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It is unfortunate that freckles are often compared to measles, because they are certainly nothing that will make you sick. Unlike measles, freckles are perfectly natural, are often the product of family genes, and are quite common for redheads.

Freckles can be a sign of beauty, but are just as often considered undesirable. If you’re hoping to get rid of freckles, there are forms of prevention and treatment that can grant you this wish!

1. Stay out of the sun!

Sun exposure is one of the main causes of freckles, so try to limit the time you spend in direct sunlight. The sun is at its strongest between 10AM and 4PM, so plan your day accordingly. You can also help to limit that exposure by wearing sunblock (aim for an SPF rating of 30 or higher) and a wide brimmed hat.

2. Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps to lighten the appearance of freckles and has many other beneficial effects for your body, so you really cannot go wrong with this method.

In addition to minimizing your sun exposure, try upping your intake of Vitamin C. This can be done through supplements or by increasing the amount of Vitamin C rich foods in your diet. If you are short on time, try combining various fruits and vegetables into a smoothie.

3. Face products

Foundation is a basic part of the make-up routine for most women. Its main purpose is to hide blemishes and inconsistencies, but it can also help to disguise freckles. Experiment with different types of concealer and foundation shades that will both hide the freckles and give you a natural looking skin tone. Applying a layer of powder also helps.

In addition to make-up based solutions, consumers also have a choice of creams that are designed to lighten facial imperfections, including freckles. Results vary, however, and experts suggest that this method is really only effective on freckles that have been created through sun exposure, rather than ones that have occurred naturally through a person’s genetic make-up.

Even in the best case scenario, the results obtained from creams are not permanent and may require fairly frequent reapplication.

4. Lemon juice

Among its other qualities, lemon juice contains bleaching properties but will not harm your skin. This makes it an effective choice for those wishing to eliminate freckles. You’ll get better results from using freshly squeezed lemon juice, but a store-bought mixture should also do the trick.

Dip a cotton ball or swab in the juice and apply to the appropriate areas of your face. Let the juice sit on your face for approximately 15 minutes and then rinse it off. You’ll want to repeat this process daily to get the best results.

5. Sour cream

Did you know that milk and milk products contain acid? Don’t worry, it is lactic acid and still perfectly safe to eat or drink. However, when applied to your face, it will peel off the top layer of skin and this helps to lighten freckles. Apply sour cream to your face and leave it on for 15 minutes; wash it off with warm water and repeat this once per day.

6. Honey

Nature’s nectar can also help to make your freckles less obvious. Apply a mixture of warm water and honey to your face and let it sit for 15 minutes. Rinse off and repeat this every day until you begin to see some fading in the color of your freckles.

7. Onion

Here is another food item you can consider as red onions can act as a natural exfoliate. Try rubbing a slice over freckled areas of your face or grind up the onion so that you can extract the juice; dip in a cotton swab and apply it your face. As with honey, make sure to thoroughly wash your face afterward.

8. Castor Oil

It tastes horrible, but Castor Oil is good for you. Surprisingly, it is also effective when used on the outside of your body. Try applying some to your face as it helps to fade freckles and even out skin tone. Unlike most of the methods we have mentioned so far, it needs to stay on the face for a good amount of time, so it is recommended for use overnight; wash your face thoroughly in the morning.

9. Professional treatment

Peeling off a layer of your skin seems like a radical solution, but it is actually a common practice for those wishing for their face to look fresh and radiant. Unlike what you might see in a horror film, this is a very safe and controlled practice that uses a chemical that kills a layer of skin tissue, which is then removed.

Taking off the outer layer of skin also helps to reduce the prominence of freckles, though you will need to periodically repeat the process.

If you have not had luck with the above treatments, you can try laser therapy. This method lightens the appearance of freckles and can also remove them entirely by burning the blood vessels just underneath them. While that sounds painful and dangerous, the discomfort is minimal and the risk limited.

Laser treatment can be quite costly and requires multiple appointments (usually 4-5), but if you are looking for a method that works relatively fast and has a proven track record, this is a good bet.

Another medical treatment for freckle removal, microdermabrasion, exfoliates the skin by removing the top layer. This is done by spraying a stream of tiny crystals on to your face, not unlike the principal of sandblasting (though much safer and certainly less painful!). Less invasive than chemical peels or plastic surgery, this method ideally leaves you with a clearer and more even skintone. Several treatments are required, however, and the results are not permanent.

When you are deciding whether you wish to get rid of freckles, remember that not everyone considers them to be a bad thing. This is particularly true for individuals with fair skin and red hair. Freckles are also perfectly natural and often a result of your family heritage. However, if you do decide to disguise or eliminate them, consider whether you wish to go for a temporary solution or a permanent fix. Good luck!

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  1. if you mix 2tbs. lemon juice with 1 tbs. honey && some vinegar and let sit for 10-15 minutes;; no more than once a week. you can get rid of freckles (:

  2. try not to stay in the sun thats how frckles are developed unless your born with them but lemon juice and or honey+vinager helps also

  3. To get rid of freckles try not to stand directly in front of the sun and to make an established mask for freckles add 1 TblS of honey, 1 tsp of lemon juice and less than half of banana and mix them together until it is turned into a paste and apply this mask to your face and let it sit for 15 minutes and wash it after with warm water.

  4. you can’t get rid of freckles but u can make them lighter, for this rub lemon juice on ur face twice a day and make sure you stay out of sunlight while you have the lemon juice on your face. keep it on for an hour and moisturize well after you have washed it off with cold water.
    Also, grate cucumber and mix with sour cream or yogurt, put this mask on for 30 mins or 1 hour, or until it dries, then wash with cold water. Another mask is made with 1 tbsp lemon juice and 1/2 tsp turmeric powder mixed with 1 tbsp chickpea flour (which u can get from any indian or pakistani store). This mask is good for pimples and blemishes too. MAKE SURE U USE A GOOD MOISTURIZER AFTER WASHING OFF ALL THESE MASKS AS THEY WILL DRY YOUR SKIN OUT!!!!!!!

  5. I have freckles on my face and so far havent been successful in getting rid of them. But there is this one cream that I have been using for about 3 months now and I have noticed my face has become lighter and so do the freckles. I received a lot of compliments from friends after using this cream.I live in Malaysia and the weather is hot so i try to stay out of the sunlight as much as i can. I am still using the cream and will not stop. The cream is called Irena. It is formulated specially to lighten the freckles. Good luck. If u want to know more just email me.

  6. I have freckles on my face and I’ve only had them for about 3 yrs so that is okay. Lemon juice really helps to lighten the freckles. I tried it and it was really good. Also, if it is the first time using lemon juice it will sting a bit and if it does, quickly rinse your face and apply some lotion to it. THen reapply and cover it in a dab of lotion and let it stay. THis way, your skin will not dry after applying the lemon. GOod LUCk!

    ps. if this does not work, usually using things wiht a lot of acidity will work too.

  7. i used lemon juice and now i have clear skin and a clear life. I tried a whole lot of things but this really worked for me. GOOD LUCK

  8. i stayed out of the sun and wore sunscreen and a hate whenever i went outside i also moisturised my face night and day and my freckles have been fading.

  9. i dont like using lemon juice because it burns..but if any of you have any suggestion..because i hear lemon juice really helps clear the freckles but i just cant stand the itching that it cause :]

  10. i have tryed using all different kinds of products on my face but they do not seem to go :(, i have even thought about having them surgicly removed.I have had them for years now and only found that lemon juice fades them but doesnt get rid of them. Dad always use to say you cant get rid of wot god gave you, but i would really like to :(:( any advice other than lemon juice,vinegar, or acids fanks xx

  11. Even though lemon juice works, it sometimes burns because if someones skin isn’t moist, it burns, so before that u might want to put some lotion on. Besides lemon juice and vinegar, u can try onion juice, which might sting a little like lemon, if ur skin is too dry of course. After applying lemon juice/onion juice, u have to pretty much stay away from the sun and use moisturizers that have sunblock of 15 spf or higher. This process may take a while tho, mayb a month or less, i aren’t really sure since im experimenting myself. Its the third day and my freckles have faded alot more than i expected but in order to make it disappear onion juice would be the finishing touch, since its freckles greatest enemy xD.Here are the steps:
    Before u sleep or when u have time use lemon juice and apply it onto ur face and let it settle for 10-15 mins and afterwards use warm water to rinse it of, for those whos skin isn’t really used to lemon juice, like it burns and stuff, use some moisturizers before applying the lemon juice to ur face. After rinsing ur face, use moisturizers that is good, like it has vitamin c, Alpha-hydroxy, etc… (2 tablespoons of lemon juice plus a tablespoon of honey and some vingar, can be use too for dry skin, it might not hurt that much. You pretty much have to stay out of the sun, but if u have school like me and stuff use moisturizer that includes sun block of up to 15 spf or higher. U can also use onion juice, which is a bit more effective than lemon juice but rememeber one thing, ur skin would get really not use to the skin.
    ANOTHER SOLUTION-Mix 2 table-spoons of sour milk and 1 table-spoon of wheat (or almond) brans. Apply gruel on your skin for 20-30 minutes, remove with cotton tampon, moistened in warm water.
    Mix some sour milk with cotton cheese and apply on skin for 10-15 minutes. Fat skin should be smeared with lemon juice beforehand. Remove face pack with cotton tampon, moistened in kefir or curdled milk.
    Take 1 tea-spoon of cotton cheese, olive oil, milk, carrot juice, pound carefully and apply on places with freckles. 15 minutes later rinse face pack with warm water, then wipe face with a piece of ice.
    A face pack of boiled and pounded pieces of pumpkin will help you to remove pigmental spots and freckles.
    This way if some wat uncomfortable tho. So if u want more solution u can email or talk to me on aim.


  13. Why would anyone want to get rid of freckles?? You are beautiful the way you are!!!!!!!!!!!
    But i kinda understand because i’ve got like 200 freckles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And at one stage I wanted to get rid of them………………….
    But if you really don’t like them……. here’s how to get rid of them……… and it WILL NOT STING!!!!!!!!!!
    Wash your face well with face wash and rinse well. Then put lemon juice, vinegar and honey! leave it on for about 20 min….. Repeat every day for a week and you will start to see results already!!!!!!!!!!!
    GOOD LUCK YOU GALS!!!!!!!!!!!! x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x

  14. hello people.. i was like you i had freckles all over my face.. and i mean everywhere.. i have been applying lemon jucie twice a day then rincing with cold water.. and 2 weeks later my face has cleared up alot.. u can only see a couiple of freckles and they are very light.. all i can say is use sunblok.. try and stay out of the sun.. and use lemonjuice everyday
    goodluck people

  15. hello peoles it has been a wekk and my freckles are gone.. lemon juice realli works.. just put it on leave it for 15 mins rince with luke warm water.. and thats it..
    goodluck 2 u outthere

  16. does lemon juice really work? does it get rid of freckles fully? will it give me clear crystal skin?
    i really don’t know what to use, there’s so many products out there.
    and i just wish my freckles would dissapear, i feel unpretty and it makes me feel depressed.

    what should i do?

  17. I’ve wanted to try this lemon thing for a while but im afraid it will make my whole face lighter not just the freckles. Also how exactly do you do it? Do u rub the lemon on ur face or do you squeeze the juice then put it on your face or what?

  18. im trying out renee’s theory

    renee Says:September 23rd, 2006 at 8:38 pm
    if you mix 2tbs. lemon juice with 1 tbs. honey && some vinegar and let sit for 10-15 minutes;; no more than once a week. you can get rid of freckles (:

    il lget back to u in 2 weeks to see if it works

  19. I live in Vietnam and there’s a cream produced and sold here made from turmeric (and orange colored root). The Vietnamese use it to erase sunspots, agespots, acne scars and any other kinds of scars. I’m quite sure it would help with freckles. If you can’t find turmeric cream in regular markets, try chinatown or vietnamtown if you have one nearby. If you still can’t find the cream, buy the fresh roots, they should be dirt cheap. Let me know about your results. Good luck.

  20. For the lemon juice tip can I use just lemon juice or do I have to add honey and vinegar? And if I do, is it distilled vinegar?
    One last thing, do I apply to my whole face or just where I have freckles at? Because I only have freckles on my cheeks. = (

    Thanks everyone!

  21. Try a cream called “john plunketts superfade” combined with sunscreen.
    I have been using it for around a year now and it lightened my freckles considerably, It does not completely eradicate them but it does help.
    But you must ensure you wear sunscreen constantly and avoid the sun as much as possible. my skincare routine goes as follows: Morning – cleanse face with a scrub and apply sunscreen (daily face 30+) and apply my foundation. Night – cleanse off foundation with scrub and apply john plunketts superfade, let it absorb, then apply sunscreen. Yes, sunscreen at night. The microfine titanium dioxide found in this certain sunscreen absorbs into the skin and has an accumulative effect giving you more sun protection during daylight hours. it collects in the pores but does not cause pimples. (my source for this information is a dermatologist; i had an appointment with one and he recommended and planned all of this for me)

    Good luck.

  22. I forgot to include the type of sunscreen:

    “Sun sense daily face matte formula 30+”, in a yellow and white tube. it is by far the best, feels like a moisturizer, contains microfine titanium dioxide, is non greasy, and works also as a primer for my foundation.

  23. I’m one of the lucky ones, mine are fading naturally, but a good method to use is just lemon juice, im using it on my arms coz i have lots there and i hate them

    Good Luck in the fight against these things

  24. im kind of stuck, can i put lemon jucie on other parts on my boady to? i have freckles on my legs,arms,face,and back. When i put the lemon juice on do i just leave it or do i have to wash it off, but does it work on other body is what i really want 2 know

    please someone help/respond to me

  25. how exactly do i use the lemon? Rub the lemon on the face or squeeze the juice then put it on the face. Let it to dry. Rinse with warm water. Please explain to me. Thanx in advance.

  26. I was wondering if pure lemon juice in a bottle can be used as well as a normal lemon?Could some reply please many thanks.

  27. kayy guys soo ii trey the lemon juice and viniger and honey AND OMFG ITT SOO WORKKED=]] ii lovee it i dont got as many freakels as i did =]] trust me on this on it might sting at first but soo worth it=]
    try it and if it dont workk sorry=]

    good luuckk girliess=]

  28. hi guys im finally bak!!!!!!!!!
    my freckles are nearly gone alrdy! lemon juice works alot! i rubbed it on, for u r info. U need to look realyl close to see my freckles, like, face to face , so its good! o yea and try this tooo, for those of u living in america xD there is a cream called Porcelana, it fades freckles and has sun block in it, it can be brought in any pharmacy xD
    Based on my studies xD hydroquinone, alpha hydroxy acid works pretty well, and trust me it does xD( i got a 99.85 as my avg on my report card xD )

  29. Hey Does the lemon juice really work, and can it work on other parts of our body as well. I have had freckles for ever, and they are starting to fage but I still have a long way to go. Also what sunblock would i use if i needed to be in the sun for a while. Please help… I want to have clear beautiful skin

  30. Hey i was wondering if i can do the whole lemon vinegar nd honey thing during the day, and then wash my face off and later b4 i go 2 bed apply lemon nd then sleep on it…get bak to me thnx 🙂

  31. well it wouldnt be a good idea to put lemon vinegar nd honey on during the day for too long, mayb for 15 mins but it isnt a good idea to have it for longer becuz, it can attract bugs, and its realyl sticky plus, u wouldnt be lightening ur freckles but darkening them, since u wouldnt have any sunblock on while u have that on. the other idea, putiting lemon juice and sleeping on it is ok, u can do that, but remember, always apply sunblock and mosturizers when u go out after that, because if u dont, it would just darken ur freckles even more, since lemon juice also makes u weak against the sun

  32. apply a mixture of 2tbsp of radish juice with 2 tbsp of buttermilk,daily twice.leave it for 1/2 hr and wash this till the freckles fade..

  33. im reali keen on trying the lemon juice method, but how long do i need to leave it on 4 and do i rinse off with warm or cold water? can i use bottled lemon juice? any help would be great! thanx

  34. Just the other day, i searched online for hours trying to find a cure for my freckles. Even this morning i applied lemon juice because i have freckles on every inch of my body. Today, however, i realized that my freckles make me who i am. Who cares if immature jerks make fun of me due to my freckles. In the end, it really is your personality that wins over who you are, and looks is just a bonus. My friends like me for who i am, and thats all that really matters. I guess my advice is to think about what you’re doing before you get rid of a part of you, but it is your choice. Maybe i will try to get rid of my freckles later again, but for now, im happy with them, but i will be more cautious out in the sun. It sounds pretty stupid, and the comments i read earlier made me feel like people were just saying looks dont count to make me feel good, but its true. In a few years, looks wont matter that much, and freckles to tend to go away as you age. Not everyone has to wait till they’re forty. GOOD LUCK =]

  35. Can you actually get rid of them as in make your skin very clear or will you stil be able to see them abit ? and wont these tings age yuor skin ? yo know like make your skin thinner and more prone to wrinkles ? Im not dissing you guys because im gonna try some of them myself i just want to know thats all?

  36. i have freckles all over my face but there arent loads and loads but enough to make me feel uncomfortable i read all the comments and tried some lime juice i left it on for 15mins then washed off it seen to cleanse my skin i cant reli see and difference to the freckles yet but hoping if i keep it up it will i will post a comment tomorrow

  37. I need to get some lemons i tired teh vinager and honey mix but i could put lemon because i havent go any.
    But with that mixture is your face suposed to go red while its on and abit when its taken off because mine did ?

  38. I used the lemon juice, vinegar and honey 2day but i don’t know how long to use it for until they have gone, also how long does it take until you start to see a difference? does this remady definatly work? Because i have 1 in the middle of my for-head and it takes me half an hour to cover it with concealer and foundation because it makes me really concious! And i really need to get rid of it! Because i don’t feel right and am always cocious about my make-up cominy off! Please help me with some other ideas that remove them perminatly! xx thanx.

  39. hey everyone. i just finished reading all of these comments. i have freckles alllll over my arms/shoulders/somewhat legs and face. i am so ridiculously tired of them. So this whole lemon juice thing, should i just apply it at night and rinse it off in the morning?? I’m red headed and have so many freckles that usually don’t fade. Is anyone else here like me? And has it worked for you?

  40. hey well i have freckles, duh.
    I HATE them. i know you guys do too.
    i just tried the lemon, honey and vinegar mix. i got a hot sensation on my face but meh, its probably a psychological thing but i think my freckles have lightened i’m really hoping for some results.. as much as i would love a crystal clear beautiful complexion i have to face no home remedy is going to be a miracle cure. but id definitely be pleased with some results.
    he he he I’ve written up a face treatment schedule (dorky i know :p) so im really going to give this thing a go. wish me luck x.

    Keep you guys posted.

  41. Aright, well i’v read everyones questions , answers & all the commotion about the lemon juice but like “carebear & unsure” said how do you put the lemon juice on your face, like do you just squeeze it or rub the lemon on the freckled area ?
    This question is really deperate so i need someone to answer it, cuz i want my freckles gone like now, but i want to do the “instructions” right.
    Thanks Mariah.

  42. I hate my freckles too. I am beyond self conscious of them. I will not wear short sleeves or skirts because I am ashamed of them. I have tried many methods, and nothing has worked. I have them on my legs and arms , not so much the face. I need help on what to do.

  43. I hate my freckles. i work at a restaurant and yesterday one of the ppl i was serving started laughing at me and asked me where i get all of my freckles i just want em to be gone. what is honestly the best thing for them? i dont care about how much it cost i just want em gone!

  44. I seen on the internet that alitol supposed to work or to use sour milk, fruit scrub, lemon juice or to use fade cream or bleach cream

  45. I have the same question as many of the other people, How exactly do you apply the lemon juice? and does it have to be right from a lemon or can you use the store bought lemon juice? And will it make my whole face lighter or just my freckles? Sorry about all the questions, but if someone could answer them i would really appreciate it 🙂 Thanks.

  46. michelle i’m there with you… I refuse to wear tank tops. Freckles are so gross. I wear SO MUCH sun screen all the time and fear in spring and summer that whenever i go outside, i’ll just be getting more freckles! i think about it all the time. Seriously – someone needs to give me a good tip. I’ve gone about a week with lemon juice, and i think there’s a difference. i’ll keep you posted though. but seriously… has anyone tried anything drastic? microdermabrasion? laser? ANYTHING? I HATE THEM

  47. about the lemon juice question. just put it on your face! i reallyyy don’t think it matters. I just put some on a cloth and wipe the cloth all over my face. I don’t think there’s a specific method. good luck everyone

  48. I am also going to try this mixture of honey, vinegar, lemon juice, and also maybe the onion juice even though that idea freaks me out a little….but seriously Im willing to do anything and most fading creams with only 2% hydorquiquone or whatever it’s called don’t work…I tried a couple of them for two months each and didn’t see ANY results…but the lemon thing seems to get good feedback so Ill keep everyone posted for sure….I know we’re all looking for something that actually works…

  49. Has anyone ever tried Alitol?? I want to try it… the website makes it look so promising; but it’s probably a scam

  50. i’ve read that if you boil foxglove leaves and then put the water on ur face, itll get rid of em or at least lighten them. also cucumber juice

  51. Why in the world do you want to get rid of freckles? They really set you apart – I don’t know of much that is prettier than a brown-eyed brown-haired woman with freckles. Gawd. Don’t get me started…

    Appreciate what you’ve got. Quit being down on yourself over something that is as easily an asset as not. Embrace it. If you’re funny looking, it doesn’t matter if you’ve got freckles or not; if you’re hot, same thing. And there is always someone out there who thinks you’re super-hot.

  52. This totally sucks!!!!!
    I did the lemon & vinegar and honey thing on my face 3 days in a row, and I didn’t know how long I should leave it, so I left it for like 1 hour or more. the day after I was in the sun,but with sunscreen.
    but I also had to go to a pool the day after that and although I was with sunscreen and I was there for like 1 hour, a terrible terrible thing happened. I got a lot of more freckles!!!

    and the day after u know wht I noticesd? that my freckles are 1000 times darker!!! they got this creepy orange-like color, kind of brown but weird, when I’m in the sun!!! It’s much worse.

    I live in a town where u CAN’T not be in the sun.
    It’s always hot and sunny. so I have to be in the sun.

    Does anyone know a way of getting rid of/lightening my freckles that wouldn’t get worse even if I’m in the sun?

    My older sister and my mom told me that if I’ll be in front of the sun for a long time, my face will get tanned and my freckles won’t stand out so much. My face is frickin white and my frecklesw are dark!!! I hope it will work!!!

  53. OMG mishelle and R waht’s ur problem??? I seriusly don’t care if my arms,legs w/e will be covered in tons of freckles! the face-is what really matters. I mean, u probably don’t have freckles ALL OVER ur face like forehead,nose cheeks,it’s all over! and I hate em!!! but now, thx to the stupid lemon-vinegar idea i know my freckles CANT get any least i hope so.
    so i’m gona just be in the sun and try to make my white face to somehow get darker.

    I wish everyone in the world had freckles. that would have made life sooo much easeier! neither of my friends have freckles! and in my school- only like 2 ppl except me do!!

  54. Ew. freckles on arms/legs etc. are so nasty. i would know, i have them there and i HATE them. HATE> seriously but PEOPLE! GIVE ME SOME FEEDBACK??? WHAT HAS WORKED FOR YOU? we’re all on here complaining. yes, they suck. but uh lets work together to get rid of them! Find something! and report back with your magic.

