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Dark spots on the face are known as melasma. While they are annoying, they are not harmful. Women who are pregnant or going through menopause may notice them. Women and men who have not protected their skin from the harmful rays of the sun may also have them. If left alone they may fade naturally but it will take a long time. If you’re wondering how get rid of dark spots quickly there are natural products that do work although they may take up to four weeks. A bleaching agent called Hydroquinone cream or lotion may also work. This too may also take some time, often from two to six months.

Using natural products is the safest method to remove dark spots. Applying lemon juice to dark spots with cotton balls work as well as bleaching products purchased in the store, plus it is safer. Apply lemon juice with cotton balls and leave on for 20 minutes, then rinse with cool water. Use only once a day. Another safe natural product that helps to fade dark spots are raw potatoes. Raw potatoes contain minerals and a bleaching agent that are good for removing facial blemishes. This method requires peeling and washing a potato. Slice in thin slices and apply one slice to each area while lying down. Leave them on for 15 minutes, remove and rinse with cool water. Do this twice each day. Do not get lemon juice in your eyes or on cuts and burns. If you have sensitive or very dry skin you may want to consult a dermatologist first.

Hydroxy lotion (hydroquinone) is a bleaching product purchased in a pharmacy. It does not require a prescription. Wash your face, apply hydroxy lotion or cream sparingly on spots, leave on for 5 minutes and rinse. Use only once each day. You should see results in two to six months. If you are planning to go outside apply sunscreen at least 20 minutes earlier. Watch for an allergic reaction and do not use it if you are pregnant. Consult a dermatologist if you develop a rash or your skin burns after using it. Apply sparingly. If you use too much you may develop a toxicity to it.

If you have sensitive or very dry skin it is wise to visit a dermatologist before using the above products, even natural products contain bleaching agents. While natural products are safer than those containing certain chemicals they may cause a rash or sensitivity that could be dangerous to the skin. Always use chemical lotions and creams sparingly. Test for allergic reactions by applying a very small amount to the skin first, especially if your skin is sensitive.