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Dark spots appear on skin due to aging and lifetime sun exposure, and they are also sometimes referred to as age spots. They are harmless but not very attractive. They are also called hyper pigmentation, and the most common cause is too much exposure to UV rays from the sun. Most people affected by the unwanted appearance of dark spots want to find ways to fade the spots or get rid of them entirely.

There are many expensive over the counter creams that claim to effectively reduce age spots or dark spots, but there are also home remedies that are cheaper and just as effective. One of the best things to use to get rid of dark spots is citrus juice. Citrus juice is full of highly concentrated amounts of Vitamin C which is effective in lightening the skin. Lemon juice is especially effective, and lime juice also works. Apply to affected areas of skin with a cotton ball and let the juice dry. Citrus juice performs a skin bleaching action that is totally natural and won’t harm the skin.

Another helpful home remedy to get rid of dark spots is to use apple cider vinegar mixed with fresh onion. This is another way of applying a concentrated amount of vitamin C onto the skin, and the vinegar also performs a bleaching action.

Tea tree oil is also helpful in getting rid of dark spots. Simply mix a bit of tea tree oil with natural almond or other type of natural oil to dilute it in order to help prevent redness, then apply to skin. Tea tree oil is also a natural antiseptic that can be used for minor burns or abrasions on the skin. Over time, tea tree oil helps to lighten dark spots. Aloe Vera is very good for the skin and can also have some potent effects on lightening dark spots.

The effects achieved by using these natural products will vary according to skin types. A dermatologist can be consulted for further help in reducing age spots or getting rid of dark spots. Dermatologists can prescribe treatments and creams that are extremely effective.

One of the most effective ways to get rid of dark spots is to use laser therapy, and one of the best advantages to using laser therapy is that it is done by a professional for great results. When having laser therapy done to help to get rid of dark spots, it is estimated that in most patients about 70 percent of dark spots are dramatically improved or completely removed in just one treatment. Highly effective, laser therapy can be a great answer for those that have tried other methods with only limited success.