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Are fruit flies the most annoying small insect of all time? The debate rages without end, but it is entirely possible that this statement rings true. It is very likely that if you have seen one, their other buddies are lurking just around the corner. Suddenly, your entire kitchen is full of these pesky nuisances. What a drag!

Luckily for you, the process of getting rid of fruit flies is not that difficult. You can kill them or drive them off fairly easily. The most important suggestion is that you always remember to be as thorough as you can. If not, the fruit flies will be back stronger than ever.

1. Are these really fruit flies?

Catch one of these bugs and have a look at it. Pull up an image of a fruit fly if you are unsure of what they look like. If you have a different small pest, you will have to use a different strategy to get rid of them.

Try hanging some flypaper around areas where you have seen these flies if you are unable to catch one or if you don’t want to touch one. Common household fruit flies are usually about 1/8th of an inch long (or 3 millimeters), and they often have a brown colour to their body with yellow bodies and red eyes.

Fruit flies are also pretty terrible at flying. They will often fly into you accidentally while you are going about your business.

2. Destroy any food sources or breeding grounds.

Remember that food sources and breeding grounds for fruit flies are the same place. If you get rid of the source, you get rid of the issue!

Fruit flies ‘inject’ their eggs into different foods they like. You will often find fruit flies in any area that they can find food sources, like your kitchen.

You always want to be thorough when you are cleaning. Make sure you go through every room in your house that might have some food in it. If not, you will have to start everything over.

Fruit flies love moist organic materials, like fruit and vegetables, for instance. They are especially attracted to any peels or overripe/rotting fruit you might have around, so be sure to toss all of this out. They also like dirty sponges, juice, spills, and other types of messes. Rinse out any beer bottles you have after you have slammed your suds, as fruit flies are attracted to the leftover sips.

3. Giving your kitchen a makeover.

As fruit flies tend to center around your kitchen, this should be the first place you start. Get rid of any standing liquids, and flush your drains with ammonia or drain cleaners. Fruit flies could be breeding in your pipes!

Make sure you regularly empty your trash, especially your green bin. If possible, try and locate your composting bin for your organic materials outside so you can try and avoid this problem in the first place. Make sure your trash cans are locked, or tightly closed, so that fruit flies cannot get inside them.

Carefully clean everything else. Are there any hidden spills, perhaps under your fridge or stove? Look through your cupboards for any forgotten food (sacks of potatoes are common culprits). Be thorough. Try looking for areas you wouldn’t think of normally, like under your sink.

Try smelling for any areas that are obviously off. This can help show you where to clean next.

Put all of your fruits and vegetables in your fridge, or at least cover them up so fruit flies can’t get to them.

4. Clean the rest of your house.

The kitchen is usually your first stop, but it is not always your last! Check your living area for any old food, or any spills. Walk barefoot if you have carpet to see if there is a moist area on your carpet anywhere.

Just like your kitchen sink, it is a good idea to flush your bathroom sink with a dry cleaner. Check under your cabinets for any possible leaks.

5. Don’t let them inside.

Fruit flies often come into your house from outside. This is particularly the case if you have lots of bushes or other types of vegetation close to your house, or if you have a dumpster nearby. Try and move these if you can so they are further from your residence.

Make sure all of your windows have screens on them, and try and fix any small cracks. If you think they are coming in your windows, you can also try using a portable bug light to drive them away.

6. Fruit fly bottle trap.

Fruit flies usually only live for about two weeks. Mark your calendar from when you first see a fruit fly, and see if they are gone after this time is completed. If not, the problem is not yet solved!

Fruit fly traps are a great way to help speed the process along. Find a narrow necked bottle, and fill the bottom with fruit juice, beer, vinegar, or soda. Put a few drops of cooking oil or dish soap into this bottle. Any bugs that try and get this liquid will be trapped once they fly into the liquid.

Place the area in a high traffic area for fruit flies, like your kitchen. Getting rid of fruit flies has never been easier!

7. Bowl traps.

Don’t sweat it if you don’t own a bottle, as you can try the same trick with a bowl. Perform the same steps as you would for the fruit fly bottle trap, but use a bowl instead. The biggest difference is that you will cover the top with plastic wrap, and poke some small holes in this wrap. The fruit flies can fly in, but they won’t be able to fly out!

8. Store bought traps.

There are also several store bought traps you might consider purchasing. You might want to try your own version first, of course.

Flypaper is a classic and fairly cheap solution you might consider. It doesn’t work the greatest, however, as it is designed for houseflies rather than fruit flies, and it doesn’t look nice hanging in your kitchen. If you want to try this solution, be sure to hang some fly paper near a light source to help attract the fruit flies.

You can also buy a bug zapper, which works using light to attract all kinds of bugs. Once they get close to the light, the bugs are quickly zapped and killed.

Don’t let fruit flies get you down! They are slow, sluggish, and stupid. You are better then them! Get rid of fruit flies by getting rid of their breeding grounds. Once they have no more food to eat or nest in, they will die off or move on. Use your traps to clean up any of the fruit flies that are still humming around. Good luck with your flies, and hopefully you will have your house back in no time!

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  1. I can remember in my grandmother’s time using nets over bowls of fruit, etc. was common. These nets were decorative lacy items and had cut glass beads sewn into the edges to keep them down flat. Obviously they kept the insects out. I haven’t seen any for quite a while now!


  2. I dumped a 1/2 gallon of bleach down my kitchen drain and let it sit all night long, undisturbed. Next morning, GONE. The massive population vanished save for a few stray flies. I was so relieved.

  3. dump 1/2 gallons of bleach down the bath room and
    kitchen drain and let it stay there over night the
    next morning thay where gone.

  4. I recently had a few fruit flies in my kitchen and bathroom that quickly became a small swarm. I suspected the source to be the drains in both rooms since there wasn’t any other food source in the bathroom but the drain. I read on other websites that pouring bleach down the drain wouldn’t work, but some people here said it would. So I tried it. I not only worked, but worked quickly. So here is my tip for you:

    First, pour a whole gallon of bleach down the drains where the flies are hanging out. Do this at night before going to bed and don’t let any water go down the drain for as long as possible. We don’t want to dilute the bleach. This should kill the larve and eggs growing in the drain as well as any newly hatching flies. Despite what other sites say, sitting in pure bleach all night will kill just about any bug.

    Second, you have to get rid of the adults so they don’t lay any more eggs either in the drain after the bleach gets washed away or any other food source they might find. I went out to the hardware store and spent $30 on a small Shop Vac vacuum cleaner. Every fly I saw I went after. You have to be thorough, one fly can produce hundreds more. It worked great, the flies had no chance of excaping the “tractor beam” of the shop vac. As a bonus, the high power of a vacuum kills the flies in the vacuum (it practically disintergrates them!) so you don’t have to worry about them excaping after getting them. After the flie are gone, you’ll now have a great vacuum for cleaning the car!

    If you see a few flies a few days later, maybe some eggs survived and took a few days to hatch. I suggest another gallon of bleach down each drain just to be safe.

    Good luck and happy fly killing!

    -Brian K.

  5. Well I had a big problem with these evil flies but first method was to search and destroy and to also throw out my trash daily, wash dishes immediately, and clean every other day the bathroom and kitchen where they seemed to be. But I think that there are still eggs somewhere because now even if I am sloppy (few dishes in the sink,uncleaned bathroom for a week) I will notice at least one of them. So I started by doing a search on the internet where it said to get Draino gell and use this in any drains….I have noticed a difference with this but I am still seeing bugs so I am going to take the advice of this site and clean under the kitchen where there has been some leaking and clean the stove as well….will post back with updates. BTW I will also try bleach too since ppl here liked it.

  6. All these ideas are great, but remember, if you have a septic system, do NOT use bleach down your drains or you may end up with septic problems! In addition to getting rid of your bugs, it will kill the bacteria necessary for the septic to break down the waste.

    Been there, done that…. (I wish someone had told me sooner.)

  7. A lot of times I see fruit flies in my bathroom. I usually have my hairspray on the counter which works great killing the flies! Couple of squirts and they can’t fly because they’re sticky. Then WHACK! I finish them off. I have tried bleach down the drains and the ammonia and vinegar traps (make a funnel out of paper and place it in a jar with ammonia OR vinegar at the bottom). They all work well. The bleach down the drain works best. Another place I found them breeding is the glass cup I use to store my toothbrush and toothpaste in after brushing. “Goop” forms at the bottom which is a perfect place for breeding.

  8. We are in November and fruit flies. i thought no way . we not only had a couple but lots. we tried raid and it worked for the ones flying around but it was this site that helped with the bleach down the drain. yipeee the little buggers are gonzo.LOL

  9. Tried bleach and ammonia – no luck – finally a nice lady tipped me on how to get rid of them. RED WINE…! Yep, two glasses of red wine (with a couple of drops of dish soap) for them and one glass for me. Twelve hours later – gone! Now… if I can just get them out of my dreams…lol.

  10. I am a chemist and I must advise you that pouring a gallon of bleach down the drain is NOT a good idea. Chlorine bleach is a very toxic substance and remains so after you flush it out of your pipe system as it remains toxic in the environment. A 10% solution of bleach will kill anything. The best treatment for fruit flies; put some diluted vinegar, beer, wine, fruit juice or pop in the bottom inch of a long necked bottle. Add a drop or two of dish soap liquid. The soap breaks the surface tension of the liquid and since the flies are attracted to the liquid when they land on it they get stuck and drown. It works great and is not toxic to anything except fruit flies.

  11. Someone has already mentioned the jar with some vinegar in it with a paper cone, but the the thing about that kind of trap is that not all the flies get trapped in the vinegar. They just keep walking around and around the inside of the jar. You can either take the jar ouside and let them go or wait for them to die right? Wrong! You want to kill those pesky little %#*&@! I tell you what you do. wait till there is a fair number of flies in the jar trap and then simply pour a 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda into the paper cone. You know what happens when you mix baking soda and vinegar? Well it releases carbon dioxide which fills the jar and kills the flies instantly. After the flies are dead simply wash out the jar and reset it with some fresh vinegar. Not only is this an effective way of killing them, it is also fun to watch them, literally, drop like flies.

  12. We wash all fruits brought into the house immediately in a mild chlorox and soapy water solution which kills/removes the eggs laid on the fruit in the grocery stores, and that minimizes the problem to start with. Banana skins are a major culprit, so don’t let them sit in your trash indoors for more than a day.

    The soapy water traps work pretty well too if you have an active infestation.

  13. I saw one woman said she used hairspray. They have been swarming to my bathroom mirror; I got the Windex MultiSurface Orange and just spray it when there are a good number on there, then I just wipe with a paper towel. Mirror and counter are clean and the flies are dead. I’m going to try the other suggestions for bleach and red wine. Geez these things are driving me NUTS.

  14. I find that if fruit flies are bothering me, then I cover up our fruit and put a jar with vinegar and baking soda near the fruit, and in a few hours, all of the fruit flies are dead and washed down the drain. This method is very usefull for me. Have fun fly hunting!

  15. I live downtown in a resturant neighborhood and if the window is open, the nasty things get in. The only thing that got rid of them was cleaning my apartment, putting up fly paper and going to Brazil for 2 weeks. When I came home no more bugs.

  16. I have noticed an arsenal of fruit flies tormenting myself and my roomate…and after vigerous efforts and reviewing the tips I found online I would suggest the tacky fly strips as well as a homemade trap ie: a baby food jar with a piece of banana covered tightly with plastic wrap..poke a couple holes in the top and watch the magic begin. They can get in but are incapable of getting out. I would not however reccomend bleach, as many on this site said, it will wreck your septic system and cause damage. It will work however for disinfecting purposes. Please be advised though that you only need a capful per sink of water, anything more could prove to be toxic. HAPPY FLY SLAYING!!!

  17. actually, i need help. we were shocked to see 50 or more fruit flies dead on our window stil. then noticed they were more dead along the floor. it was a disgusting sight, which shocked how the hell did it happen.

    how can i prevent from this happening. i only had 2 fruit on a table.
    and i our apt is clean!

    pls help solve our mystery and find a solution.

  18. Thank GOODNESS I found this page!!! Our house has been infested with a swarm of fruit flies in the kitchen and a swarm in our main bathroom for 5 days now and we had NO idea how to get rid of it. So relieved and am on my way to dumping bleach on those suckers right now… well… my brother’s on his way to do it.

  19. I found that for over a month I had an infestation of fruit flies. We are huge fresh fruit and veggie eaters so naturally this was a problem. I started by putting all but the bananas in the fridge and stopped getting bananas for some time. They never left and continued to multiply. How frustrating!! I would find them in groups. I grabbed the vaccuum and went at it. Sucked those things up but still no luck. Turns out they are very fond of birds and although we have very clean cages, we also have a lot of birds. So we just keep the cages empty of seed at night and try to feed outside as much as possible. It has helped.

  20. Help!! I not only have fruit flies in my kitchen. I have found that there would be dead ones in the bottom of my freg. every day I clean them out and everyday I wake up theres more there. How do I get rid of them once and for all.

  21. I couldn’t stand the flies anymore, so finally I grabbed every spray in the house to try and kill them. Oust? didn’t work, other air fresheners? no. Hair spray? no. 409, YEAH.

    the tips for getting rid of fruit flies on this page are pretty good, and you can get rid of flies without even paying for traps and what not.

    It’s a pity this website is like 4 pages behind commercial fruit fly trap sellers on google =(

  22. i just returned home today from a three day hospital stay, and came back to find a swarm of these suckers hovering above my stove and sink. nothing i do gets rid of them, ive done bleach,ammonia,draino (all kinds) hairspray (which does stun them, but it doesnt help when they are stuck to your ceiling) lysol, scrubbing bubbles, vaccum cleaner, and ive even tried using beer and soda..with plastic wrap. nothing has worked. right now i have a small soda bottle out in my kitchen with cider vinegar and dawn dish soap. it seems to be working a little bit. ill update tomorrow morning.

  23. Arrrrrrrgh! These little boogers are driving me crazy. My husband and I went on vacation for a week – left our young adult kids at home. They left a banana peel laying out. It’s been two weeks now. I’ve tried sucking them up with the vacuum, fly tape, glass of red wine on the counter, glass of orange juice on the counter, and swating them. Every morning when I get up there seem to be more. I’ve read all the suggestions above, I think I’m going to try the bleach in the drain tonight, if that doesn’t work I’ll try ammonia. My husband is convinced we need to bomb the house. He’s waiting for me to break down and say okay. I don’t like using any kind of chemical insecticide. Maybe I’ll try one of those electric bug zappers. I’ll let you know how it all turns out.

  24. Yeah, I think I got rid of those little boogers. I tried the bleach in the sink drain over the weekend and it seems to have worked. I got up this morning and only saw 1 little fly. I had also left a glass of orange juice on the counter over night. There was nothing in the glass.

  25. PLEASE do NOT dump a whole gallon of bleach into the sink. Everything drained into the sewer system is eventually recycled back into drinking water. LOTS of bleach = toxic drinking water

    I’ve lately had a fly problem, I think I’ll try the glass of red wine suggestion and let you know how it works.

