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Do you have flies swarming around and laying eggs on the surface of your food? Gross! Flies are a problem when they take up residence in your home and can be a source of food contamination. They can spread disease onto your food without you even knowing. Nobody wants that in their life!

How do you quickly and efficiently get rid of flies? Here are some methods that have been proven to help you get rid of flies fast.

1. Use a fly swatter or zapper.

Locate where the pesky fly is and practice your swinging arm while you aim with a fly swatter to smack or zap the fly. A fly swatter will kill the fly instantly if you hit your target. A fly zapper will either stun the fly or kill the fly outright. If the fly is only stunned you still have to kill the fly afterwards and dispose of it as you see fit.

If you don’t want to invest in a fly swatter or zapper, you can easily substitute this method with a rolled up magazine or newspaper and it will serve the same purpose as a fly swatter.
If the flies are small enough to escape between the holes of the swatter or zapper, consider other options below to get rid of flies. This method does require a bit of patience and accuracy, so read on for other suggestions!

2. Construct a flytrap.

Grab a clean small bowl or container that you would not mind becoming a fly den. Pour a small amount of apple cider vinegar into the bowl or container. You can also try using orange fruit peels to attract the flies instead as the common household fruit fly is attracted to fruits.

Cover the top of the bowl or container tightly with plastic wrap and hold the plastic wrap in place by securing it with an elastic band.

Next, poke tiny holes into the plastic wrap with a toothpick or an object that creates similar tiny holes so that the flies can crawl in, but cannot fly back out and escape. Place your flytrap in a location where flies are densely populated. Now sit back and wait for the flies to literally fall into your trap.

Check on your flytrap daily and toss out the trap after 2-3 days. Construct a new flytrap if necessary.

3. Consider fly strips.

Trick and trap flies with the use of a sticky fly strip. You can either purchase these at your local home and garden store or even at your local grocery store. Hang these up where you see flies mostly swarm and gather to maximize the number of flies that you trap.

Don’t want to spend money to trap pesky flies? Make your own fly strip with household items lying around the house. All you need is sugary syrup, sugar, thin cardboard or paper, string, and a hole-puncher.

To make a fly strip, first combine ¼ cup of sugary syrup of your choice with ¼ cup of sugar to create a sweet concoction to attract the flies. Cut thin strips of thin cardboard or paper and punch a hole at the top so that you can thread the string through to hang your fly strip.
Coat your strips with the sugary syrup concoction that you made and let the strips dry before you hang up your fly strips.

Check on these strips daily and dispose of them in 2-3 days. The stickiness may have worn off or the sight may be unbearable with all the fly bodies stuck to it. Replace with new fly strips if needed.

4. Vacuum up flies.

Use your vacuum cleaner to suck up the flies. The powerful suction of the vacuum will help decrease and eliminate the number of flies that are present in your house.

Simply take your vacuum out of the closet and turn it on while aiming it towards the flies. As simple as it sounds, this method is highly effective when you are battling against flies that have landed on the wall, for instance. You may be able to catch a fly in mid-flight, but this is proven to be more difficult.

If you chase the fly around enough with the vacuum nozzle, the fly will eventually tire out and seek rest on a nearby surface. Now is your chance! Move in with your vacuum and say good bye to those pesky flies.

5. Clean up your house.

Throw away or remove all sources of food that flies can gain access to in order to destroy any potential breeding grounds for flies. Flies are attracted to sweet and sticky substances, so the presence of food is perfect for them to take up residence wherever there is a food source available.

Put away and cover up any food that is placed outside of the fridge or is sitting on the counter.

After a meal, wash dishes immediately to get rid of any food source for flies. Any food that is left in the drain catcher should be disposed of properly so that it doesn’t rot and attract the flies. Don’t forget to wipe down the counters and dining table to get those crumbs!
Dispose of any rotting food in garbage cans outside or in the compost. Do not leave food in the house as flies like laying eggs where plenty of food is available for their baby flies to live in.

6. Use your chopsticks.

If all else fails, practice using your chopstick by snatching flies out in midair as seen in Karate Kid. This method will not only improve your patience, focus and accuracy, but it will help you get rid of flies in the process. Think you have what it takes? Only one way to find out! Practice makes perfect, after all.

Seeing and hearing a swarm of flies is unsettling, especially when you are trying to eat your meal in peace. Flies are unsanitary as wells as unhygienic as they feed off of feces, rotting food, and garbage. Select one or multiple methods to use at one time to control, maintain, and get rid of flies in the house. After the flies are gone, you can eat the food in your house with the peace of mind knowing that you are not consuming contaminated food.

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  1. I read that, studies showed that flies avoid the color blue. So cabinets and counters where painted blue in the famous “Frankfort Kitchens” to cut down on flies swarming around food and food surfaces. I looked up articles under “kitchen” at and read about the efficient time-lapse study based design of the Frankfort Kitchen. So if I get attractive cobalt blue countertops, will flies avoid my dinner party buffet layouts, and prep areas? If I stain the cement on my back patio, blue…will my guests be LESS swarmed when visiting this summer? What do you know about studies of things flies avoid by site???

  2. We have hung clear bags of water outside and have not found this to reduce the number of flies. I heard a great way to repel flies on a t.v. show. The woman on television said to open a can of beer (keep it full) and put it on the other side of the fence of where you are having an outside party. The flies and bugs will be attracted to the full beer can and not to your party.

    I have not tried this, but I will try this tomorrow and let you know how it goes. Please send feedback if you try this. Mother’s Day is tomorrow and we are having our entire family over. This will be a good time to try this.

    Kelly Schmidt

  3. my dad just got back from South Carolina visting his brothers and sister. My one uncle swears by the zip lock bag with water in it to prevent flies from entering the house. He has lots of dogs and cats and he has no flies in the house. I live in CA and thought i’d give this a go for myself. Keep them out of the hosue and the garage.

  4. In the countryside of Puerto Rico, restaurants with outdoor seating often hang glass bottles and jugs full of water around the perimeter of the restaurant’s awning. I have also seen glass bottles (drink bottles, soda bottles) of water placed on tables. Just remove the label from a bottle, fill with water, and close. I don’t know how effective it is but lots of places do it. They say it keeps all insects away, not just flies. People say insects are afraid of their magnified reflections.

  5. My wife and I had a lawn party yesterday. It was a too warm in the house to keep the doors closed. One of our guests recommended taking ziplock bags filled halfway with water and hanging them over the doorway. We laughed initially then said “what the heck! Let’s try it!” We opened the front door and back door, hung the bags, and had NO FLIES in the house ALL DAY!!! I was told that flies see the bag and think they are flying into water, so they go the other way…AND because of their wide peripheral vison, the whole doorway looks to them like a body of water.

  6. Yep! It’s true. I saw it with my own eyes. Ziplock bags filled half full of water and suspended above the tallest member of your house hold will indeed greatly diminish the fly count. Tie the bags so some superstructure and let them hang. I also have heard dangling CDs will do the same. These methods mess-up the fly’s optics so they stay away.


  7. I Placed a transparent plastic bag with water outside next to my livingroom sliding door on the deck. I saw this tip on a traver program that this old lady from Portugal was using and I tried. I have for 2 weeks and I realized that not only the flies but also the spiders that were on the outside walls desapeared. “Of course the chemical companies wont like this idea”.

  8. I work for Massey Services (Pest Prevention company in Maitland Florida). But I was at a pizza place yesterday in Sanford, Florida and noticed that they had hanging ziplock bags filled half full with water – over their outdoor (cafe) seating. I called and asked why and the owner said that someone from the Islands had given him the tip – to keep away flies! He said that it worked well and at one point when it seemed to be not quite as effective, they changed the water and re-hung the bags and it was effective again. The pizza place is called Angelo’s, located at 107 N. 1st Street, Sanford, FL.

  9. Well, after being pestered by a spastic fly for the last week, I haven’t had a chance to eat my food without swatting at it. I don’t own a fly swatter, so I’ve tried everything else with no luck. Not like the cat helps any. I decided to try the glass of water in front of my food, and the fly didn’t come anywhere near that. I haven’t seen it since I brought the glass out. I guess this tip would work if you’re trying to eat with an annoying fly high on red bull or something that you can’t seem to kill.

  10. A great method for diminishing the fruit fly population in your home is to fill a glass halfway with beer. Then pour some dish soap in it and stir. The flies LOVE beer– but then the soap clings to them and they can’t get out. We caught more than 50 fruit flies with this and haven’t seen any since.

  11. I use Windex spray instead of a fly swatter to catch flies.
    With the spray setting (not the stream setting), one spray
    usually makes them drop to the floor.

  12. I’ve been using the bags of water for about 2 years and it works great…. I use them in the backyard as well. The people in my neighborhood call me the “witchdoctor” and they don’t walk across the front of my home but,I’m pest free..

  13. I found that if you take a jar and tap holes in the lid, then fill the jar with apple cider vinegar (only a 1/4 full) you will get rid of not only fruit flies, but the baby flies. Just remember to change it out weekly or so.

  14. Just got back from the Palm Springs, CA Hilton Hotel – The outside pool bar had 5 ziplocks hanging from strings around the bar. I asked the bartender and he swore it works. I kinda laughed and he said “look around… see any flies?” – I have to admit, not a fly in sight (around the bar with food and drink) for 4 days. He said it was the flys 300 degree vision… something with the water refraction messes with their head and they stay away…

  15. My Brother-in-law is in the Military and was stationed in Panama for a while — when he came home, he said that they hung glass bottles partically filled with water around the camp to keep away the insects. He said it worked better than any repellant.

  16. My friend Vern and I tried the plastic bag idea and were sorry to say it didn’t seem to slow the Lil fellers down a bit..We were really hoping it would work..

  17. I’ve tried Windex, also. I was minding my own business, and pesky fly kept bothering me. Not seeing anything else in the room to use, I picked up the Windex bottle. What a useful tool it was. The fly just dropped!

  18. SPRAY ADHESIVE!!!!! Shake & Pop open a good ol can of ELMERS SPRAY ADHESIVE, spray them annoying, pesty, dirty, filthy flies and witness them LOCK UP within seconds, and drop dead on the ground, where them buggards deserve to be….. its more entertaining then an ol boring fly swatter, or bags of H20. ENJOY!

  19. I found the following instructions on the Internet…

    First, take any kind of apple.
    Second, gather about 30 cloves.
    Third, poke the cloves into the apple (all over it)
    Fourth, set out the plate where the flies insects are the worst.
    Last, wait and watch as the flies disapear.

  20. Okay, so I had horrible fly problems in my laudry room. Me and my financee thought it was the floor. We live next to a farm (cows and horses) and cornfields. We riped out the floor in the laudry room and replaced it. We bleached the floor and etc. The flies were gone… for a day. So I got online and saw this water trick. I hung a water bag above my washer and dryer. And now no more fles!! I love the trick and tell it to everyone. I was really surpised by this trick BUT IT WORKS!

  21. The zip lock bag with water really does work. It not only keeps the flies away, it also keeps elephants away. We never have a problem anymore with either of these…….

  22. how do i do the zip locked bag thing? do i just fill up a see through bag with water and hang it in front of the doors and windows?

  23. Can the ziploc bags be hung on the wall above an entry way? In other words can I tack a water bag directly to the drywall above a door way?

  24. The water in a bag is great it stopped them from coming in!Now I just need to get rid of the ones setting up house lol I tried a few of the ideas but they did not work, im gone to try the spray glue.

  25. To catch flies, take a 2 liter plastic (a 20 ounce bottle might work, I never tried it) sodacola bottle, and cut the top off just above half. Put some bait in the bottom part, remove the screw cap from the top. Turn the top part upside down, and stick it into the bottom part.

    You can take the screw on cap off, or do as I do and drillcut a small hole in the top, before you assemble the trap. I prefer to drill a hole so the fly has a smaller hole to navigate to get out.

    The flies can find their way in to the bait, but cannot get back out. This works very well. Outside in my yard, I use a piece of meat and a little water since I put it away from my deck and cannot smell it. The water keeps the meat from drying to quickly and losing it’s attraction. If you are going to use it inside, I guess beer, a molassescornmeal mixture, vinegar, or honey will work without the offensive odor.

    As the flies get trapped, it gets ugly inside.

    Guaranteed to catch flies.

  26. boy oh boy you all save me..I live in the country in Fla and everyone has there own idea of garbage control flies everywhere..well I have a few reglar bags filled with water seems to be slowing them down I watch a few just going around in circles on the back steps like they got losted its crazy I’m going to do the whole yard and house that what a call a tip! Cassy

  27. Well, this may seem very gross, but you can always turn a fan on for the day with some delicious smelling bait behind the fan. It’s flawless when killing them, except it IS messy at times. I would recommend facing the blowing direction towards a wall so it is easier to clean up. It is truly hilarious (in fact I kind of wish for flies now). ALSO, you can tape some peices of paper to the wall so the flies don’t smear all over your beautiful vivid-pink wall. PREPARE YOURSELF FOR FLY GUTS (and uncontrolable laughter).

