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The summer season is known for its harsh warm periods. Active people acquire tanlines even though they were really unintended. Fairly ventilated places accumulate heat just like human ovens during the hot season. Clearly, a person must find a way to neutralize the dry air that can make the summer season unbearable. Good thing there are a lot of methods to get rid of dry air.

Through time, people have suffered the harsh effects of dry warm air, which is why they have developed a number of remedies for the warm atmosphere that is often attached to summer. Some of the remedies are quite simple like pocket fans and water sprays, while other methods come in the form of air-conditioning units and other devices that provide proper ventilation.

What’s Simple is Cool

Unknown to some people, the quickest methods to dispel the effects of dry air are actually found inside their rooms. Simple items or devices do not really get rid of dry air. Instead, these items take away the choking effect of warm air on people. If you use a combination of these items, you may not even realize that the summer season is already at hand.

  • Pocket Fan – This small ventilation device may look like a silly toy but do not let its appearance fool you. The pocket fan can provide much needed ventilation especially if you are in a poorly ventilated place. Powered by small batteries, you can easily slide the pocket fan in your pocket and bring it to any location. Just point the tiny fan to your face or any stressed body part and you will instantly feel a cool breeze cutting through the thick sheet of dry air.
  • Hand Fan – The hand fan is the pocket fan’s more powerful cousin. Hand-powered, you can swing away at dry air with your hand fan until your nearby environment becomes more tolerable.
  • Menthol Shampoo – Laugh as you may with this option but the cooling properties of some menthol shampoos may turn that silly smile on your face into one of amazement. Menthol shampoos are formulated to make your scalp feel cool regardless of the room temperature. Use the shampoo during summer’s warmest days and you might be surprised that you still feel normal midway through the day. Remarkably, the menthol shampoo can also help prevent heat-related migraines.
  • Water Spray – Fill-up a tiny perfume bottle with water and you already have a simple tool to brush away the effects of dry air. Everytime you feel that the build up of dry air makes breathing hard, spray water on your face and forehead with your water spray, then you will instantly feel refreshed. Also, you can use the water spray in conjunction with the pocket fan if ever the fan fails to provide enough ventilation.
  • Cold Beverages – Thirst is one of the common occurrences during summer. Clearly, the best solution is to drink an ice cold beverage. Not only will a cold beverage satisfy your thirst, the cool temperature of your drink will also keep you refreshed in spite of high room temperatures and the presence of dry air. Partner your cold beverage with an after dinner mint, then use a little power of suggestion. You might actually forget about dry air and its harsh effects.
  • Ice Cream – Ice cream is your most delectable way to breeze through an environment filled with dry air. Lick a few layers off the yummy snack and you will instantly notice a cold streak going down your throat. Eventually, that cold streak will wander to various parts of your body until you feel like you’re the coolest dude on the block. The only drawback of this method is that each scoop is filled with hundreds of calories. You may add inches to your waistline if you use this method frequently. Then again, the warm temperature of summer may be your good excuse to indulge.

Air Air Go Away

Chemists and industries have teamed up to release a series of devices that are built to blow away dry air. These motorized devices emit huge volumes of cold air. Since cold air is much thicker than warm dry air, the cold air emitted by powerful ventilating machines can easily push and dislodge dry air. If you have a lot of money to spare, you might as well invest in one. Remember that in a warm summer day, there is no better place to go than an air conditioned room.

  • Air conditioner – An air conditioning unit is simply the the best tool to provide you comfort throughout the summer season. Powered by an electric motor, the air conditioner can continuously supply you with cool air for long periods of time. Some air conditioning units have built-in temperature sensors. These devices automatically switch themselves off whenever the temperature gets too cold for comfort. You can also set the air conditioner to maintain a certain room temperature en route to a sweat-free day. As you can see, the air conditioner can let you experience a colder season even during the warmest days of summer.
  • Cooling Turbines – For warm industrial sites, the cooling turbine appears as a good way to get rid of dry air. The turbine collects and circulates cool air around an enclosed area. Equipped with large cooling fans, cooling turbines are powerful enough to properly ventilate large industrial areas. You can also use multiple cooling turbines for massive areas such as assembly lines and marketplaces.
  • Air Curtain – If you want a device that can literally keep dry air from entering your room, you can install an air curtain at the your room’s doorway. The air curtain emits a curtain of cold air that covers the entire area of your door. Since cold air is much heavier than dry air, dry air will not be able to penetrate the blanket of air provided by the air curtain.
  • Electric Industrial Fan – If you are tired of swinging your hand fan for hours, why not purchase a device that will do all the swinging for you? The electric industrial fan is a motorized fan that promotes proper air circulation. In other words, the fan directs the much desired cool air towards you, while it relegates dry air in other places of your room. No wonder that many households are big fans of the electric industrial fan.

Last Gasp of Dry Air

Dry air coupled with excruciatingly high temperatures can make the summer season an absolute nightmare. Thanks to ventilating machines and the simple remedies for dry air, you can now focus on getting a nice tan instead of worrying about dry air. Make your next gasp for air your final gasp of dry air with all the options available for you.

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