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The body fats you want to hide are the most stubborn fats you will ever encounter in your life. Stubborn fat prevents you from wearing your dream dress or favorite top. It helps you say goodbye to your tube tops, spaghetti strapped tops, micro mini skirts and swimsuits. Stubborn fat has become a major problem of a lot of people these days because it seems almost impossible to get rid of.

If you are willing to shell out a large amount of money to get rid of fat, you can always try liposuction. Surgery is the main method used in liposuction where fat tissues in your body are sucked out from your system. Then again, if you are not that desperate yet, you can always try a safer and non-invasive method that you can do naturally.

Modifying Your Diet

Getting rid of fat is about modifying your eating habits and diet. With the many types of diet available today, you may be confused on what type of diet you need to follow. Then again, you need to stick to a diet that consists of a balance between carbohydrates, organic sugars, fiber and protein. Just make sure that you lessen your calorie intake.

Talk to a dietician and ask for advice while starting to eat organic and natural food. Visit a natural food or organic food store, and ask people around what food is best for you. If you don’t know how to prepare these types of foods, then you can ask them too, or invest in a cookbook or two.

Combining Proper Diet with Aerobic Exercise

You can get rid of fat by combining your lower caloric intake with aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercises improve your cardiovascular system and help burn calories. This type of exercise is easy to do since you can just play soccer, basketball, tennis, jog, walk, run, dance or walk and burn your fat. Aerobic exercise is done when you accelerate and sustain your heart rate. To effectively burn fat, you need to burn more than what you consume.

Weight Training a.k.a Anaerobic Exercise

Weight training or an aerobic exercise will help you lose weight. Weight training benefits you in many ways. As you build stronger muscles, the risk of getting any type of injury is lessened. Getting stronger muscles also helps you gain the proper balance. After weight training, you may feel stronger as if you’re doing your daily activities more effectively.

Toning Your Upper Body Muscles

The first primary muscle group that you need to tone is the one where all the muscles in your upper body are located. Your upper body muscles include your forearms, triceps, biceps and deltoids. Focusing on these muscles through a regular weight routine is easy. You can do exercises like wrist curls, shoulder lifts, tricep pulldowns and bicep curls to work on your upper body. You can also do pectoral exercises to work on your chest. Quintessential bench press exercises will tone and strengthen all your muscles in your upper body. (Before you start bench pressing, learn how to bench press properly)

Toning Your Torso

You should then work on toning your back and abdominals, or your torso in general. Work on your internal and external abdominus, internal and external obliques and your trapezius — the part of the back, shoulder and behind your neck.

You can make your trapezius stronger by doing shoulder shrugs. You can do crunches or assisted sit-ups to work on your adbominus and obliques. Twisting from side to side will help you exercise your obliques.

It is the Trunk’s Turn

Next, work on your leg muscle group. You can get rid of fat by doing the following: standing calf raises, quad lifts, squats and hamstring lifts. You can also try quadriceps by straightening your legs. You can also target your hamstring by pulling your leg back from your knee.

Never exercise a specific group of muscles for two consecutive days. Let a muscle group rest even for a day before exercising it again.

Getting Rid of an Ugly Stomach

Don’t underestimate the power of pure and filtered water. Water is a powerful liquid that you should drink a lot of to reduce weight. Your insulin should be controlled by minimizing your carbohydrates intake. You should also refrain from alcoholic drinks, especially beer.

Getting rid of fat shouldn’t be all that hard. It may seem difficult at first, especially if you are not used to doing physical activity. Just be patient enough and wait for the results after exercising religiously. You hard work will be all worth it.

* Saying goodbye to all that flab is possible, with these tactics, but isn’t it better if you know how to prevent yourself from gaining weight in the first place? Learn how to count calories and how to lower fat in your diet and fat will never be a problem for you.

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  1. your tummy is one of a few non pivital muscles in your body i,e it does not move much, so there for direct pressure exercises are far more benificial than situps etc,they are also a lot easier to do ,and you will burn off more tummy fat in less time and above all effort.

  2. my friend finds it hard to loose weight she is always up and down with her weight.But there is no need to be mean to bigger people she always! gets put down and its not nice. im sure if you were chubby you wouldnt like it if people picked on you…!!