  28. I could not believe this………….I work in a Grocery Store and we have a Sushi Bar right across from the deli where I work. We are located at the FRONT door where the flies come in all day. We had a big fly problem in our deli department. I kept wondering why they never had any flies, especially since they prepare with seafood. I finally asked them why there was never any flies there, but directly across in the deli, they were everywhere. She laughed and pointed to the hanging glove filled with water and said that was here fly repellent. I was floored and tried it in the deli and can’t believe the results………..unbelievable!

  29. We own and operate a rescue donkey farm. We also breed large mammoths and miniatures. We have fly problems, espcially the biting black fly. Well we did the large clear plastic bottles filled 1/2 with water and hung them in every entry way of the barn and it works. During fly season all the donks stand around in the barn because the flies do not come in.

  30. I need help! We just moved last summer and were invaded by flies. Every barbecue we use our bug zapper light, water bags, fly paper over the trash bags and sink, citronila candles, and fly traps…all though the fly traps were full of flies to the point we threw them out instead of washing them to reuse but, we still have tons of flies. We are about 2 1/2 miles from a dairy farm and we are thinking that could be the problem…the previous owner also has mint planted al over, now i know why, …I do not want this problem this summer? Any suggestions anyone? I was thinking of trying some plants like basil……..HELP!

  31. Hey no need to get spray adheasive if it’s hard to find. Extra hold hair spray works just as well. I’ve used it on mosquitos for years now that I’m in TX and flys are abundant here they’re getting the hair spray too.

  32. I live where flies are a nightmare in the spring and summer and fall months. I have not ever tried any of these suggestions except the famous windex, or anything that sprays and the swatter. The problem is, I am totally grossed out with the flies and so even the swatter does not work because I feel to barf when I hit one. So the windex is best but I would like that they stay the heck out of my house. I will definitely try the waterbags and see if this helps, does the 2 quart work or is it too big?

  33. A fan with a lot of power works. My dad taught me this trick. If you’re outside bleach everything first. A fan is the absolute best. I have tried the bags of water with and without a penny in it. They hate the wind from the fan!!!

  34. I live in the country and right across the road lives a woman who beleives she runs a dog rescue facility. As you might know dogs dont poop in their own yard so where do they go? you guessed it, my front yard. And yes, I do have flies but I am a beleiver in the zip lock bags of water. But, I heard the water should be changed (?) occasionally so I change the bag and water and throw the old bags at the woman across the road, her dogs (12 of them) just love it when I get a direct hit.

  35. Ziploc water and penny trick…
    I bbq often and once a chicken package is cut open, the flies flock to the smell…I had a few friends over and we couldn’t make it 5 minutes through a conversation without someone mentioning the fly problem…one of my buddies ate outside at a golf course where they had bags w/ water and a penny in them…the golf employees said they controlled the flies and since there weren’t any flies around, it seemed to be true…My buddy mentioned it and i immediately filled 2 ziploc bags half full with a penny in each and i’ll be damned if the flies didn’t slowly go away until there were none..and we sat and watched to see if this would really work and it really’s been 2 years since the trick was put into play and i have had zero flies inside or out…I’m backed up to woods w/ a flood control ditch..perfect fly breeding i’m on the hunt for a REAL scientific explination as to how this works!

  36. My back porch has about 18 flying around flies- I’ll try the bag with water this long weekend and get back to you all- hot and muggy in RI

  37. My wife saw the bag trick at an outside seafood restraunt at the beach & told me about it . I just tried the water in a bag trick too keep the flys away.on an outside patio where I feed our dog. . and it works in an instant.. its a life saver
    I was truly amazed

  38. We had hundreds of flies on our back porch this morning, all trying to get into the house. My wife saw them, went to the pantry and fot a gallon size zippered heavy duty plastic bag and filled it half way or more with water. She then tied the top with a cord and hung it just under the eaves about six feet from the floor.

    Within minutes there were NO flies! I asked her where she got that idea and she told me every deli counter in town and most groceries were hanging them near the counters and near any open doors, even the receiving docks. A lot of other stores in town also had them hung near or on their doors too!

    When I “Googled” “water filled plastic bag fly repellent”, Google came hp with 87,600 hits in .22 seconds.

    I guess that’s enough testimony to satisfy all but the hardest to please! I’m a retired Aerospace Engineer that usually questions everything I see like this, and though there is much speculation on why it works (so far, no one has ever interviewed a fly to find out!), I can guarantee it does work.

    Since in the Caribbean Islands, they seem to be using clear quart to gallon size bottles filled with water, that must work also. I should think, however that the plastic bags are more efficient as in a comparison I just made using a gallon jar and a gallon plastic bag, there seems to be more “sparkle” from the latter.

  39. We tried the beer with dishsoap trick to get rid of our fruitflies. It worked like a charm, and even more so when we used a berry flavored beer on the second day. It’s been three now and we’ve caught at least a hundred flies. More are still coming. How long before they dissappear? :C

  40. I moved with my family to Mexico for 5 years when I was younger, and since we were in an impoverished part of the country, there were TONS of flies – they even joked that flies were the national bird 😉

    If you’ve ever been down there, you might notice that many cars have cd’s hanging from their rearview mirrors. This isn’t some lame decor, but is used to keep flies away – and it works great. I’m assuming it works in a similar way that the bag with water works – reflecting the sunlight. You can hang them in your house, car, anywhere.. and again works great.

  41. I was just wondering if maybe a jar filled about halfway with dishsoap and honey would also work..think I will try it and will get back with you. I have a kennel and raise pugs and have started to see more flies than I desire, so wish me luck and I will let you all know if it works or not. I also thought about the ziplock bag with some kind of adhesive sprayed on it.

  42. Okay so my husband decided to try to grow a pineapple plant from the top of a pineapple. Apparently a fly laid eggs in it and now my kitchen looks like a Alfred Hitchcock movie set. I didn’t have any windex or spray adhesive but I did have some 409 spray. So i pulled it out and went to town. At first it didn’t seem like it was doing anything but then I noticed about 10 dead flies on the floor. Apparently it works like a time release thing, after you spray them they have like five minutes before they are a goner. Woohoo! Death to the flies!

  43. My daughter came home from Church camp last year and told me about the water in a bag trick. I tried it imediatly and couldnt believe how effective it was! However, I am not sure how it works, but it seems that you have to put fresh water in the bags about once a week r it seems to stop being as effective. It May be the bubbles from fresh ran water, not sure, but definitly the cheapest MOST effective thing that I have used!

  44. I first saw the ‘water and penny in ziplock bag’ trick at a horse stable. All the way up and down the aisles there were bags hanging with pennies. I asked my wife what they were for and when she told me it was for keeping flies away, I said “yeah right”. Well, there wasn’t a fly in sight so I had to admit it. Then we tried that at home in our barn….I couldn’t believe it.

    Think about it; a horse barn with at least 30 horses and no flies!! It’s true, this works.

  45. hello,
    I am very thankful to have stumbled upon this site & everyone’s imfo on how to get rid of flies.My family & I live in the TX Hill Country & have been getting alot of rain recently-lake levels are up which is good but what’s not good is the flies that the rain/moisture has brought with it.I have a few flyswatters & use them frequently but it gets really tiring having to kill them over & over again.I have heard about the ziploc bags/containers filled halfway with water but haven’t tried it.I am definately considering it as well as the other great tips I found out about in here & I’ll keep everyone in here posted letting you all know if I’ve had any luck or not.I am just about at wits end here with these blasted flies in my house,they’re disgusting!

  46. Test experiment on the possibility of C.D.’s keeping flies from entering the home – performed by me, my 6 year old and my 4 year old.

    Tied string through C.D. holes and hung 3 C.D’s

    C.D . #1 placed on doorknob

    C.D. #2 Clipped to top of doorway.

    C.D. #3 Hung next to the upper part of the doorway.

    Time test started: 1:35 (10 minute duration of constant observation.

    1:35 -1:38 – 0 flies entered the door way

    at 1:38 – 1 fly attempted to enter doorway and zigzagged in the empty open door, then hesitated and landed on the doorsill, where it remained until my daughter attempted to swat it and it did the same manuever and then landed on the doorsill again.

    1:40 – More flies swarming by the entrance, but not entering.

    1:42 – Another zigzag entry attempt, which ended the same way the two above did.

    1:45 – 0 flies entered the doorway.

    Conclusion: The use of hanging C.D.’s around the doorway was like an invisible force-field and somehow (guessing some invisible light reflection or energy field)kept the flies from entering the doorway.

    Hope this helps, if not you might try the water, it seems to work as well.

  47. Just wanted to share a funny observation with anyone reading this forum. We’ve had a growing fly problem in our rural home this summer and I found this website as the first weblink when i turned to the internet for advice. While thinking of a way to hang bags of water around my doors, i get some glass cleaner out and started spraying at the 2 dozen or so flies buzzing our home. That alone started making them fly outside, even though i was only able to swat a couple of them. I think they were able to read my mind and knew I was reading all the great advice on this forum. That started them on the run already. I’m still going to figure out a way to start hanging water bags though. Thanks for sharing everyone.

  48. I would like to comment on the “ZIPLOCK BAG W/ WATER”) about two weeks ago I flew in to Dallas Texas for my younger brothers graduation
    and I tell you it was hot and humid, anyhow I arrive at my mothers
    home and I couldn’t beleive my eye’s, along the railing of my moms porch was “ZIPLOCK BAGS FILLED W/ WATER”) I asked like any other normal human would “whats the deal w/ all the bags filled w/ water”
    my mother replies “its an acient remedy from china” acient I said ziplocks have only been around for 40 years LOL! anyhow there were no flies insight so I do back this up 100%

  49. I just tried the windex and as soon as you spray them they fall down and then you have to swat them. They seem to not be able to fly when the windex hits them. Thank alot because i just had like 20 flies in my house

  50. After reading this site, I decided to try the plastic bag filled with water in our garage. It started raining and we had to cook fish and hushpuppies in the garage. Well, it didn’t work. The flies became more abundant the longer we were cooking. What a bummer!!

  51. Take a bunch of strong tape and attach it the opposite way around a hanger and make them stick one by one then throw the hanger out

  52. OK- I was soooo excited to try the baggie thing! We tied many 1/2 filled baggies to our umbrella over our dining table outside- didn’t faze them a bit!!!! We live in CA so maybe the CA flies like water more???

  53. flies are attracted to light. cut off all the lights and open the window or door. either kill them or open the door to let them out!

  54. for all the people who are using things to bait the flies, likone beer and food, you’re probably attracting new flies as well. Fly tape works well, – just hang it somewhere that you wont have to constantly see it.. like in a window behind the blinds- because it gets really gross.. but we got 30 in 2 days.

  55. My family and I went to an Mexican restaurant last night and saw these big bags (like the ones a pet fish would come home in) filled halfway with water with a penny in the bottom of the bag. They were hung all around the edges of the building around the outside dining area and entrance to the establishment. I did not see an insect of any kind while waiting outside for our table. We were waiting for about 25 minutes or so. It must work!

  56. I have heard that the reason the water filled bag works with flys is becasue they csn see their refection in th water.
    Although, I’m not sure if this i true or not!

  57. Tried the bag, penny and water on stable flies, and the flies loved it. They were all over the bag. These little guys are relentless; haven’t found anything to get rid of them. I guess the bag with water trick only works on certain species. It was worth a try.

  58. the water in the bag is the flies .they do not like a fan blowing when i turn the fan on the porch they do not come around i did this before i tryed the water in the bag also works.i live in louisville kentucky.

  59. Ok I am going to try that zip lock bag filled with water trick today. Every time we want to eat out on the deck those dam flies come flying in….lol lol
    Here’s hoping it works also hot and muggy in RI

  60. Please can someone help me!!!! For the past couple of days we have had lots of flies in the house. And I mean loads, they are like ants!!! We have no idea where they are coming from and we get rid of one lot and then 10 mins later there are loads more. Its so disgusting!! about three weeks ago we had a horrible smell in the house which we found out was a dead rodent, our next door neighbours had put poison down & one had died in our wall cavity. Could these flies be cause of that? what can we do to get rid of them?

  61. I have been doing the plastic sandwich bag with a penny in it for four months, and it works for us. I got the idea from an area luxury home show. There were eight houses in the show and only one of the houses had this trick and that house had no flies while the others were covered. If it didn’t work the first time try it again with fresh water and a penny.

  62. The water bags work best if suspended by a corner so they are sort of diamond-shaped. I too thought it was a joke, until I tried it!

  63. I just tried the half full zip lock bags and I hung them around my porch and on my solar light stands. It has seemed to lessen them. I will check again in a few hours and see if they are still hanging around. Even if it just lessens them, I will be happy. I have roofers coming this week and that is the last thing they need on a very steep roof. I live in South Western Ontario.

