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Adult fleas feed on the living blood of mammals and their young feed on dried blood that has been defecated by the adults. Pretty nasty, huh? Read on and we’ll conquer these nasty little insects together.

1. Destroy fleas in the environment

Fleas live on their host, but eggs can be left both on the host and in the host’s bedding. The eggs that are left on the host will fall off and accumulate in beds, clothes, carpets, cars, and anyplace that the host visits. These eggs normally hatch in 1-2 weeks, after which the fleas emerge as larvae that can live in carpets (learn how to get rid of carpet fleas) and bedding for up to 200 days before transforming into legless pupae. If conditions are still not quite right, the pupae can sit dormant for over a year before transforming into an adult! This means that many generations of flea eggs can accumulate and lead to a mass-infestation!

The first step after infestation is to clean everything that has come into contact with the infested persons or animals in order to remove as many eggs and larvae as possible. This section will walk you through this process.

Environmental flea extermination: Initial steps

  1. Quarantine infested pets.
  2. Collect bedding, rugs and throws and wash them in soapy water. Soapy water kills the eggs, larvae, pupae and adults. Be careful not to spill eggs or larvae when picking them up. Eggs are usually found with tiny pellets of dried blood that are defecated by the adults and used for food by the larvae – the combination looks like salt and pepper. Really gross salt and pepper.
  3. Vacuum everything. upholstered furniture, carpets, cracks in the floor, bare floors, and use the attachments to get in the corners, behind doors, and anywhere else that dust collects. This will pick up most of the eggs, but larvae will latch onto carpet fibers and stick around. After vacuuming, immediately remove the vacuum bag and seal it in a plastic bag. This bag can then be put into the freezer to kill any fleas and be reused later.
  4. The remaining larvae can be dealt with by having the carpets professionally steam-cleaned (the steam will kill every stage of flea except eggs). Make sure you warn the cleaners about the fleas and remove infested animals. Alternatively, you can shampoo the carpet with insecticidal carpet shampoo or have a pest control professional apply an infrared heat treatment to the carpet, which kills all stages of flea.
  5. If your pet spends much time outside, drench his usual resting areas with lots of soap and water to drown any fleas that may be waiting for his return.

2. Flea removal from people and pets

Once the environment has been thoroughly cleaned, move immediately to it’s inhabitants. Following are details for removing fleas from people and pets.

Removing fleas from people

  1. Bathe one to two times daily with soap. Insecticidal shampoos are available but are not necessary.
  2. Comb daily with a special flea comb designed to drag fleas out of hiding and dispose of any rousted fleas in soapy water. Record daily the number of fleas removed so you can identify any population increase before it becomes a problem. You can also measure flea populations by wearing a special pair of flannel “booties” over your shoes and pants. The fleas get caught in the material and can then be counted, removed and disposed of. These booties can also be used for temporary protection when traveling into a flea infested area.

Removing fleas from pets

Please be very careful when applying flea treatments to yourself and your pets. Only use treatments that are meant for the animal you are going to use it on. Flea treatments meant for dogs and the environment can easily KILL cats. Also keep in mind that any insecticide is designed to interfere with natural biological processes – to kill.

  1. Wash your pet with soapy water. Insecticidal cat and dog flea shampoos are available but not necessary. Safer’s flea shampoo is one of the least toxic varieties. Stay away from shampoos that contain DEET (diethyltoluamide) as it can cause serious adverse reactions.
  2. Comb your pet daily with a special flea comb that is designed to extract fleas and dispose of any you find in soapy water. It is a good idea to record the number of fleas you comb out every day to keep a handle on the population numbers. Alternatively, you can wrap a length of sticky tape around your hand (sticky side out) and pat your animal down. This method works best on short haired animals.

Allergic reactions to flea bites

Allergic reactions to flea bites in humans are usually manifested as dermatitis, skin lesions and mild to severe itching (Learn how to get rid of flea bites). These symptoms can be improved by applying ice, menthol, camphor or calamine lotion to the bites. Over the counter insect repellents that contain diethyltoluamide (DEET) will repel fleas and lessen the frequency of bites. Apply repellents only to clothing, never to skin and never to your pets. Vitamin B1 taken orally has also been proven to repel fleas, so start taking a B-complex multivitamin. If your allergies are really bothering you, go see your doctor about getting flea saliva allergen treatments to lessen or eliminate the allergy altogether.

Pets that are allergic to flea bites will exhibit hair loss, usually around the base of the tail and often accompanied by relentless chewing of the area, often until it becomes raw. Pets can become allergic to flea bites because of poor health or poor nutrition so make sure your animal is getting plenty of protein and a balanced diet.

3. The flea control and elimination routine

You’ve waged the massive assault described earlier and exterminated the majority of the fleas, you must now follow up with a strict routine in order to kill off the remaining stragglers and ensure that they remain under control. You must be more efficient at killing the remaining few then they are at reproducing. This section will show you how to accomplish this, step by step. Keep up these practices for a few weeks after you stop seeing fleas to ensure success.

Flea control habits

  1. Restrict pets to areas that are easily cleaned. (No basements, bedrooms, garages, cars, etc)
  2. Vacuum daily since the previously applied steam cleaning can trigger any remaining eggs to hatch. Remember to seal up or dispose of vacuum bags immediately after use.
  3. Provide bedding for your pet that is easily removed and cleaned. Lay towels anywhere your pets like to lounge, and wash them all every week until the fleas are gone, and every two weeks after that. Be careful when picking them up as you can spill flea eggs and larvae/pupae if you’re not careful.
  4. Comb your pets daily with a special flea comb and record the number of fleas you find in the first 5-10 strokes so you can identify any surges in the population. Flick any fleas that are removed into soapy water to kill them and if a population spike occurs, bathe the pet.

Extreme flea control measures

The previous steps are usually enough to eliminate and control fleas, but in some extreme cases they can still be insufficient. If this describes your situation then consider the following in addition to the previous list:

  1. Apply a liquid insect growth regulator (IGR) to the environment. IGR’s inhibit the natural growth of insects (and so they only kill non-adult fleas) and can last for up to 200 days. Methoprene (FleaTrol and Precor) and Fenoxycard are two popular varieties.
  2. Regularly treat your pets outdoor resting areas with lots of soap and water.
  3. Use a flea collar, but only for as long as is needed to control the fleas. Flea collars constantly emit a poisonous vapor that is breathed by both people and pets, and can cause health problems. If this is your pet’s first flea collar, check the skin underneath for irritation often.
  4. Steam clean or shampoo the carpets in your home as frequently as is needed.

If this still isn’t enough, it’s time to call a professional and put the task in their hands. You’re probably exhausted anyway!

4. Popular flea control products

Please folks, consult your vet before using anything other than soap and water on your pets, some animals are very sensitive to this stuff and can get very ill or even die. All-natural flea control products derived from plant oils and crushed flowers can be just as toxic as chemicals so be careful, pets are family too.

Insect Growth Inhibitors (IGR’s)

IGR’s inhibit the natural growth processes of insects and can last for up to 200 days. These products will keep eggs, larvae, and pupae from evolving into adults, but will do nothing to control pre-existing adults. Methoprene (FleaTrol and Precor) and Fenoxycard are two popular varieties. Use these only with the complete control routine outlined above – they are not enough by themselves.

Citrus peel extracts (Limonene and Linalool)

Citrus peel extracts are among the safer treatments, but you need both limonene and linalool to kill fleas in all 4 stages of growth so make sure you choose a product that contains both of them. Use these for spot cleaning and beddings, but not entire rooms or outdoors. Use only EPA registered products directly on people or pets, as a poorly refined citrus extract can cause harm and even the death of your pet. Always consult your vet first.

Sorptive dusts

Sorptive dusts kill fleas by dehydrating them, they absorb their moisture and damage their bodies. These dusts can be applied to carpets and animals but will irritate the lungs so wear a dust mask when applying and keep it out of your pets face. Diatomaceous earth is a popular and effective variety. They work well when applied to carpeting and pets (Don’t forget to get between the toes!). Short haired pets should get one dusting, long haired pets may need a second. Afterwards they should be limited in their mobility for a few hours to allow all of the fleas to contact the dust, otherwise the pet may dissipate too much dust through normal activity. Wait at least a week before wetting or washing the animal. After dusting your pets, vacuume and apply the dust to their usual resting locations, bedding, and travel routes. As with any flea treatment please consult your vet before applying to your pet, especially with cats who will lick much of it off of their fur.

Pyrethrins (organic and synthetic)

Pyrethrins is derived from the chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium flower and is one of the least toxic flea control products available. Unfortunately it is often packaged along with the somewhat more toxic chemical piperonyl butoxide which can cause severe health problems in humans. Make sure any product you use does not contain piperonyl butoxide. Also make sure that the solution contains no more than .04% active Pyrethrins. Higher levels can cause serious reactions in pets.

Flea collars

Flea collars work by constantly emitting poisonous vapors that kill any fleas on the animal. Unfortunately, these vapors can also be harmful to the pets and people that they are supposed to protect so use them sparingly and only for as long as needed. When not in use, store them in a tightly-sealed container in a cool, dry place. If you are putting a flea collar on your pet for the first time, check his or her skin underneath the collar often for any reaction.

Ultrasonic flea repellant devices and electronic flea collars

Beware of ultrasonic devices, there are several out there that claim to eliminate insects of all kinds, including fleas. A study was conducted by veterinarian M. W. Dryden that proves that these devices do not work. Don’t waste your money.

Click here for more information about how to get rid of fleas

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  1. We’ve recently had a big problem with fleas.. they’re pretty much attacking us all the time. We’re wearing bug spray indoors, which helps some but not too much. We set off foggers/bug bombs in every room and that didn’t even help.

    What finally does seem to work is this:
    Get a cake pan or some other dish, fill it partially up with water, put a small ammount of dish detergant in the water, and shine a lamp or nightlight over the water. The light attracts the fleas, they jump in the water, and the soap somehow keeps them from jumping back out. In just 20 minutes we got a good 40 fleas (in one room!).. and after that we stopped counting.

    Do this every night as long as more keep jumping in.. it should help.

    This wont get rid of all the fleas.. and we’re still looking for a way to do that, but for a non-chemical method it works very well for at least controlling the flea population in a room. (We had them really bad in the dining room and downstairs bathroom, so we setup a pan+light in each.)

  2. Sevin dust, bought at any store that sells plants is excelent for fleas. It can be put directly on animals too. Just sprinkle where fleas are found. You can also try putting soapy water in a metal pie plat, put a tea light candle in it lit. Fleas are attracted to the light, they jump in the water and drown. But the dust it highly effective….

  3. Vinegar and water, 50% each in a spray bottle. Spray your pet and rub the solution onto the skin. Start at the neck to keep the fleas from going to the head. Keep the solution away from the face. After the solution dries bath with soapy water.

  4. If you are combing your pet, you can keep a small cup of Rubbing Alcohol near you. Once you have caught some, simply put them in the cup and they will die extermely quickly. Also, if you have a q-tip you can dip in in the Alcohol then when you see a flea press the q-tip on it and it will paralize it so you can easily remove it.

  5. How to check your carpet for fleas:

    Here’s a tip I tried that I read about on another website that worked for me.
    Flea’s are attracted to white clothing and especially foot vibration. Flea’s normally prefer to bite cats and dogs but in the absence of your cat or dog they bite people, especially around the ankles.

    Put on a pair of bright white socks and walk over an area of carpet in your home where you suspect flea’s.

    Then sit down and examine the outside of your socks (while they are still on your feet). If that area of your carpet is infested you should be able to find live flea’s on your white socks.

    I found 4 of them killed them with my thumbnail, went out and bought some Demize Carpet Spray or whichever you prefer, and took care of the problem.

    (Sean from Connecticut)

  6. Not sure if you have fleas but feel something? Dawn dish detergent kills fleas when applied.
    Take a papertowel and wet, apply a fare amount of Dawn and work up a lather. Let sit a couple minues, then whipe off. You will see them dead on the towel and yourself even.
    This is also safe to bath your pet with, Lather, sit a couple minutes, then rinse. You will see fleas in the water.
    Believe me it works!

  7. To get Fleas out of your house…use Borax on your carpet once a week for about 3 weeks and after the 3 weeks is up your house should be flea free…After you have put it on your carpet use a broom to sweep it into the fibers in your carpet…After about and hour vacuum up the residue…A lady I work with told me about it…Good Luck…

  8. If you are going to bomb (use foggers) make sure you get one designed specifically for fleas and flea control. First vaccuum like crazy, everything!!! Don’t forget to vac stuffed animals. Bomb or spray – I like Zodiac foggers and sprays, they treat at 3 of the four stages you need to get something that kills the adults, larve, eggs and has a growth inhibitor. Use sprays directly on furniture, under beds, furniture, and closets where foggers might not reach (really get into creases and crevices the best you can. Vaccuum again and again and again. Wash bedding (yours and your pet’s), clothes, stuffed animals, doll clothes in the hottest water you can (if you can’t wash it or dry clean it, throw it away!!!). Vaccuum beds before you re-make. Plan on doing LOTS of laundry for the next couple of weeks. Bomb again in 10-14 days, and repeat the whole process. If all else fails, call an exterminator.

  9. I have lots of people tell me to use Skin So Soft Original Oil not spray. Give the dog or cat a bath in it. It works great!!!!! You can buy it though Avon!!!! I sell Avon!!!!

  10. Message for “M”…. (FYI)

    Frontline and Advantage doesn’t always work. It doesn’t work on my two dogs. Please look up “Frontline not working” online and look at the problems people are having. The fleas seem to be building up resistance to these products.

    Thanks for the comment anyway.

  11. On the internet I read that one third vinegar to water put in a bowl on the floor where there is a flea problem can help. the fleas are attracted to the vinegar and jump in and drown. It may be best todo this at night.

  12. zodiac house spray is good, but needs at least 2 applications, but i have not found an effective way to rid my animals of them, they are gone for a while but soon return

  13. bathe your pet in tea tree oil and regularly spray him with it dialouted in water once a week to keep the fleas off they will be gone off him with in minutes. as for the house i am trying a lavender , tea tree and eucalyptus mixed with water on the carpets, bedding and clothing ect. will let you know how it goes in a couple of weeks.

  14. if useing a flea collar, be careful that your animal does not try to take it off because if it is to tight or a little loose they might get it in there mouth and break there lower jaw trying to get it off.

  15. To get rid or fleas I have been bathing my dog at least twice a week with a natural flea shampoo and then normal dog conitioner, I sit for 15 mins whenever I wash her and hand pick as many fleas off of her as possible I then spray her with a tea tree oil and water combination (I bought a small bottle of straight tea tree oil and put about a teaspoon of it into a spray bottle i spray it on her at least everyday) after about half an hour whemn she is thoroughly dry I put flea powder on her and comb it through (the flea powder may be a lil expensive depends where you get it 🙂 So far my method has been working the next step is to get it out of carpets and beddding though
    Hope this works for you 🙂

  16. I found that one tablespoon of vinegar to one gallon water
    will keep fleas off small dogs. I raise chihuahuas and this is
    what I do to repell fleas from my dogs. Yet, I do have a problem
    in my home with fleas. I don’t have any known flea infesttation
    in my kennel.

  17. When we got fleas in our carpet, I tried an old timer remedy that worked. First vacuum the carpet, then use equal parts of salt and Borax detergent and sprinkle in carpet. I don’t know what happens to the fleas but they were GONE!

  18. if i get red of cat that is infected with fleas and use the availble stuff to clean the house from fleas will that be good enough to eradicate fleas.As i intend to not keep a cat in the house again.

  19. my granny would fill a pie pan of water and set a lamp and pie pan of water on the floor side my side and the fleas jump for the light and drown it really works because my dog pack in fleas and iam killing them now

  20. This worked a long time ago when I had a cat. After bathing my cat, I blended fresh garlic cloves in the blender with water then rubbed the
    solution through the cat’s fur….it worked!

  21. All of these methods are good. But if you are wantong to kill all the fleas that are on your animal there is a safe pill that is availabe at your vet. office called capstar. With in 30 min. any fleas that are on your pet will be dead. After that use a good repelant like advantage or frontline. As far as your house good luck its tough to get rid of fleas that have infested your home. I do use a very good spay that can be bought at your local feed store called Demon WP, it kills every pests that comes in contact with it. Its wonderful. You do have to use a sprayer and mix this product yourself. Another good thing about this spray is that it is very safe and does not have a loud smell, there is hardly no smell at all.

  22. Thanks for the tips. We do use Frontline on our dog and two cats but just adopted a dog from the shelter who unfortunately has fleas. She is going to the vet tonight. We will be doing a lot of laundry this weekend and vacuuming.

  23. I NEED HELP PLEASE!!!! I had an out of town geust come and she brought her pets fleas with her. Three days after she left my 4yr old daughter and i are both getting what i now believe to be flea bites. We DO NOT have any pets for them to live on. and i have a 10mo old that puts everything in her mouth so i’m trying to find a way to ride us of the fleas thats not toxic for her. I’ve washed all lines and baged up stuffed animals and put them outside. We take showers daily. I’ve vaccumed everything i could think of and vaccum the floor daily now. Its been 5days since our guest left and I really want to keep these things from producing and creating a bigger issue. I just dont feel like i’ve done enough as i’m still getting a few of these bites. Any help on what else to do would be great.

  24. I would recommend vinegar to use for fleas to anyone. I have a kennel. We raise Poms, long haired Chihuahuas and Rat Terriers. I fix up some dawn dishwashing liquid and vinegar and give them baths. I spray their kennels with 1/2 vinegar and 1/2 water in a garden sprayer and it helps with flies and fleas. I will never use anything else!! I bring the mommies in when it is time for babies. I turn them loose in our yard where our cats roam to use the bathroom. They sometimes get fleas from the cats and bring them back inside. I put vinegar in my carpet shampooer and shampoo my carpet. I have never had a problem with fleas inside..Thank God!! But I said all that to say vinegar works and it is natural. We have four children so natural is important to me..

  25. I have a 3 yrs old and a 1yr old and we have fleas really bad and I really don’t know how to get it out of my couch my 3 yr old was on the couch and when she got off she had alot on her if there is anything that I can spray or put on my couch I would really be greatful for any hints and I have white carpet in my room and need to know how to kill them in there please let me know thank you for any help..

  26. I am begining to think fleas (not cochroaches) will survive the end of the world. I had two cats that I never let out of the house, therefore I nievely thought I would have no problems with those “pesky little fleas” HAHA!!! every noght I would lock them in their room and every morning let them out to roam the house. One day they escaped through the window and I lost them. the only thing in their room was there food tray, litter box and bedding. after removing these I was sweeping out the room when I felt something crawling on my feet. When I looked down no less the 100 fleas where swarming my feet and legs. THE ROOM IS EMPTY!!! I have been spraying, dusting, bombing, (that room AND my whole house), I have even soaked the floors and walls of that room with Spectrcide (a yard spray) YOU NAME IT, since the week before Easter and still I have fleas!!! I have bathed my poor 15 year old dog to death. Now, every time she sees me, she runs, poor baby, I don’t blame her. I have cleaned bedding , couches, furniture, clothing, and yes I have sprayed my yard (Front and Back). God help me but the only thing I haven’t tried is to burn my house down. I never dreamed that fleas could live in an EMPTY invironment. I have tried the water in the pan, too slow and the effect does not last. I am going the soak my house in vinegar tommorow. I will let you know, but just in case…about the borax… is that the roach powder or laundry soap you people are talking about????? I truly am …….a desperate housewife!!!!

  27. I have hard wood floors all through my house. Except in one room I have carpet. I have been reading all these comments on here and it seems that vinegar would be the way to go. But will it hurt my floors? I dont want to hurt them, they are 40 yrs old and still look new… thanks for anyone willing to help!!:)

  28. I’m having a REAL BIG problem with fleas. I’m at the point where I will try almost anything. The fleas are eating me up!!! I hate flea bites ALL OVER!! I’m embrassed to wear a skirt because of the bites on my legs! The funny thing is they are only biting me and my dog. Not my husband and kids (who knows). I wash my pup 2 or more times a week. I know she is tired of me bathing her but when I see them on her to me thats the only way to get them off quickly! I’m going to the Vet’s office today to buy something! Tonight I will try the vinegar and the white socks to see exactly where they are!

  29. Wow, this is the site I needed! Last month we evicted renters who left the house FULL of fleas. So, like others have said, the house has been empty, and all wood floors. We’ve bombed twice, but I just can’t get rid of them. I’m going to try the Borax and salt mixture; I don’t think the floors could hold up to the vinegar… and then I’d have to do something about the smell. LOL

  30. wow, well I am glad that I found this place! for the last few days I was sure that I was finding fleas in fact come to think of it I had been finding them for a few weeks but thought that maybe there was just one or two that was carried in on sombody or someone with pets bought them in as I thought that fleas could not live on humans I guess I was wrong, well the fleas love me! I need to get rid of them quick I have a 7 week old and they seem to love him and 2 other children…. I guess the borax and vinegar is the way to go!

  31. We have two cat (indoor/outdoor) and my 6 yr old doggie. We live on the edge of the woods, and have MAJOR MUTANT INDESTRUCTABLE FLEAS OF DOOM!!!! I have spent hundreds of dollars on sprays, drops, powders, bombs, collars, and yard stuff! Nothing has worked!!! We are at a loss. We have pretty much ran them into one room, but anytime we get near our pets, they start jumping and bitting us. We’re gonna try the soap, and everything else suggested here. We’ll let you know how it goes. Thank you for all the ideas.

  32. Trish, Vinegar will not harm your hardwood floors. In fact, my mother uses it, mixed with water, every time she cleans her hardwood floors. It is a natural cleaning agent, and will not leave a film on your beautiful floors. I’ve also heard that mixing essential oil of lavendar or lemon with water is good for cleaning hardwood floors (and would probably help with fleas too) because they are also natural cleaning agents. Good luck!

  33. I also have a young infant (8 weeks) and I am staying at my parents house for the next several days. They unfortuneately have a huge flea problem. I knew their dog had fleas, but the baby and I are sleeping in a room not frequented by the dog and I still have pulled 15 fleas out of my bed. The baby is in a pack n play, but i want to deal with this while we stay. Any suggestions for keeping my baby safe and to prevent me from carrying home my own infestation?

  34. i to have a baby and i think we have fleas. how ever our fleas have been brought in by other children i look after(i am a childminder) they own a cat and do not have good hygiene standards! we all have flea bites i have spotted them on the children but never in my house but i am getting bitten alive. i can no longer sleep for itching. im running out of patience with the family who have brought them in. any ideas?

  35. What I’d like to know is how in the world I can control my cat long enough to bathe him with anything. I just tried the dishsoap thing and the way he reacted made me consider calling in a exorcist. lol


  36. I once had a flea problem so bad that I thought of tearing up all the carpet in the house and burning all the clothes. Fleas are not a hygeine problem, as someone earlier implied. They are a host that that survives on living beings and will latch onto something in a millisecond.

    Ten years ago I got rid of the fleas by steam cleaing my carpet at least 2 to 3 times a week for about 3 weeks. I washed everything in hot water and what couldn’t be washed in hot water was soaked in soapy water for 15 to 20 minutes before starting the laundry cyle. Any towels used to dry the pets were taken outside and hosed off then washed with soap and Clorox. My dog is allergy ridden and has severe reactions to flea bites. We used a medicated spray to heal the hot spots and bathed her regulary.

    We use to apply the Frontline to the dog and used Advantage for the cats. Unfortunately, it did not work last year and we have decided to stay away from pesticides entirely. It seems that Apple Cider Vinegar is the way to go and much better for those being exposed to it. It also helps promote healthy skin on an allergic dog or cat.

    Steam cleaning the carpets helps stimulate hatching so it is easier to kill the fleas. There is no quick fix to getting rid of fleas. Be diligent is the best advice I can recommend.

    I was hoping that I would never

  37. Jeeez!!! ok I read everybody’s stuff and I sprayed the house with dawn. The crappy thing is, I just steam cleaned the carpet 2 weeks ago and now I know that I probably brought the fleas out. They are everywhere, and they are only biting my husband. We set up the little ‘flea trap’ and caught a bunch, I’m also walking around with white socks and have found nothing so far. We certainly found a whole wack on our sheets tho. I need help! Two cats in and out all the time and they sleep with us and our children. I can’t just make them stay outside. I have very long hair too. Are they like lice? Will they stay in mine and my daughters hair? AAArrg!

  38. Rubbing Alcohol will kill fleas on contact! If you have more than one pet only treat one and then wait a few days to treat the other one. The reason is that the rubbing alcohol has an oil in it that continues to repel fleas. So,if you have all your pets done at once the fleas will come after YOU. I put my pet in the tub and pour rubbing alcohol around his neck. Rub it around his face but NOT in his eyes, nose or mouth-just around them. Always start at the head of the animal as fleas travel there first! THey will hide in your pets ears or eyes-wherever they can! Make sure you have a well ventalated room, because the scent is strong and will take your breath away if you breathe it in. Next pour it over his back, tail, roll him over and get his underbelly. After a few minutes (five or so) go ahead and wash him. You will see lots of dead fleas in the water and on his fur. THIS WORKS WELL WITH LITTLE PUPS. I used it on stray newborns to save them and it worked like a charm! By rotating your dogs you will eventually get all the little suckers. Vaccuum daily. Good luck!

  39. Oh by the way, fleas usually go for the furry creatures closest to the floors so if you have a small dog and a big dog I’m betting your small dog has a worse problem. fleas will travel on your clothing, but they MUCH prefer fur to human hair. Since flea eggs can live a year or more in any empty room you can find them in vacant houses. They will ravenously jump at the first meal that comes their way. Once they are fed fresh blood they search for a mate to procreate. They are worse than rats. They can also spread some diseases so it is truly worth going the extra effort to get rid of them. They won’t LIVE on you, but they will make a meal of you!

  40. ok i – my family- needs help the place we work has fleas.. the floors are all cement no carpet.. and now the fleas have made there way home to our houses and i have 5 month old nephew and my sister-n-law just found some one on him… were doing the borax thing.. the floors at work are now covered in the stuff… but we need some help getting rid of them from our houses that are safe for the baby! and is there anyway to get rid of them for good? there are no pets at any of our houses nor are there any pets at work. where to they come from if there are no pets present and can mice or other rodents carry them? any information is helpful! thank you very very much!

  41. Ok I was wondering, are the fleas going to be like roommates who bug you every moment they have the chance. I got a kitten for my girlfriend and not realizing that this kitten had fleas, they immediately jumped on my cat which happens to be a indoor cat only, he scared of the ouside. Now i am bit of a germaphobic and dont care for bug of any sort. My husband went in the basement and was rolled on by these creatures and thats when he called me for backup. I use an sorbic spray which cost 13.99 at home depot in and out door. and also the vingar is good with bleach simply because they doesn’t allow them to jump but instead die, now also fleas dont like COLD they die in this environment. when you see them in the house these are the babies they dont get on the cats or dogs until they reached adult hood.

  42. Yes I found out that vingar and water is most definitely a strong source of riding your domain of fleas.Being a germophobic I used all the methods spoke of and they are gone, now I had to quarantine my cat and deal with any that may be in the basement. Now I am throwing away clothes and using oil soap in the basement with boric acid and salt, a little spray for the cats and home by Hartz, dip neutralizing shampoo. Ok Ok so I went a little to far but there was a greater outcome they`are GONE. thanks ,I shall return if i need more help, by the way you guys are funny.

  43. Don’t worry you guys. All you have to do is wash your your bedding(because they might be living in there) & treat your carpets. Vaccum & Laundry are your best bets. Treat hour cat/dog first then get your house. Try to shower 2x a day & dont let your cats go outside for a couple of weeks. I suggest 2 months. Letting them go outside will only give you more flees. If you need anymore help that’s where a professional comes in. Good luck everyone.

  44. We have had fleas for 8 months, and we are tired of them. My legs used to be very nice to look at, but now it looks as if I burned myself with lit cigarettes, and the culprit is flea bites. I have decapitated many, and they live in our furniture and carpet. We have a total of two linoleum floors, and the rest is carpet. No where is safe. My two cats had flea collars, but they weren’t working. I have been bitten on ankles, thighs, back, arms, feet, toes, hands and fingers. I also don’t have a vaccuum. Upon reading this, I decided that the Vinegar approach is best, and I am going to ask my mom if I can use her vaccuum.

  45. They’re baaaack….Well, I had a truly horrible flea infestation with my old cat, but using Advantage along with an oral agent AND putting Borax everywhere (floors, under my mattress, etc.) took care of it. Now I’ve got a new cat and we’re back to fleas. I’ve used the same topical and oral treatments on her as I did on my old cat, and while combing doesn’t result in finding any fleas and even though I don’t find flea “residue” (the black bits that are our cats’ dried blood), the fleas are biting me like crazy. The real reason I’m writing is to say that one solution for humans that has worked for me before and seemed to work for a few weeks this time is taking a B complex vitamin. It really has helped tremendously in the past. Additionally, I’ll vouch for the soapy water and night light – it works, but we’re only touching the tip of the iceberg with that. Anyhow, best of luck to us all!

  46. We live in an area in north america that is not supposed to have fleas at all but this year there is an outbreak. But, I found them after I steam cleaned everything, as the eggs were hatching. I had dog and cat treated at the vet and also used a flea wash on them first. So Far, I have vacuumed everything and I mean eveything, under on top etc. I Bagged all laundry even clean stuff in clear plastic bags and sealed the bags until I could wash the contents. AFter steam cleaning furniture and spraying with zodiac spray, I covered all couches and beds in plastic. I threw out everything that fleas could im-bed in, and anything that had any dark dirt or white bits including every stuffed animal, dogtoy, rug etc. Then I washed the floors and windows and cupboards and under the fridge and vents, bed frames tables, chairs, shelves etc. I washed with a combination of salt, borax and dog flea and tick shampoo. I washed with paper towel constantly using new and clean paper towel, then threw the paper towel in a pail that was lined with salt. and as I filled the small pail with the used paper towel, I immediately threw it in a plastic bag and out of the house and yard. Since eggs need moisture to hatch, I dried the floors and surface immediately after wiping with this solution with clean dry paper towel they threw it out. I haven’t washed surfaces again as I wanted the dog shampoo and salt and borax residue to remain on the floors.I didn’t include eating areas. There I just vaccummed, washed, dried and I watch.
    I removed all the baseboards and poured salt between the walls and floor. I left the salt there for three days, then vacuumed it up. After I vacuumed I sprayed with Zodiac. When I sprayed I bought a proper fumigating mask, wore clothes that covered all parts of me, safety goggles and rubber gloves up to my elbows. We remained out of the house after for 4-6 hours and left all windows open for days. I sprayed all the floors, baseboards, beds drapes and window cills. AFter spraying I covered the couches and beds with plastic, (that is used for covering furniture when painting) Since I have hard wood, there are cracks between the wood that Larvae were coming out of, so I bought a pet oil that kills eggs, larvae and pre- adult and adult fleas. I rubbed the oil into the cracks with paper towel. I also placed all books in clear plastic bags and sealed. All my kids stuff and I mean all if it, went in clear plastic bags and I sealed them. after vacuuming I used packaging tape and like a lint remover went across every fabic surface first like beds and couches before I sprayed.
    After, all washing of laundry, I put everything in the super large zip lock bags that are new on the market and sealed them. I washed laundry in borax, and detergent and for the towel the dog is laying on, I added flea and tick dog shampoo during wash. I have placed large clear plastic bags in the clothes hampers and place any clothes worn in them, and seal the the bag until the bag is full. then I carry the bag to the laundry room and only remove the clothes I am washing and seal it again. After the bag is empty I throw it out in the garbage immediately out of the house. I wash my shoes before I step in the house. and I vacuum twice a day everywhere, crack, nook and cranny. Before vacuuming I vacuum up about two cups of salt, and after I am done I throw the bag out into the garbage can outside. I used salt because I remember seeing a documentary about salt lakes in the world and I remember them saying nothing can live in a salt lake, not even a flea.
    I also wash the vaccuum cleaner hose etc with dog flea and tick shampoo in the tub. I only let the dog lay in one area, I put a plastic bag down and a towel on top and vacuum daily and am washing the towel constantly and gathering up the plastic bag and throwing it in the garbage and replacing. I brush the pet outside and use a sticky lint roller on him everytime he goes out and comes in. I may still have to get a professinal fumigator. If you call them, they will tell you even doing all of these things and fumigating may take up to three cycles, or 90 days. They say, most fumigating has to be done up to three times over that period. Anyway, god bless us all, and gone with the pestulence.

  47. Please help. I have 3 cats, 2 dogs and a flea problem. We put frontline on all of them and 1 dog still has alot of fleas. My one son the fleas also like. If you have any tips for the dog or kid please let me know. Thanks

  48. I called Petsmart the other day for suggestions and the lady said that everyone seems to be having bad problems with fleas right now. She suggested that I go to a feed store to find something (implying that the stuff they sold wouldn’t work). I’m glad I happened upon this site. We’ve started by putting the 2 cats out but now we can’t sit outside. I’m excited about all the suggestions. “THANKS EVERYONE!”

  49. damn it.. the fleas are all over me.. i wash my hair and body thoroughly but they are stil feasting all over my body.. what should i do?

  50. I have discovered I have fleas in my house. I noticed bites and wasn’t too sure what they were til I saw one then another. I have found them in my car. I had an exterminator come out and spray my house. This was five days ago and I still have them. How much longer before I can get rid of them? I keep spraying and bombbing but they still seem to be around. I am washing and washing and vacumming. Once you wash clothing are the fleas still active? If I cannot wash something will dry cleaning do, as far as my clothing? Can fleas live on a human and in their hair? Can they get embedded in your skin? I have a five month old grandbaby that’s coming to spend the week with me next week and I’m wondering if it will be safe for her to be around for a full week. I tired of these things and have my legs and feet all marked of the fleas bites. How can one get rid of that? I’m embrassed. Do I need to keep spraying and bombbing everyday or once a week? I NEED HELP!!! Can anyone give me some advise? Thanks!!

  51. i have read all the following solutions on this web site…
    and i have usde everyones tips, points…what ever you want to call them
    and yes it works …so its a little work but it kills them
    so have fun and good luck…
    you have to treat your dog and house at the same time…
    very …very…important…

  52. I have been reading all of the suggestions and I am going to try them!!!!!! I have never had the problem that I got here this time. My poor babies are loaded and are tired of baths.
    I do have a couple of questions please.
    1. Is the Borax harmful to samll dogs like Schnauzers Poodles or chihuahuas? Do they need to stay off hte rug while it id on the floor?2. What can I spray the yard with that is safe for the animals?
    I know that the fleas are probally brought around and made worse than they should be by the rabbits, raccoons, possums and coyotas that are running around here all the time. I am just waiting for my goats and other livestock end up with them. Then I will pull out my hair.
    Thanks for all the advice and if someone knows about the answers to these two questions please please please let me know.

  53. Worried aunt, we had this in a house with a concrete basement with limestone rock walls. We bombed the house 3 times and ritually vacuumed the floors. After talking to an exterminator friend, he said the limestone neutralizes the active ingredient in the fogger. He gave us some spray (sorry don’t remember the name) and that killed them.

  54. My question is, how can all these companies sell these collars and spray, when the truth is they don’t work!!!! I have spent so much money on their products and nothing happens!!! Why are they able to put them on a shelf and take our money?? Anyway, here is what worked for me. We live in the country, have 3 dogs outside, and a dog, cat and ferrot inside. Start by spraying your yard and your house, then cover your floors with salt, leave for 24 hours, bath your pets in viniger and water. put a mixture of water and viniger in a spray bottle and spay your pets once a day, i found night time is better, put salt in your vacume also, empty your vacume in a sealed bag and dispose of. mop floors with bleach water and salt carpets before vacuming 2 or 3 times a week. This worked for us. Once they are gone keep using salt and bleach on floors and spray bottle on pets, Good luck!!

  55. With the Borax, how long do you let it sit on your carpet before you vaccuum again? And is it better alone or mixed with salt?
    I can’t stand these damn fleas anymore. I may go the vet and get the Capstar pill…I did that last year and it helped give me a one up, at least for the fleas on the cats. The fleas in the house were another story.
    I have had cats for YEARS and never had a flea problem until last year, and my cats are indoor only! So I’m sickened by all of this!
    Will the Borax harm my children?

  56. im about to try the advice that requires you to put the dish soap and water together…and i really hope it works..!!
    my family is having flea bites EVERYWHERE!! and the bites are making us cra-ZY!!! i was thinking to myself, i should invent smt that kills literally all the fleas and yeah hehe
    flea bites are so much more itchier than monquitoe bites!! even if they are almost gone, it itches like crap….!!!!!
    im stayin at this house so we dont have vineger and we cant wash everything becasuse we dont have a washer thing yet so i kinda have to try the soap and water..if that thang dont work then ima…i dont know 😛

  57. Hi everyone Ive been reading all these tips i had a bad flea problem a few years ago what i did i bought a few foggers like 3 packs of 3 used 2 in each room after that treatment i vacum everything used bleach for the tiles used tilex in the bathroom ventalated the palce for a few hours took the cats gave them a flea bath the used a flea powder for pets on them i also washed everything inhot water and that took care of the problem i also periodically use and insecticide on the perimeter of the house and i use it around the basment inside and in cabinters and corners and cracks no fleas for now thank god good luck to all ..

