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Is your skin itchy? Is that itchiness followed by a raised, red rash on your skin? Do your ankles and elbows look thick and scaly? If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you may be suffering from a skin condition known as eczema.

If you suspect that you have eczema, it is recommended that you visit your doctor or a dermatologist in order to receive an accurate diagnosis. Once you have determined whether or not you have eczema, there are a number of steps to get rid of this condition through natural methods. The last step will provide details about what you should do if the natural methods are unsuccessful.

1. Improve Your Bathing

For any average person, regular bathing or showering to wash your hair and body is enough to maintain healthy skin and good hygiene. If you suffer from eczema, there are a few things to choose from that you can add to your bathing routine to help get rid of this condition.

The first is to grind up some regular oats and put them into a muslin bag and place it in the bath with you. The oats will help to reduce the itching that accompanies eczema. You can also choose to add Epsom or table salt to your bath to help soothe your skin. It is recommended that you add one cup of table salt, or just one to two teaspoons of Epsom salt.

2. Eat Your Vitamins and Minerals

Some eczema sufferers may be experiencing a vitamin or mineral deficiency because of a bad diet. You should figure out which vitamins and minerals you aren’t getting enough of in partnership with your doctor.

Once you have determined the necessary vitamins, you can figure out a specific plan on how to increase your intake of each vitamin. It is important that you do not rely exclusively on supplements; try to have a healthy diet with foods that are rich in the vitamins that you need.

Two of the vitamins that help with healthy skin and getting rid of eczema include Vitamin B12 and Vitamin E. Vitamin B12 helps to repair skin tissue and oxygenate the skin, and Vitamin E helps to hydrate and heal skin. To help with eczema, it is recommended that you take a small amount of Vitamin E oil and rub it into the affected areas a few times each day.

3. Moisturize

Another common symptom of eczema is dry and scaly skin that often cracks, even bleeding for the worse cases. Regularly moisturizing your skin is a great way to fight this and get rid of your eczema. When moisturizing, there are a few options to help.

Using petroleum jelly to moisturize your skin is a fairly safe option. It doesn’t have any irritants or perfumes that could trigger a reaction, which makes it suitable for those whose eczema.

Vitamin E creams are also a good solution; not only do they help hydrate and heal your skin, it is also one of the most effective moisturizers that you can buy over the counter to help get rid of your eczema. Like petroleum jelly, Vitamin E cream doesn’t have any perfumes or irritants, so it works for any skin type.

You may also choose other lotions when treating your eczema. Make sure to take a look at the ingredients in any lotion that you are considering using as they may contain perfumes or other irritants that can make your eczema worse.

4. Change Cleaning Supplies

As eczema can often be caused by an allergic reaction, it’s important to keep an eye on the cleaning supplies that you use, particularly your dish detergents and laundry detergents.

If you suspect that your detergents or other cleaning supplies may be at fault for your eczema, find a hypoallergenic version of each one of these. Many of the major brands often have a hypoallergenic version of their products, so you might not even have to switch from your first choice.

5. No Fragrances

The last few steps mentioned hypoallergenic or fragrance free alternatives to popular products. This applies to all products you could switch up, like lotions, detergents, and soaps. However, if you are still experiencing eczema, try going through all of the products that you use including colognes, perfumes, and other make-up products containing fragrances or other irritants. This may also include shampoos and conditioners, for which there are usually natural alternatives.

Just about every type of cologne or perfume is going to have some kind fragrance, so you might have to end up getting rid of those to clear up your eczema.

6. Cover Your Hands

When you’re doing dishes, try wearing rubber gloves to protect your hands from the warm and soapy water. Spending too long in warm and soapy water can really dry out your skin, especially if you suffer from eczema.

In the winter months the air is very dry and cold, which can worsen your eczema by drying it out even more. If it’s bad enough, your skin can often crack and bleed. To stop this from happening, try wearing a warm pair of gloves or mittens to protect your hands from the air.

7. Consult Your Dermatologist

In severe cases of eczema where lifestyle changes do not alleviate the symptoms, or your condition worsens by engaging in any of the previous steps, a trip to the dermatologist may be necessary.

They will be able to examine the affected areas as well as aspects of your life and habits that may be contributing to your eczema. Additionally, worsening or continuing symptoms may be indicators of an underlying condition that needs to be separately addressed through other methods. Any underlying condition should be diagnosed by a professional.

Following the above steps properly should help you treat your eczema and provide you with healthy and hydrated skin. Please note that this article should not be considered as a substitute for professional medical advice, and any persisting or worsening symptoms should be reported to a medical professional who is equipped to handle your condition.