  26. Same story – little bit of lettuce left in a tupperware in the sink turned into thousands of fruit flies within a few days. I’ve had fruit flies before – a few around the fruit bowl, never like this. We’ve bombed twice, which kills most of them, but they repopulate within a day or two, so don’t bother. There’s a couple hundred on the ceiling right now, just hanging out. Finally found an old, very rotted bag of potatos at the back of a cupboard this morning so I hope that’s the “breeding ground” all the sites say to look for. I have multiple bottle traps out now, one more good cleaning and maybe this will be over. I can’t believe how much time & energy we’ve spent trying to outsmart these flies!

  27. I used the flying insect raid to thin them out, then I used the apple in a glass with plastic on top. That has eliminated a lot of them. I also washed out all the trash cans, they seem to smell garbage that was in the trash before.

  28. Holy smoke,,, flys. I got hundreds of them suckers. Ive read all the reports. the only thing i could find was my leaking fauct under my kitchen sink. anyone think that could be it. but anyway im going to become a mass murder today. any tips on killing a couple hundred. I had a few didnt worry about it. then i had a couple dozen. tryed killing with a fly swatter. then next day BAM. A full scale war was waged on my house hold. Any allies in this war would help alot.


  29. You guys are hilarious! I also have a fly problem. I have tons of house plants and they bred in the soil. I’ve been spraying the plants every few days so hopefully that will eliminate them. After the first spray we noticed a dramatic decrease in the number of flies. I haven’t though about pouring a gallon of bleach down all of my sinks. Ok, I kind of say that jokingly, a gallon of bleach is not a good idea. Not only is it bad for the environment, but it can damage your drain and garbage disposal. I will use bleach, but a diluted version. If my wife was to read these threads, she would be pouring 5 gallons of bleach down each drain. We are sick of them.

    I bought the fly web light. It was very successful; however it died after a few weeks. It was kind of a peace of crap to begin with. I had to shake it until it would turn on completely. But it did catch a lot of flies; I was very happy waking up each morning to see the new kill. I would count the number of new flies and my wife and I would celebrate. Ok, now I’m the crazy sounding one.

    I’ll keep you updated on the plant treatment.

  30. It’s nice to know I’m not alone in the fruit fly war! These fruit flies are driving me nutz. I left a few dishes in the sink overnight and came back the next day to a severely infested kitchen. I can’t seem to locate where they are coming from. I put out the mixture of cider vinegar, water, and liquid soap. The first night I had about 600-700 fruit flies. The next night I had caught another 200-300. But it seems like there are still so many flying around. I’ve also been vacuuming up the little suckers like crazy. I’m not sure what else to do at this point. I tried pouring boiling water down the drain a few times. Not sure if this is helping anything. Any suggestions?

  31. The thing that worked for me was a little piece of cantalope in a long neck bottle-cleaned them up in a day-my neighbor has tried using vinegar and he said they are not going into his bottle, thinks I was pulling his leg. I did not put any dishwashing soap in my bottle, they were gone in a day-although I did not have hundreds of them like some of you.

  32. After returning from vacation, I had an infestation of fruit flies. It was terrible! The trick that worked wonderfully was beer. The pesty little suckers love beer. I poured into bottom of a plastic cup, covered with saran wrap and secured tightly with a rubber band. I punched the wrap with a fork. Overnight they had a party. There were 50-60 in each cup..floating. The others slowly died due to not being able to get out. I then filled a spray bottle with bleach and sprayed the others in my kitchen that were in the air and on cabinets and countertops with the bleach. Make sure all pets are removed and any food..wear something to cover mouth. Within 2 hours they were gone. The BEER and bleach worked amazing.

  33. Have you tried Windex? When the little buggers land, zap them with Windex or any window cleaner. It kills them in their tracks!

  34. i came home one day after a practice then BAM!
    my washroom was infected by small freaking drain flies.
    first i thought they were fruit flies but then why would fruit flies be in my washroom? i had to suck them up with a vacuum (which did wonders since i had like… alot ? of the pesky twerps)then i just murdered the rest with Hairspray, Windex and a little help of Tissue Paper =).
    the Hairspray didnt Kill them, but atleast stopped them from flying everywhere. i pretty much just made their wings sticky. GREAAT relief.

  35. Windex does NOT work! It doesn’t even faze them if you spray it on them. I clean and clean and get them mostly killed off and then bam there’s another swarm. I get so mad when I’m eating and they land right on my food! If I don’t swat them away off my sandwich they will just sit there while I eat them! GROSS!!! And one day I had the sneezes so bad I just know I sniffed one of those evil gnats up my nose!!! Also, I didn’t realize they inject their eggs into our food–YUK!! I left my bread bad open one mornign and next day went to get toast only to find the bag full of gnats, AFTER I ate my toast & put my glasses on!!!

  36. Well it all started 2 days ago I kept seeing little flys around my kitchen lights… after reading everyones advice I went out and bought a “fly stick” from walmart. It was only 2 dollars. I placed it in a cup of red wine… it was amazing to see how fast they flocked to it and got stuck on the stick.

    The only thing is I cant seem to find out where the source is… Ive only seen like 40 or 50 flys… I dont know where to look. i have absolutly NOOO fruit in my appartment.. any suggestions.. please let me know.. thanks 🙂

  37. Well my do it yourself bowls didnt work. It does attract them but they didnt go in the bowl.So i brought out the Vaccuum. Sucked them all up. Took the canister outside and dumped them out. Went from a few hundred flies down to a handful. Hope that they stay away now. Found all the sources. Good luck to everyone.

  38. last year i used vinegar, OJ and dish soap in a cup (no plastic) the soap keeps them in there. this year its not working.
    Just a few things i notice them swarming. Potatoes, water areas, bread, laundry, garbage, pop cans, dirty dishes,ashtrays, any type of food source it does not have to be sweet. I have been battling them for a couple days, and i got traps but nothing is working. I think they are looking to just lay eggs right now and not eat, cause they arent taking to the traps, last year i killed them all in 72 hrs. These stupid things are in areas where there is no food, i mean one just landed on my computer screen. umm noooo food there dork!! i think once they are in the house they arent leaving till they are good and ready, unless u catch them early. U have water and u have to eat so there is always something they can get into. i am going to try the MASSIVELY diluted bleach in the sink tonight and just see how it works.
    Two years ago my son threw a banana peel in the spare bathroom garbage(a room we never use) and i got fruit flies but once i found it they all left immediately, i wish it was that easy this year.

    next year im putting up a sign fruit fly rentals 10,000 a fly, id be RICH in no time 🙂

  39. Dear God, someone help us! The fruit fly war in our household has lasted more than a year, on and off. We’ve tried everything. Bleach, draino, bug spray, jars of beer and soap. Everything. Is the last resort to bomb the house? And I don’t mean a pest control fogger bomb. I mean an atomic bomb. With my luck, they’d survive that too.

  40. War of the Flies! It’s not a big problem, yet. I don’t leave fruit out at all. But I think they’re comming in through my pipes. Also, I find them swarming around my hair. Thanks to the Herbal Essence products that I use, no less. I’m trying the vinager jars and plugging drains when not in use. I’m also interested in the red wine theory. Pray for me!

  41. Well my husband and I have been having alot of problems with these little pests. They just seemed to come out of nowhere and there seemed to be thousands of them. We looked up good ways to get rid of them and we put the bleach down the drains and we also boiled milk, suger, and pepper. The bleached worked pretty good but the milk mixture didn’t really work as well. What really worked was taking about 10 small mason jars and putting grapes, bananas, strawberries, and watermelon in them. We covered them with plastic wrap and punched tiny holes in them. By the next day the jars had tons of flies in them. It was awesome. The fruit doesn’t look to great after a day or two but the flies really love it. Well good luck to all of you. Lets get rid of these pesky little things!!

  42. i hate the flies
    they make me scream
    they fly around
    they are so keen

    they stress me out
    make me insane
    my house is clean
    who is to blame?

    he left out his beer
    which is what they like
    thats when it started
    i got a fright

    i woke up one day
    and to my dismay
    my home infested with flies
    i let out the biggest cries

    i hate the things
    they make me sick
    i don’t wat to eat
    they lay eggs in the food

    what can i do to kill the pests
    i need them dead so i can rest
    they drive me mad, drive me insane
    he should sort it out – its his beer thats to blame

  43. Fruit Flies are such pest. I remember my Mother would fill a bowl or pan with grape juice, (Some used wine) and it totally would get rid of the fruit flies and those little p-ants (soome claimed roaches). Just let the bowl sit on your cabinet in the kitchen. This tip came from a friend in Calif. about 30 years ago.

  44. I too have experienced the fruit fly invasion and can tell you one thing for sure-what an awful experience! So, after reading all of the feedback and ideas I decided that I would try 3 methods of home remedies to see which one would work better. First, I poured vinegar in a pop bottle with a little dish soap. Next, I poured some peach wine in a cup with a little dish soap. Lastly, I put some fruit cocktail in a jar with a little bit of the juice and covered it with saran wrap and poked tiny holes in the top. Here is what I discovered….they all three worked and not a one better than the other. After 2 days, the hundreds of fruit flies have diminished to only a few wanderers. The only thing I have left to say is make sure you have located the source of where they are feeding and reproducing, in my case a banana peel in the back of my trash can drawer (kids!!!!!!). Then you have won half of the war!

  45. Well I just found this site after I’ve tried a few things…one thing I tried and I think it seems to be pretty successful is hitting them with a couple of shots of Windex, but you kinda have to drench them a bit before it works…doesn’t seem to help if you just squirt at them while they’re flying, but one squirt will slow them down and keep them from flying away and a couple more squirts to finish them off…if nothing else it satisfies my morbid hatrid of these nasty little house guests. Our problem has been going for a couple of weeks now and every time we think they are thinning out they seem to send another wave the very next day…we’re dealing with a few hundred of these annoying things now, but this morning I tried the Windex and I think I just about wet myself with joy when I found that they weren’t just sticking to the counter for a few seconds and then flying away…they were actually dead!!!

    lets see….that puts the score at about 75 for me and um……500 for the flies………………..better get more ammo

  46. if you’re finding the flies in your houseplants they’re probably fungus gnats, not fruit flies. they look very similar and do breed in moist soil. you can buy an insecticide specially for them at a hardware or garden store. maybe it works on fruit flies too, who knows.

  47. Last year I tried everything to get rid of the fruit fly infestation and nothing worked until my husband found the potato my one year old tucked behind the VCR. So if you have children, look for stray vegetables.

  48. Recently I had this rotting garbage smell in my kitchen for a month. I checked everywhere and had no idea where it was coming from. However, in the past week I noticed I’d be killing 5-6 flies a day…so I thought something was weird.

    When I got home I saw a bunch of them crawling around the kitchen sink, a few drowned in my bowl of leftover milk and water. We washed the kitchen floor and sink with bleach and poured bleach down the drain. That helped…until we discovered a MASSIVE SWARM of them in one of our kitchen cabinets that we like NEVER OPEN! So yea they are small enough to squeeze through shut doors of a kitchen cabinet. Apparently something musta rotted in one of my lunch boxes (that I thought were empty) so they had formed a freaking colony in there. We threw out all the boxes, sprayed like crazy with the flying bug spray and left it closed. Afte 10 minutes the likes of them were all dead. The rest so far I’ve been spraying 1 by 1 as I see them fly.

    Unfortunately this causes a major stink in our apartment so when I get home today I’ll be vaccuming all their little corpses from my floor (and the live ones from my ceiling.)

    If you have a lot of flies out of nowhere, most likely they have started a love shack somewhere in your place. Smell around for anything that smells like rotting garbage…that’s probably the source of your problems.

  49. For drain cleaning, since the idea is to get rid of the organic material as that is what the flies breed in try something like Citra-Drain. It is an all natural drain cleaner/buildup remover. It breaks down the organic material in your drains and has the added benefit of helping clean up/prevent clogs. You have to use it at night and let it sit 6-8 hours before running water down the drains but it works great.

  50. Argh! I just read everyone’s comments and I am ready to try anything! I went on vacation and the husband stayed home, and even though he cleaned the house (I have a feeling some dishes may have been left in the sink a few days… I’d bet on it.) before I came home, what did I find? A few fruit flies. Of course, the next day it was much more than a few. I did the whole saran wrap jar thing with fruit inside, but there’s still so many!! The husband put up fly strips which are covered and gross. We don’t even put garbage in the kitch, we’ve been putting it in plastic bags and taking it right outside. I’m off to the store now to find out how I can get rid of these suckers! It’s so gross and I haven’t let anyone come over to the house with the thought they might see them and freak out. There is a fair number of them *shudder* and we need a great plan to get rid of them. I’m ready to throw out anything even remotely edible in the entire kitchen. I’m worried about using sprays because it is the kitchen and we have a dog that I don’t want it to effect. Maybe I’ll get a light. *sigh* It’s SO FRUSTRATING!

  51. We’ve had this same issue. Darn little buggers. They’re showing up in strange places too (bedroom, office, et cetera). I’ve fought fruit flies many times before; so, I immediately cleaned our drains and took standard measures. But no avail. Do you know where they were breeding? Inside our internal condensor of our heat pump! I don’t know much about HVAC heat pumps (at least I didn’t before this problem). Heh. Apparently, we’ll have to purchase a dehumidifier to dry our air and to avoid further condensation within our ventilation. Or, conversely, wait until Winter. 🙂 In the interim, we’ve found that keeping the fan running on the heat pump (even when the AC isn’t “on”) helps dry out our vents.

  52. i got like 500 stupid files in my room and my room is big they are taking over my house stupid flies and i am only nine but i am using hair spray and it is working like crazy i got my mom high hells on stepping them lol it is so fun well i gtg step on them lol
    so use hair spary and use alot them BAM!!!step on them
    happy flie killing and be safe NOT LOL

  53. We are having a massive fruit fly problem. We have swarms of them in the kitchen and bathroom, and a few swarm in our rooms as well. I tried checking for sources (6 children!) and the only food out was a covered container of chocolate muffins and some cherry tomatoes. We got rid of the tomatoes, but it didn’t lessen the flies.

    There was a pot of food left over for a few days. My mom is Filipino and does NOT like to put away her food. Instead, she thinks it’s fine in the pot for a few days. WRONG.

    We found MAGGOTS in there. Not fruit fly maggots, fly maggots. They were huge and disgusting.

    So now, we have a maggot and fruit fly problem. I’ve already set out a few traps (some with OJ, some with grape juice, a few with rum since we don’t have wine, and one with pickle juice). For the time being, none of them are working and the fruit flies are all around my fridge. I can’t make a simple meal without it being ruined by these buggers!

    Any suggestions? I won’t try bleach because that’s too dangerous.

  54. HELP! HELP!

    I have too many to count… They just keep coming. I didnt realize that there were so many ideas to use. I am going to try the bleach and bottle thing. But for now, I have been trying to swat them (not working at all) and I have used my FRESHNER spray like crazy on them.

