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Are you conscious because you have fat hands and fingers? Since when did you notice that you have those fats on your hand? Most of the time you see fats on upper and lower extremities from women who are soon to be Moms. This normally happens because there is water retention. And they are advised to lessen salty and high in calorie foods. It has also been a practice that pregnant women with water retentions can eat monggo beans and eat fresh fruits and vegetables. That is how you get rid of the water retention on your hands. But what is those are fats? How can we get rid of fats on hands? For you to know if those are fats or water retention try to push your finger on the part of hand that seems to be bigger, then observe if it pushes bask quickly then, those are fats. Otherwise it is because of water retention.

If you got fats on your hand that means, those are excess fats. Meaning for you to get rid of those fats on your hand, your whole body needs to be worked out to remove those excess fats. You cannot remove fats only in one specific area. And you will notice eventually that as you work out on reducing weight, having healthy diet, hand fats will also be reduced.

Here are few tips to help you reduce fats on your whole body including extremities.

1. Have a cardiovascular exercise for at least 45 minutes a day. Cardiovascular exercises can be in a form of jogging, swimming, rowing, or cycling. This will make large muscles move and will reduce calories inside the body as well as fats. Fats removed from the body will automatically get rid fats on your hands.
2. Work out with your muscles using weights. In losing weight, you should start lifting heavier weights of barbells, dumbbells, or parallel bar then equipments used for work out will go lighter, until you do not have equipments to lift.
3. While resting, watching TV, or talking to someone over the phone, you can grab a stress ball that you can squeeze to exercise and strengthen your hand. You may also use the Chinese metal balls. It has 2 metal balls that you can rotate and play on your hand in different directions that will also help you tone hands and get rid of fats on your hands.
4. From time to time you may also rotate the wrist especially when at work. Do some finger exercises, like typing or finger extension exercise wherein let all fingers move one at a time as if you are manipulating a puppet. This is not a tiring exercise, and you will notice that your hands and fingers are getting firm and thus, you are losing fats already on your hand.
5. And do not forget to watch out your diet. And always have a healthy lifestyle. Remember that everything that you over do (work, food, alcohol, sweets) is bad. Learn to control yourself and your desire. Discipline and Self-Motivation is always the key. Think that whatever you do, it does not only affect you, think of the people around you, tell yourself, ‘This diet is not only for me but for your family and loved ones.’ Because you love them, you will take care not only them but also yourself. Having a healthy diet will give you healthy and happy living. Getting rid of fat on your hands means removing fats all over your body.

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