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Why Are Your Thighs Fat?

During the evolutionary adaption years, labor was divided among men and women. All men took care of hunting, while women took part in gathering. For a very long time, this has always been case. Studies made by modern-day hunters, scientific theories and archaeology proved this to be true.

In those days, it was a requirement for men to be nimble. Men had to move like predators as they fought, jumped and ran for food. They would not have been able to do these if they didn’t have athletic prowess, but they did it to hunt for food and of course, to impress women.

Because of this, men gain weight around the belly. The center of gravity in a man’s body is behind his navel, slightly two inches behind. Interestingly, that is where excess fats go. Women, or the other hand, do not develop skinny legs and beer bellies. Women usually have fat backsides and thighs.

Gathering alone did not put too much pressure on women. they were were not athletic during the evolutionary era. When predators came, they yelled for help and did not run for their lives. Some threw pointed sticks or stones at enemies. In short, their activities and behaviors drove fat into their paunch, making them look pregnant. Women worked on it and after many years, instead of the fat getting into the paunch, the fat went straight to the thighs and backsides. Because of this, women no longer looked pregnant all the time but found it hard to run fast because of the weight on their thighs and backsides.

Then again, why would you let evolutionary tales or facts get the better of you? As a human being, you surely have the power to change the trend as women in ancient history were able to do the same. If you are tired of looking like an apple or a pear, you can follow these tips and say goodbye to urban legends about fat thighs.

Be a Fruit-Shaped No More

Women today complain too much about having thighs that are too big or hips that are too wide. You may be complaining about the same things too. You may be imposing draconi diets on yourself but that’s being slightly suicidal. While having fat thighs can be entirely genetic, you can still do something about it. Then again, if you keep maintaining bad nutrition, your shape will only get worse day by day.

Here are some points you need to understand:

Under-Eating – It is important to know that fat is indeed emergency storage. If you take in enough food, your body burns muscle and holds fat. You then end up being skinny yet fat. In other words, your arms get thin while your thighs just expand for as long you are tolerate it.

Fat Deposit – Predominantly, fat deposit in women are located in their thighs. Once your upper body lacks mass, your hips will instantly look larger than life.

Genetics – While the amount of fat cells you have in your body can be inherited, you can do something about it. Lessen your intake of processed sugars and carbohydrates. Your metabolism and bone structure are hereditary, too, but some specific toning exercises will help you in the long run.

Getting Rid of Fat Thighs

Build Muscle – If you have more muscles, it only goes to show that you have burned more calories. You should keep building muscles to burn the calories you are storing in your body. Strength training is a good activity for you if you want to get rid of fat thighs. You can start by lifting weights.

Be Stronger – Being stronger is always easy as long as you have more muscle. Try doing presses, deadlifts, squats and other weight lifting exercises. Remember to start light to prepare your body for the workout. As you progress, add weight to each of your workout session. Don’t worry about getting bulky — it’s just a myth.

Maintain a Healthy Diet Meals that come from boxes are a big no-no. Unprocessed foods are always the best foods to eat. After each meal, drink at least two cups of water.

Every Three Hours – You need to eat every three hours to reach your desired body. Don’t worry about gaining more weight from this since you are advised to eat only fruits, vegetables, fats, poultry and lean meat. Another purpose of eating only every three hours is to increase the rate of your metabolism.

Post Workout – You can also eat bread, pasta and rice. Just remember to eat these foods only a few minutes after your workout. Take advantage of your body while it burns the calories you have consumed quickly.

Getting rid of fat thighs is important for people who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Getting rid of fat thighs is an opportunity for you to finally say goodbye to insecurity. You can now say hello to skinny jeans, sexy skirts and a generally stronger and healthier body.

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