  55. Hi. I’ve been trying to find ways to get rid of freckles completely for years. I have had freckles for as long as I can remember. I have always wanted to get rid of them. Just from my face. I have very few on my arms, alot on my shoulders, but the only place I really would like them to disappear from is my face. I just wanted to know if all of these ways would ruin your facial complextion. I am part Cherokee Indian and part Italian, and my skin tans very easily, so I don’t want my face being lighter than the rest of my body. Is this possible with some of the treatments that are listed here, or would it be practically impossible? Also, I really do not want to have to use sun screen everytime I go outside because I am outside in the sun daily and I like to be able to get a good tan. If there is anyone out there with any advice to someone like me with this unfortunate “gift” from god, please feel free to IM me @ xWreckedxLifex on AIM. Oh, and all of the people saying that freckles are a “gift” from god; once you live with them, tell me then if they’re a “gift” from god. Don’t talk the talk, without walking the walk.


  56. I was just wondering if anyone has actually gone to a dermatologist to see about lasers or any other possible treatments.

  57. hey. i hate! my freckles. i’m going to the dermatologist this week. hopefully i can get basically all of them removed at a low cost. i’ll keep you guys posted.

  58. This works not only to remove freckles, but to lighten and reduce facial hair, and even dark areas of skin like your elbows or knees.

    1) First take four large lemons ( be sure they’re at room temperature because warm lemons yield more juice than lemons kept in the fridge. If they’ve been in the fridge put them in the microwave for approximately 30 seconds.) and using a peeler or zester, peel the skin of the lemon ( don’t throw the lemons themselves’ll be using them later…set them aside) into a medium sized sauce pan containing about 2 cups of water.

    2) After you’ve placed the zest of all four lemons into the sauce pan, place the sauce pan on the stove and bring the “lemon brew” to a boil for approximately 15 to 20 minutes. You want the lemon zest to cook down in the water.

    3)After 15 to 20 minutes remove the brew from heat and add the juice of the four lemons you had set aside into the sauce pan. It’s okay if you get seeds in there too.

    4)While the brew is still hot, add 1/2 a cup of vinegar (I personally prefer apple cider vinegar, but whatever kind you have at home will work too) and 1/2 cup of honey.

    5) Mix the brew EXTRMELY WELL

    6) Now place it back on the stove for about 5 minutes. You want the brew to be relatively watery, because you’re going to strain it to remove all those seeds and any pulp that may have fallen into it. If you need to leave it on the stove longer than five minutes, do so.

    7) After five minutes strain the brew ( be careful not to spill this on yourself!) into a mixing bowl and allow to cool.

    8) Once the brew has cooled you can now apply it to the part of your body that has freckles or blemishes or dark spots etc etc. Leave it on for at least 15 minutes. If you want ( and this is what I do) you can also apply it to your skin at night and wash it off in the morning when you shower.

    Another thing I like to do is once the brew has cooled, place it in a plastic spray bottle ( you can purchase these at any hair salon store) and then spray it onto the areas of my body that have freckles. It goes on lot faster. I don’t spray my face though. Instead I apply the lemon brew to my face using my hands. If you want to spray it onto your face, however, you can. Just be careful!! Make sure the brew is cool enough so it doesn’t burn your skin and make sure not to spray it into your eyes!!!.

  59. Does lemon juice clear up freckles or does it just make your whole face get lighter. I’ve heard lots of different things and I need to know, so please reply thanks!

  60. I’ve heard that dermatologists work, also that Porcelana and Meladerm work on freckles and moles.
    Does the lemon/honey/vinegar work to remove the freckles, or just to lighten them slightly?
    I really would like to know the answer to this question, because it could be a lot cheaper than to buy some ripoff medicine.

  61. lemon juice has been working. i can see a huge improvement on my cheecks. It seems very well blended. They’re basically not noticeable there. However, for some reason, they are still the same on my forehead. But I’ve just been using lemon juice, nothing else. To hopefully answer your question, i think it’s lightening them and blending my face very well (for the cheeck area). Tips: don’t give up, keep doing it, CONSISTENCY is key. good luck.

  62. hey blooop u can have my freckles!!! all of them!
    god im gona try yhe lemon honey & vinrgar thing agin cause im desperate.

  63. I’m going to try the lemon zest thing&& the mask… I HATE my freckles! My friends say that they like them but I just feel like a fREAk! I only have them not a little but not a lot on my face && arms… I feel bad for those who have them EVERYWHERE because I know how yoou feel but it must be worst for yoou…. Well I’ll tell yoou which one works best! Bye

  64. ummm dis isnt really a tip but more like a question if i use lemon or other of these tips wont it make my skin apear whiter b cuz it if it clears freckles that are really dark wont it affect my skin??

  65. i hate my freckles im gonna try the lemon jucie as you all sed it works but do i squeze the jucie owt first or do i just rub the lemon on my face !! i hate my freckles there all over my skin on my legs arms face n i HATE them so much !! ive been lookin on the net for… about 2 hours nows and i really hope it works i just need to know wat to do please email me with some tips many thanks to you all and good luck

    love confussed girl =[

  66. Hey, i have freckles all over my face, kind of dark too :/ and on my arms. And i’ve read ALOT of stuff on how to get rid of freckles , and looks like the lemon juice one worked 4 all the ppl that used it . But my problem is that my dad is real stingey so he wont give me ANY money at all, so i cant go nd buy some :(:(. Im DESPERATE to get rid of them, ive read about the sour milk one too, what ive done so far is just put the milk in the sun for a few hours. I dont no how long i have to wait until its sour, but does any one know if this actually works?

  67. heya people well i tryed the lemon thing i left it on all night n washed my face with cold water this morning !!! n then moistrised lol !! so ill keep u guys posted to tel u if it will work !!

  68. Hey guys i gave on on the whole thing but im going to start again wth the whole vinager thing now it worked abit for me i did it everyday but i would not recomment doing it everyday seeing as it dries tyour skin out big time so do it everyother day and use plenty of moituriser.has anyone got any thing else they can tell me about on ow to get rid of them ? i have a few on my arms and a few on my shoulders which dont bother me at all its just on my face because there a pain to hide with make-up so if you have any thing let me know please.

  69. hey everyone
    I went to the beach hoping my face will get darker so my freckles won’t stand out but they got a lot darker!
    and then i putted some lemon and then honey on my face for only 30 minutes and they were lighter and my face did get tanned a bit!
    ps, how long should I put the mask w/ vinegar,lemon & honey?
    I wish I had freinds w/ freckles =[[

  70. hey im 13 and i hate my freckles! its nearly summer, and i just want them to get lighter, not darker! does the lemon thing really work? does it damage the skin in any way?

  71. lucii put the lemon juice on for 15-30 mins ten rinse off and apply mosturiser.
    put suntan lotion on too it would reccomend something like factor 15 nothing lower.
    It will be harder though girls to get rid of them and keep them cover now that its getting hotter adn nearly summer so take extra care

  72. ewww.. sour milk??? that’s so gross! but does lemon juice really work cuz i have had my freckles since i was like 6… i really want to get rid of them.. so i guess i’ll try the lemon juice and see what happens.. i’ll try and remember to come back and tell everyone what happens ;]

  73. I tried the skin lightening cream that u can find in stores, but after 3 days ,the area of my cheeks where the cream was applied got tight and looked like it was slightly irritated…so of course I stopped using that..even though it does mention in the warning signs that it may cause some irritation..but could not handle it….so at this point I am trying the lemon juice thing….to be honest I do not want to get rid of my freckles if they stay alone..but as soon as they start joining eachother on my cheeks it looks to me like a patch instead of freckles and that I DO NOT LIKE! when that problem is resolved I will enjoy my freckles again……besides they make u look younger…and that is a heck of a compliment when some think i am in my twentys when in fact I am forty….good luck…

  74. HAHA I love this site- soo interesting! one big room of freckle hateers- you gota love it. I ABSOLUTLY HATE my Freckles- i dont mind my body thats not too bad but i hate freckles on my face!! Tried the Alitol thing- what rip off that was!! honestly dont bother.The honey and vinegar things seems to much like hard work, Lemon juice seems to get all your votes tho so gona have to try that i think. Also is this Porcelana thing any good? if anyone know [please let me know).

  75. Hiyah i dont like my freckles, no affence to you guys out there hu do have them but im sure u agree.and i just want them to go away so im guna try the lemon juice trick, i was thinkiin maybe afterr using the lemon juice and it does work apply some tinted moisturer, this way it wil prevennt the lemon drying out your skin and also add a tan. ggood thinking batman

  76. hey guys the lemon juice thing helps and you can see changes in them by 1-2 weeks and it is totally worttht !!!!!!!!!!!! i thank you all for the comments about how to get rid of them!!!!!!!! thx bye!!!

  77. I LOVE freckles..they’re as vital in life as the reproductive system, i wouldn’t want those brown spots present in my cheeks to fade away… what can i do to avoid this horrible event to occur-?i mean, do they always have to dissapear once people step into adulthood?I HOPE NOT

  78. hey guys, do i just make the lemon juice or something? or do i actually go out and buy it? and btw…..after the freckles disappear, do i still have to use the lemon juice? will the freckles come back and haunt me again?

  79. it has been 5 days for me with the lemon juice at night…the freckles seem to fade somewhat…I will keep on for an extra week to see if there is noticeable difference..we ( my freckles and I) will keep u posted …..make sure to exfoliate every 2 days also…it helps with the complexion of skin.Try differente things to find out what works for u and stick with it …..tHAT IS THE KEY !!!

  80. arrrgh…. if only I had seen these discussions two weeks ago when I forked out for Amira Magic Cream… it’s not so magic… i’ll give the lemon juice a try hey…

  81. HEY guys im 13 and from ausstrailia, deep down i love my freckles, but at the moment i just want them to fade a little. so ive been tring the lemon trick. its only been one day so nothing noticible yet, but ill keep you posted.
    i read in this book (for all u guys wanting to know) that what you have to do with the lemons is:
    -sqeeze a lemon for the juce
    -apply to face with a soft brush
    -leave for 20 mins
    -wash with cold water

    i usually clense, then aply lemon juice, then wash, then moisturise every day.

    also a handy tip is to make some juce every week. i just keep some in the fridge.

    good luck with fading/clearing your freckles!!!

    keep you posted, megan

  82. heyy everyone this has been my third day of using the lemon juice but it hasnt changed yet..
    thanks people hope whatever works for all of us freckle haters lol xoxox

  83. Mary ann Berendson: I have already stepped into adulthood, I should say, being 26 years old, and my freckles are still there. I inherited them from my father, now 58 years old and he also still owns his freckles. I LOVE them. I cannot understand why so many, and I suppose the majority of them are Americans, want to alter their unique appearance. Remember when two or three years ago the make up industry was selling pencils to paint freckles nito you face? Whenever you watch haute couture shows you will see models who got freckles painted on them. “A girl whithout freckles is like the sky without stars”. Here in Germany we also call ’em “Kisses of Angels”.

    Be loud, be proud, and keep your Freckles!!

  84. Although I’ve not been able to try this, I have heard that juice from fresh cranberries work. BUT, as I mentioned, I have not been able to try this because I found out that cranberries are ‘seasonal’. I won’t be able to try this out till around november.

  85. umm,i have tried everything but nothing seems to work.hopefully the lemon juice thing will work!!!by the way,anyone got any ideas on hw to loose the redness on the skin????????????????????

  86. I’ve had some fading… it’s been about 2 weeks on the magic cream (amira) and one week on the lemon… so now i’m not sure if it’s the magic cream or the lemon !! woops :O) have to keep using both I guess!

  87. yerpp well it is now my 6th day… nothing has changed.. well not that ii can tell anyways.. but ah well im gunna keep using it for about 3 weeks.. but yeh hopefully it gets rid of them.. i have wanted to get rid of them for ages and my mum was always like.. you dont needa get rid of them.. because you can jsut cover them up with makeup anyways.. but i would rather just not have them so i dont have to wear much makeup at all hopefully none! ok i will keep you updated.. love xox

  88. I have freckles on my face…kinda like them, but I also have freckles on my arms, shoulders and now they are starting to develope on my legs, which I absolutely hate!! Does anybody know what I can do about that? I was gonna try the alitol thing but luckily I read some of the comments posted and apparently it’s a scam! I just want them off my arms, I hate looking at them!!

  89. To SHANNON_x.x and everyone, the lemon juice does not GET RID of freckles! Yes, it will FADE them and lighten them a bit, but if you are expecting to completely get rid of them, which it sounds like some of you think, it’s not going to happen! 🙂

  90. yeahhh I don’t think this lemon thing is gonna completely get rid o/ them. But at least it keeps you smelling lemony-fresh! hehehe :O)

  91. HEY! i have freckles on my face and i think i look cute regardless. ok so we have freckles…ok so BIG FKING DEAL! i mean there are worse things in life to worry about!!! i used to hate my freckles and i even went to a dermatologist to get laser treatment but HE TOLD ME I WAS NUTS!! he could have made a lot of money off me, but he told me i looked adorably pretty with my freckles, and that laser can cause discoloration or scars which can be a lot worse than freckles. ppl are dying and suffering and what not!! why shud we worry so much about our freckles WHEN WE KNOW WE HAVE TO LIVE WITH THEM???? freckles are part of your skin, FRECKLES ARE UR SKIN COLOR! YOU CANNOT CHANGE UR SKIN COLOR!!! be realistic and get over it…move on. live ur life worrying about bigger things like health, or mortgage, or unemployment or passing your next exam….i have freckles and i’m confident and i don’t know a single person who has thought of me as a bad person or someone uncool or boring or not worth enough to hang out with! its all about your personality you self concious fools! just love yourself and be happy! life is full of crap, why make ur lives more miserable worrying about something YOU CANNOT GET RID OFF! in the past i used to try lemons, vinegar, yogurt, cucumbers, bleach, special cremes and what not…nothing works and now i’ve accepted that this is me, this is who i am, you gotta love me for my heart and mind, not for my freckles…everyone i love in my life is nuts about me and that’s the only thing that matters…so GET OVER YOUR FRECKLES COZ U CANNOT CHANGE UR SKIN COLOR!!! i did and i’m so relaxed and happy! ok i’m done here…CHEERS! 🙂

  92. Omg you guys I recently started the lemon juice thing thank you so much for your tips! I dont know what I would do without them! I was so worried about my freckles but now since I did research I feel more comfortable 🙂

  93. I’m had freckles since I was 6 or 7. I used to like them, but now I can really notice them. Since I’m Irish and Scottish mostly, so I have quite a bit. I don’t like them – I know everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I personally hate my freckles.

    I started using a fading cream 2 weeks ago, before I used lemon juice, but the fading cream was favourable. My freckles are still noticeable, but they are not as dark. Thanks to this cream they are going away.

  94. Do they fade with age.i got them from my mum and my dad dosent have any. so i only have a few on my body but loads on my face ? why is this ? and will they possibly fade when i get older (15 now)seeing as my mum dosent have any on her face now ?

  95. yes they will fade but after the age of 40 when ur melanin level begins to lessen, which is when ur hair will also start to lose its color, so if you are 15 you still have a long time to wait. i have frecks and i used to hate them too but since u have to live with them u might as well accept them and work on the things you can change rather than what you can never change. lemon juice might lighten the frecks but it also lightens the whole skin and it totally dries out your skin after a few weeks if used daily. best option is to consume more citrus drinks (natural ones, not bottled) as the more vitamin C you will consume the better your skin will protect itself from the sun. trust me i’ve tried it all and since i’ve realized that frecks are here to stay till i’m much much much older, i’ve accepted them and don’t even care about them anymore. they are a part of me and they will be with me for a long time to come, so i might as well love them! Cheers 🙂

  96. alright so ive been using lemon juice for the past two days, twice a day for 20 min then rinsing. im really hoping this works, and that it doesnt backfire or nething. so far they look lighter but i mean is probably just in my head. I WANT THESE THINGS GONNEEE GRRRR. okay soo ill keep you guys posted BYEE

  97. My mum had lots on her face like me but hers on her face faded ? so im hopeing mine on my face will tooo seeing as hers did.

  98. hey guys do any of u know a good cream that makes bold freckles lighter?? i mean A LOT??/
    I’m so desperate i’m gona try a cream!!! i wish i had ligt freckles. i think i’m pretty but the freckles are the problem.
    if they were light, i wouldn’t even care!

  99. Hey i have alot of freckles as well…..try blemish free….i have tried it and it seems to lighten the freckles alot…its a frezzing thoing that you can just buy off the inteent and freeze them yourself….honesltyu ihave tons of freckles too and more and more i have guys telling me that they love them…im starting to like them aswell…..i mean there diferent you jst gotta make the best of them!!

  100. my freckles are everywhere. i also think i am pretty but the freckles are holding me back. i havent tried the lists of stuff yet but they better work i need this.

  101. the lemon juice with honey and vinegar REALLLY helps, i can see a difference after two days! also, i hear that a cream called Porcellan? sold in drugstores… realy works. i think ill try it as well…

  102. Hi, I’m posting again.
    They are lightening gradually – they are a lot lighter than last week, lots of have disappeared.. some come back over time so I do certain spots. You can still see the freckles but they aren’t as dark.

    Angel: The freckles are mostly on your face because it is the part of your body that is never covered when you go outside (unless with good sunscreen). Most will fade when you are older, mostly because of wrinkles and age spots (but with laser technology you can get all three removed, which I plan to do with my freckles when I am old enough if they are still visible).

    Eliana: I used Esoterica, lemon juice. Both work great, so do moisturizers for some strange reason.

  103. allo freckle lovers and haters alike… i’m 24, living in ireland.

    i’ve very dark brown hair and eyebrows, though my beard is ginger and my skin gets on as if it’s on a ging’s body!

    in the sun (when we see it in ireland!) i get lotsa freckles and burn in the non-freckled places which fades to a tan, blending with the freckles.

    My skin is way totally dry, cant even use soap without it getting all red and dry, so this lemon-juice, vinegar, acid craic is out the window.

    I’ve come to realise that if you just use damn hot water to wash your face/body, and no agent/soap/chemical then , after a week or so, your body gets used to it and reacts by getting rid of all the impurities (giving you bad skin for a week or two) then after a month (tops)of just washing morning and night with very warm/hot water your skin will be rockin’

    I’m with ‘Beeke’ ^ above….
    “Be loud, be proud, and keep your Freckles!!”

    Good Luck!

  104. hey people!
    deep down i hate freckles, but you know…..their not all THAT bad??
    i think freckles are pretty cute,=) and i do have alot on my face.
    i know not everyone wants to pack on foundation over evry little freckle just to look better, so why not just aply a small amount on your forehead,above your mouth and chin. trying to avoid your cheek areas! it makes you look really balanced and perfect!!!and really adorable:)

    just try it!

  105. it has been 14 days for me and i cant really tell if they have faded or not and i dont really think that they have which is a shame coz i really hate them ARGHH!! byebye xo

  106. So…can you use lemon juice out of a bottle? I have heard the only real way to get rid of them is to prevent them. If I put spf 30 on at like 7 in the morning, will it last until like 3? I don’t have time to reapply during the day. I am going to try the lemon juice thing. Is it bad to put it on your eye lids?

  107. I’m currently using a cream – and also today, I started using lemon juice also. The cream has a much lighter tingling than the lemon; it feels with the lemon juice that you have a rash on the place with freckles (for me, my face), and it won’t go away. The hurting fades after a few minutes. Luckily, the cream is working fantastic but UNluckily I’m running out so I have to go to the pharmacy to get more.

    The lemon juice is best for going outside as I realised the colour is invisible, if not very light indeed. I hope it works out for me – I’ll keep posting as promised.

  108. im home sick from school with glandular fever, guess what im doing this week.. using LEMON JUICE!!! i hope the stuff in th bottle works, & i think u put it on 4 1 hour & then put lotion/moisturiser on.. twice a day?? hope so..

    thank u!!!

    good luck

  109. im actually thinking after reading other comments 1 hour of the lemon juice things too long.. it would kill the skin

  110. ok. I’m asian and my freckles are darker than my tan skin. I know, it makes me a unique asian..but it bothers me. At times i adore them because i stand out and it makes me different..but then i times i feel people just stare at me..i want a clear complexion. i hate wearing make up everyday to cover them up. So with the lemon juice, are we talking about freshly squeezed lemons or actual store juice? 🙂

  111. same here Mai i’m also asian with freckles and i hate them, dont care if i look unique or not i just want to get rid of them! i’ve never heard of this lemon juice thing but i guess i’ll give it ago~ thanks everyone ^^

  112. everyone i’ve got a really important thing to say-

    don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t everrrrrrrrr use lemon juice honey or vinegar! i am serious!!!!

    after i used them- not only my freckles got 9999999999999 million times bolder- my face got lighter!
    if ur in a place where u don’t ever go to the sun for more than half an hour- then do it, but u shouldn’t! it makes ur skin more sensitive and u will get tons of more bold freckles. its gross. and the lemon,honey & will only make ur face lighter, not ur freckles.

    its a fraud. its not true. when o got tanned & used it my face got lighter and my freckles stood out more.
    but, i’m just gonna go to the beach everytday and get tanned, even burned! today i went and my freckles got so bold i cried. ang i got more. my face is more sensitive bcaz of the lemon honey &vinegar.

    but if i keep on going for a long time they won’t stand out at all.
    my lil sister does that and her freckles r sooo light and i can’t c them. and they weren’t like that b4.

    its really important. if u don’t want to listen- then don’t, but u’ll be sorry later! creams r a better way of lightening freckles. good luck evryone!

  113. I agree that there is a faster result with the fading creams….but u have to handle the tightness on your cheeks after a couples of days……..if lemon juice is used u CANNOT EVIDENTLY go in the sun since lemon makes your skin sensitive….at the end of the day going in the sun with or without lemon juice is definitly the absolute wrong thing to do because the sun is the main cause of your freckles.

  114. Esoterica or Porcelana – they both work really well to get rid of the freckles.

    My freckles have lightened considerably. Lemon juice also works.

    Eliana – you shouldn’t put it all over your face, only the places that are affected by freckles. Put them on the dots, not smeared all over – then your face altogether, like you said, will be lighter.

  115. wen i was younger i hated ma freckles an tried reely hard 2 get rid of them bt nothing worked. Ova time iv learnt to luv them and think they are the best ting about me, they make me unique and stand out! an i kno wat its like cause i hav em evrywhere bt believe me u shud just learn to luv them

  116. I started going to the beach evryday for like 1-2 hours and put baby oil all over my face & body and the first 2 days i got a lot of more freckles and they looked so dark reallyy dark but the 3rd day my face became red & i like it and my freckles r startin to lighten and my face is tanned & the redness fades away. I’m gona keep on going and I’m sure my face will get a lot more tanned! =]] I’m soo happy.

  117. Hey Guys!

    Want to know the secret to get rid does annoying freckles?
    Well you need a whole wheat flour mixed with vinegar, then apply it in our face it can also removes dark spots. Wheat grass juice poultice is applied for sterilizing the infected area before this treatment.

    Our body has its own self cleansing, self-purifying systems: keeping these systems working in perfect order is the best way of protecting yourself from toxicity. Drink 7-8 glasses of water a day. 10 glasses would be optimal, but if anything like me its sometimes tough to get in the 8 glasses. Remember your skin is the largest organ of your body and is the first to lose moisture and become dehydrate.

    Keeping your freckles away from sunlight will not make them irritate, better to put sunblock.


