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Hair loss is a pretty unflattering condition, especially for women. Aside from losing their precious locks, they also lose their worth on the looks department, much more their self esteem. You should not let such an occurrence happen to you. With a combination of hair care practices and medicine, you can remedy and prevent female pattern baldness.

Cause of Female Pattern Baldness

Female pattern baldness is caused by hormones that shrink hair follicles, stopping the production of new hair. A person loses several hair strands daily. Those strands can’t be replaced, given the condition of the follicles, which lead to baldness. Stress also plays a role in causing hair loss. The hormonal imbalanced induced by lengthy periods of anxiety does quite a number on your hair. At the first hint of hair loss, you should apply the right remedies, or else covering the resulting bald spot will be a major problem.

Simple Practices to Overcome Female Balding

There are several ways to restore the state of your hair follicles, which in the process, control female pattern baldness. These practices come in the form of simple hair care means, such as combing your hair, showering with anti-hair loss products and stress management. The efficiency of these measures depends on how religiously you apply them, so better fuse them to your daily routine.

  • Antiandrogens – Antiandrogens, which restore hair follicles to their original state, are your basic remedies for hair loss. They are mixed with some shampoos that are used to prevent baldness. There are even cases where the chemical has influenced hair growth. A good example of an antiandrogen-based product is Nizoral, a popular anti-dandruff shampoo. If you use it to clean your scalp, its active ingredient, ketoconazole, zones in on your hair follicles and provides the necessary treatment. Consult your doctor if you plan to use it daily, just to be safe.
  • Comb Your Hair Several Times Daily – The simple act of combing your hair can help stop and prevent hair loss. Each stroke of your comb or brush distributes the natural oil from your scalp to the various portions of your hair evenly. It strengthens your hair, as well as open the pores containing your hair follicles. Best of all, you get to style your hair while dealing with hair loss.
  • Eat a Balanced Diet – Eating a balanced diet contributes to stopping female balding. The nutrients contained by balanced meals strengthen your hair, keeping them from falling off our scalp. It may not influence hair growth, but it certainly buys you enough time to find a suitable hair loss remedy. You are also rewarded by a fit and healthy body in the process.
  • Manage Stress Right – If you let yourself succumb to stress, not only will you lose a good day, you may also lose more than a few hair strands. Stress and anxiety influence the body’s production of follicle shrinking hormones, which cause hair loss. Instead of engaging stress, allow your mind to relax. When you’ve calmed down, you can address your concerns and prevent hair loss at the same time.

If these methods fail to work, don’t automatically suspend their use. They can work wonders when used in conjunction with medical remedies for baldness. An increase in efficacy is expected if you partner these practices with potent treatments.

Medical Remedies for Female Pattern Baldness

Medical researchers, seeing the physical and psychological effects of baldness on women, have developed a series of remedies. The simple ones are taken orally or applied topically. The more serious treatments involve surgery, which are quite pricey. Just select a remedy according to your budget and the doctor’s orders.

  • Minoxidil – Minoxidil is one of the preferred remedies for female pattern baldness. It is proven to stop and at some point cure the condition. In the span of one year, continuous use of the product resulted in significant hair loss recovery, even the growth of hair. The funny thing is, the drug wasn’t originally used to treat baldness. It was a common remedy for high blood pressure.
  • Gamma Linolenic Acid – Gamma linolenic acid, which is found in vegetable oil, is a known remedy for hair loss. Its effects are not as dramatic as the ones shown by minoxidil, so it is used as a supplementary treatment. Take it with other known baldness remedies and the chance for recovery increases.
  • Hair Transplant – If the other remedies don’t work, you might as well have a new set of locks transplanted on your scalp. The doctor sews actual hair strands onto your scalp, creating a permanent hairdo. You will look younger and prettier for a fairly expensive sum. Better consult your hairstylist first, if you are to choose this treatment method.
  • Laser Treatment – Pricey as this method is, it is your single best way to grow hair on your scalp. The doctor applies a specialized laser on your hair follicles, restoring them to their original state and stimulating hair growth. If you have much cash to spend, you can give this treatment a shot.

Consulting your doctor is a must before selecting from the list of remedies. He or she can properly diagnose your condition and recommend the most effective treatments in your case. No matter how effective the presented remedies are, only your doctor knows which will surely work on you.

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