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  1. I’ve had problems with excema off and on for years now, mainly on my elbows along with a few other places. When I get a flare up I go to my doctor and she gives me a special steroid cream that you apply to the infected areas twice a day for 2 weeks, no more. After this two week peroid, I moisturize daily with Aveeno lotion, this is what my doctor recommened. Aveeno moisturizes highly and doesn’t have all the “froo froo” add ins like most lotions so now a days. This works wonders for me, especially the Aveeno, so try this or get another strong yet natural lotion. Hope this helps someone :).

  2. The best thing to do for eczema I discovered very soon in my battle with this horrible disease is to keep the skin moist. I use Vaseline with great success. Also hot water should be avoided as it dehydrates the skin. Of the natural remedies that I tried the herbal ointment from works the best for me. It suppresses my eczema at the start of a flare up and then I go back to Vaseline.

  3. I get very light patches on my upper arms.
    The only thing that seems to help me is a special Aveeno lotion designed specifically for Eczema sufferers. It can be found at most Walgreen’s pharmacies.

  4. I for one have bad eczema on my lower stomach area around my belly button and in the creases of my arms. i had it for about 6 years i finally said i’ve had it! so i looked online for something to make it stop and go away. all you do is take baking soda and water mixed until it’s like a paste. then just apply it on the area and it works! i haven’t had eczema for 2 years now mabye a little break out now and then but i just use the baking soda remeide and it works! please if you have any questions !

  5. My name is taylah.
    i dont have any tips or anything, but i am 13, almost 14.
    I have had ecxema for as long as i can recall, andi hate it.
    It comes worse in hot weather, and hot showers.
    I try to use cold things as often as i can, but my body heats up easily.


  6. I was looking for some shampoo that works well against dry scalp due to eczema. I already tried the tar shampoo and products from exederm and didn’t work that well, Anyone with good suggestions? Oh and taylah, hang in there, I know how you feel. The only way to fight it is to accept it, if it’ll get worse with the hot weather, try staying in cool places. I tried ice pack on affected areas, it works quite well for me. Hope it’ll help you.

  7. I HAVE A QUESTION NOT A TIP…. IM 15 years old and i have very bad eczema in a small area of space (two middle fingers on right hand) ive been using E45 mosturising cream for a few weeks now and its having no effect. Every time i put the cream on and about 2-4 hours later its the same as before i put the cream on plz help send any advice for me. Thanx.;)

  8. I easily get hot and i dont itch. ive had it since i was born and hate it. its red and bumpy and im sooooper embarrased around people. if i go in a room thats a little warm, my face goes really red and im hot to the touch. Please Please Help Me!!!!

  9. I’ve had Eczema for about two years now, and everything I try, it just dosen’t seem to go away. One time when I scratched it to much it was burning badly, so I took an ice cube and just rubbed it over the area where it was for about 5 min. A few hours later I noticed, it was less red and some parts had even dissapeared a little, I never got it to go away completely by doing this but it sure is alot less noticeable, and the roughness stays away for a few days. if that helps anybody..

  10. I too have had the dreaded eczema since I was born.. I have had the blisters, the ooze, the itchy dry patches. I have tried the creams, lotions, and soaps…none have worked! I started reading a book about weight loss/diet and, found (at least in my case) that Gluten in my diet was the cause. I cut back, almost stopped, eating Gluten and my Eczema went away! Now when I eat too much pizza..or breads..I see the Eczema come back! So if nothing works for you, try cutting the Gluten =) Hope it helps!

  11. For me, my ezxema seems to worsen when i take hot showers. Worsen as in it’s cracking up, body fluid is leaking through, it’s swellen up and turning red. I cant focus in school and I feel like the ugliest person ever. I’m 16 and have ezema on 40% of my face…kids stare at me sometimes and I get so stressed out =[. ANy tips?

  12. This isnt really a tip but i need some serious help! I have eczema really bad on my forearms! and living in the south…. the hot sticky weather and the cold windy winters make it really bad! the only time its okay is in the fall! If there are any tips please PLEASE tell me! I’ve been using all different kinds of lotions that are supposed to make it better but nothing is working! And with sports it gets even worse and it gets so red and puffy! i hate it! and i try to cover it up by wearing long sleeved shirts and jackets but then i get hot and it gets worse! im so sooo annoyedddddd! i need some help! please! anyone! thanks!