    It all started with the bites. I was getting bit all over my body, I was so fed up I went to the doctor twice and they told me I was having hives and that there was really nothing for me to do but swallow two allergra pills everyday. That didn’t help so I went back and they still told me that they were hives again, and told me to continue taking the allegra. Then my friend was about to move and stayed at my house for 4 days. She left my house with hundreds of (hives) on her. After that is when I discovered something was strange.
    I have had problems with fleas for about 6 or 7 months now. I never thought it would be this hard. I have a inside/outside cat. In the last month and a half my cat has became a 100% outside cat.
    I have shampooed the carpet, the couch about 5 times within the last few months…and the fleas are still haunting me and my family. I bomb my house about twice a week, the fleas are still there. My couch is now in the living room just for decoration. Everytime me, my daughter, or husband lay on them we get up with bites everywhere.
    After I discovered that I was not having hives anymore and that they were bites I kind of had that under control and didn’t llok disgusting to other people anymore.
    Everytime I think this flea thing is over a flea just pops up in my face. I bombed my house two days ago and just thought that it might actually be ok. So tonight I fold some laundry up and look up at my 16 month old daughter and what do you know there is a flea on her white shirt that she is wearing.
    My couch is wonderful condition, I want to sell it but that would be awful to the next person. I will try the soapy water and light tonight, if that does not help you will see a lady that burned her house down because of fleas on CNN.

  59. Someone told me about baby powder-something about the sent that fleas do not like. I also poured baby powder on my hardwoodfloors where I saw fleas tonight. I left my house But I saw alot of the fleas struggling. I will cheack tommorrow if they died.

  60. I am so sick and freaking tired of dealing with flea’s. I can not get rid of them. I have tried bombs and frontline. I have 3 kids, my youngest is 5 months old and I am afraid when she starts crawling the feal’s will still be here and eat her alive. The house isn’t infested yet but I don’t want to wait until it is. Does the Sevin stuff work well? do I just sprinkle it all over the carpet where the flea’s mainly are? I had a cat die she was so infested with flea’s and we tried everything to get them off her and nothing helped her. I do not want the same fate for our new cat.

  61. I don’t know if i have fleas in my room, but I know for sure that I have fleas all over my hair I brush it everyday trying to get them
    out, but it doesn’t seem to work… I need something that i can put
    in my hair because I don’t want fleas anymore. And i bath 2 times a day moring and afternoon.


    i know to use vinger and water to
    i know to use rubbing achola on the spot
    i know to use dawn soap for kill them to but


  62. I have 3 outside dogs and 2 inside cats and a big flea problem and I just tried bathing all of them in dawn dish soap the problem was that it dried 2 of my dogs skin and 1 of my cats skin out to the point that some of there hair was falling out. The same thing happened to my moms dog to. so I’m not doing that again I’ll try Ajax soap next I have heard it does a better job. by the way this site IS VARY USE FULL.

  63. Our house is infested. We have four dogs and never had a problem before. They have always been on Frontline. It’s like we’re buying plain oil in disguise of Frontline for 50 bucks a pop. Last week our 19 month old daughter’s preschool teacher told me they found fleas in her hair. We have sprayed the yard with about 5 times the recommended amount of chemicals, bombed the house, practically killed our dogs with baths and chemicals. I’m going to try the vinegar and water to mop our hardwood floors. I just want to move, but this site has given me some hope.

  64. Our family just moved into a new home, & it was fumigated prior to us moving in. I have a 5-month old and a 3 year old who love to play on the carpet all the time in our home. After seeing several fleas on my socks & fleas jumping on my son, we decided to use the nightlight & soap trick. It works!

    BTW, last night I was watching DIY Network, & they had a tip for getting rid of fleas. They said to put mothballs in your vacuum bag, then vacuum. When you’re done, dispose the vacuum bag & start shaking some salt into your carpets. Let the salt go into the carpet bedding until you’re ready to vacuum again. Has anyone tried this before? I need a natural solution to getting rid of these things & repelling them from our home without the use of harsh chemicals. Won’t vinegar stink up the house?

  65. Whew… I have tried pretty much everything mentioned here… to no avail. For 3 weeks now, I have battled these little buggers – and they are winning!
    I treated my cats with a spot treatment from Hartz. Cats still have fleas. I sprayed with Hartz 3 in 1 Home Spray. Still fleas. Then I tried straight up Boric Acid mixed with Baking Soda. Vacuumed. Still fleas. Next I went to the light/soapy water thing. Caught about 9 fleas. Then, sprayed my cats with vinegar and water. Made 1 of them sick! Then, Borax in the carpet. Still have fleas!!! As I sit and write this, I can feel them munching on my ankles. I fear they will totally consume me if I don’t find something soon!
    Today, I think we’ll go buy Sevin powder and treat the cats and the carpets. Once again, I will wash all sheets, blankets, towels, etc. to get rid of eggs and such.
    After this, if I still have no success, I think I will join Michelle and just burn the sucker down! (of course, the fleas will probably survive that, too!)
    If the Sevin works, I’ll let y’all know.

  66. We have been battling fleas since early May. The biggest problem has been in our basement where our former cat lived (he ran away right before we discovered the problem). Pest control has been here 3 or 4 times spraying with no complete success. I believe that pest control did accomplish getting rid of the fleas in the carpet and on the wood floors upstairs because the spray was residual (or at least supposed to continually kill the fleas as they hatch in the carpet). I haven’t noticed any upstairs for over a month. My problem is on the concrete floors in the basement. We took all rugs out of the basement and burned them. We have set off multiple fumigating “bombs” in the basement which only seems to slow the fleas down, not eliminate them entirely. I believe we are going to need to take everything out of the basement, bomb again and mop every inch of the the concrete floors with some type of bleach mixture. I am getting very weary of this battle. Does anyone else have any suggestions?

  67. Carpet spray is good to get rid of them in the house. You definitely have to keep on top of it. Use the spray and vaccum your floor maybe twice a week for 2 weeks… Make sure to wash all washables including your clothing, stuffed animals and the animals bedding if you have animals in your home. The problem that I am having is outside. What is best to use to treat your yard, barns, things like that to keep from bringing them right back into your home on your clothing?? If we can’t get rid of them from the yard, then no matter what we do, our problems will only keep reoccurring.

  68. I’m so glad I found this site! I was starting to think I was going mad constantly thinking of ways to get rid of fleas, it’s awful! I hate them!!!!
    We have two cats and this is the first time they’ve ever had them. The fleas seem to adore my daughter and are starting to take an interest in me, for some reason not my partner though, I guess he tastes bad!
    I’ve tried everything you can buy and have spent a fortune. So far the only thing that has come close to working is bathing the cats (that was fun!) and using anything with tea tree oil in it. After doing this the other day, I found lots of dead fleas which made me so happy! I’m going to try the light and water tonight and see if I get any further.
    Just another little warning, I work with children and have now through the bites picked up impetigo, isn’t life great!

  69. Fleas are known in the state of California to cause cancer. Our house is infested, our dogs are infested, OMG even my pixies are infested. My husband has flea bites from heis toes all the way up to his unmentionable places hehehe. We don’t really know what borax is. Can we just use seven dust, pixie dust,or better yet, use some lice shampoo on the dogs??? I’m the only one not being attacked by the army of super fleas and its legion of doom.

  70. I have just discovered a flea problem this week. I think they came in on my new cat that I just got from the shelter, and now all of my cats have them. I agree about most flea shampoos/sprays/drops etc do not work well if at all. I have quarentined my cats and am going to try many of the tips from this site. It sounds like I have a long battle ahead of me, but I’m determined. Good luck to everyone, and I will post what works for us.

  71. Oh, is using rubbing alc. on cats ok, or will it make them sick when they wash themselves? I was going to wash the cats, then the tip about pouring the alc. on them before I dry them off. I just don’t want to make them sick by doing that. If anyone has used the rubbing alc on cats with no problems let me know.

  72. this not a tip but what about bleach does that work or chlorinated lime need help myself i tried bombs and everything but i want them to be gone now

  73. kaila, If you still have fleas in your hair, don’t use rubbing alcohol or any other flameable substance. I knew a lady that was scrubbing her childs hair with kerosene to get rid of lice and it ignighted. The child was severely burned. As for pets, I ran across this remedy, take regular pinesol not the scented kind and mix with either pantene or equate shampoo with conditioner at a 50/50 ratio. Wet the pet, lather, and let stand for 15 to 30 minutes, according to how the skin is broken out by bites. Try not to let the pet roll in the dirt or grass, keep them tied. After the mixture has been on animal for given time, rinse well. The pinesol has a pine tar that fleas can’t handle. Your pet will thank you for the help also. You can use this for up to three times a week if needed, then just once a month thereafter. It also gets rid of mites, not ear mites but the other kind that causes mange. If you use it for mange you can take a Q-tip with straight pinesol and carefully put around the eyes. Also put it behind the ears real good. you can get some in the ears, just don’t flood them.

  74. Get some garlic gel caps. You can get them in the vitamin section of any pharmacy or walmart. Break two of them up in your pets food every day. This will help get rid of fleas and it will help prevent them from returning. My dad did this with our dogs and we never had a flea problem. The only problem is it may give your animal gas…lol

  75. My 1 year old cockapoo dog has fleas. I gave her a flea bath today with flea shampoo. I sprayed everything with a pesticide from hertz and I vaccumed all the carpets. I even bought a flea collar. What else can I do? How often would I bathe my dog with the flea shampoo? How often would I vaccum?

  76. ok not a tip or advice. I have a severe flea problem that I have been
    fighting for a long time to the point of thinking of getting rid of my pets. But what do all you people say to guests that come to your home?

  77. It seems fleas have been bad everywhere right now. I don’t know where I got the buggers from, but the vet office said it was likely from all the rain we had and they just started moving indoors. I have been trying a lot of the tips here with some success. When I first realized the problem I gave my cats a flea bath (which did little if anything) I had bought the Hartz 3 in 1 spray and sprayed it everywhere, and a few days later I did see dead fleas where I had sprayed. I have been mopping floors, shampooing carpets and cleaning everything with vinegar & hot water, and vac the carpets every chance I get. I bought flea collars and I put a piece in the vac canister each time and always empty outside. I sprayed all furniture (still worried about the couches)

    The cats have been kept in a bathroom (they are not happy about this) so I can clean easier and keep track of how much stuff falls off them. I use a flea comb on the a few times a day and drown any I catch. They where still covered in fleas so I used Dawn dish soap and that took care of a lot of them. A few days later the poor babies still had bugs, so I got a dip and that got a lot more of them. I don’t want to make them sick though from all the washes and dips. I read about Capstar, the pill that kills the fleas in 30 mins to 24 hours, so I gave them that 3 hrs ago along with Advantage drops, and the fleas are just dropping off them dead. I also fogged the house today, so hopefully I can now get the rest of the survivors before they multiply again (yuck)

    As far as guests go, I just haven’t had anyone in my house. I don’t want to pass this problem along. There is one couple that I told, and they will be over in a few days, but by then it should be mostly under control (hopefully)Good luck to all and God bless!

  78. Do not use rubbing alcohol on your pets! How does rubbing alcohol feel when you put it on your skin? Well multiply that for your animals. We have a higher tolerance for certain chemicals because of the PH balance of our skin…dogs, animals, PH balances are at levels that are much more sensitive to products. I live in the south and fleas are a problem, but my dogs are completely flea free and so is my house. I use Adams Shampoo to wash my dogs, one of them I wash with a combination of Adams and an oatmeal dog shampoo because he has more sensitive skin. After that…you need to wait at least 24 hours before putting the flea and tick prevention on them or it won’t be affective. The animals have to have time to restore their natural oils or the prevention method will just be wasted and cycled off. I have used many different methods over the years and Wal-Mart’s Hartz brand does not work! I have not had any luck with Frontline either, although it’s more affective than Hartz. Advantage Plus, or what I use Advantix, has kept the fleas off of my dogs for the past two and half years. As long as you keep the cycle of the same time every month placing the Advantix on them fleas shouldn’t be a problem. As far as getting rid of fleas in the house, all I know is that water/steam stimulates flea eggs to hatch and steam kills all forms of fleas except the eggs. So it seems that it would be a repetitive process in order to stimulate all the eggs and kill all the fleas. Hope this helps in some way.

    Good Luck!

  79. If your dog will let you vacuum him try that. I vacuum my dog and he loves it plus it sucks up the fleas. Thanks for all the info.

  80. We have a 5,200 sq. ft. log house with hard wood floors throughout. I previously had carpet in our other house and after the flea problem there, I thought I’d save myself some headaches by not having carpet again, wrong! Although we’re not infested, if you walk through the house you may get 3 or 4 hitching a ride on your legs early in the morning or late evenings. I spray hairspray on my jeans every morning and this seems to keep them from jumping on me. We’ve only had them for about 5 days now but I’m about to go crazy. I called the exterminator this am and she said to mop my floors with vinegar/water and she would come treat it heavily on Monday and then once a month for 3 months. She said that fleas were the hardest pest to get rid of but she assured me, it could be done. I’m going to try a few other tips on here in the meantime and will let you guys know how things work out. I wish everyone here the best with these little monsters. FLEAS BE GONE FOR ALL!!!!!

  81. Don’t worry, you don’t have to burn down your homes 🙂 It’s really quite simple to outsmart these creatures. Since they cannot live above 80 degrees and require a humidity level of 70%, all you have to do is get a dehumidifier, crank your heat up to 90 to make sure you kill them all and leave the house for about 8 hours. When you get back, the fleas will be dead and the eggs can’t hatch without the humidity in the air. We raise chickens and bringing the babies in on top of living in GA, we get fleas at least once a year and this works every time. Good luck and hope this helped.

  82. I hate flees! I live with one of my cousins and she is getting ready to move to Cali and her house is infested with flees. The worst I have ever seen. I have a 5 month old baby here with me all day long. I am nonstop getting bit. We have bombed the house I have used baby powed. I vaccum like 3 times a day. I was clothes every day. I just dont know what to do about these stupid flees! They are drving me insane. I need help.

  83. As far as bathing my animal in rubbing alcohol I would be very careful as the fumes can be harmful but you could try a spray bottle with a light mist. I have a spray bottle that I fill with rubbing alcohol and I spray my house with it. Spray everything!!! It needs to be moist as rubbing alcohol dries out fast but it will kill the flees as well as the eggs and larva. It dries them out and kills on contact. The smell goes away quickly.
    Best of luck to everyone

  84. Also, make sure that you spray every 3 days to kill anything that may have escaped. Keep this up for a couple of weeks and your problem will be gone.
    Rubbing alcohol is cheap and the best kept secret when it comes to flees…

  85. I have tried just about everything as well. They love me and leave my mom and sister alone, they don’t know how bad it is itchy, painful bumbs I think I am allergic. I use capstar on the dogs. I have even kicked all of them out of the house. Well I went to get a glass of water and the bastered mutant fleas from hell attacked me in my kitchen tile floors even. They are everywhere I can’t stand it I can’t sleep anymore because I wake up itching every 30 min. and then the get air support from the misquotes. I am going to try all of this in the morning I did seven dust the back yard this evening seems like I need to delcare war. I am ready to blow the house up, (not really) just sounds good right know with all my frustration. My great uncle said to burn sulfer in or under the house I am gonna try that, those of you who try be carefull it is extremley deadly if inhailed. All aniamls that you love need to be outside. Anything that breaths air will die snakes mice fleas roches spiders and humans if you are not carefull will die while inhailing the burning sulfer. You need to leave your house just like bombing it only it is a natural chemical so it is safer then most. Then go back in with a mask and open all windows I suggest a box fan in the window to suck the smoke out leave for a little while and then come back after it has all cleared. I hope this works!!!! he said it did that and seven’s dust I am also going to try the vinigar too. Good luck against the indestructable super army of fleas!!!!! Thanks for your help

  86. I don’t know what it is I read one of these stories about a lady and her animal getting tore up by fleas bytes all over her legs and her husband never got bothered by a single flea, this is true in my case also my cat and girlfriend is constantly itching and crying about fleas I just told her its all in your head, there not bothering me, well when my girlfriend showed me her legs WOW she had flea bites all over, my question is why is it fleas are more atracted to females, is it because generally women use more fragrant products like skin moisturizers, lotion, perfume, etc….or is it girls are made of suger and spice and eveything nice LOL :>……But for her sake I’m going to try some of these tips instead of paying an arm and a leg for FrontLine. thanks everyone!

  87. WOW! This is a great site. Putting salt down on my wood floors for a few hours really solved that problem. I swept up hundreds of dead insects. Now I am cleaning and mopping everything with vinegar & water. I found CLOROX GERMICIDAL BLEACH in an aluminum or steel container on top of a foil pan attracted hundreds of insects. After a day I pourd it down the toilet & repeated the process the next day.

  88. Someone told my daughter that salt would kill flees. I used a whole box of salt on my carpets and left it for 24 hours then vacuumed. I haven’t seen a flee inside since. We also have a kitten inside. Hope this keeps working! Good Luck to all in getting rid of these little demons!

  89. Well, last weekend we finally took everything out of our basement, vacuumed and bleached the floors (I used a heavy mixture of Chlorox Cleanup plus a cup or two of bleach per bucket of water). The fleas came back. I had pest control in on Tuesday and they sprayed with Suspend again. They saturated the concrete floors, etc. with this chemical that is supposed to have a residual effect for up to 30 days. Guess what – the little blood suckers are back again and it’s only been 3 days. We are careful that we are not bringing new ones in or anything like that. We constantly check ourselves for fleas before we return upstairs so not to bring them back into the main living environment. I am fed up with the fleas. My pest control service just doesn’t understand that their chemical (Suspend) isn’t continually killing the little vampires and told me today that if the problem doesn’t go away over the weekend that they’ll come out again on Monday or Tuesday. Does anyone have any other suggestions?

  90. FOR NEWBORNS we were fighting fleas with my dog when she had puppies and the newborns got them quick were covered in one day so i gave them a bath with dawn soap when just 24 hours old and it kills the ones on them but i have to keep doing it and it has been three weeks and they are doing great i just have to bath them every 3 to 4 days csuse you cant use chemicals on them

  91. I too have lea problems right now. I haven’t had them for about 8 years (even allowing my cat an hour or so outside a few days a week). I now realize that they are a serious problem for me so I will try what worked for me last time. FIRST I will declutter my house, then wash all clothing and bedding that my cat walks on/near(including my own at least twice a week for a month). Then I will put down boric acid in my carpet using a broom to sweep it deep into the fibers. I will leave this in the carpet for 3 days then vacuum and repeat this every week for at least 3 weeks. I will bath my cat in flea soap then a second wash in dawn(I don’t like the idea of my little buddy licking poison off his fur). I will give him a bath like this every week until I KNOW they are off of him. I will monitor the flea poulation with the light over the soapy water dish method(although I have found I get more fleas using a white plate than a pie pan, they are more atracted to the white and they only need 1/8th inch of water to drown – add 2-3 drops of dawn to the water per plate) i only had to do this for about 4 weeks last time to get rid of them. I will repost my results in a few weeks. Have faith, stay hopeful and DON’T BURN YOUR HOUSE DOWN. Good luck all.

  92. We have had the worst flea problem for about two months now. We had an indoor dog that must have brought some in from outside. So, we did flea treatments on her and flea bombed every room in our house. We still had them. Eventually we stuck poor Lucy (the dog) outside. We flea bombed again in every room. We still had them. We called an exterminator and he sprayed everywhere: we only have one room with carpet and the rest is hardwood and the basement is concrete. He sprayed the carpet, furniture, rugs, stuffed animals, comfortors, baseboards, the ENTIRE basement, and around the outside of the house. Then we used the granules on our entire yard to get rid of them in the grass, we washed everything that could be washed w/ extremely hot water too. Believe it or not we still have them…only here’s the weird part…the only place we still have them is on one side of our basement (by the doors). It’s only conrete floors and block. We bombed our basement with 10 flea bombs and sprayed it w/ some kind of flea killer too. This was 6 hours ago and my poor husband had them on him when he went down there again…If limestone does neutralize the flea killers then what will work? Please Help!!

  93. I have 2 kids, 3 cats & millions of fleas (of which I have been doing hand to hand combat with!) The nightlite &/or candle w/ a pan of water does work very well. It won’t get ’em all, but every wee flea corpse counts in the war on fleas! Here’s what’s workin for me…bag up everything that you can’t wash immediately. Invest in lavender, tea tree, lemon grass & bergamont essiental oils, salt, borax & rubbing alcohol and garlic capsols (sp?)
    For the house:
    I spray stuffed animals, funiture, ok pretty much everything with alcohol to kill the fleas. And thank God…it does kill them!
    Get a spray bottle & mix in 8-10 drops of each essential oil fill the rest of the bottle w/ water, shake well as you spray, this will replel them. You can use this on everything and it’s non-toxic.
    Mix salt & borax (you can mix in essential oils too…just a few drops will work) and sprinkle on the carpent, mattresses, ect. Leave it to sit for as long as you can & then vaccum.
    Set up a flea trap w/ water & nitelites/candles…as many as you can.
    And spray w/ alcolhol & essentail oil mix as needed.
    And wash everything that you can!
    For people:
    Add 8-10 drops of lavender & tea tree oil to shampoo or conditioner or make a rise for your hair by mixing oils w/ water. Not only does this help to get rid of fleas but also helps to heal flea bites.
    For flea bites on the skin mix lavender & tea tree oils w/ aloe vera gel and apply wherever you have flea bites.
    And eat garlic! It makes you taste bad!
    For pets:
    The best thing is a flea bath. You can also use the essentail oil mix on your animals, take care not to get it in their eyes & nose. And mix powderd garlic or a garlic capsol in w/ their food…so that they taste bad too!!

    Good Luck!!!

  94. I also am battling the Indestructible Mutant Fleas of Doom (from Hell!

    I have had pets all of my life and have never had a problem like this. Suddenly, BANG!! Out of nowhere seemingly, these little buggers are jumping up on my legs by the dozen!

    The first thing I noticed was that these bites itched more fiercely than mosquito bites. I woke up in the wee hours because of the itching, and no amount of scratching gave relief! So the first thing I did after waking up at 1 AM with this fierce itching, was to go online and see what I could do to relieve the itch, because I couldn’t think for myself, I was so tired. Of course, it couldn’t be anything a doctor would have to prescribe, because it was the middle of the night, after all! This had to be something that was immediately on hand, not complicated and would provide immediate relief because I was blind tired, could barely think and just wanted to go back to sleep.

    There were tons of suggestions out there for the relief of itching, I discovered after two hours of research. I finally tried using onion juice, and it worked immediately and was able to fall asleep. But when I woke up in the morning I came to my senses and realized that I could not go to work smelling like an onion, so I washed it off and wet my fingers and applied baking soda. That worked, too. Later I tried putting on that clay mask stuff that you use for a facial, hoping it would draw out whatever the flea injected in me. It does relieve the itch, but it wasn’t the permanent fix I hoped it would be.

    Next, I outlined my battle plan for getting rid of the fleas. I looked up online what to do, and discovered that I wasn’t the only one having this problem.

    The first thing I tried was sprinkling the floor with a mixture of half salt and half baking soda. Later I noticed that, if anything, the fleas were livelier! Then I ordered a flea trap and Diatomaceous Earth. I also figured that cedar dust would repel the fleas, but that stuff is expensive! Later, though, when I was shopping at WinCo, I noticed that they sold cedar chips for pet bedding in the pet section. So I bought a bag for a few bucks and ground some of it into dust in my Magic Bullet. Then I vacuumed good and shook it everywhere. Later, I sat on my couch and saw fleas hopping up on me!

    The bites made my legs swell and I noticed when I stepped into the bath, I couldn’t feel the hot water because my legs were numb! By this time I was paranoid, and every time I felt something crawly, I was afraid it was a flea! I was washing my bedding every other day and bathing before I went to bed as well as when I awoke, and washing my hair a lot for fear that fleas had made a habitation there.

    While I was waiting for my Internet orders, I got a flea collar for my cat, Mr. Shivers, (who, by the way has been an indoor cat all of his life.) It advertised that it would start killing the fleas in hours. A couple of days later, however, I noticed that he still had fleas; the flea collar didn’t work.

    I wanted to give him a bath, but his claws were extremely sharp and he wouldn’t let me clip them. He thinks my fingers are solely for the purpose of stroking him and inserts his head between his paws and my fingers every time I try to clip his claws. Next, I took him to the vet and got him treated with Frontline and got his claws clipped. Three days later, he still had live fleas! The Frontline was ineffective! So I gave him a bath. He didn’t like that at all! (Good thing I got his claws trimmed!) But the fleas came off of him in the bath.

    The flea trap arrived first. In less than a week there were hundreds of fleas on it! My poor cat! He kept hiding in different places, trying to find a place where he could be free of the fleas! He wasn’t coming to the door anymore when I came home and I had to look all over for him. He was so quiet I was afraid that he had died somewhere. But I found him in the closet one day, behind an arm chair another, and behind the computer monitor yet another evening.

    Finally the Diatomaceous Earth came and I sprinkled it in my carpet. I stirred it into the cat litter and I dusted the kitty, but drat! It made the carpet feel hard and look flat, and those fleas still jumped up on me! I checked my flea trap regularly, and noted that there were yet more fleas!

    At this point, I figured it was time to step this up…my son is selling pest control to earn money for college, so I called him up and told him my sad story, and he got me a discount. They came the next Saturday and treated my house. I had to leave the place for 3-4 hours, so I took Mr. Shivers with me to PetSmart to buy some fresh litter and a flea comb, and then we went for a ride. How many places can you go with a cat, anyway? We went to Burger King and I bought some OJ for me and some water for Mr. Shivers, but he wasn’t interested. So I parked nearby in the shade and took a nap to make up for the sleep deprived nights of the previous week.

    When we got home, I immediately gave Mr. Shivers another bath. This time he didn’t resist so much, but he buried his head in my chest pitifully, seeking solace. He felt so happy when he was dry; he loved me up like crazy. I went to revel in what I now considered to be my gloriously flea less home. I restocked my flea trap with a new sticky pad just to be sure, and went to bed happily after showering and washing my hair, in clean sheets.

    The next morning I looked in the flea trap. AAUGH! There they were, fleas, lots of fleas!! I called the Pest Control people and told them that I still had fleas! They were astounded. They scheduled to come back the very next morning. After work that evening I went to K-Mart and bought a kennel for Mr. Shivers so that he had a safe place to stay on the back porch while the place was being treated, as I would be gone to work all day.

    The next morning Mr. Pest Control came and I put Mr. Shivers in his kennel and went to work. As soon as I got home, I gave Mr. Shivers another bath. He told me in no uncertain terms that he thought I was taking it way too far. Fortunately, his teeth did not pierce through my skin; I guess he loves me too much to really clamp down. After all, if he amputated my hand, those precious fingers wouldn’t be there to massage him anymore, right? He’s looking ahead, that boy is, for all his misery…I left him in the bathroom with the pocket door shut to go check my house. Surely my house was liberated by now! But I stepped into the dining room and fleas immediately jumped up on me! I was still picking them off of me by the half dozen!

    I cleaned the kennel to put Mr. Shivers back in. When I went to get him, he was gone! He had opened the pocket door and slipped outside while I was working on his kennel in the kitchen. After a while, he came to the door and I popped him into the kennel and left him there on the porch.

    I called Mr. Pest Control the next day and they were more than amazed. Mr. Pest Control came out again and put sticky pads all over. He wanted to know where the fleas were coming from. I was amazed at how many fleas got on these during the next couple of days.

    After a couple of days, I felt sorry for Mr. Shivers all alone in his kennel on the back porch and put him in the bathroom. I went to Fred Meyer and bought an electronic lice comb and used it on him every evening. I would get a few fleas this way and drown them. It just seemed to stun them, though, so I had to be quick. I ordered an electronic flea comb from because it uses two batteries, and packs twice the wallop.

    I am supposed to vacuum every couple of days, but I tripped over the vacuum one morning and broke it. It is not broken, actually, just popped apart where the wand meets the power head. I tried to fix it and saw that my power head needed to be cleaned out after all this vacuuming I’d already done, so I tried to take it apart so I could put it back together, and I couldn’t get the screws out. I needed a Phillips. My tool box was not easily assessable, so I thought it would be easier to buy one after work, and I did, but it didn’t work. Cheap screw driver! I couldn’t get to the vacuum shop because they keep the same hours that I work. And I had to vacuum!!

    Then I found this site and read all of your comments. I liked the one about the heat and humidity, it made sense to me, because I lived in Utah for years where it gets hot and cold and the humidity is low, and I never saw fleas on my cats. So I put Mr. Shivers in his kennel on the back porch again and cranked up my heat and went to work. After work I went to Sears and bought a dehumidifier with a humidistat control and set it up in the kitchen. It was really hot in there! I ran to K-Mart and got a thermometer with a humidistat and saw my temperature was over 100 degrees and my humidity was at 50%. I was dripping with sweat in short order, so I turned off the heat and turned on the AC so I could sleep and hopefully put out a fresh sticky in my flea trap. The next morning I looked, and….Fleas! AAUGH!!! I cranked up the heat again and went to work.

    I called Mr. Pest Control and he said it was unusual for a client to call after the first treatment, let alone the second. He thought maybe I might have a critter under the house or that maybe my neighbors may be having a problem and that might be the source. (This is currently still under investigation.)

    I mentioned that I was trying to kill the fleas with heat and he said it would have to be 130 degrees to kill those suckers. The next step is to schedule a steam cleaning and then Mr. Pest Control is coming out to treat the place again shortly thereafter, for the third time!

    I went to Sears after work Friday and bought a new vacuum. When I got home my place was 110 degrees and my humidity was 40%. If only I could figure out a way to up the heat another 20 degrees. Maybe if I keep it going for a couple of days in a row it could reach that temperature, I don’t know…I turned off the heat and turned up the AC and went to bed. Yesterday morning I moved the dehumidifier into the living room, but didn’t turn it on. I spent the whole day vacuuming and washing, checking Angie’s list for carpet cleaners. This is going to cost a bundle, especially if I do the upholstery.

    I swear I have new bites on my legs, they itch like mad. I must have stirred those critters up good. I just can’t figure out why I can’t see them biting me. I think I feel something and look and nothing is there. I think I have bites on the back of my neck, so I dumped rubbing alcohol in my hair last night and then washed it. I didn’t see any bodies in the wash water though.

    The humidity was up to 60% today, so I turned the dehumidifier back on. I am going to have to take it back to Sears and exchange it. The humidistat setting doesn’t work; the thing turns off before it reaches the desired humidity. The vacuum may have a defect also, so I will have to check with them on that as well. What a pain!

    Tomorrow, on my shopping list, alcohol and a mister!! More vacuuming, and I have to schedule the steam cleaning! I think if I find a flea and catch him, I am going to experiment on the little bugger ’til I find something that works.

  95. I also have just discovered a flea problem in my house. I have three indoor cats so I am not sure were these little buggers have come from. Must have come in the house on the humans. I battled fleas a few years ago in a house that I was renting at the time and used everything under the sun to try and rid the house of fleas. Nothing worked at first. I was exhausted with cleaning. What I did find out is you will have to battle these suckers for months. The fleas do not seem to like me but love my husband, he has bites all over his ankles and legs. I am starting the first step in ridding my house of these things by pouring salt on the rugs and waiting to vaccum. I own a kirby vac and the bags are not cheap so when I am done vaccuming I put the bag in a plastic bag and place it in the freezer for a couple of hours which kills any fleas that are in the bag. I will mop all floors with vinegar and bleach everyday and vaccuum twice a day until I think I have gotten rid of them and then I will keep going just in case. I have treated the cats with Hartz spot treatment, not too sure that is going to work after reading some of the comments here. Bathing would not be an option as I like my hands and arms the way they are. Will have to try powder on them, anyone have a brand that works!!!!

  96. OK Kimber!!…We just recently got rid of our family pet and have since discovered that we havea flea problem and it’s getting worse because now they only have me my husband and children to live off! I love the RUBBING ALCOHOL idea but what do you mean has to be moist? And will it harm my kids or surface of fabrics?? ASAP would be great!!!

  97. Something is up, folks… I’m usually not one of those Doomsday prognosticators, but if a pestilence/plague is NOT just around the corner, then this must be the year of the Super Fleas. Check the dates of the posts above. Near the beginning of June ’07, you have people pleading for help with their flea problem… before that, just a couple hints and tips a month. And they haven’t stopped pleading. Me included.

    I’ve lived out in the country all my life with both indoor and outdoor pets and until this year I’d never even SEEN a flea, much less knew what one looked like. My entire knowledge of fleas was from Loony Toons, lol. Well… not anymore! Once you have a flea problem, if you’re smart you get yourself educated real quick (before spending a fortune on the so-called professionals the way I did).

    I’m also a flipper. A lucky one, I guess, because other than an infestation of mice a few years back (which rat poison promptly took care of), none of the houses I restored ever had an infestation problem of any kind.

    Until this latest one, which very quickly has become known as The Money Pit. The latest problem is a MAJOR infestation of fleas. This is a house that was vacant for nearly a year; in fact, I’ve been working inside for nearly 2 months, dealing with one setback after another, and never noticed a problem whatsoever until I began taking the curtains down to be cleaned. They had to have nested in the curtains and went dormant, because the entire house went from flea-free to hundreds of the bloodsuckers feeding on your ankles in less than a couple hours.

    My first solution was to call a professional. The exterminator sprayed everywhere, then he said to stay out of the house for 3 days minimum – then go back in and vacuum every square inch to get rid of the eggs, throw away the vac bag, etc. I stayed out for 4 days, because I wanted to make absolutely certain that the mamas and the papas were gone.

    Well, I think it just pissed them off. They were actually MORE active 4 days after a professional spraying! No way could I vacuum while being a meal for the damned things! I had so many people tell me that spraying doesn’t work, and that bombing is the only way to kill them. I bought some of the Raid flea foggers that are supposed to continue killing both adults and larvae for up to 4 months. I also bought a bag of the flea and tick granules that are sprinkled around the perimeter of your house, and I used the entire bag for safe measure, as the little old lady next door has a lot of mangy-looking cats that I’m sure are tasty flea meals. I set off a fogger in each room yesterday, and today when I went in to air the house out, I really thought the problem was solved. I saw a few moving fleas, but they looked sluggish… like they were near death, hehe. But NEVER take these critters for granted! I started to gather up the sheer, lacy curtains, which were still laying on the ground where they’d been left in haste a few days before, with the intention of putting them in garbage bags and out on the curb – no way were they getting washed and put back on the windows, lol. But when I started bagging them up, it looked almost like a cloud of pepper in the air. “Dead fleas”, I thought. Ummm… No. Within seconds, they were all over me, biting me with a gusto that no creature that small should ever possess. What’s a few more bites, eh?

    Well, here I am, like all the rest of you… looking for an easy fix to a major problem. And after reading all the above posts, it looks like there is none. I just pray I don’t drag any stray ones home with me! I had no freaking idea that these fleas were going to be so hard to get rid of! No one will go in and work while they’re still around… so it’s costing me money every day they’re alive. The crazy thing is, I’ve already spent hundreds of dollars in a matter of days, just trying to get rid of the things… and now I see that what I needed all along was a box of salt, a gallon of cider vinegar, boric acid, some dishwashing liquid, and a pair of tube socks.

    Ummmm… yeah. That should do it! Will keep you posted 😉

  98. We too are having a terrible time with fleas!! Every story here is true. They are terrible to get rid of, I have been dealing with it for 4 weeks. I have bombed my house 3 times, treated my cats 3 times, used borax (didn’t work). We actaully thought we won the battle after the third time. I vaccumed the heck out of everything ,used harts flea powder on everything!Even my dirty clothes in the basement. What a mess I had to clean up. But, it seemed to work, for about a week, all of a sudden two days ago I noticed my daughter and I were getting bites again. Then we started seeing them again. I just sat and cried!! Then I found this web site and I have wrtten a list of all the things mentioned here! I declair an all out war on the little b*st*rds.

    Jerry, the reason one gets bites and others do not, is, the ones getting bit are allergic. I called the dr. becasue my daughter was getting eaten alive and that is what they told me. Although, you might be right on with, girls are made of sugar and spice… my daughter and I are the only ones getting bit while my husband and two boys are not!! LOL

    Thanks to all who have given advice!! Hopefully one of these or all will work, I am at the end of my rope!!

  99. How do you know if you’re making progress with the fleas? We’ve tried the flea shampoo on our cat, topical treatment, foggers for our whole house and furniture and carpet spray along with frequent vaccuming and washing clothes/sheets/rugs constantly. It seems like every day I still see about 1-2 fleas, but they’re the very small fleas ( they don’t have that shell they get after feasting on your pet). For those of you who’ve dealt with this before, does this mean the elimination process is working ? Also, in the week or so since we’ve started the whole process, I have gotten bitten terribly (of course my husband hasn’t been touched.) I’m assuming they’re turning to me since we put that topical treatment on the cat. They itch way worse than mosquito bites,they’re driving me crazy! Also another thing to keep in mind is we bought some Zodiac flea repellant in a spray bottle to use on our cat, because I still saw some flea dirt approx. 3 days after she was shampooed. Be careful not to spray too much on your pet. I sprayed quite a bit on the back half of her body ( like on her back by the tail), and I think I was a little overzealous trying to kill any existing fleas on the cat because it made her start salivating REALLY bad. ( I know they say that’s a possibility and its normal but with this she kept licking the area that was wet which made the salivating/drooling continue constantly so we had to rinse her off in the bathtub to wash most of it off. I haven’t seen very much “flea dirt ” on her lately but she’s still licking and grooming herself constantly so I know those little devils are still on her. I’m going to try to rubbing alcohol for rugs and furniture and start taking a complex B vitamin like was suggested.

  100. i red all your guys information, thanks for it all.. I have been infested with fleas for 2 months I have bombed 4 times and I have bought a special spray from the vet called Knockout.. I started seeing fleas a week later. I am sick of wasting my money on these fleas they just keep coming back. I gave my dog away because it was so stressful. But now I cant get rid of fleas. I guess I have to contact a exterminator Im going to try the soapy water thing tonight though but im still contacting a exterminator.

  101. My totally indoor 1 year old cat suddenly got fleas. I bombed the house, it did nothing. Used Sevin for pets, she licked it all off. Still no results.
    I got a flea comb, combed twice every day, vacuumed every day, moved furniture, etc, and put on Frontline for cats. No results. Borax or boric acid are considered dangerous per other web sites, and diatomaceous earth only kills adult fleas, and then only if you can keep your pet from cleaning it off. Didn’t work for me.

