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Desktop toolbars are less prevalent than internet browser toolbars but they can be just as annoying. Some of these are legitimate tools, and some are just an excuse for software manufacturers to collect data about your habits. These can be the result of spyware or adware, or might have been stealthily packaged with another piece of software you installed.

How to Hide a Desktop Toolbar in Windows XP and 2000

  1. Right-click on an empty part of your taskbar as shown below.
    Removing a desktop toolbar in windowsIf you don’t get this menu, try right-clicking on different spot .
  2. Move the mouse cursor over to “Toolbars” and click the name of the toolbar you want to hide.

How to Uninstall a Desktop Toolbar in Windows XP and 2000

  1. Go to the Windows Control Panel by clicking: “Start”->”Settings”->”Control Panel”, or “Start”->“Control Panel”.
  2. Double Click “Add / Remove Programs”.
  3. This should open a window that displays a list of all of the currently installed software on your computer. Search this list for the name of the toolbar you wish to uninstall, then select it and click on “Remove” button.

Removing a toolbar from Add/Remove Programs in windows

What to do if they don’t go away

If you can’t hide the toolbar and you can’t figure out how to uninstall it, then it’s likely the result of spyware. See our article on How to Get Rid of Spyware.

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