  3. If you have free time, try joing swim team. A serius one.Not just some dumb thing, to drop your kiddies off too. If you get into a serius one, you should see yourself losing weight in the thigh area and sometimes the stomach area.
    And just eating healthy helps too!

  4. I use to be chubby when i was younger…i went to Weight Watchers with my mom because i had nothing else to do cause i was home-schooled so i went with her. I forget everything they said but when i was 8 i went there until i was like 10 or 11. My mom lost a lot of weight and so did i do. Right now im 5’71/2 and 100lbs what they call underweight. The way i lost a lot of weight easy is buying only healthy food NO chips, soda(or any kind of drink besides water), pizza, cheeseburgers, french fries, milk shakes, anything from Mc. Donald’s.
    Okay basically i had Raisin Bread for Breakfast with a 1 cup of Fat Free Organic Milk and for lunch i had yogurt and dinner a cup of salad so the only thing i would eat was salad and nothing on it so it was like 10 calories for dinner. If at anything else i would throw it up and yes throwing food up is not good but look im a model now!!!!! Who cares if its not healthy, Do you want to be thin? Then dont eat!!!! When you go into starvation mode it eats off yourself and that might sound disgusting but think how thin you would be after everything is gone. Do not listen to those websites what say eat more and looser weight, thats not true eat less and you will loose weight and o yeah on the weekends i would go to the gym and burn 600 calories what only took an hour. Or you can do what i also did for when i had to loose pounds quick and that was just drinking Vitamin Water……i lost alot of weight!!!!!!!!!IT WORKS!!!!!!!! BELIEVE ME!!!!!!!!

    Im a model and this is what i eat; modeling is all about what you look like and im perfect and have guys after me bc im still in school.

    You guys who want to loose weight fallow it and you will be gorgeous, trust me on this.

    God Bless You All.


  5. Are you serious? You are telling people to throw up what they eat to be skinny? Maybe you had more wrong with you when your were younger then thinking you were chubby. Before you give people advice, learn how to spell. YOU are the type that gives models a bad name!

  6. dont listen to anerexic macgee up there…a lot if young girls probly read this and yes i am a young girl too but iv been there and it doesnt feel good it hurts not eating…you can litterally feel your body eating itself and you can arley stand…so just get a memberahip to your local gym or just go for a jog eveyday…try jogging for a whole song on your mp3 or ipood and then take a break…and drink water….and milk and no soda…and you will lose weight i promise…soo dont listen to stupid people….

  7. Yea, no general advice is for everybody. I’m allergic to wheat, milk, glycerin, and something called salicylates. That means no potatoes, tomatos, no bread, most fruit, and certian vegetables like peppers of every stripe and most condiments and flavorings. Been that way for decades. Eat red meat, chicken, and pork one time a week. That’s right one average meal a week! Drink plenty of water. Limited to 36oz of soda a week. 18oz of cooked rice a week. I’m still 20lbs overweight and have been for many decades. Despite regular exercise, despite colorie counting, despite everything. Sometimes genes betray us no matter what we do. I’m also willing to bet if your a male with genes that predispose you to have accumulated fat deposits in the chest area, called Gynecomastia, nothing short of surgery will get rid of it. So showing pictures of suffers of this condition as if any diet/exercise plan will solve this is a lie!

  8. I’ve found the absolute best way to loose fat is running! There’s no better way. I run track, pole vault, run cross country, and play soccer. I recently tore my ACL, and put on some weight while rehabing. Running will get all the fat away. Start off extremely slow, like we’re talking the slowest you can go. And then work up to faster, and longer jogs. At first you may hate running, but I guarantee if you find a runner’s high like I have, and you just stop thinking about it, it’ll be 100% easier. I run a 5k in 18:57 and a 400 and 59 seconds. And I got there from just jogging at first. Get out and do it!

    & situps will obviously help too. Running works those muscles, as well!

  9. You should make sure you eat properly making sure you have breakfast. Try drinking a pint of water before every meal.Don’t go making yourself sick, and avoid diet pills. every thing comes to those who wait and lets face it its the person inside that counts!!!

  10. Losing weight is as easy as falling off a log. Step 1: drink a glass of lukewarm water when you wake up. Step 2: have breakfast when you feel like eating step 3; eat less but quality food step 4 exercise more.

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