  64. I work where there is ALOT of animal feces. We did the bag w/water and a penny. It really seems to be working. I just don’t understand what the penny has to do with anything. Now I guess I’d better do it at home.

  65. If you live in island or wetlands areas threading cotton balls thru the window screen so there poked out and puffed outside of hte window seems to keep them away sometimes, as there is a special moth that eats flies and othe rlittle nastys that i gues sthe ymistake it for, and when a small moth landed on the window and stayed the day there no new flies came so hey it must work well.

  66. I tried the bags of water with out a penny. It seemed to help some. The windex hunter had it good. Spray ’em and then kill them.
    ps. Poison Girl….Absolutely the dead animal can be a major cause of flies…that is what they breed in.

  67. The Zip-lock water bag really does work. From time to time I open my patio door and let the dogs out and then let them come in when they are ready to. After putting the bag over the door, I havent had to case down pesky flys in the house with a fly swatter.

  68. For the past few days, we have had about 20 or so flies inside the house around our sliding glass door to the patio. Only a oouple have been in other areas of the house. I swat them all with the fly swatter, and as soon as I open the sliding door, more swarm up from the slider track. It seemed like they may have been hatching there but have not seen any maggots. We have lakes in our area and a creek behind our house but we have lived here for 23 yrs and have never had this issue. Our neighbors next door are not having this problem.

    We have been so frustrated; even our dog is knocking himself against the door to try to kill them. Determined to find a solution, I happened upon this site. I was amazed to see so many people having the same problem. Although I had seen the water bag solution on other sites, I had not seen the windex idea. I sprayed (with the blue kind containing vinegar) and all the flies dropped to the floor–most dead. I got them up, wiped up the windex so the dog wouldn’t lick it. I left home for about an hour and a half and when I came home there were about 5. I swatted them and haven’t seen any since! Tonight after everyone is in bed I am going to spray the slider tracker really well and see what happens tomorrow. I hope to avoid unattractive hanging water bags but will use them if they continue to come in the door.

  69. well i didnt think a bag of water would do it but ill tell you what did it ever make a differance . flies arnt gone completly but we can handle being on our deck now . we also hung two cds togeather with shiny sides facing out under our umbrella by a peice of string . so I say go with it !!! more people say it works than not so why not it worked for me 😉

  70. The school I work in is in rural area near a horse farm and they too use water bags in the doorways to help rid the school of flies. It seems to work well. When I asked my boss why the bags work he said that fly eyes multiply whatever it sees and that when they see the bags, they look like hornet nests to the flies, which I guess are natural enemies. I don’t know if that is true, but it seems logical enough.

  71. Please, please tell me how you are hanging the ziploc bags. Do you punch a hole in them? Staple them to something? Just dumb I guess but I cant figure it out.

  72. I tried the ziplock bags and pennies and didn’t work. I have about 6 of them in my small back yard. Tried the one someone recommended about cutting the 20 oz bottle and putting meat with some water and turing the top part upside down with a drilled hole. After three hours, not one fly went in two bottles with meat in them. Tried the store ones with the bait which smell is very nasty. The guy who said the bait will attract more flies is so very true. I dumped the commercial bait. Must be the flies in Hawaii are resilient, man nothing fazes them.

  73. water bags havent homemade flytraps 20 yards from living area at the moment.clear plastic bottles with water in bottom and hole in lid and 4 holes around the sides baited with raw liver or kidney(tryed fish, dog meat etc but kidney they go mad for.).each trap had well over hundred flies within 8 hours.2 days later fly traps still cathing hundreds of flies but still pestering us in garden. any ideas?

  74. when your trying to kill a fly wait until it lands on an object and then kill it with a fly swatter. If the fly won’t land on an object then when you’re trying to kill it in the air put the fly swattter toward the fly not away from it.

  75. Wow! A friend was visiting a insisted we do the water bag trick. It works. The bag HAS to be the clear type. We had to tie the bags about 6 feet from the ground and 4-5 feet apart. They are persistent little devils and will dart by you when you walk in the doorway. I agree with most of the written comments and have tried them. It’s true to keep moist food away as much as possible so they won’t lay their eggs there. The windex method works too. We bought a fly bag from a animal feed store and the smell is horrible. It attracts flys. If you put one up 50ft. from you house it does okay. I’ll keep using the bag method but still interested in other methods. One important point: flies carry all kinds of diseases and their fury little legs carry more diseases than anything so please don’t put up with them.

  76. Okay so i tried the Zip Block bag thing and it worked like a chrm not only did it keep the flyes away but somehow it affected my nieces and nephews theyre no longer psychotic and energetic now they can sit for over 5 hours at a time. Plus the elephants and horses no longer get close to me. Thanks zip block bag with water!!!

  77. I read ALL of the entries previous to my entry, and decided to try the water bag trick. Let me tell you, living in Texas, the flies are so many they have to talk to the local airport tower before entering our airspace! Anyway, I hung the bags outside of my exterior doors around my house, and you would not believe the effectiveness they had on the flies! Not to mention that I have yet to see any Aardvarks, southwestern barking spiders, Jackalopes, elephants, rhinos, lions, kangaroos, zebras, monkeys, antelope, deer, gorillas, and the ever-elusive southern black tipped foo foo rabbit. So the water bags must work on them as well. . . . .

  78. My father used to put something on a penny and put it in a window sill. It would attract the flys and also kill them. I can’t remember what he put on the penny. I think it might have been The Works drain cleaner but I’m not sure. If anyone has a clue, please tell. It worked like something I’ve never seen done. The flies died right there in the window sill so they were easy to clean up. When you finally seen a fly flying around it was time to put more substance on the penny.

  79. I have heard from more than one person that the water in the zip-loc bag repels flies because it resembles a hornets nest, and the penny in the bag represents the hornet entrance at the bottom of the nest. Dont know how true any of this is but, I think I’m going to build a plexiglass box and conduct some expirements!!

  80. I have tried everything here in Washington and nothing has helped. They are getting on my nerves. It seems like they are getting worse. The windex does not work, nor the bag of water anf I tried the cd thing and nothing yet.

  81. My family has been hanging ziptop bags 1/4-1/2 way full of water and 2-3 pennies in them for years. It really does seem to keep a small area almost fly-free. We can’t explain it, but have had great results–and many interesting looks and questions. For a larger space, hang one on every side.

  82. In the house we have fly strips, a swatter and a fly zapper.. But at the hair salon, if I see a fly.. I spray it with hair sray….
    But I like the windex Idea as well. Going to try that and the ziplock water bags.. I just heard of this..

  83. I live in NYC and I’ve never had a problem with flies in my apartment before. Last week the garbage chute in our building backed up and the flies were everywhere, it was like a bad
    sci-fi flick. I work from home and today was the breaking point, I went nuts, I couldn’t even sit at my desk without swatting flies away from me. So I looked online for a solution and read what you all have been saying about the zip-lock bags with water, which was something that I had never heard of. Anyway, I tried it and I couldn’t believe my freakin’ eyes, it really works!!
    Then I wanted to try an experiment; In the hallway where there are hundreds of flies, I hung a zip-lock bag with water at my end of the hall and not on the other. It was insane, within no time all of the flies were all over the walls and ceiling at the other end of the hall and not one near my door!! THANK YOU!!!!!

  84. my theory as to why the water works is that as the fly zips by them, it appears that something is moving (Just stare at the bag of water and move side to side rapidly and you will see what I mean).

    Not only does it look like something is moving to the fly, it is a very high contrast thing moving very quickly (since flies travel quickly). So my guess is that this is even scarier to a fly than just a normal object in motion.

    Flies are quick to leave when I move around so perhaps if they see something really scary constantly moving in an area they just stay away from it.

  85. Well in East Texas the ziploc bags do not work, at least not for us. We stapled 4 across the top of our garage door, one above the door from the garage into the house and one above our sliding glass door into the back yard. We love to sit out side in the evenings (heat and humidity be damned) and we are being bombarded, they are so disgusting. They are driving us nuts! We are wondering however where do flies go in the evenings? Fly Bed?? They just seem to disappear at dusk. I really like this site, some of yall are really funny! I’m gonna try the CD thing next. Never give up! Oh yeah someone did tell me that if you put mothballs in your trash cans it will repel the flies.

  86. I have been reading all the posts here – and I am going to try the ziplock bag and/or the cd trick! My boyfriend and I were having dinner on the deck last nite and I couldn’t even eat there were so many flies around! We live near the beach in CT – no farms around – so I don’t know whats bringing these horrible filthy bugs around in the first place – but I have NEVER had a problem as bad as I do this year! I am willing to try ANYTHING! Thanks for all your advise!

  87. Ok this won’t repel them but if you are swatting them and you want tips, take this one I learned from my wife: wait for them to land and then clap your hands about 6 inches above them. The fly will fly right into your hands as they come together and get squished. It works every time! I personally think that flies have some kind of 6th sense to know when you are about to kill them and will wait till the last second to fly off, then go brag to all of their fly buddies. They are sent by the devil. Just an observation.

  88. the bug wand i bought from an as seen on tv store got the ones that were already in the house. it was 15 bucks and i got it yrs ago it works fine

  89. don’t spray flies with glue or windex, YUCK what a mess – use a spray bottle of plain water. I splat mine with the spray from that and then hit them with w a cloth as they lie coughing. Great sport for when you need to take it out on someone.

  90. I can’t believe it but the bag of water with the penny really worked.We tryed at work and I can’t believe the reduction of flies.

  91. Ok, SO this works, but why do you but a penny in the water bags? Can someone tell me what the penny is for? Is it just a old folk tell or what? Really like to know this answer!

  92. I am in Central California and tried the baggie trick last year and it didnt work too well BUT my 3 dogs like to poop right on the patio instead of on the side of the house or (preferably not at all HA HA)I try to keep up with cleaning it but they still stick around. I doubt I will ever get rid of them but I just wanted to say it seem that a few people who disagreed with the baggie trick on here were from California. It may just be the CA flies are different. So if ya leave a post make sure you state where you are from. I am going outside right now with water baggies in tow. Cant hurt right? Bringing a fan out there too to spread the citronella candle aroma.LOL The RAID flying insect spray kinda helps for a while but I doubt anything will help besides getting rid of the dogs. Not an option so guess I will try to live in peace with the dirty little pests. Yuck
    I will let you all know later if my persistence works. Wish me luck…

  93. We live in Arizona. All of our neighbors have lots of horses and other animals too. We tried the bags of water and the flies crawled all over them. A neighbor tried it too and has tons of flies still too.

  94. Live on a few acres in Northern AZ. Have 3 horses and 15 chickens and used the bag that are pre-filled with fly attractive material. You fill up the bag with water and it attracts and kills the flys. It does attract flies and all the flies around for miles. WE STOPPED using these because it attracts millions. And I mean millions. Inside the house use windex with Ammonia. The ammonia actually wets downs the wings so that they can not fly away and also the ammonia acts on their breathing issues. I have tried the water in the bag and it helps but no real relief.

  95. Holy Flies batman, I am pretty sure I had like 50 flies in my house last night and I killed them all with a mixture of Clorox and water. However make sure you are not wearing black and please don’t stay in the area for long. I closed off the kitchen after I sprayed and then came back in to find a lot of them were dead. Most of them I sprayed mid air and killed. I hate flies and I am going to try that Ziploc thing to prevent them from coming back.

  96. My mom uses the plastic bags (w/o the penny) inside the horse stables in AZ she has 2 haning 1 in each stable. The flies line the walls on the outside of the stable but DO NOT GO IN – beats me why but it works – I however live in CA and hasn’t worked yet. I only hung one out just before sitting down to dinner outside, haven’t added more (kinda large open patio with open cover, maybe thats why?) haven’t added more or tried eating outside again will maybe this weekend

  97. The plastic bag filled with water and a penny did NOT work. Nor did the bait of a full can of beer on the opposite side of the patio. (what a waste of a good can of beer, lol) And save your money, the expensive fans that are water propelled that supplies an endless mist of water, well they work in a 6′ radius, however all foods must be covered unless you’re willing to eat soggy crackers.

  98. The bags have to be hanging for this to work. It must be suspended in air……like hanging it from a ceiling or ceiling fan.
    It won’t be effecive if you prop, nail or staple it against something.

  99. i have found two things that seem to be working – dish liquid in a cup of plain water has caught 3 today already, and a mixture of honey and dish liquid on a plate has also caught several. they get stuck in it and can’t get out.

  100. Has anybody checked to see if the reason it doesn’t work at times, it appears, has to do with the lighting? I want to try it and wonder if it needs to be in direct sunlight or other lighting before I hang it. Also, does it need to be in the doorway or can it hang above so people won’t have to duck from it.

  101. I found the ultimate non-toxic fly-bringer-downer today. I use a solution of white vinegar and water to clean my house because I have a very mischevious rabbit who likes to lick everything as soon as I clean it. Therefore, any sort of chemical cleaners are a no-no. I just set my bottle of vinegar-water on the mist setting and coated the fly as he whizzed past my face. He immediately fell to the ground, where Bentley the Bunny promptly sat on him. (Bunnies prefer the squash-the-bug-with-my-butt approach.)

