Posted on: August 19, 2013 Posted by: Nicole Harding Comments: 0

If you have a cat, chances are you have dealt with the pesky flea. So often cats get infested with fleas and this can in turn infect your home. It is important that you rid your cat of any flea pests before they become intrusive and effect other members of your household. You and your cat do not have to continue to suffer with fleas when there are so many options available for flea control.

Many cat owners are afraid of getting rid of fleas because they don’t want to expose their precious cats to harmful chemicals that can cause them harm. There are many wonderful methods that are natural and will not harm your pet. This makes it easy to get rid of those fleas that are biting your cat and making them sick. Depending on your cat’s level of infestation, you will be able to decide which method will be most effective.

If you are not worried about having an all-natural cure for fleas, your Vet is often the best way to go. They can give you both external and internal treatments to help get rid of the fleas and prevent future infestations. Your vet can offer some of the best products so that your cat can be rid of these pests that try to invade their health.

If you are wanting to go the more do-it-yourself route, there is a great and effective way to remove those fleas quickly and easily. Apple Cider Vinegar is a great product that won’t harm your cat, but will kill all of the fleas that have infested its body. You will need to add vinegar to the bath water and allow the mixture to soak into the cat’s fur. You will soon see the bath water filling with dead fleas and this is a great site to see when you are wanting your cat to be free of these pests.

You can also wash your cat in lemon water. It is important to use fresh lemons to get the full effect of the lemon’s flea killing power. Have this lemon water sit on your pet for some time to be sure that you see fleas beginning to die in the water. This will kill the fleas and leave your cat smelling fresh and clean.

It is so important that you use a flea comb with any flea treatment that you use. Not all of the fleas will immediately die with any treatment and you also may see dead or dying fleas in the cats fur. By using the comb, you will be able to remove these fleas and get your cat’s health back. Continue to monitor your cat for signs of fleas so that you can stay on top of your cat’s health and keep him feeling his best.