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If you can’t give up farming because you are making a living out of it, you should at least give up one thing that you get from it — a farmer’s tan.

A farmer’s tan is perhaps the type of tan line you wouldn’t want to have, especially during summer. It doesn’t show the area on your skin covered by your bikini or your trunks especially after going to the beach. A farmer’s tan is a type of tan line covering only neck and arms. When you take of your shirt, the upper part of your arm, including your whole torso and chest, are white or unaffected. Your shoulders appear immaculately white while the rest of your arms are deeply tanned. You get a farmer’s tan if you spend too much time under the sun with an A-shirt or a muscle shirt on. As its name implies, farmers are most likely to get this condition.

Looking sun-kissed is gorgeous but looking like you have been working too much in your backyard is not good at all. You need to get rid of your farmer’s tan as soon as possible. You can’t remove your farmer’s tan overnight but you can do something. Here are a few tips.

Goodbye to the Marks of Farming

  • Speed up the process of removing a farmer’s tan by exfoliating regularly. Soak in a hot tub or use a body scrub. Exfoliating is important in getting rid of a farmer’s tan because you are gradually removing your dead cells. With this, the original skin tone comes out of your flesh earlier than you thought it will. Exfoliating is not difficult at do. You just need patience in scrubbing your body while taking a bath. A new loofah will be most effective, as it is still crunchy and rough. Your dead, tanned skin cells will surely have fun sliding from your skin down to your tub’s sink.
  • You can re-assign your farming activities to someone else if that’s possible. No matter how much you exfoliate everyday and no matter how many times you apply a whitening cream on your skin, you won’t see any changes until you finally decide to stop exposing your body under the sun. Prevent more damage by staying indoors especially during the hottest hours. If you desperately need to get your work done in your garden or in the farm, then you should at least bring an umbrella or wear sun screen while working.
  • You also need to get rid of blotchiness. The best way to combat this problem is to dampen your skin and massage it in a circular direction with dry baking soda. You can trust this method because aside from being safe and effective, it is also easy to do especially at home.
  • Soaking is another effective way of getting rid of a farmer’s tan. Soak in the tub for long hours. Soaking helps soften the skin, making the dead cells easier to remove. In fact, soaking itself is an effective and effortless form of exfoliating.
  • Why don’t you try using a self-tanner? If you want to try this, remember to use it only on the untanned area. If you use this on the already-tanned part of your body, you will only make the tanned area darker.
  • You can reduce your farmer’s tan by using lotions with alpha hydroxy or AHA. Products with hydrogen peroxide should also be used. You can use this by applying a small amount in a swab of cotton and run it through the tanned areas, or simply apply it directly on your skin. Don’t use hydrogen peroxide or lotions with AHA on sensitive areas since these chemicals are strong.
  • Look for a place to under the sun where you can spend time in without a shirt on. Make sure that it is a private place perfect for you when you are shirtless. If you are going to stay under the sun, use a better rated sunscreen than SPF 45 but if your local drugstore or grocery shop runs out of stock, then an SPF 45 will be fine.Apply your sunscreen protection starting from your tan down to your hands. Use also the same sunscreen on your neck, ears and face. In short, apply the sunscreen on areas above the tan line. As you spend time under the sun, apply your sunscreen again as often as necessary.

Summer Fun

Getting a tan is a good idea especially during summer. You just have to play it safe most of the time so you won’t get any farmer’s tan. If you enjoyed reading this article you might as well enjoy reading how to get rid of tan lines and how to exfoliate skin.

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