    Frontline is supposed to work in 18 hours. It didn’t even work in 18 DAYS! That is fraudulent labeling!
    Meanwhile fleas are biting us too, driving us nuts. I tried to get a refund from Frontline, they said see their guarantee on their website, it says you have to use 3 cans over a 3 month period. (That guarantee oughtta be on the product labeling- Who’d buy the stuff then?). So I’m supposed to suffer another 2 1/2 months and waste more money on a product that doesn’t work?? They’re nuts!

    Next I called my local vet, they said our local exterminator uses Mycodex on carpets, always works.
    I sprayed the carpet, bedding and furniture with Mycodex, gave the cat Capstar for 2 days, had just those 2 days without live fleas on the cat. She then continued getting an average 15 fleas each combing, same as usual. Also the Mycodex made my carpet sticky, even a month later each time I vacuum, the floor attachment has to be cleaned and ‘slickened’, as it gets too hard to push. I use Pledge to clean it, about every 5-10 minutes.
    I got Revolution, applied it, and started getting a lower flea count, but it didn’t really knock ’em dead. Called another vet, they said they previously used Mycodex years ago, have switched now to Knockout.

    So now the cat’s got revolution, I sprayed carpet, etc, with Knockout, and am giving her a Capstar pill every 2 or 3 days for a 15-day/6-tablet treatment. I vacuum once (only move lightweight furniture) and comb the cat twice (later now- once) every day, I am now getting days with no fleas, sometimes a couple dead or sluggish fleas, and no more people bites. The Knockout day was the end-of-fleas day. I put table salt, a couple Tbsp’s, in the vacuum hose, just as I’m shutting it off, to kill fleas in the bag/hose. (throwing out a vacuum bag every day is expensive)

    See other flea sites for explanation of the flea life cycle. You have to get every stage for up to a year. Roughly it goes like this: Adult female flea gets a required non-human blood meal, lays eggs; they morph into larvae (worms) which feed off of adult flea feces (largely dried blood); they spin into a cocoon (pupae)- virtually immune to everything, can last a year; finally hatch into fleas which grow into biting stage in about 10 days).

    You have to keep killing them on the cat and in the environment.

    You need a multi-pronged approach. You really don’t want to hear all this (but actually you do)-:

    Revolution on the pet (best cost at )(order 10 days ahead due to shipping time) gives long lasting protection (also does ticks, ear mites, worms, etc- so is really cost effective). My brother uses it as a preventative once every 2 1/2 months- can let his cats in and see half dead fleas drop off on a white cloth, up to that long after the Revolution has been applied.

    Vacuum every day for first month or two. I am now doing it every 2 – 3 days (I’m at 2 months now), am getting few to no fleas. This will suck up fleas, eggs, pupae, but probably not larvae. The heat and vibration accelerate hatching.

    The Capstar kills in 20 minutes and lasts a day, so one every 2 to 3 days for 2 weeks or more should kill every hatching flea jumping on the pet before they can lay eggs. I crush it and stir the powder into cat’s wet food. Each day with Capstar is a no-flea day. It’s expensive, but worth it for getting off to a good start.

    Knockout is the only house spray I used that works. It works in the environment on all stages except pupae, but gets them as soon as they emerge anyway. Works for a whole season, effective for a year so they say, and guarantee.

    If your pet goes outside, it looks like you need to treat that also, and I would include your cars (you are also a flea transporter too); however I have no experience with outdoors treatment.

  102. I am DESPERATE for help.I want to know if anyone has had a problem as severe as what I am going to describe, We have a beautiful large dog, that is mostly an indoor dog, We live in Texas and have had rain and floods almost everyday for months. The fleas started off little by little, then it was a problem. The dog flea treatments, did not help, baths, carpet powders, etc were useless, so ONE MONTH ago, we got a 6pak of bombs to bomb the house, and took off to camp on a Friday night , we returned the next monday and could not go in because the fleas had turned into thousands, they were even hopping outside on the porch, and in the yard, and even on the street!and since then they are now the residents of our home. We have gotten kicked out of our own home by these indestructible little jerks. We finally got an exterminator to go out, they took a week and a half to get out there because they got our appt mixed up, and then they treated the whole half acre yard, front and back, and the complete inside, saying they could not retreat until 30 days are up. We have been living with my daughter, and and I do not know what is going to happen. I planned to call the exterminator tomorrow morning. Is there any way to armor the human body to go into my house to be in there long enough to vacuum and try to start making some headway? HOW do I protect my face and neck ? I cannot believe for the first time in our lives, we are homeless, I need solutions. I want to try the borax soap powder and salt mixture, but we have an awful lot of stuff in our house, and I am wondering if i just concentrate on the areas where we did the most living in our home, like the den and gameroom and bedrooms can I just leave the other room alone and will they eventually die? and another question, what are these indestructible monsters living on without a blood source, there are not animals, in the house, and there has not been in one month, are they able to live without a blood, host source?? If nothing else, it has helped to vent my frustration and helplessness, on this site, God bless everyone out there and good luck to all those dealing with this very difficult problem. Rhea

  103. This is crazy, I have a huge flea problem but the thing is I DO NOT HAVE A PET!, I don’t know where they came from, but I can’t sleep at night because I am bitten, as soon as I hover my hand above the carpet they jump all over my arms, I have bites all over my legs, below my waist, on the back of my kneck, and on my aems. I just thrown away all laundry, washed bedding, vacumed, and just put some salt on the carpet. I am going to try the vinager thing but is there anything I can purchase that I can spray myself with to prevent them from biting me?

    Make sure when your trying to get rid of the flea problem that you are getting all small hidden areas. Usually the ones you wouldnt think of. Like behind entertainment centers, the litter box area, under couches and inbetween the coushins, if u have fabric on your kitchen chairs(get on and under them), the part of the stairs that you dont step on, behind doors, in closets, in heating registers or radiators if u have them, keep all cloths and towels off the floor.
    ~Well good luck and please take my advice and dont use hartz products.

  105. I have had cats for years. I have tried several types of professional and home spray remedies to a varying degree of success and length. I have found I believe the miracle cure. Diatomaceous earth and mixed 50/50 with 20 Mule Team Borax (laundry detergent). Just mix it up sprinkle it lightly over the carpet, I use a broom to sweep it into the carpet fibers then sit back and watch them die. From all the research I have read, it had no effect on pets, people including young children and works great. The diatomaceous earth is made of silica which cuts the annoying little critters and the borax dehydrates them to nothing. Within 5 to 7 days NO MORE FLEAS. It also works on anything small that crawls in the carpet. Diatomaceous can be found at Pool Supply stores and of course the borax is at most grocery stores.

  106. This is a great site! Does anyone know if fleas and their eggs can get into your mattress? If so, how can you go about killing them? Thanks for all the tips!!

  107. We live in Maine and have had fleas for over a year! They were not too bad until last month. We would only have one here and there. In the last month the fleas have erupted. We have tried everything that Wal*Mart sells for fleas and nothing works…don’t waste your money. We have also used borax, salt, vinegar, garlic, rubbing alcohol, dish pan with hot soapy water, you name it, we’ve tried it. Nothing works. I am so frusterated. They are at their worst in my bedroom and that is one of the rooms that the dogs don’t even go in. Last night we bombed and when I woke up this morning and set my feet on the floor, two of those monsters jumped up on my ankles…WE NEED HELP!!! My poor dogs are suffering. It breaks my heart. They always smell like chemicals or vinegar. They are itchy and uncomfortable and its just not fair to them. I have known of other people to have fleas but they were able to get rid of theirs. What are we doing wrong?

  108. I am soooooo glad I found this site. I have had many cats, kittens and dogs throughout my life and never had any real promblems with fleas. Then recently my boyfriend and I moved into the nicest apartment we’ve had so far in a nice neighborhood. And boom were are completely infested with fleas. Normally, I would think maybe they were already in the apartment, but the landlord made an exception with us and has never has allowed pets before us. I have one indoor cat and he has lived so far in 6 different apartments and never have we experianced anything like this.

    Its sooo embaressing I have flea bites all over my feet and legs. I am constantly itchy, take two showers a day, its to the point we don’t even want to be in our apartment let alone have guests. We can’t sleep, can’t sit down, or relax, have headaches from all the chemicals, and our spending every spare moment (not to mention money) bombing, spraying, dusting, cleaning, doing laundry, and bathing our poor cat. And still have to functune and get up and go to work everyday like evrythings fine, because you don’t really want to tell all your co-worker and or friends for that matter about you flea problem.

    I never realized what a terrible battle it is to fight fleas. I feel bad for all of us effected.

    Anyways here are my tips or reviews of what i’ve tried:

    Hartz (drops or spot treatment) -Terrible didn’t work and thought I may have poisioned my cat!! He became lethargic and act very strangly for a week. I then looked up the product to find out the company has lawsuits against them. And is responsible for causing kidney damage to pets if not falliure and has KILLED many pets. Look it up on the web yourself.

    Flea powder carpet treatments- tried both organic and with chemicals.
    We put this everywhere under couch cousins in cracks. everywhere, whe removed fabrics, linens, bedding. Niether worked and both smelled absolutely terrible and made me actually feel dizzy. We even gave the cat a bath while we let the powder sit for longer than directed.

    Foggers/Bombs- We have done this mulitiple times. First with the brand Zodiac. This brand did not work for us much at all. We then decidedd to use Harz (which we already no at this point is notorious for it toxic chemicals). This did help but did not solve the problem completely. So we have done it twice since and with more than one kit at a time. Better but still fleas..

    Hartz home 3 in 1 spray- This does work pretty good between bombs because it kills the fleas on contact. It is good to use between bombs. But keep in mind all these chemicals both bombs/ sprays and whatever else have to be cleaned up of the floor before the cat comes in contact. Beacuse it will lay on the floors, fabrics, carpet etc and get it on its fur and then bath itself and ingest the poision!

    At this point, my cat is staying with parents were it is quarentined to my old bed room so as too not be exposed to all the chemicals or catch or spread any more fleas.

    A home remedy is Lavender- You take 1/2 a cup of fresh or dried Lavender and ad it to a litter of boing water, let steep for 20 minutes, drain and put it in a spray bottle. This will repell(not kill) fleas and help sooth flea bit on you and you cat. It is non-toxic so you can spray it right on your cat or all over your house. It also helps get rid of all the chemical smells from other products, can sooth a headache, and has relaxing aromatherapy -which at this point everyone needs.

    I am planning to try Borax, salt and maybe the vinger water mix tonight and will let everybody know how that goes. Best wishes everyone.

  109. We seem to have found the perfect house, skip to day 10 at our new perfect house which I am sure that if I strip the paint off the walls I will find “Area 51″ decals underneath from where the government has been growing it’s secret army of killer attack alien fleas. We have decided that it is too risky to enter any room alone, yea we use the buddy system! My daughters Snoopy doll has become yet another victim of the war (He volunteered for a mission that he knew he would never return from! I tied him to my ankle and used him as a decoy when walking from room to room. My daughter tied a yellow ribbon to her baby doll stroller and just waits.) I myself have resorted to psychological tricks to try to break them… I will treat one of my white socks and walk around the house and then when they all go to the untreated sock, BLAMMO! I hit them what ever flea killer that I have close. They seem to have built up an immunity to the chemicals so now I find that mixing different items works best but this is still in the experimental stages and has had some strange results! Intelligence! ( I think that they are getting smarter!) I know that they are exhibiting the ability to rationalize and free think. They are planting subliminal suggestions around the house, Donate blood! etc… They even sent out invitations for a party via email to my friends… People were calling me like ” Hey what time should I come over?” ” Do you need me to bring anything?”
    With the weekend around the corner I have decided to set off a defogger in my car or maybe 2! It seems that the only effective way to battle these things is to be naked b/c they seem to attach and detach to any article of clothing in site. The neighbors can see me naked in my house fighting and unseen enemy (I took the curtains down, they were infested) I am in the process of using all the info that I have read about on this website and I will follow up with mission debriefing at a later date.

  110. PLEASE remember that your pet has more sensitive skin that you! And anything you put on them should be safe if they can lick it off! Cats should NEVER have anything on them with ‘oils'(ask your vet). Beware of any over the counter flea killers. I unfortunately used a popular over the counter brand on 4 of my 6 month old kittens and then had to watch them all die of toxic posioning (supposed to be safe). Check out the uses for vinegar and borax on the net. I think many of you will be suprised. Also check out ‘natural remedies’, there is a lemon spray you can make that also helps and I use in the barn in combination with 50/50 vinegar/water spray. You do not need to have a pet to have fleas. Sand Fleas can be horrible to get rid of! You need to treat your basement or under your home, and your yard. I use Revolution on my animals (Frontline did not work), 1 dog, 3 in/out cats, 5 stray cats outside. I have a dehumidifier in use year round in basement. I use borax on carpets every once in a while for preventative, and use vinegar for a LOT of my cleaning and deodorizing. (3 litter boxes in basement and you cannot smell them in my home, clean with straight vinegar) Thankfully I have not had a problem in two years. It can take a LOT of work to get rid of a major infestation, but it can be done without too much trauma to your pets. Remember, if you itch, they itch even more and they didn’t go and get them on purpose and they sure don’t want them any more than you do.

  111. please (dont give up!)..fleas are and as bad as you think they are a pest to living ,but are not to a dead anmial,,they clean the materal,of the body//that said ! what you do first!!..(1)take you pet outside or limted them to one area clean them in flea dip or vinger and water with dawn soap!!(2).start where they are or where your pet sleeps or the most baddly area is kitchen etc!(3).go to a bug store and get some foggers (there not cheap)! tell the clerk what you are trying to do!!..or try some with foggers for fleas with birth control for eggs!(4).then when you get home..destory or wash pet bedding in hot soap water!(5)start the foggers in every room..and leave!!!.dont send you pet to a vet or kennel. because they mite put them with a pet that has them worse or has ticks etc!!.people think taking there pet to vet is ok ,while you are trying to clean the mess is a good idea !!(THINK AGAIN!) dont you think every one try that?!.when you come back with you pet,, there still egg laver on them then you!!.. clean your rugs vacum every bedroom etc !,where wash the tile floors in vinger and water put boax acid in all of the trim flooring bases..then when your done set traps out soap and vinger in pans in every room !! for carpet floors ,use carpet fresh for fleas or pets daily or salt with a little borax soap powder!!.(dont get any water on the carpet !! you trying keep the area dry to kill eggs! .and vacum ,,and vacum!! take a while !!..but it will work!!,,lol!!! you can win!!..and dont quit!!

  112. p.s!! also where long white socks daily! gym are best ,to check!!,remember they can detect heat from pets or humans or vibrations or pressure generator like vacuum cleaners!!! fight to win!! lol!

  113. buy a flea comb at a petstore, then go to shoppers or somethin and get tea tree oil. when you get home get a big bowl and fill it up with warm water. Add 8-10 drops of tea tree oil and dip the comb in the water. brush your dog everywhere. especially the BUM and BELLY. Fleas love it there. This works really great. When you see red dots drown them asap. They are eggs and consist of 10-20 fleas. Im tellin ya, works like a charm

  114. I have the same story as many of you. I addopted a long hair cat and was blessed with a horrible flea problem for my effort. My cats don’t go out but they are infested now. I have spent a small fortune on Advantix, Frontline, Flea collars, sprays and foggers. Strangely my dog is not as affected as my cats. I am going to try many of the suggestions listed and I thank everyone for the help. We are planning to move within the next month and I do not want to take this problem with me. Has anyone tried the FDA approved Defendex? You can us it on anything and on the pets. Let me know either way if you have tried it. I am sick of sprnding money on things that don’t work but I am more upset by what my pets are going through. I am afraid that they are being slowly poisoned by all of these products. Help!

  115. OMG..I am soooo frustrated!!! I have heard that this time of year because of the high humidity and drought situation, the fleas are at a all time high!! I just moved into a new place, where apparently the old renters had cats, alot of cats. The place was beautiful and clean, BUT- after a few hours of moving in, their the little S.O.B.’s were!!! Every stinkin where!!! I have tried all the methods, except light and soap in the pan. The baby powder was a joke!!! The bombs and sprays, did little to help, and any flea carpet powder did nothing. If anything, it stirred them up and they came after me with a vengence!! UGHHHHHHHH…HELP!!! The crazy thing is, I dont own any pets at all, so you would think there is nothing left for them to keep coming after!!! I agree with the other lady, Im going to burn my place down!!! Anyone know any good renters insurance?? lol

  116. I lived in the same apartment for 2 years. It’s all hardwood floors and we have no pets. However, about a week and half ago, we discovered a major flea issue! They are predominantly in our bathroom. We have NO IDEA how they would have gotten there? I mean, I realize we could have brought some in from the outside, but wouldn’t have thought it got this bad.
    Nonetheless, we’ve bombed, had out the exterminator, and put out the light and water… still fleas. I’ll try the vinegar mixture tomorrow.
    Does anyone have a clue as to how to treat the wood and tile floors?
    Thanks for the help!

  117. If you want flea’s off your dog, do this, I use a 5 gallon bucket to mix my contents. Take half a cup of dawn dish washing liquid,one cup fo pine sol and maybe 3oz. of clorox,fill bucket with water, mix well and apply to dog. I promise fleas will die instantly! It’s best to have your dog on a leash and walk around for 5 to 8 mintues before rinising well! Good luck with the pest! Tom

  118. Fleas are not the worst of the problem it is the Larvae and Eggs of fleas that you have to worry about…. You must break the cycyle of the flea life cycle to stop the fleas from hatching! Frontline Plus does that. 1st wash your dog with flea shampoo, apply Frontline Plus, leave them out side until you are done with the house… 2nd Vacuume Everything….corners, cracks, wash everything!!! Vacuume reguarly…. to get the eggs and larvae up, disposing of the vacuume bag or contents in a garbage bag each time! Then hopefully the cycyle will be broken, with no more eggs hatching on the dog and removal of them on surfaces in the house. You can also use boric acid (Borax) around the entire outside of the house to repel and kill fleas outside….. Phew….. a lot of work but worth it!!!

  119. eucalyptus soap,(dr.bonner’s castile) is a good one, either straight or mixed with h20.leave on to smother fleas, then rinse it off.
    and using buttons from eucalyptus trees, to make a collar for cats /dogs.
    For kittens, i’d use a few buttons of the eucalyptus, not too many.

    I’ve used this method for over 20 years.

  120. My girlfriend & I have had flea problems every summer for the past few years. We found that if you put a little bit of white vinegar in your pets water, it keeps the fleas off of them by changing the pets PH balance just a little. We only use about a 2-3 cap’s of vinegar per half gallon of water. Granted this trick does take a little time, about 2 weeks, for it to kick in & start working, but it has always been effective for us.

  121. This is a great site that gives a lot of information. It would seem that persistance is the key. I have tried everything and my poor dog (barks) is suffering bad. He even runs to the bathroom now looking for that soothing bath. I did try the vingar and water solution on him and boy did it work fast, in a short period when I was washing barks down with a wash cloth and the solution there must have been 10 – 15 fleas that were killed. My neighbour is having the same problem. She had talked to her sister in Jamica who is also having the same problem there. When she told us what to use I remember that my mom also had this in the house and apparently it goes right to the flea eggs. So here I go again, vacuuming and now using Dettol even on the carpets let dry vacuum again. Throw out vac bag. I will let everyone know how it works.

  122. I can totally relate to wanting to burn the house down. Four inside only cats. Zillions of fleas. We’ve vacuumed, done drops, brushed, bombed, sprayed (inside and out several times each), etc etc. And we have mostly hardwood floors. We live in a city – with a vacant lot on one side of our house (not kept up) and an empty rental house on the other side (with garbage in the back yard and also not kept up) – we’ve been working with city code enforcers on those. Now I think my car is infested as well. I feel like I’m gonna croak with all the chemicals in my house. Literally I have sprayed an entire room, walked out, back in and had fleas jump on me. I am half convinced the sprays are meant to kill the humans instead of the fleas. Has anyone tried Diatomaceous Earth? Please post if you have, I’m thinking it’s my next attack. Does it kill just live fleas or does it get to the eggs/larvae as well?

  123. Garlic not good.

    My vet said she does not give her pets garlic, as it is part of the onion family, which is not good for dogs.

  124. The deal with the borax is too sprinkle over your carpets let it sit for 24 hours and vacumn every corner under every piece of furniture. then dispose of the bag immediately. Do this once a week for three weeks and you should be good to go. But you also must treat your pet at the same time. I personally had my cat dipped at the vets. Then used the advantage which worked great for me. Next time I’ll try the vinegar. Good luck all and death to the flea!

  125. Oh my goodness i can relate with all of you!!! I found this website 2 days ago. Upon reading everyones comments i decided that since i have 2 small children that i would try the borax and salt mix on the carpets. It seems that it really takes the population down after application! I was really surrprised, I am going to go buy more borax and salt today so i can sprinkle it on the carpets again. Hopefully it will kill the population this time. As for my animals, Frontline and adantage is a joke! I have even tried the store bought kind, i think it needs to be pulled off the market for false advertisment. When i called the vet they were shocked that i had no luck with the topical agents, and actually gave me a capstar pill, boy was that fun to get my charlee (cat) to eat. I purchased tea tree oil also while i was at the store, brought it home and mixed it with blue dawn dish soap and a little of my daughters johnsons bedtime bath wash (lavender). Shake that bottle and give your animals a bath, it smells like terpintine but it seems to really do the trick of keeping them off. Capstar is the BEST thing that was ever made, it killed all the fleas on charlee for 24 hours so i was able to get the upper hand on it, when i gave him his bath there was only one on him and it was dead. As for the dogs i have started by giving the long haired dog a hair cut and i have given them both baths but they are outside all day and then sleep in the garage. I am really hopefull that all will be done and over with soon, i will keep everyone updated with my attempts. But for now the borax and salt is my friend and my chiropractor will be making a fortune off of me from lifting all the furniture to sweep under!!!

  126. I have a Yorkie/Maltese her name is Paris Hilton. She feels as if though she is doing time. She never had fleas before. We just moved upstate and long and behold she now has fleas I know it can happen anywhere. On a website I read that someone used this ingredient on there animal and it worked.

    Bath Solution:
    2 cups of Hydrogen Peroxide(For external use only)
    2 cups of water
    3 Tabelspoons of Borax 1%(also known as 20 mule team Borax)
    Put on your dog or cat After bath DO NOT DRY DO NOT RINSE let it sit on the dogs fur. When it dries it looks like a powder. You do it 2 to 3 times the first week then after that once every week. no more than 2 months. I will try this on my Paris.(I will let you all know her prognosis)Cedar chips-Are repellants for fleas,ants,mice,ticks place in dog and cat bedding. Also great for outside and gardens. Paris says it’s been a Ruff experience. Lots of luck to all

    You can buy the Hydrgen Peroxide in your local pharmacy it cost no more than 1 dollar. It is used for topical use as an antiseptic to help prevent infection in minor cuts,burns,abrasions.
    The Borax can be purchased in your local supermarket.

  127. hey all , I have been working on my flea problem for about 6 weeks now and here’s my progress and a few tips.

    Lay white plates out (even without a nightlight) with water and a few drops of dawn in each REALLY WORKS. and helps you to monitor your progress in flea genocide(never thought that word would be so appealing to me).

    Diatomaceous earth does work but you have to spread it deep into the carpet with a broom and leave it for a few weeks(yeah it looks bad but it DOES WORK) then vacuum and re-apply if you start to see more fleas in the plates.)

    I found the BEST safe fairly chep flea dip THE REALLY WORKS!!!(By accident really)

    One day I was using a generic brand of listerine(cheaper) and spit it into a cup while surfing the internet. Then I saw a flea on my cat’s face, quickly grabbed it and put it into the spit-out listerine and the sucker died VERY FAST(maybe the eucolyptis oil?). SO I tried using it as a dip, since the Hartz flea shampoo did not get rid of the fleas on my little buddy, last time I bathed him.

    I used a plastic storage container about 2-3 gallons in size and put into it:

    1 bottle of generic listerine
    filled it to 3/4 full with water
    then added about 2 tablespoons of dawn(breaks the surface tension in the water making the fleas drown fast)

    then I took my cat, used a flea comb on his face and head, then wet his head/neck with tea tree oil soap.

    then I dipped him into the container of listerine/water/dawn and held him submerged from the neck down for about 5 minutes(THIS WAS NOT FUN, clipped the sharp tips off his nails FIRST)

    and then took him out and rinsed him

    the fleas fell off like crazy ALL DEAD!!!! YEAH!!! NO TOXIC CHEMICALS!

    I am still in the battle but my flea drowning plates are showing WAY less fleas. So I know if I keep up with it I will win.


  128. OH and the best source of Diatomaceous Earth is 10 pounds shipped to you in about 5 days for less than 30 bucks.

  129. I got Capstar for both my cats today, thank God I found this forum!
    Anyway, I wondered….. do you think that I could use the cats as my bait for the fleas? LOL Like a living bug zapper? I could just keep giving them the Capstar and any fleas we miss in our kill missions would find them and die anyway?
    We have all hardwood floors, and they are 80 years old and it’s a huge house- I haven’t even gone upstairs to see if there’s any colonies up there. I am going to give each of my kids a mop and pail and we’re gonna Murphy’s oil soap the you know what out of the floors. I know they don’t survive too many chemicals- I have to take some Fantastik and prepare a ‘green zone’ for my feet if I sit on the couch. For whatever reason, they like the floor, haven’t see any on the couch yet, but who knows.
    Anyway, let me know if my cat zapper idea would work.

  130. If anyone at all actually reads to this post – diatomaceous earth is awesome for killing fleas and their eggs. It cuts up their exoskeletons when they climb over it and then dries them out so they die (takes about 20 min. to work). Plus, it’s way less toxic than borax (which is a chemical detergent) as long as you get the right kind (not the kind for swimming pools, you want organic food-grade diatomaceous earth). If you have a Mudbay Granary pet store in your area, they carry it specifically for use in carpets and even ON YOUR PET. Plus, the Environmental Protection Agency AND the Evironmental Health Coalition declared diatomaceous earth the least harmful pest remover (to pets, people, and the planet) known to man! To the lady from California who claimed above that fleas cause cancer – it’s not the fleas, but the nasty pesticides people use, which are known to cause cancer!! Good luck to all!

  131. YES Diatomaceous Earth IS THE BEST and you do need food grade quality(food grade is used by some farmers who mix it with feed for their livestock as it naturally kills nematodes and parasites withing the cows intestines)the pool filter kind has been heated and chemically treated. I leave it in the carpet for at least 3 days at a time then vacuum/ repeat once a week until they are gone. Don’t worry about freezing the vacuum bag as the Diatomaceous Earth sucked up inside the bag will kill EVERYTHING inside continously.
    The best source of Diatomaceous Earth is 10 pounds shipped to you in about 5 days for less than 30 bucks.
    No I do not work for or own perma-guard. you can get it through also. cost a couple dollars more though.

  132. i have two dogs and the white one is always getting fleas. last year i ran out of flea shampoo and all i had was lice mousse from the year before, i used that and it killed the fleas within contact. Now when he gets fleas we just get that and it works great, unlike all the other stuff. The flea stuff says its suppose to last for like four weeks, it last him two weeks for protection! Seriously I recomend useing the lice mousse, it works wonders!!!

  133. I wanted to know what is the mixture of vinager and water for mopping hard wood floors, and also what would be good to use to get fleas out of furniture. Please help…

  134. This is not a tip…BUT I despertly need one…My dog has ‘hot spots’ so i was told…Maybe an allergic reation to fleas…he has bit himself and made the spots raw and now has cuts…What can I do to get rid of these? I have read everyones tips..but can i do these things with him having open sores?

  135. I have 2 cats and 2 small dogs.
    1 of the cats and 1 of the dogs seemed to have allergies to fleas, so just using flea shampoo and flea collers wasn’t working.

    This year, one of the cats, Missy – began chewing the end of her tail, and chewed the hair and hide off of the tip.

    I took Missy to the vet, and have left her there overnight. Tonight will be her third night. ( my decision – vet would have sent her home same day ). I wanted to keep Missy in a flea free environment for a few days so that she could heal while I treated our house and yard.

    The vet decided not to amputate the tip of Missy’s tail, but shaved it, cleaned it and gave her anti biotics, a flea bath, and then immediately treated her with Advantage. (I had been skeptical of Advantage because it had not worked for one of my dogs several years ago).

    The Advantage is supposed to kill all fleas beginning the first day and then for approximately 30 days.

    Then, the vet also gave kittie a Capstar pill, (only $3.00) which kills all fleas for 24 hours, just to make sure and get them all.

    I told the vet that this cat would scratch herself crazy, and attack her tail if just one flea got on her, so what could we do?

    He gave her an anti histamine shot that should help prevent allergic reactions at least for awhile, as her tail finishes up healing. (Hopefully).

    Meanwhile, as Missy is healing and recovering from chewing her tail and being infested with fleas, I set to work on our environment and the other 3 pets.

    For the house:

    1. I got some dessicant powder treatment you can buy in the pet store – it helps kill fleas and even after vaccuming some of it will remain in your carpet.

    2. Flea spray – with a perethrin. But if you buy flea spray for inside the house, check with your vet – they have something better that is less toxic for humans and pets, and costs about what regular grocery store or pet shop sprays cost. I was surprised that the costs were not higher. Spray the furniture and pets bedding.

    3. Flea bomb – I flea bombed our basement, but not the upstairs, because I can’t get my 80+ year old mother out of the house for long enough to do this and air out the house. If you can completely evacuate your house/apt, then you might want to flea bomb all areas.

    4. Right now I am doing alot of that, every day. There seem to be less fleas in the house and on the animals, and we have been doing alot of vacuming (and I use flea spray inside the vacuum bag – but you are supposed to dispose of the bag each time or put a flea collar in there. )

    For the yard –

    1. The vet has a new flea spray for house that uses something else besides peretherins, and its supposed to be really good.

    2. Ivory Dish Detergent. I didn’t use the flea sprays, but used a natural method. Cut your grass down fairly short, and then get one of those sprayer bottles that connect to your hose (that are often used to spray liquid fertilizer with. Fill that bottle with Ivory dish detergent, and set the sprayer to “feed” or something like that, in order to get plenty of Ivory on your grass and plants. It won’t hurt your pets, grass, trees or flowers, but it will suffocate the fleas.

    I have noticed that after giving my yard the “ivory” treatment – that my dogs do not scratch after going outside to do their business.

    Do a google on that treatment, but I think you should do it every 2 weeks.

    Treating the other 3 pets:

    Each animal got both the Advantage treatment and a Capstar pill.
    My vet sells these in single doses if you ask, which makes it easier to afford. (Its much better than having a cat chew the tip of its tail off).

    Do some googling on Advantage, I think if you apply it properly and carefully to the animal’s skin as much as possible, not on their hair so much – you will have better results. For cats – you apply at the back of the neck at the base of the skull. For dogs – its the shoulderblads, and maybe 3 other spots along the dog’s spine. But ON THE SKIN.

    Allergies: One of my dogs is allergic to fleas, and used to chew the hair above her tail, and she looked ratty. The more they chew, the worse the fleas go after them. Its a vicious cycle.

    The one thing that has really helped her when nothing else would is – Calamine spray made by Johnson and Johnson, it is in a small (4 inch tall) aerosol can. She quit chewing her behind and tail, and the hair grew back in. You will probably use a few cans until the reaction goes away.

    Another treatment for flea allergy (might not be practical for large dogs – is an Oatmeal bath. This ALWAYS relieves my dog’s itching, and seems to reduce the times in between. You can improvise or you can go to the baby dept of the grocery store and buy a special oatmeal bath product. (Don’t use soap, and don’t rinse out the oatmeal.

    Vacuming – for the past few days I have vacumed the dogs each time after they have been outside to do their business. They got used to this fairly quickly, and it is smoothing down their coats quite a bit.

    I am planning to pick up my cat from the vet tomorrow, she will be on anti biotics for awhile. Wish us all luck. Good luck to you – if you are going through this, just go ahead and purchase the products you need and get it over with, then do extra vaccuming for awhile, and make sure to treat the allergies of those pets who have that allergic reaction to flea bites. That is what makes the problem worse.

  136. one other thing – how to get your pets to take the Capstar pill.

    Don’t worry, this is a very small pill.

    For dogs – you can easily hide it in a piece of meat or a favorite treat.

    For cats – you can hide it in a treat or if they are finicky, you can crush it up, and mix it up with the gooey stuff given to cats to help them with hair-balls. (Has a vaseline like consistency).
    I crushed up the cat’s pill, mixed it in with the hair ball treatment, and wiped it onto the area at the top of his front leg. He licked it all off in about a minute.

  137. carlye Said: i have two dogs and the white one is always getting fleas,

    it only SEEMS like only the white one gets fleas
    if one animal in any household has fleas the other will also

    you just notice them on the white one due to the extreme contrast
    bath the other dog in a plastice container, you will see fleas

  138. OK I have to tell you this is one of the best sites for tips on getting rid of these little b***ards. I have made head way since my last posting but it has not been easy. I have found a great product that no one here has metioned, RAID FLEA SPRAY. This stuff works great. I spray it every were, you can get it into every place you need to very easy. It has a chemical smell but really is not so bad and only lasts for a couple of hours. I spray before I leave for work and come home and vaccum. I have placed a flea collar in the vaccum bag because it was getting expensive throwing out bags for the kirby. Two weeks ago we found out were these ba***rds were coming from. I had my daugther, son-in-law and grandson over for dinner and we went out on the front patio after dinner and we all got covered in fleas in a very short amount of time that we were out there. My husband went to the hardware store and bought a Scot’s product that claimed to kill sand fleas and put it all over the lawn and patio. This stuff killed everything and I do mean everything even my grass, but who cares no more fleas outside. My three indoor cats hate me for everything I have put them through between combing, frontline and baths (which by the way was not fun) My oldest cat with of course the long hair runs every time she sees me. But I believe I am beating the little blood suckers. I will continue to spray with the Raid and vaccum until I can finally say “MY HOUSE IS FLEA FREE”

  139. At night if your itching or scratching take a small plate and fill it with water and soap. But thats not all put it under a nightlight for the fleas are really atracted to light. We got home yesterday from our vacation and our water was almost black 🙂

  140. Looks like my anti flea program is working.

    Recap – I have 2 cats and 2 small dogs.
    One of my two cats nearly chewed the tip of her tail of.
    She is probably allergic to fleas. Other cat has some, but doesn’t chew and scratch.

    One of my dogs is allergic to fleas.

    Cat with chewed tail went to vet for 3 nights and 4 days.
    They bathed her, shaved tail and treated it, applied Advantage and gave her a precor pill. They also gave her anti-biotics.

    Meanwhile, I sprayed yard with Ivory.
    Had already bathed pets several times, this doesn’t seem to help much,
    even with super dooper flea shampoo.
    Gave each animal Precor pill and applied advantage.
    Vaccumed dogs everytime they went outside.

    Sprayed bedding with flea control product.
    Bombed basement.
    Washed pet bedding in hot water.

    Sprayed yard with Ivory dish detergent.

    All animals are doing well, scratching has stopped, even after they go outside.

    We are doing alot of vaccuming in the house each day, and even the furniture as well. We also apply dessicant type powder to the carpet.

    We make sure to get flea powder in vaccum cleaner.

    Cat’s tail is healing nicely, and she isn’t chewing it at all.

    Fleas are NOT hopping around in our house!

    Note – we began this adventure Monday, and today on Friday – I am not embarassed to have people in the house for fear of fleas hopping on them.

  141. I went to the local walmart because I had fleas from my chihuahua in my couch bought the fogger gave my dog a bath and when dry, put flea powder on her. keeping her in the bathroom until all the fleas are dead. Found just 5 days after bombing, the fleas were still there.. got in the cabinet and found I had some roachprufe powder which is boric acid, I only have one carpet in the kitchen, (I rent so I can’t rip it up) decided what the heck it was all I had in the house why not give it a shot. I sprinkled that can all over the carpet and took the broom and swept it into the carpet, left for several hours and when I came back I walked across it to get the vacume out and not one flea jumped on my ankle, I vacumed it up into my rainbow with vinegar water.. It has been 4 days and I haven’t gotten a flea on me and will probably do this again in a couple days to make sure I got the pesky varmin.

  142. I have 2 adult indoor cats, 2 5 weeks old kittens, an outdoor cat that never comes in and a shiba Inu who is mostly outdoors but does not appear to have any fleas that we have seen after her bath or during grooming, 3 children and a husband.

    We are too battling the worst case of fleas we’ve yet to encounter. It is super humid here in IA. I was not prepared for this kind of thing coming from dry old NV.Fleas died very quickly there, lol. This is just nuts!

    So far I have tried capstars(if you can get your cat to actually swallow all the pill they work, but with the little kittens it was a nightmare to say the least). Also, if you still have fleas in the house the capstar does no good on its own. I followed up with one of those egg and larve killers on the adult cats but they were not safe for the kittens.So the poor dears have been bathed continuously. I can’t bathe my large persian, last time I almost lost an eye and an arm. He completely lost it. The mama cat is pretty good about her bath but she hangs around the big boy who is the hardest to get the fleas off of. Feels like a losing battle! He took his Capstar and was flea free for about 3 days but he got them from somewhere in the house again. Such a vicious cycle.

    I have been bathing all my animals( the male has had 2 baths, the others 6) in a combination of dawn dish soap and vinegar for the past 3 weeks since discovering these damned things. My children are covered with bites, they think they are mosquito bites but considering I do not go outdoors much then suddenly appear to have huge welts all over my legs, feet, and arms I’m willing to bet it is indeed fleas. I have vaccumed alot, washed alot, and we still have them bad. I’m anxious to try some more of these tips.It’s hard to find things that are safe to use on 5 week old baby kittens. I think the zapper comb is my next course of action for use on the pets. For the home, vinegar, salt and borax. If it doesn’t work I’m not out much money.

