Posted on: August 19, 2013 Posted by: Nicole Harding Comments: 0

Fever blisters can appear due to many things including foods, stress, or injury to the lip. Getting a fever blister on your lip can make you feel horrible and ashamed to go out in public. There are ways on how to get rid of fever blisters on lip easily without seeing a doctor. Once you have gotten rid of the fever blister the first time, you will be prepared should another fever blister ever appear again.

As soon as you feel a fever blister may be coming up, place a cold pack on the area. The longer you keep ice on the fever blister the quicker the fever blister will heal. If the ice pack is too cold, take a break and reapply the ice pack after a few minutes.

Next, apply some antiviral cream to the fever blister. Over the counter creams are known to be the quickest methods on how to get rid of fever blisters on lip. Some medications claim to clear the fever blisters up in just a few days. These over the counter medications can be found at your local drugstore. Some can get pricey, while others only cost a few dollars and are the best way to fight the virus.

When trying to figure out how to get rid of fever blister on lip, changing your routine may be the best way. It could also help when trying to prevent fever blisters in general. Relax, and try not to stress out as stress is a known cause of fever blisters. Another common cause could be the food you are eating. Some foods are can cause the virus. These foods include peanuts, chocolate, onions, and some fruits. These foods are rich in arginine that promote fever blisters to appear.

The last thing to if you cannot seem to get rid of the fever blister on the lip is to consult your doctor. A doctor can sometimes figure out the trigger for causing the fever blister to appear. They can also prescribe a more powerful medication to knock out the virus.

Getting a fever blister can be upsetting and embarrassing to anyone. Most of the time, a fever blister will go away on its own. Thankfully though, we have medications and treatments that can reduce the appearance a lot quicker. Once the virus gets into the nervous system, it can live dormant in your body and reappear at any time.