  118. Does the lemon juice thing actually work?
    and can the lemon juice be out of a bottle thing?
    i have a huge freckle in the middle of my forehead
    and i want to get rid of it
    tis dark and horrible

  119. dR. A7: How much of the flour and vinegar should I use if I want to try that? Thanks!

    Emma: Go to your local pharmacy and ask for lightening treatments for freckles (usually same treatment as wrinkles). You can also google it.

  120. ive been using the lemon thin for like three days and i haven’t seen a difference. how long does it take for them to fade?

  121. Hey umm me n my frned want to get rid of our freckles..
    but we dont no if we think it will look bettha or worse..
    we are going to start using lemon juice will it dry up our face?..
    please reply thanks
    if any other ideas please let us no

  122. hey. I used lemon juice for a while and there almost gone, but now i aiant sores across my face. Did this happen to anyone else??

  123. i also want to get rid of my freckles because i have a line on my nose where the freckles don’t go because i burnt it and now it’s like a scar!!

    so…today i’m going to try and start with the lemon juice..hope it works *fingers crossed*

    how long should it be before i see a change??

  124. hey.. i was just wondering.. if you put lemon juice on ur face will it lighten your hole face or just the freckles? coz im white as it is and i dont want to be lighter!
    ok then please write bak! thanks

  125. Hi
    i have lots of freckles and i hate them.
    im going to try the lemon honey and vingar method.
    how often do i apply it?
    like once a day? once a week..?
    please help
    thanks xxx

  126. i got my freckles from both of my parents….. and i have ALOT! nobody likes me at my school.. and they are holding me back from everything i do! i dont like wearing swimsuits, skirts, shortsleeves, and people making fun of me makes me go emo! im so emo right now.. and it sucks. i would really like to use something that has the best results u can get!!! please get me some answers!!!!! thanks -.O

  127. well i have been reading about this lemon juice and vinegar and honey and i really get the hope to try it. i really hate my freckles. and at least i want them to fade . so i will keep you posted on the results…..later

  128. I’m still keeping you guys posted on how it is going for me.

    Well I couldn’t find Esoterica at the drug store so I got Vita-K Solution instead and it works really well – way better than anything else I’ve tried. You just put it on once in the morning and/or once at night and after a day your freckles are considerably lighter.

    Says on the bottle “Helps Blotchy & Uneven Skin Tones, Discoloration & Acne Marks Fade Away”. I strongly suggest you guys buy some (make sure it says “improved formula” on it!), it makes your skin look and fell so smooth, even and beautiful!

    …And no I am not getting paid for writing a testimonial, I’m helping you! :] Really, go and buy this and your freckles will get lighter without the help of lemon (which stings, and this doesn’t, you only feel your skin tightening and it doesn’t hurt).

    Someone else use this and tell me if it works for you!

  129. freckles in distress-
    Really? That’s horrible! I’ve only had a few people comment about my freckles but it really made me feel terrible inside. Right now I want to get rid of them for personal benefit, simply because *I* do not like them, most people I know like them. But that’s them, and this is me. I make my own decisions.

    I can understand why you want to get rid of them, but being ’emo’ will only make people not like you more because you will seem unapproachable, resentful of those who try to talk to you. If you are antisocial you may well end up with some phobia of talking to people and you wouldn’t want that. But first, to love others, you have to love yourself! Try buying a book on learning to accept and love yourself even with your flaws. (Hope I’ve helped!)

  130. I would like to know how you put the lemon juice on your skin. Also, how long does it have to stay on for? Has anyone tried using lemon juice on birthmarks and did it work?

  131. does this lemon juice thing really work? i put some on my face today and my freckles havent really gone away. arent there any other ways to get rid of freckles besides creams? somebody help me!!!!

  132. oh and lindsey al you have to do is get lemon juice (from a bottle or freshly squeezed) and then you get a peper towel or cloth and dip it in the lemon juice then dab it on your face

  133. Hey i dont got any freckles on my face though i used to have a lot, but i do on my arms and shoulders, and a bit on my upper chest. I want to get ride of them or have them not as noticable. On my lower arms i cant hardly see them because im tanner there, but my bicept, chest, and shoulders are a lot whitter skin and my freckles are way more noticable. So my question is will they blend in if i get tanner, like they did on my lower arm?

  134. Travis – Yes, they will, but they will still be somewhat noticeable. Of course we all think of our freckles as ugly but other people just see it as ‘you’. Honestly, they don’t care too much!

    Kelly – Lemon juice does work although somewhat less quickly than bleaching agents. Try going to your pharmacy and getting a bleaching agent for discolorations in skin. Another way is laser surgery (not it does not hurt, though it sounds like it does, and only takes about 1 treatment and they’re gone.. and the treatment only lasts a few seconds).

    Lindsey – Yes, it will fade birthmarks. Fortunately I don’t have a birth mark, but lemon juice will fade any dark marks on skin.

  135. Hey everyone
    I say- just go to the beach and put baby oil on and you’ll get soo tanned and your freckles will be much lighter!!! it works! when i put the lemon it bleches my face and my skin gets lighter but my freckles stand out more. i don’t reccommend it at all! really- get tanned! yes you will get more freckles, but the longer u stay- u will only get a lil bit and ur face will get tanned!

  136. Beeke: thank you, i’m sleeping much better now that you helped me to confirm that my worries were senseless:) have a grand life,God sent informer!

  137. I’ve had freckles ever since i was like 4 years old. I hate them so much i cannot describe. I used to live in South Africa so i was always in the sun but i was too young to care about my freckles getting worse. Now i live in Ireland, there is hardly no sun here but my freckles are so bad still.. They honestly make me feel suicidal sometimes..i know thats pathetic but not being able to step outside your house without so much makeup on I spend like £11 pound a week (around 22 dollars) on foundation just to cover them up. It takes me an hour to put on the makeup and i feel so trapped by them..i hate staying over at people’s houses because they see me without makeup on in the morning and i feel like my freckles are ruining my life. No-one else i know has them and they all have perfect- blemish free complexions, they all look amazing without a drop of makeup on. I am constantly afraid of people seeing me without my “mask” on and i feel so resentful and jealous 2wrds normal people with normal- freckle free skin.. I seriously need a solution but everything that i have researched seems to yield very poor results. I have tried fade-out cream but that did not work, i was going to purchase Alitol but apparently it is just some scam so i really dont know what to do.. I stayed home from school today bcuz my freckles were showing through my makeup and i couldnt bear people seeing me like that..
    Sorry for saying all this stuff but i havent been able to say this to anyone before. I just needed to know that other people feel the same way.
    Good luck with trying to get rid of these things.

  138. Will the lemon juice fade my tan? Or will it just lighten up my freckles? Does anyone know how long it takes for freckles to disapear when using lemon juice? Also, how often should I be putting it on, once a day, twice a day?
    Please e-mail me or just answer my questions on here, thanx 🙂

  139. im asian from texas and i have freckles just like everyone. I have tried everything everyone mentioned and nothing worked. The only solution is to see your dermatologist and get the pixel laser done, which costs about $500 and a couple of microdermabrasion sessions after that. Im recovering from the pixel laser. Today is my 5th day and im seeing dramatic results. One thing we all need to remember is wearing sunscreen and avoid sun as much as we can.

  140. I went out on a sunny day, and voila! More freckles. I used sunscreen too. I’m still using my cream and it’s not working so well any more. Perhaps if I use it on a regular basis, since some days are simply too busy.

  141. Eliana: using baby oil in the sun is so dangerous! ull end up with skin cancer or something! seriously use sun-cream!

    i think ill try the lemon juice because i hate my frekles. i just want clear skin, especially for photos coz all my friends have perfect complexions! if i go out in the sun ill wear sun-cream aswell. ↑ Thanks every1 up there 4all te tips! ↑ 🙂 ill comment soon with results! xXx thank u xXx ♥

  142. Hey everyone.
    Like the rest of you I too have freckles. What irritates me is that that my whole body gets very tan and then my face is like seriously white and i have freckles that are really light but they just wont go away. I’d really like to get rid of them and be able to let my face tan without worrying about the freckles getting darker. DO NOT use meladerm. I payed $50 for that cream and I used it for about 3 months and it certainly didn’t do a thing. Instead I tried a skin brightner/fading cream fro and it’s actually helping a lot! I’m going to order the Banishing cream and if anyone has used it, let me know. The products on are cheap, and they work pretty well to.
    Best of luck to you all

  143. Oh, and I forgot another tip as well that I have not tried but I heard from a friend that it can help. They sell self tanning lotion at many local stores and they have some made especially for your face. If your freckles are on the lighter side (but may work for darker ones) you can use it and it will really blend your freckles into your skin. My friend had freckles that were darker than mine and she used it and now they hardly show, and when they show up a little they look really good! So if you want to try this, give it a shot!

  144. I’m using it again daily and it’s working pretty well!
    That’s right, Rachel, self tanning lotions are great for blending your freckles. Unfortunately my face looks orange when I use them, and I have yet to find a good self tanner. Which brand does your friend use? It would really help me!

  145. ok here is my advice- if your looking on this websight your pretty desperate just like me but you know what? NOBODY CARES ABOUT FRECKLES!!! so y remove them? because your selfconcious. turn to god and pray to him and that will help i garenty(or however you spell it). oh! and also nobody notices them either. to people that dont try to notice them there just well i dono nothing! im still having trouble with all of this but try this method and i will make you freckles go away to you and everyone around you.

  146. jennifer- not if u do it for a couple of days once in a whil!!
    well, I didn’t go to the beach for soo long..and i’m sorr for that.
    I started getting tanned and looking so much better but then I didn’t go for a while and now- I’m in new york., so there’s no chance i’ll go to the beach here…
    But I’m gonna c a dermatalogist soon and maybe she’ll give me some tips ..most of my freckles are prettyt light now bcaz i got tanned but there r some on my forehead and the side of my face that really bug me. But I like my face much better.

    good luck everyone =]]

  147. Heyaz!

    I’ve just found this website.(Where hav I been?)I’m suprised at the amount of u that have tried to get rid of ur freckles! I’m only 14 but I’ve been trying 2 get rid of my Freckles 4 ages! But i havn’t had any luck.:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(. I’ll try out ur tips and get bak on here and tell u if it has worked!If u can’t Get rid of ur Freckles just try 2 liv with them. I was feeling ugly and upset cuz peeps @ skl were callin me names lyk freckle face as im sure many of u hav experienced!!!!:(:(:(:(
    Or u can try 2 cover them up with make up. any way good luk 2 all of u that r trying 2 get rid of ur freckles gd luk!!!!!!!!!!

  148. chop up some fresh parsely into fine pieces. then boil some water and put some in a cup. then put parsely into the cup and wait 20-30 mins. Then srainthe parsely. then u have parsly tea. put on every night and morning.

  149. You are beautiful the way you are, and I think freckles are totally cute – loads of my friends have them… i wish i DID! You shouldn’t try and change the way God made you, love who you are, and love your freckles – they are BUFF SHIZZLES.


  150. I am 24 and have hell lot of freckles all over my face and i hate them caz’ they just dont go with my personality…
    i will start using the lemon,honey n vinegar thing, i hope it will work for me… anybody gone far and had lazor treatment done…plz plz do me a favour and get back to me, i want to know more abt it, i hate mine and they made me loose my confidence 🙁 …. i want them gone now and now means now …. 🙁 PLZ HELP !!!!

  151. Hey Tara,
    You are right. A LOT of those self tanning lotions do make you look orange. My sister found that out =] My friend used Olay, Touch of Sun. It’s a lot more gradual than the actually self tanning lotion and it makes your skin stay healthy and moisturized. I hope that helps!

    I just went to and ordered the products off of there. It worked well for me so I hope it works for you.

  152. Guys I Know how hard it is to live with freckles and to be teased and be told that they are ‘cute’..and i know its hard to think your pretty when everyone around you seems to have beautiful clear skin. but the more you worry about how you look the more people are going to notice them. beauty seriously comes from the inside. be comfortable in your own skin. thats what they always say. If you are confdent and feel beautiful then people will be attraced to you. dont go out and spend hours and hours trying to get rid of them just get used to them. i have come to love them and i love men with them. if a man has them and isnt ashamed of them i can truly see that he is a beautiful person.

    love yourself

  153. lol tanya… I didn’t know freckles were personality specific. Shame, I think freckles can be quite sexy on a girl. Be careful spraying your face with acidic solutions, you may end up wrecking your skin if you do it too much.

  154. Hi, i am 19 years old and i am a very hip very cool girl. you know? and i am very beautiful i dont believe that im ugly or anything. I was not born with freckles, .y mom told me that they startrd apperaing when i wa about 4 or 5. and the funny thing is that i am not white ( no offense) its just mostly white people have very light brown freckles. But i am jamaican and i am light skin and my freckles are dark brown. Most men tell me that its sexy and really brings me out. I always feel so pretty and cute ubtil i look in the mirror and these freckles are just staring at me in my way.. it is really like in my way you know.
    Well i have been using this honey. lemon, and vinegar thing for about 2 weeks. and i am not gonna lie i do see results. i only use it in the morniong and leave it on for about 1 hour or sometime 30 minutes. so i guess if i did it more often it would show faster results…i know how it feels for us to hate these things in our face.. GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL

  155. All my life I have had freckles. They always seemed to bother me. I grew to hate them, so yes I know how a lot of you feel. What I have always done is go out and tan in the summer. For some people the sun will freckle them, but for me and a lot of people I know it just simply cover up their freckles. In the winter though I become pale as a ghost and my freckles were becoming much more noticable. I had no clue what to do. I didnt want to get a spray on tan because those just looked fake. I then found a lotion to help me. It was Jergens self tanning lotion. It was great. I didnt get orange palms. Also it looked like so real to. If you apply it once a day you will quickly start to se a differene. Well hear are my tips on tanning . Best wishes to all and good luck!!!

  156. The best solution is to use 1 tbsp of Lemon juice mixed with 1 tbsp of Onion juice and 1 tea spoon honey for 20 mins a day. and exfoliate. Exfoliate as much as possible. Infact, get apricote scrub and use it instead of soap morning and night. rub your dead skin cells off. wear a sunscreen whenever you go out between 10 am to 4 pm. and increase your vitamin intake. By strictly following this regimen, it takes 40 days max to get rid of freckles, blemishes, melasma and spots. for scars and acne, see a skin specialist first. I got rid of my freckles with this recipe. hope it helps.

  157. I have a TON of freckles covering all of my face, arms, hands, and legs. I’ve had freckles since like the first time I went into the sun when I was a baby. Honestly? I like them. I don’t even notice them most of the time, and if my face ever breaks out in zits, the freckles make them definitely less noticeable. So I like them on my face, tho I don’t always like the multitudes on my arms. I might try the lemon juice on my arms to see if it makes them fade a bit…

  158. hello everyone
    so if i use lemon juice…i live in big sunny city..and then i go out in the sun then there just going to get worse? even if i use sunscreen when im in the sun..cuz in the summmer ALWAYS in the sun so is it a bad ise to use lemon juice? should i just leave them???

  159. (Lizzy) Only use Lemon juice at night or whenever you can stay inside for atleast a few hours. then wash your face with water and put on sunscreen before going out. Use scrub in the morning and night. but be gentle while scrubbing.

    remember, its better to have freckles than to have permanent scars due to intense scrubbing or exposure to sun with lemon juice still on. If anything burns real bad on your skin, take it off immediately. Skin is very delicate so be gentle.

    Best of luck.

  160. I heard that there”s a medicaton for acne but I cant remember what its called im trying the sour cream thing for my freckles lol

  161. just wondering if anyone has tried lasor surgery or chemical peels? I would like to try having this done to get rid of my freckles.

  162. well i have been hateing my freckles on my face.But when i saw emily saying its hew u are shes right!! even though sometimes u may hate them its part of your body and u should not get rid of them.i believe that the sun is giveing u more and diffrent looks and giveing u kisses.its just how u are and u should love your self

  163. i hate hate hate my freckles i hav tons covering my face.i hate it when ppl say freckles make ppl look pretty but only u urself wil no how u feel about them. i hav far too many i wudnt mind having an odd couple but i hav tons,i use loads of foundation which is making me look fake and i now actually want to have surgery so i can wake up and feel beautiful for once in my life and throw away my foundation.

  164. well, i hate when people say you should be happy with how you are. Especially because im do HATE the freckles on my face, arms, legs, chest. It makes me self concious, i hate going to the beach where I cant tan except my belly and i cant stand people seeing my legs etc.
    its crap and you cant understand unless you have them.
    some are happy with theirs, and i say good on you but i am very unhappy with mine and im gonna give the lemon juice a go.

  165. hey i used sour cream today and well… it turned my face all red. how come? will it go away? does that sour cream thing even work?!!!

  166. omg im ASIAN and i have freckles.. lol. well not that much.. but still… ill be sure to try the honey, lemon and vinegar thing. ill keep you guys posted :]

  167. Some people say if you put some tooth past on your frckles over night they they lighten up and if you putit on your pimples they go away to…
    Try it

  168. I simply must chime in here. So many people have raved about Lemon juice getting rid of their freckles (“It works!”)- I just have to stick up for the people with tough freckles – I once spent 2 hours with my elbow in Lemon juice and all it did was maybe make them a little shinier. I have even resorted to using a pin to cut into the freckle and then using the Lemon juice. (if you are saying ‘owe!’ you are correct- but still nothing.) I even tried cutting in- and cutting out the freckle itself (it actually ‘grew back’ WITH a scar.)

    Does ANYONE here think that “Atinol” or the other drug ‘freckleX’ actually works? Could it? My plastic surgeon wants to do the acid burn on my face and hands – but i think that just minimizes – I would like to get the Laser treatment which I hear is the ONLY thing that works but it is thousands of dollars each session.
    Any rich folk here for a poor boy that needs a crying loan?


  169. Madiha:

    Do you mean apply on the whole face with the juice? Or just the spots? Mine is really wield, as the freckles only on Beside my Mouth. It look really awful.

    May i ask you, you had get rid of that don’t you? So isit totally clear skin now? Awaitign for you reply.

  170. I had freckles ever since I was eight to 12 I just checked this site yesterday and the lemon juice doesn`t sting my face is that ok???
    Oh I wrote the two obove me I just noticed someone else has my name as well.Woulf lime juice help to?

  171. Hey guys, do any of you think the lemon juice will work on my shoulders because thats the only place I have freckles but I still want to get rid of them. Thanks

  172. Hi. I thought I’d reply because I read through a lot of these messages and I’ve tried a few different things to get rid of my freckles. Just so you know, I’ve only ever really been concerned with my face because I don’t think shoulder freckles are too too bad.

    Anyway, about the lemon juice…I think I used that method for about a year when I was in high school. One way I did it was to slice the lemon and I’d actually rub it on my face so it would be hard-core lemon juice. Eventually I went to using cotton balls to dab lemon juice concentrate all over my face. The lemon juice thing didn’t totally get rid of my freckles but they really seem, to this day, to have lightened up a lot. I didn’t notice that it stung at all, but while I waited for the juice to dry on my skin, my face itched like crazy. Oh yeah, and to the person who asked if they should leave the juice on all night…NO! Just leave it on for 10-15 minutes (until it’s dry) and then use water to rinse your face. My warning against the lemon juice thing is that it dried my skin out HORRIBLY. I live at a really high altitude though, so it is already a dry climate. I’m not sure if lemon juice would dry out your skin quite so badly at sea level, but I’d definitely recommend that you find a moisturizer you like and use it after you rinse the lemon juice off your face. Last comment on the lemon juice thing: I didn’t notice that it made any of the rest of my skin lighter, but I have light skin as it is. I think there is a definite possibility of the rest of your skin lightening if you tan, because that skin has excess pigmentation as well. I strongly recommend you get used to your natural (not tanned) skin color if you want the lemon juice thing to work at all. If you’re out in the sun or you tan, you will NOT have any chance of losing your freckles. If you freckle from the sun, there is no chance that tanning will eventually make all your skin blend together, it will just sprout up more and more freckles and will make them darker as the rest of your skin gets darker (trust me, I’ve tried the tanning thing too…)

    About Alitol…I’ve tried this method too. I actually did this just a little bit after I stopped bothering with lemon juice, and again, I noticed my freckles were lighter, but not gone completely. I think I bought about four bottles of their pills and used them, though I wasn’t the best at making sure I took them twice a day every day. I never bothered with their “money back guarantee” because I misplaced my reciept for a while, but I did look into the company, and there are a few people who have complained to the Better Business Beareau about not getting their money back anyway. I don’t know how much I would trust their “money back guarantee,” but I don’t think the product is a complete scam. Alitol didn’t work for me the way I would have hoped, but maybe it depends on the person.

    The last thing I’ve looked into a resurfacing cosmetic surgery procedure called “intense pulsed light” or IPL. (Look it up on the internet for specific details.) It seems like the most promising method for removing freckles, but I haven’t been around the block to try it yet. (By the way–I’m pretty dang well sure that a certain celebrity named Lindsey Lohan must have used cosmetic surgery to get rid of her freckles because she doesn’t have them much at all anymore. Just compare her pictures from “The Parent Trap” to her pictures today. There is no way freckles like that would just fade.) IPL is a little bit less expensive than lasers. Laser resurfacing can cost up to $5,000 where IPL has to be done 3-5 times progressively for a total cost of around $2,500. I think the recovery time is way shorter for IPL than lasers, as well as chemical peels. Chemical peels are cheaper $500+, but you have to have a deep chemical peel to have it do anything permanent and the recovery sounds brutal. From what I’ve read, I’m partial to IPL, but you guys might have other preferences. If you want a procedure description, just check out cosmetic/plastic surgery locations near where you live (even for chemical peels). They won’t list prices, but they will tell you about the procedure and recovery. If you want a general listing of prices you have to go to which is the website for the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. The cost PDF file can be found at .

    I know that’s a lot of info, but it’s the kind I would have liked to have found when I first started looking into getting rid of my freckles. On a last note. Make sure you are using good makeup for your skin type regardless of it being full coverage or not. For foundation especially, go for quality because if you use crappy foundation, it can make your skin look splotchy after just a few hours. I don’t think you can count on it to completely hide freckles (it never has for me) but it can make your face look worse than freckles do if you are wearing it incorrectly or you are wearing too much.

    Hopefully this post will help someone.

  173. im really umcomfertable about the freckles on my face, i mean i thnk im pretty, but theres a line of freckles on my nose and some on my face…im naturally a dirty blond, and usually i dont think blondes get freckles? i dont really care if they dissappear, i just want them to soften, to where they’re hardly noticable>
    anyway I dont know which way is the best?…and plz give me the true way

  174. o and i play soccer, so im always in the sun> is there any way to do the lemon or onion juice, without gaining more freckles or the freckles getting darker??

  175. I hate my freckles I have borwn hair i really wat to dye it blond but i know if I do I will look silly because of my freakles I try using mabelline dream mate mousse to cover them up it dosent work..
    Im going to try the lemon juice
    Thanks everyone !!

  176. I have tons of freakles all over my body and there not just little ones there big ones, i dont really mind these though which is werid. The only place where im self conscious of them is on my face i have one right in the middle of my nose it truely makes me look like a freak and feel really ugly. I’ve was going to wait till im 18 or so to get them removed, but i came across this website and decided to try some of your guyses ideas. So i just started the lemon juice thing, all ive been doing is using the lemon stuff you buy in a bottle and using a Q-tip to apply directly to the freakles… I just started this yesturday throughout the day i applied like 5 times, and i woke up to day and the areas where i put the lemon are red and peeling [WOOT] so after one day im seeing major results! Thanks guys!

