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Best Uses for Electric Pressure Washers

You may have guessed it, yep.. there are many uses for electric pressure washers. The most common uses are for tasks that include washing your driveway, washing your house, getting the grease of your garage floor and washing your car even.

When it comes to washing your driveway electric pressure washers are far more superior then using your garden hose with your thumb as the sprayer (does anyone do this anymore?). An electric pressure washer will cut your time down spraying your driveway considerably and let you get on to more important things like the list your wife has on your kitchen table that you’ve been avoiding all weekend.

Admit it, you’ve been creating projects left and right all weekend to keep you outside. I don’t blame you, I do the same thing.

Here’s a really good idea, buy your pressure washer so it arrives Friday night, this way you can use Saturday morning to “unpack” and “setup” your electric pressure, ah yes.. the beauty of new tools! But really there is very little setup for electric pressure washers, but we do need plenty of time to read that 2 page manual!

Arguably the best use for electric pressure washers is the excuse it gives you to get some much needed alone time. Really, what’s better than spraying down a driveway with your newly found toy on a 65-70 degree Saturday morning? The only thing that could make this day better is a cup of coffee in one hand and the pressure washer in the other.

Top Electric Pressure Washers for Sale

There are many electric pressure washers for sale these days. But really there are only a few that stand out that you should take notice off. Depending on the job at hand, you need to decided how much power you will need. Most electric pressure washers will range from 1,600 to 2,000 PSI. I would suggest picking one somewhere near the top of the range at 1,900 PSI. Why you may ask?

1,900 PSI is going to cover all your weekend project needs unless you are looking to strip a layer of paint of your deck or off your driveway. If you have a need to do that you need to be checking out gas powered pressure washers.

I recommend you take a look at the AR North America electric pressure washer. More specifically the model I own is the AR North America AR383, I know, a mouthful right. Besides it’s superior power 1,900 PSI, it has many other unique features:

  • Comes with a hose real. This comes in handy after a long day of working in the yard, helps in keeping your hose tangle free.
  • Comes with an accessory set, contains a gun, a pressure hose, a adjustable jet nozzle so you can control the width of the spray and a foam dispensing lance to top it all off.
  • Comes with an in-built water detergent tank. And because I like to save energy these days. This model is just perfect for me, as it comes with a energy saving stop-when-idle trigger.

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Customer Reviews of the AR North America AR383 Electric Pressure Washer

One customer was beyond happy with the fact that this electric pressure washer creates less noise as compared to the conventional gas pressure washers.

Many electric pressure washers are reliable. But this electric pressure washer sturdiness and reliability should not be overlooked. This is by far the top reason you should invest in this tool. Another useful feature is the two wheeled trolley which makes it extremely east to move around the side of the house or around the yard in general.

Most electric pressure washers are very lightweight which makes it feel like it is cheap in quality, but not with the AR383, its comes in at 27lbs, not to heavy, not to light, but just right, making it east to handle. I recommend this unit for it’s easy of use and awesome pressure washing power. In total, AR383 gets 4.5 stars.

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