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Why look old and weathered when you can maintain natural, soft skin by treating it well? Our skin is designed to withstand quite a lot of different pressures, though that comes at the cost of your appearance. Everything from heat to water can have a negative effect, but if you take some extra time and effort, you can prevent cracking, peeling and unsightly blemishes. Here are several suggestions for products you can try along with some strategies for you to free yourself from the misery of dry skin.

1. Baby your skin.

When bathing, use lukewarm rather than hot water as it is easier on your skin. Once you have finished, pat yourself dry with a towel instead of rubbing it across the body. It takes a bit more time, but this method avoids subjecting your skin to a rough surface and friction.

2. Use moisturizers.

Our hands do so much for us over the course of a day, make sure you give back and treat them as well as they treat you. There are a number of hand moisturizers available with different levels of protection and quality. Seek out ones that provide the moisturizing you need but do not leave a greasy coating behind.

Products with formulations including the likes of Vitamin C, chamomile, grapeseed, and/or mineral oils work well, and moisturizers work wonderfully on other body parts, too.

3. Wear gloves.

In addition to the protections listed above, you can do well by your hands with a good pair of gloves. During the winter, temperatures and humidity levels drop dramatically and this can be very hard on your hands.

When we think of gloves in the winter, we always want protection from the cold, but gloves are also a shield for your hands in another important way. Do your hands this favor and help prevent them from developing more serious conditions like dermatitis.

4. Use soaps and detergents.

The positive benefits of moisturizers may be all for nothing if you are using a soap that reduces the moisture in your skin. Antibacterial soaps and some shampoos lead to flaking, so do your homework and choose ones that serve you well without these side effects. The same goes for poor quality detergents, which have a similarly damaging effect on skin.

5. Try petroleum jelly.

It is a stand-by product when it comes to caring for babies, but you can also baby your own skin with Petroleum Jelly. In addition to being an excellent remedy for dry skin, it is also extremely gentle and very rarely causes any kind of allergic reaction. Petroleum Jelly can also be applied to the lips to keep them from flaking and showing the effects of the weather.

6. Use lip balm.

If you do not like the idea of having Petroleum Jelly so close to your mouth, there are a number of alternatives when it comes to your lips. Lip balms come in a multitude of flavors that taste much better then Petroleum Jelly. The best versions offer such beneficial components as Vitamin C, Vitamin E, shea butter, retinol, or beeswax. Be warned, however, that some lip balms contain ingredients like menthol and camphor, which work against the product’s effectiveness and can cause irritation: always remember to do your homework when you are choosing new products for your skin.

7. Protect yourself from the sun.

Past generations basked in the sun, but we now know that frequent sun exposure can be very hard on your skin. There are a multitude of sun blocks and sunscreens on the market and it can be tough to decide what works best. The former protect against UVB rays, while the latter shield us from UVA.

Some products contain a mixture of both UVB and UVA protection, so be sure to check the Sun Protection Factor number on the container to gage how long you can be exposed to the sun while using this product.

8. Use natural sources.

Some skin products, such as Petroleum Jelly, are not made from sustainable resources. However, for those wishing to help their skin without harming the planet, there are other products obtainable.

Beeswax is a popular and effective choice to refresh your skin. The harming rays of the sun can also be counteracted with such oils as wheat germ, soybean, sesame seed, avocado, and coconut.

9. Try a humidifier.

Dry air can make it difficult to breathe and it is no joy for your skin either. This is especially a problem during the colder parts of the year, so keep a humidifier in your home. Maintaining a moisture level in the 50-60% range should not only help counteract any skin maladies, it will also allow you to breathe easier.

10. Shave properly.

Shaving not only removes hair, but also oil from your skin. For men, always be sure to use a shaving cream or shaving gel, rather than using a blade directly on your face. Run the blade in the direction the hair is growing. Also, you want the hair to come off easily, so it is best to shave after you have washed your face, as the hair will be softer.

For ladies shaving their legs or underarms, there are various hair removal products on the market available instead of the old razor and shaving cream method. While quality varies, these are less likely to cause dry skin. Some brands claim to be enriched with products that moisturize and minimize the wear and tear on your skin. Choose ones that include moisturizer, Aloe Vera or Vitamin E.

11. Seek medical help.

If you have tried various remedies with little or no success, you should try seeking medical assistance. In the case of your skin, you would seek out a dermatologist. These medical professionals will evaluate your condition and identify possible causes. They will also provide advice or prescriptions for products that will aid in your healing.

While the elements and the weather can take their toll on our skin, there are various ways you can keep your appearance youthful and appealing. Like everything in life, this can require some time and extra effort, but you are worth it! Change your lifestyle or utilize the various products that will help maintain the quality and appearance of your skin. If these do not make the difference for you, there are medical professionals out there who almost certainly can.

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  1. I need a lot of help with my dry skin. I use this peeling stuff to peel of all the dead skin, and then I sometimes put on Vaselene or dry skin cream. It doesn’t work at all, and it just makes my blackheads worse. I think I’m pretty and everything, but up close… eh… Anyway, can someone recommend anything?

  2. I have dry skin on my legs but my skin on the rest of my body is completely fine. I don’t shave that often and i always exfoliate and apply moisturiser onto my legs but they are still dry. They look a bit like a snake’s skin except not that worse (it’s only on my calves though) but I get these sort of pimply bumps on my thighs, maybe ingrown hairs? how do i get rid of them!! 🙁

  3. i have dry skin on my theighs, my tricepts and around my ankles i do use cocoa butter on them but the dry skin always wins. And recently my skin has become very irritant around my whole body, itchy, pestules on my face and dry itchy achne above my calves. can someone give me advice on what gets rid of these symptons

  4. I have extremely dry skin on my ankles! I get these patches of skin right on my ankles so that it makes it nearly impossible to scrub it off. Does anyone know of any good lotions or cream that will work to help fight this aweful dry skin!!

  5. I use Johnson & Johnson vanilla oatmeal lotion, and put it on my legs, arms, feet, everything…in the morning, and every night after i shower. and every other time i get out of the shower. As for my face, I use oil of olay for dry skin. This works wonders, if your face is dry- BUY THIS!

  6. First my skin was so much oily then i start using things which makes my skin dry now it becomes so dry so that i want to make it normal as i am using Pears soap and after that no creams no moisturisers nothing.pls reply me that what i have to do to make my skin neither dry nor wet(oily)but normal?thanks.

  7. I find that environment does play a roll in having dry skin. I traveled from Canada to China when it was the winter season in China and my hands started to get cracked. I drank lots of water to help hydrate my skin but had to use a better quality and pricier moisturizer to soothe my hands. I usually don’t use a moisturizer on my hands when in Canada, even in the winter months.

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