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It is surprisingly easy to get fleas in your car if you take your dog to the pet park or for fun ‘car rides’. Getting rid of fleas in cars requires a three-pronged approach of treating the pet, treating the yard where they pick up the fleas, and then treating the car. If you treat the car without treating the pet or the environment, the fleas will just return.

Treatment must also match the flea’s life cycle. Adult fleas bite in order to lay eggs, and their eggs hatch in two to three weeks. Therefore you must not only kill the adult biting fleas, but also remove the eggs they leave behind.

Here are some tips for how to get rid of fleas in cars using this three-pronged strategy.

1. Treat the pet first

‘ Bathe the pet with a good flea shampoo to remove fleas, eggs, and flea droppings.

‘ Wash the pet’s bedding and any rugs where the animal sleeps.

‘ Treat the animal with two types of flea treatments. ‘Spot’ type flea treatments are applied to the animal’s back to kill the adult fleas. Oral flea prevention medication changes your pet’s chemistry so that any flea that bites cannot lay viable eggs.

‘ Apply treatments on schedule to maintain continuous coverage.

2. Treat the Environment

Fleas lay their eggs in shady, moist areas where pets like to rest. If your pet is picking up fleas in your yard, talk to a pest control professional about having your yard treated with a spray that interrupts the flea’s life cycle. Be sure to treat the dog’s house, as well as any areas in the yard where the dog likes to rest, such as under porches.

3. Treat the car

After getting fleas under control on your pet and in the environment, it’s time to flea-proof the car.

‘ Treat the car with flea sprays to kill any adult fleas.

‘ Vacuum the car daily for two to three weeks to get rid of any flea eggs or larvae that survived the flea spray, and to control any new fleas that your pet reintroduces to the car.

Maintaining a flea-free life

Now that you know how to get rid of fleas in cars, you can enjoy taking your pet anywhere. Talk to your professional pest control service about creating a comprehensive treatment plan for a flea-free pet, home and car year round.