    My 7 year old didnt want to eat her Banana and left it in her lunch box, just so happens the lunch box was left open and on the counter for 2 weeks while we were away. I have them in my kitchen.. living over my sink. But now they are traveling around. Some in my bathroom and through out the house.

    I need help fast!!!

  55. Developed a terrible fruit fly infestation. Went to the store to look at traps, etc – most of which were toxic. So, I took some of the advice on this page and combined a couple of them. In particular, I put vinegar in a glass and then made a paper cone to put in the glass. The flies were really drawn to it. Then, when a big group of flies were around, I sucked them up with the vacuum hose. It was fantastic. With vacuuming them up, I didn’t have to wait for them to actually get all the way into the glass. Far out. I’m now looking at an almost bug free kitchen.

  56. Well the only thing I found that worked and it worked in 24 hours is a banana peel in a bowl nothing else and saran wrap over the top very tightly and take a pencil or pen and poke baby holes in the top about 5 holes and they are gone into the bowl and gone from you house I put a few around the house even if you dont see them in the bathroom or living room try it It was amazing GOOD LUCK all they are so annoying

  57. my favorite house plant is being eaten alive by fruit flies. i’m not sure what i can spray on the little guy so that they aren’t interested in him. anyone have any suggestions?

  58. I am seriously going NUTS. I cant sleep because I can’t stop thinking about these flies – Everywhere! I have like 6 cups around my kitchen with either beer or vinager in them and I also have a bananda sitting in my microwave which I am still waiting for them to come in and you know what. Nothing has really worked so far, my flies must be smart. Ohhh I hope I am not up all night.

    Good luck to all you others that have this problem – you need it!

  59. We have been having a fruit fly problem almost all summer. It began with a roommate wanting to compost – but he didn’t use a container with a lid, and NEVER emptied out the container daily – it was like weekly. Wasn’t long before the little devils began to show up. We got rid of the compost about three weeks ago, and waited for them to disappear. They didn’t.

    So I started the citric vinegar in jar with a paper cone inside – don’t do this – the problem is they will stay on the cone. Some will eventually go inside, but if you get to close to the jar or something, they all freak out and fly off of it. Use the saran wrap over the jar & poking holes in it trick.

    I’ve also heard they dehydrate easily and to have moving air around them – I’m leaving the stove fan on and the windows in our apartment open (fingers crossed no hornets or wasps fly in, those freak me out more).

    Regarding the drain – if they are fruit flies, they likely don’t originate there, however, instead of using bleach (I like the environment) I have been putting baking soda down the sink and pouring WHITE vinegar down. Once the reaction is done, I follow it with pouring copious amount of hot, boiling water down the drain (this will also work if you have any clogs in your sink, however, you may need to do it a few times – but it is a hundred times better than all those toxic chemicals in Draino or the like). Then, because baking soda is an excellent abrasive (you DO NOT need clorox or anything), I clean out the sink to make sure I get rid of any fruity smells they might like (such as if I’ve just poured out one of the citric vinegar jars to refresh my trap) with the baking soda.

    I also found that they really like our fruity dish soap (melon) that we leave by the sink. Try to get rid of any fruity dish soap.

    Also, you want to avoid leaving wet rags or scrubber brushes around, they really, really like those. Have an area to either hang the rags to dry, or get rid of them until you are entirely sure that you have gotten rid of your fly problem completely. Make sure all areas around the sink or kitchen counter stay relatively dry – not wet cloths or soft things – I suspect the reason why we still have not gotten rid of them is for that reason.

    Our other problem is we are students and can’t afford a vacuum (and we have hardwood floors, a broom is enough), and we don’t really have the room for it. I wish, I really, really wish though I had one today, because there are more flies today than I have seen in awhile.

    The war, my little fly friends, has just started – you have awoken a sleeping giant.

    I will keep you updated to what works best – and good luck.

  60. I am ready all of the comments everyone’s leaving on this site. It’s hilarious. What’s even more hilarious is one of those little nasty suckers just flew by my computer monitor….there it goes again. I thought I’d check online to see if there was a remedy for my problem. I never knew I’d be entertained at the same time. “Get off of my darn computer monitor, stupid thang”. Hmmmm, like all, I am very frustrated with the bug problem. I just set up the cup, saran wrap and holes trap. I’m gonna see how this works. I’m also going to pour a little clorox down the drain. I don’t know if I feel comfortable with pouring a whole…or even a half a gallon down the drain. All I know is….something better work.. or I’m going to resort to pulling out the real weapons. 🙂


    I have never had a problem with these before! There was the great summer of flies back in 2003, but that was the big black kind and they were relatively easy to kill. I have since left some carcasses out just to remind any that think of rising up against me again. But the fruity flies are completely unfazed by the warning carcasses. Now, mind you, I have had a couple of them before. You know when you have a stray cantaloupe, or something that you bought with good intentions of feeding your children something healthy that week, that gets forgotten amongst the Cheez Its and the Life Cereal. But those instances I just threw the fruit away and away went the problem! I have interogated every suspect in this war. So far the item under investigation is the garbage disposal. Hasn’t been working to great lately and haven’t been running it. There is also the possibility of the culprit being “The Hole”, my husbands office. He has been put on notice to please come home investigate all of the areas and equipment in his office. So….I have poured a bleach solution down and am letting it sit. I have left a trap of juice and grapes, in a jar on the counter. I have done Windex spraying which only works if you drown them completely when they are landed….does not work in the air wars. This battle has gotten so intense that I even resorted to hand to hand combat. (clapping over top of them to squish them between my bare hands!) Now you know I must be desperate to do that! Well, gents…back to the battle field… You know what they say war is H^LL!!! Keep your heads low and dig in!!

  62. Getting rid of fruit flies is very easy. We put a bowl of cider vinegar and a few drops of regular dish soap in a large glass bowl and set it in the kitchen over night. Viola – next morning, a bowl full of dead flies but no live ones. Problem solved! Cheaper and safer than many of the other methods listed above.

  63. I know I have fruit flies, but I seem to have a variety of small flying bugs in here! And one variety that…bites. One that is a bit larger and one that looks red on the inside. Others are attracted to light. Gross. My guest bathroom is completely empty and clean – literally never used and nothing in there…never used. I have seen 4 or 5 there and wonder if they are in the toilet tank or the pipes connecting to the wall or something? I can’t find a definitive nest other than maybe a garbage bag I had to take out and a fruit bowl – both of which I have taken care of…
    Also – in the past I have NOT had good luck with food traps. You have to clean the source and this is a temporary/small fix. They have worked for catching a few, but my success is usually just vacuum and clean-clean-clean. Adding food just worsens and adds to the feasting…unless maybe you just have a few to trap.

  64. I have tried everything to get rid of these buggers. I have tried the bleach in the drain, cooking oil around the drains, setting traps with vinegar and the vacuum. The vacuum worked in large groups, bleach cleaned my pipes (i think i would prefer Drain-o), vinegar traps with just vinegar, vinegar and a small amount of baking soda, vinegar/baking soda/citrus scented dish soap, vinegar/baking soda/Lemon Soft Scrub, the cooking oil around the drains has been entertaining. All of the tips worked great and when I wakeup i hope they are all gone. Remember that when you mix chemicals there is a chance you will cause a chemical reaction that creates toxic fumes that will kill or cause serious health concerns.

  65. This is an obsession now–i don’t know where the damned things came from but they are in my house this very moment, even as i am here on the job, hovering around the glass of red wine (with drop of dish soap to break surface tension), some walking around the edge, a few drowning, but NEVER ERADICATED. I hunted them with the nozzle attachment with my upright Hoover last night and thinned their numbers slightly, but they will have multiplied by this evening… And I did yoga Wednesday and boxing Thursday so the bathroom is filled with wet clothes which i cannot hang outside due to the damnable rain and relentless humidity this late August in Illinois (the community washer and dryer in this cheap-ass condo have been unavailable). AND i have to go out of town for two days. Can I enlist one of my neighbors to wage war in my absence? They’d think I’m nuts. They already think I’m nuts from all the times I fired up the upright Hoover last night. And if you have ever seen an enlarged image of the visage of this pestilential spawn it will haunt your dreams and dispel any notion you’ve harbored of an all-loving deity. I have even thought of releasing some sort of bird or perhaps even a fruit bat indoors but then we’re in the This is the House that Jack Built idiom. Canvassing these information resources it seems the most reliable is the Saran Wrap w/ holes over the glass method so i will have to leave that behind over the weekend and prepare for the worst upon my return–that their population has somehow merged into one single, malevolent, MAN-SIZED INSECT which will attack me and try to plant eggs in me with its hairy proboscis once I am safely in bed and it emerges from the closet.

  66. FlyGuy – thanks for the laugh.
    It is good to know we are not alone in the battle. I feel as though I am part of a secret society.
    I set traps last night with orange juice with holes in the saran wrap. Not a one. I think these are attracted to light – I have squashed several against the windows and flicked one off of my computer screen no more than 3 minutes ago.
    I find myself killing them one-by-one and it really makes me feel insane. How can you possibly chase them around with a vacuum? Mine are just randomly all over the place.
    I am in Chicago and I think the weather brings these things out in droves.
    Tonight I am going to try the red wine/dish soap and will cross fingers.
    Happy hunting and sweet dreams, everyone…

  67. LOL some of your comments! It’s much better to laugh than go nuts with these gnats! I’ve never had an infestation until recently so I read your comments and just made a pop bottle trap with the vinegar and dish soap. So far, just one gnat is circling the lip of the bottle…contemplating… In the meantime, I’ll look for the source. It’s probably the water in my sink.

    Even if you clean and bleach what you think is the source of the bugs you might be wrong. I thought the bugs I had were attracted to the garbage even after I cleaned it with bleach. Check your garbage disposal. I dont use it but I store things in it. I opened it and gaged. The had to be at least 50 flies and eggs and even those white meal worms-eww. I actually pored bleach in the garbage disposal. With a mop, gloves and a rag I put the eggs and bugs in a bleach solution.Dont just think you have solved the problem by washing the eggs in water down the sink drain. They can still hatch in the drain- problem just moved not solved. Kill them before they become more of a pest and happy hunting!

  69. UPDATE! Friday afternoon I acquired a bottle of the foulest wine available at the CVS–Boone’s Farm Sangria for $1.49–and deployed the saran wrap technique prior to leaving town for the weekend. I am thrilled to report that by the time I returned the infestation had kamikazeed en masse into the vile substance. The saran wrap is key but bait the trap most godawful fermented rot you can find and send them straight to hell!!!

  70. I am happy to know that I am not the only one with this proble. I was going nuts and still am but a little relieved knowing there are others out there. I set up some traps today. Orange juice in a bottle w saran wrap w/ holes. problem is they seem to get out somehow. I think I will try the bleach tomorrow. I am so sick of them. It seems like everytime I kill them, they don’t die, they just multiply and seem to be getting bigger. Must be the ones I missed growing up?? YIKES!!

  71. I tried the cup with orange juice and cooking oil covered with saran wrap & a cup with vinager and dish soap covered with saran wrap and neither worked. What did work for me was a cup with an apple core in it with apple cider vinager and dish soap & I covered the top with saran wrap with a few holes poked in it with a fork. The fruit flies loved it!

  72. All of a sudden we had the FF’s! One or two here or there, then today it seemed they were everywhere. I came to this site and was reading everyone’s comments. I then decided to make a trap with the cone and bottle. I used Cooking Wine and I’ve caught quite a few in the last few hours. Did the sweep and clean. Then we had a DUHHH moment when we thought about the “banana” box my husband brought home the other day to store some things. There was our culprit! I’m hoping by tomorrow the trap will have taken care of most of the problem but so far so good! It is attracting them like crazy! Good luck to you all!

  73. I take a small bowl or cup and smear a layer of tanglefoot (the gooey stuff you put on a tree to prevent ants from climbing up-it looks just like caramel) and then I put some fruit as bait in the bowl. Set it out in a good spot and watch the flies get stuck. It really works and is simple to do.

  74. I wonder if honey would trap them? I have done the vinager, fruit/saran wrap, fly paper, draino, bleach, cleaned everything, I’m going crazy…. I’m off to get the shop vac and suck some up. By the way, if you use a trap with fruit in it, make sure you throw it out within 2 days or they will lay eggs, and I have had many escape the saran wrap and paper funnel trick!!! Mine congegate around sinks, so I KNOW they have to be breeding in the drains, I KNOW it!

  75. I swear these flies have entered every room in the house, only the refrigerator remains unconquered. I am currently using the bowl with plastic warp filled with apple juice and dish soap. I pray that they all die. flies really do annoy the hell out of me.

  76. i try every thing but what wokrs the most is go to pet store they got
    a thing that sicks up in the air on you sling and the flys are a track
    to and they come eveny more because they fly love its i caught 120
    flys on one and the one in the bathroom caught 900 so try it

  77. Ok so I’m still going insane but I’m glad to hear I’m not alone!! I have those pesty buggers on a mirror and I swear they think they are pretty because nothing is working on them I’ve sprayed windex, Lysol, and raid and yes my new room mates are still around. I did put some cups out with red wine vinager yesterday morning and into the trash tonight there were plenty of the little critters in there; and I didn’t want them having a party and making babies to sneak out of the holes so I just set new ones out tonight this time I used some dishwashing soap!!! Oh how I hope this works. I think they prefer without the soap but I’ll give them some time to enjoy!! Well if this tip doesn’t work feel free to come visit me when they commit me for insanity due to gnats!!!!!! Ok well I’ll try the BoonsFarm before they lock me up!!!!

  78. I currently have an infestation of fruit flies due to my son not properly disposing of the trash. We found their mother load in the garage in our recycling dumpster! Now on to the house, I am trying the saran wrap with fruit trap I do hope it works because they are getting on my LAST NERVE!!!!

  79. We found a great tip on another site…use orange juice and RUM, yes, rum (the sugar is much more attractive to the flies). We tried a glasse with just orange juice and one with added rum, and the rum glass caught four times as many. We caught so many in the glasses with the funnel or the saran wrap on top. And the liquid forces them to drown so you don’t have to empty the container of live bugs, just dead ones. But be careful…since the lifespan of the fruit fly is about a week, you need to keep at it. Reset your traps for a full week, even two weeks if you can, to make sure you get every last one!

  80. I read in the book, Extraordinary Uses for ordinary thing; Reader’s Digest, which I must say is the BEST book.
    Fill a fine-misting spray bottle w/ rubbing alcohol. Spray the fruit flies,(cupboards, cabinets, air, bathroom, etc.) this knocks them out and makes them fall to the floor, making the annoying bugs a bit easier to clean up.

    I hope you have luck w/ this, and I would love to hear if this tip has helped anyone.

