 year old boy and live in Australia, i have dandruff and it makes my head itchy and every time i ich lots of dandruff falls out. its really gross! i use gell every school day because my hair is bad without it. i’ve tried head n sholders and it doesnt work, need help please!

  261. Don’t use head n shoulders it didn’t help at all I’ve Ben taking showers twice a day and guess what the dandruff’s still there I don’t kno what to do

  262. Heres some tips that atually work:
    For itchy scalps, put aloe vera (either bought or of a plant) on the scalp then wash of in the shower.
    Also vinegar helps by getting rid of dandruff and stopping hair getting greasy.
    Blowdrying hair helps too.
    Lemon juice helps eliminate bacteria like headlice,dandruff,or fungus that may make your head itch, as it is antibacterial.
    Or mabey try honey. Thts also an antibacterial.
    Mayonase is good for ridding dandruff.
    Tea tree oil is good for both hair and scalp too.
    Hope this helps guys 🙂

  263. Hi im 16 and i have a dandruff, i tried using clear and head and shoulders but it doesn’t work it make it worse, what am i going to do?

  264. Try calamila .. ask a doctor for it trust its a helpful product,… you have to keep using the product or else it will definitely will come back.

  265. Hi every1 im 13 years old and i have some advice to share with you. i have had dandruff and i have gotten rid of it for 3 months so far by using this head and shoulders anti-dandruff shampoo and head and shoulders anti-dandruff comditioner. I hope this helps people out there who are having trouble with dandruff.
    From Mary-Ann

  266. I have suffered from dry scalp for atleast 3 years, i was told that maybe i needed to take fish oil supplements. i have bought organic & regular shampoo/ conditioners, i’ve ordered a product online that was supposed to help (had a horrible smell as does the tar shampoo’s), i’ve used the psorasis & excema lotions, scalpicin…nothing seemed to help until recently i bought clariol herbal essence hydration shampoo & conditioner w/ coconut milk (after reading online that coconut oil helps) I thought i would give this a try & i can honestly (& finally) say i am seborrihic dermatitis or dandruff free!

  267. Hi everyone well i use to have dandruff and i did use head n shoulders but that made it worse for me. I am using a different shampoo called main n tail and i add 1 tablespoon of baking soda to it every time i shampoo my hair and it works for me. I also massage my hair with olive oil when i don’t shampoo my hair and softens your scalp. I hope this helps it worked for me, so i hope it works for you guys out there. btw main n tail makes your hair thicker and longer.

  268. Hi, about 6 months ago my kids came down with lice, we all used that rid product on our hair. Since then I have the worst dandruff and I have used head and shoulders(doesnt work) I dont know what to try, my scap itches and it is gross. Any ideas, anyone?

  269. I use head n shoulders, and it workd for a couple of days but the dANDRUFF IS ALWAYS BACK! Sometimes, i use a shampoo with a teaspoon of BAKING SODA, and it helps, but if you use it too much, it may have some side efeects. I have had dandruff since about 5 years ago, im 13 now, and it wont go away. Ill try vinegar now! Hope itll work, thanks all!

  270. Hello my name is Ava, And I have dandriff. Every day at school I have A pile of dandriff on my desk! Kids make fun of me at school and I only have one friend and shes really nice!! Please help me!!!

  271. Try Tropical Coconut Shampoo I been using it for two weeks and my dandruff is gone!!:] I also like the way it makes my hair feel soft:)

  272. I believe main n tail Shanpoo and Conditioner works great with baking soad. Also my Hair grows 10X faster which for most woman thats a PLUS! My hair grew 12in in 3 months before my wedding once i started using that its great you can get it at Sally’s, Ross which i thought was odd. and Walmart but walmart is the off brand, Not sure if it works as well. its pretty cheap for being salon approved its like 6 bucks for a huge bottle or 3 dollars for a medium bottle.
    Also fish oli pills are great for your hair as well.
    Hope that works for you.

  273. Herbal essences shampoo n conditioner in pink bottles is good. Don’t wash your hair every day people. Washing hair every day dries your scalp and hair out. Go a day or 2 without washing and spray some perfume or cologne on ur hair after 2 days of not washing. Your hair has a natural build up of oils.

  274. Hey guys I am a 17 year old football player and wrestler and I have realy bad dan druff but I am also a military family and have no money so perants are to cheap to affor d ne of the stuff here what should I do that costs almost no money?

  275. I have been using head nd shoulder it doesnt seem to be working it makes it worse and bring even more dandruff any tips plz do reply


    Ok so first of all you need lemon juice and rind and coconut oil, mix it in a jar (as much as you want depending on how bad the problem is) and massage it in to your scalp (it will be REALLY greasy so I suggest tying it up in a towel) and leave it on for a few hours.
    Next, you wash it but this is IMPORTANT: Make sure you put shampoo on your hair BEFORE you wet it otherwise the water forms a barrier between the oil & shampoo. Use only cool to luke-warm water to rinse out the shampoo and DO NOT USE CONDITIONER! Then you get some apple cider vinegar and mix it with luke-warm water (again, use as much as you like) it MUST be apple cider, then pour that over your hair, and leave overnight once dry (it’ll look really greasy but it’s fine, trust me!)
    In the morning, wash your hair as normal (I used T Gel Shampoo) and I shampooed it twice, I put conditioner on it (but not on my scalp) and then dried it on the cool setting of the hair dryer. It’s worked for me and completely stopped the itchiness – but in the night it was itchy, but not the morning.
    Hope this helps 🙂

  277. I tried it all. And one day I came across a post online which said if you do “head stand” everyday, it cleans the head with pure blood and also massages the inner lining of the head. I tried it . After a week I been dandruff free ever since.

  278. My sister has dandruff. ithink? her hair is reallly bad and its filled with white stuff. i make fun of her however i think i might have nits or something,my hair is really itchy but i dont want to check, i just keep washing my hair?

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