  143. Finally a site that lists everything i’m going through due to my 1 cat catching fleas from the neighbours cats!!! I have a 3.5 yr old and a 7 month old and the fleas seem to ONLY bite myself and my older son! Of course i am relieved they leave the baby alone but my other son is covered in pinkish bumps and my feet and legs are covered in bites thatt itch like mad! It seems they are in the front room mainly and my bedroom as when i get under the covers i feel them crawling on me and then a crazy itching frenzy begins! I only get 3 hours sleep a night!! I have banished my poor cat outide since infestation but i cannot afford alot of the remedies mentioned on here! I have sprayed my room and vacuumed but they were back within days! I tried the dish+water+soap+light method but in the morning it was empty and the buggers bit me all over again! Just tried the salt over carpets method so i don’t know if that will be successful. I just need a couple of things clarified… I’m changing my bedding every other day/every day at the moment! I vacuum my matress but is it safe to spray the house spray over matress?? And when some of you speak about washing clothes etc.. does that include clothes in drawers/closets? Or only clothes lying about?? I have had fleas in the home before but NEVER to this extent! These are Super Mutant Fleas! They resist everything!! I cry every day because i don’t know where to begin! I can’t spray the whole house as i’d like to because i can’t take the children anywhere for 3 hours and leave them while i stay home and spray and ventilate!! Heeeeeelp!

  144. Tina,

    The raid flea killer I am using is in a purple can. It costs around $7.50 a can but you get a few sprays per room out of it depending on the size of your room. Got rid of all the little blood suckers with spraying and vacuuming everyday. Just went into a room that has not been being used since my daughter and grandson moved out last month and low and behold got some in there too just the baby ones though. Sprayed the room and will vacuum later today and spray again and vacuum again tomorrow. The spray seems to be the only thing I have found that kills all the adult fleas. Of course it does not kill the eggs so you have to keep vacuuming which makes the fleas hatch and keep spraying. That is what I did in the main part of the house and we have not seen a flea in well over a week.

  145. Bathing a cat that doesn’t want to be bathed:

    Don’t fill a tub with water.

    Instead, put a harness (instead of collar) on the cat and hook a leash to it.

    Don’t try to set the cat down in water – that is what scares them the most.

    Instead, use a sprayer or hose to wet the cat down with warm water, and THEN put the flea shampoo on them.
    Then rinse after a few minutes of soaping them up (always do the head first).

    Cats don’t fight this nearly as much as other methods of bathing them.

    Its hard to get rid of all fleas with the shampoo on some cats because of their dense fur.

    So this can only be part of the treatment.

  146. l. Star – you can flea bomb your house without being there.

    Get the kids ready, then it takes a minute –
    the flea bombs spray while you are gone.

    After two hours, you can go back and open some windows or doors to let the house/apt air out.

    You can stay gone another 15 minutes, should be ok.

  147. My 2 dogs, both adorable mutts are infested with fleas. I tried the Hartz and it seemed to enrage the fleas. My dogs were scratching an biting after the Hartz 10 times more than before. So, I came to this website to get advice. I tried the dawn, white vinegar and tea tree bath, I also lathered them with skin so soft, one of the scented version, I gotta say, when I got the dogs out of the tub, they were the happiest I have seen them in weeks. Its, been a couple of hours since their bath and I’ve only seen them scratch/bite once instead of constantly like before the bath. Thanks to all of you! I love ya and so do AJ and Bella.


    I wrote something back in July on this website. I am the lady that seriously thought about burning my house down because of fleas terrorizing me and my family.


    It really helps I haven’t saw a flea for almost a month now. I talked to man that used to live in the deep country and he told me just to get a bag of seven dust and put it all on the carpet and sofa and sprinkle some outside. Well that is what I did. I put some under the couch and then I took the pillows off of the couch and sprinkled some there and I have been good to go. I even did the water and light thing but none of them jumped in there..
    Everytime I sit on the couch I never see any fleas anymore and no bites in a while. My couch is no longer for decoration, we use it again.
    So if you have fleas get some SEVEN DUST….don’t spend anymore money on unnecessary things that will not get rid of fleas.

  149. Deinna:
    I know this seems exceptionally harsh but for small kittens the only thing that I know works is dousing their entire body with rubbing alcolhol. You have to leave it on the kitten for a minute then you can wash the kitten with a mild soap. The room has to be well ventilated of course. I also put a huge gob of vaseline over their eyes to make sure known of the alcohol get in their eyes. Also for their head I use a cotton ball fairly soaked and a cotton swab for around their eyes and nose. Then I raise them up and try to make sure they get as fresh as air as they can while the alcohol is on them. Its such a painful thing for them I know but its pretty much the last resort. I’ve used it in the past and it always worked. Of course it doesnt deter fleas for long and if ur house is over run then they may get fleas again. I also used rubbing alcoholin the past to saturate the entire house and it works. I hadnt had a flea in almost 8 yrs till this year.
    The last time our cats had fleas I only used the alcohol treatment on pets and the house and never had a problem. This year I have used Hartz and sergeants lice/flea shampoo on cats and they still have fleas and so does my house. Right now just so I can sleep at night I spray my bed every night 10mins before I go to bed with rubbing alcohol and I dont get bitten..well while I sleep anyway. I am going to try the Ivory method for the yard and bomb the house with Ortho…ortho has always worked in the past for other pests..will see how it stands up to this years fleas.

    Also I have a question after you all used the salt on the rugs and then vacummed I waited a few hours…were your carpets kinda damp feeling? Mine were and I wondered why.

  150. I recently realized that I have a flea problem. I woke up at 5am this morning from itching and have been on this site for 2 hours. I was wondering how long to leave the sevens dust on the carpet before vaccuming?

  151. where do you get seven dust? I am getting sick and tired of these….. just found one on me as i was typing… FLEAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    please help!

  152. After putting an unsuccessful flea dip on my older cats I decided to try vaseline on their heads, around their eyes, mouths, and all that area between the chin and whiskers.I read it works for lice. They look awfully greasy, and aren’t overly thrilled with it but I was able to get all the fleas from around those areas gone. I sprayed the rest of their bodies down really good with rubbing alcohol, and then washed them as I normally would with the dawn and a vinegar rinse. Combed them out afterwards. They are persian with really thick coats so I’ve just been using a wide tooth comb. I need to get a flea comb but all of this damn trying to rid the house of these pests is $$$.

    The vaseline does not wash out so well, but it did keep any of those little buggers from making their ways back into those areas to escape the water. My cats are gonna look a little odd for a bit but at least their fur will stop falling out around their eye area because of the flea irritation.

    As for the house I boraxed the carpets, then steam cleaned them. I was still getting fleas on me last night in our room so I sprayed our mattress down with ADAMS then washed all the bedding AGAIN for the 400th time this month. The ADAMS stuff made me really sick, so I only recommend this if you can handle the heavy pesticides. Our next move is seven dust.I have a chemical sensitivity problem, and try to do as much natural stuff as possible because of it. I just broke out that can of stuff in a moment of weakness, lol.

    The humidity here in IA has been out of control so I think that may have something to do with why all the sudden I am getting bombarded like this. UGH! My daughter thinks they are actually blowing into the room thru the fan in the window. Is this even possible? That would explain why that is the only room I seem to get bombarded like that from them in. Especially after it was just steam cleaned and all the bedding was fresh.

  153. ok i feel like im loosing my mind with these damm fleas ,please people first of all be very careful with all the chemical sprays etc,i already lost one of my cats due to this flea problem .now ive tryed the natural way ,did the d-earth thing ,the viniger thing ,have an electric flea trap tryed the salt thing even the banana peel,eucalyptus leaves and guess what i still have fleas .the strange this is i dont have any on my carpeted stairs or anywhere upstairs which is all carpeted i guess the d-earth(which i leave on my carpets ) and the raid flea spray worked up there but also i dont let my cat up there ,i keep my bedroom door closed as i have to have a room that i know does have have fleas in it . ive been fighting this problem for over a month now and my cats never went outside ,the past few days i havent seen any on my socks ( oh yes ive been wearing nothing but white socks for the past months )but my cat still has them on her ,she got a little sick from the biospot drops for the neck that i used on her in the beginning and after finding my other cat dead i bathed her right away ,she looks alot better now ive used the lemon trick on her it helped a little but the poor thing is still scratching my last hope is i ordered frontline if that works oh her im gonna isolate her in a room with food and catbox for a few days and then try the sevin dust on my woodfloors for a few days and see what happens ,ive had pets all my life and never had a problem like this i dont know what the hell is going on this year but i feel like im loosing my minds over these fleas , everyday i come home from work and pray for no fleas theres alot less but the cats still got em and so i sit and cry,i just put sevin dust all over my concreate basemrnt floor ive heard that works too ,which by the way no pets or humans have been down there for a month and theres still fleas downthere ,if anyone comes up with a new idea pleassssse post it im ready to try anything ,my daughter comes here and says ma what are you doing it looks like a baby got hold of a powder jar in here and then theres the banana peels all over and the leaves and the salt like i said im trying it all ,ive seen a lot less but at this point i dont know what worked and what didnt lol.ill let you all know how and if the sevin dust worked in the basement ,all i can say is i wish you all luck i fel your pain ,but thanks god the liite suckers dont bite me maybe they dont like my irish blood lol.. good luck to us all

  154. Gina,
    I put the borax mixed with salt on my hardwood floors and let it sit for 48 hours, then vacuum and it did not hurt my floors.

  155. I used seven dust. I left it on the carpet for a few hours. It did not work for me. I put down so much that it still has to be in the carpet and they still live. Well I am going to try bombing tommorow. I guess we will see what happens.

  156. Thanks to all for the advice. I think I am winning the battle. Here is what I did.
    Bathed my cats with Head & Shoulders (suggested by the pet store). It did kill most of the adult fleas on my pets. Used the flea comb to remove the fleas and blood specks.
    Sprayed my hardwood floors with vinigar and water.
    Tried the Advantage on the cats, Frontline did not work. So far so good.
    Poured salt on the furniture and carpets and mattreses and boxsprings. This killed the adults right away. I smiled like a fool as I stared at the dried out dead fleas. I waited too long to vaccume the salt up and the salt absorbed the humidity. All of my beds and furniture were wet. I even poured salt on the cats and rubbed it in to reach the skin.
    Washed all the bedding and pillows in hot water, letting each load soak for 15 minutes.
    I then sprayed everything in my house with Knockout. And I mean everything. Don’t forget inside closets. Stuffed animals, window sills where the cats sit, counters, furniture. At the time I was so desperate that I did not care if my wood floors or furniture was damaged. None of it was.
    Then I waited two weeks and sprayed Knockout all over again.
    This is where I am now. I have not seen a flea in about a week. I am still sceptical.
    My family and I have started taking vitamin B complex to keep the fleas off of us. It works.
    Don’t forget to vaccume constantly.
    A friend suggested to put flea powder on cotton balls and spread them around the yard. Mice will take them to build nests and it will help fight the outdoor problem.
    Here is what DID NOT work.
    Alchohol. I put a live flea into a cap full of rubbing alchohol and it appeared to die. When I took it out with a q-tip the sucker came back to life and jummped away.
    Bombing. I bombed the whole house twice with the Raid kind that smoked and it did not work.
    I am going to hold onto the listerine, Dawn, sevin dust, and diatomaceous earth info in case I find that we are not free and clear.
    I am afraid to expose my pets to any more toxins.

  157. Free at last, free at last. Oh my Lord, we’re flea free at last.

    My pets are happy now. Its been about 10 days since I treated my two small dogs and 2 cats with a capstar pill each and advantage.
    (always be sure to apply the advantage to the skin, not the hair).
    One cat also received an allergy shot.

    Also, we fogged the basement and we put dessicant powder on the carpet and furniture upstairs. Also sprayed.Lots of vaccuming.

    It took about a day or two for fleas to disappear, and now they seem to be GONE!

    Dogs and cats’ fur coats are looking smoother, there is less licking, chewing and scratching – its almost non-existant.

    I still put a drop or two of vinegar in their waterbowl, maybe it works, don’t know.

    All I did to our yard was to spray it with Ivory dish detergent.

    Anyway, its been about 2 weeks and the fleas are gone, and the pets are the happiest I have seen them in a long time.

  158. Does anybody have any idea how to get rid of fleas from basement We have used about 8 bombs already and still have fleas. The basement floor is concrete. I would appreciate any suggestions.

  159. My cat and dog both have them, and I probably do too. Just what I needed two days before school starts! My dog has been fine since we used Sergent’s flea and tick shampoo on her yesterday, but we just found them on our cat. Anyone have any tips on what’s best for felines?
    Also: We’re going to bomb, but how long do we have to be out of the house?

  160. I have one cat and two large dogs. I put my dogs outside and gave them frontline plus. Next, I use Hartz 4 in 1 bomb fogger for my home. I then mopped all the hardwood floors in the house. The following day I used biospot house fogger and gave my cat a bath. I then added frontline plus to my cat. I have not seen a flea since! Success!

  161. We had a flea problem that started almost two months ago and here is an update of what worked and what didn’t for us.
    Instead of going out and spending alot of money buying several cans of foggers and furniture/carpet sprays, etc. Just call an exterminator and have them come over and treat the house. (Make sure you get a company that guarantees their work- ours will come back if we see a flea within six months). It cost us about $200 total with tax to have this done. The weird thing was is that we spend about this much beforehand trying to get rid of those dang fleas ourselves, with no success. Also, we strongly recommend going to your vet and buying Frontline or Advantage (Frontline has seemed to work for our kitty) and to NOT waste your money buying the over the counter flea treatments. The brand we used for all the treatments we used was ZODIAQ and everything besides the flea and tick shampoo was ineffective. Come to think of it she still had fleas on her even after we thuroughly shampooed her. We had to resort to dipping her in a warm bath with Dawn dishsoap and holding her there for a few minutes to try and drown the suckers because it seemed like wherever we were scrubbing and rinsing the fleas would just go to whatever body area that wasn’t wet or sudsy. However what I noticed to be most ineffective was the ZODIAQ spot treatment. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!! The treatments were the typical once a month treatment, and it kept the fleas off of her for maybe a day, then they were all over her again. So for anyone who has fleas, plan on spending about $250-275 for the exterminator and frontline and flea comb and shampoo, and forget all the stuff you can buy. You ‘ll of course need to follow the extermninator’s instructions to do the major washing of everything and vaccuming, but at least someone else is held responsible for the results, and you won’t have to keep paying to find something that does work. It’s so nice to not have those horrible bites all over me. I did start taking B Complex vitamin to repel them before, but that didn’t seem to work for me. But after doing what I’ve written above, I’ve FINALLY stopped seeing fleas on the cat during her twice daily combing. I’ve also FINALLY able to regain some sanity in this very tough battle. Hope this is helpful.

  162. The flea problem started last spring, only, no one knew what was biting me…the doctors got it wrong and so did the exterminator.

    The fleas started again this spring, and so are the countless bites on my legs, ankles, back, neck, hands, etc. Thankfully, they’re only biting me and not my husband or 2 year old toddler.

    We’re in full-battle mode. We’re still not out of the woods, but I haven’t gotten bitten at all today, so, so far so good?????

    Thanks for ALL of the great tips. Here’s what worked and what didn’t work for us:


    1 – tray of water and dishwashing liquid – I put next to my bed and left the tv on. I came back a few hours later, and this is how I found my 1st flea.

    2 – WHITE SOCKS – my husband and I wear white socks all the time. They are attracted to white, body heat and movement/vibration. We found the most and have killed the most by wearing white socks. THey seem to get “trapped” in the cotton, so you have some time to walk around to get liquid soap. Immediately put liquid soap or dishwashing soap (or any kind of liquid soap) on the flea and scoop it up. We’ve collected countless #s of specimens in this manner, and you’ll also become obsessed w/looking down at your feet & ankles.

    3 – IDENTIFY THE MAIN SOURCES – Most of the fleas have been in places where the cat used to sleep/stay (e.g. our bedroom, one of the sofas, and now the basement). We are in the process of getting rid of furniture piece by piece when we find them.

    4 – CALL THE PROFESSIONALS – We had the whole house exterminated before the weekend. We still found some but not as many and the service is warrantied. Instead of the 6-7 bites I get a day, I’m down to 3-4 in the last 2 days. Three days later, it’s the 1st day I haven’t gotten bitten (knock on wood!), and I’m not getting bitten in our bedroom anymore.


    1 – vinegar & water – we have hardwood floors throughout the house and I drenched them w/ this mixture to no avail. Don’t believe this is an effective longterm solution.

    2 – flea bombs – useless. waste of time & money. I bombed twice and got bitten even more.

    1 – DO NOT let your kids run around in diapers in the house. I found one in my son’s diaper and it crawled towards his penis. I freaked out and gelled it.

    2 – VACUUM, LAUNDER, VACUUM, LAUNDER, VACUUM, LAUNDER…we’re in the process of washing ALL of our clothes, and I mean EVERYTHING in the closet, drawers, bags, etc.

    3 – I bought mattress casings but they haven’t arrived yet. The type that is made for people w/ allergies. I bought the impermeable ones for the mattress & box springs. I’m going to buy extra bags of the same materials to store extra clothes and blankets.

    4 – as for our cat, she is strictly an indoor cat now. We’ve decided to keep her b/c she may be deflecting some of the bites from me, and we’ll be able to gauge whether we still have the problem – in addition to us wearing our white socks around the house. She’s had 2 flea baths, and still has fleas but the # is lower. We’re getting her flea rinsed every week until we’re down to 0. I also put Frontline on her and didn’t see it work the 1st week. Maybe I need to give it time.

    Good luck!

  163. We’ve just got a 5/6 week-old kitten and found it has fleas, but because it’s so young we can’t use any drops like frontline and/or flea pills. We’ve only had the thing a couple of days and didn’t think it had that many until we tried to wash her and could see the little minions running around. Again cause she’s so young we cant use much of the flea shampoo but we are combing her religiously and it’s so satisfying to crush them – didnt think i was so sadistic! Does anyone know of anything else that can be used on tiny kittens without harming them?

    From everyone’s tips it sounds like you have to dry out all the moisture from carpets, curtains, furniture everything etc using the borax/salt (like you would to kill a slug), whilst hoovering before and after; then set out traps like bowls of soapy water to trap the bouncy ones – is this right? Is Borax available in England and also is it safe to use when the kitten is so young and sensitive? How long do you leave it on before it absorbs the humidity? It’s so tricky ’cause i know we’ve got a battle on our hands in the weeks to come before we can treat her properly 🙁 I’m trying not to panic but im SO ITCHY ARGH!

    Also, we had to get a pest control man out for a magotty problem we had in our kitchen when we first moved in. He told us that with insecticides and things like raid, they wont work on the pupae because at this stage they aren’t eating anything so wont take it in. Also if the fleas feed by biting a host then they might not take in the chemicals either. Only if they eat something off the floor which is laiden with the chemicals. This may be why the sprays and bug bombs arent working, but im not an expert and could be wrong!

    thanks for everyone’s tips they really help 🙂

  164. Well affording the exterminator is out.Extra money isn’t just falling from the sky around here,its hard enough to budget in the things I have already for this problem.

    I guess we’ll just have to keep dealing with them. The sevin dust helps some, this is just so difficult to control with 7 week old kittens that can have no preventatives applied yet. Capstar is effective, but only for so long. Then its back to fleas again because I can’t seem to get rid of them in the house. Shampooing the carpets, constant vacumming, washing machine that never stops anyway with 3 girls now totally overran with possibly flea contaminated stuff. Keep in mind they do not keep things up off the floor and then the cats walk on them. It’s enough to make me lose my mind completely.

    The cats go everywhere in the house I can’t close a door to. One of my daughters has a 1/2 door on her room so the older cats just jump that and go in there. I’m truly fighting a losing battle. 🙁

  165. hey all , I have been working on my flea problem for about 6 weeks now and here’s my progress and a few tips.

    Lay white plates out (even without a nightlight) with water and a few drops of dawn in each REALLY WORKS. and helps you to monitor your progress in flea genocide(never thought that word would be so appealing to me).

    Diatomaceous earth does work but you have to spread it deep into the carpet with a broom and leave it for a few weeks(yeah it looks bad but it DOES WORK) then vacuum and re-apply if you start to see more fleas in the plates.)

    I found the BEST safe fairly chep flea dip THE REALLY WORKS!!!(By accident really)

    One day I was using a generic brand of listerine(cheaper) and spit it into a cup while surfing the internet. Then I saw a flea on my cat’s face, quickly grabbed it and put it into the spit-out listerine and the sucker died VERY FAST(maybe the eucolyptis oil?). SO I tried using it as a dip, since the Hartz flea shampoo did not get rid of the fleas on my little buddy, last time I bathed him.

    I used a plastic storage container about 2-3 gallons in size and put into it:

    1 bottle of generic listerine
    filled it to 3/4 full with water
    then added about 2 tablespoons of dawn(breaks the surface tension in the water making the fleas drown fast)

    then I took my cat, used a flea comb on his face and head, then wet his head/neck with tea tree oil soap.

    then I dipped him into the container of listerine/water/dawn and held him submerged from the neck down for about 5 minutes(THIS WAS NOT FUN, clipped the sharp tips off his nails FIRST)

    and then took him out and rinsed him

    the fleas fell off like crazy ALL DEAD!!!! YEAH!!! NO TOXIC CHEMICALS!

    I am still in the battle but my flea drowning plates are showing WAY less fleas. So I know if I keep up with it I will win.


    YES Diatomaceous Earth IS THE BEST and you do need food grade quality(food grade is used by some farmers who mix it with feed for their livestock as it naturally kills nematodes and parasites withing the cows intestines)the pool filter kind has been heated and chemically treated. I leave it in the carpet for at least 3 days at a time then vacuum/ repeat once a week until they are gone. Don’t worry about freezing the vacuum bag as the Diatomaceous Earth sucked up inside the bag will kill EVERYTHING inside continously.
    The best source of Diatomaceous Earth is 10 pounds shipped to you in about 5 days for less than 30 bucks.
    No I do not work for or own perma-guard. you can get it through also. cost a couple dollars more though.

  166. I ordered some Diatomaceous earth this afternoon. It should be here in a couple days. I will let you know if this works or not. I have really seen alot of new fleas today, gave the older cats another bath(after being sevin dusted just last night) and they were literally covered in fleas, it was awful. I think anything that completely rips these buggers apart has got to make a differnence. I have read alot of good things about the DE. *keeps fingers crossed*. This is my last ditch effort.

  167. We shelled out a lot of $ to exterminate the house and it was WELL WORTH IT! Well, so far at least.

    It takes about 7 days for them to die, and I’ve been bite-free for 3 days!!! Plus we’ve been vacuuming and doing laundry like crazy, and it all seems to be working. We’re finally able to get a good night’s sleep.

    They used multiple insecticides to kill all life cycles of the flea, from adult to larve. Since the pupae are impermeable, the insecticide kills them when they emerge as adults.

    Oh, and apparently w/ Frontline, the fleas will live and hang onto the cat until they feed and bite. Only then will they die instantly.

  168. To Bob:

    How old is your cat? I was just wondering how old it has to be before you can try the listerine dip as I have a 6 week old kitten.

  169. I’ve heard that getting a flea collar and cutting it into about 1″ pieces and putting that in your vacuum cleaner is helpful. Also, to put some pieces (where you’re CERTAIN that no pets can get to it) under your couches and furniture to keep them out of hard-to-reach places.

    Don’t forget to remove birds and other small animals from treatment areas!…Especially when “fogging” or “bombing”.
    Birds are especially susceptible to airborne toxic chemicals.

  170. Iv’e read your articals today, Thanks, and I went to the pool store to buy some Diatomaceous Earth today, which the guy gave me, but he did tell me several times to be carefull not to breath the stuff because its (very danderous). You may want to take precausions.

  171. i am pulling my hair out as i am writing, i’ve had my cat for 2mth now and at first she wasent scratching or anything. a couple of weeks ago she starts itching(she doesn’t go out side, she’s a indoor cat)i washed with the flea shampoo and that did not work at all. next thing i know, i start itching on my ankles and little bites atart to appear on my legs. then she starts itching like crazy. what i found out is that no matter how much product you use for the fleas, you will never get rid of all of them. if you have carpet you might want to pull it up and get hard wood floor(only if you own a house) but if you are renting like myself you are in a whole lot of trouble. as i was reading the comments i see the borax and the vinegar seem to work. so i guess when i get home i will try it out for some weeks….. (remember you will never get rid og them in a week or two, let me just say “have patience” and don’t get rid of ya animal, it’s not there fault…

  172. TO HELEN

    My cat is 14 years old. While the dip I devised did dry out his skin i lil more that usual baths, it didn’t hurt him, but I did rinse him VERY WELL after the dip. I use a shower hand-held sprayer for rinsing as it makes the job SO MUCH easier than using a cup or the faucet(I would NOT bath him without it).

    I can’t imagine it would hurt your kitten, but if you want to try only the water and dawn, make sure you constantly rub his/her fur while submerged in the water to make sure you rub out any small air pockets the fleas can hide in.

    TRUST ME, even though it is a stressfull experience for your cat, he/she will sleep SO GOOD after it.

    also I have had VERY little success with fogging, my roomate is FOGGER CRAZY doubling and tripling the number of foggers for the square footage. The house STILL smells like bug spray when you come back after being away at work or on errands and it was about 2 months ago he used them. (talk about toxic chemical exposure!)

    I refused to fog my bedroom but after using the white plates with water, a few drops of dawn, and the Diatomaceous earth. I have not seen a fles for nearly 3 weeks in my toxin-free bedroom.

    just keep this cycle going until you see NO FLES in the plates:

    Vacuum and launder EVERYTHING
    apply Diatomaceous earth – brush with broom into carpet
    bath/dip pets
    (if really bad flea problem – the FIRST TIME (after your pet has COMPLETELY DRIED) apply Diatomaceous earth into animals coat, between toes and keep your pet in a carrier for a few hours so it can work on them, I have never had to do this step though, plus it is more stress for them)
    wait 2-3 days

    REPEAT EVERY WEEK for AT LEAST 3 weeks, then as necessary until all signs of fleas have vanished

    OH yeah, one more monitoring tip(besides the white dinner plates with water and a few drops of dawn)
    another thing I found by accident – My cat was laying in the lid of a plastic container I had open for a few hours, this lid was red plastic, and after he got up I saw the “salt and pepper” that are the flea poop and eggs falling off him, the red plastic made it easy to see both, whereas clear, white or black makes it harder to see both

    I imagine blue would also work, any color that contrasts black AND white

    anyway I am right now putting this lid down and I will check it for the (GROSS) “slat and pepper”


  173. It all began this last Tuesday. I got back to Wisconsin from a weekend trip to Nebraska and discovered a SEVERE infestation in my house, on my 2 dogs and my 2 cats. So I did some research at work and found this life saving website with everyones information and tips. After reading EVERYTHING, which took hours, I went shopping after work. I bought 20 Mule Borax, Vinegar, Salt, Bleach, Tealight Candles, Cutter 5-and-1 for dogs, Bio-Spot for cats, a flea comb and Dawn dishsoap. (I think I got everything I bought!) I then did the dreaded drive home to begin my war on the mutant fleas! Once home I immediately put a whole box of Borax and salt on my carpeting and let it sit for 24 hours. I also put down a white plate with water and Dawn dishsoap in it with a candle lit to see how bad the infestation was. Next I sprayed one dog with some of the Hartz only to realize I should get it off of her so here we go. Both dogs now get bathed in Borax, Dawn and water. The tub was filled up to their poor little necks (one is a mini cocker and the other a sheltie). I did not realize when you are done bathing they should go outside so I left them in the house on the tiled floors. Of course, I found out the hard way that fleas jump off the dogs not die immediately! I then had to bleach all my floors with tiles because you could not stand in the kitchen or laundry room w/o getting at least 20 babies on you w/in 30 seconds. Yea, more fun. Well with a LOT of those fleas now soaking in the Bleach and water bucket I tackle my bed since we would like to sleep flea free tonight, they absolutely LOVE my finance! He is starting to look like he has the chicken pox…LOL. He is not to happy but Calamine Lotion is loving us at this point, we might as well buy stock in the stuff! After all the laundry is washed we make the bed w/o letting anything touch the ground. My bed is very high and so far we have lucked out and not seen any up there. I also spray the mattress with vinegar and water before making. Now it is a ritual, I keep a spray bottle of water and vinegar next to the bed and as we go to get in we spray the carpeting and sheets, sit down and check our feet to make sure there are no babies and crawl into the bed. Once in we spray a mist of solution on the comforter on top of us. We may not smell good but there are no more bites!

    So my lesson in all this is to NOT steam clean your carpet if you have ever had fleas or suspect the house could have had fleas in it. I had steamed the carpets just before I left for Nebraska! GRRRRR, what a mess.

    So now, it is about 2 days after I started my ritual and here are my findings. A LOT less fleas on the dogs and cats, have NOT seen any adults everyone I have found or trapped are babies, hence my lesson learned for my wanting a clean carpet! LOL. We can now walk into the kitchen and laundry room and not have any on our feet for quite some time. They are still there but it takes at least 5 minutes for one to get on you unlike the 30 seconds and 20 babies before! My carpeting is much nicer to walk on, you can actually walk and stand for more than 2 seconds w/o being attacked by these mutants. I am going to continue this god forsaken ritual a bit longer and report back my luck. So far everything is looking to the best. We will just keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best. Good luck flea exterminating to all!

  174. Tom, the type of DE you got from the pool store is full of other chemicals and I would take major precautions using it in your home, do not use it on or near your animals at all.

    I got mine, it is FOOD GRADE. It is the only type of DE I would dream of putting in my house or on my animals, which you actually can do with food grade. If you haven’t already opened what you bought, I’d take it back to the store. It is not safe for you or your animals to breathe.The food grade itself must be applied using goggles, a mask over your nose and mouth, plus gloved hands because it will dry out your lungs and eyes very badly. However, it is not toxic. Only during the application is this necessary. It is fine to have in your carpets and on your pets in small amounts at a time.

    I’ve been very sick so my flea assassinating has taken a backseat to being sick as a dog. I am going to start once again first thing monday morning. I am sure we are loaded again, when I was actually making progress but when you are too sick to even get out of bed much less push a vac it’s pretty much fruitless to even try.

  175. ok im back and heres my progress .well my carpeted upstairs is flee free thanks to covering all the carpeting first with the raid flea spray then when it dyred the next day i put down the decomectous earth all over and i mean all over i used a grated cheese glass shaker bottle with ribber gloves and a mask on and and covered every inch and just left it on there ,that was 3 weeks ago its still on there but there hasnet been a flea up there so far ,now as for my cat the poor thing i was giing her flea baths and the next day shed have some more fleas on her so heres what i did = i put her in my sink and did the rubbing alcohol thing starting at her neck and working it down all over her left it on a few minutes then rinsed her off then washed twice with the dawn soap the dryed her off good and for the next half hour checked her for ny fleas but all were dead so i grabbed her and ran upstairs and put her in my spare room ,with fresh water clean litter box and food the next day her frontline plus came in the mail so i put it on her and im so so happy to say its been three days now and shes totally flee free,but now im still working on the downsatirs the sevin dust and salt seemed to help alot but i still seeing a very few really tiny ones that must have justed hatched so i will keep mopping with the viniger and putting down more sevin and d-earth untill i see no more down there ,and i am keeping my sweet cat upstairs untill were flea free ,shes such a good cat (SIAMESE) she just sits in the sink and lets me wash her and run the water right on her its like she knows im trying to help her and shes so happy and content now no more scratching just constant purrrring lol.this has been an insane battle of the fleas but at least im making alot of progress so dont give it up and by the way the alcohol didnt harm her at all shes just fine ,ill keep you all updated GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL …

  176. Read through this site TWICE as I am frantic with having fleas in my house.
    I had never had an animal with fleas nor had I ever seen one- now I am providing a home for them! My cocker spaniel was infested with them before I had him treated. I blamed the itching on everything including worms (he slid on his bottom alot).
    Took him in to be dipped and shaved down and boarded him overnight. He sleeps in the back entry so I attached a canister of flea and insect killer for the yard and garden to the hose and completely soaked down the entry and the breezeway. I let it dry overnight then lined the area where he sleeps with newspaper. I burned the rug and cushions that were his bed put new ones down and then brought him home. The next day I applied frontline plus. I take him out on a leash (he ran free before- chasing rabbits AHA she says rabbits=fleas maybe). I also take him for a ride in one of the vehicles he had not been in before…let him out to run a mile or so away from home…to date he is flea free. I also started him on vitamins and a ‘treat’ daily of cooked hamburger heavily seasoned with garlic. OK dog is fine but he cannot come into the house BECAUSE I still have them in here. (Have flea powdered my car twice and vacuumed 3X that was his favorite ‘treat’ a ride…the jury is still out)
    I do not have bites but I feel them on my feet when barefoot (and see them) brush them off into the commode..they drown beautifully. I’ve bombed every room seperately, I’ve spread salt, borax, bleached scrubbed, vinegar scrubbed, and utilize the famous water+light trap.
    I haven’t had any in my bed BUT I take fresh sheets there at night- rollup the used ones, tote them to the laundry …every night. I haven’t had a coverlet problem but I’ve washed all and I give mine a hot dry spin in the dryer.
    Yes, they are seemingly diminished in number but they are still here!!! I am exhausted! My grandson came last night and vacuumed the entire house, closets, on top of and in areas…he said it was one of the hardest jobs he’d done! Ah, kudos for the humble housewife from the mouth of an 18 yr old male! I guess it takes time, aye? Am for once looking forward to 20 below zero!

  177. What is safe to use around my 7 month old baby? We have carpet & wood floors. I think they are even in our car that has carpet…ugh!!!!

  178. Not a tip- a question.

    I believe my dog has fleas, although I haven’t been bitten, and have only seen a couple fleas (hopefully only a minor “infestation”). Anyway, I’m going to try the salt on the carpet, and the vinegar on my dog. But she also has a habit of sleeping on clothes I left on the floor, and now there are these little black dots on my clothes. Are those eggs? And if so, if I wash all my clothes, will that kill them? I know people have said that some soaps can kill them, so would laundry detergent do that as well?

  179. How long should I let the salt and borax sit in my carpet before vacuuming? How long before I see results? I have those little buggers so bad that I spray my children with vinegar water when I see any on them. Seemed to help in the bathroom when I washed everything down with a mixture of water, bleach, vinegar, and borax. But, make sure there is plenty of ventilation and that you wear rubber gloves. Any additional help will be greatly appreciated.

  180. Wow, there is a ton of people here with problems…. I will start a section on my message board to discuss this problem so we can all help each other out ( )

    My story is this: I moved into a new apartment on labour day weekend- and just my luck, the previous tenant had 2 cats and left me with a MAJOR flea problem. I have no pets- it’s just me. But I’m getting a ton of bites and they itch so that I’m going nearly insane! It’s made me a little depressed about my first adventure living on my own!

    My plan of attach seems to be very slowly helping. This is what I’m doing:

    – Set up 2 flea dish traps in the 2 most used rooms: a white dish of soapy water under a lamp on the floor with flea spray in it. Fleas jump in and drown. If I pick a flea off me, these dishes are handy to have nearby to drown the flea. I am counting the fleas in the dishes to monitor my progress.

    – Spray whole apt, floors, cracks, rugs, couch, bed, etc with Zodiac flea spray. Contains an insect growth inhibitor (Methoprene). I will spray once a week before leaving for work. I put this spray in the dish traps.

    -Vacuum every single day. Cut a small piece of a cat flea collar and put it in the bag. After vacuuming every inch of my apt I close the bag lightly with tape, put it in a ziploc bag and put it in the freezer to re-use.

    – For my itchy bites I rub Bactene on it and take a Benedryl to help the itching. Resist the urge to itch!

    -At night I wear OFF skintastic with Aloe cream all over. I wear my socks over my PJs to protect my ankles. I also spray on a citronella spray. I look like a dork but it has dramatically reduced my bites I get over night.

    -In the mornings I walk around in my white socks to get fleas to jump on me. I drown them or get them off my socks with a piece of tape. This also helps me track my progress.

    -Vacuum every day! Everything! In your sheets and under/on couches too. My apartment neighbours must think I’m crazy!

    -I will be washing my bedding and throw blankets this weekend.

    -I sprayed another stuff my landlord gave me- but this is only for baseboards and cracks- not furniture. He said it’s the same stuff that exterminators use.

    -I will be keeping this up for a few weeks- if it doesn’t get MUCH better I’ll be getting my landlord to have someone spray.

    I’ll put all this on my message board so we can help each other!

  181. Jen,
    I let the Borax on for 24 hours. I also did not vacuum it all up completely. I also put some salt in the vacuum and then continued to vacuum 2-3x’s per day for 7 days. I repeated the salt and Borax 24 hours after initial vacuuming, only waited 2 hours for this one. We can now sit on the carpeting w/o having any fleas jump on us. After the second treatment almost all were gone! It has now been 9 days and so far so good. The vinegar and water works wonders! Good Luck!

  182. PRECOR!!!! It works! I have had fleas since July and I came across this site while researching ways to get rid of the them. I tried almost everything suggested on here…salt, vinegar, night light with soapy water(which does work…but what about the unhatched eggs?), rubbing alcohol, nightly dawn detergent baths, diatomacous earth(food grade), apple cider vinegar in my pets water, garlic in their food, vacuuming daily, steam cleaned every 3 days…nothing worked very well. I even had to kick my cat outside(she was strictly and indoor cat…who knows how she got them?). One day while doing laundry in my basement, I noticed that my feet were absolutely covered in the little buggers…disgusting!!! I caved in and bought a $30 bottle of Zodiac’s Premise Spray with Precor. I sprayed the ENTIRE house(even a tiny bit over top of my dog). Then left the house with my kids for about 4 hours. I came back to NO FLEAS! None at all! Not one jumped on me in the basement, and there weren’t any on my dog!
    Now I just need to find something that is safe to use on cats, and then my poor kitty can come back to her comfy(Precor filled) bed inside the house!
    Try the Precor!!!
    And good luck to all!!!!