  177. Areosmith Fann, i dont pride myself on like giving advice or anything…. but ive been covering mine up for years on my face, use BARE MINERALS, its awesome!

  178. bri your face isnt supposed to peel and turn red… there just supposed to fade. i would get that checked out

  179. Some of you people are so funny. For those that ask if the lemon juice routine will completely remove your freckles – off course not! Lemon juice aids in lightening them a bit, not REMOVING them!

    And of course that is the same for males AND females.
    And to Erik, who tried to cut off his freckle and then put lemon juice on it, you are crazy. If you really hate your freckles THAT much please call a dermatologist/skin specialist in your area to be educated on the SAFE options!

  180. OMG!! I am desperite to get rid of freakles but i dont want to ask my mom i dont want to wear shorts either cause i have freakles on my legs i have freakles on my face i have them on my arms i have them in my lower back I even i have them on my butt!!! For all those people who think they have alot of freakls I am with you all the way!!! i am going to try the lemon and the honey and viniger though…I think i am really pretty but my freakles make guys not like me and make me ugly and all my bff’s are popular and there all like freakles are you though..And i am like i hate them!!!! I have always said to myself god made freakles on me so i wouldn’t be so confedent!!! lol.For sure I am defenitly getting my freakles lazered off!!!!! What is the age though??? And how much money is it?? Please someone i am in need of findin out..i probably sound like a mean girl right now but really i am not i just feal so down on myself!!! Someone How do i get them lazered off and how much money and how much longer do i have o wait???

  181. I looked on this website and…I don’t kno..!!!!!! lol..the lazier thing is allot of money though..I am scared about the lemon things lol I am a blond why do i have freckles loL!!!!!!!!!i LIKE THEM ON MY FACE I GUESS BUT NOT ON MY ARMS BUTT LEGS AND EXT…FIND A CURE FRECKLE PEOPLE or docotors please…..lemon juice omg i am scared about it is it safe people?????????????????? GIve me an answer XoXoXoXo LuV YaH All!!!!

  182. I’m 15 and have freckles. I like most of the freckles on my face. They aren’t too dark and kindof cute and unique if you ask me. But I have like amillion on my shoulders. I really think its unatractive. I started rubbing lemon juice on my shoulders before I shower or any time I have some extra prepping time. The results are great. But freal girls wear sunblock I live in florida and there much sun using the lemon juice makes my skin dry and unsing sun block can help from getting more freckles. I bring a little thing of face lotion with 15 spf. That was I can put it on my face without feeling sticky and sure it works on my shoulders too.

  183. if u have used lemon juice can u tell me if it gets rid of the freckles or only lightens the freckles and or the skin.

  184. heyy everyonee

    lizzy: i have an advice from u nooo dont use the lemon juice if u go to the sun a lot or in the same day it makes ur skin sooo much sensitive you’ll get tons of freckles instantly its soo bad!!

    and Alyson: omg sour cream?! thats soo bad!!

    well i heard from a person who doesnt have freckles [she does but i didnt c them] that putting natural yogurt on your face lightens your freckles SOO much. so, stupid me, i tried it!!!!!!

    BUTT— AFTER A WHILE I PUT IT ON MY FACE BURNED AND I WASHED IT OFF AND THEN MY WHOLE FACE WAS RED AND THEN THE NEXT DAY MY FACE LOOKES SOOO MUCH LIGHTER AND MY FRECKLES TOO…BUT THE DAY AFTER that– my freckles were darker than before,my face was sooo much lighter, and it lookes much worse than b4!!!

  185. and today, about 3 weeks after that, my face looks a lott lighter than before- and my freckles stand out soo much its hard to belive its never been like this they r brown and soo many r rily dark brown and all the freckles stand out and theyr all over my face!

    Sooo what should i do?? please help!!! i want to get tanned soo badly!! should i use cream? i dont want to go to the sun anymore, i always wear a hat, sunscreen [55 spf oh yeaah], because i dont want more freckles its too much..but- should i go to the sun for hours so my face will get tanned? or somone told me if i wear sunscreen and then i go to the sun for hours it’ll get me tanned? but i dont think soo lol..

  186. ohh yea i forgot to tell ya katie dont use lemon juice i tried it makes things soo much worse.. and surgery i think is very dangerous and expensive and from tthe age of 18 i think and after you will get morw freckles so it wont help!!

  187. Michaela-
    i’m a blonde too i always think “how come im blonde and i have freckles?!” just like u and other girls….i think tht if u play soccer u should wear a hat and sunscreen that way u wont get a lot more..and u shouldn’t try the lemon/onion/whatever juice bcaz it’ll only make it worse- ur face whiter nad freckles darker!

  188. lemon juice works…… but i cant be bothered to put it on every morning and night.

    I have freakles all over maii face!

  189. try lemon juice it definatly wroked the best for me.. it might sting at firstso if it does rinse your face & re apply it .. it s good to use the lemon juice at leats twice a day for the best results i left it on my face for about 30minutes or so.. and then when i was done i applied lotion to my face so it wouldn’t dry out good luck :]

  190. hey i have freckles on my sholder and my face and i HATE them!!! i would look 10 x’s better without them!! I want 2 try the lemon juice and or vinager BUT im scared i will just end up getting more or getting REALly light in the face and get sunburnt mroe easily. Does anyone know if i will get really light in the face or more freckles??

  191. ive had freckles since i was born but ive been wanting to get rid of them since…. well forever and i just wanted to say this is the first time ive read these comments and im going to try them and see which one works best until i hope everyone get the info there looking for here!!!!!

  192. honey with lemon juice mix really well and apply for 10-20 minutes a day as a mask. Works wonders. I’ve heard from many people and trid it myself and it looks like youre wearing foundation xD

  193. i have freckles on my face , i can barely see them in the winter but in the summer there more noticible , i hate them though , i wanna get rid of them , i’m tempted to try the lemon juice ; but i am worried it will take away my tan on my face , bcuhz my tan is like one of my favorite things about myself & i couldnt stand to have it taken away cuhz i work hard on it . PLEASE HELP :]

    take care & god bless .

  194. ok…question>
    the lemon juice has kinda worked but im scared im getting more freckles!
    i need something that will get rid of them, without having to laser them!

  195. The Proactive Acne treatment never claims to lighten freckles, but it lightened mine.

    I ended up ordering the “proactive” acne creams a few years ago. Its a three step treatment; 1) cleanser, 2)toner and 3)the moisturizer w/ sunscreen. Anyways, an ingredient in the medication makes your skin more sensitive to light, (it also faded my freckles considerably). When I came home for Christmas vacation, my uncle commented that he could BARELY see any freckles (and I never brought that up).

    The only reason I stopped using it was b/c my acne wasn’t bad enough keep buying it.

  196. i was wondering if you could put lemon juice just on individual freckles in order to prevent your whole face from getting lighter. would this be possible? And would it be just as effective?

  197. Why on earth would you want to remove them? They are lovely!
    Whether it’s just a few around the nose or lots all around the face I say keep them!

  198. Hi everyone. I don’t have that many freckles. They’re only around my nose and cheekbones. I like some of them but there are still a few I want to get rid of. I’m going to try the lemon method (lucky there’s a half lemon sitting in the fridge right now haha) but I have one concern. I know everyone’s been asking this, but I still haven’t seen a reply, does it lighten the whole face or just the freckles? And if it does then would it work if I just applied dots of lemon juice to the freckles?
    xx Lily

  199. Wow that was all interesting to read. Everyone is so cute trying to help eachother out,goodonyas!! yeah i have some freckles and i want to get rid of them. I don’t mind a few,a few can honestly be sexy but you wanna keep them under control. I have heard WONDERS about the lemon juice. The secret is to put plenty of “faith” yes faith into it. Believe that it WILL work!! Also some great advice is to read through all the blogs that peolpe wrote. And when feeling sad about freckles put on the overseas news and you will feel much better about yourself. Because just by being in Australia is enough reason to be happy! (oh maybe everyone is not in Australia) Hope everyone is good. And my tip of the day is NEVER LET NO GUY MAKE YOU FEEL DOWN!! AND USE PLENTY OF SUNSCREEN! LOTS OF AMOR THAT MEANS “LOVE” MWA!!! KATHERINE FROM SYDNEY AUSTRALIA!!!

  200. You may think you can cover them up with foundation and just forget about them but you cant. It wont protect them from the sun and you’ll just get more

  201. doooooont use creams or lemon juice, so bad. makes ur skin 10x more prone too getting damage!!!.. wear sunscreen religiously.
    you will notice the difference after wearing sunscreen heaps and staying out of the sun

  202. Photorejuvenation Therapy works, i had heaps went away like magic.
    except i forgot to wear sunscreen ONE day and my face broke out in permanent brown splotches every.

  203. Just use sunblock. I like neutrogena’s ultra dry sunblock. Not greasy at all and it doesn’t smell, it kind of just blends into your skin like lotion and a few minutes later you won’t even know your wearing sunblock.

  204. Ok everyone I’ve read most of these comments and it sounds like the best home-made solution is the honey/vinegar/lemon juice thing. A lot of people on here are saying that you shouldnt do this as it damages your skin and dries it out but as long as you follow these tips you should be fine:
    -Apply a good moisturiser suited to your skin type (with an SPF).I really recommend WELEDA Baby Calendula Cream especially since this remedy dries out your skin
    -If you wear make-up make sure your foundation has an added SPF of 15+ and also ones with added moisturiser are really good too.
    -The best time to apply your honey/vinegar/lemon juice would be after you have taken off all your make-up and cleansed, exfoliated etc.
    -Leave it on for about 10-20 minutes
    -Wash off the honey/vinegar/lemon juice with lukewarm water and then moisturise again

    This SHOULD leave your skin looking good and soon enough your freckles will fade. And remember to try and drink 8 glasses of water (2litres) a day!
    I’ll keep you posted on how well the honey/vinegar/lemon juice thing works… hope I helped!! xX

  205. I think everyone should try to use undereye cream because it gets rid of dark circles under your eyes so it will get rid of dark spots on your face.

  206. Yeah well I have a few freckles and they really bother me.
    I hate looking in the mirror because they’re there and my face has some red spots for goodness know what reason so i use maybelline moose!
    Although I really don’t like wearign make-up especially considering im only 13.
    I tried using sunscreen everyday but the result was awful!
    My skin Just totally went all hard and majorly flaky! I hated it! I really want to try the Lemon Juice idea so I’m going to get my mum to purchase it for me.
    I hope it works but my one concern is if its going to lighten my whole entire face!
    I’m also getting proactiv coz my mum want’s it too and she offered me one.
    I hope this works.
    Ill get back to you all.
    Thanks for the tips too

  207. hey…frens… im really so bothered with my freckles beside my mouth. I had just spent SGD200 to buy the SK II feckles solution but it still doesnt really help, neither do the honey & lemon. Please help!!! Im freaking!! =(

  208. hey,i wanna go for a suntan but I am afraid that freakles might develop as I am more prone to get freakles. any suggestion what I should apply or do before I go for suntanning??

    any help would be greatly apprecitated =)

  209. proactiv bleaches ur face white,
    it’s only a temp solution against acne my dermo said it’s rly bad for ur skin.
    wear sunscreen thats created for your face it’ll moisturise and protect it from further damage.
    i wouldn’t bother suntanning if ur skin is naturally white and freckle prone , it’s not going to start browning just because you slather tanning oil on. trusssst meeeeeee. u’ll just burnn
    i used everythinggggggg. and i only got sun damaged.

  210. Hey,
    I’ve had freckles since I’ve been like 4.
    And they have really affected my sef-confidence.
    But over the past month or so I have used Lemon Juice.
    It has lightned then slighty, but not dramaticlly.
    And I’m thinking about using the Honey/Viniger/Lemon things.
    Does it really work?

  211. hey .. i swim every day in summer for 2 hours and when i get out of the pool i have the biggest darkest freckles.. they just seem to come up after the session..before i swim they aren’t to bad.. this also happens at the beach. i love the beach but hate it too coz i get realy bad freckles. i got called freckle face once and that has made me hate them.

    Is there a way i can stop them getting darker while im in the sun at the pool and at the beach? please help!

  212. Wow, that was a lot of stuff to read, anyways, I’m only 12, but I’m not really certain how I feel about them, I’m afraid to try the lemon or anything, because I have pretty sensitive skin, and it might end up makeing the freckles look worse! 🙁 A lot of people tell me that I’m pretty, and that I look a lot like lindsay lohan, but just SOMETIMES I wonder…What would I look like WiThOuT freckles? But to tell you the truth, I know all you freckle haters aren’t going to like me saying this, but I think a lot of poeple with freckles are very beautiful and unique, a lot of people believe it or not are jealous of our individuality.

  213. Lemon didn’t sting my face when i applied it first and it still doesn’t. I’m not seeing a drastic change but i’ll keep trying. It’s only beeen 6 days.

  214. Hi everyone. ^^ My freckles make me feel really weird, and different.. Especially because I’m asian, korean to be exact…I’m only 12 years old, going to seventh grade but at first I didn’t really care but in fifth grade a lot of people made fun of me…Starting then I really started caring. I just have some on my cheeks…I always use this cucumber soap when I’m washing my face but that dosn’t really have an effect…I tried cucumber juice and that really worked. ^^ My lightest freckles went poof! Well duh, it dosn’t get rid of them all…Also some people say to use onion juice, except it smells horrible and if you use too much your face will turn as red as a cherry.

  215. I can’t do the lemon thing…I go outside A LOT and I’m allergic to sunscreen. Only by this company but I’m scared to try a different sunscreen…Hmm…If anyone has some none sunscreen involved tips please reply! I know its hard kuz I’m gonna be in the sun a lot but I always leave with a hat on now a days…

  216. Well its been 11 days and so far… zilch difference

    I’m only going to keep this going until i get up to 3 weeks but I doubt any change will happen unfortunately

    I’m not going to waste my precious (Haha) lemons on something that doesn’t work.

  217. Don’t you DARE even TRY to get rid of your freckles. Freckles are FABULOUS! Just ask any 35 year old woman if she’s happy with them now and used to hate them. Ask her more questions. She’ll tell you that she has had PLENTY of compliments on them. Freckles are delightful and beautiful. Appreciate them and DON’T COVER THEM UP WITH MAKEUP!

    Lindsay Lohan looked far better when her freckles could be seen. In fact, sometimes she does let them show. Those pics make her look the best.

  218. put lemon juise on your face then a home made mask made of cucombers, qweezs and strawberries and sour cream, let that sit for about 15 min then wash it off

  219. Why do people remove freckles? They are so beautiful and attractive. Lindsay Lohan is beautiful, Juliane Moore is beautiful, women with freckles are gorgeous, I’m obsessed with freckles.

  220. Thanks for all your tips, guys! I’m trying the lemon juice technique. I’m going to try this method 2x/day for the next 2+ weeks. Keep you all posted 🙂

  221. Why cant you guys just get over yourself …
    i know your just trying to get rid of the freckles but i have them all over my arms and all voer my face and all over my legs … i mean i have TONS!
    you have to stop worrying about them and make them work for you
    Lots of people have commented on them and said they were cute like just random people. And my Boyfriend loves my freckles even though im covered in them, just live with them.
    Make them work for you. I have been trying to get rid of them but they come back and if your like me just live wth them. Enjoy life wiht out worrying about freckles.

    I hope you take my advice alot of people will call me rude names and tell me to F*#k off or something like that but you know. Get over your selves. Everyones beautiful. Some once told me that. I didnt believe it. Im ugly. I dont like my self but now i do. I dont know why i didnt like my self before but you know you are who you are. YOu shouldnt have to change. Be yourslef. Love yourself.

  222. hey i have freckles all over my face and i hate them i look so ugly with them please help me any ideas that will completely get rid of them help me please i am begging u guys so please help me i hate freckles they r so ugly with me someone please help me

  223. I have freckles on my face but i dont mind them as they’re hardly noticable.
    In the middle of my forehead is one big extremely dark freckle and it looks terrible, just there on its own, especially the position its in.
    Can anyone suggest a way to get rid of it? since as its only one freckle but it really is horrible

  224. I have some freckles on my nose bridge and the tip of my nose. For about 15 years now. I am currently using the Actifade for the second week and I have notice freckles have gotten about 40% lighter. Will keep you posted in 4 more weeks. I paid about $40 for the creme.

  225. Alright to the person who said that GET over your self. Stop trying to get rid of them.
    Heres my opinion.
    WERE NOT OBSESSED WITH OURSELFS SO WHATS THERE TO GET OVER. all we want is better self confidence.
    Is that such a crime?
    anyway I stopped the lemon thing cause it wasn’t working but a couple of weeks later as in now i’ve decided to do it properly. I wasn’t applying it Twice a day nor was i putting on lotion. I noticed that more were comming n getting darker so im going to do it properly.
    Keep you posted.

  226. I think the ONLY option (as I typed before; the lemon juice does not work- nor does anything else mentioned here aside from lasers of some sort) (i have wasted YEARS trying)-
    I think we should all complain to the dermatoligists/plastic surgeons about the price of the laser treatments.

    If all of us complained at once, even after getting shot down, the prices could fall. I am starting now with call and e-mails.

  227. Post Script- aside from lemon juice not working at all (not 1 percent!) I have also tried “Ambi skinCare Fade Cream”. Used it 3 times a day for over a month. Absolutely NO difference at all.

  228. Lemon juice works really well if your freckles are on the lighter side. What I did was apply lemon juice on morning and night for about 20 minutes. Every night after rinsing off the lemon juice i’d put on a sunless tanner (Olay Touch of Sun….doesn’t make skin look orange) and now my face is free of freckles. The sunless tanner helps a lot since the freckles have something to fade into…instead of fading into pale skin. Hope this helps. See ya

  229. thankgod i found this site, just as i was about to give up i guess.
    its really rad how everypone leaves tips, its certainly helped me alot lol

    well anyway like many of you others i got freckles, hmm sux.
    BUT! i started liek 2 days ago to use lemon honey and viniger, i made a micture up and put it in my fridge. to my surprise it has actualy already worked.
    people are saying it doesnt but i rekon it does, my mum can even tell a difference… tis rad.
    well im 16 and if thers anything ive learnt then its these things come with patience. yes lemon, a bleachingproduct, works really really well you jsut have to wait and have persistance and patience.

    atm as we speak i have this stuff on my face haha all i smell is honey, better not go outside or the bees will get me eekk.

    strangly enough for better results i find leaving it on for 30 minutes helps all the more.

    neway peace out dudes n goodluck xx

  230. Hello …. I have a question…. I have freakles all over but i’m afraid if i try the lemon juice i’ll end up looking scary because i’ve had freakles my whole life

  231. i dont think you will look scary…you will prob. look very differant but thats it…the only fear i have is using lemon juice becasue i am a very white person and lemon juic is used as a bleacher so im lost!!!!

  232. urghhh its nice hearing my thoughts come out of others mouths too.
    ive had freckles ever since i was young, i used to be proper ugly with them and even tho loads of people say im really pretty now i feel its only because i have foundation tryna cover my bloody freckles,

    i dont care about my makeup part from the foundation
    i hate the embarrisment especially at a boys house wen u wake up and i feel i have to hide them as soon as i wake up
    i hate them, they make me feel disgusting.

    im not bothered that much about my arms n that cause there not that bad just my face.

    im naturally blonde but i have really fair skin.

    im going to try the lemon juice and stuff
    but i have to get my mum to get them but i duno what im gona say its for cus i feel stupid haha.

    i dont want surgery but i just want them to disappear.

    good thing is, im 17 and my brother is 23 he had loads of freckles but now there virtually all gone and have been for like the last 4 years, so im hoping naturally mine will all fade in the next year or so but id rather try and get rid of them now because its the one thing i cant stand about my face and at parties and stuff i always have to check my makeup cus i dont want them on show.

    im sorry for those who think i should be happy that there apart of me, but i would rather they werent to be honest.


  233. oh and lydia yeah i see what your saying.
    im happy for you finding ur freckles beautiful and ur bf but come on i dont need to get over myself and it doesnt sound like most the ppl on here do either.. its all about self confidence..

    i personally hate my freckles
    i feel disgusting with them showing and im sick of having to wear fuk loads of foundation to try and hide them, constantly putting foundation on and worryin about them is a drag.
    theres nothing wrong with trying to get rid of them an easier way.

    i think if your happy with them then gd on ya but if ur not dw try the ways ppl are offering..after all its worth a go isnt it.

    i no im going to, dont fink there disappear completely tho cus its clear they only lighten and dont expect drastic changes within a day ffs.. give it a few weeks and u shud notice a difference.

    good luck

  234. Okay…everyone do not use lemon juice. I am not trying to bring down all your hopes. Laser treatment is good.! I never got it done, but I look everywhere all over the net Trying to find oput if it was bad. It isn’t, people say that lasering is going to be very painful. No laser will only feel like a rubber band that slaps against your skin it isn’t bad and I am going to try it. Yes it is costly, About $400, but you’ll spend that much money on your freckles trying to use pills like alitol and freckleX.A! Please use laser surgery.! I am going to. It takes 5 to 6 treatment to fully take it away.! I’ll tell you how my first treatment goes you guys.! XxoXo Freckle friends.. XxoXo

  235. Greetings to all of you youngsters out there who are feeling the pain and humiliation of peer pressure with the added burden of freckled faces/arms/legs what-have-you body parts. I was you 30 years ago. I am here to tell you that I felt EXACTLY LIKE YOU when I was younger. I know it is difficult for you now, but you will see in time that it takes a very mean bull to make a strong bullfighter. Be happy with who you are. You are all very sensitive and caring persons growing up in a very harsh world occupied with looking beautiful on the outside rather than focusing on the goodness inside. Please, don’t fret! I promise you will learn to live with your freckles and realize your uniqueness. You will all meet someone special WHO WILL LOVE YOU AS YOU ARE!!! Trust me, the ones that are making fun of you are not worth it, they are not worthy of your time or effort. Show them how strong you are; don’t let them see you cry and don’t be hindered by your freckles. I have many and I have learned to live with them and now am confident and they do not bother me. I do remember the pain of what you are all experiencing right now; wearing the heavy foundation, not wanting to wear shorts, not wanting to go to the beach, wondering why I was cursed with them, etc… We all have some cross to bear in life….but you will see that you will ALL grow into wonderful people. Erik, please don’t cut into your skin to remove your freckles. It is so saddening to even think of you doing that to yourself. What desperation you must feel. Is it really worth it? NO!! Look outward people, not inward. Stop watching celebrity news and realize that beauty truly does come from within. This will make you stronger and more and more people will admire you and you will be a light for others. Think about the positive things in your lives…remember this saying: “I wept because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet.” There is ALWAYS someone much worse off than you. Shine on with your freckles, be who you were meant to be and don’t let others’ comments/meanness/shallowness hinder who you are inside. FRECKLES CAN BE BEAUTIFUL…WEAR THEM WELL!!! There are many admirers of freckles out there, you will see!

  236. U can’t really get rid of ur freckles, but u can make them less noticeble. i had quite a few freckles on my face and i use a self tanning cream on my face and now there really light and u can hardly see them.

