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You welcome summer with open arms. You’ve got the perfect abs, smooth skin and a new haircut but then again, not everything is a-ok. You can’t wear your new swimsuit because you’re embarrassed by your fat inner thighs.

Your body naturally stores fat in your butt, triceps, back, and thighs, so having fat thighs is a common problem, especially among women. Below are some tips on how to reduce your fat thighs:

The Sweat Life

Spot Reduction is Non-Existent

– Spot reduction is impossible. You can’t exercise to get rid of fat only on your thighs. It is best to engage in a weight loss program that involves sound cardio and weight training. Also, don’t forget to observe a well-planned diet.

Measure your size and current body fat and then set achievable and realistic goals, like losing one pound of body fat in seven days. When your body fat goes down, so will the fat in your thighs.

Cardio Sessions

– Cardio sessions will help your body burn a lot of fat. Exercising is needed to lose weight, so don’t starve yourself just to reduce body fat.

The stepper is an outstanding option to lose thigh fat because it targets your butt muscles the most. Since your gluteus maximus is the largest muscle group, the stepper can burn more calories than cardio machines.

You can also rely on an elliptical trainer. It is best to use this in a reverse manner to be more effective in helping you achieve your goal. Most elliptical trainers allow backward and forward movements. If you move it backwards, you are working on your hamstrings instead of your quadriceps. Hamstrings refer to the back of your thighs. Target your hamstrings and butt area.

For Beginners

– If you are a beginner, a heart rate of 60 to 70 percent is just perfect since training at a high intensity level can cause your body to use protein and sugar as energy sources instead of your fats. After three months of exercising regularly, you can go all out with a high intensity exercise level.

The Lower Body

– If you want sculpted thighs, you should work on your lower body, since it has the largest muscle groups. Running helps burn calories and develops strength and endurance. You also get to burn calories while resting because of an increase in your metabolic rate (Learn how to increase your metabolism).

Cover All Body Parts –

– Involve all the muscles in your thighs with your weight training program. If not, you will develop muscular imbalance that may lead to muscular injury. For a lean, sculpted look, get into an overall strengthening program. Work on your quadriceps by performing leg presses and barbell squats. Use the leg extension machines. Work on your hamstrings by doing hamstring curls while lying on a leg curl machine or while seated on it. When doing hamstring curls, fully engage your hamstring by pointing your toes downwards.

An abductor machine will also help you reduce fat on the outer area of your thighs. Remember that going too heavy on this type of exercise will not help at all. When reducing fat in your inner thighs, squats performed on a seated abductor machine is mostly effective. You will have to hold a dumbbell with your feet pointing outwards in a 45 degree angle, and your hands at the middle of the tool.

Make heads turn with perfect thighs by performing calf raises. Do this by standing at the edge of anything that’s elevated, like a platform or the stairs, and then tip toe up and down. This way, you can flex your calves and give them a good stretch. Repetition of 20 to 25 is encouraged.

Proper Diet

– You can do all the available exercises in the world, but without observing proper diet, you won’t produce good results. If you want to get rid of one pound of body fat, you have to burn 3,500 calories. You don’t have to deprive yourself of eating because you can still hit your goals with a well-planned diet along with a proper weight training program.

Weight Loss Supplements

– Natural weight loss supplements and fat burners can help you get rid of your fat thighs. With these supplements, your caloric intake is reduced, and your metabolic rate is raised. If you use weight loss supplements, getting rid of fat thighs can become easier.


– Transdermal gel and other fat loss creams can help too. Fat loss creams assist in burning fat by pushing the fat under your skin, ready for release. A word of caution though — extra fat release is not necessary because it won’t be used anyway and will just be deposited back to your body.


– Stretching is highly encouraged. You are to exercise a body part if you move a muscle in a wide range of motions.

Keep the Faith

– Never give up and keep the faith. Hang out with people who actually make you feel good. They will motivate you especially, when the time comes that you just want to give up.

If you feel like giving up, just think about how much you can do with perfect thighs. You can wear anything you want on the beach, at parties, and other social gatherings. Look good and feel good — get rid of those fat thighs now and get your confidence back.

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