  183. There are sellers on ebay selling large things of advantage that you can break down and use on your dogs and cats for much less than what it costs at the vet.I’m getting what would be a 10 month supply for a cat under 9lbs. I have two kittens, a thin mother cat, a very fat male cat who is definitely over 9lbs. and then the dog outside who may not need this because she did really well with the zodiac version.

    Diatomaceous Earth only works if you can get your animals not to shake it off or lick it off. Mine are too active to just sit still with powder on their fur. It is working in the carpets and stuff, but just not so good on the animals.

    I can’t get my cats to sit still long enough after their baths to properly get the flea eggs combed out of them either so this might be part of our battle afterall. I need something that just kills them. Our vet sells advantage for $10.50 a dose so this was a super deal.

  184. Natasha, there is a pill called CapStar that you can give to cats and dogs that will kill all fleas in 24 hours.

    Combine that with a dose of advantage to their skin (not their hair) and the fleas WILL be gone.

    I tried all of those other remedies too, and none of them worked.

    Once you stop the fleas from getting on your pets, your house will be flee free too.

    I almost put my cat outside, but that wouldn’t have helped her get rid of the fleas.

    I didnt want to use a chemical remedy, but the animals are much happier, as am I.

  185. Istarted using me childrens saftey gate over the bathtub with the cat underneath. I have two cats who ripped my wife and myself up. I wash one cat at a time, spraying the cat gently but entirely soaking the cat. Then I take the cat out set it on a towel and massage in the soap. I let the soap set in about 5 minutes, return the cat to the tub and rinse. My cats (although still not happy) are much better at bath time and purr during massaging and drying. Your cat will be MUCH less stessed out and much easier to handle!

  186. Head and sholders shampoo is fantastic for me and my dogs. My hubby takes a b-complex vitiman and I do not…… I have bites and he doesn’t. We both sleep with these darn dogs!!!!

  187. Joyce…I have tried the Capstar and unforunately it did not work…at least not in the 24 hours that it said it would! I have tried the onspot treatment as well, it did work. But because I couldnt get rid of them in the house, they kept returning. I assumed that it was a long-term treatment for cats and dogs, but it wasn’t. I will retry it again on my cat once the humdity starts to diminish tho!

  188. We have recently started having problems with fleas. My neighbor came over and said she had flea problems and that she was getting it treated the next day. My Husband and I treated the yard and the house the same day she came over. The next day it was like attack of the flea army!! My husband and I woke up with bites and as soon as i stood up my feet and legs were covered, worse my seven month old of covered with bites! We sprayed again and it just seemed to make it worse. I just dont understand that we sprayed before we got them and the next day we had them and never had a problem before! I really can’t afford for someone to come out and spray on the income that we make. I have hardwood floors and i want to try to use the vinegar and water but i dont know if it is safe to use with a seven month old and myself being pregnant again! Does anyone know what i can use on the hardwood floors, furniture and bedding that is BABY SAFE because i just really hate my son getting bites! PLEASE HELP!

  189. i do houses up for a property letting association ,and have been told my next job involves decorating a flea infested house , millions of the damn things he reckons , so i came across this site which has been very helpful , thank you all for your advice and tips , and sorry for anyone with the same problem , i will let you know which method works best in my case , good luck to everyone , and good bye fleas 🙂 hopefully .

  190. Don’t put rubbing alcohol on your pets. If you do it will burn their skin. If you don’t believe me put some on your gentiles you will believe. Their skin is sensitive and it will dry the skin and the fur and cause serious itching and alot of pain and possible hair loss and the fleas will come right back. less than 24 hours.

  191. I tryed the vinegar…straight from the bottle onto one of my cats…Don’t do it… poor thing started foaming at the mouth.. I should have mixed it with water first. I was just sick of dealing with fleas.. We have three cats…. the dish soap does work.. however the fleas do come back.. Frontline needs to be use every month for it to really have an affect..

  192. HELP,I NEED ADVICE!2days ago my home became infested with fleas and I’m already at my wits end.I lived in my home now for 3yrs and have never had this problem before,until now.I’m want to bomb my home but I have 4 kids ages 9,7,2 and 4 months.Is there anything that I can use without harming my babies??I tried the salt method and that was a complete crock.My washer and dryer is located in the garage and as soon as I step foot in there they attack so I know that the garage is source of the problem.Also I have a pregnant cat that’s due to give birth any day now and the poor thing is infested with them.I hate the thought of fleas attacking the kittens when they are born.Is there anything that I can use on my pregnant cat without harming her and for her newborns?If anybody has any ideas I sure could use the advice.Tomorrow I’m going to Petco and Petsmart to see if I can get some pointers.SOMEBODY HELP US!!!!!!!

  193. We just got a very young kitten about 3 weeks old and used one of the tips here, bathing him with the Dawn dish soap. It seems to have worked so far, we just got over a flea infestation a few months ago, we just used foggers, borax and something called Nature’s Guardian, it is a natural flea and tick spray that is safe around children and pets, it has peppermint oil, cinnamon oil, lemon grass oil, clove oil and thyme oil in it, I got mine at Target. We also sprayed the indoor cat and the dog with Frontline spray.

  194. Has anyone tried the Green Earth Indoor/Outdoor Insect Dust product? A friend recommended it to me, but I’ve never tried it and no one mentioned it here.

    I’m reluctant to use too many chemicals as I’m highly sensitive to them and get crazy reactions (even worse than the swelling bites I have right now). My boss sent me home from work in order to deal with this flea problem that just popped up on the weekend. I think she’s worried I’ll bring them into work or something. She also requested I go to the doctor, so now I have some sort of steroid cream to help with the itching and I’m out $15 for the doctor’s note that I was forced to get. The sad thing is, I don’t even have pets! One must’ve hitchhiked in on me, or maybe they’re “awakening” from one of two empty apartments around me that formerly had pets and are currently being worked on. Regardless how they came in, they’re here now, and I’m on a mission to get rid of them!

    Since I’m the main food source (gross!), I took a Vitamin B complex and garlic pill today, and also ate some salt & vinegar chips (might as well enjoy the vinegar 🙂 ). I put salt down on my floor, and I’m trying to find a place that sells Borax, and also the essential oils mentioned above. I washed all my clothes and bedding from the affected area (my bedroom, argh!), vacuumed everything including my mattress/pillows (will wash the pillows next). I tried the tea light/plate thing last night, but the buggers didn’t go for it, so I’m going to try with the Dawn soap that I just picked up and see if that helps.

    Good luck, everyone! I’ll keep you posted on my progress…

  195. We have 8 7 weeks old kittens never had a flea for 14 years, I do not even know were the fleas came from, AM NOT HAPPY, i am doing the vinger, salt, water dish @ flea powder just took a little bit to wipe on the neck and back of the ears, they are still baby’s. I will let ya all know what happens

  196. I am so tired of these damn fleas. My family and I are battling of it everyday. It haven’t gone that bad yet. It’s starting to get in my house and the bites are driving us crazzzzyyyyy. We have sprayed our yard with HARTZ and I don’t think it’s working. We have been boiling water everyday and kill them suckers but the problem never end. IF THERE’S ANY ADVISE OR SUGGESTION PLEASE…. WE ARE SO DISPERATE TO KNOW. For now we are trying the soap and venigar and if it’s working, we will let you know. Good luck to everyone. We thought we were alone but I guess not.

  197. I thought I was the only one dealing with this horrible horrible problem..soo glad im not alone. Anyway I just moved into my apartment a month ago…I started noticing small red itchy bumps.
    then I started seeing the “monsters” (fleas)
    My lanlord…bombed the place twice
    I also treated the place 2 times..and Im still in that process right now. I treat and vacuum literally every single day….Im covered in bites and feel horrible 🙁

    I have hardwood floors and carpet in my room, I really neeed some help..does the seven dust work? I just wanna get rid of these things..there has got to be a way…I cannot go on living with fleas its driving me NUTS!! pleaaaase help

  198. I hate these fleas!!! They are coming from my son at football practice. His white pants attract the fleas and bring them home. I know this because when I went to his first practice they jumped all over me. I’m thinking about trying a Vinegar and Water bowl mix. If not the dish soap and water mix.

    My son watched Spongebob last week and found out that fleas can’t stand water. I didn’t know that.

    I also want to say how great this website is, I bookmarked it and put it in my favorites. THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!!!

  199. Here’s what seems to be working for me after a week, as I haven’t seen a flea in 24 hours, and the last “new” bite I noticed was about 18 hours ago:

    I’m highly sensitive to chemicals, so I’m doing things as naturally as I can. My first plan of attack was to make me ‘taste bad’, as I have no animals and so I’m their food source. Daily, I take a B-Vitamin complex, garlic pills, and a dose of something vinegar-y. If they do bite me, they only bite once, as opposed to the multiple bites I was getting last weekend. I wash my bedding every day with Tide & some laundry-friendly Borax, and wash the pillows every other day. While washing the bedding, I sprinkle salt on my bed, leave for an hour, then vacuum the whole bed, including pillows (make sure you vacuum all that salt up, otherwise it’ll leave your bed damp). I also vacuum the floor in the affected area (my bedroom) at least once a day (usually twice), and have washed every single item of clothing that’s been anywhere near my bed in the last couple of weeks, bagged them up, and leave them separated from the bedroom area. Then I spray diluted essential oils (lavender, bergamot, tea tree and citronella because I couldn’t find lemongrass) onto every inch of my bed and the floor. Last night, I had that creepy crawly skin feeling keep me awake half the night, so I even sprayed myself with the oils, which seemed to ease my itchies and the creepy crawlies (probably the tea tree helped). When I leave the house, I sprinkle Borax over my carpet, and vacuum when I get home. I also bought a flea collar (funny to buy one when I don’t have pets) and chopped off a piece and put it in the vacuum, so if they get sucked in or hatch in there, they’ll die.

    Keep in mind, I didn’t have a full-on ‘infestation.’ The most I’ve ever seen in one day was 7, which has dwindled significantly since I found those 7 last Saturday.

    Something that didn’t work for me: the white plates with tea lights and Dawn. Sounded like a good idea, but my fleas just don’t want to go into the light.

    I recommend the essential oils (only a couple of drops each per large spray bottle of water should do), even just tea tree to alleviate the itching, as I haven’t scratched all day. I also have a cream from the doctor that helps, but you have to use it sparingly.

    Good luck, everyone!

  200. Here goes my progress so far..though its only been a day, I usually see fleas every single night and cant sleep. Last night when I came home I decided to spray ..every corner and every inch of my carpet..thennnnnn I vacummed, after I vacummed thoroughly I put salt down on the carpet (I heard fleas dont like salt) Im willing to try anything! So I let it sit on the carpet….I stood on the carpet and NO FLEAS for the first time I wasnt attacked by annything or bit at all. Im gonna go over this process again tonight and see how Im holding up in about a week or two. GOODLUCK everyone!!

  201. Ok, I have been battling these little buggers since the tuesday after labor day. My pets all 10 of them have been on Frontline Plus forever. Noticed on Labor day that one of the dogs and one of the cats and all the kittens were scratching like crazy. Looked the dog over and he had fleas crawling all over him. Went to the Vet. Got knockout spray, Capstar pills, and more Frontline Plus. Gave everyone the capstar pills, dogs weren’t hard, the cats were not fun, redid the frontline plus and than sprayed the whole house with knockout. I vacuumed everyday, tossing the bag when I was done. Things seemed a little better. I went and bought Raid for fleas and continuallly spray the couch , recliners and carpet almost everyday. About a week later, still had the little buggers. Went back to the Vet for more Knockout and Capstar pills. Repeated the whole process. Washing the bedding, spraying EVERYTHING. Vacuumed. Ok for a day or two and right back to fleas. Going to go back to the Vet tomarrow for more Capstar, Frontline Plus and Knockout. If I don’t have this under control by the middle of October, I will call in an exterminator. I have 4 dogs, they go out to go potty and come back in . The cats never go out. In all my years of having pets, I have never had a flea problem. I have always relied on Fronline or Advantage. We moved to a new house in April and I don’t know if they were here when we moved in or what, but I am at my wits end. My hubby and I are not getting bit, you can’t see fleas jumping around, but if I put the white plate with dawn and water in the laundry room, a can have about 10 in a matter of a few hours. Now this is right after spraying with Knockout. Tell me how they survive that stuff. I guess they aren’t biting us because they have so many animals to bite, but I want them out of the house. The fleas that is , not my pets. I am gonna switch to Advantage and see if that works any better than the Frontline Plus seems to be this year. I will let ya know how it goes. Rhonda

  202. i am living in a n aprtment block and just recently when it turned spring i have been biteen all over by fleas…i didnt sleep 4 nights continiously and am really tired…i need urgent help to kill those burgars……AM HAVING SXTREMELY LARGE BITES

  203. I have been battling fleas for about 3 weeks now. I had a minor problem last year about this time, too! Last year I just vaccumed a lot and put flea collars on the cats. This year is a little worse, so I guess it is the eggs from last year hatching a long with bringing the dog into the house during a tornado ( He was infested with fleas)The best (and non-toxic) treatment for dogs is a product from a company called Shaklee. They have a concentrated product called “Basic H”. You apply it full strength to your dog, head to toe and let it sit for 10-15 minutes, then rise off. It will continue to repel fleas for about 2 weeks. Do not use this on cats, though as they clean themselves and could ingest too much. Any product, no matter how “non-toxic” it is can be harmful is taken in large quantities, so I don’t have a great solution for the cats. I also use another Shaklee product mixed with the “Basic H” to mop my floor and clean my counters and I have ABSOLUTELY no bugs of any kind in my kitchen or bath. The second product is called “Basic G” and it is a natural disinfectant. Check out the Shaklee website at They also offer many more wonderful cleaning products, vitamins, etc.
    I have been doing the Borax on my carpets and vacuuming every other day and spraying with the Basic H/Basic G mixture all over the house and on my bed before I go to sleep and I have gone 2 days now without any bites! I will start taking a B-Complex vitamin, too because my husband has not been bothered by the fleas at all and he takes a daily B-Complex Vit., so following the advice of past posts I will give it a try! Thanks for all the tips and advice.

  204. Wow, lots of scary stories and great tips. Our 14 year old dog died about about 4 weeks ago and left us with a flea problem. We did notice about two months ago that our son was getting bites (but thought it was spider bites) because we didn’t have any bites.

    Then, I spoted a few flea’s on my socks. What I did is sprayed a can of Zodiac Premise 2000 Flea Spray in my home immediately(we vacuumed the home and cleaned the floors first). One can covers 2000 square feet. I sprayed everything, floors, rug, tile furniture etc. The next day we seen many dead fleas. About 3 days later we started seeing hundreds of flea’s again so I bought two cans and used them both, then we left for the weekend. This is not cheap as each can cost $29.99 plus taxes. We didn’t really see any fleas until about 3 days later and then they really came out (lots of small flea’s but not really any big flea’s) and seemed worse than ever! We seen fleas just sitting on the tile and I’d squish them or pinch them and run the water in the sink. I used the pie dish with dish soap/water with the light during the night and found about 10 – 12 fleas in it each morning. I did this for about three days in different area’s until I didn’t get any this way. We started to vacuum every day and clean the floors with water and vinigar (actually I thank my wife for doing that) but hey, I cut the grass right? This must have worked because for the past three days we have not seen any flea’s. Any other day of the week after being in a room for an hour there would be a couple flea’s on my sock.

    This is what worked for us (so far). Now remember, we don’t have a dog anymore but when we did I used to give her pills that sterilized her blood and stopped the flea eggs from hatching (if I can remember right it was called Advantage. I stopped using this as my dog was getting old (sick) and I was too cheap to keep buying the pills (boy was I stupid)!

    So there’s my story, and this went on for a month. Don’t get discouraged. Believe me, I was ready to call the exterminator (for $250.00).

    Good luck everyone and if they return I’ll send you an update!

  205. MY boyfriend and I have 3 cats inside. They are like our kids. They have never been outside and are very loving. They recently got fleas, from where I have no idea. Nothing seems to work. Please help me!! I can’t even sleep in my own bed without getting bit!

  206. I recently left my husband and all i got out of the deal was his dogs’ fleas!!! AHHH what a nightmare… When I started moving my things is when i started getting bites… I washed every clothing item, blanket… threw all of the pillows away and bought new ones.. and still ended up with these pests everywhere…even on my mom’s poor dog who i think has never had fleas.. after reading everything on this site… DAWN works wonders…and so does vinegar… we vacuum everyday anyway because i have a 17 month old who thinks everything needs to be eaten… soo i agree with the majority vinegar is wonderful…

  207. Last month I wrote in with my problems and progress. I got fed up nothing was working. I tried bombing twice, sevens dust, and sprays. I finally took someones advice and called an exterminator. I called orkin. They quoted me 175. I went with the annual plan where they spray the first time for 95.00 then 78.00 every other month. They guarantee their work. I takes a couple of weeks to get rid of everything. I have only seen like 7 fleas in 2 weeks.

  208. Hi, here’s an update to my earlier post.

    I’ve been battling them for a month now and it’s improving. I found that cutting up flea collars into 2 inch pieces and putting a few on the floor in each room helps (I also wipe them on my socks each day). I have not pets so I can’t put the collars onto an animal! Vacuuming and spraying the Zodiac premise spray is also my weekly routine.

    The soapy-water dishes under lamps are continuing to catch about one to three each day (improving!) and they provide a handy place to drown fleas you pick off yourself.

    For the itchy bites, I tried a cortisone/steroid cream and that only worked for an hour or so and the itch would return. I found that Bactine spray works VERY well for itches- usually relieving me for the whole day. Plus it’s cheap. Do not scratch them- or it will take 3 times longer to heal!

    I found that cedar chips/oil does not repel them, and citronella barely works if at all. OFF skintastic works well as a repellent. I haven’t tried eucalyptus oil yet.

    Good luck everyone!

  209. I Have 2 Cats, and 1 Medium dog, we have had fleas in our house for a while now, and have tried many different things to rid of them.. I just have one question. Will using rubbing alachol or Vinegar hort my animals.. My dog has chewed at her tummy so much it looks raw, I dont want something that will dry out her skin or hurt her in anyway… Any help is greatly appreciated!!
    Thank you.

  210. OK, I had a huge problem with fleas until I started looking online. And I’m sorry but the vinegar didn’t work for me all it did was make my house stink. The only way that I’ve found that actually works it to use the foggers and other various chemicals or the best option call a professional.

    First – take care of the pet or pets first. It won’t do any good to clean your house and spray everywhere if you’re pet is sitting in a dark corner acting as a breading ground for the Fleas. And trust me the fleas will go after your pet before they come after you because of all the fur. The easiest way to get the fleas off your pet is to take them to the vets’ office. Most vets will even let you keep them there overnight so you can have the chance to rid your house of the fleas.

    Second – Call your local pest control places. Set up a contract with them rather than a one time spray. With the contract if they don’t get rid of the fleas or other pest problems in and around your house they have to come back for free until the job is done right. And as a business they will make sure to rid your house normally in the first visit. If you have a one time spray they will not do the job correctly so you will be forced to call again and set up another appointment. With the contract they will schedule set times in the year to come out to your house and spray to keep things from coming back.

    I know what you’re thinking “that sounds like a lot of money” before I did this I spent hundreds trying to rid the fleas myself.

    My vet only charges 20 bucks to shampoo my cat, apply a 1 month dose of Frontline and keep her over night.

    The pest control place fill be different depending on your needs and area they will need to spray. I have a lot of land but I only have them spray the area around the house and the inside. I would think it shouldn’t be anymore that 150 to 180 for a contract. But like I said it will depend on you and your needs.

    I’ve been doing this for two years now and I haven’t had any pest problems since.

    Good luck.

  211. Please help me, my boyfriend has a golden lab who is 4 and is always getting fleas. The dog stays at his house and mine. I have cleaned everything and the fleas are still coming back!!!!! I thought maybe the dog should just stay at his house because there is a flee problem at his house and mine. I have done that for a while but they are still here. I regulary wash the dog but nothing seems to help.

  212. My 2 year old pug cam home with fleas all over him.. to the point where he was attacking his tail and made a very nasty wound. I asked someone and they just told me that he had dry skin. My dog usually sleeps with me at night.. so then im laying down n wat do u know??….i was gettin eaten alive!! i see this flea trying to attack me!! I lost my mind!! not only that but my husband brought home a newborn pitbull that h saved and i found one on him!! I also have a 1 year old that loves to stick everything in her mouth. I have tried all of the HARTZ products like the powders n dips but i dont see any progress. my pug is just scratching away!! ive been vaccuuming like a mad woman and i keep getting bit! I dont wanna see the newborn puppy get attacked by fleas what can i use on him that wont harm him????

  213. Growing up we had fleas but never as bad at this. A friend of my roommmate brought fleas from her house and we are trying to get rid of them as fast and easily as we can but we have to be careful because she is 7 months pregnant. All those harmful chemicals will not be good for her,me,or the 3 cats that we have. We have been using vinegar and water mix over everything in the apartment and carpets and clothes. We gave all the cats a flea bath but they were doped up before that experience(NOT FUN!!!) then they were combed and flea collars were put on , then it was off to their rooms to give us dirty looks for about 2 hours. We have been using this mix for about 4 days now but yet I have severe flea bites on my ankles and they itch like crazy but i find that if you spray the mixture on the flea bites they don’t itch and they cool down for long periods of time. I really hope this works because we can’t afford to buy all these expensive products when they don’t treat the problem at hand and having a simple solution to a major problem like this one would be a dream come true. Maybe we all should go into business together just to create a product that will kill all these demonic fleas and then we could wipe out the market of useless products and frauds. Wish Me Luck And Lots Of It!!!!!!!!!!

  214. Thanks for all the tips! I have been battling a flea problem all summer and I have bombed my house and bathed my pet religiously, but I still have a problem. I will try some of the more “natural” ways of doing it and see how that works….

  215. It’s 4 am and I just sent the following email to my boyfriend…my house and car have been taken over by fleas after i bought a couch on craigslist that was infested. my boyfriends dog came over this weekend and poor baby, he is going through it! I never would’ve let either of them come over if i knew before hand…thanks everyone for the tips!!! I wish you success in getting rid of these things as I fully understand what you are going through!

    I am considering selling my house and moving and leaving every possession, car included, behind. Its after 4 am and I can’t sleep because of the fleas…I’ve been up reading about all the things I can do to get rid of them and no matter what everything i read says its going to take, at minimum, WEEKS! maybe even months…Please wash everything you own, everything that may have come into contact with the clothes you had on this weekend…spray your car with vinegar and water or salt and water or soapy water…or put borax detergent everywhere and vacuum…i can’t have this cycle repeating when you come over, ****, IF you come over…I would recommend staying far far away from me and this house right now… I am SO SORRY that i have introduced this madness into your life!!! are you itching? do you see them? I am afraid that if i don’t sell or burn the house i will never sleep again…i am so frustrated and paranoid and tired and even scared…i don’t even want to go anywhere tomorrow for fear of being attacked again in my car…i think they are in my hair. i read they can get in there so wash your hair twice a day and use vinegar or alcohol…i am doomed to stink…Jesus help me I don’t think i can deal w/ this…there’s no way i can quarantine everything in the house. the recommendations say bag EVERYTHING…books, clothes, pillows, bedding, etc…then wash it all and burn the bag or freeze them. supposedly fleas can’t live in an environment above 80 degrees so I am going to blast the heat while i am at my internship tomorrow…i bought more bombs and I am going to stay up the rest of the night trying these home remedies i read about. THE EGGS COULD HATCH IN A YEAR!!!! A YEAR!!! Steam cleaning brings them to the surface and then you have to poor salt everywhere of borax…you know what i am thinking as i read all of this??? I am going to go broke killing fleas!!!!!!! go broke or go crazy cause i am a germaphobe who has nearly crashed cars because of spiders on the dash or dropping from the visor and got near naked in the yard because fleas were on me…I am not the kind of person who can handle this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The only answer is to get rid of everything in the house- everything- and clean and treat the floors over and over…they even live on hardwood…they don’t even need carpet to get embedded in…Derek, I am so overwhelmed…I didn’t empty the vacuum bag the other night so according to what i’ve read they are probably living and thriving in my book closet where i keep the vacuum…now i have to burn the books!!!!

  216. My roommates and I have been battling this flea infestation for about two months now. We have gotten rid of our cat, and now we have become the hosts. My favorite part of this whole experience is that our pet has been on Frontline for years and never had a flea problem. All of this started when the landlord ripped up the carpet in the neighbor’s apartment. They had a dog that seemed neglected and my best guess is that the fleas from their carpet took refuge in our home. We have bombed the house twice…the last time with 2 bombs in each room. That did not work…only made the fleas slower. Then we doused everyroom with the carpet granules that are “guaranteed” to kill all stages of fleas. That also proved to be no help. I’m starting to think that these fleas are impermeable to everything! After reading the suggestions on the website, tonight I am going to launch a full-blown siege on the fleas including borax, salt, vinegar, pie plates full of dawn and every other thing I can think of. I will let you know the outcome. I just wanted everyone to stop wasting their money on the bombs, sprays and carpet granules that are sold at the vet/grocery. They DO NOT work!

  217. Okay, first of all, let me say that where I live (Western Pennsylvania), we have at least two kinds of fleas. One is large and brown with a very hard shell, and the other is smaller and black but easier to kill. At the moment, we are infested with both.

    I have had animals in this house since I was in 1st grade. We never had fleas until last year, and even then, it was only a few here and there. Sometime over the summer, they started multiplying like crazy. Within a week, we went from two or three on the cats to twenty or thirty in the mattresses. Let me first say what hasn’t worked so far for us…

    – Frontline. Tried twice on all the animals. Absolutely no results. AT ALL. And I hear the same from all of my neighbors.
    – Zodiac Pet Treatment. Worked briefly, but not well. Fleas just moved to chewing on us for a week.
    – Bombs/Foggers. We have refused to use them ourselves, but our neighbors have said they’re practically worthless and make your house smell like bug spray.

    Now, what HAS worked…

    – Vaccuuming the cats with a bagless vaccuum. My mother bought a Rainbow machine twenty years ago which uses water, not a bag. It’s an absolute miracle. I put some dish soap in the water, which works even better.
    – Borax. Sprinkle on carpets, leave for 30+ minutes. Just make sure no animals come in contact with it, and you vaccuum really well. This week I’ve started using a Borax/salt combo which, I think, works better. (Borax is like $2 at the grocery store)
    – The light/water thingy. Our feed store sells a trap which is a premade one of these, and it’s $20. For free, I washed out a white Chinese take-out dish, added 2 squirts of dish soap, and set it beside a nightlight. ALSO: A little bit of a new tip here; if you can’t or don’t want to use a nightlight, blue or white glow sticks work excessively well if not better. You can put the glow stick IN the water, which seems to draw them better. (I discovered this accidentially when I hung a blue glow necklace on my bedpost after a party… The next morning, it and the floor directly under it were covered in fleas. I bought a dozen glow bracelets at Papermart for $1.50.)
    – Sprays. I spray my bed with the aerosol kind three times a day, no joke. I spray every blanket and sheet, and thoroughly wet the top of the comforter. I also use the trigger spray as a psuedo-fogger for my car. (Aerosol spray was $5.00 at Dollar General, trigger was $3.) The only problem is that the trigger spray contains Lambda-Cyhalothrin, which is not pet-safe. The first trigger spray we got was 0.01% L-C, which was effective and had no visible side-effects. The store sold out, and the new stuff is 0.03%; my mother (a 40-year smoker) coughs her lungs out everytime she’s in my car.
    – Salt. Especially under couch cushions. ($1 at Dollar General)
    – Vinegar. We treat the cats directly with it, and they really don’t seem to mind. The fleas literally start falling off within a few minutes. (Apple Cider Vinegar was $3 for a gallon at Giant Eagle. I even got Fuel Perks on it.)
    – Lavender/Eucalyptus Air Fresheners. I own a candle shop, so I have unlimited access to essential oils. I mixed half lavender, half eucalyptus oil together, and let it soak into some air freshener beads. (Email me at for essential oil information, or about where to buy the beads) I put the beads, once dry, into organza sachets. Then the sachets go into closets, drawers, pet beds, under beds, and in bags of clothes to be washed. Much less smelly than moth balls or repellant!

    This is really an ongoing battle because of just how bad our infestation was (We have a total of 7 indoor cats, 1 indoor/outdoor, and 2 outdoor… Yeah…), but we ARE making progess. Unfortunately, we can’t use the vinegar in the bedrooms or carpets (I gag as soon as I’m near it), but the apple cider vinegar seems to dissipate quickly on the cats, at least. As a general rule, dish soap is safe for kittens/puppies of almost all ages, salt is okay for carpets but not on animals (Ever seen a dog’s paws after they’ve been walking on sidewalk salt? Yeah…) and vinegar is okay if your pet will tolerate it. All three will effectively kill fleas in less than 30 seconds, in our experience. Personally, I would not use rubbing alcohol or Listerine just because I know what those products do to MY skin, let alone my pets’. Keep in mind that absolutely NONE of these methods are okay or vet-approved for birds, rodents, etc. and I would recommend going to a specialty, well-known exotic pet store or a knowledgable vet if you have an infestation in one of those animals.

    If you have a small group of fleas, simply picking them off your animal with a flea comb and your fingernails has worked for a number of people I know. Just have a large dish of soapy water handy. If you suspect them to be anywhere else, SPRAY and VACCUUM first, look for evidence later! You’ll be happy you did! It was a whole month from when I first started getting bit to when I saw the first flea.

    Don’t spend even $200 on professional treatments until you try everything else first. I’ve spent less than $30 so far, and in a month or two, we’ve cut our infestation severely, I would say at least by half.

    I have not tried any other method or substance, but I am trying the B vitamins this week to get them to stop biting me. My legs and arms look absolutely hideous, which sucks since my Halloween costume involves a miniskirt(!). I’m trying Epsom salt baths and lotion, which seems to be helping some.

    I am also now wondering what worms and such fleas carry. We noticed a month or so back that we had these tan-ish, oblong, diamond-shaped eggs everywhere. I just assumed they were fleas. WRONG. They’re apparently some kind of larger worm. I THINK *knocks on wood* that we have them gone now, but ICK! They were all through our entertainment center and couch.

    As a warning, I have known people whose pets have been killed by flea treatments and sprays, and yet their owners followed all of the instructions. Be VERY cautious about the chemicals, especially the professional ones! The 80+ degree tempature thing, I have been told, only works for the black fleas. The brown ones are 130+, if you are lucky. I have even held a lighter to them and they’ve still been alive. (What was someone saying about fleas being around after the end of the world…?)

    Some advice for newbies: When you are moving into a new apartment or house, IMMEDIATELY spray and treat for fleas and other pests. You’ll be glad you did, otherwise you could end up with them all through your lovely designer furniture!

  218. Oh, and also, for the person who asked if we had ever heard of Advantage and Frontline, our fleas LAUGHED at Advantage, even laying eggs directly on the skin our vet applied it to. Frontline is a complete joke, and honestly, I think the fleas have developed an immunity to it as a species. (Or Frontline has started just selling mineral oil in a fancy package.)

  219. I am ready to be rid of these fleas!! I have had them for about 3 months now and going crazy. I have tried powders, sprays, dawn soap, and nothing has done the trick. Finally got my 2 cats on frontline spray, it worked for the first few days, cant wait til 30days rolls around to spray them again. I have flea powdered them them while I wait and vacuum alot, i think I am going to try borax and salt, I am sick of waking up with new bites!! I cant wear skirts my legs are so bitten up, its soooo hard not to itch, even went to the doctor to get more advanced cream, it worked for a lil while….I want this to go away!!!

  220. Thanks soooo much to all of you for all of the helpful tips!!! I’m yet another poor victim of this horrible flea epidemic! I’ve been battling this thing for a couple of weeks now since I’ve discovered fleas on my cats and I’m completely exaughsted from cleaning, vacuming, doing laudry… yadda yadda yadda I’ve also tried the Hartz carpet powders, bombs, sprays, powders to put on your animal and frontline plus and it’s definitely a waste of time and money. I live in Florida where the humidity is very high. We’ve just had a couple of weeks of terrential downpours and it seems that all of the moisture in the air has awakened the sleeping spirit of the crazy mutant fleas… lol I’ve had a nightly ritual of literally sitting with each of my cats and picking them off one by one. Very, very gross but oh so satisfying to see them struggle in a dish of water until they sink to the bottom!! Last night I sat up until 12:30 sprinkling everything with the borax and salt mixture and bathing my cats. I used the listerine and dish soap to bathe them and drowned about 100+ fleas between the three of them. I used a method of filling up the tub with only about three inches of warm water, a few drops of dish soap and about a half a bottle of listerine for each, and then massaged more dish soap into their fur. Don’t fill up the tub too high, because submerging the cat is what really freaks them out. I thought my cats would try to claw me to death, but I found that they started liking the warm water and the mint in the listerine actually soothed thier skin. My cats were itch free and very, very soft after they dried off. I’ve considered washing my own hair in this because they were so soft! All three of them actually were nuzzling me shortly after because they were so happy! You have to be quick to get the left over fleas off of them though. The listerine and dish soap only seems to stun the fleas for a little while rather than kill them. They start coming back to life in about a minute.

    Alicia, I’ve also noticed those wormy white things, only I noticed them coming out of my cats bum last night! You all may want to consider taking your animals to the vet to check for this. The fleas must carry some kind of other parasite that gets into the cats digestive system.

    I’ve vacumed every night and have made progress. The only fleas I’ve seen in the carpet are the very small ones lately. I’m hoping the borax and salt will give me even more headway.

    My suggestions would be to bag up EVERYTHING that you can live without for a while. Extra blankets, throw pillows, rugs, ect… I’ve even bagged up all of the clothes in my closet that I don’t wear often. The others I keep in a ziploc big bag. My clothes might be a little wrinkled for a while, but at least I won’t have bugs. I am going to keep all of this bagged up until I don’t see the fleas in the carpet or on the cats anymore and then wash all of them in hot water. There’s no point in washing all this over and over again and putting it back out to be re-infested. Vacum, Vacum, Vacum!!! I’ve done some research and they say that the fleas you can see are only about 5% of the problem. The other 95% are the eggs, larva and pupae so the key is to get a head of the breeding cycle. My suggestion is to maintain for quite a few months after they are gone, too.

    This site has been a Godsend for me! Good luck everyone!!!

  221. Hi everyone! I just called my vet and they said that cats (don’t know about dogs)can get tapeworms from ingesting the fleas. There is a parasite that lives on fleas that attaches to the digestive system. The vet said that they are very easy to get rid of with a dewormer, but if left untreated for a while they can start to eat away at the cat’s digestive system. The only way for a cat to get the worms is from actually digesting the fleas, so they can’t pass them along to eachother.

    Alicia, talk to your vet about getting a de-wormer! You said you started noticing them about a month ago so your cat has probably been passing them since.

  222. i have had fleas in the past….they are attracted to white things….if you put water,dishsoap in a whit bowl and put a lamp over top…they hop right in!….there are other traps as well…sticky traps that you plug in…and the such. what helps is if you flea bomb ur house…might be horendous to u but they alll will be gone…there is flee meds that u can buy that you drop onto ur pets shoulderblades and rub in…but other things will work as welll. the treatment can affect ur pet and cause hairloss and itching. pet spray on hydrocortozone itch releif will help that tho. for dogs there is a thing called hot spot that will help if your dog has a reaction to meds. fleas r very hard to get rid of…but inthe end…they will be gone. you can also go to the vet to get the right kind of med for them. some will even help with mites that can cause hearingloss or coliflower ear, ticks, and sometimes i think worms. you should vaccume and sweep/mop regularly, as for the carpets you can buy flea killer for them…. now get moving and get it on in the battle 🙂

  223. Look at They have products to use in your home, and in some cities have a service where they come to your house and apply their product. This stuff is “Borate Powder” – basically borax – and really works. The first time we had a problem, we were about to leave on vacation, so we boarded our 2 cats, had the service come out, and vacuumed completely about 5 days later when we got back from vacation. The vet bathed and combed our cats while they were being boarded but did NOT use any chemicals. NO MORE FLEAS!

    Since then, we have only had fleas once (several years later), so I bought the Flea Buster powder from my vet and applied it myself. Works well. You can use it on carpets and furniture, etc.

    No, I don’t work for this company, or own stock (but I wish I did! – HaHa).

    Hope this helps!

  224. not so much a tip but a question…

    i have a chichuau (who knows how to spell that!) named midge. and we took him to the vet to get his du claws removed. He came home with fleas! I have never seen fleas before so im totally grossed out and freaking out! i got zodiac spray for the house a frontline pill thats supposed to kill them in 24 hours and flea shampoo. My fiance said its such a little problem that im over reacting. We have found like 10 fleas in 3 days.. and their starting to slow down and die. what are everyones thoughts on how to stop it in the begining stage???

    Im really freaking out about this!! thanks!!!