  102. I have done the plastic freezer bag with half filled with water and so far it has helped.I will check back later on in a wk or two and give an update.

  103. This site has been great…am going to try the ‘hanging bag’ trick in Central Missouri…at this time the big horse flies are keeping us from the pool…any good tips for mosquito repell? That is the other little problem we have. Thanks

  104. covimom- My Family in Arizona did they watter bag thing and it worked as well. Now here in Southern California I have tried it with no sucess. I wonder if there is only one type of fly it workd for?

  105. I was in my darkroom some time back and there was a fly continuosly flying around, i hadn’t the time to try and swat him. I continued on and I noticed something very strange when I turned the safe-light (Red Light) on. The fly immediately slapped into the wall and fell to the counter surface, i reached out and picked him up with out any trouble whatsoever. He was live and wasnt dazed. A few days later in my home i replaced the bulb in my ceiling light with a red one when i noticed a fly and i was able to pick him up from the wall he was on. I believe they are unable to see in the red light.

  106. OK…so I am trying the ziplock bag trick today and I am also trying the beer trick to get rid of the ones that are already here but my question is, does anybody have a more “decorative” idea? I don’t want ziplock bags and beer cans (if it works) all over the place. Thanks!

  107. I use the water bags (no pennies) in two doors and they work well, but I like to take them down quickly and easily when having indoor guests… so I use clip-type trousers hangers on the bags and just hang on the door frames. They come down fast for replacing the water weekly, too.

  108. do the bags need to be in direct sunlight? b/c my doorway is upstairs and not sunned on directly so im wondering if it’ll work. i just killed 12 flies and it was DISGUSTING >_

  109. we just came home from a weekend away and we found A LOT of dead flies by our sliding glass door. I never knew we had so many in our house. I’m afraid this means they are multiplying in our house somewhere. I’m hoping to attract them to one location and then completely eliminate them. Any tips?

  110. We are having a terrible time with flies, I just decked the yard with water bags and CD’s. They are everywhere!!! I hope it helps!

  111. I read all these comments and gave it a try. I tried the water bags last year and they did not work. Stupid me hung them INSIDE over the door. This time I hung three gallon begs half full on the OUTSIDE of the door. It works!! We have a canopy/cabana over our patio and I hung CD’s glued together so both sides are shiny all around the overhang of the canopy with fishing line. I just sat outside for the first time since winter without one single fly and I was eating. My husband says that now it looks like I am as crazy as he thought I was. He asked me to take the ones over the front door down so all the neighbors would not think we were insane. My stepson just came home yesterday and wanted to know how my voodoo fly treatment was going. So as long as there are no flys I can take the kidding. p.s. One fly did get in earlier this week – it came in the front door. Stick to your guns fly haters. Kat

  112. Ya, I tried that bag of water trick and that did not work at all!!! My poor dogs are getting eaten by these damn flies! I am trying everything! Is there a repellent I can spray on my dogs or something? I feel bad for them!

  113. the bags of water really work. I did a little research and found out entomologists think that the glare of the water confuses the flies because of the multiple facets in their eyes.Another less fessable theory is thatthe flies confuse the bags for wasp nests and sense the danger.

  114. we had a dog and gave it a way then all these flies showed after it was gone after reading this forum i realized we always had water out in a clear bowl when the dog left so did the bowl and here came the flies

  115. How about these little flies that are a little bigger than a gnat (about a 1/4 inch) and kind of white-ish…they hang all around our house and on screens and just swarm your head and face! They come in everytime you open the door and swarm all over ligths, lamps and tv. Int he morning it is hundreds of little dead bodies everywhere on coffee tables etc. Anybody know what they are or how to get rid of them??? We live on a lake but I have seen them at the ball park too.
    PS I have seen the water bag thing and it has worked everywhere I’ve seen it (we used to scuba dive and saw it EVERYWHERE in Mexico). Too bad it doesn’t work on illegal aliens and Hilary! ha ha!
    Desperate in Alabama

  116. I found it hard to believe, but Zip-loc bags of water do work to keep flies from entering our barns in southern New Mexico. I haven’t taken the time to do a controlled experiment to prove this, but – what can I say – there are no flies in the barns since we suspended a bag of water in the center of each doorway. The bags are in the sun. Perhaps the reflections in their compound eyes frighten them, as others have suggested.

  117. I haven’t laughed so much in a long time. My favorite tip is the fan with the yucky bait behind it, then watching them splat on the wall.
    My tool of choice is the fly swatter for the house. A good backup is the black light zapper. We have some friends in OK who sit around, and for entertainment, use a rubber band to shoot them off the ceiling. We tried it, and it works. Just not time efficient. Farnams makes an excellent sticky tube (like a paper towel roll with white caps on each end), it is orange with sticky stuff on it. Don’t use their yellow one, the size of a small coffee can. It doesn’t work. Only the orange one. You can find these at your local hardware store. For the barn, use the fan to keep the air moving and muck the barn now and then. I haven’t tried the CDs nor the water bags. Will try them. Now we have an infestation of the lovely lady beetles/asian beetles. Just moved to MN from TX.

  118. Out of nowhere we are (in So. Cal) inundated with Flies!!(in the house) The last two days have been miserable! My husband and I are keeping an on-going count of our “victories” When I got home from work last night, his was I kept viligant records and wound up killing 37 between 7 and 11pm. Mostly by swatter and the windex, because it was before I found this site. The lady that mentioned they they were breeding in the sliding glass door tracks made me think, ??because when I went to open them last night up flew a bunch of flies, but can’t figure out why, oh well. Onward and upward, am going home to fill up a ziplog bag w/water & pre’82 penny (stops mold??)

  119. One word: Hairspray! You get the strongest, yukkiest, clingiest hair spray you can find (hint: This is usually going to be the cheapest one in the cheapest store). You want the ultra maximum hold (strongest one they have). Spray flies flying by – BOOM! It coats their little wings and ZAP! Down to the ground they go! When they’re down, and thus slowed down, step on them or otherwise squish them. Non-toxic and effective fly control method!

  120. For those of you who haven’t been successful with the ziploc bag 1/2 filled with water. DROP A PENNY in the bag and squeeze out the excess air in the bag before you close it. I just thumbtacked mine right to the top of the door frame. I have an all glass storefront with 18 foot ceilings and tons of light, we’ve always had a problem with flies. Now we have NONE just like that.

    Anyone know why or where it originated?

  121. I live in Albuquerque NM. I hung 2 ziplock bags 1/2 full of water. Not working as of yet. Let me know if it has worked for anyone in NM.
    Thanks LEE

  122. ok.. walmart store brand window cleaner does not work..does that tell you something? Thought maybe it was the ammonia so I tried just that, did not work! Have hung my first ziploc with water in it (haha wonder if it has to be the ziploc brand j/k) , will repost on that method.

  123. I still have problems with flies, but one thing that seems to work if you go the swatter route???
    Use one fly swatter for a day killing flies, then leave that fly swatter on the floor or table etc…somewhere flat.
    The flies swarm to the dead fly guts on the other fly swatter and then you can swat them with the new one.
    This does work, but loses it’s humor/entertainment quickly and you will still be looking for an easier solution.
    Just thought I would share.

    I live in Wisconsin and every summer/fall I get bombed with flies. I can’t wait each year until it gets below 40 degrees. Then, when I have the excess flies in the house, I plan a day in town and leave all windows open and turn heat off. By the time I get back (approx 6 hours) all flies are either off to find warmer diggs, or dead.

    Good Luck all!

  124. I live in Mexico (excuse my english) and a saw this trick more in my childhood than now, I search in the web for an explanation of this and almost all the sites say the same “Becouse the refrations of light trough the bag”, but in that case I see a lot af flies around, near or even over transparent glasses, jugs and mugs of water and don’t look repel or destract the flies…

    I found an interesting page with an “Ecologic flies trap”, and I think the old prototypes of this method are the root of the myth of the “zip-lock water bag”…but it’s not a “repelent” it’s a “trap” and works like an artificial “venus flytrap plant”…

    Unafortunately I only found these information in spanish, here are some traduced extractions:

    Propertys: Moscatrap, It’s a trap designed for a natural control of the flies, by utilization of pheromones and organic substances.

    How it works, ….the flies are severely attracted by the smell of decoy wich ones have pheromones. The Flies can introduce easily in the trap but can’t go out and die drowned…

    Details of the Moscatrap: The trap is made with a rigid plastic cover wich one have an entrance hole with a cone with many perforations and a bigest hole in the lower. From this cover hang a folding thick bag of polyethylene, wich one are the container for prepare the mixed liquid solution.

    I hope this information are usefull to anyelse.

  125. I tried the windex trick… it does work but it only stops the flies for about two minutes. You have to kill them within this time frame. hope this helps

  126. one way my father had told me about getting rid of flies is to have the plant oregano living around the house. he had said that if you own a resturaunt and have an out door pattio to have an oregano vine/plant encircle your perferred area. i have never tried it but he had said that to so many food places… must work for how much he did. i had also liked the traps that you stick from the ceiling..they get stuck and you dont have to worry as much untill you have the neccacary things handled so they wont return. they are a bit hard to deal with…but they trap so many. i have seen like mine get like thousands on them…and when that is like that, i had taken care of things like the garbage, the litterboxes, the pet cages, and the places people forget they are…the garbagecans for the outside. one way to limit the chances of that are to have heavy duty bags to prevent breaks or leaks…dont over fill them…and dont make them too heavy. food partials in the bottom will attract flies..then u got maggots…yuck!

  127. I didn’t have Windex or 409, but I did have fantastik and it worked. There was a 5 min. delay but those little flies are now died. I’m going to try the cd trick to keep them away.

  128. SIMPLE

    leave a big glass with just a centimetre of beer or red wine in it, overnight. In the morning there will be twenty or more flies dead in it…repeat!

  129. I live in Colorado – new home, moved in late Feb. this year thi is in a normal subdivision, our street backs to a road and across that is horse property – so may be the problem…but during the summer months nothing more than the typical annoying house fly – but now that it has gotten cooler out – I’d say the last month or so we’ve had hundreds of flies in the house. These seem to be different – slower flies that don’t really come near you – just gather up in the windows (high windows)and die on their own. Thursday – i went around the entire house, sweeping up the dead ones, cleaning all window sills, etc. Then Saturday, I come home to find at least another 20 dead ones scattered throughout the house and I think about 30 that I can visibly see up in the high windows. Now – I was gone all day – so they are NOT coming in b/c the door is open. I’ve checked EVERY window to confirm they are shut ALL the way. Where are these buggers coming from and how do I control them once they are in and determine where they are coming from?!!! My builder said sometimes they get into homes when they are being built. But I didn’t have this problem Feb-Aug only NOW. I am at whits end. My house is fairly large – so while I’m willing to try the bags of water….I can’t imagine taht will help much since I don’t know HOW they are getting in? Any suggestions? They are reproducing somewhere – just praying not in my walls! Literally each day I can find 15-20 dead flies but only to see another 15-20 new ones. I even have an exterminator – more so, for the outside & black widow spiders of colorado…but I’d think that would have helped my fly problem too! Please tell me someone else has had this problem and can suggest a remedy!

  130. I read about the water/spray bottle trick and thought I’d try it. Having a lot of animals around, I can’t use anything toxic (or that will make their hair sticky!) so I tried spaying water on the flies first. The water slowed them down a bit but even with repeated sprays they didn’t drop so I grabbed a bottle of Febreze (pet oder formula) and they dropped! I was then able to kill them and throw them away with out poisoning my pets 🙂
    I also have used the shop-vac to suck up the really slow-flying or half-dead ones; this works especially well when there are a bunch circling together. But, you have to get with in 1 inch or closer of the flies first and my regular vacume wasn’t powerful enough. I put a bag in my vac first too – I don’t want them coming back out! Oh, I did do all the cleaning first too since animals and animal cages can attact flies.

    Also, for fruit flies I have used the cider and soap suds in a jar trick – it works well! My neice has a sink with a garbage disposal so she just filled her sink with about an inch of water/sweet stuff (juice, wine, etc.) and soap suds. Then, after catching them, she just turned on the disposal! It doesn’t take long to get rid of fruit flies with this method as long as you use a fresh mixture and get rid of all the breeding sources: open/empty alcohol bottles, fruit, anything with sweet or sticky residue, etc.

    Thank you everyone and Good Luck!

  131. I am experiencing the same problem as hthop: with doors and windows closed, the flies just appear, fly around the windows, and die within a day.

    I just moved into a house. It is near a farm but the flies have no way of getting in! I clean the houise like crazy, but the flies keep appearing.

    Any solutions?

  132. As hthop stated, I have the same problem with flies “magically” appearing in the house.
    House is log construction so there is gaps in crawl space/loft, so I think they are squeezing in, looking for warmth.
    They hang around the second tier of windows, rarely lower.
    Raid Flying insect spray is the most effective.
    I am slowly finding/plugging all the gaps.(today I found a gap where the large center beam exited, hope this cuts the population!