  81. Thanks for all the tips. I’m fighting my first battle with these suckers and I can already see that they are a formidable opponent. I just spent $25 at the grocery store buying vinegar, red wine, bananas and nectarines, non-fruity dish soap, saran wrap and baking soda. I’m ready to try all of the above-mentioned tactics. Great advice to keep the traps out for a full two weeks to make sure they’re all gone. I’ll keep you posted…

  82. half of cup of sugar water, make sure you dont leave any sugar on edges of glass,then they drown.continue daily.
    also rub baking soda around they dont like that stuff.

  83. I have hundreds of fruit flies driving me crazy!! But they are not around fruit or drains, they are downstairs in my tv room. And the cone isn’t working as they just hang out on the OUTSIDE of the blessed thing!! I have no idea where the source my be. I think I’ll try that Walmart fly stick.

  84. Last year I had “gnats”, the tiny little buggers who love houseplants. To kill them, using a spray bottle, put a few teaspoons liquid dish soap, few teaspoons pine-sol, then half water & half rubbing alcohol to fill the bottle. Spray liberally around plants, in the soil, maybe even pour it into the trays under the plants. Test underside of leaves to see if it causes damage, and don’t spray it directly on leaves in direct sunlight, the alcohol may burn. But it really does kill off the tiny little gnats.

    However, now I have “fruit flies”, and that’s another story. This solution doesn’t seem to faze them, its like they laugh at me as they shake it off and fly away. They like my computer monitor, my bathroom mirrors, and yes, they are all over the kitchen. I found the culprit, some cantilope rinds in the trash that I failed to put outside. They were swarming by the trash. Duh. I’ve got some bleach & water sitting in the sinks, some cups of juice or red wine combined with dish soap or oil, covered in wrap with holes poked, one in every room of the house, and will see how it goes. The vacuum is a pain, they are randomly flying everywhere and are hard to find. They scatter when I approach which just makes it harder. Even my cat is annoyed, they are swimming and drowning in her water dish. Help!!!!! Tell me God, WHY did you create the fruit fly??? They certainly aren’t building character or teaching patience. They serve no good purpose. They are like little kamikazis, bouncing off my face, amazing how they survive so well. I can whack them mid-air with my hand, and they just get right back up and fly off. Ok, we’ll see how things go overnight. If they don’t eat me first.

  85. If the fruit flies are in the drains, I’m not sure that I agree that bleach is not a good solution (just make sure you dump the same amount of neutralizing vinegar down there after the fact so that people don’t get all high and mighty).
    My favourite solution is the fan or vacuum approach…
    By the way, orange oil (as found in Pledge’s Orange oil formula) seems to be toxic to all insects (that’s how we got rid of some wasps) — it smells nice too!

  86. First, I would like to thank each one of you for your tips and follow ups. You’ve given me hope!

    I’am currently on my second wave of war against these mutant pests! The first go around was attacking the obvious sources, food on counters and dishes, gunk in the sinks and drains. It was temorarily remedied by that, but a second generation is currently invading me!

    After further research, I have found they like sunlight, windows and mirrors. SO… bright an early this morning, I ambushed them!! I hit the jackpot on my windows first and wasted a good dozen of them. I recleaned my drains with diluted bleach and water and I am just letting it sit. I got some sweet red wine, and man one big brave one came out like he was my pet to greet me upon my arrival home! I trapped him myself with the saran wrap (generic stuff sucks!!!) I poked some holes and sat there and watched. Much to my dismay, he escaped and not through the holes!!!! He went under the friggin generic saran!!!! AGH! BLEH!

    So, I scrathched that idea and put some drops of dish soap into three glasses of wine. One glass in each of the most populated rooms. May the force be with me and the rest of us!!!

    I have gotten to the point of hallucinating them now, I constantly feel like one is buzzing around my face, or anytime the AC blows my hair across my skin I flip out and smack myself! I hate these things with a PASSION! I’am almost convinced they have evolved and know all the wine and dish soap tricks, and are avoiding my glasses like the plague! Maybe, I’ll catch some tonight…when I’m not looking!

    Good Luck & Please keep me posted of any new remedies! Thank you all for your input!

  87. Regarding the issue of using Bleach (like Clorox): While bleach is toxic straight from the bottle, it does break down rapidly into simple salt and water after it reacts with organic matter. By the time it gets to your septic, it is quite safe. While I wouldn’t recommend pouring a whole bottle down the drain, bleach is actually a lot safer for the environment than most chemicals. FWIW, this has been confirmed from other sites besides Clorox. Do your own research.

    Taken from Clorox’s site:

    Q. Is Clorox® Regular-Bleach safe for septic systems?

    A. When used as directed, Clorox® Regular-Bleach is not harmful to septic systems. The bleach breaks down rapidly to mostly salt and water.

  88. A little more detail on how bleach reacts and turns back into basic salt (no I don’t work for Clorox, I just find it interesting):

    Q: Does Clorox® bleach contaminate groundwater?

    A: No. Household use of bleach does not contaminate groundwater. Sodium hypochlorite is very reactive and, as a result, degrades rapidly and completely. It works promptly against stains and dirt and quickly breaks down primarily into salt and water. Household water is then directed to a septic tank, or sewage treatment plant.

    Q: Does the use or manufacturing of household liquid bleach create dioxins?

    A: No. Studies have shown that dioxins are not produced when sodium hypochlorite bleach is used in laundry or for household cleaning. The chemical building blocks for the formation of dioxins are not present in the household use of bleach.

    Q: How, exactly, does bleach begin and end as common table salt?

    A: The bleach cycle is actually surprisingly simple:

    – First, chlorine manufacturers produce chlorine and sodium hydroxide by running an electric current through salt water.
    – Clorox purchases chlorine and makes household bleach by bubbling it into a solution of water and sodium hydroxide. During this process, all of the chlorine is converted into a sodium hypochlorite solution.
    Household bleach is produced—a 6.0 percent solution of sodium hypochlorite and water.
    – During use as a cleaner and disinfectant, and during disposal, about 95 percent to 98 percent of the bleach reacts and quickly breaks down into salt and water.
    – The remaining 2 percent to 5 percent breaks down to form by-products that are effectively treated by municipal wastewater treatment plants or septic systems.

  89. darn you rotton bananas i left some went on holiday and waddya no? lots and lots of blimmin flies all owa!! well i have spent the night bleaching the floor sink and spraying every known spray at them i have in the house jeepers im gassed! i have took great joy in watching the deevious little rotters drop dead it dont take long. this is a fabuloso site i have found at least a little joy from my horried fly invation.

  90. Oh my gosh, this site is hysterical!!!!! I have laughed so hard I was crying, only because YES I know what you all are thinking. These darned things are driving me crazy!!! I was up until the wee hours last night just going around and smacking them with a dish towel. I have tried everything that has been suggested through this site to no avail, but am not ready to give up yet. Next to last thing we haven’t done yet is bomb the house, hate to do it but we have to start somewhere, this year is the worst we’ve ever seen where we are, there must be something in the air. Might try to bug zapper but will have to see. I’m sure my neighbors think I’m nuts when they see me going around whacking these things, maybe I should call Tony Soprano!!! The only tip I can give is vigilance, any fruit brought in must be washed with soap/bleach solution, store in fridge whenever possible and don’t leave the sink even a tad dirty overnight or your fight is over. My husband swears by the vacuum, I’m just not quick enough to get them before they fly away for better parts namely the bathrooms. You can’t leave any wet towels, throw them in the washer everyday otherwise they will congregate on them. The cider vinegar works but most times they just crawl right out, I think they’ve gone and gotten degrees or something cuz they sure are smart suckers. Vigilance is all I can offer and yes you must, must, must stay at it for at least two weeks to get all the eggs too. Happy Hunting!!!

  91. I can’t help but be happy there are others like me with this problem. Im scared they will lay eggs in my ear when I sleep. They are all over. The whole house. Please help. They are flying into my mouth after I drink soda while I type this. They smell sugar on my breath.

  92. Oh my god, seriously I am going to go insane. I have searched for a breeding ground and cant find one. I am gonna try the winebottle with saran wrap I cant take these little bugs one more day!

  93. I noticed that they like to crawl on glass, so I sprayed the mirrors and windows with disinfecting kitchen cleaner. The ones that didn’t die immediately I blew into the windows with a big fan. The rest I hunted individually with tiny bursts from the spray bottle.

  94. Spraying the suckers with a disinfecting kitchen cleaner definately worked the best and it was fun too. Tried the beer method and the cider method – didn’t find these to work. But if I left food on the counter and then sprayed them with the kitchen cleaner this worked well. You definately need to make sure you find the culprit of the fruit fly infestation; thought it was the peaches on the counter, turned out to be rotted onions in cabinet underneath countertop. So glad these nasty, annoying critters are gone.

  95. i noticed a few for the past few days, and couldnt figure out where they were coming from. finally, I invaded and decided i wasnt going back to the couch until i found the source. i actully found two sources. one singe rose, given to me for my birthday, 2 weeks ago, in a vase in the bathroom. it didnt stink until i went to puor the water out. the other souce was a dozen of them on kitchen table. they were so old that they looked fake. i think i thought that they were plastic after a while and never thought twice about it. as soon as i picked up the vase they were in, i saw a few fly out right away. i went straigh outside with both vases. now that i have cut off supply, i have to figure a way to rid of the ones still there. any suggestions?

  96. thank the lord mine went with the source! i was worried about them layin eggs in my eyes cos they aim for the eyes so my tip for everyone is go into the room where they are wearing the following; a hat i chose my wolly hat this was to stop them from hiding in my barnet while i sprayed them. goggles i didnt have any but i found my ultra cool sun specs worked just as good and sheilded my eyes from flies and sprays! face mask luckily i had some of them dust masks for decorating this stopped them flying in my mouth and protected me from breathin in too many fumes. finally rubber gloves this is so u dont have to worry about touching the dead fly bodies when ur done. i hope someone finds this useful.

  97. Two days after finding this site I am finally bug free. My troubles began with a plant from a local nursery, which was lined with a mulch. After a week of spraying and fogging, I used information found on this site. I thank you and my kids thank you. I used a combination of traps filled with cider vineger and bleach in all the drains and traps. The bleach remedy was also recommended by a local exterminator with a recommendation to followup for one week every other day. I am pest free and my houseplants have been treated and placed outside. Truthfully, I am afraid to bring them in again. Thanks for the tips.

  98. I recently had a friend over for a glass a red wine. I just uncorked the bottled and let breath for a few minutes and came back to pour her a glass. I couldn’t believe what i saw..fruit flies about 30 of them. I was so embarassed, I told her it was cork bits. The red wine does work fast. Right now I am trying 2 other methods to see which one may work better than the wine: the vinegar method w/soap and the jar w/fruit and saran wrap. I’ll keep you posted.

  99. The winnwer is…set a bottle filled with cheap redwine vinegar and the #@$%*^@!! ARE ALLOVER THAT BOTTLE AND INFACT SOME ARE MATING RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY EYES…NASTY CReatures. Now I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL THEY GO IN THE BOTTLE AND DIE. I am still wondering if I need to cover the opening w/plastic wrap. I don’t want to disturb the process. I also added a couple drops of soap. We will see what happens next. It freaks me out that this is so fastcinating to experiment on what method works the best. I think I need to get a life.

  100. This blog is so funny! I have been in hysterics the whole time I’ve been reading it! What I am wondering is how I got through the 23 years of my life before this without ever even knowing that this was a problem!! I don’t really know where they were/are breeding I think it was some bananas in the pantry but I really don’t know. In the beginning I would swat them with a towel or fly swatter, now I crush them with my bare hands…. I am enraged and if they cross my path they are very very sorry. I set out serious traps last night, there are about 15 wine glasses filled with apple cider vinegar and covered with seran wrap with holes in it and I also did some cider vinegar with dawn and water, I am slightly embarrassed to admit how much joy it brought me to see them land in the suds and shrivel into a tiny black ball. Joy… pure Joy. I also put some bleach down the drain and went to sleep like it was Christmas eve…. there was so much anticipation. This morning the cups had quite a few flies in them and there are only a few stragglers, my fear is that they are laying eggs and this will all begin again tomorrow… I HATE FRUIT FLIES WITH A PASSION!!!!!!!!!!!! Wish me luck and I sincerely wish you luck too… no one should have to go through this! haha and my in laws are coming in a couple days! What am I going to do!??

  101. I found that the fruit flies go after dirty diapers. We started putting a diaper trash can right outside our kitchen door in the garage and only disposed of them there. That got the flies out of the bathrooms.

  102. Who ever thought this could be a problem! I have blamed all household members for leaving the slightest tidbit out overnight! OMG I am overwhlemed at the fruit flies!!!!!!!!! I am trying the bleach in the sink, to safe measures tho as we are on a septic..I am also using a large picture as a trap with the saran wrap on it! I can’t prepare dinner and leave a plate out 3 minutes they don’t swarm! I always clean, always put up food, I have no idea how they got here but OMG They’re driving us nuts too!

  103. For a whole week I kept waking up with new insect bites. Sometimes when it is hot I’ll sleep without covering up. I had noticed these gnats flying around in my bedroom, bathroom, and computer room. The other night, while watching TV, I killed 6 or 7 within a minutes time. They kept landing on the screen since all the other lights were out. I’d get up and mash them with tissue. So, today I went to buy supplies for my traps. I have one in my room and the other in the bathroom. A small amount of bleach went down each drain too. Hopefully I will see some positive results soon.

  104. I tried vinegar in a jar, red wine vingear in a jar, balsamic vinegar in a jar but the only thing that worked for me was a chunk of banana in a jar with holes in the lid.

  105. My dad gave me some air freshener by Arm and Hammer that has baking soda in it and its safe arounf kids and pets and it killed them in about 10 minutes…if your spray alot you might want to use a fan so you can breath..Or you could just clean your house really well than spray it down. I don’t know how old this product is but it worked for me. Its called: Deodorizing Air Freshener With Baking Soda by Arm and Hammer. Try it?

  106. NEW IDEA! I went out to our local plant store and bought a pitcher plant. (make sure you keep the soil dripping wet and put a terrarium light on it, or a full spectrum lightbulb) The bugs seem to be really attracted to it as I see them lingering around. It has cut down the problem by 65% at least. They smell something sweet, and fly into the green motel, never to come out! Moohwahahaha!

    In saying that, I just killed 3 on my monitor. And it’s October…as a raw foodist, this is a problem that comes in everytime I buy produce and try to ripen it. I’ve tried giving my produce a bath of 10 percent bleach to 90 percent water, even the bananas. It evidently pops the little eggs.

    My latest salvo is to take a spray bottle, a good one from the hardware store and fill it with 10 percent bleach and spray down my counters, sink and drain for an overnight fruit fly frag fest.

    Lastly I’m going to do the apple cider vinegar thing in an old olive jar. I will win, oh yes I will. Good luck everyone!

  107. You guys are so funny LOL. Yes I am also under attack I cant turn my back for a second and their in my food on my clothes etc. Any way I am so glad I found this site it is so cool!You are helping me fight the battle hopefully I can get these dorks with wings off my back before I go NUTS.

