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You may not admit it, but you belong to those who are embarrassed to raise their hands in class or those who are not confident enough to wear sleeveless tops. The culprit? Say hello to dark underarms.

You must be able to find the root of the problem before you can solve it. There are many known causes of dark underarms including hair growth, residue and hyper pigmentation. You cannot just exfoliate your underarms everyday in hopes of whitening it, if hair growth is the main reason.

Prevention Techniques

Why go through all those expensive and meticulous skin-whitening methods if you can prevent it? Here’s what you can do.

For starters, you must avoid shaving your underarms since it produces a shadowy effect. Second, say goodbye to tight clothing. Wear sexy clothing only when necessary, like when you need to go to a pictorial or go out on a weekend for a whole night of clubbing.

Next, try to lose weight. Fat under your arms cause friction on the surrounding skin. Friction leads to the darkening of your underarms. A baking soda or an anti-fungal powder is also more effective to use than a roll-on anti-perspirant. Roll-ons will only leave negative and harmful chemicals on your skin.

Facing the Root Causes Head On

Hair Growth – The growth of hair on your underarms is normal so the darkening of your underarms is inevitable. The number and thickness of hair follicles is proportional to how dark your underarms can get. The darkening of your underarms happens only when you shave. If shaving your underarms twice a day is part of your day, then expect more darkening.

Why not try waxing? Shaving only cuts the hair appearing on the surface of your skin, while hair waxing pulls out the roots of each strand. Aside from helping you get rid of dark underarms, waxing will also spare you from ingrown hair (learn how to get rid of ingrown hairs), which you get from improper shaving, and raised bumps, which are sometimes referred to as chicken skin.

If you don’t want to give up shaving, then you should learn how to shave properly. You should soften your skin and hair first by showering for at least two minutes. Before shaving, apply a shaving gel or cream. You can’t replace these two products with just a soap. Using a soap will only clog the razor. After that, you should shave upwards, sideways and downwards because hair grows in different directions. Rinse off the razor of your shaver in between strokes.

Residue – Good old scrubbing can help you get rid of dark underarms. Residues coming from your deodorant and sweat accumulate, making your skin appear darker. If you are using a deodorant everyday, or if you sweat too much, exfoliate your underarms everyday. Anti-perspirants stick on the skin more than any other type of deodorant does, so work extra hard in scrubbing your underarms if you are using this product.

Exfoliating can be done while taking a bath. Just rub a loofah persistently but gently on your wet skin to remove all impurities. If you think your skin has accumulated too much dirt, use a more effective exfoliant – a pumice stone. Using a pumice stone will also remove your dead skin cells.

Hyper pigmentation – Proper shaving or exfoliating will bring you nowhere if you are dealing with something hereditary like hyper pigmentation. You can try a skin whitening product
and hope that it works for you.

If not, then consult a dermatologist who will probably suggest peeling or bleaching. If you are willing to peel or bleach, prepare yourself for itchiness, redness and other risks of discomfort. Hydrocortisone creams can also help but before you apply these on your skin, do a parch test on a small area on your skin. Parch testing will help you determine whether you are allergic to the product or not.Your last resort can be injections where whitening agents are directly injected under your skin. Your underarms will look whiter because the whitening agent lightens the upper layer of your skin. Injecting whitening agents is critical because you are introducing new chemicals into your system. Only a plastic surgeon or a licensed dermatologist should do it.

Yes, Be Bothered

Home remedies are also available these days, all of which won’t require you to spend much. As long as you have lemons, curds, flours and other home remedy ingredients available, you won’t even notice that you have exerted effort in making your underarms whiter.

Getting rid of dark underarms will not only help you have whiter underarms but also boost your self-esteem (Tips on how to build self-esteem). Be bothered and do something about your problem now. If you enjoyed reading this article, might as well read how to get rid of dark skin.

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  1. i’m 14 and when i was 13 i once used a hair remover cream and once shaved my underarms because of which now i have dark underarms.i read an article on dark underarms and now i have started waxing from 1 year,i apply lemon everyday from 1 week and i also apply a miture of 1 spoon cucumber juice,i spoon lemon juice and a pinch of termuric powder on he affected area from 2 days.i want to know that how much time will my underarms take to become normal???????????

  2. Hi i am 15 at the moment, and evesince i was 12 i have had dark unerarms. i dont want to try anything expensive, i cant wax (i get rashes), i have tried all the sensitive skin creams deodorants and all sorts of stuff. i am a dancer and i it is an embarrassing moment when i lift m arms up and all i see is black. my mum says its hereditary. But i am over the embarrassment. i have random peopl come up to me and tell me to shave my armpits because the black makes them look hairy. PLEASE! please help me.

  3. Rita: im not sure how long it will take but i just started using lemon juice, Since you only shaved once though it may not be darkend because of the shaving. It can also be from doeterant. it has chemicals in it that basically dye the skin. you should stop use of that if you dont sweat a lot try baby powder or some powder form of deoterant that doesnt have chemicals in it. they also have out now all natural deotrant that are made of natural ingridents and have nothing harmrul to the skin or planet your best bet is to try someof that. Look at a walmart or drugstore also try googleing it you can probably find some online. I hope this helps. im not part of this websire i just thought i would answer your question. if you would like check out my youtube i talk about things like this as well as hair make up fashion myabe your intrested =) have a wonderful day.

    Great website on how to get rid of things =)

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