  225. Well I finally am rid of the little buggers. Took quite a bit work on my part and many trips to the vet, but the fleas are gone. This is what I did. Put Frontline plus on the dogs and cats every 2 weeks. Vet okayed this. Sprayed Knockout every saturday on everything. Sprayed Raid flea spray everyday on everything. Vacuumed 2x a day. I would spray a cotton ball with raid and put it in the vacuum bag and at the end of the day, toss the bag. In the laundry room where it was the worst, we sprayed ortho max onto all the baseboards. Have not seen a flea in over a week. Anything that the dogs bring in gets killed by the Frontline Plus. You can bet next year when flea season starts, I will have knockout spray on hand. The animals are on frontline year round. Why it got so bad this year is beyond me. So if ya don’t mind chemicals, Raid really don’t smell that bad, spray everyday on everything and vacuum every thing. I also washed my bedding every other day in hot water and bleach and sprayed my mattress and pillows every other day. Hope this helps. Rhonda

  226. I have 2 dogs and a cat and live in Spain, one of the dogs we have had for 4 years and last year he got fleas really bad, luckily a friend who is a vet nurse was visiting and she got me stuff called Stronghold which worked within 2 days, this is good as he has flea allergy dermatitas and it cleared up straight away. When we got the other dog this year we have had a problem for 2 months now and I have used Frontline, Stronghold, powder, shampoo and spray as well as bathing the dogs every day and they are still scratching. We only have tiled floors and no rugs down as it is still warm here around 70 degs in the daytime. So now tonight I have a dish with soapy water under a lamp and on Monday when the stores open (no Sunday opening here) !! I will get some cider vinegar and will try lavender water tomorrow. Thank you everyone for all the tips

  227. Wow ok people that is alot of info the best way that i can tell everyone how to keep them off of you’re pet Dogs is by the use of geranium essental oil by earth solutions just add three drops to you’re pet’s collar once every week (Not Directly to their skin).
    You can also use this method 8 ounce spray bottle fill with water add three drops of Geranium oil, three drops of Lavender oil, shake and you just made yourself the best flea cotrol known to humankind. lol you can spray thais on you’re dogs and on yourself you will have the fleas running. Never spray you’re pet in the face with this keep away from his nose and eyes. I use this on myself when I go Fishing it will work against Mosquitoes, Ticks, and Fleas, This is the cheapest and best way that I know how to rid my house of them is to make it so they do not want to be here in the first place. I have four Newfoundlands, belive me it works and they smell nice too.

  228. Don’t forget about you puppies toys, my dogs favorite toys are ropes and knots, and I’ve found more fleas on them then I have on her….I’m in the mist of cleaning everything right now I’ll let everyone know what works, right now I’m glad We have a small house

  229. My brother and his fiance had one cat with a flea problem in their old apt. they were renting. They vacuumed every day and did laundry every day for about two months, had the exterminator come out twice, flea baths every other day to no avail. Then, my brother moved back home- with his cat, who was (and is!) still flea-ridden. That was back in September. The two cats who live in my parents’ house now have fleas, as does the whole rest of the house (minus my old bedroom, as I would not let the cats or anyone else for that matter in there besides me, and would leave my dirty clothes in one place outside the room so nothing traveled in). They have washed all three cats with Dawn multiple times which helps for a short period of time, used Frontline (which doesn’t work), flea-bombed the house (which did nothing). I have not been living in my house for over two weeks (whole different story), and have found fleas living in my car and in my clothing that I am having to store in my car….the infestations never end!! Has anyone figured out the most effective way of getting rid of fleas in your car yet, or what the best laundry detergent is to use for your laundry?

  230. I had a bad infestation of fleas a few years back,don’t remember who told me this tip ,but it worked ,It did take awhile but eventually I had no more fleas, I put small shallow pans of soapy water on the floor with a lamp turned on ,right by the pan of water, the fleas are attracted to the warmth of the lamp (just as they are to our warm bodies) it’s actually quite fun to see how many you get,they jump toward the lamp and end up drowning in the water,keep doing this until eventually you have no more fleas because you’ve killed them all,may take a couple of weeks but it’s so worth it since you won’t have to expose yourself to harsh chemicals,put the lamps in random areas wherever you notice the fleas,enjoy the battle!!!!

  231. This site is great!!! But need some help and also have a tip. I read in one of the other posting that someone had a problem in their basement. I have tried the bombs also and they don’t work. They are the worst by the washer and dryer. What can I do???? I won’t let anyone in the house now 🙁
    On the main floor I am using the salt and am going to try the borax. The best so far is the flea trap I bought off of ebay (love that place) also can get it on amazon the VICTOR ULTIMATE FLEA TRAP UNIT this is from the same company that sells those lovely wooden mouse traps. Anyway those I use and instead of the refill sticky pads I go to dollar general or family dollar and get rat glue traps. Only one dollar. This is the same thing as the candle and soapy water, but alot safer. They work like a charm, but not keeping up if you have a bad problem like I do. So someone please help!!!!!!

  232. I was getting flea bite marks on my ankles and legs really bad. I mixed up a bottle of water/vinegar/pine sol with lavender and sprayed my lower legs. That helped keep them off of me. I set up the light/pan/dawn plates. That worked well but only when I sprayed my legs first(They chose me over the light and plate until I sprayed myself.) I washed the hardwood floors first with vinegar and water (didn’t hurt the floors) and then I went back over them with pine sol with lavender. I didn’t see any fleas after that and no more jumped onto the plate. I also sprayed the dog with the same bottle of stuff I used on me. He didn’t seem to mind and the pine sol with lavender made him smell good. He’s not scratching, I’m not being bitten and the white socks are looking clear. I also sprayed my car carpet with the same solution. So far, so good..will keep ya posted.

  233. Please, when listing items that are used to combat this problem- such as oils, sevin powder, etc- tell where to purchase these items.

  234. Well, I haven’t seen a single flea in over three days now… (knock on wood!). This was my plan of attack which has seemed to work so far. 1) Bag up everything!Throw pillows, blankets, animal bedding, towels, clothes, pretty much any cloth surface you can stuff in a garbage bag. The clothes and towels I use on a regular basis I’ve put in a ziplock big bag so I can access them easily. Keep it all bagged until the fleas are out of your carpet and pet and then wash it all in hot water. 2) Sprinkle Borax on every inch of your carpet (and in car) and work it in with a broom. Remember to get around baseboards, underneath furniture, on furniture, on your mattress, etc. and tie up the empty vacum bag immediately! Vacum it up every day and repeat. 3) Bathe animals in Dawn dish soap and listerine every other day. Check for fleas on animals every day and remove them with a flea comb or fingernails and drown them in dish soap and water (the dish soap will prevent them from jumping back out)4) Wash your bedding and any clothes and towels you’ve used every other day in HOT water. 5) Go to your vet and buy the Capstar pill (about $5)and REVOLUTION (about $15 per treatment) for each of your animals. Capstar will kill all of the remaining fleas on your pet in 30 min and lasts for 24 hours (works!!). Revolution is residual and works 100 times better than Frontline. I haven’t seen one (live)flea on my cats since I’ve done this and don’t have to bathe them anymore.

    It’s important to treat your house and your pets at the same time,and maintain at least once a week after you don’t see them anymore otherwise all your efforts are in vain. My vet said that for every flea you see there are about 30 eggs laying around and it will take a couple of months to get rid of them for good. My vet also told me that most carpet powders for fleas are knock-offs of borax and much more expensive. I also bombed my house twice, which didn’t appear to work, but the bombs contain IGR (insect growth regulator) which will help to stop them from reproducing as fast but won’t get rid of the problem altogether. Keep your house dry and cool. They like warm, moist environments.

    It’s a long, grueling process but you have to be persistent! If you skip a few days, you’ll be right back where you started. Good luck!!

  235. We finally seem to be getting somewhere, I spoke to my friend who is a vets nurse and she said to make sure to use a worming tablet as if the pet has worms it can trigger flea larvae, so yesterday bought more Stronghold and a wormer, normally use Drontal but they didn’t have that so got Zipyran and it seems to have worked, the dogs are not scratching as much and last night went through them with a comb and only got 9 between them and they seemed to be less agile, easily picked them off with fingernails and straight into soapy water. By the way you cannot overdose your pet with Stronghold so I bougt the one for dogs 3 times the size of mine. I have tried the soapy water/light thing but have not had any fleas in it in the mornings so presume there are none in the living room or kitchen. Thank god we dont have carpets and I have taken all the rugs to be cleaned. Thanks to everyone for the tips

  236. This is DEFINITELY a battle of attrition, and to free your domain from these Horrible little beasts, will take time. First have a good “Gallows Sense of Humor” it REALLY Important it does help knowing you aren’t alone and can LAUGH at the MASSIVE fight ahead.Second EVERY DAY do SOMETHING to make these unwanted “Guests” feel uncomfortable, Spray in a new area,VAC a NEW room, try a new chemical,Crush a Few between your finger nails… ANYTHING. Third, you Really need to have a “barometer”to gauge your current strategy, I recommend “Hanes Over the Calf” white socks, walk around in those and you will get a GOOD idea how the fight is going. Use Science and your own personal intuition, as MANY people have been fairly successful with different strategies.4th Don’t give UP, even if you do NOTHING it is highly likely the “Little Bastards” will hit a season they don’t like and die for no apparent reason.Also if you are PERSONALLY getting attacked, check out “Hard” to see areas like the backs of your knees, the sides of your feet, your “Private” areas and the backs of your forearms(the part thats hard to see) these creatures have been around MILLIONS of years, so they know how to hide to survive.And try not to scratch, get yourself some SOOTHING Ointment, you do MORE damage to yourself from the scratching than the Fleas.With you all “Semper Fi”

  237. Hi everybody. We are ferrets and have fleas, so do our rat brothers Jim & Bob. We also live with 2 cats, a dog, iguana, crabs and walking stick bugs. Mom doesn’t know what to do any more. We all have been frontlined all summer,Not the rats, and we still got are “pets”. Is there anything that can be used that won’t hurt us little guys in the house.

  238. I have recently (2 years ago) moved into a beautiful apt. We have also never seen a flea on our dogs ..Never ..untill we moved here. We have tried everything .dawn , flea dips , collars , frontline and bombings. The best way to get rid of them (at least for a short while) is to BOMB ! It is a raid bomb ..they come in a 3 pack and they work great. I unfortunately had to to put one of our dogs down ..he was so ridden and somehow I was allergic to the bites and got hives and bites that loked the size of a dime. Things are looking up since the daily cleaning and batheing of the pup. But ive found where the reason for all of this ..or from what the exterminator says we have mice too! And they will bring fleas right in your house .and more will come and do the same thing . Now I have to combat fleas and mice ..Pray for me

  239. I am so glad I found this site! Thanks everyone! I went on a two day business trip and came home late last night. The dogs were unusually restless, I thought b/c they tend to get anxious when I travel. Well at 3 a.m. I could take no more. Took my Chihuahua/Jack Russell to the bathroom and turned on the lights thinking she had an ear infection and lo and behold FLEAS! I have had my dogs 15 years and have never even seen a flea! I checked my Maltese and sure enough he had some too-not as many though. So after giving them both two good sudsings at 3:15 I Googled get rid of fleas and found you all. I have stripped all the beds and started washing, vacuumed and spred salt for the next vacuum, and made a HUGE list of products to purchase today. I have a lot of questions:
    What is Diatomaceous earth?
    What is knockout, who is it made by and where do I buy it? Can I use it around pets and children (our D and GD are living with us while our SIL is in Iraq)
    In regards to my yard; do I have to use Ivory? Can I use Dawn?
    What is a dessicant and where does one find tea tree, lavender, geranium and other oils?
    Can I use kosher salt? (its what I prefer to cook with and all I have)
    Is there any possibility I have found this early and nipped it in the bud? I found a total of 5 adult fleas on both dogs and a bunch of that salt and pepper stuff. The salt and pepper stuff was on our Daughter’s bed-our GD likes to sleep with the chihuahua. What is that stuff? Am I going to be wading through fleas this time next week?

    Thanks in advance for your help! – Steph in Columbus OH

  240. We have four cats, all but one are in and outers. The one that is in all the time has the worst flea problem, he is also the youngest. We have given all cats the much touted Frontline Plus for cats. Although this product has worked in the past, this year is the worst by far here in the Cleveland area. We started the apps. in May and every month thereafter like they prescribed, but the problem kept getting worse. We even shortend the application period to fend the little buggers off, but to no avail. I agree with a previous writer here, that the fleas are building up a tolerance to the medication.
    But I will be trying some of the methods above that they say work.
    Here are some flea facts I have learned first hand: 1. Fleas can jump up to three feet high. 2. You can’t squash a flea unless you snap his back with your nail against a hard surface. 3. You can drown a flea, but he can hold his breath under water for up to more than a minute. 4. Fleas like to hang out under cats chins and whiskers, and in there legs and in crevases around the feet, and behind and under their ears. 5. The white sock method does work to find problem spots in your carpets. But they can quickly squirm their way right through a sock to your skin if you don’t get them off right away. 6. Flea combs do get fleas off of cats, but I guarantee you, your cat will never let you comb his entire body……..Happy hunting fleabaggers.

  241. I’ve read every post here….and it has really helped to see that I have options.
    We have one cat, it was a stray, that we took in about 6 weeks ago, I bought a flea collar straight away, and de-wormed him.
    I thought all was well…
    We had him in for his shots, and the Vet gave him advantage to treat fleas, he has said he saw flea dander but no adult fleas.
    We then had him neutered.
    Well a few days ago my husband thought he saw a flea on our cat..I said what ? Impossible !! He has advantage !!
    Well I purchased a flea make sure…I’ve combed him 4 different times, and have found about 20 fleas!!!
    I could not beleive it !! This just disgusts me.
    So I’m combing him every time I see him scratch basically. I know it’s rough on him…but I can’t stand the thought of fleas in my home.
    Now I have Raid here for fleas, I bought it a while ago, it’s one of those all purpose ones, I’m going to use it, but get more Raid for just fleas. From what I’ve read on this site, I am also going to spread salt and borax and vinegar on everything, and vacuum like mad.
    That’s the plan for tomorrow !!
    I haven’t seen any fleas on the carpet or furniture…but I am not waiting for that to happen before I do anything about it.

    Since he was only neutered a week ago, I don’t think I can bath him with the dawn/vinegar mixture, as you aren’t supposed to get him wet for 14 days after neutering….not good.
    Plus I saw a worm on him, when I first combed him…..really not good.
    I de-wormed him again with Sargeants…we’ll see if that works.

    I just wanted to say thankyou to everyone who posted here, and gave helpful hints about what works .

    It’s appreciated more than you know !!

    I’ll post again, and let you all know how it goes…

    Take care everyone 🙂


  242. New Puppy!

    so i was wondering how long i have to wait after applying a flea treatment to my puppy before i can wash him. Im pretty much freaking out cause im a clean freak. i have found 2 adult fleas on my puppy and immediately went out and bought flea treatment. Plan on washing all the bedding and vacuum the carpet several times this week. I have been itching like crazy but i think its just my mind getting to me. well thanxs for all the great suggestions this has helped me ALOT!

  243. God Knows how to get rid of these creatures, its been a hell of a month.
    The Lamp, and dish filled with soapy water works, but extremely slow.
    i cant seem to get rid of these creepy creatures, they are eating me alive !!!!!!

    i have got no Pets , nothing, these creepy creatures have been getting into my room with me. A free Ride on My PANTS …..They were in the yard the whole time.

    The only solution available to me is a PILL that emits gas as soon as it is exposed to Air, dono whats the pill name is , i have to seal the room and Gas it !!! and stay away for three days !!! interesting isnt it. I will try this solution very soon i guess, but it can be dangerous, the room has to be sealed, and no one is allowed to go in for 2 days .

    Comments people ?

  244. I’ve been reading alot of these post’s, and l’m hopein that some of these remedie’s work, l’m going crazy.. flea’s everywhere going to tri the soap and water treatment tomorrow with my 2 cat’s, i can’t even go into the bedroom without feeling them on my body at night. Funny thing is, they don’t bother my husband only me.

    Thx for the tip’s all…Teresa

  245. Borax can be found in the laundry detergent section of your local Wal-mart or Target, etc. I have found the apple cider vinegar smells a bit better than regular white vinegar. You can buy gallon jugs of vinegar and larger containers of salt at Sam’s Club or Costco. It is less expenzive this way. One piece of advice I need to let you know, please, move your beds and clean under them. If you have kids, make sure they get everything out from under the beds and keep it that way while you’re treating for the fleas. The bombs from Hartz & Zodiac did NOT work for me. If I find anything else, I’ll let ya know……

  246. HELPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!! I gave up my little Yorky about 2 weeks ago. The poor little guy had fleas! I’ve had him for a little less than a year and NEVER had fleas until I moved to another complex. He MUST have caught them outside, but hey that’s where dogs go!!! I discovered his fleas about 2 months ago, I bathed him daily, used flea shampoo’s and nearly killed him! He threw up and had the shakes!I was so afraid for him so I gave him away. That very same day I discovered bites on my feet. Then the next day I saw little black dots on my feet and legs! They were attacking me!!!! I got smart and put on some white socks and drained myself of rubbing alcohol. It got so bad that I had to develop a daily routine. I felt like a prisoner in my own home! I’m so glad that I came across this site! I thought that fleas could only jump to you ankles! They were all on my back, my arms…everywhere. I was becoming paranoid, looking at myslelf, scratching like I was crazy or on drugs! I am going to have pest control come and spray. I am sooooo scared of these little *******!!!!!!! I only have 3 weeks left on my lease I am just praying that I don’t take them with meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

  247. I have just prepared the Gas Chamber Let them all say their prayers tonight… coz tomorrow… They are gonna be so waisted….. I hope this works, coz if they arent dead by that time, id better just pack my stuff n leave for good….

    Cant wait to get rid of these creepy things……

  248. Well hey everyone 🙂
    On Monday I cleaned my entire house, with borax and salt, I put it everywhere…let it sit, then I vacuumed.
    I then sprayed with Raid,all over my house, then I gave my cat a bath in Dawn dishsoap, and tea tree oil, and put more advantage on him after he was dry.
    I combed him that night….no fleas, I’m thinking ..ohhh could this have worked so fast ?! The next day (yesterday) I combed him in the morning…still no fleas….omg I was so happy !! That afternoon..another combing…and no fleas !!
    Last night…I saw him scratching….I ran to the kitchen, the cat followed, I grabbed him and combed…found a flea.
    I was so upset…I couldn’t believe he still had them.

    Where do they hide ??!!!!!!!! I mean I’ve combed him so many times…and found nothing…and yet…there was one hiding.
    I combed him again this morning…and no fleas. And so far, he hasn’t scratched.

    So today I’m going to do another good vacuuming, and I think I’m going to get more Raid and spray again.

    I just want this to be over….I seriously can’t go through months of this …I just can’t handle it.

    Anyway…I’ll keep you all updated.

    Good luck to us all


  249. Thank you all for the tips! I went home last night and spread borax and salt all over my floors and sprayed raid fleas and Zodiac spray. I left my house and stayed over my cousin’s house and found a flea while I was taking a shower. She called me this morning and said that she had flea bites and that they were in her bed!!!! I feel like I’m the plague! I feel awful! What can I do to get them out of her house so she won’t get infested with them??????????

  250. I really need to knock on wood right now but I am so happy!!! The night before last I sprinkled the borax, salt, sprayed with raid fleas and zodiac flea spray. Let me tell you, please protect yourself at ALL TIMES! Even though you are spraying and doing all you can you must cover up! I found out the hard way after I brought fleas to my cousin’s house that very night! I repeated the same process at her house and even fogged it with Hartz fogger. But now to the good news, the very next day I had the pest control come out, a $40 charge but it was worth it, and that night I walked around the whole house with white socks. I couldn’t believe my eyes! No fleas, not a single one! Now all I have to do is STOP SCRATCHING MY BITES! I have to admit that I was paranoid ALL night, thinking that they were on me and still biting! Last night was my first night back in my OWN BED! I am moving in 3 more weeks so I will continue to vacuum and sprinkle borax mixed with salt all over my carpet! And I am going to do the same at my new place just to make sure that those BUGGERS don’t try to come along!!!!!! I just want to thank EVERYONE for all you all’s advise. Good luck to those who are still fighting the battle against the LITTLE PESTS FROM H-E-DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS!!!!

  251. Wow Captive..that’s really good news !!
    I sure hope it stays that way, and those fleas are gone for good !
    I haven’t seen any fleas around the house as of yet…but I’m still finding them on my cat. I found two today.
    I’ve gone and bought some IGR (Insect Growth Regulator) spray tonight, I’m going to spray that tomorrow, on my couch and chair, and carpet. Like I’ve said before, I want to stop things in their tracks BEFORE it becomes a problem.
    I’m going to pick up some more Borax as well, and keep doing that ritual for the next few weeks.
    And vacuum vacuum vacuum.
    That reminds me, I have to pick up more vacuum bags..god the money I’ve spent so far …is just crazy.

    I’ll keep you all posted.

    Good Luck everyone !!

  252. I knew me being too excited was going to bite me in the butt! I had a white piece of thick paper sitting on my carpet. There was a small black dot sitting on it. I touched the dot and it jumped! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I immediately vacuumed and sprinkled more borax and salt on the floor. Then I put a white bowl filled with warm water and squirted Dawn dish soap inside. I layed a lamp on top so the bulb shined in the bowl! I walked around the room with white socks and found 5 little monsters on them so I flicked them in the bowl. Another night spent being paranoid and more scratching!!! I must say that their numbers are dying down since the last couple of days. I will keep you all updated next week. Please let them be gone completely before I move!!!!!!!

  253. Oh man, I hate fleas. I love everyone’s madness, it makes me feel like I am not the only psycho compulsively looking down at my legs and ankles for those demon bloodsucking ugly menacing alien creatures.

  254. I noticed bites on my ankles and arms about a week ago and thought that they were spider bites. I sprayed my whole house with CV-800, which is a dairy spray that we use to kill flies, spiders, hornets, etc. Well, on Tuesday while getting ready, I felt something on my foot. When I looked down there was a tiny black spec on my foot – I started to panic…what was it? After some searching online I discovered it was fleas. We have had outdoor dogs for years and have never seen a flea but recently I got two outdoor cats to control mice in the barn. When I got home from work that day I vacuumed my whole house and then poured salt on all of my couches, carpets, wood, floors, etc. I bagged up all of my clothing that I had wore and bagged up all of my bedding. After showering and inspecting myself, I slept in my spare room. The following day I washed all my clothing and bedding in hot water (which I am storing everything clean in bags until I know I am flea free), vacuumed, put a salt and borax mixture along with Sevin on everything. I also washed my wood floors with vinegar and hot water. Every time I leave the house I am spraying it with a flea and tick aeresol spray, including furniture and under everything. I also started to use the soap and water in a white plate under a light. It is Sunday and I have been repeating this cycle, vacuuming, washing floors, salting, etc, daily and haven’t had any bites in 2 days as well as only catching like 5-10 fleas a day in the water/light traps. I also have been wearing light color clothes like khakis and white socks so that I can see if there are fleas on me and pick them off. So far I feel that I am winning the flea war as I am sitting on the couch and have yet to see or feel a flea and the number caught is dramatically reducing daily. Don’t forget to spray your cars as well. Thanks to everyone for their tips!

  255. I promised an update from last week. Well………..the little buggers have slowly but surely stopped attacking me. THANK GOODNESS!!!!!! But they are still lounging around jumping in soapy water executing themselves day by day. I have to admit, it makes me all tingly inside to see them lying there dead!!!!!! This weekend there were about 30-40 of them that have bit the dust or soap rather. Last night there were a total of 7 so I am making some progress. I also put some white paper plates with water and soap underneath my bed because it is difficult to pick my bed up to vacuum it myself. I have more faith more than ever that I have defeated these pesty creatures from H-E-DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS! Everyone, please stay strong, do not let them haunt you, do everything in your power to get rid of them, and DO NOT LET THEM WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  256. I will try some of these tips. My nieghbor suggested lining you fence with cedar chips as well as using cedar chips in dog houses for bedding. Does anyone have a suggestion for effective treatments for yards? I am currently working on ridding my house of fleas, but I know I must win outside to stop this problem as well. We give our dogs capstar. Frontline doesn’t work anymore. Capstar can be expensive if you have to use it every day. I have been sprinkling a little garlic powder in the their food. You can’t give them too much. Garlic can raise their blood pressure as well as give them gas. A tiny bit of powder can go a long ways. If anyone as any suggestions let me know.



  257. acually rhis is a question for everyone…see my neighbor thinks we gave the fleas to them because we had a garbage bag next to the fence and suppposely the dogs went over to the bag n snifted it n now they r saying the hairy dogs have feels n the husband next door keeps bothering us n is saying the fleas breed in the garbage bags which have been outside in the cold away from thier stupid fence n they begining to become a pain in am a**!! im getting sick of the wife too….is it true they live in garbage bags or are they just blaming us for what they knew all along their dogs had fleas all along?? what can i do to get them off our backs before i say something ill regret??

  258. Hi, I have a question about a less severe flea problem. So far, I have found fleas on my cat (which I have determined are coming from a “crawl space” he hangs out in downstairs in the basement) but they are nowhere else that I can find. My roommates and I have two area carpets, and the rest of the house is hardwood floors. We DID find eggs on my cat. The litterbox has been changed and moved upstairs, and he is now not allowed in the basement.

    The kitty has been bathed and dipped, and I plan to keep this up. However, should I worry about a massive infestation if we can’t find them anywhere else (yet)? We are still “boraxing” the carpets, washing all dirty laundry and bedding, and spraying the mattresses with raid.

    Is this enough, or will I wake up two months from now with an infestation from **** when eggs hatch?

  259. I have read all the comments here on this site about fleas….here in Hawaii the heat during the summer is the best time for these pest to really knaw at your ankles… and really irritate your cat/or dog.
    I now have hope that I too can get rid of the little pest from He double heck….
    I will use the vingar first because that is what I have now….I will wash the three cats tomorrow w/ dawn and to give them some relief as their flea collars are not workint well….
    aloha for now…will keep everyone update…

  260. When I first discovered this site – I was a little disheartened to read how many people have been unsuccessful at getting rid of these little buggers. I always thought fleas were a nuisance for pets but never realized how tenacious they were. I thank God that it wasn’t bed bugs. My problem started in Sept but I didn’t realize it since only 1 out of 5 people in our house were exhibiting any symptoms. Also the cat didn’t seem to be scratching and always wore a flea collar. I’d had 3 other cats in my life and none of them ever had fleas before and all I ever did was put a flea collar on them. At first I thought it must be mosquitoes since the weather was quite warm in the Northeast for some time. But by early November – I noticed the cat was actually lethargic and my daughter was getting bit at least 15 times a night. I thought it might be a rash and I changed all the bedding and switched detergents. But the cat slept with my husband and I and we didn’t seem to be bitten. By late November, my daughter had actually found one hopping along on the outside of her pants leg and with the use of the internet it was easy to find a picture and figure out what it was. But I still didn’t see any flea dirt anywhere. As luck would have it, the exterminator we had a contract with for ants happened to come the next day – he’s getting on in years and didn’t seem to really want to do the bombs. He said he hadn’t had to do a flea de-infestation in 20 years since Frontline came around. But he did give us some great advice and between that and talking to other people that had the problem and various websites this is what seems to have worked for us. By the way, I was told by my dermatologist that you actually can be bitten and just not have an allergic reaction. Anyway – this is a huge undertaking – fortunately most of the floors in my house are wood or ceramic – I only have 3 large area rugs and some throw rugs around the house. You have to get everything up off the floor – get rid of clutter – we threw out about 30 garbage bags worth of stuff. We took the cat to the vet and got her a flea bath and her first application of frontline. Expensive stuff but my exterminator said to try to order on line next time. I didn’t want to do it since I have heard that animals can have bad reactions – but she is completely flea free now and so much perkier than she was a few weeks ago. My friend that had this problem years ago said when he put the Frontline on his cats that the fleas were jumping off like popcorn and dying on the spot. He said he didn’t do anything else except spray everything with Raid. Anyway, I had the cat boarded at the vet for 2 days so we could work on the house. I went to the store and bought big white trash bags and big black ones. We put everything that needed to be washed – bed linens, towels, throw rugs into the black bags and everything that needed to be thrown out in white bags. We set up a staging area in the garage since we couldn’t throw out all that garbage or do all that laundry at one time – and sprayed all the outside of the bags and the garage floor with Raid to kill anything that might be hopping around. We then vacuumed every surface – the mattresses, under the mattresses, the floors – wood, ceramic – everywhere, behind furniture, underneath furniture. We bought bombs and did them in all the bedrooms and family room – we stood the mattresses up and pulled the furniture away from the walls and left the closets open. Unfortunately, you can’t use the bombs in really large areas so we couldn’t do the living room with the high ceilings and we also couldn’t do the basement because we have several fishtanks and it would have killed the fish. We sprayed the carpets, the upholstered furniture and the basement – turned off the gas and left the house. When we came back – the house smelled of course – we opened all the windows and re-vacuumed everything again. We mopped the ceramic floors with Pinesol and water. We then did about 40 loads of laundry including drapery and every blanket in the house. If something got ruined from being in the hot water – I threw it out. After we did this – my daughter did get 3 more bites. I then went online and bought 4 flea traps, 5 lbs of food grade dichotomous earth with less than 1% silica and I made several of my own flea traps with white plates. I did catch 1 flea in each of 3 rooms. However, now I am not catching anything and my daughter hasn’t been bit in weeks. She is my only gage to see how I’m doing because no one else exhibits any signs of being bitten. I’ve checked the cat with a flea comb but don’t see anything and there is still no flea dirt on the furniture. I’m not sure if it’s the now very cold Northeast winter or the dichotomous earth or if it’s just that our humidifier broke a few years ago and our house is already extremely dry. Apparently they don’t like cold dry air. Whatever it is – the cat is happy, my daughter is happy. I’m exhausted from the additional loads of laundry and extra vacuuming. The dichotomous earth is really messy and did make my wood floors look dingy. I’m keeping a thin layer of it everywhere and it worked nicely into the carpets – if you use a broom to get it in there – you can’t tell but my carpets are light colored. Not sure if would work on dark colors. I don’t know if when Spring comes if we’ll have them again. I still now vacuum regularly and change all bedding once a week but I do know other people that have been successful at this. I think it just takes dilligence. I do understand it’s harder to get rid of them if you live in a humid area like Florida. But at least for the winter – we seem to be done. The cat is staying on Frontline because apparently anything that tries to bite her dies and frankly I’d rather that they bite her than my kid. Good luck everyone!

  261. I have a 112 pound male st. bernard who had a bad case of fleas. I poured two 32oz containers of alcohol on him and massaged it into his skin. The fleas started falling off of him and were dead. I let it set on him for 15 minutes. Then I rinsed him with cool water and washed him with blue dawn dish liquid. I massaged that all over and used my fingernails to get into his skin. I would say I washed him for 20 minutes or so and then rinsed him with cold water. All the fleas fell off of him and were dead. I have yet to see one alive. I have used the frontline but these were the best results I have ever seen in removing fleas off a dog, especially with long hair like my st. bernard.

  262. my dog has fleas but i haven’t found any on my cat. We have tried so much but they just keep coming back… here are some of the things people have told me… if you read all of these you will see many that say pan of soapy water and a light, my mom says it works. flea shampoos are awesome, but can’t be used around eyes and ears which is where you are going to find them hiding. once we bathe our dog we move the fur around the eyes and find many hiding so prolly try a suggestion on here and use the vinegar and water on the lower half of your dog. I have been going crazy with these things i got the house spray, and treatments and shampoo from wal mart. I just got a flea collar for my dog and cat. I haven’t found any thing that has worked for my dog yet. The mosquito repelent that is talked about it actually made of garlic oil and says use with dish washing soap. I am going to try to blend some with soap and spray it on our yard. and that person saying just get frontline to prevent it… your dumb. stuff doesn’t work on all dogs the same. and if you already have the problem it is already too late to prevent it. if your dog is around a neighbor dog everyday that has them frontline may not help. i am actually thinking of going to the vet and getting it but i also have to get rid of the ones in our house before christmas. I honestly don’t know what to do to completely get rid of them. this is the first time i have ever had a problem with them and i have had dogs all my life. we don’t have carpet either so maybe that borax dows work on that… i figure some of the best things to have are garlic, lots of dish soap, borax (which i think you can find in the laundry section of wal-mart) vinegar and a vaccum (which i don’t have!) good luck…

  263. ***CAPSTAR*** i have actually been reading a lot of these and read that a lot of people use capstar tablets… when using them they only work on adult fleas, if buying it i suggest going to, they have a 6 pack for about $15 which is a lot cheaper then a lot of stuff sold right now. The brand you find at wal-mart (hertz)doesn’t work very well, the shampoo works for my dog, but i am still finding them, i don’t recommend it. if capstar is used it is also recommended to use a treatment that comes in a pill form also it is called program and they are flavored. They are actually used as a form of prevention also. The Capstar kills adult flees and the program is for control, it stops the eggs from hatching and larve from developing. I found it on for around $40 for both dogs and cats. it is a 6 pack. remember it will be worth it (if it works, i have never used it) since it can be used just like frontline and prevent them from coming back… i have been reading for a long time and researching so i just figure i will share my tips too… that was mine above too…

  264. Does it work to put things out in the cold? (about 10 degrees here) Will that kill them? My daughter brought her suitcase home – with fleas. How long do they take to go from suitcase to house?

  265. This message is for M who said that people should use Advantage or something before you get fleas… I moved into my new apartment a few weeks ago and I have no pets! Yet a few days after we moved in we discovered a mass infentation of fleas! The people that lived there and moved out two months before we moved in had a dog. The fleas said dormant for 2 months. We have had an exterminator out, set off bombs, and sprinkled and sprayed carpet and upholstry stuff EVERYWHERE and wash and vacuum constantly! So to M who sees fleas as a problem people bring on themselves, may you be bit hundreds of times!

  266. I have had it with these fleas, they just won’t go away! My dog is infested, and I have tried everything. His monthly medication and his flea collar are completely ineffective, as opposed to just a month ago when they used to keep all the fleas away. I have used flea dust on my carpets, I bathe him with flea shampoo every day and comb all the fleas out one by one. It’s exhausting because no matter what I do they ALWAYS end up coming back. I put vinegar in his water and garlic in his food, I tried the whole nine yards, I just don’t know what to do anymore. I have flea bites all over me, I’m sick of these F$#*%@! fleas. The weird thing is my cat doesn’t have them at all. Her monthly medication and flea collar actually work. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?!

  267. I had a minor flea problem in September (most I ever saw in one day was 7). Daily, I took a B-Vitamin complex, garlic pills, and a dose of something vinegar-y to make me (the food source since I have no pets) taste bad. By vacuuming twice a day (I put part of a flea collar in the vacuum, just in case), using essential oils (spraying myself and the carpet) and a mixture of salt and Borax, and washing the sheets every day worked. After a week and a half, I was flea-free. Here’s an article I just read about the virtues of vacuuming as a way to kill fleas:

  268. This year has been the worst year in quite sometime for fleas. All of the stores are selling out of flea control products. It seems that everyone is having this problem that still have warm weather. Here is Florida it has been exceptionally warm this winter and the fleas keep coming and multipling. As soon as you get rid of them the next batch is hatching out in your yard where to dogs play and run around. My dogs are only in the yard for a brief period but they seem to get them. I wish all of you luck because there are many methods listed that do work. As for babies cat/dog. I would be very careful to bath them. Check with your doctor but you might be able to use a very soggy soap filled washcloth on them to kill the fleas and pick them off with tweezers or a flea comb. Keep those babies warm you dont want them to get cold.

  269. Hi guys. I started getting itchy red bumps all over my ankles and calves mostly. They went away for four weeks but returned a few days ago but this time even worse. They are so itchy for several days. Lotion doesn’t work or repellent. They often turn dark red a few days later. At first I thought they were bed bugs but I haven’t seen any clue of those on my bed. Then I suspected fleas when I believed to have seen one the other day. It was very small, black colored, and jumped really high when I touched it. My bf sleeps in the same bed as me and has no effect. I have no pets. I don’t know what to do. I’m a model and now I can’t do any photo shoots looking the way I do. Please someone help me. Let me know if you think it is fleas and tell me how you cured your home of these pests. Thank you so much for reading.

  270. hi guy’s. about a month ago we started to have a really bad flea problem, u cant evan walk down stairs now with out being bitten. we have two dogs and the poor things are covered with flees, they scartch so much they have now got cuts from scratching.
    We have tried flee bombs, frontline and lots of other products but they wont go away. We have heard from a relo that dollarmite works really well but i am not sure can u plz give us some help on how to kill these little pests.

  271. I have been suffering from these flea monsters for 3 months. I heard a tip that cedar chips act as a repellent against fleas. I have been sleeping with cedar chips spread all over my body and bed. It is helping some. Cedar chips should be spread all over carpet, beds, and furniture to help eliminate fleas.

    I hope it works soon, as I am losing my mind from these horrible pests.

    Thank you for all the other tips. I am going to try vinegar, Dawn soap, salt, and all the other suggestions you all have made.

  272. They pesting only me not my wife? They get into my eyes, face, hair, jump all over my, bites my feet, legs,back,private parts etc? Wife could not believed it’s fleas because she was not being bite, was told could be I am allergic? I said it was a bite look at those red spot? Tried flea spray in red gallon pump from Home depo, Raid flea spray, defoggers… nothing works? What bothers me most is it crawls into clothings, and bite me? While I watch TV they went into my eyes I need to wash my eyes to get rid of them? I am really fed up with it, I want to get rid of my indoor cat after these are over? Last year it happened I tore up my new installed $1000 carpeting because it was infested? No matter what I do they were there, tried steamming, chemicals, etc. After that I was gone? Now I have hard wood floors… how can they they live on it? I will try vinegar next time? Sometimes I do not want to come home because of these? I also will try vitamin B? But why they comes into my eyes?

  273. most treatments mentioned like powder, foggers, and washing work. but what is more important than the treatment you use is consistency and timing. You want to get them before they lay eggs and after they hatch. treating once and hoping they go away will never work, its impossible to find all the eggs and living adults in one try. I’m not sure when fleas hatch, but a treatment every 2 weeks maybe every week with spray, powder, or fogger should work. wash clothes and bedding daily while treating the house and take 1-2 showers to help keep them away.