  237. I seriously don’t like my freckles, I’ve had them for 26 years!!! That feeling when you find a nice top but you always put on a over shirt so noone sees your arms, I hate that feeling.
    I wear self tanners to cover them but it lasts for like 3 days.
    I’m not unhappy with the freckles on my face, it’s more my arms, I am currently using john pluketts superfade cream. I have been using it twice daily for 4 days, i can’t see any difference. i will continue for a month like the product says and I’ll see what happens, if that doesn’t work i’ll try the lemon. so has anyone actually used lemon and does it fade the freckles? i’ve read that people are using it, but dos it work?
    i will post again re: the cream i’m using. if it does work it’s dirt cheap and easily applied.

  238. hey ppl .. may i ask if lemon juice works on the freckles even if the freckles are said to have been passed down from parents?

  239. hey guys it’s me again.

    well yeh for sure ive been using the lemon, it does work beleive it or not.
    there will be days you can tell then days you cant.
    but remember this… it’s about persistance, it’s a constant thing not just every now and then.
    remember to apply moisturiser to your skin so that the lemon does not dry out your face and cause it to become red and itchy.
    the best option is to find a moisturiser containing vitamin c. atm i am currently using olay touch of sun after using lemon


  240. its strange that i have a freckle face but still the finest of girls ask me out at school (high school yr9) i always say no because when it comes to being intamate i find it awkward and embarrasing having brown spots all over my face, i also skate alot wich means its hard for me to not be exsposed to sunlight. ive just started trying the lemon juice so ya know..hope it works
    oh and a tip, i always used to stand in the sun wen talking to people cause it lightend my freckles.

  241. well im mixed race(black and white), and iv got freckles all over my face…. i dont hate them
    but i do prefer i had a lot less,as i do have dem all over my face and they are dark brown…i tryed the lemon thing once for about 5 minuted lool …i cudnt stand the irratation…but i then realised ma face became alot lighter…is there any promising solution ??

  242. I don’t have many freckles, just one right in the middle of my forehead! Can you imagine how embarrassing that is? And to make matters worse my stupid concealer doesn’t cover it. If anyone has any suggestions please say!
    I was thinking about laser treatment but I can’t get that till im 18, plus it will probably leave scars. The lemon juice with vinegar thing does NOT work one bit!

  243. Well I have barely seen any difference.
    I guess thats because I apply it once a day and like once a week sometimes so I got to be more persistent with this but I have been seeing a difference. I think. It might be in my head LOL but I think I have been seeing a difference so i guess my tip is to keep to it and not slack off.

    Much Love.xx

    Hope it all works out for you.

    PS. Eat healthily! Thats probably something cause them to continuesly appear. Drink plenty of water too. It keeps the skin fresh and vibrant.

  244. Well once my mum sed im not all perfect as my family makes me out to be becuase of my frekkles and thats stuck with me and since then i think even my mum thinks my frekkles make me ugly!
    My dad once said i look like ive been tangoed but thats only because of the amount of foundation i put on my skin to hide the frekkles…I HATE FREKKLES N I DNT THINK THEY MAKE U LOOK BOOTIFUL ! although some ppl look beautiful with them and suit them.Does lemon juice work? and does it make the skin lighter too ? because im pale as it is


  245. I Have Freckels im Consious Coz I Hav A Big One At the Side Of My Face A Bit Down From My Eye And Next To my Nose I Also Have Others On MY Face N Arms, I Hate Them I Wear Lots Of Founsation On My Face Too Try and Cover Them It Sorta Works Bt Half Them Justt Look the Same..:( I Might try Lemon Juice But Will It Make Me Whiter Than I Alreeady Am? Pleese SOmeOne Rite Backk x

  246. Just want to give you guys a 4 weeks update. Actifade has helped me lighten the freckles by a large percentage. But it does not get rid of them. I think my freckles look 70 % ligher than before. Hope that helps.

  247. I hope I can help to answer all the questions since I just read through this entire page and I seem to see that same questions over and over again. I just hope we can clear up some of those questions that have been coming up.

    1.Does lemom juice really work?
    **Unfortunately it’s hard to answer this for everyone since we all have different types of skin, and some of us have really dark freckles whereas some of us have freckles on the lighter side. The best way to find out if lemon juice really works is to try it out yourself. Just be consistent. Don’t expect results if you’ve only applied lemon juice once. There won’t be any. Just stay consistent. Trust me.

    2.Why would anyone want to get rid of their freckles?!?
    **Everyone has different reasons. A lot of times kids with freckles get made fun of. Even though we are told that what’s on the inside matters, it still hurts. If you’ve experienced this, you know what I mean. A lot of times, if you feel beautiful, or at least happy about yourself on the outside, you have more self confidence. Yes, I still agree that what is in the inside is what matters. But look at the world we live in.

    3.Why do natural blondes have freckles?
    **It doesn’t matter if you have blonde hair, if your light skinned, you can get freckles. Everyone seems to have the image that only redheads can get freckles. Very untrue. I’ve seen people with naturally black hair that have tons of freckles. It depends on your genes. I have naturally very light blonde hair. I still have freckles. It happens.

    4.Will lemon juice make my whole face lighter?
    **Yes, it can. Chances are if it is lightening your freckles, it can most likely lighten your skin. You’re gonna have to find out for yourself. As I said before, everyone is different.

    I hope I have cleared up a few questions. My answers may be wrong but I’m doing what I can. For those that are wondering, lemon juice helped me to FADE my freckles. They are still there but I an barely see them. I thought it helped out a lot but my freckes were pretty light to start out with

    Good luck

  248. I do have some and I’m still getting rid of them! Yeah! Well, everyone on here is always saying to use sour cream, sour milk, or lemon juice. That never worked for me. So what I use is carrot paste, vitamin E tablets(smashed), Altoids mints(Smashed), hyrogen preoxide, isopropyl rubbing alcohol, and skin lotion. I know that sounds realy weird! But, it worked, I’m saying it will work for everyone, but it worked for me!

  249. Hi everyone!
    I read all the coments and tips(thanks alot for shearing them), and I think that all of you should know a beautiful italian saying:
    “A face without any freckles is like a night without stars!”
    I also have a lot of freckles on my face and I really don`t like them. I have never used anything to move them but I’ll try some of your tips and hope that ALL freckles will be gone! If not, then I’ll just try to rememer what italians say!!!!
    P.S. Some woman of my country use some kind of cream with a percentage of quicksilver on it. That makes your skin very smoth and light and it is very effective for freckles too. The only problem is that this cream can damage your teath because of the presence of quicksilver on it, so I did not have the courage to use it.

  250. Heya ive had sun-kisses for years but ive never let them get me down. I just look at pics of celebs like lyndsey lohan or megan fox and it makes me feel better too know that they are just lyk us aswell. Dnt listen to what society tells you to be. just be yourself! i am a 16 year old who has white skin, dark hair and freckles covering my face (cookies n cream, lol) but i dnt feel bad about it cos its who i am and i dnt give a danm bout wat all those clones out there has to say… cos we are all unique!! wooh!
    It don’t matter if your freckles are brown, white or red or even green… dnt get down about it cos ya all look GREAT!!!

    Luv Luv! xoxox

  251. Hey people! Just wondering if this ‘lemon juice’ thing really works? I don’t want to change my face color a lot. Just want my my freckles to go away!!!


  252. I have brown hair with A LOT of highlights, green eyes, and a lot of freckles that stand out really bad because my skin is white even though i am out in the sun. (i guess it’s cuz im Irish) I have egzama and im afraid to do the lemon juice thing because if i do the tiniest little thing to my skin i break out really bad and have these big red spots all over. I cant even where makeup. What do I do?!?!?!?!?!?!

  253. im 13 years old and hate my freckles and i am going to try this lemon juice, honey and vinegar thing and tell you guys what happens but right now i have no lemon juice, s it mayh be a week because after a week apparently it starts working then.

    ps = don’t use creams or anything dont waste your money until you have tried the cheaper things!!

    pps = come back in a week or so……

  254. I hate havin freckles! it makes me mad! but i gueess we shudnt dwell on it that much….some ppl think freckles are cute, but i just think they make me look little and weird….i’ve tried the onion juice, lemon juice, vinigar, honey and w/e mixtures for months! but nothin seems to fade them that much…..PLZ help if u can think of anything else that works rllly well!

  255. Hey everyone

    I am a freckle and have tried the lemon juice and after using it for three days, i started getting tiny pimples all over my face but really bad so plz if you are goign to try lemon juice, test it first on a sensitive surface and see if you have a reaction from the lemon juice.

    I cant say if it worked or not as i never used it long enough but going to try again and will let everyone know!

    P.S. the lemon does sting alittle but remember to wash face and moisture before apply the lemon juice and leave for about 15min to 30min max and rinse with luke-warm water and after moisture again, remember KEEP your face out of the sun and use sun factor higher then 20

    Good luck everyone

  256. Girls, girls, girls!
    Please dont EVER try to get rid of freckles! The poet John Betjeman said: ‘A girl without freckles is like the sky without stars’ and I couldn’t agree more..

  257. I totally agree with that saying! i used to hate my freckles so much and used to get teased non-stop, but ive learned to accept that freckles make make me who i am. Please people don’t let them get you down hey, there are people out there far worse off, just be greatful that you are alive and well. FRECKLES ARE BEAUTIFUL!! believe it!

    Luv Luv xoxoxox

  258. i have been using lemon for 3 days now. I think they are a bit lighter but it might be pychologically. I’m gonna keep using it.

  259. Hello everyone
    For the 1st time im trying this lemon juice today , since I also have freckles myself and it bugs me seeing them everyday , I hope it works and I’ll come back in a week or so to keep u all informed to see if it actually works like I did for the rest of you

  260. well im back and its been a month sorry im soo late well anyway my freckles have pnly faded away a little bit but if you keep using lemon juice honey and vinigar it might just fade away



  261. Hi, I was just wondering would lemon juice lighten your face to? This is going to be my first time using lemon juice, I even went to the store this morning just to get lemon juice, I hope it works, I just hope it doesn’t change my face’s skin tone, I just want these freckles to be gone!!!! My only question is, would it be a good idea to remove these freckles, or would I regret it? I really don’t know, this feels like a decision to go into surgery or something. I can’t even imagine my face without freckles. I think I’ll try it for one day which is twice a day right? And if I see the improvement and actually like it, I think I’ll keep trying it. By the way these remedies are great!!!

  262. I have it on my face right now, and it really does burn, well here goes day number one,this the first time I’m trying this, but I’ll keep writing and giving u feedbacks on wats happening, I guess I have to take another round of the burning sensation when I’m about to go to bed, wow it feels like I have a bad sun burn, it just burns

  263. i have freckles everywhere on my body. i have tried many things but i had found oat and honey actually work, it feels wierd but it works.. u also have to stay out of the sun for a while for it to work but its really simple u just add honey and oats together,and apply to your freckles for 10-15 miutes, it does actually work… bye 🙂

  264. What if we don’t have lemon juice?
    And what if your parents are against your getting rid of them.
    But if you make them beleive that they just “went away”,
    Then woo hoo, right?

    So.. If I were to ONLY mix Vineger and Honey together, would it work!?

    Or that.. -Gag- Sour milk thing?

    Scribble back,


    Thanks. =]

  265. if u guys don’t won;t ur whole face lightened when u put lemon juice on(not sayying it will) apply the lemon juice onto ur freckles using a small makeup brush or a cotton tip.

  266. OMG, people, i used the lemon juice thing and i mean INSTANTLY my nose went white ( thats where ma freckles are) it completely bleached my nose and stung it like helll. i amm sooo scared to use lemon cuz IT HURTS. i applyed lotion and stuff but im still scared.. is it really worth it??

  267. … wow, my skin feels so squeaky clean, and you know what, my freckles are nearly gone and i just applyed the lemon a few seconds a go. okay yer, it burns a little, but im used to it now, even after the first go.

  268. hey CURIOUS.. yer the lemon juice does lighten your face like i said b4 but just use fake tan, cuz if you use a good one it will make your skin glow and you’ll look great. trust me on this one, a fake tan is better than a real tan, i would know anyway.. i live in auatralia. STAY OUT OF THE SUN EVERY1

  269. Hi im 11 years old in 5th grade and i only have freckles on my face and i dont want to use lemon juice cause i have a nice tan and i dont want my face to be white what do i do. And is it true that freckels fade when you get into adulthood?


  270. Hi I got laser treatment on two large freckles on my cheeks-they said it could take up to 5 sessions-it wasn’t sore but after three sessions there was no difference!
    The idea is that your freckle gets progressively darker with the laser surgery for a few days after-this being the melanin coming to the top of the skin and then then the darkness flecks off-however my freckles are the size of a penny and the darkness was the size of a pin *****!!! that flecked off but i thought if this is meant to work after 5 sessions and this is the third , and the darkness is so small-im not wasting money!
    Im going to do the lemon thing!

    The best make up to cover up freckles is Estee Lauder Double Wear-bout 30 euro!

  271. er ok.. um maybe NIKKI you can use the lemon thing and just put fake tan on ur face but besides that i’m not really sure what else you can do that wont lighten ur skin and get rid of ur freckles .. sorry.

  272. Hey!
    I have been using lemon juice for about a week. It has lightened my freckles and the bags under my eyes a lot. I have no freckles on my cheeks. I still have quite a bit on my nose, but they have gotten better. My friends have noticed. It is uncovering my face. It didn’t get rid of my tan NIKKI. When you put on lemon juice, you should put on some sunscreen if you are going outside, even for a few minutes. I have 50 spf for baby faces. It really hasn’t affected my tan much. Also, I heard that you have to do something else to completely get rid of freckles. Like do more than one remedy. There are several good ones at They have lots of good ones. Example: toothpaste (no gel) red onion , sour cream or sour milk (YUK!) masks. If anyone got rid of every last freckle please let me know. Also, I may just have to wait another week to see if all mine disappear YAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!

  273. Green Tea antiseptic oil – This dries out the spots and causes them to fall off. It should be left on over night, but if this doesn’t work, try washing the spots with the tea oil mixed into your water everyday.

  274. I did the lemon and honey thing last night becuz my mom said it works and omg my skin got lighter and not to many dramatic results on my freckles but by my progress its gonna happen. Also lemon and honey together can give u hi-lites! It bleaches pretty much everything.

  275. Hey Guys!! Can someone just tell me an easy way to get rid of freckles?? Christine (age 13) does honey and lemon work together?? how do i make it?? just mix honey and lemon togtehr?? lol that sounds weird haha but plz help, plz plz plz

  276. Hey Everyone!
    I just tried using lemon juice(bottled lemom juice not a real lemon slice) and I was surprised to see that it actually worked! I had freckles on my cheeks, nose, and forehead. The ones on my cheeks faded super fast, only about a week. Th ones on my forehead and nose were stubborn but in about a week and ahalf they disappeared. If you are using lemon juice, don’t give up. Make sure you stay consistent. I applied it twice everyday, and they faded very fast. Thank you everyone for submitting grat tips. It’s amazing what you can do when you work together. Good luck everyone and don’t give up!

  277. Amber de Freckle Queen.

    Heya Gurlz and Boiz!
    I think this Website is soo cwl, us all sharing ideas an all. Lolz
    Well I have MILLIONS of freckles EVERYWHERE and sometimes it really depresses me, and I know most of you hate people telling you they make you look beautiful and unique BUT from experience I know that Boiz think they can be pretty cute, and if you’re getting dissed because of them, just try and stay strong, don’t let other people bring you down!
    Don’t go to any extremes to get rid of them just look after your skin, don’t get burnt, wear sun screen whenever you are in the sun and try and except them, (That’s what helped me the most.)
    The happier you are the prettier you are. Have some fun trying out some remedies BUT don’t get all stressed and depressed because of them, I mean look at this website for starters, there are MILLIONS of gurlz and boiz with freckles! Soooo…
    Here are a few remedies that I know of:

    1) Steaming your skin – Keep your face or body under hot water for about ten minutes. Then, use an exfoliating product like an alpha/beta hydroxy acid or sugar scrub. After this, use a hydrating facial that uses collagen. Last, put on a skin serum to re-hydrate cells. The serum not only goes deeper into your skin than a lotion, but also contains vitamin C, which help recover the damage done to your skin cells. Vitamin C will also make your skin less sensitive to the sun later on.

    2) Lemon juice/lemon oil – This will help freckles disappear after two weeks. If you put too much on, your skin will irritate. Using your hand, tissue or a cloth wipe onto freckled skin (or freckle) leave for 15 – 25 minutes then rinse with cold waters and moisturize and (or) put on sun lotion. Be careful to do this at least five hours before your skin will be exposed to sunlight. Before you go to bed is ideal.

    As an answer to some of your questions, I don’t think you have to fuss about just how you put it on your skin, just make sure you get it on your skin!

    Variation: Add honey and or vinegar to the lemon juice before applying to skin.

    3) Onion – This is used like the lemon juice as a natural lightener. (Be careful of making your eyes water though!)

    4) Kojic acid – This was discovered in Japan in 1989 from a mushroom. It temporarily stops the formation of the melanin pigment. (Not sure where you’d find that, try a pharmacy.)

    5) Sour milk – The lactic acid from the sour milk will peel away the skin without drying it.

    6) Apricot, strawberry, cucumber, red currant, etc. masks – These masks give your face or body the extra nutrients it needs.

    7)Sour cream – If you use this type of mask, don’t wash it away completely after you are finished. Use a towel or cloth to wipe away some of it, then apply a moisturizer.

    8) Natural parsley juice – Mix this with lemon, orange, and red currant juice and apply it underneath your cream.

    9) Bleaching cream – Hydroquinone is the most popular bleaching cream. It has Retina-A, which helps get rid of the freckles. Use this sparingly, as it can irritate the skin.

    17. Laser treatments – The most common treatment is known as the q-switched ruby. This removes pigment without scaring. But really I think no one should ever go to this extreme.

    Keeping Freckles Off
    If you decide to use a bleaching cream or chemical peel, it is important to use strong sunscreen lotion or stay out of the sun. If you don’t, the freckles can easily appear again. You can also cause more damage to your skin by exposing it to the sun after you have used any of these solutions.

    And if you cant hide them with any of these remedies, just where showy jewelery that will avert eyes from your freckles…

    And for those who have not walked the walk PLEASE don’t talk the talk.
    Freckles are really hard to live with trust me I know.

    Good luck to you all in the fight against these things!!!

    And I will be happy to answer any questions…

    Amber de Freckle Queen…X0X0X0X0X

  278. to those who are wondering if lemon juice would fade away your freckles……. well i have the answer!

    the lemon juice would fade away the darker bits first such as your freckles so don’t worry about anything like that yet only start concentrating on it yet concentrate it once your freckles get lighter



    w/b lurve ya all

  279. hey everyone

    i tryed lemon juice for a week but i think i started getting more frekkles from that. can someone please tell me what else works to get rid of them i am kinda… actually really sad tryed a lot but nothing works plz help me guys plz plz plz

  280. how long(days)do you have to apply lemon juice to your skin.I hate it cos it burns and i haven’t seen any change.

    And does vinegar ?Really? work?

  281. Okay, Lemon juice wont completly get rif of your freckles.
    But, it will slightly fade them.
    Yeah, i have freckles and i wanted to get rid of them.
    But as people started commenting on my myspace pictures saying they wished they had freckles.
    It’s just, everyones different.
    Freckles or not ; someone out there thinks YOUR beautiful.
    Don’t change your looks, just becuase you “hate” how you look with freckles.
    Everyone looks different.

  282. ive tried lemon juice nd it hasnt wurked ….i dnt have a massive amount of freckles but quite alot on my nose and thinkin of doing laser treatment but i dont no beciz im scared it myt leeve bare scarz all ova ma face…any advice..?

  283. i have many small brown spots on my forearms and calves… i dont know if they are freckles or not though. because i dont have them on my face or anywhere else.. but im pretty sure its some sort of sun-damage 🙁 I WANNA GET RID OF THEM!!!!!!

  284. it seems like lemon juice really helps ppl alot…so do u sqeeze it into a cup then put on or jux squeeze into palm and then put on? i’m not really sure of the method.. but yah…. these freckles are getting me really depressed and regretful cuz i wished i had stayed out of the sun more. *sigh* i was called ugly cuz of these freckles.

  285. Hey everyone
    I’ve seen the same question over and over and over again about how to apply the lemon juice. It doesn’t matter if it is in a bottle or right from a lemon. If you have juice in a bottle you can use your fingertips, a cotton swab or a cotton ball. For a lemon you can just squeeze the juice out or you can rub a lemon slice on your face if you want. As long as the lemon juice gets on there, it’s good. So just make sure it gets on your face. It doesn’t matter what you use. I hope that cleared up a few questions

  286. I am 11 and hate my freckles. I want to get rid of them so bad so im going to try the lemon juice thing were you put 2 tbs. of lemon juice and 1 tbs. of honey and 1 tbs. of vinegar. I believe that they will fade and if they dont I will cry I absolutely hate them!!!!!! please work please please please work!!! lol 🙂

  287. ok so will bottled lemon juice get rid of my birthmarks and small moles on my face???? if so how long would it take and how often would i have to do it thxx.

  288. i realy am just new here but im from puertorico and as you all probably know puertoricos is a tropical islan and its hot i have freckle just on my face but the thing is im not suppused to have frecles i have them becouse when i was little my dad made me play baseball in the sun and i still do dam so just wanted to say emon juice really works but when i first used it it game me pimples i dont know what i did wrong i think its becouse i aplide it in knight and rinse in morning i dont know tell me if im wrong please and i hate my frecles

  289. Hi Guys, I had heaps of freckles when I was in my early teens. They went over night. Why? Put toothpaste mixed with some water all over them. It worked for me. I hope it works for you, good luck. Thank you Colgate.

  290. heyy im from australia and its a little bit tricky for me to not go into the sun
    aaaah i actually cant take my freckles anymore
    theyre not really really massivly dark but theyre bad enough
    i started the lemon juice tonight but after reading some peoples comments about how its screwed up their faces im hella scared that im going to look worse
    i need someone to tell me straight out
    the lemon juice, it makes your skin more sensitive to the sun but is this only when its on your face?
    and if not, if i wear a spf 15+ sunscreen moisturiser ever day will it stop them going all manky?
    ok cheers 🙂

  291. Chris-

    I have heard that the toothpaste thing works really well. But when you say Colgate toothpaste, do you mean the one that has whitening in it or bleach or just the regular one?


    By the way everyone, I used lemon juice and it faded then quite a bit. I applied every morning and night and left it on for about 20 – 25 min for about 2 to 3 weeks and it atually helped. I want to try a second method to just top it off and I think the toothpaste one will really helpsince theey got so light. Good luck to everyone!

  292. well i tryd the lemonjuice but by mistake i added some weird type of vinegar and now i have a rash ! so you just put the lemonjuice on ??? …………..and how long will it take b4 i see i result ?

  293. i hav the same question as some of the other people….do these freckle removal things make the rest of ur face lighter??? And i dont want a fake tan, i want a real one cuz im am NOT very tan and dont want 2 lose the little tan that i do have.

    and does the lemon juce make u more sensitive 2 sunlight, if u use it 4 a while, even if u dont have it on while ur in the sun?

    and what about the other stuff, like the sour milk? does that make u more sensitive 2 sunlight?

