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Starting to see dark circles around your eyes? Don’t worry: dark circles are common among the busiest of people who can’t afford to sleep 8 hours a day. However, research has shown that dark circles and eye bags are not only associated with lack of sleep; they could be the result of a number of other factors, too.

If your baggy eyes are a result of an allergic reaction, find out what foods are you allergic to and take them off your menu. According to many experts, the most frequent allergies that result in eye bags are from foods such as processed grains, fruits, vegetables with residual pesticides, century eggs, and pasteurized milk products from hormone-treated cows. These are food products that people tend to store longer before they are consumed. If you have no allergies, the next step is to check if you are using commercial beauty products that you may be allergic to, particularly mascaras and under-eye creams.

If you are female and the under-eye puffiness appears on a regular basis, it might be related to your monthly cycle. If the puffiness shows up several days before your menstrual period, it must be a manifestation of PMS (Learn how to get rid of PMS). You can use natural diuretics, such as green tea, one week before your period starts. It is also important to eliminate most carbohydrates, salty food and excess liquid for your food intake. Such a dietary regimen should be enough to reduce the puffiness and the hormonal-induced dark circles under your eyes that are caused by premenstrual water retention.

Dark circles can also be age-related or hereditary-driven especially for women who are already in their 40s. Simply look at your grandma or mom – if they have dark circles under their eyes, it’s apparent that your dark circles run in your family and there’s really not much you can do to get rid of them. In these cases, try to make peace with your looks and don’t be fooled by cosmetic product marketing telling you they have something miraculous to solve those dark circles. You might just want to consider seeking proper make-up or concealers.

Fatigue and fibromyalgia may also be blamed for swollen eyes that appear quite often. This only means that the dark circles are caused by your body’s lack of nourishment, particularly essential fats, dietary proteins, folic acid and vitamin B. This may sound chronic, but what you need to do is change your diet. Try consuming more ecologically-clean meat, cultured dairy products, fish, animal products with Vitamin B-12, and some raw milk for Vitamin B-6. Many people with fibromyalgia actually got better just by frequently eating traditional raw appetizers such as sashimi, steak tartare, and kibbeh. You can also eat quality raw milk products such as farmer’s cheese.

Insomnia, stress, days filled with long working hours in front of a computer, too much television, tiredness – all of these cause under eye puffiness. The best solution is a good, long nap. You can also resort to various eye applications. It’s best if you apply an eye mask made from fresh cucumber slices while resting. If you don’t have cucumber, you may use moist cold tea bags. Change your lifestyle to eliminate dark circles and puffiness in the long run. Practice some relaxation and meditation techniques and incorporate time management so you can get more sleep.

Be careful when you decide to use teabags instead of the popular cucumber as a face mask. There are people that get allergic reactions from certain teas, such as chamomile, which may result in the swelling of the eyes. Below are some other important tips for getting rid of dark circles around your eyes.