  274. I’ve had several flea infestations without seeing the fleas — just receiving their nasty bites! This is unusual since it’s the middle of winter and my dogs are on Advantage – they sleep peacefully and don’t have one bite! The same infestation happened last year. I solved the mystery – and sharing the gross scoop with you in case you’re having this problem. Even though my home is spotless and not cluttery – RATS found their way in to get out of the cold and brought with them the fleas. Last year they must have gotten into my attic. Don’t rule this out – no one would see my home and think that I have a rat galloping through at night. Now, you have to get rid of the rats and their fleas. IF they aren’t in your home, they could be in your basement, crawl space or attic. I vacuumed then bombed all areas this year with a powerful flea bomb – vacuumed – bombed again 10 days later – caught the rats – vacuumed. During this whole outbreak and last years nasty one – I never did see one adult flea so I figure my 25+ infected bites every year was due to young fleas. FYI – with wood floors, brush DE or flea powder into the cracks – sweep up the residual then leave – do not vacuum for a couple of days – let the powder work.

  275. RATS…RATS…RATS…. could be hiding somewhere being your flea source. Are your pets are treated with Advantage or something and only you are getting bites? RATS… somewhere.
    Is it the middle of winter, you have a spotless home, not flea season and your pets are getting bit – but you are? RATS. They’re hiding in your attic or somewhere trying to stay warm and bringing fleas with them. You now have to get rid of the rats/mice/possum/racoon and their fleas 🙁

    I wanted to make this clear in case someone didn’t read my longer previous message.

  276. Well someone told me that citrus oil, especially from oranges will kill fleas. I have not tried this out yet. I also read on the internet that ants hate lemon juice. I do get fleas biting me on occasions, as I live on my own in a flat with central heating.

    I have recently tried rubbing lemon juice onto the lower part of my legs – from my ankles up to my shins. This seems to deter the fleas. The bites are definately stopping. Not sure if it kills the fleas though.

    I like the tip about the white socks. Will try that if needed.

    If I think there is something on me, I stand in the empty bath and undress, shaking my clothes as I go. I have caught a few fleas like that. They can’t escape once you have caught them in the bath.

  277. It seems that things like ants, fleas, flies, spiders, mosquitoes etc are all part of the inverterbrae family. So anything that works to kill one, should work on the other types of inverter-brats.

    I use a flea killer spray to spray housefiles with. It seems to affect their nervous system. They usually end up disoriented and on their backs spinning round in uncontrolled circles, and then pop their clogs! Lovely!

    While looking for uses for citrus oil to kill fleas with, I see that c/o also works wonders on fire ants. Maybe the fire ant killer formulas will also work for people that have a major problem with fleas?

    Here are some links to some interesting pages I have found.

    Also Nizarol is a shampoo for dealing with head lice. Maybe this would help the lady with the flea problem in her hair?

    Possibly rinsing the hair with diluted lemon/citrus juice may remove fleas from the hair? I have not tried this so be carefull not to get in into your eyes.

    HTH 🙂

  278. Well the little brats are still bothering me. The lemon juice did not kill the fleas, but it seemed to be holding them back.

    I have just found a baby flea on my light gray sock. The little brat jumped off somewhere. So now I have put on some white socks and sprinkled some dog flea powder on my socks, and rubbed it on my ankles and up my legs a bit.

    I might try the soapy water in a dish with a light over it tonight. May also sprinkle some salt into the carpet. The flea wars is on again!

  279. I have had success using Permethrin (perscription only) on me. It is a lotion used for killing scabies and lice. The prescription was given to me by a Dr. and so far the fleas are dying when the jump on me. One time use of Permethrin is supposed to last for one week. The cost is $18.00 per tube and well worth it.

    Good luck to everyone.

  280. We bought a house with a huge back yard and it was infested with fleas. A friend at work said to spray the yard with Pine-O-Pine and water. so we sprayed twice a week for about a month. It worked!! We are now flea free.

  281. I am now using Permethrine and Eurax lotions together. A dermatologist wrote the Rx. for me and told me to use both for four days. It is helping.

    I have also spread diatomaceous earth all over my house. What a mess. It has slowed them down, however, they are still biting. I vacuumed today after having the DE down for three days. It helped.

    The exterminator has been to my house 4 times in the last three months. He has never seen anything like this infestation.

    Does anyone know how long it takes for DE to kill them completely?

    What makes me sick is that I took care of a friend’s dog back in October and the dog was infested with fleas. I am furious with the owner. Although, she is not allergic to them like I am.

    It is late January and I a still suffering from these horrible things. I’ve heard it takes longer to rid yourself of fleas without the help of an animal that is treated with flea control in your home.

    Good luck to all!

  282. Cindy – you can buy Mule Team Borax at any grocery store.

    I put Olive Oil in my hair last night and slept the night through without any new bites in my scalp. It seemed to smother the adults and their eggs.

  283. I’m 70, slight, 5′, living on S.S., in a large, 2-floor town house. I was an interior designer and my daughter’s an artist so I have lots of paintings, sculpture, woven things, and furniture everywhere. Since Oct. (It’s now Feb.) I’ve had fleas. The 2 cats and dog no longer itch or scratch, but I do. Their Frontline seems to ave helped after 2 weeks or so. I’ve bombed and sprayed professionally and on my own 4 tmes. Finally I listened to Terminex and I washed again all the linens on my bed, throw rugs, throw pillows, and the clothes I wear every day and vacuumed for ten days after vacuuming, spraying, bombing. The 10th day I thought I had the problem licked, when I decided to try to move the refridgerator. Whatta mess under there–pupai, larva, flea dirt, animal hair, dust, and hundreds of fleas who flew up into my face and out to the rest of the house. The next morning I found huge flea dirt and pupai or larva under my pillow and on my bed. I hadn’t found any flea dirt in the bedroom for days. I walk around with white socks and nothing sticks to them,but I feel the things fly on and off me and from time to time I itch or sting. I sprayed the refrigerator again–underneath and inside the vent in back and the whole
    bedroom and the den sofa yesterday which seemed to help a LOT. Today, I found nor felt any signs of fleas, but I bombed the bedroom anyway. So tonight hopefully I can sleep. I can’t keep vacuuming the whole house everyday. I’ll die of exhaustion. Tomorrow, I may respray and bomb the rest of the house. I have to get the cats out of their room–my office–for a few hours. This is horrendous!–expensive, nerve-wracking, and disgusting.

    My advice: Move your refridgerator early in the game. I moved sofas myself and found nothing underneath so I was shocked with what I found under the fridge.

  284. Was waiting to post this until I felt the war was over and I believe it finally is. I’ve had a serious flea problem for the past 4 months, had to keep the doors of my kids room closed for about the past 2 months while they slept in my bed because they had taken complete control over their rooms and eventually made their way throughout the house.

    I found this website and did some research and heard good things about the diamateous earth but couldnt find anywhere to buy it when a customer of mine suggested I called the local health foods supplier since the food grade D.E is actually said to be a health benefit. So anyways I called there and they didnt have any but said they had limestone powder and it was actually better the D.E and also better for the kids. It does the same thing as D.E as it cuts them open when they climb over it and then die hopefully a painful death.

    The stuff I bought is called C-M PowderGard, its a white powder you sprinkle all over everything then sweep in with a broom. THIS STUFF WORKS!!!!! Within just a couple days they were losing their stronghold on the kids rooms and I was actually able to go in there without being attacked. The weird thing is my dog actually still has the little demons all over her even though shes on the Frontline but they want nothing to do with getting off of her and risking running into my powder. I bought a jug of this stuff for $20, worth every penny. TRUST ME THIS STUFF WORKS!!!!! FLEAS SUCK!!!!!

  285. Hi there,

    I recently moved into a new place. However, there are a lot of stray cats coming in and out of our yard. A few of thefleas managed to make their way into our homes. They were biting me only while my husband was left unbitten.

    The next day I washed all the bedding and all our clothes that were not in the closets. Then I sprinkled salt on the mattress and on the carpets. I then used a product called DYFLEA (Its like an insecticide in a spray can). I closed all the windows and let the product to work for about 30 mins. Then I vacuumed everywhere and I emptied the vacuum bag outside.

    Since I have done that, the fleas are nowhere to be seen and I am enjoying my peaceful sleeps. What I did really worked for us! It took us abou 2 hours and our home was flre-free 🙂

  286. My 12 year old daughter has fleas in her hair and we can;t get rid of them. I tried hair gel and plastic wrap for an hour,different shampoos including dog flea and tics. She has had them since June. We even use the metal lice combs. I clean bedding and everything etc. I getting tired and at the end of my ropes. Recently started to take vitamin B-1 complex. I heard it was good for people who are allergic and it is like a repellent but I don’t know how well it works we just started. Any tips for me?

  287. Okay I would definately recommend Borax it work wonderful except you have to be careful of your pet breathing it in. I have had my little pug/chi mix for 3 years and he has short hair so I comb him daily, this helps but recently my neighbors dog and all the other dogs have infested the yard around our apt complex (I dont think they realize to treat there houses not just the dogs) so everytime I go out I see the darn pesky critters jump on my baby! I double dosed him with Frontline and I really hope I have not hurt him by doing this? I waited a week as I didnt think it was working then I found the real culprits! my neighbors and there dogs..I too am a huge clean freak and i wash everything every other day and vacumn regularly to keep the eggs and larva at bay. My little guy sleeps with me and I have noticed a few dead adult fleas so I am on my way to success. Be flea free everyone and remember imagine yourself not able to speak and had little bugs cralling on you and biting you then multiplying over and over again without anyone to help you..thats our little precious animals and I would not wish fleas on anyones pets…so try everything you can and you will be successful!my little guy slept like an angel last night….I can tell he appreciates me even more for my 100% love for him and that I will do all I can to care for him. FOREVER!

  288. Fleas suck! It’s okay if mom and dad get bit, when it affects your children, you will try everything to keep them from itching. I watching my soapy water bowls and it’s 230 am. I don’t think I’ve catched a flea yet. It’s been since 1 am put it out. I emptied 2 things of salt on the floors. I’m planning to take the cats to get washed and I made my list: garlic capsules for us, rubbing alchol to spray, flea traps to monitor the fleas, even though I don’t think I need that, diatomaceous earth for the outside and garage and back porch, mothballs, (which I only read once from an earlier blog, guess won’t hurt, and of course borx. I had some in the garage, who knows how old that stuff is, but I poured what’s left by the washer and dryer. tomorrow I will vacuum. I’m also going to Chamberlain’s and getting the natural homeopathic medicine to stop the itching. I love reading all these blogs, they are funny! gotta go and get some sleep!

  289. Used sevin powder in 1 gal warm water to mix; then put in sprayer and sprayed all tile and hardwood floors and dining room chairs top and bottom. It will dry milky looking wait 4 hours then wipe off with pure white vinegar especially the polished fine furniture. I can’t believe we did this but these fleas/bugs are terrible….2 months now. Next day we used vinegar and salt and sprayed again. Wipe off with vinegar. You may wish to try only vinegar and salt first. We have no pets or kids. Sevin is poisonous so don’t breathe the fumes of the powder. Test small area on hardwood floors. It seems to have killed alot of fleas and other bugs. Good Luck.

  290. I had a flea infestation a few years ago. Not too bad but after a couple of sleepless nights I knew something was up…I had never experienced fleas before. I did a whole heap of research and I managed to get rid of the little buggers like this.
    Every morning I got out of bed stripped the bedclothes and jumped into the shower bedclothes, nightie and all and gave myself a good drenching. When I got out of the shower, I left the bedclothes in the tub and filled it with cold water…hot water kills the adults but makes the eggs hatch. The only way to kill the eggs is using cold water. Then I’d vacuum the bed and the whole house and all soft furnishings…after that all rugs got thrown into the bathtub again full of cold water. This routine went on for about 2 weeks…I was determined! And I managed to get rid of them.
    One thing, I had tried almost everything on my cat, Frontline Advantage pills and potions and I’m sure I nearly poisoned the poor thing, but I decided to try one last thing and that was Revolution, and that was the one that did it. No more fleas. And from that point forward, prevention all year round. I never wanted to go through that again.

  291. We used the Sevin powder mixed w/water only after spending about $500 for sprays and 3 trips by Pest Control who fummigated the house each time. We have been spraying bug/flea killer almost every day for over 2 months. Note that the salt & vinegar is harder on floors/furniture than the Sevin powder. We used salt & vinegar only on the underside of the table and chairs…not the fabric of the chairs. We did use the sevin on the fabric of the chairs which lightened the fabric somewhat but the white vinegar we used 4 hrs later took most of it off. After using Sevin; and then salt & vineger the next day again we polished the hardwood floor w/JNJ red floor wax which removed the white spots left by the salt & vinegar. We previously tried Malathion (serious stuff w/bad smell) w/water but that did not help. We are still spraying bug spray called Crocidile (kills cockroaches, flies, fleas etc) even on hardwood floors and chairs. It is oil based and doesn’t harm the hardwood or tile floors. Always test first one chair or section of floor to see how it works. Let dry whatever you spray on for several hours to kill the bugs…then cleanup w/even soap & water. Noticed less bugs now after all that but will still buy more spray and possibly Sevin as eggs are still hatching I’m sure. (We even cleaned ceramic tiles and hardwood floors w/clear Kerosene which cleaned nicely but didn’t kill fleas/bugs). Even when Fummigators came and we had to leave the house for 4 hrs after they sprayed and fummigated (couldn’t breathe that stuff) the fleas/bugs did not die. Wish you luck…this task is incredible…it’s like every day trying to think of how to get rid of the bugs. We are washing our drapes and have removed them for now so bugs can’t hide on them We also wash clothes constantly. I’ll be really glad when this is resolved. Good Luck…be diligent.

  292. I tried lemon scented Amonia sponged moped over the surface of my carpet, moped kitchen & bathrooms with it. The Amonia tends to suffercate the fleas also cleans your carpet.Also you can dilute Amonia to wash your animals from head to toe careful around their eyes.It’s alot of work, but with good results.

  293. There is a pill you can get from your vet that is called capstar it kills anything that is on your pet for 24 hours you then remove the pets from your home and bomb and spray your yard. You will still need to wash everything and vacuum alot. The only problem we had with this is the pill only lasted 24 hours so you had to get everything done in that time frame and we haven’t had a problem since

  294. It all started at 9 o clock… I recently picked up some pieces of wood from a storage warehouse and my truck got all infested!!! So, today when I drove to work fleas started eating me alive!! It was so bad that I had to come back home and get a shower, put the clothes in soap, vaccum the truck, spray the truck… Though I had them… and then in the afternoon It happened all over again!!!

    I am following the tips everybody has posted here.. i will be forever grateful if this works.

    Thank god for the internet!!


  295. I am so glad I found this website! You all have great ideas! Well I’m going to get started! I have 3 dogs and 5 cats(4 outside,1 inside) and my dogs are the worst of em all! Usually the Hartz drops works but for some reason the fleas are bad!!!!! So I will take everyone’s advice into consideration and see what I can do!!!!!!!! Thanks!

  296. I have a question and hope someone can answer. Does using Limestone Powder harm either hardwood floors and or ceramic tiles as I have access to that material. Also how long due to leave it on the floors to assist in getting rid of fleas/insects? Help!

  297. hello everyone,

    Just wanted to share this with everyone I use Dawn dishwashing soap to bath my dog and cat and the fleas die. I didn’t believe it until I used it. it’s pretty terrific…

  298. I have no animals and yet my bed seems to be infested with fleas. I wash all linens, vacuum carefully, and it is ok for a week or so and then they are back! I am itchy over my entire body and need help!

  299. I just dont know what to do. We have washed all our laundry and bedding, fogged and sprayed our garage[where it seems they were the worst]bombed, used flea powder and now sprayed the entire house. I know we used the powder that vaccums up twice and we have bombed the house twice but my 2 year old son is still getting tore slap up! I cant hardly handle this anymore. My husband and I dont have a problem getting bit its just him. I guess its his sensitive skin that is easy to penetrate. Ive been having to keep itching cream all over him so he doesnt make himself bleed. If anyone has any other advice please email me. We arent infested. I usually dont see more than one a day, if that. I think we just have a few here and there and when they get on him they eat and eat until he is bit all over. Its on his neck, back and legs. Im so upset about this.

  300. well ive never been bothered with fleas until now, omg they are undestructable, you could do dot to dot on my body, thankgod i’m not alone, i’m on a mission to try everything suggested to kill them once and for alli’ve tried everything else, thats cost me a fortune, now i will try the household remedies, fingers crossed i will win this time as i’m going insane
    i need rid of them, i’ve had my cat for 13yrs and my dog for 5yr and only now have i become infested WHY OH WHY!!!!!!!!
    i’m being eaten alive here, i will try anything,wow this site is great

  301. I rented an apartment in a two family home . Upstairs tenants have a dog – I moved in with tons of ants – I used a pump filled with termite killer and numerous ant traps – Thought I was free of pests. I know have flees – Yep we vacuum but upstairs does little to curb the problem. I found using bug bomb spray helps. I just can’t wait until summer bug seasons is in full force.

  302. I thought I was living this nightmare all by myself! Thank you whoever started this posts, it is such a relief to know I am not the only one fighting this war. I don’t have any pets and can’t figure out how they invaded, but I am doing everything I can think off to get rid of these pesky critters. I have used 2 defoggers, sprayed a home defense, and sprayed zodiac upholstery treatment. To no avail. The exterminator is coming on Friday, but in the meantime, I will try some of the suggested treatments: borax, salt, water/vinegar mixture, C-M powdergard. Whatever works! Good luck to you all and may we all win this war!

  303. I have found that mixing a solution of pine sol and water in a spray botle helps to vacuum fleas. The solution sems to stun the and they stop moving. It doesn’t kill them.. but they are helpless for at least 30 minutes.. long enough to vacuum the helpless S.O.B.’s up before they start jumping again. I usually spray the entire house then come right be hind it with the vac. It’s usually about a day or so before the new hatchlings start biting. If you want to try this.. mix about 5% pine sol and the rest water to a spray bottle. Oh. and I also bath my dog in this mixture and you can see the fleas fall off of him into the water. But if you try this.. make sure you rinse the pet really good. Any left over pine sol will irritate the animals skin very badly.

  304. We took in two pregnant stray cats and their kittens. I tried everything and could not get rid of the fleas. We had to call a professional. The guy came in, bombed the entire house and we haven’t had a problem since. It is worth the money to have a professional come in. We had to leave the home for four hours. It was well worth it.

  305. I have to agree with Monique, Dawn works, however my poodle has such sensitive skin, I’ll have to get him Frontline.
    If your dog does not have sensitive skin, you can spray him with pure rubbing alchohal and watch all all the buggers fall off. It works great, but you have to do it everyday. If he has lots of bites and sores, obviously the alchahol will burn, so be conscience of that.
    I’ve been waiting to try the Borax on the carpets, I’m glad they posted here that it was poison to cats-I’ve heard that works great.

  306. One thing I have done was put soapy water in a large bowl r pan put a light over the pan, while u r sleeping the next day bowl will have a lot of fleas they seem to jump toward the light,I also got a can of raid just for fleas it comes in a purple can around 5 r 6 dollars works great, I have not had any problems,

  307. hey everyone i have been fighting fleas for about three weeks me and my 3 children have been eaten alive they dont seem do like my husband much. i have tried everything sprays, powders etc. but all i can say is the exterminator is coming tomorrow don’t waste your time or money with the home remedies….call the pros!

  308. I just have a question. What is a cheap way to get rid of flea infestation on a cat. Can you use vinegar and water to get rid of the fleas on a cat? What is a cheap way without having to spent money at the vet. Please help!!!

  309. i tried the borax, the salt, and had professionals come in to spray. the fleas are still here and growing. i have 2 cats that are inside cats and are on advantage each month. additionally i boarded them overnight for the flea spray and they were given more flea treatment at the vets. i am with all of you with a horrible problem. fleas love me and i am also itching constantly. i am now going to mop my entire house with dawn liquid soapy water. i will probably run a damp mop (with the dawn) on my rugs. if this doesn’t work, i will be back. thank you all for advice.

  310. Please help! i have a Malteese puppy and he is infested with fleas. We have tried everything!!! I have used frontline, Dawn dishwashing liquid, flea powder, flea spray, flea dip, salt, pine oil, vinager, NOTHING IS WORKING!!! Even my vet is at her wits end. If anyone has anymore suggestions please let me know. Thank you and HELP!!!

  311. Glad to see I’m not the only petless person having flea problems. This has been going on for months and I feel trapped by them as I don’t want to invite friends over for fear they may get bit or even bring them to their own homes. I also have tried all sorts of things to no avail. I guess I tracked them in by myself or it was from one of my neighbors with pets. One place I was having a problem with them was in my mattress so I sprayed it with a ridiculous amount of flea spray and vacuumed every inch of the mattress and floor. It helped for about a week or so and then I had to do it all over again and again. Eventually, I called around to several stores in the area to see if they carried a plastic cover for it. I was looking for one that would fit the entire mattress and zip around the side, but all I could find was one from Bed Bath and Beyond. It only covers the top and sides and it may not be the best solution, yet I’m not getting bit in bed anymore. Hope this can help someone.

  312. I have tried flea spray from Raid, flea powder, flea collars, washing my bedding, clothes, wearing socks, pants, keeping the cats in one area of the house and I still see fleas. My legs are all bitten up and look terrible from them. No one else in my house is getting attacked, so I feel as if they’re not taking my seriously with the flea infestation. But thanks to this website, I can call and have a professional come and ‘bomb’ the house as recommended. I hope it works because I am at my wits end with these stinking pests.

  313. I’m so glad I’m not alone! We’ve had animals for the past 5 years, which is when we got our first dog, now we’re up to 2 dogs and 3 cats. In the years we’ve had them we’ve never had more than the couple fleas here and there, but the Frontline and/or Advantage on all of them (which doesn’t come cheap for 5 animals!) has always managed them more than well. This time NOTHING is touching them and we are now infested. The cats have them but it doesn’t seem to bother them like it does the dogs, poor things are SO miserable, they can’t even sit still anymore. Not to mention my kid’s rooms are infested and you can’t sit on the couch without having a family of 50 fleas jumping on you within 5 seconds. My husband is now spraying “demon” (some kind of bug spray that’s supposed to be strong) so we’ll see how that works, but I’m definately going to try ALL of the ideas of this site. I’ll try anything at this point!! If any more tips come up I can’t wait to see them!

  314. Last year I used 3 mayor topical products for fleas in my 2 dogs and my cat but I was spending too much money and did not see any results, they were full of fleas just a few days after the application. My Great Dane is outside during the day and sleeps inside during the night, my Yorky chiguagua mix is always inside and my cat is outside during the day and inside during the night. I satarted sprinkling “garlic powder” (not garlic salt) in the dogs food and sometimes in the cats wet food. I’ve been giving the dogs a bath every week with regular flea shampoo. If I see 2 or three fleas on them a week is a lot. I have carpet all around my 2000 sqft home in sunny Florida and I use regular flea powder for rugs every month and every 3 to 4 months I apply also Borax powder. I also treat my yard that is about 1 acre with sevin granules for all kind of pests and insects evey 6 months. Be patient because this is gradual, it doesn’t happen all of the sudden it takes time and consistency. I’m very happy with the results and I hope that it can help somebody else.


  316. tried the dawn dishwashing on maltese seemed to kill them hope it does not hurt his skin
    all of the money I’ve spent on fronline and advantage did nothing, will bug bomb the house tommorow and spray the yard – it hurts to see him being eaten by these parasites from ****,never had fleas in colorado but florida seems to have everything to wear you out and bring you down not to mention heat index of 125 degrees and idiots!

  317. Aloe Vera gel – the kind you use after you get a sunburn, very basic with non of the “pain killer” meds in it.
    Put your dog in a tub of water no higher than just above their feet, or with no water at all, start at the head and just start putting the aloe vera gel on them. Put it on pretty thick so that their hair is very saturated. Leave it on one to three minutes (if your dog hates the tub don’t put water in and take a treat for them to chew on while they “soak”) then rinse the dog off.
    We had a min poodle and he was just infested, did this and literally rinsed dead fleas out of his hair.
    It is so thick that it suffocates them. Not sure about the eggs etc. but I would think that it would do the same. Just keep an eye on them and treat the house and yard well and redo him. The best part is you can get it cheap and use it as often as you need to since it won’t dry them out.

  318. I recommend spraying your house, pets and yourself with pickle juice and bengay. It will get rid of any fleas. It also helps with sore muscles. I am a car salesman, and one week I had to go to work wearing that mix all over my body for a whole week!

  319. Well what can I say…. I also am fighting this problem. We have had animals for years..and never had we had this problem. I have used dip on all of my animals and powder on my carpets and to no avail. I am going to use some of the other tips now. I am hoping to get rid of them soon. My son and I are getting bitten. I think it is because we are having a warmer season this year already and we are in for a HOT summer. I am sooooooooooooo bugged by this. I hope I do not have to call the pros…

  320. I am in need of some suggestions. We have hardwood floors throughtout the house, and an 8 mth old. So I don’t know what to use that will get rid of the fleas, & still be safe for my daughter. Everything I have read for getting rid of the suckers only seems to be for carpet. Please help me!

  321. Ok I thought about using the dawn dishwashing liquid in a bowl, but I had another thought..I took a spray bottle and I filled it with water, then I placed dawn in the bottle and sprayed all of my furniture and carpet, waited 1-2 hours and then vaccumed. I plan on doing this daily until I have no more problems. I am also thinking of spraying my dogs down. I know this is going to be a long process, but I want to keep chemicals out of my house.

  322. We don’t even have a pet! We think we got fleas from a raccoon that got into our basement. My youngest daughter is 6 years old and is getting eaten alive! We tried the bombs, but still fleas everywhere. We vacuumed, cleaned, and sprayed flea insecticide on beds and pillows.

    I’m hoping Borax works! We will try more bombs, Avon skin-so-soft, and vacuumin. I pray it works! I am so creeped out!

  323. Okay, so I have been spraying my carpet daily with dawn, and it seems to be working. This morning there was nothing on us. I know it is probably going to take a while still, but this seems to be helping. I also bought flea collars and hartz for the dogs and cats. I am thinking that the dawn is the best defense, along with vacuuming and emptying the canister in a separate bag and placing it in the outside garbage can.

  324. please help me I am so freaked out about this flea problem that I am scared to go to sleep some please help I have given my dog a bath, i have treated my carpet with 3 in 1 hartz carpet powder and also how can I keep them off me at night just the sound of the word fleas makes me itch but i do not what to someone please help me soon

  325. I am a dog groomer and I have spent years fighting fleas, please don’t try any of theses home remedies mentioned, dawn, aloe vera, pickle juice, etc… Major companines have spent millions of dollars on research to help us control fleas safely for our pets. Advantage and frontline are the best treatments on the market, they contain a chemical that paralizes the fleas nervous system, so the flea falls off of your pet and starves to death. You need to use a non detergent, coconut based shampoo if you use these products. They work with the oils on your dogs coat and if you use a detergent based shampoo you strip all the natural oils out of your pets coat, so the product can’t work properly. Your flea problem didn’t start over night so don’t expect it to go away fast. Talk to your vet or groomer and they can help you in your battle, do some research and be paitent. And please only use products that are made for your pet and read and follow the instructions. Flea math = a single flea bites your dog on a average of 40 times a day, if your dog has 10 fleas on them that is 400 bites a day. Ugh…

  326. Jessicah,

    I have been spraying my carpet daily with dawn dishwashing liquid and water in a spray bottle, waiting about an hour and vacuuming. Next, I take the canister out and empty it into a small plastic bag and throw it away outside. I had used the hartz also and it did not work. This seems to be helping. Yesterday I did not have 1 flea on me, and about 4 days ago I was getting like 20 on me at a time. I also dipped my dogs, put Hartz on them and put flea collars on them. Hope this helps.

  327. Ok, I’ve read alot of these suggestions, now where’s my new vacuum cleaner bags? Why is it when you need them, you can’t find them? Any hoo, thank gosh, I’m not the only one who seems tobe better food for them MF’s, than my cats.

  328. Put a flea collar in your vacuum bag and it will help kill the fleas in there. ACtually buy one collar and cut it down – put large pieces in each new bag you use.

  329. Grow PennyRoyal in your yard. It’s a member of the mint family-so it smells nice-and is a low growing ground cover with pretty, small purple flowers. It’s a natural (look at some of the flea shampoos at your pet store and you’ll see some with Penny Royal as an ingredient)flea, mosquito and fly/gnat repellant. Grow it in your yard and you won’t have fleas out there, cut it, dry it and put it in “caches” in your pet’s bed and the fleas will be packing to leave! You can also cut it and put it in a jar with denature alcohol (doesn’t stink as bad as rubbing alcohol), extract it for 3-4 weeks and use it in a carpet steam cleaner. When we’re going somewhere at night (I.e. to see a 4th of July fireworks display or some such thing) you can grab a handful or two of the fresh herb, put it in a bag in your pocket and as the sun is going down pull it out and rub it on your exposed skin-LOL, my scalp often needs it because I have no hair-it’s smell is pleasant and the mosquitos leave YOU alone and go find other “targets”!

  330. I have found that store brand head & shoulders works the best on killing fleas. It is way cheaper than any flea shampoo and kills them instantly. After you wash your pet put Advantage on them. then move on to the carpet and floors. steam clean them then spray Hartz floor treatment. Then vacumm. You need to do this three times in three days. (sucks), but it works. Then treat the yard with Cutters bug spray that attaches to the waterhose. That is the best stuff for the yard by far. this should get rid of your fleas. I have three dogs and two cats and no more fleas.

  331. home depot sells a spray for indoors and furniture. it is called Enforcer flea spray for homes. i’ve used it and it works well but ya have to stay on top of the problem.

  332. I recommend going to wal-mart and buying a bunch of eggs, the cheapest ones you can buy, put them in pots, about 4 or 5, put them in different rooms of the house; break them and let them sit inside the house for about a week, put some dead shrimp or fish in the buckets, the stench will easily drive all the fleas away from your house.

    Hope this helps.

  333. I was told to put banana peelings around the house and it kills fleas.. But, don’t banana peelings attract gnats???????

  334. about 15 yrs ago i moved into a apartment that had a huge flea problem, a very close friend had heard of sprinkling regular table salt on the carpet and furniture and told me about it. I had tried everything and was still being eatin alive so i figured what the **** it’s worth a try and and a inexpensive treatment, IF it worked. To my amazement IT REALLY WORKED!!!!
    i will warn u though it seems to **** off the fleas. within seconds of sprinkling my carpet my feet and ankles were covered with fleas but only for a minute.

  335. well this isn’t a tip, but hopefully some one can help me… , I am affraid that these things you call fles are going to get on my husband I just notice the fleas in the house does anyone know what to do aboutt his problem…as far as we know it has just statred..i’m just scared for my daughter to get them in her hair or even bites on you have any sugg…

  336. Nothing works better than Borox. Simply sprinkle borox throughout your carpeting..brush in with a broom… let it set (preferably over night)..or a few hours…then vacuum up! NO MORE FLEAS… borox contains some chemical that the fleas eat..that eventually “dries” them up and kills them.

  337. I use a Q-tip soaked in 91% rubbing alcohol and touch each individual flea as I spread the fur. Within seconds, the fleas were dead. The alcohol appears to dry them up instantly. Of course this is only a temporary solution, but the cat at least has some temporary relief. I normally use Frontline Plus but for some reason it didn’t work as well this time as it had in the past. I spent the money to buy Frontline so I will try it again and see what happens. I have read on other message boards that sometimes the products purchased online are not what it appears to be. I hope that’s not the case!

  338. I just got rid of the fleas in my house, I used the three day method.
    Bathed kitty with Sargeants,bombed house with Hot-Shot, stopped kitty from going to the bedrooms. Those little guys groced me out…anyhoot I haven’t seen my cat scratch day two…

  339. all i know is to take a soapy bath, put salt on the floors for a couple hours then vacuum fully, for peta light a match, blow it out, and put it on the flea.

    I hope this helps!!!!!

  340. Borax, Borax, Borax!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My dog past away about a month ago. We have been infested with flea for the last week or so. We have a 1 year old who is crawling. We tried everything short of an exterminator. I got on the website and read someone used Borax. We went to Wal-mart and got it for $2.26. Came home put it everywhere (wood floors, carpet and tile). After about 2 hours vacuumed it up and today we have yet to see 1 flea!!! Thanks for the advice!!!!!

  341. Flea bitten folks . Father’s farmhouse was totally infested with fleas. Got rid of cats/dogs , bought a box of Borax , 20 mules and all. Poked holes in box top , went thru house and peppered entire thing . GONE . All that is left to do is vacuuming . I thank you . Park

  342. i just got a tiny chihuahua and he is covered in fleas! i took him to the vet today for his shots and to try to find out what to do about the fleas!! he is 8 weeks old and only weighs less than lb. The vet gave him resolve, said it is ok for dogs that samll. he also told me the way to kill them quickly is to rub rubbing alcohol on the fleas, it willnot hurt him. he said DO NOT use any of the over the counter flea stuff because he is too small, even full grown chihuahuas get sick from flea sprays and powders. he got the medicine about 8 hours ago, i used the alcohol twice to spot kill any survivors, now i see NONE on him!! yaaaaaa! that was easy i hope it lasts! oh yea and i vaccummed the carpet really well.

  343. I have a dog and live in a wood-floored house in Florida. Thanks to the humidity and temperature, fleas love our area!!! Everyone around here has problems with fleas. I’ve tried using Frontline, Advantage, even professionals (Orkin) have come and sprayed/bombed the house FOUR TIMES. My dog will stop itching for a day or so and it will start up again. I’ve even tried bombing the house myself, giving my dog a bath per week, vacuuming the whole house, etc. It’s getting to the point where I’m waking up with flea bites and can’t sleep because I hear my dog itch through the night. I’m exhausted and even the professionals (veterinarian and pest control) can’t help. Can anyone?

    PS I’m trying Borax tomorrow, hope that works!! And I heard bathing animals in lemon-scented Dawn dishwashing detergent works.. but any other suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated!!

  344. When you use alcohol on your pet, use:

    a spray bottle (dollor store 1.00)
    a towel
    rubbing alcohol

    Spray the pet lightly, be careful not to spray the pet’s face then immedately wrap in a towel leaving the face out. You need to keep the pet’s body wrapped for about 10 minutes then release them. This works really well. The exterminator gave us this tip after I mentioned that the treatment I bought from him ($$.00) smelled like rubbing alcohol. He also said to use it to spray the carpet, then vaccum in about 10 to 15 minutes.
    If you are not sure you have fleas, put a white sheet or other white material in the center of the floor. Start walking a circle at the most outer edge of the room, walk around and around coming closer to the sheet. Now look at the sheet, fleas like white for some reason, they will jump on it. Have the alcohol spray bottle handy.

  345. For those of you who have used borax: DO the dogs need to be removed from the area when the borax is down? Will it harm them? THanks

  346. does anyone know what is the best thing to use on the yard to get rid of fleas? and also on my dachshunds to keep them off them? going to try the borax in my house today.

  347. I’m sorry to admit it but my house is completely infested by fleas. We went on vacation and when we came back we were just attacked.

    So, this is a tip not for getting rid of them necessarily, but for keeping them off of you while you clean the house and get it ready for treatments.

    Avon Skin So Soft bug spray. So far they’ve all worked. Best thing of all (especially since there are children in the house) its totally DEET free ( a rather harmful chemical). I’m not sure whether or not it actually kills the fleas, but so far its done a great job of keeping them off me.

    Good Luck~

  348. Ok, you’re going to think this is silly and not going to work but…I just moved into an apartment and it was filled with fleas. I sprinkled baby powder on all the carpets and then sprayed body spray (with alcohol in it) on all the carpets and voila! no more fleas. it took a few minutes to work but eventually those little blood-sucking bass-tards were outta hear!

  349. For natural flea control you can take a dinner plate and place a candle (in glass jar) in the center. Light the candle and put water in the plate with a squirt of dish soap. Fleas are attracted to the light and jump into the water. The soap creates a film on the water that keeps them from being able to get out. It is slow, but works really well.

  350. We just moved into an apartment 4 days ago. This apartment was previously occupied by a tenant with dog. We never have problem with Flea in our old apartment. On the 1st day, I found that our mini schnauzer was infected with FLEAS and running all over him. We caught and killed more than 20 thus far. On the third day, I fall victims to the flea. I found new flea bites on me every morning I wake up. I am glad I found this website and am going to try the methods mentioned on this website. This is really disturbing!!!

  351. my tip is by far the best ,get down on all fours on your carpet but first make sure you are armed with a pin and then just wait,when you see one stick it to him,this method works but is time consuming ,i am slowly getting rid of this buggers after 7 years

  352. A great word of advice!!! Don’t use frontline–it takes several applications for it to really work. I used it on both my indoor dogs and 2-3 days later they were infested. I had to return to the vet and get a capstar pill for both and advantage. Advantage works much better. Also if you have not heard of capstar pill you can get it at the vet only and it kills fleas in less that 24 hours and only cost @$3.00

  353. All i can say is that i have been getting eaten alive.I might have a hundred bites on me,got me thinking about wearing a flea collar.I’m gonna try all of these tips and see if they work cause i cant sleep well.I use my finger nails to kill them bad almost cutting myself with my finger nail pressing so hard cause im so upset with them.I sprayed my whole house with bug spray,but the next day,to my avail, they were still here.Today im gonna use those tips that i read and hope for the best,but im not prepared for the worst.DIE FLEAS,DIEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! MY DOGS DONT EVEN LIVE IN MY HOUSE.DIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  354. Yeah….I spent the night at a friends house and their house was infested with fleas…..i slept in my clothes that night, and my blanket then got covered in fleas….Soo….I threw my blanket into my closet thinking, maybe they will just die off by time. As I just read up above…they sit and wait…JESUS HELP ME!!!….I put that blanket in my closet close to 5 years ago….. I pulled it out for awhile and started sleeping with it. Woke up this morning and was attacked every which way….hands, feet, back, legs, HEAD..croth…:(…I asked a few friends how to get rid of it, their suggestion was burn my clothes, and burn my mattress… I think I’ll try the websites advice first….hopefully the ol’ soap trick will work…I don’t know…


  356. We do not have pets and no carpet (hard wood floors) except a tiny piece of carpet in my bedroom about 3X4 feet. So where are fleas coming from? How do I get rid of them? It’s only a few for now.