  108. I followed all the tips on this site religiously. Do your own trap, dispose of any source of food or breeding area, fans, fly paper, apple cider in a vinegar jar, etc., etc. The little monsters evaded every single attempt.

    Finally, in desperation, I found the one sure-fire method to get rid of fruit flies forever: I set my house on fire and burned it to the ground. It WORKED!! No more fruit flies!

    Free at last, free at last, Thank God Almighty, I’m free of fruit flies at last.

  109. After cleaning the entire apartment and struggling with those **** little devils I finally found this website…I felt like a gallon of bleach was a little extreme… and i emphasize little… but i found a lysol cleaning spray that included bleach… a few spritzs and it seemed to stay put in the drain… especially because it foams up when sprayed… I also turned fans on in every room except the bathroom (where the attack seems to be focused) putting out traps in the bathroom and keeping the vaccume on hand for periodic personal attacks… I found the best so far is a water bottle cut in half with a piece of paper rolled into a cone and then sealed into the water bottle… we tend to get fruit flies in early fall every year…. once the snow hits if they are still a problem we will leave all the windows open for a day… the cold is highly effective

  110. I tried the bleach in all drains as well as the banana in a bottle. Those didn’t seem to work. The fruit flies didn’t swarm to the banana AND a couple made their way out of the holes. Here is another suggestion. I used a plastic bowl and placed barbecue sauce or yogurt in it. Tightly place plastic wrap on it, shake the sauce or yogurt up JUST A BIT so that there may be some on the sides. I made two to three holes with a toothpick (increasing the size a tiny bit). When I noticed they took to it right away. When I noticed them flying around or trying to get out, I shook the sauce/yogurt up just enough to where they get “caught.” The sauce is too heavy for them to wiggle their way out of.

    Try it and see!!

  111. Has anyone else noticed that they are attracted to mirrors? My master bath is swarmed by these little S***S, and every time me or my husband go into the bathroom, the mirror is covered with hundreds of them. Tonight I’m going to share a bottle of red wine with them, and hopefully I’m the ONLY one with a hang over!!!!! I have also been queen of the vacuum, and I’m starting to feel a little out of control obsessed and crazy!! I haven’t even gone grocery shopping b/c I’m afraid to bring more home. Pathetic huh?

  112. use bleach down the drain that works let it sit over night. Then for the ones flying around use a bowl with honey at the bottom and plastic wrap around the top with small holes in it. most of the fruit flies get stuck in the honey the others just can not get free. Worked like a charm!!!!!!

  113. This is hilarious!!

    I can’t believe we are all experiencing the same problem…albeit to different degrees. I have a very small infestation (the odd few here and there). However, I’m sick and tired of constantly killing these boogers off my washroom mirror (with wet toilet paper).

    Why must I share my mirror with them?!?! Those narcissistic little f’ers!!!…

  114. I have tried the apple cider vinegar in a jar too, but it doesn’t seem to help.I am not the best of house cleaners, but I never was before and I’ve never had this problem before either. I will be doing the bleach down the drain tonight…. but don’t add amonia to the drain after you use bleach. that makes a deadly chemical reaction.
    The red wine, apple juice, and other fruit traps are too messy for my house. I’ll be cleaning that mess up too. I haven’t found the source, but they love my cupboards, so I’ll be attack that with a bleach solution too…. wish me luck!

  115. all of you are cracking me up! i’ve gotten so used to them that i’ve handed out change-of-address cards to all of them so that their mail can be forwarded. such a gross problem. one thing i didn’t see mentioned is if you have to toss your fruit when its just been bought and is fresh? wouldn’t i be able to tell if they’ve laid babies?
    i’m going to try the sugar and soap idea and i have a bottle of red that is just staring at me feeling neglected so i will share a glass with the little buggers.

  116. Heads up- little f****** don’t like rootbeer and or don’t like “press n’ seal” or my dish soap. I’m going to try the red wine tomorrow if they don’t drink the beer and soap tonight. At least I’ll be too drunk to care.

  117. I recently moved into a new apartment. Being a wine lover i entertained some geust, the next day I noticed one or two and thought “no big deal,” I took care of them. Its been a week and the population is growing. What im going to do tonight is leave one of my cheap winse out in big glasses with the plastic wrap, (I think it will work becuse before i finish the bottl ein the evening there are a couple in the bottle) ill post to this in a couple of days reporting my findings.

  118. Thank you for all the tips on this site. Whew! Feel better!! Being in an apartment, I can just see their patterns better. I know that they love wine (spumante) and body heat. If you are sweaty, or your sheets are, the are coming for ya.
    Windex takes their flight out, but little more needed to kill.
    Cider seemed to work more on smaller (babies) than on adults.
    Raid is effective on contact, but not really as they say for air mist. Yea right! Soon as you spray, mist starts to fall as with any other product. Will mist up garbage can though if you see many at a time.
    Trying beer and plastic combo now. Thanks for the tip.
    They are diminishing, but it makes cooking and eating a lot less enjoyable.
    Now if you do spray area with Raid, look around walls, ceilings, and cabinets, etc. They may be just woozy enough to not fly away for the direct spray. When you do hit dead on they drop quick.
    My problem is more annoying than in mass numbers. I will suggest that you vacuum carpet if more in this process so you dont feel as concious about what you may be stepping on. lol

    Good luck ev1

  119. This advice site is terrific! I like many of you can’t find a legitimate source, but all of a sudden we were invaded!
    We used long necked bottle with red wine and dish detergent and in a few days went from several hundred to two or three!!! there are drain flies that are similar….but i think they require a different strategy.
    Good luck to everyone! I also learned a lot on this site thanks!

  120. so being a lazy college student, i let my bottles pile up in my small bachelor room.. before i know it i seem to be swatting fruit flies more frequently. I got rid of all my fruit, only to find out the bottles have become a play ground for breeding and had my own private collection of hundreds, thousands? of **** little tiny fruit flies. especailly in the open empty bottels of wine.. my lesson has been learned, but now i am stuck with the lesson lingering around.

    Ive got rid of all food sources, the bottles obviously, have a bug light on.. but yet i still find them everywhere!!

    im beginning to believe this will be a long lasting war..

  121. I found the jar traps with cider vinegar and banana to be effective. I also vacuum up every fly I see.

    Also, for everyone worried about putting bleach down the drain- don’t worry about it. Bleach can actually be added to water in order to make it drinkable, and I’m sure you’ve all swam in chlorinated swimming pools before- it will not kill you. So long as you are not pouring hundreds of gallons down the drain every day, you will be alright.

  122. It’s comforting to know that I’m not alone with this fruit fly problem. I live in an apartment building and I think one of the other tenants must be the source and cause of this problem. I’ve had an extermanator treat the apartment and they set up fruit fly traps but I don’t think they are working. I’m going to try the cider vinegar jar. I hope it works. Even after the exterminator came they are still flying around. I’m really looking forward to a cold dead winter. I’m not using my kitchen and it sucks that I can’t have a glass of red wine to calm my nerves. They are really disgusting. I hope some of your tips can help me.

  123. I work for a water company. You wouldn’t believe the chlorine that is put in ALL municipal water sources.So,if you are hooked up to a sewer system,the gallon of bleach down the drain is not going to poison anything but thelittle parasites!BTW,we have the best drinking water in the country,after all Bud beer is made here!

  124. I have set up my wine trap..but,there are no takers. For now they are hanging out on the edge of the fruit fly trap..having sex I assume.I hate these things. I’m going mad. I am screaming out like Samuel L.Jackson…”YES THEY DESERVE TO DIE AND I HOPE THEY BURN IN HELL!!!”
    Thanks for all the tips people..I hope to be free of this problem.

  125. I made a ton of lentil soup last Tuesday during the SoCal wildfires expecting to have lots of friends over as classes were cancelled all week. My boyfriend and I got a little lazy and didn’t clean up all the vegetables immediately and the next day, fruit flies! There were only about five of them at first, but it really annoyed me. My boyfriend told me I was being neurotic since they don’t bite or anything. We got rid of the overripe fruit… but then I went to take out the trash yesterday morning and swarm! And then I found them in the flowers this morning! The pesky little buggers are everywhere now and they’re driving me insane! I’ve set out traps with balsamic vinegar and some with my flavored Hazelnut syrup they seem to be congregating to. I’ve put lots of dish soap and hot water down the drains… am going to try vinegar and baking soda and we’ve got the fan on. I’m afraid the third generation will hatch soon. ;________________________;

    I’m going to get bleach for the drains and hopefully one of my housemates can buy some really cheap red wine for me. And rubber bands. Tape for saran wrap doesn’t seem to be working so well.

  126. I’m happy to report that I have about 15 kills. I have not seen any flying around today…but the night is still young. I used the saran wrap with clear packing tape. I used a nail to poke holes in the top after I dropped some dish soap in it. This seems to be working. However if you live in an apartment building I suggest you complain non stop to the landlord. Thats what I’ve been doing and he’s had people cleaning the place. I told him I would call him everytime I saw one of those little f—ers. Good luck to everyone and thanks so much again.

  127. One more thing. I have wall to wall carpeting. I used arm and hamer baking soda carpet deoderizer. Let in sit for about 30 min. then vac. It
    helps. I am fruit fly free.

  128. Thank you all for your suggestions!!! This has been an enlightening experience for sure. I’ve also been having fruit fly problems and I too wonder why in the world are these creatures attracted to mirrors? Beats me…so I decided to try the bleach tonight before bed…it’s already sitting in the kitchen sink and I will put a little bit in the bathroom sink before I hit the sack. I could not justify putting a whole gallon down each sink, so I compromised and poured for about 3 seconds in each drain. If this doesn’t help a little bit, I will try one of the traps, but they sound pretty disgusting. However, it just might be worth it! I’ll let you know how the smaller amount of bleach goes tomorrow; I had already poured some down the kitchen sink and then I returned to this site only to find that I might have done some damage to the septic system. I sure hope I didn’t! I think that I will also try the carpet deodorizer.

    An old roommate once tried to use whole cloves on these flies. It worked slightly, but I can’t remember if they disappeared for good or not; but I do know that it helped. So far that is my first attempt, and then the bleach and lastly a nasty trap. Hope that you have all gotten rid of these yucky bugs!

  129. I am losing my mind over these things! I enjoy a glass of red wine at night, but now feel that I have to keep my glass covered and as quickly as I can, steal a sip and re-cover. Kinda takes the joy and relaxation out of the whole thing! I set about 5 traps with the holes in Press and Seal and I get really excited when I see them in there, but guess what…they get out! I’ve tried big and small holes. I put vinegar in the bottom of a bud vase, but no takers as of 24 hours later. 2 things have worked a little: they like a cup of wine or vinegar uncovered, when they start to swarm I sneak up on them and attack with Windex and quickly smash them. Also, as I had a small plastic microwave lid on top of my wine glass that I was attempting to drink and keep them out, I discovered that they were somehow squeezing their way into the glass. By the next day there were lots, so I grabbed the glass and ran outside with it to get rid of them. I hated to release them back in the wild though.

  130. Just like the rest of you, my husband and I were going crazy trying to get rid of the fruit flies. If you try all the above home remedies, and find the bugs are persisting, check your pipes, because that is where our unwelcome house guests had set up a cozy home. They were in the pipe known as the “stink pipe”. Then spray the bathroom and kitchen drains drains with RAID or use amonia to get rid of the rest of the flies. You may see a couple flying around, but after a few days they are all gone. Good Luck.

  131. I need help. I tried everything. I even went to pest control. They told me I had to find the nest or my problem would not be solved. What does a fruitfly nest look like? I taped up all my drains and taps…covered them with plastic bags. Nothing showed up on my tape so I dont think they are coming from my drains. I still have them in my kitchen and mostly in my bathroom. I have no food our anything out. I got rid of my compost bin a month ago. I cleaned and scrubbed and nothing is helping. I am so frustrated. My house is spotless.

  132. What is a “stink pipe”?
    We did have some last fall (not as bad) and they went away in the winter. Never before have I been looking forward to a nice freezing cold & snowy day.

  133. I rescently moved into a new house that had hundreds off fruit flies, the bleach down the drain takes care of a big part of them comming back, as for the adults flying arround, leave baite traps, an empty beer bottle, chopped fruit in a zip lock bag, wine etc.. in or arround an area with quite a few of them and hang a few rolls of fly tape near by, Its ugly but with the baite it works verry well.Youll see your problem will not last all that long. Happy hunting

  134. I tried the vinegar, water, sugar and liquid dish soap thing….ALOT of fruit flies were on the bottle that I had the stuff in, but then what? I tried to kill them by swatting with a dishrag and they flew away….I waited a few more hours because the mix helps to get them all in one area and decided to spray them with Raid and I got some but most flew away. And I have a hard time using toxic stuff because it is bad for the environment and it’s not good to use around children or anybody for that matter. So now what? I HATE THESE THINGS! They are driving me crazy. I got rid of all of the fruit, so am I not supposed to have fruit in my house? I have one in my room….I keep killing it, so it’s not one, it probably has layed eggs (GROSS!!!!) in my room!!! I think that I am going to try the bleach thing and see what happens even though I know how this effects the environment…….but what about my environment? Does anybody have an organic solution? PLEASE HELP!!!

  135. I don’t think my infestation was as bad as some of the above. I believe it started with a bottle of wine that wasn’t properly corked… when I went to have a glass of wine a week later there were about 5 fruit flies buzzing about. Since that time, I’d regularly see 2-4 daily, and always manage to kill them with my hands (disgusting, I know…) A few days ago, I poured some red wine into a glass with a bit of soap… the only thing that happened is that the flies walked around the perimeter of the glass. The few that did go in I drowned by placing a plate on top of the glass and inverting it.

    Today, I got fed up. Each time I saw one and killed it, I thought — that HAS to be the last one. So I boiled a bunch of water, sprayed a bunch of organic disinfectant down my drains, poured the water down the drains, cleaned my countertops, garbage cans, and underneath my sink thoroughly. Then I poured some balsamic vinegar into a bowl and put saran wrap on it. Soon there were about 5 flies on it — some went underneath the saran wrap I’d wrapped on top of the bowl, but some just crawled on top. The ones that crawled on top, I sprayed Windex on and then smooshed as they were flailing about.

    Just got back from working out — was gone for 1.5 hours and no new flies on the vinegar bowl. We shall see…

  136. One rather gross prospect about fruit flies is that they’re attracted to and will eat a great variety of “food”. After cleaning kitchen, dishes, removing foodstuffs … flies migrated to bathroom … seem to have a certain taste for the delicious underside of my toilet rim. Ewwwww, yah, I know … grossssssss !! Anyways, if, after cleaning “food” areas you still have flies, you may wish to do the bathroom thing too. Enjoy …

  137. Ok, if you have a septic system, what else can you use to poor down the drains to help kill these flies??? I have set traps, but really feel like I need to clean the drains in the kitchen as well as the bathrooms. It seems the best way to get rid of these flies.