  294. does the lighten the rest of ur face other than ur the freckles? does the lemon juce, after u hav used it 4 a while, make u more sensitive 2 the sun even if ur not wearing it while ur in the sun? does the stuff other than lemon juce make ur face lighter and more sensitive 2 the sun? (sorry bout all the questions)

  295. Does the lemon thing really work?
    I dont want to like jack up my face?
    o and like if they go away next summer or whenevr if im in the sun will they come back?

    thanks a million =]

  296. i Have freckys and i realy want rid of them am to days my first day usenn lemon juice i have lite freckys how long will it take and how many times aday should i do it ?x

  297. i heard tooth paste works and if u put ur face above HOT or WARM steam it should lighten them i do not recommend this for people that have VERY tender skin but im not the boss if u really want to get rid of them u can do so

    i also heard that the lemon only works on light people no offense too black peeps black people would more likely to use the steam

    i also heard that if u mix lemon, lime, orange, green tea, and tomato paste and put it in a pan and heat it for about 30 to a minute sounds gross but it works i tried it

    no joke!!!!!!!11!!!!!!1111

  298. I looked on the Internet for freckle removing stuff. Try that. I found Freckle X and stuff like that. Does anyone know if Freckle X really works?

    What works better: plain lemon juice or honey, vinegar, and lemon juice?

    Thanks! I know how tough it is having freckles & hating them so much. My mom keeps getting mad at me because I hate them so much.

  299. Omg!! The lemon thing works, but guess what i used… LEMON AND LIME. it worrks so well, leave it on for 5 mins, put cucumber on your eyes. please try it!! Get back to me!! xAleashax

  300. hey people!! i hate my freckles!! there all over my face so i want to get rid of them!! ive just started using lemon juice so ill keep u updated on what happens!!!

  301. hey peolpes! all of yall ppl are saying that these things work, but does it lighten the places where where their ARN’T freckles?

    oh, and “zall,” if ur reading this, please answer (even though u dont know who i am) but i was just wondering if the steam ONLY made the freckles lighter, and not the rest of ur face?

  302. Does lemon juice make your skin lighter or does it remove freckles? I need 2 no! I see different comments on lemon juice: it works; it just makes ur skin lighter. Who knows? Thanks!

  303. hey just wait ” aleasha” ur face will be very light and ur freckles will be very dark no kidding it happened to me

    no joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111!!!!!!!!1!!!


  304. So I’ve pretty much been on this site for awhile, and read every single tip and everything and I think I’ve tried most of what eveyone has posted up. Lemon does work but I wouldn’t recommend only because it makes your skin VERY sensitive to the sun which kind of blows. If you do choose to use lemon juice then wear a lot of sunscreen to protect your skin, drink lots of water and increase your vitamin C intake. I didn’t use lemom juice. Instead I found a fantastic bleaching cream. It’s called Meladern Pigment Reducing Complex. It’s a little pricey but I think it works great. After about a good solid month of applying I no only go rid of my freckles, but I’m not even kidding, my skin was very evened out and the skin is always glowing. I would definitely try it if you freckles are on the lighter side. I’m not lying! It really does work!…well it worked for me. Good luck to everyone!

  305. hey, bo-bo the stem does not lighten your face unless it is very hot and i mean burning but u need to try my mom used to work at a salon and she got a steam ****** thingy and i tried it too get rid of my freckles and i fadded them a whole lot u can barley see them so to answer ur question just be sure to not have the steam on too hot but it does work u will have to use it for about a month
    i do it before i go to bed because it is also very soothing and it relaxes me and im ready to go to school the next day !!!!1!!!!!

    but for safty it does not need to be hot for sensitive faces

    thanxs for ur question bo-bo


  306. Hey! Try this:
    Put lemon juice on a cotton swab (Q tip) & put it only on the freckles.

    THEN: Only do it on days where it is either cloudy, rainy, or you’re not going 2 go outside (at least for a day). That way, the sun doesn’t affect the lemon juice as well. The lemon juice only affects the freckles in a positive way.

    One girl (way above) in her quotes said that she put it on for an hour or a night, then she went swimming in the sun the next day for a long time, then her freckles got darker. There’s a reason for that. Don’t go in the sun when you just put on lemon juice: even if you wear suntan lotion. –It makes sense, doesn’t it?! 🙂

    If you don’t want to try lemon juice, then try other products (that don’t fool you with advertising). **Do NOT try Alitol or Freckle X. They’re both the same thing & they both don’t work!** Look at other people’s comments & see what they have 2 say…

    If not, then try lazer surgery. It probably works the best, & it doesn’t really hurt…just a rubber band snapping at your face. (Not that bad!)

    I hope I was helpful! Thanks! 🙂 ~Cynthia Purell~

  307. thank you sooo much zall!! so the steam ONLY makes your freckles lighter, and NOT the rest of your face? (i want 2 be sure before i try it) 🙂

  308. oh and zall (im sorry that im askin u so many questions) what will happen if you do have the steam 2 hot and have sensitive skin??

  309. Alright.

    I tried the Lemon Juice EVERY night for about a week.
    I used the kind from a bottle.. Put it on a cottonball and put it all over my entire face for 15 minutes, twice a day.

    It was awful.

    – My whole face lightened dramatically.
    – My skin got very sensitive to touch, sunlight, and makeup/face products.
    – Welts began to appear.

    So now I’m curious about a couple of things.

    What does everyone think about this Porcelana product?
    It sounds like it might lighten my entire face. Which.. I’m trying to avoid.


    How much does the lazer removal procedure usually cost?
    Just a ballpark figure would be great.

    Thanks for the tips, everyone!

  310. Jessica-

    The Meladerm product really worked for me but my freckles were really light to begin with. I wanted to get rid of them so bad because they were so light they looked like acne scars and things like that. But I also went to a lot of sites and found a little review site and it got the highest rating for hyper pigmentation cures. It was $50.

    Good luck everyone!

  311. Hello everyone.

    My best friend has been wanting to get rid of freckles for awhile. We found this site and read all of the tips. Being her best friend I supported her of course. She actually did get rid of them with lemon juice.

    I think she should have kept them. I know you all are probably really tired of hearing this and probably think I sound like a broken record, but I think you are unique with freckles. They are so different and so beautiful. Not even kidding, If everyone looked the same this world would be boring. I have seen models who actually paste freckles on thier face. No joke! Don’t EVER let amyone tell you they are ugly or unattractive. Seriously be yourself. I know you still may not like them but I know plenty of guys and girls who absolutely love freckles. I know some of you proably don’t want to hear this but I just want to let you know that I really love freckles, and encourage you guys to keep them =D

  312. So with this whole lemon juice theory, it makes your skim more sensitive to the sun. Let’s say if i use this trick, my freckles starts to fade after 2-3 weeks then i stop using it. Will my skin slowly progress back to it’s normal sensitivity against the sun?

  313. well bo-bo it does not mater if u have sensitive skin just do not have it on to hot but if u did it u might have a red face for a few days and it will be hard to touch it with out it hurting but then again the redness MIGHT GO AWAY in a few days it just depends

    and it is ok to ask me lots of Q i enjoy it thankx

    and if the steam does not work i am very sorry

    ahnu it might im not sure i tried it for 2 days and my face started to burn like CRAZZY

  314. don’t ever ever ever use lemon juice!! it makes your entire face lighter! it makes your skin more sensitive to the sun, so even if u do make them go away with it, u will get sunburn bad and your freckles might even come back! it also gives u more ance and makes your skin red!! so dont use it…it will jack up your face!

  315. hey, bo-bo
    the skin WILL not lighten ONLY your freckles

    and if u have the stem on too hot and have sensitive skin your face may get red and may fell like a sunburn because of the hot steam…………so like if u have hot water in your tub and put it on your face and it burns that is more the likely to happen when you have to much hot steam

    too make sure it will not burn your face take a bath (( shower )) with as much hot water as u can withstand but if it starts to burn TURN IT ON FULL COLD TO RELIVE THE PAIN as soon as possible that is what u MUST do if it is way too hot ((( also with the face )))!!!

    and the steam is very watery so have a rag by u so u can wipe ur EYES ONLY not ur freckles or it will not work

    if u r under the age of 12 an u r doing this over the pot on the stove make sure ur parents are there so ur face does not get to close to the hot thing the pot is on and catch ur hair on fire ……………..******************…………………. to help that from happening put ur hair in a hair bow and with hair clips for ur baby hair at the front and if u have short hair

    there are other ways to do it tho

    and if this does not answer your Q please ask again because i do not care i love answering Q so ask as many Q as u want


    and if this does not work i am so sorry

  316. hey zall

    how long did this take to see results?
    i’ve been using the lemon technique… okay well kinda using, but man i get so lazy haha.

    i duno these ideas are kinda like eating healthy or excersising, you do it for a few days and then your like eh .. over it.
    but hopefully if this ones seems to work for you i can keep it up.
    i do it while im showering so it kinda comes off with the residue from the steam. sux huh.

    owell please keep me informed wiht soem more rad tips

    keep safe and the best of luck,
    shantel xox

  317. hey shantel,

    it took awhile but at least my face was not burning like crazy when i used the leon juice

    that is a very good idea to use the steam technic in the shower


  318. Hey Everyone.

    Um, I just stated trying Lemon Juice. It seems to be lighting up my freckles a little bit. All I want to really know is if I use it for about 2-3 weeks and stop using it would they become sensitive to the sun all over again OR do you have to keep up with it?

  319. ok, thank u so much zall!!!!

    and im with Whitney. DO NOT USE LEMON JUICE!(especially if u have dry and senitive skin like i do)

  320. To Zall…

    how many times do u have 2 steam ur face in one day?

    how long does it take to work?

    how long do u have to steam ur face each time?

    how hot does the steam have to be?

    does it make ur face more sensitive to the sun?

    will sticking ur head it the shower while the water is running on hot work or would it be better to put some water over the stove?

    (u did say that u liked answering questions…but i still feel alittle bad that im asking so many them, i just dont want to mess up my face)

  321. Janey or anyone who knows~
    Does the Meladerm product make you really lighten up a lot? because i have lots of freckles but i can still get a tan. will i still be able to if I use that product? becuase if it bleaches my skin will i be stuck with really white skin forever?

  322. bo-bo ,

    – i would steam my face 2 time a day or less

    – it takes about a month or more i know thats a long time but it should lighten within 3 weeks

    – i put the steam on my face for about 8-10 min so it does not burn ( just incase)

    -if u put the pot of water on the stove ( or however u do it ) it needs to be a light steam to a medium steam but not full blast steam

    – im not sure if ur face will be more sensitive because i tried this in the winter when i could not go swimming out in the sun so i can not answer the Q ( SORRY )

    – i woul try either one they both work but in the shower make sure the water is steaming i would do the most comfortable

    – ( dont worry i understand i would ask a lot of Q too so i dont mess up my face too )

    – i have never tried that on my mole ( i never even thought of it so i also can not A this one either) ( SORRY )


  323. Guys i dunno. I kinda like my freckles. but NOT on my forehead. it looks wierd.
    ihave freckles like all over and im gna try that lemon juice thing. Iv been using apple cider vinigar like 4EVA! it literally faded them about 10%!AND IT REALLY STINKS
    I want to keep the ones sprinkled over my nose and cheeks but the others i want to atleast fade.
    I think that freckles give a person character but too many can sometimes look ugly.
    Plus they’re REALLY good for disguising pimples!
    this is a really awesome website.

    im abit doubtful about the lemon juice thing, everybody has different opinions and i dunno what to do. Im in the sun ALOT as im really into diving. PLEASE can sum1 help.
    Im a cheapskate and dont really want to spend money…..:)
    By the way im 14 and live in SA

  324. and SOME GUY if ur serious, DONT!! KILLING YOURSELF IS 10 TIMES WORST THAN HAVING FRECKLES! u may think that everything will be ok if u kill urself….but all that it leads to is hell…literaly! but im sill not sure if u r serious, but if u were serious, i hope im not too late.
    and if this is a joke just to see what people will say, thats just WRONG!!!!!!!!

  325. Hey, have been using the lemon juice for about five days and havent noticed any difference. How long before anyone else had a noticable change? Also I have freckles pretty much all over my face (not just a few little ones) will the lemon juice still work for me?

  326. Jessica

    My face lightened up quite a bit when I was using it. I had a lot of freckles as well but mine were pretty light and my face was already pretty pale. But after my freckles went away I started using a very very gradual self tanner, and then my face went back to it’s normal color, but without freckles. My face didn’t really stay bleached forever. I think I was so caught up in getting rid of them at the time for good that I didn’t really care if my face got really white. If you want to you can even email the site where they sel Meladerm. I have emailed them before and they email back very fast, within a few days. I just don’t want to give you the wrong information. I think the site is like civantcare or something. My advice would be too email them.

  327. the steam is more than likely u herd from me i have wrote a lot of thing and i don’t fell like typing right now so just read my tips ……………………….. it will fade gradually and will soon be a very very light color but for some people i may not work dont ask why i have no clue

    thanks zalleanna zall

  328. Hi everyone! First off can I just say its comforting to know that there are others out there who can relate to me and not liking your freckles. I have 4 siblings and none of them have freckles:( How did I get so lucky?! Well…let me just tell you of some things I’ve tried…last year I had one treatment of laser therapy on my arms which cost a ridiculous $800 per treatment and my doctor told me it usually takes 4-5 treatments. I did one treatment and it did help alot but didn’t clear up the whole problem. I contemplated going the full 5 treatments but did the math and realized I was crazy to spend that much on laser work. So I’ve tried the lemons on my face, and from my own personal experience I noticed that the skin around my freckles got lighter which caused the freckle to stand out even more. I then oredred a product called acti-fade and started putting it on my face…I don’t know if it was a figment of my imagination or what but it seemed like my freckles were getting darker. Luckily, us girls have the advantage of covering our freckles with make-up. thanks goodness! So…there you go, that is some of my experiences. I’ve dealt with this for all 21 years of my life and still struggle wiith it affecting my self esteem but I just try to do the best with what I’ve got to work with:0) Well if anyone has questions…feel free to ask! Happy Valentines Day everyone!…or as I like to call it…Happy Singles Awareness Day!;)

  329. to zall…
    you have been alot of help to me, thanx alot. u no the tip u mention about mixing lemon, lime, orange, green tea, and tomato paste. do u use like orange juice or do u like blend up the orange or?…
    from pinky

  330. If you think that the lemon juice doesn’t work, well then you’re wrong. Here’s how you use the lemon juice:

    1. Put lemon juice on the end of acotton swab. Put it on all the freckles and nothing else!!
    2. Wait 15-30 minutes.
    3. Rinse your face (with either warm of cool water).

    NOTE: Do this at night (or at least on cloudy days)! The lemon juice makes the skin soft and the pigment break apart. Don’t expose it to sun while it’s fragile. And don’t forget to wear sun screen!

    If you’re going out in the sun for a long period of time, then don’t put lemon juice on your face. The sun will beam at it, causing darker freckles.

    ~So now you know how to use the lemon juice properly and still have the same skin. Thanks!~


  331. I have been on this site before and started to try the lemon thing .
    but i have questions

    1) Do u have to apply it religiously
    2) What happnes if you forget about it and dont rice it off?
    3) How long does it take for reults -i hope soon
    4) When you use it and your not saposed to get in sun light, does that mean tanning beds too? tan fads QUICK! .& if i cant get in the tanning bed i will b casper :[
    5) Is it saposed to burn when 1st applied ? ..
    6) & should you soack your face in the lemon juice or just apply it by “dabbing” ..?

    I hope somebody can answer my questions trthfully .
    katlyn .


    Ok, I have got my share of freckles, thats for sure but only on my face. Im Irish so my family has them so its kind of a hereditary thing. & i would be a WHOLE LOT HAPPIER without them.
    So the whole lemon juice vinegar and honey thing isn’t a bad idea but it can make things worse (MUCH WORSE) if you dont do it right.

    *leave on for 20 minutes MAX.
    *dont put a whole lot on, modest amount is safer.
    i know sunscreen makes your skin oily, so find a mouisterizer that has sunscreen in it.
    I use olay sensitive skin 30 spf.
    It does NOT make my skin oily and it protects from the sun.

    MAKE SURE your face is CLEAN (use some kind of face wash *i reccomend clean and clear* before you apply the mixture to your face.
    also DONT forget to make sure your face is MOUISTERIZED before applying.

    Good luck!
    & remember not to use it to much and to often!

  333. Hi Everyone.

    I found this site about a month ago and I read all of the tips posted and have tried many different things. The lemon juice works well.

    I just used a cutip (cotton swab) and applied it only to the freckles. Even you have freckles covering most of your face, make sure to apply ONLY to the freckles, that way it won’t lighten the skin around it. And ALWAYS moisturize afterwards. Use for about 2 to 3 weeks. It worked for me and I hope it works for you!

  334. umm this isnt a tip but i didnt know where to write my questions LOL sorry! so here goes.. im planning on using lemon juice.. but do i apply lemon juice before or after i have cleansed my face..

    somebody plz help

  335. Guyz i havent told my parents about how im sad cozof my freckles and they probably wont allow me to put lemon on my face lol. But i wanna do it anyway so can some1 tell me exactly how thankx =}

  336. i only want a cuple of freckles removed because i quite like a few light ones around my eyes is there a way to remove a few??? PLZ HELP I ABSOLOUTELY HATE HAVING TO MANY FRECKLES!!!!!!!!!!!!

  337. Okay Guys,
    I know how hard it is to have freckles.For me sometimes it is annoying to look in the mirror and see these little brown things all over your face.But they can be very cute.
    If you have very light freckles
    -try putting makup over your face find a foundation that is maybe a tone darker.It will cover them up great.
    -Lemon Juice makes you skin sensitive, but will lighten them up a little. I don’t recommend doing this for a long period of time.
    -I tried a mix of apple cider vineger,honey,and lemon juice. Boil it for a while. let cool and put some on your hands and rub it over your face.leave it for bout thirty minutes and put some lotin on it.
    Dark freckles (I haven’t tried these yet so I will keep you posted)
    – Putting the toothpaste thing seems interesting.It can irritate you skin. If it doesn’t try the toothpast with the little grind things in it.It will make your skin (and lips;) ) soft.
    -Sour milk seems like it would work really good.I read that it takes the freckles off layer by layer and it keep your skin really soft.
    -Steam can be dangerous but as long as you stay safe it seems good.If you are getting the steam from your shower put a washcloth over your face and leave space at the bottom (so you can breath) and let the water hit it.You get more steam then water but like I said I haven’t tried it yet so getting the water to hit it might be the purpose. I will try both and let you know. 🙂
    Weird Freckle Rids
    -Warm Beer and put it over your face.Put a light film of castor oil over your face to prevent irritation after.I don’t like beer so sorry folks I Don’t know how that works.
    -Four medium size dandelion leaves.Rinse and tear them into small peices.Add 5 tablespoons of caster oil. Heat it and let it simmer for ten minutes. Turn off the heat and let it steep for 3 hours. Strain the mixture into a bottle and massage several drops of the oil on the freckle area and leave it on over night.Wash you skin with warm water.It says do this for a week daily and watch the spots disappear.
    This one is really really gross.
    -Morning urine BLAGH!!!Add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and a pich of salt. Let it stand for 24 hours. Put it and leave it for halfanhour.Wash with cold water and put caster oil on your face (for skin health)Are you sure you really want to get rid of your freckles!
    -Potato water can fade the freckles.dip a cloth in it and rub it on your face.10 minutes
    – If you have sensitive skin after any of this put yogurt on it of 15 minutes and wash woth cool water.
    – To prevent bleaching you whole face put a thin layer of caster oil on your face.
    – With the potato water wash them and cut two of them in half.Put them in four cups of water bring to a boil and turn the heat down (NOT OFF) and let cook for halfanhour. You can save the water for later use.
    -With lemon juice or any acidic mixture find a lotin that has a sunscreen in it with AT LEAST 20 spf in it or higher.
    See you later freckle friends!!

  338. Hey Hello,
    To keep your freckles from coming back ALWAYS wear sunscreen on your face. If you can, find a moisturizer that has 20 spf or more. But like freckles said, freckles aren’t always bad.They can make you look very cute.Even for a guy.Make sure that you really want them to be gone.Cause once you try and get them back… it isn’t always pretty.
    I hope this helped!

  339. I started using the lemon juice and trust me it works even my mum and dad said that it had faded i also use mudd masks they are great

  340. so pretty much by reading the tips I’ve chosen a few ways to get rid of them. I’m going to attack them in 3 ways. Every day for the next two weeks I’m going to drink 8 glasses of water and have plenty of Vitamin C (probably in tablet form), then I’m going to mix lemon juice and a little bit of lime juice and put it on twice a day for 10 minutes. Then every night I’m going to apply Meladerm which I just ordered a few days ago and got today. I will let you guys know the progress that I’ve made. I’ll post up my results in two weeks on March 7th. Wish me luck!

  341. Rightt Just Put Some Lemon Juice On With Cotton Wool Swap.
    Andd Onlii Put It On My Freckles
    I Dont Have That Many Butt Mostlyy Round My Eyes
    Andd Boyy Does It Itch.
    Will It Damage My Skin.

    Hellpp !!

  342. hey my name is zall and i used lemon juice and my face burned and swell when i touched it so let me get this in your head





  343. to all the people who have asked me Q
    sorry if i have not answered ur Q i did and pressed submit and the next day it was not there
    so i am very sorry so if u could ask them a gain i would be more than pleased

    this my be tricky tho i cant stay on for long because i broke my tail bone ( butt ) so i am standing and it hurts (((((( OUCH ))))))) [O
    [O (

    so it should be healed in march something X X

    well gotta go

    ZAL 🙂 =)

  344. any one know about freckle x..
    people who have ACTUALLY used it..
    i think lemon juice damages your skin..
    it’s an acid..
    think how much it hurts when you get it in a cut or your eyes..
    surely it must be bad..
    i know certain stuff works, but it’s all acids right..?
    does anyone know a cream that is international, or Australian that works but has minimal damage..?

  345. my friend puts foundation all aver her face .. really really dark and she covers them up..
    but she looks scary and fake.
    i love her, but it’s true.
    don’t completely cover them up with foundation.. that looks stupid.
    i use an SPF 30 on my face everyday.
    i’ve been doing it for about two years and they have faded heaps…
    i read that comment about doing it at night too cos it builds up.. so i’ll start doing that.
    they aren’t bad on my face.. but on my chest, arms and legs..
    i hate them..
    they aren’t the cute type.. they are gross..
    so any body ones..?

  346. Heey,
    I have never met anyone who has the same skin type as me, because I have quite dark brown hair with darkish freckles. Does anyone have anything similar?
    I don’t mind my freckles too much and I think I would look odd without them, also they’re genetic and dont go in the winter or anything!
    However I have been trying lemon juice a bit, haven’t noticed much difference apart from they are a tiny bit fainter but it seems to be tanning my face a bit :S which I don’t want cos my face looks better pale. Will the lemon juice work on ‘genetic’ freckles? Are there any other good (and cheap!) home remedies?


    P.s I think some freckles can be pretty so don’t be so harsh on yourself!

  347. hi
    i heard that slicing a red onion in half and rubbling twice daily to the freckles will remove them. I have been doing this for like 2 weeks now, and I am sure that they look lighter! Has anyone tried this? Also, does anyone know how long it takes for the freckles to be gone? (eg. how many days/weeks/months etc)

  348. I tried toothpaste over night, lemon juice, honey, and vinegar to try and lighten my birthmarks but nothing works. 🙁 I’ve been doing it for a week now and I see no difference at all. I’m going to keep trying (I only tried the tooth paste mixed with water on my face over night for 2 times though)

  349. Janey~
    i emailed the Maladerm people and they said it doesn’t work on hereditary freckles. i don’t even know if mine are hereditary or just from the sun or what. i’m not sure. any suggestions?

