Posted on: August 19, 2013 Posted by: Nicole Harding Comments: 0

If a person has developed freckles on their face and body they may be wondering how to get rid of freckles fast. One of the first and more important aspects to realize is that freckles are essentially sun damage and if they exist on someone’s skin in the first place that person should take measures to prevent more from showing up. Freckles can be prevented by wearing a daily sunscreen even when the sun does not appear to be strong in the sky. UV damage an still occur on a cloudy day so making sure sunscreen is part of a daily skincare routine can prevent more freckles from showing up in the future and can prevent the current freckles from getting darker. Additional ways to protect the face from getting more freckles includes wearing a sun hat, sunglasses, and staying out of the direct sunlight as much as it can be helped.

There are ways how to get rid of freckles fast if a person already has them. There are some natural home remedies that claim to reduce the appearance of freckles like using lemon juice topically to bleach them. If the lemon juice idea does not sound so great there are also skin bleaching creams that can be purchased at any drug store. These skin bleaching creams contain agents that will lighten the discolorations and freckles in the skin and make it appear more even. Retinol is also good at renewing the skin and lightening the appearance of freckles.

There are procedures that can be done by a dermatologist for people that have freckles but these procedures are best for older people with aging skin that have freckles. These procedures include laser resurfacing and chemical peels. Laser resurfacing is a very effective procedure that lightens the skin by burning off the top layers of skin. Because this procedure involves a laser that burns the skin it is more suitable for older people who have layers of skin damage to remove. Young skin can be much too sensitive for this type of procedure. Chemical peels also remove top layers of the skin to reveal lighter skin underneath but this is also a harsh process. Both laser and chemical treatments can make the skin very red and flaky and the skin does take a while to heal before the newer and lighter skin beneath it looks normal and fresh.