  138. Okay well i still have a problem but what really helped me so far is my vacuum. i would shake wherever they are and vacuum them mid air. let them rest for five or so minites then do it again. try different spots. i also have a vinegar and seran wrap going .. ad my bug light. but the vacuum gets like 40-60 at a time. oh yeah WASH AND DISINIFECT EVERYTHING IN YOUR KITCHEN. i have washed my kirchen about 4 times in the past day, i know alot of people dont havea a lot of time but my mom is sick and she trys cleaning it every 4 hours. and i do it when i get home from school. but they drvie me insane when i see them i get chills and im not even in the kitchen right now and i feel like they are all over me. EWW they disgust me..
    Happy Fly Killing

  139. I just tried the wine with a bit of dish soap, walk to the market, back in 10 minutes, dozens floating in the dish (shallow round glass). Also took a potted plant outside that was recently given to me….wiping down everything with clorox wipes… hopefully this will do it… It was so bad that if I were drinking a glass of wine they would be flying around my face!! ICK!

  140. A tip I got from another website worked but was sooooooo disgusting. You take a plastic bag, put a piece of not-so-fresh banana in it and let it lay on your countertop. When the bag fills up with the creepy little sh–s, put it in the microwave and nuke ’em!!
    This method does work….it kills them BUT it takes at least a whole minute to kill them AND the bag is hotter than **** so you have to leave this mess in your microwave until the bag cools enough for you to pick it up. The tip says that you can re-use the bag, dead critters and all. I tossed it then made up some traps that don’t require cooking utensils. If you opt for this method, remember to let the bag cool so as not to toast your digits. Happy Hunting!! 😉

  141. I was researching this problem on the internet and something new I found was Lemongrass essential oil. I have not yet tried it but plan on purchasing it to see because I want them gone. I did put some ice and bleach down the garbage disposal then turned it on. I know that these stupid things don’t like the cold so I thought if there was some egg down there it might kill them. They aren’t currently swarming around the kitchen sink. I also have opened my frig and found dead ones in there. I have clorox wipes on hand and I am constantly wiping things down to try and get rid of them. I have a cup with apple cider vinegar, dishsoap and water on my kitchen counter now and there is none in it. I have my house as cold as I can stand it hoping they will die. I think that is why theya re here is to get out of the cold air. I really want to know why they like the copmuter area, there is no food here. I have a 3 year old so I have searched my house for hidden surprises that may be the cause and nothing. I cleaned the trash can with bleach because of the dirty diapers. These flies life span is about 10 days but they will drive you nuts in those 10 days and also they reproduce quite abit during that time. Good luck to all I will update about the lemongrass oil

  142. Omg!! its soo great to see so many ppl with the same problem as me. Arggg…i’m at the verge of pulling my hair out!

    I’m a college student and my roomie and i have been here for 3 months, without any bugs. Now, while im a messy person, I keep my side of the room relatively clean (for my roommate’s sake) and i dont keep food exposed (if i did i would hear my mom’s voice telling me to throw out the food) about a week ago, I started seeing fruit flies (yikes!!! i’m soo friggen afraid of flies) now i’m allergic to fruit so neither my roommate not i ever buy fruit.

    the culprit was suprisingly a cup of coffee that feel behind our dressers. We thought we had cleaned everything up but apparently we didnt and when we looked again there were about 50 fruit flies and even more of the larva….*eugh*..i almost puked….so we washed everything with soap and bleach, and i vaccumed the smarms, we’re doing the drop of soap in juice thing, and being the amazing person my roommate is, she’s killing them with her bare hands. Hopefully she’ll save us. lol.

  143. We have a problem with the flies and we went and told my husbands mother about them and she said not to use the bleach so I asked her what to use and she said to put baking soda in the drain let it sit for a few minutes and then add the vinager but dont add it to fast cause it makes a reaction in the sinks we tried it and there is only the ones that were not in the drain at the time
    The next thing I am going to try is the fruit juice traps to get the rest thank you all for the ideas
    and I hope that mine helps anyone with the problem
    plus the baking soda helps clean the grease trap to

  144. my daughter found out by accidently leaving her contact case open with solution it, the flies were attracted to it and died. we had two kinds of contact solution. opti-fresh worked really good. renu didn’t seem to do anything

  145. You guys are LOL. I was looking on the websites for my daughter,who has asked me if I knew how to get rid of Fruit Flies,there driving her crazy.I found this and started to read some of the post tips,ended up reading them all!!!
    I think I’ll send my daughter this page,she can then pick out her own tip to try.
    You all had good ideas.

  146. So many good ideas! I’ve been trying the red wine and dish soap, it has helped very little. I will try placing saran wrap over it next, and try vacuuming them up. The have migrated to our bathrooms upstairs and are making a mess of our mirrors.
    These things are driving me #$%! Now I know I am not the only one!! Thanks for all the advice, the little devils will not get the last laugh!!!

  147. This may be a stupid question but is it really obvious when you have found the source of these little buggers? Can you see eggs etc? I just can’t work out why we have them.
    They have been driving us mad for a few weeks now and I’ve put amonia down the drains and tried the traps fairly successfully but there are still some around. It’ not loads but enough to annoy and of course breed!! I don’t think it’s the drains but can’t seem to find anywhere else they could be coming from.

  148. The little ******* will not die! I think i’ve got them all and then the little suckers reappear. I just fly trapped my kitchen with beer, vinigan, and red wine traps. Hopefully this will work…

  149. Initially we thought we had gnats and it turned out that they were fruit flies. They literally took over the house and we tried everthing to get rid of them. We called called two pest control companies before we found one that could help us. It turned out that our seven year old daughter was putting her fruit in a vase in the family room. The pest control guy found them all over the vase. After using a “known down” spray they disappeared as quickly as they appeared. Once you locate the source your problem(s) will cease. Good luck to anyone reading this, because they are truly “pests.”

  150. I went on vacation for 2 weeks, I come back and I noticed since I was rushing to the airport, I left a 1/2 cup od soup out, now I see dozens of these lil buggers swarming the cup. I throw out the cup and they are still around. So I left out a piece of fruit and attracted them to it, that night I attacked with Ant and Roach killer. I managed to take most of em out with only 1/2 the bottle, I think I drowned them then actually killed then with poison. I need help. How do I eliminate the problem? I’m going to try and attack them with lysol, windex and fly killer and try a focused attack.

  151. I was thinking of a huge attack. Get yourself a fireprrof box, leave some wine and lemon peel inside, let them fester and grow inside the box. Once you have a huge amount inside, get yourself some hairspray and a candle lighter and blow torch the lil devils back to ****. A lil extreme, but oh what fun.

  152. I am sitting here in my office in Cape Town, South Africa, looking for a way to get rid of our fruit flies in our office building – and love all the ideas here – I have heard about the vinegar and dish soap before – so think I will try it first as I am about to go crasy !!We just had loads of new plants brought into the office with bark in the containers and we are thinking that was the reason for our invasion but it is driving us nuts – thanks for all your suggestions !!! Have a great 2008

  153. my internal defibrillator went off 4 times the other day and i think i took out 10 or 20 of the pests. i don’t recommend that as a solution, it was more painful than having the swarm in my house. think i will try the vinegar and soap.

  154. The best thing to get to kill a fruit fly is vinegar and water. If you see fruit fly laying somewhere throw some vinegar and salt on those jokers and i bet you want see them anymore. I’ll catch yall on the flip side. PEace

  155. the results are is– about an inch or red wine and three drops of dish soap is the winner! Took about a day and a half and they were all history! Happy fly hunting…

  156. We have a regular fruit fly invasion here – and like many noted, they love computers (light and heat) and are getting everywhere! Many solutions I can’t use if they produce fumes as I have a mini parrot and birds are very easy to kill with fumes. Added to the problem is the fact that I have to leave food for the bird so there is always seed out and about. I’m going to try the fruit in a jar with saran wrap and holes, so major cleaning, and we’ll see what happens then. If I didn’t have pets I’d just freeze the suckers out, but this will have to do for now. Fingers crossed. Anyone with birds, please let me know how to keep them from coming back assuming I can get rid of them!

  157. I don’t have a tip for you but I did want to comment on the site. It is such a relief to see that fruit flies are not just God’s way of punishing me. They have driven me out of my mind. They affect my sister so badly that she actually slapped my mother, trying to kill one. It is January in Detroit, and stillll they linger. Does anyone have any idea how cold it gets in Detroit in the winter time? At this point, they are not thick. I believe the climate took care of that. But a few hardy individuals still hang on. I have made myself some traps, cleaned the drains, and vaccuumed the floors. The only thing is that, some of these thing look way too big to be fruit flies. Could they be mutants? I have been telling everyone that they are gnats. As I sit here at my computer, I am slapping my own face.

  158. I hear you Detroit dweller. It is even colder here in Minneapolis, -5 today. We have had them for 3 weeks now. I have used beer/liquid soap traps, which works really well to catch and drown them, but does nothing about the sheer numbers. We have used bleach down the drain as a very last resort, but it has done nothing. I think we are at the point where we have decided to give up. We will keep drowning them in the beer/soap solution, but we have resigned ourselves to the fact that they are here to stay. Our kitchen and drains are clean, there is nothing else we can do.

  159. I am dealing with fruit flies right now. The cone/glass trap gets em with some balsamic vinager in the bottom gets a lot of them but they don’t drown, they just get trapped. Then I have been adding white vinager and baking soda to watch em be destroyed! We’ll see if this method works to get rid of all of them or if is an uphill battle.

  160. AAAHHHHH!!!!!! i hate these stupid little (please feel free in insert your own inappropriate word here) flies. it is the middle of winter where did they even come from?!?!?!?!? i left a yogurt container in my trash for one day and i now have hundreds of them. i have declared war!!! I figured out that scrubbing bubbles kills them on contact, very fun way to take out a few but you don’t get very many of them and it’s not very efficient. They do love beer just make sure you use a fruity dish soap with it other wise it changes the smell and won’t attract them as well. also if you buy the 99 cent drain plugs you can get at pretty much any store and keep them over the drains after you put the bleach or cleaner down there it allows the fumes to kill the adults that are hiding down there. other than that i’m just waiting the few days until they all die and hopefully they stay that way.

  161. We have had fruil flies for weeks and I have cleaned non stop and I hate how they keep landing on me. I don’t want to try the bleach idea so i am going to try just about everything else. orange juice with soap and whetnot. They are everywhere. More so in the Bathroom near the window. The second I saw them though i grabbed the hairspray and the perfumes. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know

  162. My husband read somewhere that cutting off the top of a water bottle (small one) and tucking it inside the rest of the bottle to make a trap, and “baiting” the trap with a bit of fruit would lure the flies in and prevent their escaping. Well, it didn’t work for me. I’ve noticed the blasted creatures love the potting soil in my houseplants, so I put some of that soil in the bottle and did attract a few flies. But I don’t know if they died off or escaped; the bottles are now empty! Anyone else notice these little creatures in their houseplants?

  163. Can anyone help me please! I am going mental! I just moved into a new apartment so I know that I don’t have a food source hiding some where. All the flies I see are either in my bathroom that doesn’t even have a tube or in my bedroom. I notice these flies everywhere in my room and bathroom. I went to open my blinds and found about 1000 flies on the window stil. I don’t know if that is the source or what? I don’t know what to do because that seem to be coming from the window and they cannot be coming from outside because I live in Wisconsin and it has been a very cold winter. Any tips to help with them on the window??

  164. had a bad problem with the little buggers but friend gave me tip that killed em fast-use raid spray on every drain and any spot they concentrate to cut em off. to get rid of stragglers take normal cup (coffe mugs or whatever) put 2 spoons of suger fill halfway with water fill rest with beer and some dish soap. leave cups where u notice them flying around after a few days they are gone.

  165. We are apparently the lucky ones sort of. We do not get the little buggers inside unless you leave the door open too long. But they are coating the outside of my home. Can anyone help??

  166. have found the soda bottle trap with apple cider vinegar and a drop of dish soap to produce a satisfying layer of fly corpses almost immediately

  167. I don’t think you can ever REALLY get rid of these buggers. I have had them for 2 years now and while sometimes they are managed, they always seem to come back, like horrible zombies. I too have declared war. Squishing their little fruit fly bodies with my fingers has become my favorite pasttime. I enjoy spiders in the corners of my windows because they catch many. Cups of beer with dish soap, fly paper, bleach tablets in the toilet, clean litter boxes, trash taken out every day, wet anything put outside, peppermint oil essence spray (environmentally safe insecticide!!!), all work great, but to no avail. They follow me in our car, to work, everywhere. Arrggghhhhh! Even my 3 cats can’t get them under control. Good luck to all.

  168. I read about how to get rid of fruit flies this morning. I used the homemade traps with apple cider vinegar in a mason jar with a couple of drops of dish soap and a funnel made of a piece of paper. It literally took a couple of hours and it seems like they are all dead in the bottom of the jars, and I don’t see any stragglers left behind. Awesome! I highly recommend this!

  169. I can’t stand these bugs!!!! We’ve put rotten fruit in a bag with a 1 inch hole and that got a lot of them, but they are still all over the place! We don’t keep any trash in our apartment! They will not go away! Help!

  170. Rachael it sounds like your flies are not fruit flies but maybe carpenter ants (the ones that fly). You might need to spray your windows (inside and outside) or have the landlord look to see if there is some damage to your sill or window or anywhere on the building.
    The good news is that they don’t usually live long.

  171. I got rid of the little suckers by putting orange juice into a large plastic cup and then covering it (tightly!) with saran wrap/stretch tight/other plastic wrap. I then poked holes in the plastic wrap using a toothpick. I poked about 20 holes, some a bit larger than others. I have had the trap out for a few days now and the flies have decreased dramatically!! I am quite pleased with the results of my homemade juice trap 🙂

  172. I have found the easiest and most efficient way to get rid of annoying fruit flies. First it’s important to clean the counters well, put food away and clean the sink (allowing soap to run into the drain or disposal. Then, when you are ready to run a load of dishes (sorry, this only works if you have a dishwasher) load the dishwasher, put the soap in and pour about a 1/4 cup of cider vinegar in the bottom of the machine. Leave the door open for an hour or so, then quietly close it. Run your load as usual. The flies are killed immediately and are down the drain in the first run off. As long as you keep the kitchen clean, they won’t be back – or at least not for a long time!

  173. I hate these things! They are irritating!I haven’t tried the wait three day juice trap, that doesn’t seem like a good idea because more are accumulating in the meantime. I do find that a cleaner sink area helps not solves but helps a little.

  174. i strongly suggest using vinegar in a bowl wrapped with saran wrap punched with holes as a solution for getting rid of fruit flies. i left it on my counter for 24 hours and it has collected almost every fruit fly! they are extremely attracted to vinegar and end up drowning in it. worked great. good luck!

  175. I found that putting a bowl out covered with saran wrap with fruit in the bottom of the bowl works the best. Soap and all that other stuff added or separate didn’t work, but the fruit by itself in the bowl works wonders! Also, for easy killing of them once they are in the bowl, place the bowl with the fruit flies in your freezer for a bit. That kills them and makes clean-up faster and easier!

