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A first kiss is one of the most exciting experiences you can have in your life. The next few aren’t so bad either! In fact, kissing is always amazing. But you need to work your way up to this eventual level of comfort. Even if you have kissed someone before, the first kiss with a new girl can also make anyone feel nervous. Did you finally ask your crush out for the perfect date, and they said yes? Perfect, except for the possible kiss that is coming at the end of the night.

Kissing isn’t an easy skill to master, especially if you have strong feelings for the other person and you are hoping to impress them, so that you can hopefully date them long term. It is perfectly natural to feel a little nervous about making a good impression. The key is to make sure that you don’t get stressed out over your first kiss. Follow these suggestions to get rid of your first kiss nervousness so that the experience is enjoyable and unforgettable.

1. Learn how to kiss.

How can you learn to kiss if you have never done it before? Practice makes perfect, as they say, but it is possible to prepare yourself beforehand. One of the biggest reasons people feel nervous about kissing is because they feel they will be ‘bad’ at it. Well here’s some breaking news, kissing is not hard, and you can become a seasoned pro too!

Remember that you are not a fish. Don’t try moving your lips up and down; that is not going to be a good feeling for either of you. You should also avoid trying to stuff your tongue down their throat. French kissing can be fun, but it is usually best to avoid trying this on your first kiss.

When you finally lock lips with your guy or gal, try and keep your eyes shut for the majority of the kiss. It might come across as strange if your partner catches you starting intently at them without blinking.

Use science to your advantage! You can’t approach your partner straight on. Angle your face slightly so your noses don’t run into one another.

Unless the moment absolutely calls for it, you should avoid groaning or moaning noises. This will make you look like you simply after sex, or it might come across as generally creepy.

Feel free to use your hands or arms to embrace your partner, but don’t get too playful with them! Don’t try grabbing their behind or any private parts. You can use your hands to gently stroke their face or brush away their stray hair, for instance. This is very intimate and can help bring you closer together!

Remember that a kiss can’t go on forever. Don’t go too far, and after the amount of time you feel is appropriate, separate from the kiss. You can hug them afterwards, or hold their hand or give it a squeeze.

2. Prepare your mouth for contact.

You want to try and control as many of the possible factors as you can. You certainly do not want to give yourself something else to feel nervous about. You carefully chose your outfit and your perfume or cologne, so why not make sure your breath is fresh?

Bes sure to brush your teeth before the date begins. If you don’t have as much warning before the first kiss might happen, try and keep a travel bottle of mouthwash, a tin of breath mints, or a pack of gum with you at all times. If you are on a date, avoid foods that will give your breath a strong smell, including anything spicy or anything with garlic in it.

Having fresh breath is a great way to show some common courtesy to your date. Fresh break can go a long way! Bad breath might ruin your chance at the kiss, or it might make the kiss awkward when it eventually does happen.

Fresh breath is key, but you also want to make sure your lips are ready for contact as well. Are they chapped? If so, it might be an uncomfortable feeling for your date, so be sure to make sure your lips are well prepared for the kissing contact.

3. Be comfortable with your partner.

If you are about to kiss your partner for the first time, chances are high that the two of you share a common attraction already. Whether or not a kiss is on the way, it is a guy’s responsibility to make the girl feel comfortable. Awkward silences will happen along the way, but guys should always do what they can to entertain the girl.

Keeping the conversation on dates light and positive is always a positive step to take. If you are both laughing, things are likely going well. Feel free to flatter your partner, but don’t overdo it.

Try and keep the conversation going, but there are some topics you should avoid discussing. You can flatter your date, but you shouldn’t comment on their private parts, for instance. You should also avoid discussing sex. We are working on a first kiss here, not going all the way!

4. Go somewhere private.

Once you feel that the moment is right, or if you feel the moment is on its way, try and make your way to a private area. It is hard to stay composed if you have an audience of people around you, or if there are noises or any other kind of distractions.

Because this is your first kiss, chances are that you want it to be a special one. You might have a harder time remembering it if you are somewhere busy. Kissing in a bar, movie theatre, or busy street might not be your best bet if you are feeling nervous. Why not try an empty beach, park, or their front door at the date’s end.

5. Remember to go slow.

You have likely seen several movies with passionate kissing taking place. Your first kiss should not look like that! Of course, this kind of kissing is certainly very enjoyable, but it is not the time or place for it at this point.

Rushing into a kiss might make your partner nervous, as well. Maybe they were ready for a kiss but did not expect the sudden rush. You don’t want to kill the vibe before it has even started!

Take things slow and steady. What’s the point in rushing? You want to remember this glorious moment, after all. Gradually close the distance between the two of you, cock your head, and make sure you have good eye contact. While you can close your eyes once you begin, you don’t want to miss their lips on your way in! Once you have worked your way into a kissing rhythm, keep the pace up until the kiss has ended. If you bump noses or click teeth together by accident, don’t sweat it. These things happen to even the best kissers. Nothing to worry about! Just smile it off and keep going.

Don’t forget what you learned earlier about the best way to properly kiss. You wouldn’t want to blow it once you finally got your chance with the girl or guy of your dreams! Getting rid of kiss nervousness is something that almost everyone has had to go through at some point in their lives. They managed to do so, and you can do it too! Follow these steps, and you should hopefully have a lovely kiss that you can remember forever and ever afterwards.

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