  13. My name is Rebecca, I have had ecxema since I was born. Everything I try doesn’t do anything to make it go away!! I want to try out for my school volleyball team but the thing is my ecxema is on the back of my neck and its bright red!! I wanna try out but I dnt wanna show my ecxsema to every1 any tips on how to make it go away plz 🙁

  14. (Not a tip)My name is Ryley and im
    13,i have had eczema since i was born and its extremly embarrising.
    I have eczema on my back,legs,all of my arm,neck,face,throut,chest.
    Warm showers feel good but it makes it worst.
    Hard to focus in class,cant sleep,body heats eaisly.
    Sports affect you when ou have eczema and its anoying.
    All i can say is that keep your body cool, also never itch or rub you must slap it to reduce it from growing more and starting to bleed.
    Once you itch your eczama wash your hands because if you itch another place it could grow in the places you itch. i hope someone can put a good tip for all of you having trouble with eczema also me to.

  15. I need help with my skin irritation on my face it is very difficult knowing what i have…my face is very red has red bumps like a rash and its all over my both side of my cheeks…i hate it so much i wake up with sometimes iches for no reason i am 27 years old i have been having it since i was little now it has werrsin please if there is anything out there that can help me out let me know…i have tried proactive and it burned it more………let me know please thanks

  16. Hi, I’ve had eczema when I was around 1 years old. I still have it today. I went from doctor to doctor trying to find a cure. little did I know or realize they didn’t put much effort in helping my skin. however, I went to one doctor not so long ago. and she prescribed me: Betamethasone Dipropionate Cream. within a week it started healing. I was really impressed. though you have to use it constantly and keep your skin moist. try to avoid scented lotion cause chemicals tend to get you more itchy and will irritate skin. if I find anything new I will post up again 🙂

  17. I just recently got eczema from taking accutaine. I am 27 years old and i honestly think eczema is worse than acne. Its all over my hands and my arms. I can’t wear short sleeve shirts as I am completly covered. I find using lotion or the cream my doctor gave me help’s keep it smooth and not crunchy but it does not reduce the redness or make it go away. I haven’t itched it yet but I’m not sure how much longer my will power can hold. 2 months down 4 months to go…

  18. Eczema is the biggest bitch I know. I am currently trying my hardest to get rid of it. The only thing I would recommend is – eat healthy, exercise and moisturise. Do not believe anything off websites, I was a sucker and it cost me lots of money.

  19. Try Hydrocortizone 10, it’s over the counter and helps with redness and itchyness however may not work for everyone.

  20. Wats up, my name is Austin and ive had eczema since I was 2 and a half months old. Now I’m 14 and I will tell u now THIS SHIT SUX, I’ve tryed many different medications, creams, ointments, etc. None of them have really done much to actualy help, but I recently started using some kinda milk lotion and it works better than Tylenol does for a headache 🙂

  21. I’ve had eczema since I was born. Not a day in my life have I been able to wear short sleeves or shorts without it showing. Last year it got so bad I went on Prednisone. It helped me so much but I know it’s not healthy for you to take it. Now I use four ointment/creams to help me. The names are Elidel (you can use it on your face, neck, and everywhere but the creases of your body) Clobetasol for my arms, legs, and torso (you can’t use it on your face or creases because it would cause thinning of the skin) and Locoid Lipocream for my creases.Then there is an anti itch cream called Pramosone. For moisturizers you should definetly use something by the Arbonne brand.

  22. There is some really good information at relieveeczema It includes great advice on treating the irritating symptoms of eczema.

  23. I recently acquired the eczema that appears in between the fingers (err…starts with a d…red, bumps appear, claer liquid pops out…bleh).
    I’ve had a very strange type of eczema on my arms for about 5 years..definietly see your doctor before these things get out of hand. And whatever the doctor prescribes you, I really recommend you use it xD
    The eczema on my arms are now completely gone because I’ve used the steroid cream my doctor prescribed…I know that this sounds terribly unhealthy and yadda yadda yadda but it improved my skin after 1 use… it is: Triamcinolone acetonide ointment usp 0.1% (scary, isn’t it? but it really cleared it all up in 1 week). I also use cetaphil non-greasy ultra advance dry skin blah blah lotion when it starts to show small signs. Hydration=good, and try your best not to pick at it like i do! Oh. And taking cooler, shorter showers really help.