  176. after trying all the suggested measures in this post, here’s what I’ve found:
    -Beer (I used a can if Bud Light) in a Tupperware bowl sealed with Saran wrap and small holes worked better than OJ or soda
    -It doesn’t work immediately, so leave it next to a desk light turned on overnight. They are attracted to the light like moths. Of you stand there watching it, it doesn’t work very well (maybe they can sense us?)
    -the best method for me was rotting fruit. I took 1/4 of an eaten watermellon (so all that’s left is a bit of watermelon on the rind-better if you leave the watermelon bumpy as if you ate it with a spoon rather than cutting it off with a knife)
    Put the rind in a large bowl so that the rim is higher than the watermelon. Saran Wrap the top and put small holes in it. I put a ring of holes close to the edge because the fruit flies are often walking around the rim. Put additional holes in the middle.
    Let the watermelon rot so that white stringy mold grows on it. This only takes a day or two.
    The more it rots, the more fruit flies you’ll catch.
    Again, don’t stand there and watch it! The more you leave it be, the more it will attract.
    I was worried that they’d be able to climb back out since the go walk upside down on the inside of the Saran Wrap, but they didn’t.
    I started this yesterday morning, and had 5 fruit flies caught in the bowl when I went to bed. I had maybe 2-3 more this morning. I just checked it (8:00pm on day 2. And there are about 30! I didn’t know I even had that many!
    – I still left all the other contraptions out in the kitchen along with the watermelon, and last night the beer was working the best. However, once the watermelon started to really rot, the beer, OJ, soda, and even the gunk you spoon out of a cantaloup didn’t attract any more fruit flies.
    My only concern is that I’m now attracting more fruit flies into my house! Anyone have an answer to that? All my doors are kept tightly shut and I think I’ve eliminated all the ways they could get in, but I can’t believe how many I’ve caught.

  177. I am going to try a few traps listed above to solve the problem, but as a quick solution I used flea spray on my walls and in their hiding areas, then closed the windows and left a fan running over night. When I came home the next day I could only spot a few flying, and when I tapped on their hiding spots (behind the posters in my room) none came out. A good sign for a somewhat quick and effective trap. Now on to the vinegar!

  178. I accidentally found one solution for getting rid of fruit flies. We had an infestation in some potted plants in our bathroom. I wasn’t really all that concerned because I figured they would eventually just go away. One day I was cleaning the toilet and squirted the toilet bowl cleaner under the rim to let it sit. I am pretty sure that it was Lysol green apple. I left for ten minutes and when I came back all of the fruit flies were in the toilet! They must have been attracted to the toilet bowl cleaner. I didn’t see another one after that.


    I managed to throw out the garbage before I left last week for a last minute trip to the States. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to finish all those dishes piled in the sink. And that is where my story starts to go wrong.

    When I came back, there was a full on Drosophila party at my place. And I don’t recall ever sending out the invitations.

    Luckily these guests, though unwanted, aren’t too unruly and have kept my place relatively undisturbed in my absence (save for their ignoring the no-fly zone rule). I guess they just have a problem knowing when it is polite to leave.

    I quickly googled the remedy, as I was sure the local PD wouldn’t be of any help with these intruders and an appeal to NATO would take months to organize (Plus, I am pretty sure my insurance policy wouldn’t cover any damages as a result of military measures).

    I opted for one of the less conspicuous methods: I laid my trap using white vinegar, a drinking glass and some saran wrap (as I didn’t have much of the other above suggested liquid ingredients handy after my return trip).

    With the bait in place, and feeling sufficiently clever and proud of my plan to rid my place of pests, I sat down to enjoy a nice glass of wine. Smelling the uncorked earthly goods, what seemed to be the entire fleet migrated from the sink area over to where I was sipping back a modest vintage.

    What happened next, some of you may call a shame, or even go so far as calling it alcohol abuse. I call it thinking outside the bottle.

    I downed almost every drop of the fine fluids making sure to leave a gulp or two for the unwanted revelers. Using the very same glass I was only moments ago drinking from, I wrapped some saran wrap over it nice and tight. I then poked some dozen or so holes through the top with a paring knife and left it to its own devices next to my first laid trap (which now had claimed its first two victims).

    In less than 24 hours since assembling my DIY traps the score is White Vinegar in a clear drinking glass – 2… Red Wine remains in a stemless wine glass – 34

    Three cheers for Red Wine!

    A most noble sacrifice in the name of restoring the “No-Fly Zone” in my home.

  180. Boy, I’ll tell you. I first got them several months ago when I was going through chemo (which was a several month process) and was frequently too sick to take good care of the kitchen. Now the population is very low, but even a few of them can restart the entire population again if anything gets left out.

    I’m going to try these traps to see if I can rid myself of the remaining flies so that I can once and for all have them eradicated.

  181. I have found that the little bastards are attracted to pasta sauces, anything thats highly acidic. Place a can or jar of spaghetti sauce leftovers on the counter covered with holey plastic wrap….amazing!

  182. I got them this weekend from fruit and veg from farmers market or was the tomatoes from my garden well I am going to try using the glass with saran wrap with fruit at bottom see if it works before the work on my nerves.

  183. i hope to god i can get rid of these things
    i used a white wine, but it only killed about 15
    im going home right now! to use the red wine or something else..
    i need these freakin pest GONE!

  184. I have just recently noticed a ton of fruit flies in my kitchen.  My husband is unsure why they are suddenly appearing (I figure it is because he puts his beer cans on the kitchen counter and leaves them there!)  I have just tried the white wine and dish soap in a bowl along with some left over white wine and funnel.  I will let you know how both work out!  They are driving me nuts!!

  185. I have a HUGE infestation in our bathroom since one of the kids put a piece of fruit in the garbage. I am so disgusted by these little bugs I have banned anyone from going in there! i sprayed the bathroom with indoor raid and it seems to have got rid of a few but they have also spread! now they’re in the toilet, bathtub, and everywhere in there!!!!! i am at such a loss!!! they are coming out of the bathroom and downstairs! i need an immediate fix like 10 MINUTES AGO!!!

  186. I have just noticed that my home has a infestation of fruit flies. I’m not quite sure where they are coming from but they just appeared out of no where. They are some of the most annoying insects.
    I am going to try the wine idea and see if it works.
    Is there any other tips that anyone can give??

  187. The author was correct, eliminate the sources first, if drains or waterways use draino. That will reduce the places they will be attracted to and coming from making your traps all the more appealing. I took 10 soda bottles with some soda left (sprite) and mixed in a little mustard then put two cap fulls of olive oil in the bottles. Covered it with saran wrap and poked holes in the saran wrap with a sharpened pencil, just big enough for them to squeeze in but make it tricky for them to get out, the more holes the faster they can enter and get trapped as more can enter at the same time. within 4 hours it cut the fruit fly infestation down to 1/8th. I’m going to replace the bottles and sweep again, and repeat till they are wiped out.

  188. Yes i know i have just got all these fruit flies in my house and they are driving me freakin nuts i try and kill them and they just keep coming back over and over again its like there infesting everyones houses i did try this one thing the pop trick so hopefully it works there just so annoying there even in my toilet as well its like everywhere you go there ,there.

  189. omg, i am so annoyed! everytime i go into my kitchen and the bathroom there are these dumb bugs flying around. i find myself jumping around trying to clap my hands together to get them!! I am going home tonight and making some of these little traps.. cross your fingers for me!! Thanks for the advice.

  190. Here is my tip, but it is unfortunately more of a don’t. Do NOT waste your money on a product called “Rid -a – BUG”. It did not work, and in fact, I believe it is fruit fly steroid and crack combined, as it made them more aggro and I believe enhanced their breeding capabilities!!!


    I am being driven nuts by these pesky little things. I tried many of the natural home remedies here (which I prefer, after first using the chemical crap mentioned above, which also made both me and my dog vomit, even though we left the house about two minutes after spraying). I wiped dow everything with bleach after that, which just makes me wheeze and burns my eyes.

    Safe in the solace of the master bedroom, with my laptop, I came to this site, and decided to brave the kitchen, and my bathroom. I tried the red wine/soap ideas, as well as dumping cider vinegar down the disposal, letting it sit to attract the bastards, and then rinsing the disposal with bleach and washing it out well after that with anti-bacterial disposal cleaner.

    This method has killed many of these f’ing PITA’s, but there are still some in the kitchen, despite having every food sourc eith in tightly closed containers or the refrigerators, including the poor dog’s food.

    Throwing out three bowls of Iams is not cheap!

    An aside on that issue, as they were all over her bowl! Poor dog, she is totally annoyed as well, as I had to put her food in either the microwave or refrigerator (and it is only dry food!). She’s had her food out all day, every day, for the last 9/1/2 years, and we never saw this.

    I have battled, and defeated, palmetto bugs as big as mice in the Keys, termites in St. Augustine, a fleas when my idiot ex got a cat from the shelter in Ohio. This is making me despise the horrid burg of Jacksonville even more.

    The source must be the yard. But how to get rid of them out there? We have sprayed, have a monthly pest control service spray…I don’t know what to do. We have had a lot of water in some low-lying spots in the yard, due to a tropical storm, and some branches down, which got wet. I found one branch when I was cleaning up the pine/oak debris from the last storm (I am beginning to despise these trees!) that had maggoty looking white crap on it. I am ashamed to say that this made me yack, and my husband threw the thing over the yard into the creek that runs along the back of the property behind the fence. That creek could be part of the source, as well as the fruit trees that drop unripe citrus during high winds and rain, which accumulates and rots. Unfortunately, the area where it rots in not accessible (high banks, and nasty water). There is a grapefruit tree in our yard, but I pck up and throw away the unripe fruit from that, and as it is very tall, I can’t reach all the branches to get the rest down and my husband cannot either.

    Even in Islamorada, with the 8 cat 4 hurricanes and the water left standing from them, combined with the sapodillas (which are very sweet, and mushy, and fall everywhere) and the coconuts (even the jellies) which fell during the 94 – 95 seasons, we never had a problem with these bastards. I’d really like to see them all go, as they are driving me nuts. I took great pleasure in nearly burning with one the snouldering end of a cigarette but that my husband left outside.

    That’s another thing! They seem to love nicotine, and cgarette butts!! They are allover the patio outside where my husband smokes, and I clean it (sweeping, and yesterday spraying with bleach and water. )

    Someone please help! We have eliminated all standing water, no one is allowed to leave uncovered liquids in glasses around, and everythig in the house has been scoured and vacuumed clean!!

    I guess I’ll keep leaving this little red wine dish soap traps out. Maybe put out more? But I don’t know what do do about the yard, short of napalm!

    Why were they ever invented in this first place. Yea, I know we used them in advanced biology for the red/brown eye genetic thing, but what other use do they have. Don’t even tell me they are part of the food chain, because NOTHING is eating them. We have about a billion geckos in the yard, and the assorted few that get in the house. What do I need to do? Rent the Jacksonville Zoo lizard exhibit for a da to roam my house?

    I don’t want any more harsh chemicals, especially in the house, and well, the yard too where the dog could get into them or it bothers my allergies and asthma. Plus, these things are a health risk (well, of course, they land on garbage!). This is so disgusting!

    Someone PLEASE HELP! I AM GOING CRAZY with these things!

  191. Kristin, if you check this web site, please let me know how I can email you. I live in Jacksonville, as well and am having the same problem. Would love to chat with you about this FRUSTRATING fly problem. I have some tips that may help as well.

  192. we have a leak in our kitchen. so when it rains we put a pot inder the leak. when we do that aboutg 35 fruit flies show up in the pot the next day. so maybe youall might try that…

  193. I have fruit flies all over my house, I’ve tried everything! Tomorrow I’m getting induced to have my baby, and I dont want those bugs here…What do I do????

  194. Alanna- I couldn’t sympathize with you more. I just had a baby 8 weeks ago and had these things all over my house. I get them every year, but was super freaked out about bringing a baby into the house with them. Please know that no matter what anyone says, they are harmless to you and your baby. They are just SUPER annoying. If you are bottle feeding, just try and keep the bottles sealed in zip lock baggies. It will ease your mind.

    If you can, check your drains for scum build-up. I know that is where all of mine come from. You can cut their numbers down dramatically by cleaning out your drains throroughly, including the p-traps (the u-like pipe under the sink). For a quick fix, get some fly strips and drain plugs from a home improvement store. It will cut them down until you can pay better attention to the problem. In-Vade bio gel is a product you can get online (not in stores) that will also help. But be sure to follow the instructions implicitly. This stuff is great because it’s non-toxic and doesn’t smell so it won’t harm you or your baby.

    Be sure to take your trash out daily and don’t leave any dishes in the sink or allow standing water to sit anywhere.

    I know how frustrating this problem can be. Just don’t worry, they are harmless. Good luck and congrats on your new baby!

  195. I am going nuts with these stupid annoying fruit flies and i dont know what they are feeding off of in my home.. I have never ever had them before and just this last month they have somehow found there way into my appartment i have looked through everything and cannot find what they are surviving on.. at one point i thought that they were gone cos i didnt see any for like 3 days and then its like they came back with a vengence… Im going crazy can anyone HELP me im in DESPERATE need im havding family over in like 3 weeks and i dont want them to be disgusted with them…

  196. I have a quick fix. I find that they have to die off outside because i can see them everywhere out there. But untill then I use windex. I spray those little buggers right out of the air. Then they fall to a surface where I then wipe them up and throw them out! Its a battle until it gets cold but it helps. I try to keep the ripe fruit in the frig and keep the numbers of them down with the windex. Good Luck

  197. i hate these little shits they seem to migrate to my mirrors so annoying i tried the wine the juice the insecticides foggers in the house and than i found the culprit a bannana in my 3 year olds room so they do come from fruit! there another product i found underhow to rid of knats that im gonna try ill let yas know how it works!!!


  199. The best and simplest means of eliminating or at least controlling these buggers is a glass of red wine placed in the kitchen. I discovered this years ago when I was single; I left a glass out overnight one summer. The next day after I got home I was amazed to find about a dozen of them floating belly up.
    Through experimenting, I found strong red wine to work best (Merlot, Cabernet) but go cheap if you are buying wine for only this purpose. It is also best to use a small glass with a small rim, filled to about an inch from the top. We usually put the full glass near the fruit bowl and change it out about every 2-3 days or you can strain out the dead ones and add a bit of fresh bait.

  200. The battle began about a week ago. First it was just a couple of fruit flies, then the brigades arrived shortly thereafter. I came on here and looked for solace as they were mounting further infestation. I tried a few things on here and though all were appreciated, not all worked. So, after almost wiping them out entirely, here is what I have to advice.

    Sarcasm. Fruit flies can’t stand it. “Hey Fruit Fly want to don’t you land on my food” I literally saw them frown and leave. It was beautiful.

    Ok, here’s what I really did. Red wine glass with crappy red wine and vinegar. Stretched the plastic wrap over the top, punched holes wtih a toothpick and gave it an hour or longer. Then came back with some Simple Green (household cleaner, I’m sure others work, it’s what I had) and sprayed the ones on top. I emptied the glass full of those little bastards and refilled. That took most of them out.