  133. To hang ziplock baggies filled with water, thread a string through the middle of a clothespin and clip it right under the zip part of the baggie. Then hang wherever you decide. I have very few flies on my patio!

  134. take a shallow dish .fill init about one centimeter of heating fuel or diesel,place it outside about ten feet away from your patio or you want the flies to party,then watch them come down and drink themselves to kidding,just try it .

  135. to be truthfull we only did that while working inthe bush and it killed deer flies and nosee ems there were few house flies there.

  136. have experienced the same phenomenon as hhop, johny.rm, and k.r hunter. Live in the Colorado mountains in a log home, with skylights and high windows in vaulted ceilings. Flys everywhere and everyday, but mostly buzzing and dying around the high windows (not uncommon for there to be 20+ in the windows). Last year, after being fed up with this problem, I re-caulked all the upper windows. It seemed to help for a while, but did not last. A few weeks ago after noticing a dozen flys in my master bath skylight, I grabbed a ladder and a vacuum and vacummed up all I could see. No sooner had I descended from the ladder than I looked up and saw half a dozen more. After ascending , vacuuming, and descending several more times I concluded they were coming in as fast as I could suck them up. So I checked the skylight for the first time since moving into the house 10 years ago, and was surprised to find that the skylight was not even secured to the house! I could push it up with my hand. So I caulked the inside of it to form a seal and gained some relief that way. Just a few days ago while painting the master BR, I notice (with k.r. hunter) that there was a large gap where one of the ceiling beams exited the wall (I think this also accounted for the presence of a couple of bats we found in the house last year). I sealed it up with steel wool and caulk, and will be using a clear silicone sealant around all the beam exits in both upper rooms to see what that does. I don’t like the idea of tacking water bags and creating an eyesore (not to mention water bags become ice bags very quickly in the rocky mtns), but I do plan to try the CD trick by suspending some CDs with a coat hanger on my roof around the windows and skylights so they are not visible from ground level.

  137. I live across the street from a cow farm. I have alot of problems with the fly population. My house is covered with them during the summer months. I have a hard time cleaning my vinyl siding once fall comes from the fly specs. Next summer I need to keep the flys away from my home. Please any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also, any suggestions on how to clean fly specs from vinyl siding would also be appreciated.

  138. Like Edward, kr hunter etc… I have been having a huge fly problem all this fall. Some research indicates these flies are swarm or cluster flies looking for a place to hibernate. I have killed/trapped literally hundereds per day of these vermin here in WV (we live on a cattle farm in a rural area). I haven’t tried the CD or water bag tips but can tell you that Fly Stik traps in SE windows are very effective. One full size stick (about 2′ tall) will trap a few hundred flies/day. You can get them at a farm supply store or hardware store. These flies are a problem only in the fall when they enter and the spring when the survivors try to leave. The bad news I learned is that the flies’ offspring return to the same location year after year to hibernate. Other than the traps, try to eliminate any points of entry and eliminate places like loose shingles, siding gaps or cavities (like the back side of vinyl siding) that make a nice winter home for the flies. The good news is that once temps get below 40 degs. F or thereabouts the flies outdoors become inactive. Good luck with them, hope someone else knows some better way of dealing with them than me.

  139. We live out in the country and we can get 50 flies in the home in any given day. The bag of water alone did not work on our covered patio area; I assume because there was not enough light for reflection. Then we added a wadded up piece of tinfoil to the bag of water (per a farmer’s advice). We could not believe it! No more flies in the house!

  140. I live in New Zealand and as its summer now the flies have suddenly appeared. I have just read all these tips and tried a few and found the following results:

    Spraying with water, hairspray or window cleaner (we don’t have Windex so I tried the brand we had) didn’t work for me – they flew away the instant I sprayed, even after second and third sprayings kept flying. More effective is to just wack them with a jandal or fly swat. Hitting with a cloth didn’t work either. I made the trap with the plastic bottle cut in half, bait in bottom, cap removed and top upside down. It hasn’t caught anything in an hr and half. Bait behind fan hasn’t splattered any flies either.

    What has worked are the water in clear bags at entryways and the cds. Immediately after trying these methods we noticed at least 75% less flies. Same with the water in glasses and glass jars. Citronella candles reduced them too.

    Thanks for the tips!!

  141. I have the same problem as some of the above posters, where the flies congregate in one area and die. It’s winter here in New England so I don’t know how they survive to get in in the 1st place. The plastic bag trick won’t work, because I don’t know how they get in.

  142. The plastic bag trick does work. As long as you know which door the flys are coming. I have seen this work and now we use it at home. But I can’t tell you why it works. I don’t care how it works, as long as it works.

  143. We live in Yucaipa, CA and near chicken ranches. I am willing to try anything at this point to just reduce the horrendous amount of flies we get. We just hung the bags with water in the mainly used doorways tonight after I read about these tips. I will post my findings tomorrow. We have hundreds sitting in our courtyard since it warmed up to the 70’s this weekend-here in the middle of winter. I look forward to freezing temps at night in hopes of them dying off for awhile.

  144. ok, it is subzero weather where I live, we are in a newer house.
    The flys seem to be breeding between the exterior screen and the actual window. I would think they would be dead but I opened up the window this morning to say bye to the hubby and their is a hoard of flys in there, slowly crawling around. Why are they still alive? Does the cold not affect them? A few find their way into the house but the ones just sitting on the exterior window sill creep me out.

    I will be hanging cd’s on the exterior of the house this summer . .. who cares what it looks like if it keeps the flys away.

    Here is my question – could the flys just be feeding on the dead flys? My hbby is going to get busy cleaning these things up . .. It grosses me out way too much!

  145. Here it is, the end of February and I’ve been bombarded with flies these last two month, cannot figure out how they’re getting in. Having a pest control individual come to determine if there are any dead rodents around that could be causing me to lose my sanity. I’ve read all your tips and will try some, I’m one desperate woman. The flies have taken over and I’ve caught over a hundred on the sticky paper I placed on my window sills. Can’t figure out how they’ve entered. One could easily lose their mind in the process of getting rid of them.

  146. My husband & I live in SW Florida & the flies are horrid here! Last year we tried the bags of water but without success. I hate swatting them (the flies, of course), they are SO nasty! Anyways, I decided to try hanging cds, really quite laughing at the idea, but guess what? It works! I only hung one up in my kitchenette but I noticed an immediate difference. It seemed to disorentate them so they had to land & it was easy just swatting them instead of chasing them around the house. So, needless to say there is now one outside in the garage & one also in our lanai & we’re been fly free since! Thanks!! (Oh & by the way, we tried the sticky paper & they avoided them. Didn’t catch a one!)

  147. Hey all,

    We tried that water in the bag thing – At first we had at least 200 flies in and around our back door. We had to wave our arms around to get them into flight and then sneek into the screen door and then into the house. We usually would get a half a dozen flies in the house and we would attack them with fly swatters. We just tried (about a 1/2 hour ago) the water bag thing. We checked after about 20 minutes and there were only 6 flies on the screen door. We waited up to 30 minutes and there was only 1 fly on the screen door. I have no idea how this works but it does. We are gonna hang bags at the front door too. You gotta understand we were having massive fly collection problems at our back door – maybe 200 to 300 flys??? Now only a couble. One more thing – we tried this a night – no sun light involved – just a back porch light……

    Steve in Maricopa, Arizona

  148. Go to the local store, get the following:

    Flea and Tick Shampoo for cats (any kind should do)
    Pump sprayer, or just any old empty squirter bottle (like windex) will do.

    Take it home, squirt a little of the shampoo into the sprayer or bottle, fill with water, soak the area down where the flies are a problem They will not land on anything soaked down with this stuff for a while, if they do, and they drink/eat it, it will kill them.

    I spray it on my truck and my shop. I park my truck in front of the shop and the flies would swarm it (it’s bright white) and they would swarm the sunny side of my building. They don’t anymore. Apply as needed, no gaurantee it won’t hurt your paint/finish, but it didn’t hurt mine any. It actually gets nice and clean when it rains…

  149. On a trip to Tombstone AZ I noticed ziplocks hung by the doors of the stores. I read the sign which stated that it keeps flies away. I was amazed as I paid some close attention. The flies swarmed around and infront of the bag of water but never went past the bag of water. My mother and I both use it and it works extremely well.

  150. The bags are filled. Do you suspend them in air with..string? It’s pretty heavy.

    Until I get them up, I’ve killed 3 with Windex.

  151. how do i do the zip bag thing fill it up close then tape it or nail it it sound like it heavy how will it kepp hanging with all the weight? i live in SW florida and i am disgusted with the flys in my home. I have tried windex, pesticides and bombing my house it worked but they came back. I dont know what to do anymore at night when we sleep they fly real slowly to the poit where they land on you and i have to get up to kill them before i lay back to sleep please let me know about the bags how to correctly put them up my kids also get attacked at night sounds funny but its gross!!!

  152. I’ve been trying the bagged water trick for about a year now. We live in North Carolina right by a chicken farm. The owner just recently removed the chickens from the barn and now we seem to be bombarded by flies. I know that when the chickens are in the barn the flies don’t seem to be as bad. My house is at least 300 yards from the chicken barns also. For some reason, they seem to by especially attracted to white colored items like the ceiling in my garage. At first I thought the bagged water was cutting down the fly population in my home, but now I’m not so sure. I know the other day I killed at least 10 within a minute in my kitchen. I’ll bet there’s at least a couple hundred on the ceiling in my garage. They stay there over night and during the stayed the fly around and try to get in. I’m going out this weekend and try to get something else that works. Maybe a bug zapper? The only thing I don’t like about that idea is the pile underneath to clean up. I’m getting to the point that I’m willing to try anything. I’m sick of seeing fly droppings all over everything.

  153. To Ellen, When I hung the bags of water up, I used a simple plastic wire tie and poked a hole through the bag just below the ziplock zipper. This seemed to work best for me because the first time I did it, I tried taping them up with duct tape. Needless to say, the bags fell and busted and I had a mess to clean up. Using the wire tie just below the ziplock zipper seems to support the weight ok.

  154. We hung the water bag up with a staple gun. That did the trick just fine…now we’re just waiting to see if this trick works or not…

  155. Friends and family in Memphis swear by the ziplock bag of water by the door, but they put a penny in the bag with the water. I’m not sure what the penny is for….I thought it was something unique to West Tennessee, but from what I’ve been reading, the water bag idea seems to work well…I’m going to try it myself!

  156. I have unsuccessfully tried the ziplock bag with water and a penny. My garage gets tons of flies in it because we leave it open so our dog can walk in and out of the house and i put up about 6 of those bags in my garage. The flies didn’t seem phased at all.

  157. I came to this website to see if anyone knew how this water in a ziploc was so effective i guess everyone is as puzzled as i but it works!!!

  158. I’ve tried the bag of water at the doors and it helps alot but they still seem to come in towards the bottom when you open the door. I think I’m going to try the one above with the shampoo because this year they seem like they have doubled and we have 2 white vehicles, they get in soon as you open the door. A friend of mine told me to use listerine mouthwash in a spray bottle and spray around your chair if you are sitting outside and it keeps the flies and mosquitos away. I’ve not tried it yet but will as soon as we make our weekly trip to Wal-Mart. That item is already on my list anyways. She says they were at a pool party last year and everyone was getting eat up, so the guy having the party went and got a sprayer that he had it in, sprayed the deck and patio with it and they all disappeared, so she carries a 4 oz. spray bottle with her everywhere….worth a try in my opinion.

  159. we have lived here for ten years an never had a fly problem until now my house is full they are not in the garbage as it’s under the sink an closed my house is clean the yard is clean. I’ve used the water bags,fly traps,fly strips an nothin works. if you leave the windows down in the car it fills up with flies the yard when you walk around the house there are flies every where ! ! Inside an out. sprays have helped but by the next day they are all back plus their families I’ve about had it getting a professional

  160. Quick-tip; Instead of a fly swatter, use your vacuum hose. It eliminates dead fly guts, and clean-up.

  161. mix diesel fuel and garlic in one gallon sprayer,can be used any wear,this mixture well take care of any bug problems.

  162. At a cookout last night, the flies were on the food. My son tried the baggie with water and hung it directly over the food. Within a few minutes the flies were almost entirely gone. We were all amazed. It was not 100% but it certainly cut down on their visits considerably.

    He said someone told him the flies thought it was a hornet’s nest so they stay away. Who knows??? It helps.

  163. holy fly ****! I live in south Florida the flies in my courtyard is off the charts.I tried the mixure of flea and tic shampoo. I sprayed my chair covers for some reason they like the material? I also hung cds off of my covering and wala the nasty things are gone! thanks for the great advice.

  164. I lay dryer fabric softener sheets around outdoor food, keeps the flies away. I also put them in my outside trash can lids and haven’t seen a fly in my trash can since.

