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If there is one thing that will prevent you from kissing the man of your dreams, it is probably not his ex-girlfriend nor his “monster” mom —- it is the severity of the fever blisters on your lips.

Sounds nasty? Don’t fret. Understand what fever blisters are and help yourself get rid of it after mastering some quick-fix tips.Fever blisters are a type of facial lesion spotted on areas near your mouth or on the lip itself. Some equivalent terms are “recurrent herpes labialis”, “canker sores”, “mouth ulcers” and “cold sores”. A fever blister is a painful blister filled with fluid. The blister is the result of the infection from the virus that usually appears around the mouth area, but can also affect your fingers and other parts of your body. Hope and pray that the blisters do not reach your ears, because this happens to some people.

Fever blisters are caused by herpes simplex virus, but don’t jump off your seat yet because this does not necessarily mean that you have a sexually transmitted disease. Herpes simplex virus has two types Type 1 herpes simplex virus affects the body tissues above your pelvic area. You also develop fever blisters with this type of herpes virus. The second type of herpes simplex virus is the sexually transmitted one, also known as “genital herpes.” This type of virus causes fever blisters only on very rare instances. (For herpes simplex treatments, learn how to get rid of herpes simplex)

Treat and Retreat

Fever blisters are not fatal. These are just manifestations of a more serious infection or health problem that you are currently suffering from. To lessen the pain and remove the blisters, here are some tips you can follow:

Over-the-Counter MedicationsDocosanol-based over-the-counter medications are proven to effectively suppress the outbreak of Herpes Simplex Virus 1. If your local drugstore does not have a Docosanol-based medication, you can try other medications with compounds like tannic acid, phenol, lysine and zinc – all of which stop the herpes virus from producing fever blisters.

Valtrex is a popular over-the-counter medication for fever blisters, along with Zoviraz and Famvir, because these are known to diminish the damage the virus does to your mouth. With Valtrex, Zoviraz and Famvir, you are getting your money’s worth for buying effective yet affordable medicines.

You can also dab on anaesthetic ointment to relieve you from the pain. If the pain is difficult to endure, reach for an ibuprofen or paracetamol.

Home Remedies – Aside from these over-the-counter medications, you can also go for home remedies using tea tree oil, aloe vera and sage, known to fight the virus that causes fever blisters. Before using these herbs, try using a cold compress where you wrap a piece of ice in a cloth and hold it against your lips. Repeating this process several times a day should help you stand the pain. Your blisters should subside, too. You can also try using medicinal herbs.

Herbs like aloe vera can be used by rubbing its gel on your fever blisters. Aloe vera does not smell good but expect it to work wonders. Break off a leaf and apply its gel on the affected area several times a day. In a few days, your fever blisters will dry up. It is best to have an aloe vera plant around the house because you are going to use several leaves per day. Use the same method when using tea tree oil and sage.

Petroleum Gel – You need to protect the area where fever blisters developed because the blisters can break out anytime again. Protect it with petroleum gel as this helps speed up the process of healing. Petroleum gel also shields the affected area from bacterial infection.

Watching Your Diet – The food you eat also affects the healing process. Avoid citrus, spicy and salty foods because these encourage further irritation, making your fever blisters even more painful than they already are. Natural drinks also help speed up the healing process, like buttermilk and water. About 500 milligrams of lysine will help you prevent an outbreak. As you watch your diet, you need to avoid dusty environments too, to prevent bacteria from entering into your skin.

Avoiding Stress — Stress can make the condition worse, so stay away from anything that may cause you physical or emotional stress. Stress initiates the onset of fever blisters so learn how to deal with stress properly. Minimize your chances of developing fever blisters by engaging in yoga, meditation or the simple act of reading.

Don’t Spread the Virus — Fever blisters are most contagious on the first days and as the blisters heal so make it a point to always wash your hands. Do not expose yourself too much under the sun, especially not for several hours. Heat and sunlight triggers the growth of fever blisters. Treating yourself is a wise step to make, but do so without transmitting the virus to other people.

Let It Be

If you don’t do anything about your fever blisters, they are most likely to go away after two weeks. In fact, after the blisters subside, they don’t leave any scar on the affected areas. You only need to wait until the fever blisters disappear on their own.

On the other hand, if two weeks is too long for you, then feel free to use any of the tips above. To make the treatment more effective, administer a cure as soon as you feel the attack. The sooner you deal with your fever blisters, the less complications you are bound to have. If you have learned from this article, you might as well read how to treat a cold sore.