  350. hey my name is stacey and im 14. i hate my frecals sooo much they ruien my life.people say they look good but there not the ones getting teased all the time.i hvaent tried the lemon juice yet but i plann to do it right now =].i really hop this long will it take and do i just use lemon juice nothing else?? thanks xoxo

  351. I have been on this site before and started to try the lemon thing .
    but i have questions

    1) Do u have to apply it religiously
    2) What happnes if you forget about it and dont rince it off?
    3) How long does it take for reults -i hope soon
    4) When you use it and your not saposed to get in sun light, does that mean tanning beds too? tan fads QUICK! .& if i cant get in the tanning bed i will b casper :[
    5) Is it saposed to burn when 1st applied ? ..
    6) & should you soack your face in the lemon juice or just apply it by “dabbing” ..?

    I hope somebody can answer my questions truthfully .
    katlyn .

  352. i have really dark freckles so i was wondering does lemon juice actually work for the dark coloured freckles? i hate my freckles and i wanna jus get rid of them x

  353. i really need to get rid of my freckles!
    im trying lemon juice…
    but its not really working,
    how often should i put it on and how much?

  354. uhh..shut up.mkkk.
    ppl can hate or love there own body.
    don’t tell ppl what 2 do.
    just frickin’ live life tha way u want to!

  355. When you say sour milk works, could you be more specific? Like, how long does it take for the milk to go sour? Do you leave it on overnight? Or if you wash your face with it, what do you mean by that? Thanks.

  356. Hey
    Zall if i decide to put tothpaste on my face to lighten my freckles, wouldn’t that make me more sensitive to the sun??? and could you please tell me how i would use the steam technique in the shower like please leave out no details….. i am desprite… and would just hot water work?
    plese answer my Q as soon as possible thank you


  357. I have been tanning bc I work in a tanning salon. I know why my freckles are showing up darker and almost tripling in quantity.
    However, I hate it. I want to be darker so I tan, but when I tan I get more freckles and so it is kind of a lose lose situation.
    I saw at the top a recipe for a mask (half a banana, tsp of lemon juice and teaspoon of honey or something like that)
    I know to me it sounds like a very good mask-like combination. So I was curious to know whether anyone has tried it. I know with age freckles lighten, and I also know that lemon juice does work. However, lemon juice will damage your skin horribly so be careful. Also if you tan in a tanning bed, it will mess with the melanin in your skin and hurt your skin apperance 20 times more. So please be aware of the risks of lemon juice before using it. Let me know if you have used the banana theory etc…

  358. or if all this doensn’t work, order “Sheer Cover” It covers up everything and anything u have!!! All natural! :]

  359. I am trying the lemon, honey and vinegar thing. I will do the laser treatment if it doesn’t work – I was quoted at $500 a session and would need 5-6 sessions spaced out between 2-3 weeks to get rid of the freckles on my arms. I will let you know how I get on.


  360. Girls- Please stop this madness! I just couldn’t go out with a girl who DIDN’T have any freckles. They are just so absolutely beautiful, and you will find lots of guys like me who feel just the same. Just look in any drugstore. How many hair dyes are there for red or auburn hair? So many women want the peaches and cream look that you have been blessed with. Lohan looks so much better with her freckles, Nicole Kidman became just another blonde when she started to cover hers, while Juliane Moore just looks breathtaking. You have all been given a wonderful, natural and unique gift. Embrace it, throw away the lemons, and get on with enjoying your lives!

  361. ummmmm. i have one like right in the dead center of my noseand its sooo annoying . I heard that lemon juice works???
    but does that hurt your skin?
    can u help me please

  362. i have also got freckles they quite spoil ur entire image i really look good with out them i have been tryin da mixture of lemon juice+honey+vineger but it just doesmt seem to be workin out im depressed because of them…….. could youll sugesst me with something else please

  363. okayyy so im gunna try the lemon juice vinegar and honey mixtureeeee
    i hopee to god it works. hahah im sick of wearing alooot of makeup to coverr them up. hahha butt yah ill see : )

    WOOOOOO ! any moree tips ?

  364. i’m a light skined girl that has lived in Jamaica all my life an i have freckles especially on ma face,shoulders,arms. its very hard to avoid the sun especially with the hot temperatures.i use sunblock. i would really like to know what i could do to lessen the appearance of my freckles.Any advice?

  365. 1 tbls of viniger, 2 tbls of honey and lemon juice, half a bannana and some cucumber.

    mix it all up **bluuuuuurg

    whalla, them little brown tinkers are dead, gone, vanished, never to be seen again. ok ok im lying there just lightened.

    stay outta tha sun suckers !

  366. btw

    i made that up myself
    you see

    i didnt know wich of you mens lovely concuctions would work so i mixed them all up .

    oh and leave the stuff on for 30 mins at night, and if ya can be bovered in the mornin 2.

    IM GOING TO LANZAROTI, mwahahah watch out freckles, im armed !

  367. i really want to get rid of my freckles within 2 weeks ? ddo you know ho i could do this ? well if you do could you write above or somethin ?^. i dont really go out in the day because i dont like my freckles :(!.

    thanks. x

  368. well tbh with you , girls with freckle’s arn’t really pretty , they just loook like spotts all over there faces , but i feel sorry for them , and some girls i know could be so much more prettier without them o’well i think people should try putting lemon juice on there faces with a cotton wool peice , and apply twice a day lol and byee byee . 🙂

  369. hey everyone , well i honestly think some people are very sad , as i tried using lemon juice , and has made my frekcles darker ? why are you making people happy with the excitment of people thinking omg my freckles can finally dissapear and then when we try it out it doesnt even bloody work ! its really depressing , and will people STOP posting comments saying omg it really does work . WHEN IT REALLY DONT ! as ive put it on my face about 20 times , and my freckles have not changed ONE BIT infact theyve gone darker than usual ! so please stop making people feel like this , because it really isnt nice :(!.

  370. i have had frekles all of my life. im just now starting to mature [[i just turned 13]] and i really hate them now that i think about it. going to try the honey vinigar lemon jucie…….thingy. and if you guys gots any more info then chat to me on the interweb. thanks

  371. Hi Erm i really hate my freckles i wonder if you have got any tips for getting rid of them within 3 weeks or less Please help me
    if you have got anytips please put them above please thankyou x

  372. i really dont like my freckles and i dont want them on me any more i am done with freckles.every summer it just looks like i have a big black line across my face. any tips on how to get them off?

  373. Does anyone have any solutions that dont envolve staying out the sun. Kmon ppl no one here is reli happy when u say stay away from sun cuz thats how alot of ppl get them anyway and obviously if u got frekles from the sun then u are in the sun ofetn meaning u enjoy being in the sun.

  374. I know what you are all going through!!! I HATED my freckles as a girl and especially as a teen.
    The good news is that freckles really do fade with time…I am in my 30’s now and they are hardly seen until summer.
    What I have found to work is:
    tan the whole face…can’t see the freckles then, and worry about the darker freckles in the fall
    lightener creams you can buy at the grocery store…they REALLY do work…they just take a while

  375. omg! Ok,like.i have freckles on my face and arms and i dont want them there! I heard from my friend that if you put lemon juice all over your freckles and lay out in the sun they will go away? idk.But I will find out more way to cure this grossness! And so like everytime i go outside i get more or the ones i already had were darker!!!! and i want to get rid of them, but im really pale and i want a tan>?? what do i do now!??? help1

  376. is there anything you can buy from say health stores or chemists that is specifically for frecal removing?
    please submit answers to my question and put ‘ellie’ so i no your’e talking to me chow for now..x

  377. please give me tips on how to get rid of freckles in just a week,im out of budget so i want to work it naturalll…tencu : )

  378. i have a huge spot of freckles on the right side of my hip.
    whenever i go to the pools i have to wear long tops.
    i want to be able to wear bikinis and not feel embarresed =(
    plz help???

  379. I am a teenage girl who has a few dark freckles on my face and it is very hard to find a boyfriend. How can I get rid of my freckles????? I want to know!!!!!!

  380. help its back 2 school in a week and i cant handle these **** spots every1 teases me about them and i want them gone oh and my budget is hmmmm about $2 dollars every 2 days so keep it cheap

  381. i have auburn hair and my WHOLE face is completely covered with dark obtrusive freckles. it’s really hard to get a boyfriend because of them and they really lower my self-esteem. i have heard about lemon juice, so i might try that, but if you go out in the hot sun with lemon juice on, will that still work? i don’t really want to spend more than £20 on a product. is it possible to buy treatments over the counter? and is there an age limit?

  382. ZAL or someone who can help.

    i am going to start using the lemon theory. i tried it and it didn’t burn my face or anything.

    i have freckles literally all over my face, so there is no way i can just apply it to my freckles. is this a problem?

    any other recomendations?

  383. I am using the obagi products ans they really work well. I had a face full of freckles and after only 3 weeks of using the products my freckles are not there any more

  384. jeeezzz i hatteeeee my frecklesssssssss. i dont want to spend too much $$. it really makes me less confident and i cant find a guy. heard dat 2 tbsp. vinegar 2 tbsp.lemon juice and 1 tbsp. honey for 15 mins can get rid of them

  385. Im a black kid with freckles and i look very weird. I need these things gone. can someone give me a good way? I have been using the lemon juice thing but it doesn’t work. Thanx

  386. i have freckles all over my face and people always stare at me i want somthing that will actually work and will be somthing you can use at home. ive tried the lemon juice thing And i heard about the sour milk thing but i dont know about that can someone help me

  387. k so i have a buttload of freckles on my face and i dont have any trouble getting guys but i feel very self-concentious when i dont have any make-up on. when i didnt wear facce makeup i couldnt buy a cute buy…. but the tons of make-up i cant get them off….but im really sick of the makeup but im not sure if i could handle not.. one day i didnt and this kid said i looked scary.. i wanna be known by what type of person i am, not whats on my face.. please help….i dont want them anymore.

  388. I have red hair, and I have freckles in my face and shoulders. I have used a Christian Dior cream, and freckles did dissapear, but they showed up again because of the sun. Does the lemon thing works?

  389. I’m just wondering if the lemon juice will lighten the skin color. I live in Hawaii and the last thing I need is to be a whiter Hawaiian. Don’t need my skin any lighter than it is but I have way too many freckles from growing up in the sun. Anybody have a comment on this?

  390. i know im very attractive but i have some freckles on my face and i hate it when im not wearing makeup i want them gone and im not putting nasty food on my face? hahah is that a joke honestly

  391. OMG I AM 10 YEARS OLD AND I HAVE some freckles on my face people in my classs said i was ugly that hurts my feelings cuz i have freckles but if i get rid of it i will be so beautiful asinas don’t have freckles ub ti do

  392. You shouldn’t try to remove your freckles. They’re part of who you are. Love them, cherish them, and (trust me) for you girls who worry that you can’t find a guy because of your freckles — there are plenty of guys who will love you AND your freckles and couldn’t imagine you without them.

  393. i have freckles, and i hate, them.
    i’d be like beautiful without them. and without my moles too !

    i’ve taken pictures and edited them so i have no freckles or moles. it makes me look like i’m drop dead gorgeous.

    I don’t want to go to the doctor about though, and i love the outdoors, and i can’t stand havin gto put on sunscreen on my nose and cheeks everytime i go out, it’s just a pain in the butt. ! haha

    but please help me , what should i try ??????!!!!!

  394. I’ve noticed a few people commenting on the previous pages that they’d like a tan but hate their freckles. Pretty easy solution here- fake tan! No need to go out in the sun, plus it’ll also make your existing freckles less noticeable.;) Ooh, and if anyone’s after a cruelty-free, vegan brand of fake tan, then Lavera’s pretty good. 🙂

  395. what happens if you leave on the lemon juice too long? besides skin-irritation, ex would leaving the lemon juice on longer be more effective? or less? or the same? thx~

  396. I have heard that lemon juice works, but i have yet to try it. freckles make me more unique but i don’t wan’t was meny, so i’m going to try some of these and see if it helps.
    wish me luck

  397. i’ve heard that the tazorac cream works. i’m using it right now and you can get it from a dermatologist. There is also a laser treatment that is fantastic if you want to pay for it, it was around $800. the only problem is that they will come back from too much sun. I’ve also read that meloderma(not sure if thats spelled right) is one of the best freckle removing creams. I’m going to try that next if tazorac doesn’t work within a couple of months.

  398. I tried the Meloderma cream and it didnt lighten my freckles at all. I’m going to try the Lemon Juice and see it that works. I have a lot of freckles and when I do the sunless tan, you can barely see any of my freckles, which I love. I have also tried the IPL treatments and that was a total waiste of my money. It was almost $800 and no difference at all. I think the cheapest way to go is the lemon juice. Wish me luck!

  399. I have freckels all over my face and it sucks!

    I don’t mind the ones on my nose and cheeks, (I kinda think they are cute) but i hate the random, big ones all over my face and neck!

    I think it also sucks that if you go in the sun without sunscreen, it might make more freckels appear! uugh…


  400. Yea, I have some frecles as well i usually get them in the summer , its my skins reaction from the sun, i heard that there is a cream to protect your skin from any sun reactions, havent tried it yet but i will get it soon and try it. but if you guyz no more about these creams, please let me know.

  401. I have lots of light freckles on my face, and I hate them! For years, I wished I get rid of them somehow. Last week, finally, I researched laser freckle removal technique and found a doctor in my area. I had a consultation, and the next day I got it done. Now it is the third day after the procedure. My freckles are really dark, but they look like that they will fall off my face in the next day or two. Can’t wait…. I look into a mirror several times a day to monitor the progress. Keep my fingers across. Hopefully I will have a freckle free face soon!

  402. i hate my freckles i just wish i had clear skin.
    i try to get rid of it.
    i hope the lemon thing work.

  403. sometimes when i go out, yes it may make me sound rediculous but i use talculm powder instead of foundation, i prefer the paler look rather than the orange smear on the face look.
    i have a lot of freckles on my face and they seem to fade, and im sure that they are fading too or beginning to disappear

  404. Ahhhhh
    I hate my freckles so so much.
    My friends say they look cute but i think they look nastie.

    So people with freckles look really pretty. Not me. 😛

    So im defo gonna be trying lemon juice.
    Hope it works.



  405. Okay. Does anyone actually no if the “lemon juice thing” works becuz i want to know. And nobody above has said so they just say they hope it works. WHAT THE HECK!

  406. I am totally covered in freckles on my face, they arnt really dark ones but i have loads, i really hate them, and up until i researched online a few weeks ago i didnt know it was possible to lighten them or anything, then i found the lemon juice technique, so i went to the store and bought 2 big bags of lemons lol, i have been applying it twice a day (once in the morning and once at night without fail) for 6 days, it stings a little when you first put it on, but only for about 20 seconds, it’ll be a week tomorrow since i started, to be honest, its kind of faded them slightly but i read online that it takes a little over a week untill you can even see any difference, if it works then i’ll be really made up but if not then im going to try the creams, the only problem with all of this is, is that i cant put fake tan on while im doing the whole lemon juice thing so i’m more pale than ive ever been in my life, which i hate and it actually makes my freckles stand out even more than usual! its like a vicious circle!

  407. to the black kid with freckles, you might want to try kojic acid. for those with lighter complexions, bearberry cream will fade them. always use a sunblock. And also use mineral foundation powder- looks more natural. you know, I been living with freckles for many years, and I worried about them most of my life. my advice is to do what you can, but otherwise, just try to forget about it. people see You, not your skin, and thats the truth. you can be so beautiful, but if you are mean or stingy, or boring, what does it matter?

  408. ok, you lot. These things will work: any cream with vitamin C, bearberry extract, liquorice root extract, soya, kojic acid, hydroquinone(but ONLY for fair skins, and under the strict supervision of a dermatologist, and never for longer than six weeks), tretinoin cream (again u will need a script from the dermatologist), taking vitamin C orally also helps, along with anti-oxidants containing lutein, oil of olay definity range, Q10 will help to produce strong healthy skin, but not for those with spots, iklen serum and cream, Almay skin lightening range. You must wear sunblock that contains zinc oxide or titanium dioxide (the rest don’t work), ideally eucerin 30, or neutrogena ultra-sheer. Natural cheap lighteners are cucumber, elder flower and yoghurt. NEVER!!! put lemon, or lime on your skin, or you will end up with serious brown marks, never mind your freckles. There is absolutely nothing about steaming that will affect pigmentation. Please visit the various sites on dermatology and skin-lightening on the internet, and become more informed, so you will not waste your time trying useless stuff. Also, find someone at the make-up counters in the mall to show you how to properly apply make-up, and what make-up to use (mineral is best), and if you are too young, then just always make sure you are neat, clean and happy. also, please look at some Vogue magazines from europe and see how many of the beautiful models have freckles! it is not the freckles, but the smoothness, texture and health of your skin that matters.

  409. i tried the whole lemon juice thing and its soo IRRATATING! i cant handle it so i stopped =P so does anybody kno anything ELSE that is SURE to work? i dont wanna waste my time or anything on sumthin dthat doesnt work.. but yea sumthin other that lemon would be NICE! do ppl actually like freckles?! well its easy for them cuz there not the ones woth freckles -__-

  410. sorry, in my last message I said Almay, but I meant Innoxa (don’t know if you get it in your country. Called Innoxa Skineven- it is an excellent range. Also, if you have the money, Shiseido- they have the patent on a substance called arbutin, which is found in a much weaker form (but still effective) in bearberry. If you want the low-down on skin-lightening, visit a website called Paula’s Choice- it explains everything in detail. Also Alpha hydroxy acids help your skin cells to renew at a faster rate, but you MUST wear sunblock. Fraxel lasers are Very expensive, but can completely remove your freckles for two years. IPL (intense pulsed light) laser also works, but your freckles will come back when you go into the sun. To the talc-girl- talc is a mild sunblock, so it is probably protecting your skin, hence the lighteneing.

  411. i have lemon juice on my face right now! :] i hope it works. i think it’s funny how pretty much everyone that has freckles hates them. i guess when you have them, you don’t like them. i wonder if other people tend to like them…

  412. hey everyone!
    Frankly girls if you are desperate enough, then try laser if not, then dont bother with lemon juice.although it may fade freckles a bit, it also makes your skin pale so they are still very much visible. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME or MONEY! as long as you are exposed to sun they appear even after the laser…the healthiest way is sunblock! it does not stop them appearing so cover them with fake tan! Terracota…the most believable tan you may get in a tube!!!

  413. ok people,there is no way to get rid of freckles sorry to say.They arnt jst on the top of our skin,ok maby you can fade them with lemon juice or watever els but as soon as you go out in the sun they will stand out again,i have freckles on my arms,face and legs when i was younger i didnt want to wear short sleeve shirts or skurts,as iv got older now 19 my freckles have faded still there but im not ashamed of them.I have quite pale skin so i sometimes use fake tan,it looks good when you first put it on but after a while it looks patchy,so that a tempary option to cover freckles.I like to get a bit of sun because it gives my skin a nice little glow even though i might freckle a little…but freckle are apearing and dissapering all the time!excuse my spelling lol!I really do wish i had nice clean olive skin i also wish i had bigger breast,but wat can you do!Love yourself for who you are only then will you feel and look beautifull inside and out!

  414. Omg i have loads of freckles man,
    i want a solution to either get rid of them
    or hide them abit!
    at the moment i just wear foundation cause it lightens them and sorta hides them abit no point waisting yah time on lemon juice cause it probley won’t work try using a natural face mask every week you get them from boots for like £2 or something there alright and then put abit of foundatio/conceler over and they sorta look fadded abit well i hate my freckles loads man, i wish i just had normal skin but if anyone finds any good treatments let me no please Cheers (:

  415. im sure i have more frekkles then all a yu.. but i use cream and the lemon stuff workf for me.. but wat about moles?? can u reduce them? __xo

  416. i have a few big dark (and a little like moles cause they are a little thick) freckles on my face. they are heaps embarrassing and i have very little confidence because of them. PLEASE help me if you can.. i would REALLY like to know what i can do about them.. whether it is to make them go away or at least cover them up.

  417. i have my freckles since i was a teenager i use lots of different creams, herbal plants, toner etc… but only astrigent & chinesse pearl cream that’s work it lighten my freckles, it’s almost 10 yrs now that im using those every other day at night time & sunblock during the day, & before i forget i normally use papaya soap for my face, but you can use that for body as well…. just 1 important thing don’t use the strong astringent as it may burn your skin, just use the mild one but not everyday…

  418. I have freckles EVERYWHERE and hate them ALOT! I’m only 13 and I’m VERY embarased by them because they are on my arms and ALL OVER MY FACE andim embarased to even wear short sleeves and forget to wear foundation but NOTHING I’ve tried to cover it up helps. NONE of my friends have them and I feel like the only one in the world that has them. Recently I’ve been trying puting Pompeii lemon juice(the kind in the yellow bottle) and haven’t been able to notice a difference. I’ve also been putting alo of sunscreen on before I go outside. THANX to ANYONE that helps.

  419. Hey guys.

    Yeah I had loads of freckles on my face and tried everything to get rid of them. It’s crazy but I tried like everything, from lemon juice, to this Fade Out creme, Meladerm, Kojic Acid and also this Nutrient stuff, but honestly the one thing I swear worked really well was the Aveeno Skin tone evener thing. Not even kidding. I used it for about 3 days, and my skin tone looked really blended. Of course I couldn’t use it long enough to see my freckles completely faded because I had an alergic reaction to it. My face broke out in these tony little bumps that looked awful. But if anyone else tries it please let me know if it works. But I’d test it on like your arm or something, just in case something happens like what happened to me. I think skin tone evener work best.

    Best of luck to all =D

  420. I have freckles on my face arms and top of back I’ve had them since I was 13 or so they say they go away with age but mine haven’t even faded at all and im 22 now they lightened up on my face but that’s it they only way to get rid of them is the laser treatment and then after that u gotta stay away from the sun forever lol….as long as u have freckles they will forever be there I had very low self esteem because of them but I realized there more to me then just freckles…accept them and stop worrying or ur just gonna run out of patience trynna get rid of them and lose maaad money…I accepted them all of you can too…..

  421. I have hardly any freckles, and they are only on my face. I have been using lemon juice for three days…. but I have a few questions

    1. If I leave the lemon juice on too long will it damage my skin?
    2. Does it matter what brand of lemon juice I use
    3. how long does it take for the lemon juice method to work?

    oh and I probably have as much freckles as the picture of the girl at the top of the screen

  422. I haven’t tried any of the lemon stuff yet but I am hopping it works okay for me. I have freckles on my legs on my face and arms. They aren’t too noticable but they get soooo annoying! I really don’t mind the ones on my nose because I am only thirteen so everyone says they look cute or whatever, but I have them on my forhead! i think if you really want to get rid of them, you should try using the lemon juice but my grandmother has told me that the lemon juice only gets rid of the realy lighter ones. So good luck!

  423. I wish I had freckles…..but all I have is freakin birthmarks I absolutely hate them they make make life miserable. Everyone with freckles just be happy they aren’t as dark as birthmarks……they make me look so ugly =[

  424. i dont have any frekles but people with frekles are very very attractive …frekles make them stand out and make them beautiful ….my little sister (15) has frekles and she is really self -conscious about them so i thot id look for sum treatment for her but i wish she would keep them!!! They are so wonderful on her ,she wouldnt be her if she didnt have them …plus ..ive met alot of people who love frekles me..xP

  425. i have loads of feackles and they are relly anoying me, i am 12 years old and almost 13. none of my friends have freackles and i get relly anoyed with it. some people laugh because i got so many it never relly boved me untill i got to secondry school, i have just started using lemon jucie but is there any other way to rid of them ??

    help !!