  165. the water in a baggy DOES NOT WORK so dont try it people we did it an it made the flies alot worse an fly paper an all that junk doesnt help at our place

  166. We have a bunch of flies in our kitchen but they went away pretty fast when we tried this..
    Put 1/2 a cup of vinegar in a cup and then make a funnel type thing out of paper that sticks out of the top.
    The flies are attracted to the vinegar and once they get in the funnel they can’t get out.

  167. I’m a girl scout counselor in Mississippi. We swear by vinegar and water. It’s three parts water to one part vinegar. My MIL has fly problems extremely bag. So we hung the bags up. They didn’t seem to really work at her place. They work just fine at our home. It must be because we get more sunlight than she does. I tried mopping down her porch and the outside of her house with dish soap, vinegar and water, but it didn’t seem to help. They still swarm around. It seems like the water bag works, as long as the sun hits it. Anyone thought of growing citronella grass? I’m ready to.

  168. Hi all, For some reason we have been experiencing vast amounts of flies like everyone else. So living in the dessert you would think flies would go near cows or dead animals. After some research, I have found keeping clear my dog’s feces and dead plants have helped. Flies I have found love over watered trees or plants of any kind. Also, one internet tip, which has helped; pour about 2 spoons of dish soap in a spray bottle of water and spray away at the darn flies. The flies drink the water and their insides melt away….. kinda like when you spray 3 n 1 oil on wasps or bees… their bodys melt….

  169. We live in Central Florida where its very buggy and
    have a bunch of cats and the feeding station is in our garage. We were being over run with flies, the really annoying kind, so a friend of mine told me they hang bags of water at the horse stables in the Dominican Republic, so I gave it a try, and to my amazement the flies were gone in about an hour never to return!! One might wander in but soon its outta here! The zip lock bags of water trick really does work! It might look a bit strange with 3 bags of water hanging but it works great,I highly recommend to give it a try!

  170. I was told to put a penny in the bag of water.Then the flies would think it was a hornet’s nest.I live in the country,and I’ve even seen them at country stores hanging by the front door.So today I put up my own and I’m waiting to see if it works.My mother-n-law washes her porch good then let it dry.After that she sprayes it down with bleach.The flies stay back for a few weeks.But I don’t know about doing that to a wooden porch like mine.Her’s is cement.

  171. I live on a farm that is approximatly 20 feet from the house. The damn flies bask on my front porch and leave terrible black marks all over the front of the house, the porch and our white rocking chairs. I will try the bags, but I don’t want to risk my house looking like a dump. Is there a more astheticly pleasing solution. What about a glass ball filled with water? Anyone tried it?

  172. Funny, my aunt has sworn by the water bags across the porch for years. So here I was, 5 minutes ago, sitting on my porch being attacked by about 6 flies with no reason to be here other than they just were, and I thought of my crazy aunt and her water bags….SOOOO I filled 2 quart sized bags up a second ago, hung them up on nails across the front of my porch, and I shit you not, I’m sitting here fly-free and peacefully enjoying my coffee. Take that for what it’s worth 😉

  173. We did work in Mississippi and Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina and found that a large majority of the people that lived near or on the Bay Saint Louis had bags of water hanging around their homes. When we inquired about the reason we were told by homeowners that it repelled flies and they ALL swore by it. Some used plain water, others added vinegar to the water. Personally, with all of the muck, standing water and debris I don’t recall flies in that area.

  174. ziplock bags dont work…..we have tired it so many times and the flies come back and bring more friends with them

  175. We tried the waterbags and they helped a little but we still have a severe swarm of bugs each day. Most-likely, it’s because of the dogs outside. They have flies around their wastes and the flies fome in the house. We are soon to try the vinegar in the cup with a funnel-shaped paper sticking out just like IHATEFLIES said. If You have more suggestions, please post them!!!!!

    ~tired of these flies~

  176. hey, i live in the country and i am surrounded by cow fields. I have killed flies constantly the past few days, and i mean like a TON of flies. They all hang out in my windows especially my kitchen windows. I kill them and go away for a few minutes and then come back and there are hundreds more. I hate the flies and the filth PLEASE HELP ME! thanks

  177. We tried the water bags over our doors and it has worked really well for us. Now my daughter has flies in her house. I will give her the tip about vinegar and see if that will work.
    Terri in NC

  178. I live in Georgia and have battled flies every summer. This summer I hung a bag of water outside my side door, and outside my front door. Before the bags were hung, I would kill 15-20 flies a day in my house. After the bags were hung, I killed 2 flies (and I have 3 boys ages 2-12 that run in and out all day). It works for me. Sorry it doesn’t work for others, but if you try, it might work. BTW, I place the sandwich sized Ziploc bag filled half-way with water on a nail right beside my doors at eye level. I don’t know if placement might have any effect on it, though.

  179. RE: Jimson – FYI the cotton ball should be attached with a safety pin son that it moves freely. Granny in New Mexico used this prior to platic bags to control fly problem.

    RE: Sam shame on you!

  180. Im from Texas and flies are abundant, but recently I moved to AZ and found that the problem is no better here….must be the warm climate….I have been to so many outdoor bbq’s and resturaunts in Texas that the zip-lock has always been a constant….I am trying it myself for the first time, and I am even going to put a penny in the bags (since I have heard of that too)…as far as hanging them, just stick the bag with a previously hung nail or hook on a beam or entryway… has to work because I have never been bothered by flies at the resturaunts that I enjoy dining at in Texas!

  181. We bought a house and moved in a little over 2 weeks ago and OMG the flies are horrible. They are everywhere. I can’t stand it. I have never seen so many of them at one time until moving in here. There are some farms around here, but we are not right next to any. Maybe a mile away. I am gloing to give the water bag trick a try. It can’t hurt.

    I hung those ugly sticky ribbons up inside and out and hung one of the smelly bag fly traps on a tree in the back yard. Yes, they caught some flies, but not nearly enough to keep them out of our house.

    I was told today by the furniture delivery guys that the flies usually go away by winter here. I cannot wait that long! Today isa the first day of summer for us.

  182. The bag of water works simply because the fly, thinks that it’s a wasp nest. I tried it last year it works, But I have cows that live next door, Children who never shut doors and pets. So I know flies pretty well.

  183. Well we scrubbed our porch with bleach today and we STILL have a ton of flies. We’re trying to see tonight where to hang the bags of water outside!
    Any other tips or ideas?
    I even cloroxed our trash cans and our neighbors that sits right next to our can. I even cloroxed that area of the garbage cans. STILL a ton of flies!

  184. OK, I have a garden window in my kitchen and when I come home in the evenings there are at least 100 flies flying around, some fast, some slow, some dead, (probably from all the poison I have sprayed.) I am suprised I am still alive. Anyway, I want to know if I can hang the bag inside the window. It is a bay garden window which is all glass, top, front and sides. There is a lot of sun that shines through that window. So I hung the bag with water with the penney in it on the inside of the window. Maybe that is stupid, I don’t know. Just have not figured out how to suspend a bag from the air by that window. Last year I hired a professional. His stuff killed them but so did mine and his stuff was a couple hundred dollars and my was probably 2. AND THE FLIES ARE BACK! What a rip off. The sandwish bag and penny sounds real good to me but I want to make sure that I am doing this the correct way, HELP

    I do have a dog however his he does not pee or poop anywhere near that window nor near the hour. As a matter of fact, I have always had dogs and never this problem. Nevertheless I will be better about cleaning his business up.

    I am to the point where I am ready to try and sale this hours. 1st mice, got rid of them, then racoons took 2 years and think I got rid of them. This included getting a new roof and fasica (I just know I spelled that worng but Now FLIES? What is this some kind of pleague. Yes I will try the bag thing but maybe I need prayer.

  185. June 23rd I asked a question regarding how to hang the baggie with water and a penny. I had and uncountable number of flies in my garden window. Let say that again, HAD Had!. I used the water baggie and penny and the FLIES ARE GONE! I a am sorry for those of you where this trick did not work. But PRAISE THE LORD! It worked for me!

    THANK YOU, THANK you THANK you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

  186. There is one absolut solution. There are some spreys of paper. Take 4 of them and spray the doors, windows, the roof and where you have garbage or litter. Trust me it will works. Do it once in a day. It will work 🙂

  187. A zip lock sandwich bag half full w/ a penny near the door helps alot. I had 15- 20 flies on my patio flying in, now only a few around.

  188. Well, I just hung up my water and penny filled bags. I do know this though;even if you are the cleanest person on earth you will still have flies in the country. We live on a farm and haven’t had cattle for years so you would think the number of flies would not be as high. I can tell you they are.
    Mature flies lay their eggs in worms that come from the ground. The eggs are there until they are ready to go. Then they fly every where to annoy us. These flies are called “cluster” flies. They are in our house in the winter and outside in the summer. They are so annoying. So I will see how the baggie trick works. I am also going to buy some tick spray. There are so many flies on our cars and house it looks like someone sprinkled pepper every where.
    Thanks for all of your ideas. Marny

  189. My wife has made me a convert on the bags of water, although the penny is a new thing to me. We have been using it to keep flies at bay for a few years now, and it has an instant and permanent effect. It doesn’t keep all flies away forever, but it hasn’t let us down yet. We just put up a small outbuilding on our property, and it was filled with flies a couple of days after we put it up. My wife started hanging water bags, and by the time she had them hung from the ceiling the flies were gone. And they’ve stayed away.

  190. help me please, i am so scared of flies and they are so ugly, dirty and i hate them… can someone help me please!!! how do i get rid of them, forever!!!!!!!!!!


    I live in a 2 bedroom condo in LA and have been battling AT LEAST 20 flies for weeks now and those are just the few I counted last night in my bedroom alone. I don’t even want to get into how many are infesting the rest of the house. To top it off, these flies react to nothing. You cannot just swat near them and scare them away. They just sit there and I actually have to flick them off with various items. Can you imagine sleeping with 20 flies in your bedroom??? We had to resort to drinking only bottled water due to the many flies we found on/in our drinks.

    Anyway people, the BOTTOM LINE: I just tried the ziploc bag trick and it worked INSTANTLY! I am not kidding. I used the large freezer bags, filled halfway with water, some vinegar and a penny, just to utilize all of the recommended methods. Then I hung them at my two major entryways. Try it! It works!!!

  192. hello i have used hairpray when one of then has gone in to the house i get the strongest hairpray out that i have and spray the *F* out of it!!! hehe the only sucky think is that you have to clean up the mess. but i enjoy watching it go down!!! good luck eveyone

  193. I moved into a row house in a city. I keep the house clean, but I don’t know how the neighbors are. (They have parties alot). How do I keep their bug problems from infesting my bedroom? I can’t sleep at night bc of buzzing flies. Have to Raid them all before I can lay down. I’m tired of the constant fight before bed. There has to be something I can do. If not, I’m moving ASAP!

  194. ok, we just hung three water bags at my friend’s house because she has a horrible fly problem. We’ll post back in a while to let you all know how it goes.

  195. well we just moved into this house and the flies are buggin its like we didn’t have them the first two weeks then right after are 1 BBQ we have been invaded we are next to a freeway and the beach and I’m not sure if thats why are not we lived a few blocks inland before and we did not have this problem so I will try the bags right now and will update cuz man its warm and humide today

  196. I know this sounds wierd, but it works. Put some apple cider vinegar and a few drops of dishwashing soap, (not antibacterial) in a small container. The flies hate it. I had a fly problem in my garden, most people get butterflies, birds and some bees, I got flies!! I put several small bowls thru out my garden and they went away. I still get a few, but it isn’t bad. Good luck, flies are gross.

  197. How do you hang a zip lock bag with a penny in it????? A large bag or small??? Could I put it in my garden somehow??? I use apple cider vinegar in bowls, but maybe bags of water would be easier.

  198. Windex is the trick to killing flies. If you dont want to swat them on your counters or clean up the mess of flie guts every where just wait till the land and give them a real good spray. I always spray them with 3 sprays right in a row. They drop and kick around for a couple of sec but then they are dead!!!!! I have went through a couple bottles so far this summer.

  199. to hang the bags of water get the slder zip lock bags and place a nail to hold them .we had a real problem with flies and this has really worked .but my question is how does this work

  200. Here in Alabama, I have been unfortunate enough this year to be overrun with flies and fleas. I’m sure it doesn’t help that I bought a 100+ year old house without central heat/air. Oddly enough, I’ve noticed that a flea will land on me and immediately jump franticly to get of of me; flies don’t seem to hang around much either. I’m assuming it has something to do with the medicine I take because the rest of my family isn’t as lucky. I have noticed that for house flies, most household cleaners will kill them with just a spray or two. I’ve used de-greaser and carpet cleaner from Dollar Tree for $1/bottle, Wendex, Shout, Pledge, Endust, Dollar General cleaners and virtually anything used to remove grease or stains from any material will kill a fly. Somewhere on the internet there is a list of household substances and the pests they kill/repel. I have two open-top saltwater aquariums, a couple of Macaws and a Cocatoo so Im very limited as to what I can use to kill pests.