  • It’s great if you can apply ice or cold water on the eyes. However, make sure the application doesn’t last for more than five seconds.
  • Be very cautious when you’re using a new cosmetic product or experimenting with any home remedies. If these practices result in the exhibition of new symptoms or aggravate the dark circles, discontinue the use of the product or the entire procedure itself and consult your dermatologist.
  • For aggravated dark circles that are not age-related, it’s best to seek professional help. Since there may be a number of factors (both health-wise and lifestyle-wise)that cause the dark circles, consulting an expert will save you a lot of money before you start experimenting with some “miraculous” cosmetic product on the market.
  • Sunscreen is always the best shield against sun-related damage incurred by the skin.Dark circles under your eyes may also be caused by the heat of the sun.It’s a good idea to apply some sunscreen at least below the eyes, if not your whole face. Always lather up with sunscreen whenever you hit the beach. Sunscreen can also tone the color of your facial skin if you already have dark circles.
  • You may also want to try using Vitamin A cream on your dark circles. Numerous testimonies can be found regarding the wonders of Vitamin A cream. There’s no harm in trying. Just discontinue use if your skin responds negatively.
  • If you’re a frequent smoker, you must cut back on your cigarettes or, better yet, quit. What’s the use of being beauty conscious when you’re inhaling smoke?Remember that smoking is not just dangerous to your health, it’s dangerous to your beauty. Smoking can make the blood vessels under your facial skin appear much bluer, and a lot of those facial blood vessels are found under the eyes.
  • Rubbing the eyes is comforting, but please stop this mannerism: rubbing only irritates the skin on your eyes and it yields a lot of beauty-related problems such as allergies, irritations, discoloration and puffiness.
  • If you are a photographer or if you work in a laboratory, try to relax your eyes. Professions that require one to squint most of the time also tire the tissues surrounding the eyes. If you are doing work involving cameras,it’s best to use those gadgets without an ocular or eyepiece. Find ways to relax your eyes if you’re always staring through a microscope to avoid discoloration caused by eye stress.
  • A classic remedy is placing two spoons inside the freezer or the fridge.When they’re cool enough, lay the spoons on top of your eyes until the spoons become warm. You can repeat this process as many times as you want.The results may not be very miraculous, but the process is soothing, and soothing is always good.
  • Onions are known to reduce some discoloration around the eyes. These bulbs are also great for reducing puffiness. However, take note of the word “reduce”– these bulbs don’t necessarily erase the dark circles. The logic about the use of onions is that they help you cry out the excess moisture retained from inside and around your eyes. Whoever said that crying makes you ugly is dead wrong.
  • If you are a fan of salty foods, perhaps you should have second thoughts on this food fetish. Too much salt actually forces your body to retain unwanted water and in body parts where you don’t want it to be, including under the eyes. It turns out that the circulation of blood through the capillaries, the mini blood vessels, is hampered by the unwanted water.This causes more eye puffiness.
  • Get your daily fix of antioxidants and water. Antioxidants can be commercially prepared or directly absorbed from food sources such as fruits and vegetables.Many people buy antioxidant supplements to get a more potent dose for severe dark circles. Drink adequate fluids so that your circulation will be greatly improved.
  • Makeup works wonders, especially for dark circles caused by age. Makeup experts recommend the use of yellow or flesh-toned color to camouflage these under-eye problems.

If you happen to develop pronounced eye bags (Tips on how to get rid of eye bags), many experts say that it could be a symptom of an allergic reaction. There are cases when eye bags are also linked to kidney infection. If you developed eye bags with other health issues like skin rash, fever, and difficulty breathing, it’s imperative that you consult your doctor right away.

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  1. i am 13 i have dark circels under my eyes,in not a very good sleeper.
    andwhen i go on holiday i allways grt burnt never mind how much sun cream on,i can’t hide it with foundation

  2. The only way to getting rid of dark circles is if you fully support yourself to getting enough sleep, reducing salty food intakes, reducing your time on the tv/computer/etc, and a keeping a good healthy lifestyle. All of these factors will benefit you in reducing puffiness or dark circles, if done properly and appropiately. I know, I have dark circles and i m using a cream and using home remedies to fix my problem. So take in these useful tips if not you need to see your doctor.

  3. i had dark circles under my eyes for ages and one of my friends does avon and all of the anew eyecreams works they are really good trust me ! 🙂 x

    P.s – get at least 8 hours asleep
    12 if your just a child 🙂

  4. Okay, I’ve got them mostly when I wake up in the morning. BAD. It looks hideous, and what I normally do is put a green mask under my eyes. Doesn’t do much. I really want to find a fast way to get rid of them because school is starting soon! What should I do?

  5. Im 14 and i always have dark circles under my eyes. i pretty much always get 8 hours sleep. and i never burn. why else could i have them?

  6. Alcohol consumption can cause dark rings as it leaves toxins in the liver and stresses the kidneys. Many people are allergic to the tannin in red wine, and this can also aggravate dark rings. Drink lots of water if you have consumed too much alcohol.
    Lactose intolerance is very common, often undiagnosed, and just as with allergies, can cause dark rings. Try cutting out milk and dairy consumption for a few days to see whether it helps.

  7. ive had dark circles under my eyes since i was a little girl and i am now 20, is their any way of getting rid of them? someone help!!!

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