Posted on: August 19, 2013 Posted by: Nicole Harding Comments: 0

A lot of people are wondering How to Get Rid of Field Mice. When it comes to ridding ones property of these little rodents, many people are wondering what types of options are open to them. As with any other kind of pest control, there are many options that are open to a person that is trying to rid their property of these little critters.

There is always the old fashioned way, mouse traps and glue boards. These have been around for many years, and many people have enjoyed success through their use. A lot of people are starting not to prefer such methods because they consider them to be inhumane. People that do not care to go this route can pursue more humane methods of dealing with their pests.

There are certain types of traps that are often referred to as, “no kill traps”, and these traps will capture the rodents without killing them. They might be a little more costly, however some people might be able to sleep much better at night knowing that they chose a more humane method. These types of traps also offer another advantage over traditional traps and glue boards because they are safer around children and pets than the traditional products are.

Some people consider the sonic noise making devices to be the most effective route. This method allows the homeowner to employ a device that produces a special type of sonic tone. This tone can be easily picked up by the ears of mice and it bothers them badly enough to want to leave the property immediately. This tone is often specifically designed to not be interpreted by average house pets as to not chase them away or cause them any discomfort.

One extremely effective method that many people consider to be very inhuman is to use poison. Poison is very effective, however poison carries the risk of being inadvertently consumed by a house pet or child. Even though the poison is powerful enough to kill a very small mammal, it could still do quite a bit of harm to children and also pets. There have even been cases in which these poisons have caused fatal harm to children and pets. This risk is especially true for smaller pets.

When determining How to Get Rid of Field Mice, it might not hurt to consult several local pest control specialists. Most of these professionals are going to be offering the types of techniques that have been discussed here.