  426. Fresh lemon slices rubbed on your skin once a day for thirty days then buy Esoterica cream and use it for two months faithfully. Stay out of the sun or coverup. Your freckles will fade away!!!

  427. Hey guys
    So i’ve been searching for any way to get rid of my freckles. If you guys think you have it bad think again. I don’t even know what the base color of the skin on my face is. All I know is that i’m like the palest person in the world. My face is covered in blotches of redness al over the place. And to top it off, my face is dotted with the ugliest light brown freckles in the world. My face is one giant mess. I can’t even look inthe mirror when I don’t have makeup on or I’ll start crying. I’d do anything t oget rid of them. Even my two best friends have never complimented me on my skin ever. When I’m not wearing makeup, which is at night, and one or both is sleeping over they just stare at my face like I’m so hideous monster. I hate it. Please if anyone has a way to get rid of them ,post it…please

    Sorry to ramble like this but I don’t think anyone seems to understand that freckles can be a huge bother except for you guys.

  428. to be honest, i’ve had freckles since i couldn’t walk and they really bug me sometimes i have then across my nose and on my cheeks and my skin is fair so they really stand out for like, miles. i haven’t tried many of those methods and i just use foundation over them basically, but it doesn’t do much. so don’t bother trying it.

  429. I’m a redhead with blue eyes… I love the sun so naturally I get burnt with freckles, all over. I can’t decide wether to hate or love them

  430. I have these tiny little freckles on my cheeks only, unlike most caucasians. (I’m eurasian) and they relli bother me.. as ill do anything for no little specks on my cheeks.. but i relli wanna tan! cuz im so white i look like tofu!! So i wanna tan but then i dont want freckles on my face…


  431. I have extremley pale skin with freckles everywhere! I don’t tan, just freckle. I would love to have some color in my skin. So if anyone has and tips on how to get tanner without looking like a blob of freckles, or fake, please post it!

  432. i have flamming red hair and im fair skinned..
    I work at beach,worst job to try to get rid of the little beasties.
    ive tried lemon juices but that stings to a harsh discomfort.
    i can’t cover them up with make-up or ill get bad acne.
    im very self concious as is, so this is the icing on the cake..
    i will definatley try everything, but my question is:
    if i use one of these remedies and it works.. will it work forever or will i have to keep up with this?

  433. Me again..
    Ive got another question for who evr is reading..
    ive got really dark freckles.. and some ppl have written stuff to get rid of lighter freckles my new concern is would the remedies work on darker freckles too?

    i’ve been using it for a bit over 6 months now,
    and my mum said they have gone almost completely since before i was using it!
    yeah it makes your face a little paler,
    but use foundation!
    it really has helped.
    just thought i’d let you all know!


  435. Will lemon juice work on black skin? Im lightskinned though. Also i was wondering how long do I keep the lemon juic on my face, well on my nose. That’s the only part of my face that i have them on.

  436. Dear Eddy,
    It says above:
    “Apply lemon juice directly to your face twice a day and let it sit for at least 15 minutes. You can also apply it at night before retiring and wash it off in the morning after rising. This will also increase your sensitivity to sunlight so wear sunscreen when you go out. “

  437. My skin is tanned fairly dark so you cant really see my freckals anymore. But i would say a good way to get rid of some is to just wear a lot of sunscreen and tan because freckals are from your skin being damaged so sunscreen will protect it from more freckals.

  438. ive got dark brown hair and i have really light brown freckles sometimes i think ginger but i would would apply suncream at night and keep it on for the rest of the day it really works and try and have alot of vitamins they help your pigment bye

  439. Okay you dislike your freckles but dont you think you would look weird without them, is clear skin really beauty becuase some of the most beautiful people i know are covered in freckles. Only its more how your eyes are spaced out, your lips nose everything….be happy with what you got…freckles are pretty…love it or hate it…i know which i would rather do!

  440. Lemon juice acts as a bleach…ive been using it on skin discolouration cause from my acne and it works really well…I noticed a major difference in just a couple of days…Ive been using it for just under a month now and the spots arent as noticeable.. However I have to take breaks in between using the lemon juice cause it really drys out my skin so you have to moutrise alot…

  441. In order to keep freckles completely off your face, you MUST stay away from the sun at all times. Since this is hard to do, just wear sunblock & a little derma-blend-Macy’, then put powder to cover up. I don’t think anyone really cares about other people & how they look, just how they (themselves_) look. It’s quite simple, actually. If you do put lemon juice on, however, do not go directly in the sun. Put it on at night for 5-15 minutes (no more, no less) & then wash it off, go to sleep, & then you can go in the sun the next day. Just don’t stay in the sun too long or you’ll burn or get more freckles.

    Why can’t everyone just have perfect skin with no freckles & no pimples/zits? I mean, common GOD!

    Thank you!

  442. Heey
    lemon juice does work but you have yo be careful with them because if you are in the sun for to long it could burn your skin and even give you more freckles.Another could tip is use the lemon juice but add a table spoon of vinegar and the same with lemon juice then one table spoon of lemon juice and leave on for no more than 15 minuites.
    This worked for me and now i have only a few freckles whick are faded you should use this method twice a day or you can use it only once because it is quite strong.Lemon juice drys the skin out so you have to keep putting moisturiser on your face or take short breaks.
    Hope this works

  443. i have guite light skin but if i used lemon juice will my skin go lighter to .. i use fake tan quite alot too will tht effect my frekles?

  444. The best way to get rid of freckles is to use sunscreen and lemon juice. Always be happy, stress and depression can cause more freckles and pimples.

  445. the best way to get rid of freckles(trust me ive tried) is to wait until a banana is totally rotten, so it should be like black on the inside, and microwave it, then add a teaspoon of vinegar, and mush it into a face mask like thing, and apply..remove after a half and hour…good luck!

    we are not held responsible for any damaged skin, or extra blemishes….by attempting u are agreeing that this is at your own risk…..u cannot sue. have a pleasant day. check with doctor first…CIAO BABY!!

  446. the way that i dont get as many freckles is put on a ton of sun screeen. also, when i go to the poool, i wear a hat so that my face isnt in the sun and it is less likely for mehh to get freckles. hopee i could help[:

  447. ohhh, and i just read some moree websites about how to get rid of freckles and all of them said to usee lemon juciee, so i am going to try that tonight and hopefuly comment back in the morning.

  448. yeah wat i was hearin is that lemon juice works never tried it on myself but i probably will if u do use it stay out of direct sunlight wish u all luck. : )

  449. i havnt really tried to get rid of my freckles…but i do hate mine !! being a ranga (red head) 😀 ..freckles are sorta part of the package ..I HATE THEM .. does anyone know if lazer treatment actually works?? i think im going to try lemon juice …but i cant do it this weekend cus im going to the beach….maybe i will wait til winter !!
    thanks 4 the tips guys
    -sie xx

  450. Well, I have SOOO many freckles. It gets so annoying because I like to go outside and tan. Then after I come in, I have more freckles! I have looked at many websites and I am going to start to use the sunscreen more. I think I also might try the lemon juice or some of the other tips and see how that works. Thanks!

  451. Mix honey and plain yoghurt together and apply to the affected area.
    Leave for about 15 mins. Use in the morning and evening.
    I tried it and they went within 2 weeks.
    Good Luck!

  452. ummm lemon juice wont work i doubt it will.
    dont even bother.i highly suggest treatment to get rid of them
    its about $30 for 8 months every month and they go away straight away but you go for 8 months to keeep them pritty self concious bout mine and i wear heaps of make up and i hate wearing it it fucks me off.but yeah algooooods.

  453. Honey, yogurt and lemon juice works.. i tried it for 2 days and use to leave it on forabout 15-20 minutes and it fades them out alot.. I usually apply mine on when im in the bath and i just let it sink in.. but i just read on this site that onions might work. i will give them a try and see what happens in the morning 🙂

  454. i need tips for freckles i have freckles on my upper lips cheeks nose.
    and i am un married. my age is 24 i have freckles from last two year. my sister age is 32 she is married and here whole face is effected by freckles. kindly give me some better tips i shall be greater ful to u ans me must

  455. well i have a little bit of freckles , only on my face and i wanna get rid of them cause before i didnt have freckles i recon i looked better.
    so yeh …. um ive tried like one cream but it didnt work. does any one know any creams u can get from chemists or sumthin?

  456. I have freckles, and I want to get rid of them. I have visited a few websites, and read some of your comments, and EVERYWHERE, I saw the two INCREDIBLE WORDS!..LEMON JUICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im gonna try it, coz some of the girls at my school keep asking me out coz they think its just sooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute! I cant stand it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  457. ok so I just took off the sour cream and now my face has tons of red splotches on it. hopefully they will be gone by morning. AHHHHH! Wat will my dad say when he see’s my in the morning if my face is still red as a tomato!

  458. Hey a few weeks ago i i tried Lemons,vinegar,1 Egg,and a Banana and i mixed it all up and used it as a mask and left it on for about half an hour and i could already see the results. =]

  459. I was wondering if these freckle remedies only work on the face? I have freckles from tanning, more on my chest and shoulders. I would think they would work on areas other than the face. Anyone one else have freckles on other areas that have tried one of these remedies and seen results?

  460. i got the ugliest freckles ever!!! seriusly they are all over my face its horrible! big, black, brown spots cover my face and i hate them!!! i would do anything to get rid of them!!! even just minimse them a bit!! anything is better than this!!!

    im gonna try the yoghurt and honey thing…if it doesnt work ill tell u…if it does ill let u no aswell….

    if anyones got a better idea…please please please please u gotta tell us all!!!

    ps: i hate it when ppl say theyre cute!! coz theyre not!! theyre horrible!!!

  461. Hey. I have been washing my face more regularly, and I have noticed that my freckles are fading. I wash my face twice a day, in the morning with soap and at night without soap.

  462. I’ve used lemon juice and it work. But my favorite freckle be gone cream is using bran, lemon juice, and buttermilk; it’s called 1800’s Freckle Lotion.
    Here’s the recipe
    3 tbs. bran
    4 tbs. buttermilk
    1 tbs.lemon juice (optional)
    Pluverize bran in blender and mix in buttermilk until a paste.
    Apply. Leave on 20 min. Rinse off with warm water. Pat dry.

    I used this also and it worked. I’m 19 yrs old (used it 3 yrs ago) blonde (natural) waves, peach colored skin and very fair.

    Hope this works, Priscilla

  463. heyya guys
    just put a big old blob of lemon juice on my face cuz it seems to come up a lot here. really hope it works for loads of freckles… my face is plastered in them – it looks like someone decided to chuck a blob of mud at my face! will post back in maybe a few days will any changes. wish me luck!

  464. Hey guys, i am kind of pale teenager and blue eye. I would try ANYTHING to get rid of my freckles. The only problem and why girls are not attracted to me is because of my freckles.

    I hate them, i am trying lemon juice right now, and ill let you guys know if it works… BUT DOES ANYONE know ANYWAY to get rid of lighten freckles.. I am desperate

    Im 15, and could get a little tan, but not dark, i get mostly freckles.. my face isnt COVERD with them, but their alot on my cheeks,and i want them OFF and gone, so anyone please… lol

  465. Will lemon juice work on black skin. Well actually im a light skinned black person and I have freckles. They look really weird and I want them gone. So will lemon juice work?

  466. OMG I hate my freckles! I’ve had them since I was 12 and they’ve only gotton darker, I have this one freckle that’s darker than the rest and its soo ugly! I try to cover them up with foundation but they dont cover up completely. I see all my other friends with beautiful faces waering no makeup, and I have to always wear makeup cause I don’t want to show my face with all those ugly freckles..I wish I didn’t go have them for once!….but ive been reading the testimonies on the lemon juice thing and I think I am going to try it. If it works then I will post it up


  467. I hate my freckles. I have them on my cheeks and right above my lip, so it looks like I have a small moustache. I HATE it. Gonna try lemon juice. And if that doesnt work, I am desperate enough to try sour milk. :

  468. Does anyone know medicinal things that can help get rid or freckles rather than mask them? I hate my freckles, people standing 2 metres away from me would probably thing I have a tan, I just have so many. I would prefer to get rid of them rather than covering them.

  469. I have freckles on my nose and on my arms and legs. the ones on my nose are not that bad but i still hate them! the ones on my arms and legs are just hideous! i see like singers and the playboy girls all with no freckles and perfectly tanned skin! i wish i was like that. im going to try the lemon juice thing, washing my face like Kathryn said and the freckles be gone cream! i just dont want to be more sensative to the sun

    if anyone has any other stuff that works please tell me! im desperate!

  470. I only have freckles on my face and arms, i only get them on my face after being in the sun, but my face is the only place i freckle. NOw i have a pale face with freckles and freckely arms and it looks stupid, i am going to use the lemon just for one week i will post back with the result. Good luck to everyone.

  471. i have TONS of freckles. EVERYWHERE.

    i have a GREAT body, huge boobs and all…
    but i HATE wearing a baithing suite cuz i have horrible freckles.

    all of my friends are so tan…im so jealous!
    im gunna try the lemon juice.

  472. Well, you know guys, i am now desperate to get rid of my freckles….. Everyone says they look good, but i know they just saying that, but i don’t wanna go as hectic as Laser treatment or anything….. Has lemon juice actually worked alot for anyone…..???
    Well, for all you freckley peops, whoooooooooohoooooo!!!!…. WQe rock, even though we wanna get rid of them so bad…..
    Don’t worry, we will find a way….. Does anyone know a good website with remedies???…

  473. i have freckles on nose, and cheeks..recently i did laser treatment bt of no use,…still i can see them..plzz suggest me how t get riddd…

  474. i am seriosuly upset, i have freckles all over my face, and i wear so much makeup to cover it, i hate wearing make up and just wish that i didnt have to wear it.. i have to pack it on just to cover them up, and you can still bloody see them !! does the lemon thing even work?? as if it would, i need something, i just want to stop wearing so much makeup. I HATE IT !!!!!!!! i just want to be one of those girls with flawless skin, help me please???

  475. I hate my freckles so much, I am so pale and then I have these DARK freckles, it looks like something pooped on my face. Everyone says that they look adorable….great, I’m a 23 yr old that is….adorable. I tried the lemon juice for 3 months! Nothing. Tried all sorts of juices and sour milks, nothing. I even tried covering them up with that “amazing” product BareMinerals…nada. My grandma said that she hated her freckles so much that she actually put pee on her face. Uh no thanks, but still…she has ZERO freckles. So for any of you ladies that can handle the smell of piss on your face, let us know if it works!

  476. hi!i have lots of frekles all over my face!i tried lemon juice but it made my skin so itch and red!i am now using a cream called fade out u use it morning and night after cleansing i have been using it for 4 weeks now and my freckles are startin to lighten nd some r even gone!!
    it is not that expencive nd really good!everyone should try it!it tingles for a min thats how you no its working!

  477. I’m 23 well tomorrow will be 24 male and I have very fair pale skin my entire life. I have a lot of freckles on my face but there really faded it’s all over. I really want to get rid of the freckles or atleast fade them slowly on the tops of my arms. I have a couple tats on my forearms area which has no freckles but the tops of my arms have a lot and I’m gonna try the lemon juice I guess hope this works. This won’t mess with my tattoo’s will it?

  478. I don’t know why info didn’t post the first time. Hydroquinone 4% by prescription only. It is a skin bleaching cream. This is the generic name and is $40. I works. My lighter freckles disappeared within about a week. The dark, dark, dark ones have not shown improvement yet and its been about 2 – 3 weeks. I have a large medium dark spot (not freckle) pigmentation thing on my arm and the cream worked within a few days. It is not gone yet, but almost half it original size. you can not rub the cream all over your skin, only apply to the dark spots. Try it, it will make you feel better especially if the freckles are on your face. If you are seeing a dermatologist, just call and ask. If not, go see one. If you go in for a full body check, like looking for suspecious spots (cancer) your medical insurance (if you have it that is) will cover the visit and you can ask the doctor for a prescription for the cream, but insurance won’t cover the cream because its cosmetic.

  479. i have freckles on my face. i like them actually. they give me a different look. i think those with freckles are a lot cuter than those without. and plus boys love the freckles!

  480. I am 31 female…well, it’s only now that i have noticed these spots on my face…guess it’s really obvious cause many of my friends noticed them…before i don’t have any of these….now i think it’s getting worst….i will try the lemon juice…hope it works…tried consultations well obagi nuderm works….

  481. i’ve only used the lemon technique 4 times and its worked! squeeze one lemon into a cup, dip a towel in lemon and apply it to your face, its a bit stingy but its okay, then i added a face cream over it and it works so well!!

  482. OK Listen, I am 12 years old, IRISH, PALE, and I have a MILLION freckles EVERYWHERE! I want to try that lemon juice thing, but yet I don’t. Come to think of it… I just want my freckles GONE and I want TAN skin!! Come ON GOD! WHY DID YOU HAVE TO MAKE ME LOOK LIKE THIS?!? I really hate it! Suggestions?
    Going once
    Going twice
    Going three times
    PLEASE HELP! I want to be pretty and have a flawless face, I really do.

  483. Oh myy godd ! Im 14 years old right and i have freckles on my face and boys dont even like them ! Its so embarrasing !Gosh, if you see how i look like.. Im the kind of girl with THINGS all over her face ! My acne and freckles mix together, thier like one big happpy family on my freckin face !! Ugggghhh! Helpp please!

  484. Hey guys,
    After doing some research, I have found that lemon juice can be very effective, HOWEVER, it is only effective on a very small percentage of people.
    I find that the best solution is to simply apply sun screen. If you are in the sun on a regular basis,then you may notice straight away that your freckles begin to fade and not to mention the fact that we should care for our skin and should be doing this any way lol 🙂
    Does any body know more about this “fade out”? I believe it may be worth checking out

  485. Hi!I’m 29 I have freckles on my face,when I got pragnent freckles started grow on my face.I don’t know why!but I tried used cream but not works.I just red and knok many people take about Lemon juice.I’m gonna try it.

  486. hi i m 16 male and i fracking hate them OMG anything please!!! i personally think that freckles on chicks is in i have gone out wiv 3 girls since da beginning of high school and all have had freckles i think i will try this lemon thing…lol

  487. I have been using Christian Dior Blemish Treatment for 2 weeks now and it really works. my frckles are really gone 😀
    hop it will work for ya

  488. Hey ppl, well i dont really think that the cream and honey thing worked, my frekles are still BIG AND BLACK AND I HATE THEM!!!

    Joanna Says:
    September 26th, 2008 at 4:09 pm
    i’ve only used the lemon technique 4 times and its worked! squeeze one lemon into a cup, dip a towel in lemon and apply it to your face, its a bit stingy but its okay, then i added a face cream over it and it works so well!!
    what type of face cream??? it sounds pretty good but i need to know that one thing… WHAT TYPE OF FACE CREAM???

  489. im only 12 yeas old and i have a bazillion freckels on my face and they are really affecting my life…guys dont like me because of them and it really makes me mad cuz i know if i didnt have freckels i would be pretty…i really hope this works

  490. Hey guys. I’m 14 and i have freckles all over my cheeks and it’s so embarresing! My boyfriend doesn’t mind but I really do. PLEASE PLEASE help me.!!

  491. I absolutly hate my freckes! They’re a pain in the butt. I try covering them like, every day, but I can’t like swim or do anything “water-like.” I am sooooo tired of my freckles, and I’m positive I’m not alone one this!

    & I’ve read that lemon juice works the best (plus, it’s like almost free) so I’ll try that!

    -Thanks!!!!!! 🙂

  492. Just stay out of the sun… my freckles multiply as soon as the sun is out, even if i have sun cream on andn it seems to stop me from tanning. they’re a real pain in the back side but what can i do!

  493. i dont have as many freckles, but theres this one annoying one on my body that never fades! its been there for about 3-4 years!
    i will try the lemon juice remedy, but its so hard getting rid of freckles. i used to just squeeze them, itd make a scab, then itd be gone. but to my surprise, the freckle popped up again in the SAME EXACT PLACE.
    i know their annoying, but sometimes its apart of your personality. if you relly hate them i suggest the christian dior method my friend tried it and for her freckles allll around her face it worked well.

  494. Hi im 12 and i have tons of freckles! If you wear a lot of sunscreen it really helps! Im wearin bluberry yogurt and honey on my face right now and it feels like its working. This site rocks!!!!

  495. Hey guys I really hate my freckles too.but I used TOP-GEL OR Halog cream
    WOW it worked my freckles on my face almost gone.if you have freckles on your arms and your legs or your spots you can use LIME STONE PASTE and SOAP.(stream)bleach for skin that my idea.I made by my self and I apply it to your skin 5 minutes one time two days (I’m sorry my English bab I just came here 1 year ago )you know my freckles on my arm it gone

    I hope it works on your

  496. Hi. I’m 16, female. I really don’t mind my freckles. It dosen’t effect my life and my boyfriend likes them. My only thing is that they style that I like dosen’t work with freckles. That’s the only reason I want them gone. Then angain I don’t because they make me who I am.

  497. i have fair white skin i have only a few freckles on my face and i was wondering if i put the lemon thing on my face how long or how many days should i put it on for and would it make my skin look bad…

  498. I’m 13 years old, and i hate my freckles.
    When i was little they were adorable, but now i have them all over my arms, legs, you name it.
    My friends think it’s funny when they try to count them, but it’s not.
    It’s embarrassing and frankly, all guys care about are looks at my age so the freckles don’t help me here.
    I think i’m pretty underneath my mess of freckles, but i’ll never know because all of these “home mad remedies SUCK and DO NOT WORK.”

    (lemons work a little)

    The yogurt and honey thing is a total lie. It just makes your face sticky and the rum one i can’t do because where the heck am i supposed to get rum?!!?!?!?

    NONE of my friends have freckles and yet i do.
    ANYONE AOUT THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  499. Hey you guys! I went on this site a long time ago to see if I could find any home remedies worht trying. I found out that lemon juice does work a little bit. It made my freckles less noticeable. But if you really want them to fade dramatically, Meladerm is the way to go. I’m telling you, I’m not kidding. I wouldn’t lie about it. I was in the same boat as all of you and I hated them just as much. I ordered some fo the Meladerm Pigment Reducing complex and it worked miracles! It’s a little pricey($50), but worth it. I also ordered the face toner as well, which I believe contains Kojic Acid, which is an awesome bleaching agent. So both together have made great improvements. My acne is also completely gone. I highly recommend this. I applied twice everyday for about a month, and BAM! They are really invisible.

    Hope this helps

  500. Seriously, just because you have freckles doesnt
    mean you arent flawless. Thats an insult to everyone
    out there who has freckles and loves them.

    Just because you have freckles doesnt mean guys
    will think youre ugly, Ive had them my entire life,
    and since high school, Ive yet to not have a boyfriend
    or guys saying that Im beautiful, and how different I would
    look without them.

    You just need to toughen up and grow some confidence in
    yourself. I dont even notice mine anymore, until someone
    points them out, which no one ever does. Ive even asked
    all of my friends, and they even say they dont even notice
    them when looking at me, and trust me, my face is covered.

    They are apart of you whether you like it or not, so my
    advice is to learn to love them.

  501. i have a massive thick line of freckles going across the centre of my face they really get on my nerves and make me look really ugly lol

    please send me some remedies that REALLY work

    i will try the lemon first though 🙂