  201. The water in the ziploc bags works for a while but I have seen them come back later. They get used to it. Bleach kills them definately! If there is a dumpster where you live pour about a gallon of bleach in it. That will kill off those flies. Pour some in your trash cans too. They cant breath around bleach at all.

  202. We hung the bags of water at a campground as a joke . . . we noticed a few minutes later that the number of flies around the campsite had been dramatically reduced. Instead of 15-20 flies there were only one or two. We too speculated that it might have something to do with the light reflecting off the water.

  203. Love the windex idea. Since they are always on the window I just spray and clean…get 2 jobs done in one shot. I’ll give the water bag a try to keep them from getting in the house in the first place. But it just seems there is a real fly problem this year. Everyone I know is complaining about it.

  204. Using simple dishsoap in a spray bottle mixed with water is enough to naturally kill them… (Less expensive than using your actual window cleaners.)Only a couple of drops of soap will do, pour in the water, shake it up and spray ’em down! My dad uses this & it gets ’em every time. I just wish I could eliminate them BEFORE they sneak into my house!

  205. try water and fresh lime juice in a spray bottle spray where you have the fly problem this should help. let me know’

  206. My friend told mt about the ziploc gallon bags half filled with water to rid flies around entrances to my house. I have had a bag around my trash can and one at my side door for about 3 months now. It has definitely cut down tremendously at the flies that enter my house. And it is a good conversation piece. It does not seem to work at a picnic with open food everywhere-it does not seem to hinder them at all in this case.

  207. Ok we have a whole mess of flies in our house I have no idea how they are getting in. I am getting rid of them. Here is what I have done. I bought a $1 bottle of Windex with Ammonia at the dollar store, this kills them usually in the first shot definitely the second. I would use caution using the Ammonia around animal feces or urine, or in animals that are being kept in the room dish soap would remove them and do your job and clean it up….feces and urine combined with Ammonia create a toxic gas that can make you sick if not fatal if you breathe it in so do not use directly where animals have used the bathroom, After you get done spraying I would make sure you clean with dish soap, DO NOT USE BLEACH or anything that has bleach in it that instant reaction between Ammonia and bleach with definitely make you drop dead. But this is fine to use, as long as you use it safely and clean where you sprayed. Ammonia itself is potent so be careful in breathing it in. Secondly I use the water bags over doors or midway nailed above the door with a penny, with a lil bit of vinegar. Hang them in the light, and above windows. I also use baited fly traps made out of a milk jug. Bait the inside of it with a little bit of honey mixed with a small amount of Ammonia. About a tablespoon or two of honey and 1/2 teaspoon or 3 or 4 drops of Ammonia enough to where it will glaze the inside of jug, pour that mixture in and make sure the jug is coated use a knife or a puncture device and round the holes out You make holes in the gallon jug about the size of a nickel or dime. Make 10 holes random on the flies can get in tie a piece of string around the top of the milk jug you can use fishing line or something that is sturdy and will hold it up there shouldn’t be that heavy, hang it it up, and files get stuck and die, and no clean up required just throw it in the trash. Make sure to wash your hands after doing anything with Ammonia and do not touch eyes , I would use rubber gloves.

  208. Wow. Surprising to see how many people have a problem with flies. Only recently, have I had an infestation. I kill anywhere between 5 to 10 every couple of days.

    Thanks guys. Will try the tips here. Hopefully they work.

  209. For garbage cans there are such annoying many flies during hot weather, I use commode (toilet) deodorizers (with tin hanging brackets) hanging inside the trash cans. They work almost unbelievably well, even guard the production of maggots! You can get these commode deodorizers at Walmart or any dollar store. For a plain bleach if you don’t have these deodorizers, just pour it down into it, it works great, too! Then wash and clean the trash cans out later with water hose.

  210. window cleaner is great idea! only just noticed the problem as i have been out a lot and got the window cleaner out; they can’t fly anymore and then they die, yay 🙂

  211. I have tried the water bags also and amazingly it does work. I got the idea from a local restaurant owner the my husband and I know. He has them hung around his back doors that lead in to his kitchen area. It does work.

  212. this old wise tale is VERY accurate. I have been using this method for years and can testifiy that this method really works. I use the gallon size bags, Harry

  213. our fly problem isn’t a surprise to me…we have a lot of people in this house and not everyone participates in eliminating organic material from the kitchen or the back yard >:| after a big meal…during my breeding ground recon mission, i made a startling discovery:

    followed one of the numerous ant trails to the trash can to find them wrangling maggots at the base of the can, not big news i know, however, when i followed a secondary trail from the maggot-grounds, i discovered that maggots were crawling up from our dog’s shedded hair neatly collected in a crack in the cement. are the flies laying their eggs in a nest of dog hair?

    i thought that flies only bred in moist places with food…

    i don’t kill the ants anymore. i let them clean up the maggots. it seems that if i remove the hair we might get rid of the majority of the problem? does the dog hair theory make sense?

  214. All of a sudden my back yard is COVERED in FLIES. My dogs are covered in flies. I have TRIED EVERYTHING. I have scooped ALL POOP. I have washed the patio down with bleach. I have tried the fly stick and paper. I AM NOW GOING TO THE STORE FOR ZIPLOCKS!!! I got soooo mad that we couldnt eat outside on our new patio furniture that I got the fly swatter and started a fly jihad! I killed at LEAST 30! Will let you know how this goes!
    p.s. flies are freaking disgusting

  215. OK I hung the water in the bag..and sprayed with RAID flying insect killer..within 10 min I have only seen 3 flies. DOWN FROM 1,092. The insect spray and the ziplock seem to have helped by at least 75%.

  216. We were killing at least 20 flies a day out here in Temecula California. I had all the windows and doors closed. I couldn’t for the life of me find out how they were getting in. Well I had an inkling about the Microwave that hangs over our oven because there was a fly inside the door of the microwave. Well, while I was killing flies I noticed a fly, fly through the ventilation part of the microwave. I put sliding screen door material on the vent and the fly’s could not get through and we have gone from killing 20 flies a day to killing none. That’s it.

  217. Zip-lock!! So true!!! I remember seeing them at a mercado in Mexico and asked what was the story behind the water bags. So after returning home, I tried it! It really works, though my door ways look weird, their fly-free!!

  218. OK, so many people have tried this, but as one poster asked:

    Is the bag supposed to be open or closed?

    I am wondering where you hang this — another question no one seemed to answer. Do I hang it directly in the middle, on the side of the latch and where the door opens, etc.?

    Thank you.


  220. I have tried everything the only thing that seems to work the best is lime not the fruit but powered subtance that is purchased @ farm supply & hard ware stores.Just throw it in the yard it looks kinda weird cause your yard has a white powder covering it but it keeps the flies fleas&ticks away!!try it

  221. We live behind a Black Angus Farm. Needless to say, we have FLIES!! Some days are worse than others like very HOT days. We have been using those STINKY, SMELLY, GAWD AWFUL traps with the bait. They really do work and we have them in almost every tree on our peramiter of property. We also have them hanging just by the patio which really help but if you get just right and get a whiff of it, you gag. It really smells like something dead that is rotting.

    the plastic bag trick DOES work to keep them out of the house. Sandwich size zip-lock half full of water tacked to the outer door frame.

    With all of this we STILL get them however and some days we just cannot even eat out there even though we LOVE our patio and being outside.

    Would anyone suggest a zapper? If so, what brand/type…

    Thanks….signed bugged in Idaho

  222. I heard that a plastic shopping bag, filled with water and a coin in the bottom resemble a hornets nest. I guess hornets are a predator to the fly?

  223. Fill a ziplock bag with water and 5 or 6 pennies and hang it in the problem area. In my case it was a particular window in my home. It had a slight but significant passage way for insects.Every since I have done that, it has kept flies and wasps away. Some say, that wasps and flies mistake the bag for some sort of other insect nest and are threatened by this.

  224. I have read here about people with “infestations” of flies and having to kill “20 to 30” a day. That is not an infestation!!! I live in southern Spain and at this time of the year we will have literally hundreds of flies in the house. After a long hot, dry summer we will get a few days of quite heavy rain, but it the weather is till hot. The fly population just seems to explode at this time and we use a combination of probably all of the methods mentioned on this blog. The most effective immediately is fly spray. However, a really good way of preventing them comeing into your home is to install a misting system that runs around the perimeter of the house. This creates a curtain of fine spray through which the flies will not venture. It is not cheap but it is definitely the most effective system I have found.

  225. I followed a lot of tips on this page and some of the traps seemed to work, but it was never enough. Also, all that fly paper and bowls of dish soap and sugar filled with dead flies was ugly and disgusting to have around. Trying to impress friends is a lot easier when they aren’t constantly reminded of your horrendous infestation.

    My solution? BUY A PITCHER PLANT!!!

    Pitcher Plants work like a liquid trap. They entice the flies (all kinds, big small, fruit, house…) to enter and then they get trapped in the liquid and slowly digested. Within ONE NIGHT of owning the plant we were suddenly missing 90%+ of our pest problem. The plant is also attractive and a nice conversation piece you can be proud of.

    Pitcher plants are not expensive (mine was less than $10 and will continue working and living for years) They are almost zero maintenance needing no fertilizer, a small pot, and minimal watering. The best part, they can be found almost anywhere! I found mine in the flowers section of my local Meijer! (Wal-Mart carries them too)

    P.S. Don’t waste your time or money on the Venus Fly Traps (usually located near the Pitcher Plants). They can only catch one fly at a time in their “mouths” and sometimes the trip hairs are not sensitive enough for fruit flies. Pitcher Plants on the other hand will keep on filling up no matter what crawls in there.
    P.P.S. Cat’s are not too much of a problem. Our felines showed little interest in the plant.

  226. I will tell you what kills flies almost instantly…WINDEX!!!!!
    I use the yellow antibact. kind of Windex. I spray them and they FALL RIGHT THERE!!!!
    I have no idea why this works, but if I have nothing around, I grab the windex, spray them and they die. TRY IT!!!!

  227. I did tried the ziplock bag and pennies this weekend. I have a horse trailer with full LQ. The flys were very bad this weekend while I was camping. I put the baggie with pennies above the door of the LQ. NOT ONE FLY came in the trailer. The horse trailer part had many. Not sure why it works but it does!!!!!!!

  228. So I have just read all the comments. It seems all the comments relate to summer flies. It is November and when the temp warms up a little to about 60 degrees my house fills with flies. I don’t have them in the summer, just spring, autumn and winter…..?I live in Maryland horse country. When I returned home last night, there must have been 500 flies in the house. And this is after removal of all of them the day before! Are the zip lock bags a good autumn and winter repellant as well? I have no trash in the house whatsoever and the house staged and is for sale. Are they trying to come in for warmth? Do you put multiple bags up in the same areas? Over every window? Or just one bag per area? Why do they choose my house and not my neighbors’? Truly, there is no uncleanliness at all.

  229. I need help badly. I own a photography studio and last week we had our first sign of a fly. It is only in the studio no other room, doors and windows are sealed, there is no garbage, and we are killing around 20-40 a day. We have got storage heaters in the room but they were turned off when we thought they were the cause of the problem. Freezing in there now.

    Any ideas how to find where they are breeding ?

  230. I live in an older apartment with a really unstable roof. I know for a fact that there are squirrels living in the attic. Anyways, we’ve been experiencing an epidemic of these huge slow black flies buzzing around our house. I believe they are feeding on something dead or diseased because i can swat them with my hand and they fall to the floor dead. Unfortunately Im not, nor are any of my roommates, willing to open the attic and go up there. Ive also found a whole bunch of them in the snow on my balcony which seems really odd. Does anyone have any advice?

  231. little tiny flies are in my house we have cleaned it and cleaned again ..we tried clorox to set in the trap below the sink and let it set overnight we have a garbarater by the way we live in an apt

  232. I have a recurring horse fly problem. No food source, they seem attracted to my two picture windows in my living room. There were about 100 baby flies last June with many huge flys on this window, I thought I would go crazy. Got them all with a fly swatter…..but now,7 months later we have huge horse flys on the inside of the same windows. Why are they coming there. They aren’t in the kitchen, there are no dead animals or food source in that area at all. I have killed about 10 the past 5 days and by the way, it’s been below zero here……anyone have a clue what is going on?

  233. Zip lock!! It really worked for us!!! So sick of flys … tried the bag (closed not open that’s why it specified ‘zip lock’)… it’s hanging down from the middle of our back double sliding doors and no more flies … another tip … try burning incense … smells nice and works like citronella. Now I can do my cooking in peace … (but what about kids?)

