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Before you decide on using a technique on how to get rid of fever fast, you should first understand the a fever is your body’s response to an infection. A fever can be a symptom of a serious illness, and unless this illness is treated by a doctor, the fever may continue and no method will get rid of it. This is why certain over the counter medicines will say on the label that if your fever persists, see a doctor. Over the counter drugs are only designed to address a fever that is caused by a mild viral infection. Most of the time the fever will go away on its own, in fact, most over the counter medications are only made to control a mild fever, so you can function during the day. There is no fixed amount of time, but the rule of thumb is that if a fever lasts more than seven days, it is time to see a doctor.

People are familiar with 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit being the temperature of the human body. The truth is that our bodies fluctuated in temperature throughout the day. There are many ways the human body can experience a rise in temperature, including exercise and eating. The medical community will define a person having a fever if it is measure at 100.4 degrees or higher. This is important to remember, because many times a person will be above 98.6 degrees and think they have a fever, when in fact, they do not. If you have a temperature that breaks 103, forget the information on how to get rid of fever fast and see a doctor; at 104 degrees it is time to call an emergency responder.

Assuming that you have a fever, and that it is mild, there are certain steps that you can take to reduce the fever quickly. Remember that we are talking about a fever of 100.4 to 102.9, anything outside this range and you are either healthy or very sick. The first step is cut back on your food intake. The old adage of feed a cold, starve a fever is true. Eating will raise your body temperature. No large meals, but lots of water and juice. Keep yourself hydrated and gets lots of vitamins with juice. Step two is to wrap yourself in a warm blanket and let yourself sweat as you nap. The rest will allow your body to fight the virus and the sweating will break your fever. This method of how to get rid of fever fast will work, but make sure you have a fever first and it is not serious.