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  1. Hello, well the best way is abreva, that stuff really haelp. Trust me.
    there is also you can use cut and scrapp med. gel.
    that hepls out a ton.

  2. U can make a toothpaste and salt will cure it n one to two days. Take toothpaste and salt mix n bowl and make it gritty and put on b4 u go 2 bed the next morin it should b gone or almost gone. fever blisters grow from moisture. tha salt paste hardens and dries it out. really works!

  3. Abreva does not work. if you put ice on it at the first tingle of a fever blister it will cut that fever and it will go away within a day. apply ice everytime you think about it.

  4. Salt helps…burns a little, but it does help. I get them on my lip every once in a while & I have yet for one of them to leave a scar.

  5. These are all good advice for external fever blisters, but what if I am getting them on the roof of my mouth? Is there anything I can do about it then?

  6. Use a hot towel (as hot as you can stand it) put the hot towel on the affected area. Then apply alcohol and Moxema at the first sign of tingling. Repeat this process thru out the day! My mother use this remedy for years. It will stop the blister from getting bigger or worse.

  7. I hate fever blisters more than anyone. I want to go into hiding immediately when I see them coming. I’ve managed to avoid them for years at a time, just by keeping preparation H handy. It’s weird because it’s not for fever blisters, but when my lips get too chapped, I can feel them start to come. You put preparation H on the spots that feel that way, and they do not come. I recently got 3 in the same place after not getting them for 2 years. I immediately put prepation H on them (and i put it on all day long) and otherwise don’t mess with it, and it’s day 3 and they are already almost gone. Seriously, this stuff is a miracle for me. I’ve also heard of olive leaf oil. You can put that on there, but it’s a dark color and tends to color them in to where they stand out. but if you take the capsules im sure it can help along with the prep H.

  8. I honestly have tried everything and anything and nothing really has worked until now. I’ve been using witchazel and Lysine+ it dries out the blister. I highly recommend using them it dries out your blister in two days. Btw i pop the blisters as soon as I can and I apply witchazel it helps the healing process and no scars.

  9. The toothpaste and salt really hurts ALOT so i’m thinkin the pain may be worth it I can feel the blisters resisting it and it also feels like it’s killing the bacteria from the virus.

  10. Over the years I have used just about everything. Stress is a HUGE factor & I never realized it until I quit a job I hated & started one I love! With stressful holidays coming up, we’re all doomed! Abriva has never worked for me & chapstik will always make it worse. Best thing is dry it out asap! I’ve always applied peroxide & alcohol throughout the day. It works great! Plus, at the first sign of a tingle take ‘lysine’. You can get it at any pharmacy or GNC. Tonight I’m trying the ‘salt & toothpaste’ remedy! Wish me luck cause so far this crap burns! I guess that means it’s working?!

  11. 01. Alcohol
    02. Aloe Vera Lotion
    03. Peroxoid [Or Whatever You Spell It]
    04. Neosporin
    05. Ecozema Skin Lotion
    06. Coritzone 10
    07. Triple Antibiotic
    08. Toothpaste & Salt
    09. Vaseline
    10. Burts bee lipbalm

    First Apply the the lipbalm, then coritzone 10, triple antibiotic, lotrimin cream, ecozema skin lotion cream, aloe vera lotion, then VASELINE, then the toothpaste so it can stick.

    Lipbalm first then make sure you apply all the lotions and creams first no particular order, but last IS VASELINE then TOOTHPASTE & SALT.

    6 Hours itll be gone but make sure you have all these in the house, Lols.

    I know I Did This Today And Its Gone.

  12. Just tried ice and it really works. Only had it on for about 15 minutes and the swelling and the blister has already gone down a bit.

  13. Stress is one of the main reasons blisters appear. as soon as I feel them I put a hot towel on them reapeating ever so often to get them soft then I expose the affected area and put toothpaste this drys them.repeat this a couple of times exposing the area every time. Then I put neosporin this helps it heal faster with no scars. Good luck they should be gone in a couple of days.

  14. I have been suffering from fever blisters and shingles for about 2 years now. Im on daily medications and the shingles have mostly gone away. But recently I have broke out with fever blisters above my lip and my skin around my eyes is very dry its like cardboard. Does anyone have any tips on how to help cure the overly dry skin and blisters? Im going to try the combo of the toothpaste and salt tonight hope it works! thank you

  15. When you first start to feel that you’re gettting one. Get some parfume not toillette but parfume and spray on your lip; it’ll help it dry it out faster.

    1.lemon juice
    7.YOUR ear wax it actually really works not playing pack

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