  234. What if the flies are all over the siding outside by the deck how do you keep them of that . They are there everyday insun or cloudy what can we do

  235. Regarding the science behind zip log bags of water? My research found that each of the millions of molecules of water presents its own prism effect and given that flies have a lot of eyes, to them it’s like a zillion disco balls reflecting light, colors and movement in a dizzying manner. When you figure that flies are basically prey for many other bugs, animals, birds, etc., they simply won’t take the risk of being around that much perceived action. I moved to a rural area ant thought these “hillbillies” were just yanking my city boy chain but I tried it, worked immediately! We went from hundreds of flies to seeing the occasional one, but he don’t hang around long.

  236. I swear by the plastic bag of water trick I have them on side porch ( our house entry) and all around the basement door. We saw these in Northeast Mo at an Amish grocery store & have used them since. They say it works because a fly sees a reflection & won’t come around.

  237. We have a small domestic farm and since the beginning of this summer FLIES are everywhere! We couldn’t sit on the front porch without being pelted with flies. I used fly sprays, other chemicals, bleached the cement porch…all this worked for about 3 or less hours and suddenly swarms of flies again! My husband read about zip-lock bags full of water and I laughed and said OKAY I will try anything. Put two bags on the front porch and NOT A SINGLE FLY ALL DAY AND NIGHT LONG!! I am still perplexed by this concept…I put two bags on the kitchen counter and one on a coffee table in the living room; NO STINKING FLIES ARE ANYWHERE I HAVE THE BAGS. AGAIN, NONE! I was a nay-Sayer on this and really, really believed this was a hokey thing…but it worked for us!

  238. I have reviewed all the comments here I think I will try the zip lock with pennies and then I will check out the screens on windows and calk them.

    I never had fly problem till yesterday when I killed about 20 of them and could not figure out where they were coming from. There are two windows in my kitchen where they seem to be coming in.

    I have an orange tree in my yard and I am a new gardner, but the flies are no where near the food! It is amazing to me. They are not even entering the kitchen just congregating at these particular windows.

    So I will put up the zip lock bags, fix gaps and let you know how that worked for me.

    Thanks I love the internet!

  239. Also, Windex blue kills but not instantly. Spray pine sol (or cheap immitation of pine cleaner) drops em instantly. However they come back.

  240. I used plastic pant hangers with the metal clamps to hang my bags from…..hanger worked well, not so sure about the water in bag theory! BUT…. I’m trying again since you all swear by it. Thanks.

  241. i have been putting my garbage in doubble bags before putting them into the big green bag that is placed in a locked contaner outside. i have cleaned the side of my house very well and i have sprayed, i don’t have a problem inside anymore but i still have alot of flies around the outside of my home. we moved in late summer last year, i thought thats why they were out there but problem is getting worse everyday, dose anyone have any suggestions?…cheep suggestions?

  242. I swear the water bag works. I just tried it this morning when i saw flies started coming into the house. I was so awed with the results.
    thank you so much. i wonder if fish tank will have the same effect??

  243. Yes I have tried the zip lock bag, half full of water, I put five pennies in it and where we live in the country by a multch plant and cattle farms we were being masacured by flies. Now we sit out on our deck and very, very seldom even see a fly! This was a life saver for us. not sure why it works, I just know that it does.

  244. Okay, so witht this bag theory. It seems like it works but I am trying to get rid of the flies in our garage. We just had a party and we have around 100 flies in there.

    So, would the zip- lock bag theory still work if i hung it in the garage, where there might not be that much light?

  245. My Aunt told me about putting a few pennies in a zip loc bag with water and leave it on the counter. I thought it was just another ‘gimmick’, but I was desparate, so gave it a try. It really does work!!
    If you have a fly problem, you really have to give this a try!

  246. I’ve been at my wits end with the invasion of flies in my home. I can’t even turn the stove on, without a swarm of flies coming in. In desperation I turned to the internet for a possible solution. Having read positive comments on the ‘water bag thing’ thought I’d give it a try. I’ve suspended two water bags on my patio and the entrance from my backdoor into the kitchen. Whoopie…!!! it actually works. My grateful thanks to whomever thought of this ingenious and totally inexpensive idea.

  247. Hanging a clear plastic bag half filled with water and a few pennies works to keep flies and other winged things away – here’s why:

    water, itself, has zillions of molecules that all reflect light.

    add reflective pennies and even more light is reflected for a mirror ball effect.

    a flies eyes (and many other winged things’ eyes) are like mirror balls themselves.

    so when the flies or other winged creatures see the water molecules reflecting light on top of the pennies reflecting even more light in the water on top of how their eyes are like mirror balls themselves – the flies basically get dizzy per se from all of the reflective properties and keep their distance.


  248. The bag with water works.. i had flies in my house and in my garage.. my daughter hung up the bag ..i laughed because i do believe in raid lol. i dont how but the bag really works!!!!

  249. The zip lock bag with pennies DOES NOT work. The flies just sit there and land on it and still buzz around like it’s not even there. I did the shiny pennie thing and everthing.

  250. The ziploc water bags did not work for me. With or without pennies and/or pieces of aluminum foil. Unless you have a large clear 33gal bag filled with water and somehow found a way to hang it. It might work?. The hideous sight would be more unsightly than anything.

  251. The bag with water did not work for us! We hung 6 bags around my patio which is extremely small and the flies didn’t seem fazed at all!

  252. I live in Phoenix, Arizona.I tried the water bag theory. I put 6 ziplock bags half filled with water and a penny in each bag and hung them up about 6 inches apart all over my patio. My husband just shook his head at the sight. It hasn’t worked for me, it seems like the flies all join up on the bags, most likely yelling POOL PARTY!!!! I think they have went out and told all their friends. It hasn’t worked for me so I am going to try putting planters suspended from the porch filled with herbs like tyme, etc.

  253. Okay, see if someone can help. I have a room in my house, and I house parrots. I have hundreds of flies. I have one parrot in another room, flies. I hang those ugly fly traps, catch so many flies, but there are always so many, it is driving me nuts. I keep the room clean as possible. I can sit there with the vacuum and vacuum from 40-50 flies in a sitting and a few days later, just as many are there. I cant use sprays. I change the fly tapes weekly, and they are covered with dead flies. I tried the hanging water bag. So, anybody have any other ideas. Help Help Help

  254. For karen, cindy, kasi, nate, michelle and all who have tried the ziploc bag. flies have been around for eons and the only thing that comes to mind is TNT baby, TNT. of course we all know that this will not work. the flies will only fly away and lay more disgusting eggs to hatch more of the *^@#* things. well, the TNT would, in a sense, work. it would blow up everything around that the flies had been on. good luck to all of us as we continue our battle.

  255. I have used the baggie with 4 pennies and it has worked for the past 3 weeks; also told a friend about it and she hung one outside her front and back door and went from having a houseful of flies, to none. Wonder why it works for some and not others? The magic of faith perhaps? 🙂

  256. I have seen this problem everywere in EVERY type of house. Now take note if you do leave your door open for any reason and flies come in do not use the bag trick although it is effective it can easly fall and is inconvient…Black Flag makes a cheap product with just a spray around your door outline creats a good barrier for at least four months(almost like your the pro) Now if this isnt the problem and you have flies in your house that came out of no where here is some tips…If you have any type of household pet PLEASE do not use a fogger even if you cover every square inch of the house with tarp it can leak in cracks and the dogs can get in there. Also if you have fish or any type of Aquarium in your house clean it (alerge and bacteria easy builds of fish food turtle food any aquatic animal that brings flies) Now for the best safe technique. To pre explain how this works is, flies attracted to heat, bright light. Step one Open up every single window in your house turn off every single light turn on every fan. Do this during the evening not the morning or night. Now stay out the house for a good hour or two. Now when you get home most to all the flies should be gone. Now at least 3-10 flies should be left the quickest way is to get rid of them is. First buy a fly swatter for each person in your house. Second buy a fly paper roll for each light source in your house(if you have 1 fan that holds four light bulbs dont buy four rolls only one) Thrid start swinging have each person in your house hold to swing at flies..Sooner or later the fly paper and you will have got rid of every fly
    LAST BUT NOT LEAST clean up
    Your Welcome if this helped

  257. Add me to the list of ‘tried water-bags-does NOT work’
    The few who say it does, either had no flies prior to trying this, or are deluding themselves & refusing to see that flies are NOT affected by water in plastic bags1 Sorry!

  258. I was told that flies are coming in your house for a reason. It could be animal feces outside. Make sure you clean up your animal’s feces. There could be food on the doors or entry ways, especially if you have kids. They might have had food on their hands and then got in on the door entry ways. You could have a sewage problem. We have five dogs and three cats. They all go out and use the bathroom and this causes a lot of feces in the yard. Also, my mom puts their food bowls on the patio and front. This causes flies to congregate around the front and back door. Don’t put any food around your entry ways. Just my observations. I hate flies, they get on everything and throw up. It’s hard to clean that off lamp shades.

  259. I did some research before trying the pennies in the ziplock bag of water. What I read on snoopes was that it would work, much to my mother’s scoffing and ridicule, I hung the baggies. We did have a couple of flies and my mother said I told you so I took all the bags down. It’s been a month and she gave me some pennies and asked me to put the bags of pennies up again. The flies were driving her crazy. 😉

  260. I researched the pennies in and water filled zip lock on snoops a few months ago. I filled and hung 5 bags out on our patio with much ridiculing from my mother. I saw only a couple of flies, no big deal. My mother kept up the ridicule until I took them all down about a month ago. Today she gave me a bag of pennies and asked me to hang new bags of water & pennies out on the patio and by the pool, the flies are driving her crazy 😉

  261. I started using the bag of water method a few days ago at my home. i live on a farm and the flies are crazy.with manure being spread in the fields, animals every where i turn, its only obvious id have flies. and it works! i have them up at doorways to all my coops and my house. i dont know why it works for some and not others…. but i swear by it. i dont get how it works, my daughter has a theory, ‘fly voodoo’,lol

  262. Karen i had a small fly problem in my house mainly from my outside dogs. we took tomato leave and tied them to the door ways and let them dry out. i had pretty good results still a few boogers but got rid of about 75% hope this helps

  263. Hi. I believe a fly infestation on a patio deck was caused by a mountain ash tree dripping the sap onto the deck. I dumped one jug of vinager and one box baking soda all over the deck, and rinsed with boiling water mixed with dish soap. Then lit a citranella candle. It’s cheap and it got rid of the fly infestation.
    I also read flies don’t like basil plants.

  264. An ash tree’s sap covered patio deck and in 2 days a fly infestation developed. I dumped a jug of vinager all over deck, sprinkled a box of baking soda all over the deck, and then I dumped buckets of boiling hot water mixed with dish soap all over. Then I lit a citranela candle and the flies have been gone since, and it’s been a couple of days so far. Keep lighting the candle often and keep the deck clean from sap to maintain. Hope someone benefits from my experience.

  265. I just tried the water bags and they worked. We had around 20 flies hanging around the dogs water and food. They are gone and it was almost instantly. Go figure. 🙂 I passed this info on to my sister who is having an out door party next weekend. I will post again if it continues to work.

  266. Flies are disgusting!!! I’ve seen the bag of water trick work, as well as just keeping your place clean. As to flies not liking basil, that is unfortunately not true. I have a basil plant on my kitchen window will, and the flies seem to congregate there. The plant does t seem to effect them at all.

  267. The water bags did not work for us though I did not put pennies inside. We have a small porch area where we would like to eat outside but the flies are insane. The trash is nearby and we need to see if anything can be done, but we live in an apt complex so most likely nothing will change.

  268. The water ziplocks with the pennies did not work at all. I have placed now 6 of them strung across my clothes line and the flies are still here. I am at wits end.

  269. So I did the whole pennies in water idea. I thought my friends grandma was crazy but it really works!!!! Ya theirs a few here and their but honestly I have noticed a lot less flies in my house!!!!!!! We can enjoy some time on our porch or even inside and not have a whole sworm of flies around us. Not quite sure why it works eaitha!!!!! But hey I aint gunna question it to much more if it works

  270. Get rats or squirrels stuck between first and second floor almost every fall. Then comes dead animal smell. Now we have a infestation of really large flies the last two days started in the kitchen and moving thru the rooms. My husband has cancer and I need to get them out asap. Dont have time for numerous expensive trials. Someone please tell me exactly how to get rid of them the first time. PLEASE!

  271. If you get really mad you can do what I did this morning when one tried to fly in my ear. Grab a handheld vacuum and chase those sucker down. My wife thought I was crazy but I thought it was kinda fun. Worked for me.

  272. Wait until it’s dark and get a red light. I have a Eveready LED white and red head light to wear and go around with the vacuum and they mostly sit there as you suck them up. My wife got over 600 in one night

  273. Use hair spray to stop flies, when you spray them their wings harden and they drop to the floor where you can easily kill them. the stiff spray is the best.

  274. A few years back we had indoor fly problems….began randomly spraying inside indoor trash container as it would begin filing with waste…especially after food scraps…with indoor type insect spray…house has screens…it became a noticable drop on fly infestation…nill on some days…at lengths sometimes…have continued it ever since…but them little buggers get another source somewhere…to seek out… 🙂

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