  24. I’ve used various types of cream and none of them have really helped. I’ve had ezcema for about 4 years now, and I’ll get rid of it then it comes back. I found that drinking lots of fluids, eating healthy (i.e. no junk food!), and staying away from milk products and getting a lot of sun help. Make sure that if you have ezcema that you let it be exposed and don’t cover it with tight fitting clothing as much as possible. By doing this, my ezcema has gone away in a max of a month. Try it – It really works! p.s. DON’T TOUCH IT. 🙂

  25. I have eczema in various areas, usually in the same spot. I have done alittle expermimenting, and found that if I have a wide enough area around my eczema spot, I would fill a small cap or bowl or something small, and fill it with hydrogen pyroxide, and I would carfully position it next to my area. I would then quickly turn the cap/bowl/ condiment cup over my spot, with the majority of hydrogen pyroxide covering eveything. I then strap it tightly with ace bandages so it doesnt leak out. And I keep it on there for several hours, or ever how long i can stand it. And when you cant stand it any longer, remove it. and let it air dry.

    I had a silver dollar size spot on the back of my leg, and now it is gone, been gone for 3 years now, cant even see that it was even there.
    and other spots I have “treated” havent returned.

  26. Help! I am 27 years old and have eczema for the first time in my life! I just moved to southern california and shower in hard water, as well as wash my clothes in it. This has caused me to get this aweful skin condition all over my back and torso. I should also say that I haven’t been to a doctor because I’ve talked to enough people and they all say the expensive dermatologist is a waste of time and money. I can’t take it mush longer, it has been two months of hell! i wake up in the middle of the night uncontrollably scratching everywhere the eczema is. I know this is bad to do, but what can i say, I’m weak. i have already gone through two tubes of anti itch cream. I’m now rubing cocoa butter in the infected area as well as Crisco. Yes, Crisco. I hear it is supposed to lock in the moisture, and i rub it in after showers. This is proof that i will do ANYTHING to get rid of this plague that is trying to destroy my life. anyone with any other tips please let me know, this skin condition is literally making me CRAZY!!!!!!!!!

  27. Honestly dont let eczema control your life. i just recently found out i have eczema. (im 16)i would always have my skin exposed and i have this nasty part on my arm ..forgot whats its called but its on the opposite side of the elbow. when ppl ask what happened i didnt know so i just told them it was a rash that goeas and comes. Up untill this day there are parts of my skin i wouldnt want to expose but i do anyway i just want to live just like any one else.nobody is perfect.

  28. I have been suffering from Eczema for a few years now on my hands and elbows. I went to doctor after the first 6months of having it and not knowing what it was. I was prescribe an ointment that worked awesome, however a few weeks later it reappeared. Since then I have dropped hundreds of dollars on Cortizone 10 intensive healing formula. I put a nice coat on my hands every night before bed and afterward I put on latex and powder free rubber gloves. It is the best solution I have had since going to the doctor. I still get the occasional break outs of course. The only real draw backs is that it is only a temporary relief, it can get expensive over time buying the cream and gloves. Hope this helps some of you and if you come across anything that works better let me know.

  29. Vanicream lotion and free and clear shampoo. Went from 90% covered with eczema for 2 years to about 2% in less then a week. Turns out I was allergic to the chemicals in most lotions and shampoos. Help is out there. I had almost given up but am proud to say I actually enjoy life again!

  30. Hi, i have had eczema since i was 3 and im 14 now, its so anoying and especialy when i want to look nice and pretty at high school,my skin is dry , red , sore and itchy. i have doublebase and hydrocuartozone little tube cream. it helps me but doesnt work very much .

  31. Right i have bad eczema and everytime it gets bad ii go to the docters and get some speacial cream in about 2-3 days it should be gone but if its not u need to go to ur hospital or see if u need better cream becausee ur skin will get worse. So take this as a realy good tip anymore information on dry skin or like that email me thank you

  32. Hello there.

    I have had eczema for 6 years.

    Now, I’m sorry to inform you, but there is no current cure at the moment, and doctors do not really care about us people with eczema, they just say “Oh well, that’ll drive them crazy till the commit suicide, as long as they keep paying for our useless creams, who cares”

    But I’ve had enough It’s Time to MAKE A STAND!

    First of all you’ll need some wood

    And some Glue.

    Oh wait Wrong thing never mind er, where was I oh yeah the stool no wait Eczema that’s the one

    I’ve had it for years. about 6 actually.

    And I’m about ready to throw in the towel on my life.

    So if you feel like I do, complain your ass off to your doctor pray to God, and put your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye.

    Sorry But it’s the blunt Truth and to be honest, No one will even bloody bother reading this anyways.

    So to all who it concerns Enjoy your Eczema.

    It loves your skin…


  33. Try peeing in a cup then pouring your urine on the area.. let it air dry
    do this 2-3 times a day for 3-5 days
    it seems gross.. but it worked for me
    good luck

  34. I have had eczema for over 3 years first at 12 it went away fast but then reapeared when i ws 13 i tried hydrocrotizone after taking a shower which did help but it started to grow twards my eye and upper arm.

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