  357. well i came home one day and i went into my room i was attacked left and right i kept hitting and slapping and scratching myself the first thing i did was go to the store and bye me some flea spray and sprayed around the house and the next thay was gone.

  358. Every month I give each Dachshund a Sentinel flavor tab, which you get from your Vet, and I also use as backup Frontline Plus for dogs. So far so good.

  359. 20 Mule Team Borax is a MAGIC CRYSTAL!!! Sprinkle it all over carpets, and floors, vacuum up, Then re-apply on carpets, you really do not see it, everytime you vacuum, be sure to re-apply and always leave on the csrpets. Your home will never be infested with fleas. Still need to do flea prevention for your animals but your home will be FLEA FREE! It REALLY works!

  360. I was having a flea problem so I came to this site for help. Reading all the posts really freaked me out!! I was itching just reading them. My problem was not too severe. I have two cats who do not go outside. I think the fleas lingered from an earlier episode when I thought I had licked the problem with Frontline. The fleas were all over the cats. When I used the flea comb I would see like 10 per swipe with all kinds and flea poop. Then I saw tiny white eggs on a red blanket I totally freaked out. I bought some Advantage Multi for cats. We put that stuff on and later that night I found dead fleas in the water bown and on a blanket. Hurray!! Then I went to the Pet People store. We were going to bomb the house but I bought this white powder stuff instead. It was kinda expensive. $45 for a 3lb. jar. It’s called Rx For Fleas Plus/Fleabusters. I put it all over the furniture and carpets. Then you use a brush to get in down in the fibers and then vacuum up. It is supposed to kill fleas, their eggs and spiders. (Yay!!) I vacuumed my whole entire house and every inch of my couch & chairs last weekend…room by room. I washed all the bed linens and then kept the doors to the bedrooms shut. So far, so good. I’m knocking on wood right now! I hope this stuff works. I’m going to keep vacuuming every place that I have seen the cats sitting or sleeping. I hope this helps someone else too.

  361. I hate to burst people’s bubble, but I tried the “20 Mule Team Borax” powder, and guess what…. IT DOESN’T WORK WORTH A DARN!!! I asked my VET, prior to trying it, and she said that she’d heard of people using it, but it’s just an “Old wives tale”. Since I have so many allergies to pharmacutical products, I figured, “What the hay.” I hoped it would have worked, but it didn’t. Sorry, but this Myth is busted.

  362. I’ve read most of these posts and have yet to see mentioned how to get rid of fleas you cannot see! Yes, these little buggers are so tiny you can only see them with a spyglass! And they love to make themselves at home any where you happen to visit. We have had this problem for awhile and used all these remedy’s mentioned many times. Still they persists! They can even live inside a car that sits outside in the hot Arizona sun!! Yes, they prefer to live on humans, our skin is more accessible. One can feel their persence when they jump or bite. HELP!!! Anyone else with this problem??? How did you solve it.

  363. 2 weeks after getting rid of our cat (who never seemed to have fleas and never went out to get them) and whadya know the whole place is bloody jumping! I’m gonna give the soapy water trick a test and see what happens. Also I’ve noticed that whenever I put my warm cup of coffee on the floor in front of my sofa I always get a couple of suicidal fleas jumping in there. Just wandering if that could be used to help attract them away from people so much?

  364. I laughed so hard when I read Victors “being eaten alive”, I just had to write. I normally don’t comment on these kinds of things, but this was just too much laughter not to write. Thank You, Victor, for making my day so much brighter! I do hope you get rid of the fleas, and you stop getting eaten alive. I am a professional groomer and trainer, and from time to time, I do get fleas, but for the most part, no problems. However, I started working at a pet hospital one or two days a week and lo and behold, fleas have come to visit my home. In the past 8 years of mobile grooming in San Diego, no problems. I start work at a pet hospital, and they hitchhiked home with me, is all I can figure out. So, start and keep using the Advantage, every month, on my pet, with a bath before putting the Advantage on, vacuum like crazy (besides it being great exercise), shampoo my carpets more often (previously, they were done every 3 months), but now, as it’s summer, every month, with hot water and professional pet carpet shampoo, and keep bedding washed every week, for my pet as well as myself. Also, when I come in from work, I always put my shoes on a rug by the door, but now, I’ll be putting them in a plastic bag to keep the critters from jumping off my shoes onto the rug.

  365. One can also try using predatory nematodes. You spray them on your
    infested area. They are safe for the enviornment and pet safe. They
    are micro organism’s that kill almost any insect that lifes in the
    soil and it’s larvae. You can buy them online or at a good nursery.
    If you have a few fleas in the house you get a shallow bowl and put
    a concentrated amount of dishsoap with water in it. As you come across
    them on your clothes or on your skin toss them in there and they will
    quickly die with no chance of them jumping out. It worked for me.

  366. I have 3 dogs small ones and i have had one of them for 13 yrs the other two for 4 yrs, and never have i ever had to deal with fleas, well i tried everything their is to try in the stores and my baby’s would still be itching even that they have their med,s on and so forth, so i finally said enough, they are no more than 20 lbs i started giving them 1 tablespoon of garlic crushed a day ( in their food) plus i took the laundry soap borax that i use to wash everything in my home also, but i took borax and garlic powder and lay all around my house for 30 to 45 minutes day and then vacuum, but after you vacuum please empty your bag. I did this for 5 days not missing a day and i am flea free.. And also it dosent hurt to lay some garlic powder at ur entrance doors outside once a week. And my home or dogs do not smell like garlic.

  367. We have a cat that is quarantined in his own room (he has HIV) and somehow, his room got infested with a MAJOR case of fleas! his room is in the basement, so it’s a concrete floor. I removed him from the situation and put Revolution on him, sprayed his cat scratcher and bedding with flea spray, but, what can I do to get rid of them since it’s not carpeting?!?!?!

  368. um….
    i have no pets but i don’t know why but there is fleas all over the carpet!
    so i went to the petcetra(where they sell pets and food and stuff)they were no help.I vaccumed, but i can’t find where they live
    i get bitten everywhere i came to this website and thought it would help and i saw alot of good items and i wanted to use 20 Mule Team Borax but i don’t know where to buy it.please by making a post on this website can you tell me where to buy it? thanks….

  369. my dog has fleas….lots of them. i have two dogs who have a room and come out in the house often…i think i might die…of fleas…im considering putting up a for sale sign and leaving…is this okay?! im most possibly sure i am infested with fleas….

  370. I hope these tips HELP… My pets dont seem to have any fleas. I use advantage. But as soon as I walk inside my house or around inside the fleas get me. They bite my feet & legs. The really weird thing is I’m the only one following victim to the fleas. Think I am low on blood….. They even have been keeping me up at night. I take multi vitamins everyday which has vitamin B in it. Over the years I have heard that, that works to stop bugs/fleas? Its not working!!.. HELP I’m getting eaten alive.

  371. i don’t have any tips but once i had to go to the hospital because of the flea problem .. but is ti the carbon doxicide you emit from your body…….?????

  372. OMG! fleas have been attacking my home!i have gotten alot of tips from here and hope they work. i don`t have that many tips, but something that got rid of the fleas for a lil` bit was industrial strength borax, you can buy it at hardware stores and sometimes grocery markets. so, sprinkle it around your home, i suggest using a salt shaker or your hand, leave it on the ground for 30-45 minutes then vacuum up. thanks for the amazing tips! hope i helped.

  373. hey this is for Billy and every one else you can find 20 mule team borax at target next to the bleach i dont know if it works yet i just boute some tonight.

  374. I have no tips but I need help big time. I am also literally being eaten alive. Don’t know where the fleas even came from. We have a turtle!!!The fleas are so bold, they just jump on my arm and have a field day. We tried flea spray and I think they actally like it! We tried washing the bedding and vacuuming, etc. My husband just sprayed me down with insect repellant, which I also spray on my slippers. I think they think it’s a dog. And, they ONLY bite ME! I may have to move out!!

  375. i had 2 indoor cats in my condo,,,,,the one year old cat i got year ago and had a few fleas but weather got colder and i didnt think was problem,,
    ,,well,,,about 3 weeks ago i got a big infestation,,,everywhere
    ,,the cats were being eaten alive and i couldnt sleep here
    ,,so i bombed twice,,used borax,,salt etc,,,sprays with IGR etc,
    ,,all the usual stuff then i finally said,,
    ,,I HAVE HAD ENOUGH,,,and took cats to hospital,,,,had them examined,,shots and put them up for adoption
    ,,i can not live like this,,,
    ,,i still have fleas but had carpets cleaned today and monitor how many but leaving plastic plates out with soapy Dawn,,,
    ,,,down to a few in each trap a day now,,so i guess i am making progress,,
    ,,vacuum everyday and hope for cold weather,,,
    ,,good luck,,

  376. I got my fleas from a visitor who brought their dog. 14 days after they left, I had fleas. I bombed my house (including basement) one day and found adult fleas 2 days later. The bomb did not kill eggs or larva. So I tried a different bomb that was supposed to kill all stages. Did not.

    Two things seem to work.

    1. I placed a pan of water in every room with fleas. I mixed some dish soap in the water. Then placed a lamp over the water. I had to lean one lamp over a glass jar on its side so that the light was directly over the water. The fleas are atracted to the warmth of the light, jump, and land in the water. The soap keeps them in the water so they drown. The first night I got a lot of fleas. The next night less, then less the third. I plan to keep these water traps around for at least 35days. I got an article from the agricultural extension center of a local college that said a typical life cycle of a flea is 20 to 35 days.

    2. I also use a spray on carpets and floors, especially around the edges and in cracks. AND I vacuum every where everyday. I got some cheap vacuum bags since they must be thrown out. I seal the bags with clear packing tape. Once I looked through the tape and could see fleas moving around inside the bag. I had just sprayed 30 minutes earlier!

    I have seen a reduction so far but eggs can hatch in 2 to 14 days. I was told that vacuuming every day for 10 days would be long enough. I may go longer.

    I looked at a web site that has a natural flea killer. That is my next step. Here is the site.

    Good luck. We all need it!

  377. One of the main things to remember is source, consider the vacuum as a source and use something inside the bag like a flea collar or moth balls, something to help keep them dying after vacuuming or, discord the bag after every use. do not neglect to concentrate your effort on cracks and crevices that can be considered good hiding places for fleas.

  378. I don’t know how to get rid of the fleas, but please look into doing everything you can for your pets. We just had an cat put to sleep because she was anemic from flea bites. Her blood count was 7 when it should have been in the 30’s, they literally ate her alive. 🙁

  379. i need help i have 1 cat and 1 dog and they are infested in fleas if you have any other tips pleas email me at jessie_girl987 [at] hotmail [dot] com

  380. Regarding the link to the cedarsitestore, we bought the kit for $200 (including shipping) and sprayed it all over the inside of the house, including drenching our carpets, dog, cat and backyard. It worked great. The fleas die on contact but you need to know that now, 3 days later, we have fleas all over again. The Cedar Oil is toxic to the flea in that it shuts down all means of breathing which essentially makes them commit suicide. However, it is a CONTACT only pesticide. In other words, if you spray the carpet and miss a spot a foot away, the ones you missed will continue to reproduce and reinfest your house. After the oil dries, it doesn’t seem to be effective, at least not for us. Now my dog and cat are greasy-looking and, once again, covered in fleas. Incidentally, both animals are under the care of a veterinarian and on growth-inhibitor pesticides. I want to make it clear that the cedar oil didn’t work for us but a friend of ours recommended it and had great success. Good luck everyone.

  381. Why will fleas bit some people like crazy,and not others? I have been using vinegar in small dishes in rooms…been getting some…pets don’t like it…but it works on them!

  382. every thing i know to do (hope it helps!!!)

    *FOR KITTENS- use a little flea spray on them only a few times a week and there are drops u can use but don’t use the hole thing!! (even if only a week or 2 old just be careful and watch how they re-act to it all) putting rose mary in their bedding has seemed to make the area unwanted for the fleas
    *For ADULT dog and cats- putting the drops on them hasen’t been that big of a help fopr us but keeping up on flea combing them and dropping the fleas into a jar with some rubbing alcohol (with kills them fast)using flea spray and washing them has been helping
    *House and such- spraying the floor at least 2 times a week because it doesn’t get every stage of fleas and as every says vacum alot i like to put moths in the bags also to kill the fleas u can bug bomb your house but it doesn’t really work all that well and just doing the floors n and over fabric areas works better for me
    *Humans- to keep them off u using bug spray with deet works very well washing
    hope it works for u (i have 16 cats n one dog that go out side and the adult cats love hunting)

  383. We are having a flea problem, we have treated animals, carpets, and nothing is working. We have a cat that attacks us if we put him in water and I do not have 200.00 dollars to buy flea treatments please help us! I have kids and a 6 month old yellow lab and I am going crazy!!!!

  384. Why are the still in our laundry room that has a concrete floor and we have treated the room 3 times. We’ve put flea killing powder down and sprayed?

  385. Borax and Iodized Salt is all you need-guaranteed!

    Thank you to those of you who taught me this…I am forever grateful. I have peace of mind now and my dogs are comfortable. Try this people…it WORKS!

  386. My sister lived in fla and when she took her dog to the vets they told her garlic, even if you have pizza leave a little of the sauce fleas don’t like garlic and they stay off your pets.

  387. Fleas like warm humid places, be sure to mow your grass at least once a week. Sprinkle baking powder on rugs and carpet a couple of hours before using a vacume. This will dry up eggs a larvae so they can not stick to the fibers in the carpet. Use a bagless vacume so fleas can not breed again in the bag and get out. I bought a bagless vacume just for this purpose. Fleas are the nastiest disease carriers, just check out how many diseases they can carry it is scary.

  388. If you have a very bad infestation on your dog or cat…give them Capstar. Wait the alloted time to take affect and then give the animal a bath causing the fleas to bite which in turn die immediatly. Works great for cats/kittens that come into rescue.

  389. My outdoor dog has fleas really bad. I have bathed him, given him a Capstar tablet, and gotten Frontline from the vet. I can’t put the Frontline on him for 3 days b/c he just had a bath. What can I do to kill fleas outside. I moved his pen, washed his house, threw away his blanket, and gave him fresh cedar shavings. I sprayed the yard where his pen was with Hartz 3in1 flea spray and sprinkled Sevin Dust all over the area, but how long do I need to treat that area because the new area will end up with the fleas when the new eggs hatch until I can kill them all. Any suggestions?

  390. We have been battling indoor fleas for 1 month. We finally are getting rid of the sofa, and possibly the love seat. Our cat has never been in the house, but we discovered that raccoons, and possoms have been under the house. Now we need to fix the screens on the foundation. We have had the house sprayed twice, constant vaccuming as well. I didn’t care for the boric products, it made me itch!! What am I doing wrong?

  391. Try to find an Avon Rep. to buy Skin-So-Soft this works on humans and my dogs but it doesn’t kill them all. I mean you have to kill them out of your carpet. It helps fleas from bitting on humans and it has killed fleas on my dogs. If any one needs a Avon Rep. I am one, I lived in Alabama, or you can go to find a Rep.

  392. What do you do with the salt and the garlic because dogs are not suppose to have them. It causes anemia. But do you sprinkle the salt on the carpet?

  393. Borax has a 9.2 ph, which is high enough to damage some people’s carpets. You also vacuum the stuff up which means you have to apply it over and over. My veterinarian recommended a company called Rx for Fleas and it works. Their product stays in the carpet by adhering to the carpet fibers, and its supposedly less toxic than table salt. They guarantee the product with a money back guarantee, and it also works to make sure you don’t get fleas again because of the way it stays in the the carpet.

  394. I gave my cats Capstar and it almost killed one of them. Be careful with that pill. It was like I gave him something to speed his heart up. He was breathing like a cartoon cat. He was running UP walls.

  395. I’ve got a dog and a cat and the cat brought fleas into the house. we have bathed each animal atleast three to four times in the past month and a half and the fleas wont go away. we also use flea medicine and the cat has a flea collar. is there any special way to treat the animals and the house to get rid of them??? if you know of a way please tell me! thank you!!!

  396. Holly, go to your vet and see what they say. I bought a flea treatment from my local pet shop, but it didn’t prevent our puppy getting fleas, so when we took him to the vet for an unrelated issue, he had loads of them on him! The vet said most pet shop flea treatments are ineffective. She gave us one called Advocate, which is quite pricey, but she also recommended Frontline, as something cheaper (but not as effective). We’re in the process of cleaning our house to get rid of them, as we’ve suffered from bites too. I have to vacuum everyday, I’ve bought a flea spray for the carpets and upholstery (called Indorex), the carpets are going to be steam cleaned, and I’ve just thrown away the puppy’s bedding, so fingers crossed that they go soon!

  397. My cat has a bad infestation adn we have bought so many producst also we shaved him and the fleas can still live in very short hair i think im gonna quarantine him adn clean the house like crazy for three days

  398. I am highly allergic to flea bites and I’ve sufford for three weeks now with getting bit by them. just a few days ago I found out that my cats had fleas.. ( didn’t know what all my bites where from till then) we bathed both cats bombed our house and used a topical medication for flea on our cats call zodiac (suppost to be like frontline) our cats still have fleas! what else can I use on them that won’t harm them?????? I can’t stand getting bit anymore! pls help!

  399. I need Advice, My husband and I have a 5 month old kitten, we went on vacation and boarded him, when we came back, he has an infestion of fleas, he has never been outdoors so I KNOW THEY came from the boarder, as far as he is concerned IS IT

  400. oops sorry I was saying is it unfair for me to ask the boarder to pay for his flea medicine? I will clean my House Gratefully I do not have carpet!!! He is covered and I feel bad!! Please Help NEW kitty Owner

  401. I’ve set off 12 flea bombs in the last 2 days, shampooed our cats about 5x each, got them flea collars, shampooed our carpet & vacuum constantly…we are still seeing fleas!! What else should I do!? Can fleas live on humans? Because I didn’t see any on the cats this morning but I saw a couple on my little boy & even in his hair! Please help us!

  402. O,gosh,I got hundres of flea bites all over my body, and I wanna suicide…’cause I cannot stand the itch…
    we don’t have pets in our house.the previous owner had 3 dogs and 2 cats, but they didn’t have this flea problem at that time. They left 2 months ago with their pets. the house was left unoccupied for almost a month before we moved in, and now we got this flea prob.
    Could anybody tell me where did those fleas come from with nobody(or pets)living in the house for such a long time?

  403. plus, we called a technician to spray, but it never worked! I was really mad, ’cause we paid 200 bucks, but it didn’t work!!! What else should I do? Thanx!

  404. I need HELP!! We have fleas at out house badly and i have three children and my 4 year old and i are the only ones that are getting bitten badly. i have already bombed the house last week and cleaned and i have no pets this house has been pet free for over a month. i am using a product now called the enforcer but i have not seen results as of yet. Should i wash all of my bedding in the house again? i dont know what else to do!!!!

  405. This will not kill all fleas off! Only reduces their numbers! Place a shallow baking dish/cookie sheet of water on the floor and hover a desk lamp type of light over it. Overnight, leave the lamp light on while the rest of the house/room is dark. The fleas are drawn to the light, and while jumping for it, end up in the pan and drown. Again, this will not kill off all fleas, only the adults. It makes the numbers a little more manageable. Combine this with regular cleaning and vacuuming.

  406. I hope this helps. I bought flea free from, these are drops you put in pets drinking water, fleas do not like it. Even people can use the drops. Every summer I’ve been having trouble with fleas. Vacuum and wash everything in hot water.

  407. Flea collars are a BAD idea. ONLY medications purchased from a veterinarian such as Frontline, Advantage, etc. should be used on your pets. Anything bought at Wal-Mart type stores (especially Hartz brand) are BAD BAD BAD! Just ask your vet.

  408. Oh, and also take your pet to a professional groomer as they will have a special flea shampoo they will use upon request as well as do any flea-combing necessary.

    Just in case you’re wondering…yes, I work at a vet’s office and we have a grooming shop next door.

  409. I have become flea phobic and we are infested w/ them. We put Frontline on the dog and two cats and it seems to be working, but our house is still full of fleas. We vacuum everyday sometimes twice a day and although that seems to help it is not working completely. We used a Borax and salt mixture sprinkled on the two rooms w/ carpets, and we’ve also used the light suspended above pans of soapy water (which catches some but not all of the fleas), but these things are not ridding us of the fleas completely either. Does anyone know of anything out there that will work??? My husband wants to get FleaBusters powder to sprinkle on the carpets, but I’m hesitant to buy more products. We’ve bombed our house w/Zodiac Fogger and used the Zodiac sprays but those are not completing the job either. We are probably going to bomb the house one more time. Can anyone recommend a treatment program (steps that we can do to get rid of the fleas)?? Please??

  410. Well I’m another frustrated visitor..cannot get rid of the fleas. But I can tell you that the Foggers, do not work at all. I tried the cheap brand and the expensive..did not help. I’ve washed everything and vacuumed for 3 weeks straight..still got em. Although,I did try some carpet powder, and it seemed better for a few days. I’m going to get more of that and keep using it every day. Too bad it is $15 a can!

  411. I read somewhere that fleas thrive in warm and humid conditions. In fall when the weather is chilly, I throw on some warm clothes and open all my windows. I keep my cat locked in the basement (which is equally if not colder) for the day while I vacuum the house and wash everything. I have a store bought steam carpet cleaner that I use after I vacuum the floors really well. This seems to work well for us, I also put on my cat flea medication much like Frontline.

  412. we have tried all those flea bombs and powders, nothing is working with these mean beasts, and their just getting madder. They bite hard for being so small. I now only have a hamster and they still won’t leave. it seems my children and I are their host! HELP!

  413. in order to get rid of fleas you need to bomb your house with front line bombing cans. When you vacuum you need to throw out the bag in the vacuum and to plug the hose up because they can crawl right back up the hole. Bombing the house takes up to 5 hours and 2 hours more with windows open. All clothing must be left in house so the bombing can can kill all fleas in carpet and clothing. Then 48 hours later you can wash clothings about twice then you can wear them. Bedding should be rotated when entering to open windows.

  414. We have a cat and he spent most of his time in the basement I had cleaned down there and my son and I went down to play in the room that we have in the basement i happened to look down and fleas were jumping like crazy I instantly stripped our clothes off and headed up stairs the next day I called the bug man he sprayed the whole house. The two weeks before he came and sprayed again I did nothing but vaccum twice daily I don’t keep any rugs down due to I have 2 small boys that I constantly have to sweep after so that really helped out alot I have washed everything I can think of the cat has come in contact with the bug man came to spray after the two weeks I have slacked off on vaccuming and I wish I hadn’t I seem to be finding a few here and there I will be having my living room carpet steamed cleaned tomorrow do you feel i have done the proper management for the fleas or can anyone recommend anything else I can do to rid the fleas that seem to be here and there………..

    The vet has mentioned that the fleas this year are terrible whether you have an animal or not!!!!!!

  415. HELP!!!!

    I have read all the posts and still have no idea what to do?? I have lost my 8 year old dog and two new born kittens to this terrable flea infestation this year! We are getting ready to move this weekend The fleas are so bad in the house you can litterly see them jumping around on the floor! My son went in there today and he was covered head to toe! Keep in mind no one has been in the house for nearly three weeks as we figured if we left they wouldn’t have anything to live off of but apparently I’m wrong because it’s so terrable I’m afraid to move anything to the new house!!!!

  416. BTW we have sprayed the house several times with a Raid that kills fleas and even bombed it! My other dog and cat are now flea free but the house no way

  417. My vet informed me after I spent $30 or more on flea bombs that they are ineffective. Why would you want to spray something that kills fleas into the air when the fleas are living in your carpet and furniture? He did have a good point. I just thought I’d pass this one so no one else is wasting their time on flea bombs.

  418. I have used Borax, Boric Acid, fogged the house twice using three and four times the required foggers, I have used moth balls, vacuum daily, washed everything that would fit in the washer,vet prescribed flea killer/repellent for the dogs, sprayed the furniture with flea killer and NOTHING as worked! I have done this twice, each taking one or two days to complete. I have an exterminator coming in a few days and after posting this, I am going to sprinkle garlic on the floors and carpets to vacuum AGAIN!

    I got done doing all of the above yesterday for the last time. It took all day and into the night. I finished at 3am. I found three fleas in my little bath room not 24 hours later. They were jumping around, as happy as can be to see me!

    After the exterminator comes, I am having the carpets streamed. All this in one week. I have been combating them for over 10 days now and they are winning!

    What else could I possibly do now?????

  419. SALT!! I used to keep my dogs in the house until a few months before I had my baby and the fleas they left were ridiculous! I couldn’t get off my bed without getting eaten alive and I wasn’t always safe there either! My baby was a week old and I was scared of them biting him..I had enough. I poured regular salt all over the floors, left for about a week came home and vacumed and did it again but just ovrrnight and have not had one yet!

  420. i am looking foe natural rwmidies to rid of the fleas my pug has gotten…fortunetly the hose has remained flea free so far..i have tile flooring throughtout and wash them everyday with hot water n vinegar…can anyone help me???

  421. I have spent hundreds of dollars on over the counter flea remedies for my King Charles Caralier Spaniel. All of these remedies were all “highly recommended” at top pet shops. My dog’s fleas were so bad that he literally scratched all of his fur off almost to his back shoulder area. I was removing 100 fleas daily from him with a flea comb. Finally I took him to the vet. It was explained to me that by mixing OTC remedies one was cancelling the other out. I had dried out his skin so badly by giving him twice weekly flea baths that I was a big part of the itching problem. The vet gave hime Advantage (which is applied once a month and can be purchased anywhere). I have not seen a flea on him in over a week and his fur is actually starting to grow back. He’s still scratching but I think it’s because his skin is so dry. I’m putting baby oil on that. It seems to help.

    I’m vacuuming twice a day (empty your bag outside immediately) and spraying Raid flea spray. It’s a long process getting rid of fleas but it seems to be working. I’ve used bombs before with little luck. Vacuuming and Advantage seem to be doing it for me.

  422. The last time I have posted my comment was on Oct.2nd I would like to let you know that since I have posted I have been vacuuming my ASS off going around the base boards with vacuum mopping using a swiffer and staying up till 12:00am everyday since. I am a working mom with my 2 boys my husband works 2nd shift so I have been very busy I would like to give you some advice please invest in a shopvac dry/wet I actually burnt the motor up in mine. I have had the exterminator come 3 times since Sept.11th I seem to have beat the battle but I will continue to vacuum everyday and never have a pet in my house ever again.
    Oh! I did try the salt thing due to me being parinoid about the situation I can’t say I seen a difference but it made me feel I was maintenancing the problem.
    Why is it you can never seem to find a dead flea……………..

  423. WOW! I have been at battle now for a little over a month. I have 3 dogs and a little over a month ago I saw a flea. Immediately took them to a groomer to get flea dipped and bathed. While they were being pampered my husband went and got the flea medication from the vet and my best friend came over and we cleaned from ceiling to floor throughly. It took the whole day and into the evening. By the time we were done all seemed good. The cat even got a treatment. Now! tonight my daughter saw a flea jump off the cat and on to her. OH MY GOD!!! Will this ever end. I am back to bathing animals and cleaning. I have only carpet downstairs so were are the laying eggs. I am itching all over just thinking about them. Any suggestions out there that seem to work quick as I am running out of patience.


  424. 3 Simple steps to follow, STEP 1 – Vacuum, STEP 2 – Spray Insecticide and last but not the least, STEP 3 – Treat your pets. After a few weeks, you have to repeat the same cycle. Remember that while the fleas are in the pupae stage (in their cocoons) they are not affected by insecticides. The cocoons are watertight and protect the developing flea. This is why you may think you have killed all the fleas and larvae in your home but a week or two later you are still seeing adult fleas.

  425. To remove the fleas from pets use baby shampoo. You have to get the lather right down to their skin and in every nook and cranny but it works. You then have to go through the fur thoroughly with a flea comb (or tweezers) and plunge the flea directly into a bowlful of water if they haven’t been exposed to the shampoo enough. A lot of work but effective.

  426. What a great site. Its heartening to know im not the only person these ankle biters love to snack on. Let me tell you about my problems i’ve had over the years. First time was about 10 years ago first job in a furniture warehouse. We took an old sofa from a house with dogs. The next day im covered in bites. The whole factory got infested. everybody there got a couple of bites but they just seemed to love me. I was getting like 30 a day and this was going on 3 weeks. anyway the boss got his friend (who worked for a sewage company) to spray the place with some stuff and they were gone just like that. would love to know what that stuff was. then about 5 years ago moved into a new apartment and again, about 2 weeks laters im covered in bites (though my housemate never got 1 ever). told the landlord and he got an exterminator in to treat the place. didn’t work. ended up moving out. now a year ago buy my first apartment. guess what! the worst thing that could possibly happen. i dont and never have had pets! have tried insecticides, growth hormone the works. every time i treat the place 1-2 weeks later they come back. its just really getting me down, but thanks to everyone on this site for giving me some hope and some new ideas. now am gonna try some of these homemade remedies see if they work

  427. You need to get an exterminator to come in and do the job !! some have unmarked vantrucks so you dont have to worry about your neighbors (especially if you live in an appartment) freaking out and a 7 month guarantee. Chances are they will have to come back a second time because it is almost impossible to kill fleas when they are in “pupal stage” ,(there are 4 stages to a fleas life)

  428. About a month and a half ago I saw a flea on my dog. I got stuff from the vet to put on her. I cleaned through my house,vaccuming and washing everything. Everything seemed to be good. I thought I had gotten rid of all the fleas. Well about a month later I noticed them again. Every time I see one I put my dog in the tub and bath her. I was told dawn dish detergent works. Which it seems to kill them in the bath but holy cow it is a neverending story. I also sprayed raid on the sectional and the only rug is in the master bedroom and so sprayed it to and vaccumed again, washed everything again. I seem to be finding 1-2 at a time and kill them as i see them. Is there anything else I can do? How long will this last? How fast exactly do they multiply???Please help me.

  429. I don’t have carpet, I have hardwood floors.. And both my cat and dog, have fleas..both have been treated numerous times..what can I do about cleaning my house??

  430. Just after July 4th I noticed a bite on my arm, but we live it the woods & have lots of spiders, so I didn’t sweat it… A few weeks later my boss noticed the ‘bullseye’ : I tested + for Lyme. We did a quick check of the cats, but didn’t see anything (they’re indoor only), so we figured I got it @ the park w/ our son.

    A few days ago I noticed that there was black ‘dust’ on my son’s changing table (one of our cats likes to sleep there) — I immediately knew it was flea dirt. Combing the cats confirmed this 🙁

    What I don’t get it how we’re not getting bit – the cats are always curled up on the sofa & sleep in our bed, but we’re not getting anything.

  431. I have done it all too! Nothing works,topical flea meds, bathed both dogs while washing bedding, throw rugs, blankets and hubby steam cleaning the carpets. 2 hours later fleas back on dogs. The chemicals we need have been banned so my guess is, we all now have to fight these fleas!!! I have had some luck picking off fleas with Avon’s skin so soft body oil. Mix 5 parts water with 1 part skin so soft. I just made a small batch to see it work. 5 Tablespoons to 1TBLS. They jump from it like crazy, but if you get one it dies. I’m using cotton balls and rubbing the dogs. Even though it’s diluted, I don’t want to drench them in it. The oil also prevents the dogs skin from drying out.

  432. OK since my last post I have done some searching. Many liked the topical flea med Advantage. Bought it and it’s working. No fleas on the dogs and none in the house either. I guess you have to keep trying the meds until you find one that works for you. I also bought a spray that saturates carpets, bedding, furniture and so on. Hope this helps somebody else!

  433. My 2 cats have never had fleas before I had a baby 15 weeks ago and now they are crawling have tried sprays, powders etc seems to work for a couple of days then I spot another one I feel so bad for them, so far I’ve spent £150 at the vets and don’t no what else to try!!!! any suggestions would be great!!!!!!:(

  434. CJ…What spray did you use on the carpet, bedding and furniture?? I have seriously vac. my whole house & washed all of my bedding and am still getting eaten alive by these things!! I still need to get the Advantage from the vet but I also need to know the name of the spray please!!!!!!



  436. Sorry I haven’t checked back since my fleas are gone!!!! The spray is by Zodiac Carpet Penetrating insect spray. It claims to kill adult fleas in 10 mins, eggs, larvae and ticks. I really think the steam cleaning and spraying helped. You must get the product to place on your pet. It works. You can buy it at any pet store, not just the vet. Although my neighbor went last week and the stores were sold out. After putting advance on I would see a few fleas but they wouldn’t move, it must kill them pretty quickly. My dogs, chase, catch and sometimes kill squirrels. I’m pretty sure thats where my fleas come from. But here in Ohio we have snow, so I’m thinking less fleas till spring.

  437. OOOPs I said the wrong name of topical it is ADVANTAGE, NOT ADVANCE. You can also apply the topical more than it says on the package, but not more than once a week. Keep fighting!!!!

  438. One more thing to try, Avon Skin So Soft Bath Oil. Mix 5 tbls. of water to one tbls. of skin so soft. Soak cotton ball with the mix and dab it on the animal, or right on the fleas. It kills the fleas, but makes your pet’s skin soft and smells good too. It’s a hard way to do it but it works.

  439. use seven dust on your carpet all over your house leave down for 3 days or a weak, then vaccum repeat again until think there gone, also you can use it on your cat or dog it won’t hurt them wash them first let them air dry sprikle it on them afterwards use flea brush or comb to rub the powder in, use the frontline on them wait for 24 hours then bathe them again until you know ther gone, you begin to to die as soon you apply dust it kils them, also wah everthing in your house with soapy hot water to kill the eggs. ps do not get the power in the eyes be careful. repeat frontline one a month on the pets or advantage. you get the seven dust at walmart in home garden in small 5 pound bag good luck.

  440. We recently had a litter of kittens born in our Grandchildren’s play room… Of course the room became infested with fleas… We didn’t want to use a spay in the room because of the kids…

    We had to wait until the kittens were 6 weeks old, then we spayed the mother cat with Zodiac spay, and took a face cloth and spayed it, and wipped down the kittens with it, then I proceeded to fine comb the kittens. I kept a small bowl of water with oil in it to clean off the comb, and put the fleas that were combed out into the water. I also placed a glass bowl filled about 1/2 way with water and poured some cooking oil into the water, I placed a lamp near the bowl, and kept it one all day… (Be careful the lamp doesn’t fall into the water!!!). (Fleas are attracted to light and light colors..) The fleas will jump into the water solution, and not be able to get out. I also use a bagless vacuum and empty it ever day outside in a covered container…. It really worked well, without spaying anything around the house that would effect the kids….

  441. Ok.
    Here is the story. I moved into this house that my mother is seling about two weeks ago. My aunt lived in the house before me and she had a dog and didn’t take care of the house either. It is from top to bottom covered in a whole bunch of junk. One of my friends that helped me move spent the night and they didn’t bite him at all. I have bites all over my legs and hands and it’s frustrating because I am so anal. I moved into one of the rooms, I bleached the walls, I pulled up the carpet, bleached the floor (hardwood floor), then mopped it again the hardwood floor cleaner. I was told that the bleach would kill the larvae. The mattresses is the only thing I have reused and still I have no luck getting rid of the fleas. Just recently I bombed the whole house and got some spray and sprayed the mattresses and still no luck. I havent slept in my house for a 2 weeks now just have been going to get clothes and when I returned back to my house one was on my shoe. I need advice and I need something that works. Please if anyone can help me I would appreciate it.

  442. i got a puppy back in june and it never occured to me that it would have fleas so we didn’t treat it. i also have a 6 yr old dog. that puppy, now 6 months old, has made me feel like i made the biggest mistake of my life. i cannot get rid of the fleas. i was wondering if it would do any good to shave them??? my girl is a labrador retriever and the boy is retriever/ newfoundland cross, not too hairy. what do yu think? also, would it kill all 4 stages of the flea to leave the house for a weekend and turn off all the heat. of course i would treat the house before leaving. think it would work?? someone reply please!!! i am so sick of it i feel like getting rid of both dogs…

  443. I have found the only thing that kills fleas instantly is salt. I mix hot salt water to dip the flea comb into to kill them and shampoo the carpets with hot salt water.

  444. The best thing to kill fleas is salt! Before work or when your going to be out for the day sprinkle salt down on your carpets, and let it sit. Then when you get get home vaccum it all up and you should be good to go.

  445. I have a crotched blanket that I made and my cousin starting using it for my dog and now I have fleas all over it and I love that blanket,how can I get the fleas out of my favorite blanket?Please give me some ideas on what to do,to get the fleas out of my favorite blanket.Thanks.

  446. Ok so i just baught a dog that is 4-6 months , i noticed he was scratchin an biteing his self alot , i figured they were fleas are tics but there no tics but i did see fleas, he sleeps with me im getting pretty bit up an i itch alot only when in my room, some one help me get rid of them

  447. NEED HELP.
    This is my story…
    My mum hauled me out of bed at 2 in the morning to SWEEP floors! We swept and scrubbed and vacumed and Handy Andy ‘d littery every inch of our little cottage… I retreated to my bed at 11 the next morning.The fleas oviously found this amusing and invited their extended family to come check out the entertainment!!!!!!
    We own one ” flea bag ” and are unable to deflea her.We have tried frontline and all sorts of other deflea treatments.
    Please,please help me.

    Ps My mum is vacuming as I type.