    The other trick is take a soft drink from a fast food place with the lid and put an orange peel inside of it. The fruit flies climb down the straw and can’t get out. I’m finally a little fruit fly deficient and couldn’t be happier. Good luck and take no prisoners, it’s war!!!

  201. I found out this past summer, from a very nice bug guy, that these
    flies might not be fruit flies but a ‘drain’ fly. I’ve never heard of them but I tried the wine, juice and other suggestions to no avail. Soooo I did what the bug guy told me to do. 1 cup of bleach down all
    your drains and leave it sit for about an hour. And guess what, next day I never saw one fly. Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!

  202. you have to be very careful leaving glasses of wine around the house as this may attract winos and they are herder to get rid of than fruit flies.

  203. I thought I was the only one annoyed to insanity by these critters! Then I saw a close up of them on another website (yuk yuk yuk), and found out they LAY THEIR eggs in fruit, and I am declaring an all out WAR! We sprayed while we were away for Thanksgiving, removed all traces of food,(fruit is no longer allowed to be purchased until this is over) bleached, rinsed, plugged drains, and yup the freakin things coulda spelled out “Welcome Home” with their live bodies on my counter. The vacuum’s been fun for my 10 year old, but lordy, I have spent way too much time fighting this! I’m going to continue to try many ideas (the more sadistic, the better, IMO) and maybe drop the temp in the house to a balmy 35F.

  204. I been having this problems with fruit fly’s. They are draving me crazy. I have completely clean with bleach, and they still in my whole house…. I am going nuts… anyone has anyother ideas?

  205. Haha I love they way you are writing down your thoughts.

    All these flies seem to show up every time my mother comes. You see, she buys all these vegetable and fruits for me, and leaves them out of the fridge.

    The first time, the fruit flies were tracked in my bathroom! In my cabinet (how the HECK did thy squeeze in there? Thank god everything was sealed) and on my sink’s soap (I use a solid soap). I kept smashing them, until no more were left there.

    the second time they were lying in a cupboard where I stored carrier and essential oils! EWW! They were trying to get in my seled bottles, those horrible creatures!!

    Now, after another mum’s visit I suddenly have them again. They are constantly curious to see what I was browsing on the internet, they were stuck to my Lolita Lempicka perfume until I hided it, I find their babies in every possible place. Especially yesterday I was hysterical, I found some of their babies in kitchen cupboards where I store food! They were attracted by honey! I looked so terrified, that my boyfriend (who doesn’t live with ,e_ took out every shelf of the cupboard and cleaned it with chlorine. And today I used chlorine on every drain in my house.

    I haven’t seen any fruit flies since the morning, but I am always concerned.

    I prefer them over roaches though 😛

    Good luck everyone!

  206. The best thing to get rid of fruit flies is fill a plastic beaker/tub with vinegar, cover with cling film and make small holes in it (large enough for the flies to get through though), and leave it where ever you need to, even do a couple where needed, they get drawn to it, go to feed and drown in the vinegar!!

  207. Never had a gnat problem before… but boy do I have one now!

    It started out innocently enough. One or two fruitflies, tops. I thought to myself, “Self, you’ve seen them before. They’ll go away on their own. Don’t sweat it.”

    Told my wife the same thing. I was wrong.

    Those one or two turned into a couple dozen really fast. I turned to teh interwebz for some answers. Learned about the apple cider vinegar in a bottle trick. Tried it. Captured and killed nearly thirty of the nasty little flying soul nazis. Thought I had won the war.

    I was wrong. Again.

    After a couple of days of peace, an army of gnats assaulted our home! Seemingly out of nowhere, too. Those damned pilots of winged dread!

    Okay, I readied myself for war. As any good solider would do, I performed a bit of recon. Perhaps I missed a gnat food source somewhere?

    I searched the house high and low. Nada. From where in hades did these suckers come from? Wait a minute… the garage! These tiny farts must be squeezing their way into our abode via the door to the garage. After all, the garage is where the large garbage cans are kept.

    Alas, I found their home base! And what a disgusting base it was. I missed one garbage day. Just one. But that was enough for the gnats to breed hundreds if not thousands of soldiers. Given that trash day was the following day, I took the can out. Most of the gnats either stayed inside the can or swarmed around me as I marched towards the sidewalk.

    The next morning, I watched with glee as the garbage man unloaded the trash into his truck, replete with swarming squadrons of gnats! But I knew that while a major battle was won, the war was not yet over. I went to the grocery store and picked up some weaponry:

    Can of Raid for Flying Insects
    Large jug of Apple Cider Vinegar
    Two bananas
    Two boxes of Entenmann’s blueberry muffins (okay, not a weapon… a snack for my son)

    As soon as I pulled into my driveway, I opened the garage door and stopped short of driving my car into the bay. I got out of my car with Raid in hand. Starting from the back and working my way back to the car, I misted the entire space. Damned gnats! You shall die!

    Onward to the house! I setup some traps. Plastic water bottles (cut in half) with holey cling wrap covers, all filled with a slice of banana and a serving of ACV. Works like a charm. I seal and dispose of bottles in regular intervals. Now only a few gnats appear. I’ll keep going until no gnats exist!

  208. I have been desperately searching for a solution to our fruit fly problem. Last year I used a similar idea to apple cider vinegar, except it was old wine, and while it worked amazing- tons of fruit flies killed – it seemed to attract even more into the house. So it really created more negative than positive. Do you know why that is? Did I do something wrong?

  209. There’s just ONE fruit fly in my room. Just ONE. It’s actually flying about my face as I type. I have tried everything to capture it…but it escapes my wrath every time.

    It’s already crash landed into my face a few times and I really don’t want to inhale it (nose or mouth) while sleeping…ick.

    What can I do???

  210. I have those little boogers! I know that they are God’s creatures and play a role in our ecosystem, but, this is TOO MUCH!!! My friend and I had the windows open and were having a sleepover and were on the laptop inside my room and had the TV on. Then, they started ATTACKING! With their little nuclear bombs, they started running into the laptop and the TV, trying to break down the systems! We ignored them at first, but then, like, 14 million appeared and they started going inside the openings on our faces!!! There were 5 that landed in my eyes. The rest were going inside our ears. I think that I even swallowed one. Finally, we couldn’t take much more of this, so we dove underneath our military base (hence, the bed covers) and continued our conversation under there. They are ruthless, I tell you! In the morning, there was at least a hundred dead fruit flies on the telivision in the morning. We could barely even see the TV screen! I live in the country, so we tend to have a lot of them.
    That was nearly a month ago, and now we still have some! Inside our kitchen, my mom and I sat up a “Fruit Fly Catcher” that has a lot of soda and dishwashing liquid in it. We wrote on the front “Fruit Fly Hotel. First night free!” then skull and crossbones. Maybe this time it will work!

  211. I used the vinegar and soap and it worked wonders. But i still have them. I’ll continue using the mix and hopefully they will soon all be gone~!

  212. if you wanna do sadistic, then pull out a bottle of spritz or super-hold hair spray. not the light-weight stuff, get the super-hold stuff. if you want the real deal, go to the black haircare section.
    i usually wait for them to swarm the kitchen sink and then spray like crazy. the hair spray gums up thier wings. they drop right out of mid-air and crawl around for a while. most will eventually stop crawling because the hairspray eventually freezes them into place. i don’t know if it kills them, but it makes them unable to move, which is just as good. then you can just sweep them up or vacuum them away. there’s always a sticky hairspray mess left over, but its still better than a gnat infestation.


  213. Hi thanks for this. We recently moved to GC and have been infested over the last few weeks, and im coming to the end of my teather with this. They are such annoying dirty little gits, I can no longer enjoy any food with the worry they will try and share my meal, ive turned to eating out constantly, or getting take aways and covering up, i cant dare prepare anything, god forbid I want to make a sandwich, I have to keep looking back at my bread/butter sititng their waiting for fillings every 2 secs to make sure the gits havent tucked in, I end up constantly shaking my food pre bite/post bite (sanwiches/burgers) to avoid the gits settling on it. I have to check down my coke srraw each sip to make sure im not gonna suck one up.

    Ive taken to going rambo on them with a newspaper and I think my count is around 342 at the moment. Getting a kill on the move is always satisfying, the full hungry sleeping varietys are slightly less so. However this has caused our walls to not only be covered in blood and dead flie bodys, but newspaper ink, which is considerably harder to get out, so I have to take an A4 peice of paper and wrap that around the newspaper, which generally means my weapon suffers in length, and my kill count/ kill to swing ratio subsequently drops.

    Another problem is when I go killing, I get hot and bothered and have to open the balcony doors, therefore inviting more pests into the mix, flie catch 22.

    UGH I hate these things.

  214. YOU GUYS MAKE A GIRL FEEL GOOD I THOUGHT I WAS GOING CRAZY…I have become a sadistic, ranting, raving, lunatic at the least kill of one of these bastards!!!! I cant eat, sleep or even take a bath without theses swarming evil little control freaks in my face I want them all dead…I will try all of your suggestions and by the way raid doesnt work.

  215. Vinegar + a drop or two of dish detergent. It works, I was surprised at how quickly. But you have to take the time to clean everything first, or it won’t matter. Dirty slobs who drive Volkswagon’s and vote Democrat should probably just get used to the little shits.

  216. Bananas are really good for getting fruit flies in your home. Especially if youi leave them out. If you buy bananas, shake them out before you bring them in the house–I found that fruit flies start buzzing around my kitchen whenever I had new bananas, and now that I shake them out there are none (unless they came through a door left open or some other fruit). Probably it will work with any fruits causing you fruit fly trouble!

  217. I keep my air smoky…I burn incense and light candles…. they hate it and try to get away from the smoke. It’s only if you are not sensitive to smoke or have asthma.

  218. I found that if you take the juice from any fruit and slather it on tape, then it works and its cheaper than buying the actual sticky traps. Also it has no harsh chemicals

  219. I’ve tried alot of the ideas I put my fruit in the refrig right away, I don’t let my garbage stay around long, I clean my counter constently, and my sink and bathrooms. I put out the fruit drints with dish soap and also wrap with the holes; It dosnt seem to matter I still have them. I hate fruit flies

  220. I’ve tested several variations on the bottle traps & the bottle size isn’t really that important as long as it has a narrow neck such as soda bottles.
    Best results were with squeezed orange juice with its pulp, mixed in with a couple of drops of detergent & water. Important detail is to close the bottle & shake it a little bit upside down to make sure the bottle’s inside has a small coating of this liquid so that they get caught as soon as they go in. Put away the cap otherwise they’ll just congregate there.

  221. Hahaha omg i have read 3 pages of tips and advise and have been laughing the entire time! I too have a fruit fly problem! seems to be coming from my bathroom…. not sure why? i do not through food into my bathroom garbage can let alone fruit. Im going to try the “bleach in the drain” tip and I guess the vinegar thing too… Its just that i dont want to have bowls or bottles of vinegar sitting around I have 2 little boys and this could spell trouble. Im desperate to get rid of these F’ers! any other tips????

  222. Listen to me and whoever suggested it- use the shop vac. We have been infested for a few weeks now so I tried the vinegar in a mason jar with cling wrap and a rubber band contraption, and that did work-got a lot o those lil buggers-but today they had obviously multiplied- I had no idea where they were coming from. Until moments ago. Grrrrrr. It is completely my fault. I have a compost bucket we have not been using on our counter. Apparently one of our “helpful” friends decided to be sweet and put some leftover dinner scraps and an avocado shell into the compost bin. It has a charcoal filter in it and even my highly sensitive nose was completely unaware that those lil f’ers were in there doing it with wild abandon!!! And not using condoms!
    Soooo- I followed the sage advice of someone on here and got out the shop vac and sucked them all into oblivion. It was extremely satisfying and worked like a charm. I felt like the Terminator. Sigh. Thank you internet.

  223. One thing I did not see mentioned was cat litter boxes, fruit flies apparently love the doo doos. I have a kitchen adjacent to a laundry room which is where the cat box is stored. During my battles with these annoying little d-bags they would swap their breeding / feeding zones from the trash can, kitchen counters & sink to the litter box. The problem here is as diligent as you are about not leaving food out & keeping the counters clean, you have to work over-time on the litter box because you’re cat(s) keep serving up the fecal feast. It’s a constant food supply. The other thing to remember is get rid of the litter in the litter pail ASAP! Good luck people

  224. I tried everything I read online to get rid of my fruit flies (I had hundreds in my kitchen!). I finally came upon a real solution – Rubbing Alcohol. I poured it into a spray bottle and started spraying my entire kitchen and the fruit flies all fell onto my counters where I wiped them up with a cloth! They can still crawl around once they fall, but for some reason they can’t fly anymore. They literally dropped like flies!!

  225. I tried everything I read online about getting rid of the hundreds of fruit flies in my kitchen…and then I found the one thing that worked – Rubbing Alcohol!! Just pour some in a spray bottle and spray the entire area where the flies are…they will literally drop like flies! Once all my flies fell onto my counter I was able to just wipe them up with a cloth.

  226. Take a small glass or bowl and put some Apple Cider Vinegar in it, place a drop of Dish Soap into the vinegar, and place on your stove or countertop by your fruit. Viola! You have created a Fruit Fly trap.

  227. I have been at it all day and trying everything.
    Working on my coumputer watching them fly buy my monitor and in my face uk, i said lets ROCK i had enuff of being bothered by thoughs little flies.
    #1 got my bug zapper from out side and turned it on in my basement thats were my coumputer is, then went to work on finding out where there hideing out.
    In my kitchen was a cupple of tomoatos from the gardenso i put them in the fridge,not bad upstares only a cuple got them.
    But the basement was were i found the moast,well i’m trying apple cider vinegar and sope in a jar trick.
    O yes i found where there heidout was it was a big bag of potting soil,ha closed it up then baged it agin thea can’t get out!!!the bug zapper is working great but there so little it takes some time ,i did bate the zapper with some
    apple in the bottem HA.tomarow going to check the rest of the house plants for those buggers,i did bleach down the drains in the kitchen and bath allso sumpump,floor drains to.FRUIT FLIES SUCK!!!
    Good Luck Robert Maddog

  228. The most effective way we’ve found is to use our Dyson (it’s cyclonic)vacuum cleaner and pull them out of the air and off from all surfaces. This gives you a HUGE leg up on their population and THEN follow all the rest of the advice here. Keep in mind..they hatch & fly..spawn & die in a 24 hr. period. So keep at it to get rid of their generations of offspring. Apple cider vinegar + a drop of dish detergent is an easy peasy fruit fly hemlock.

  229. I have been pulling my hair out trying to find the source and a solution, I am pregnant and have a toddler so Raid was out of the question. We first thought it was the wood in our basement but after reading this and they mentioned potatoes a light came on. on our basement stairs we have a basket of potatoes and at the bottom there were a few rotten ones and bingo, I think I’ve found it!!!! so I cleaned that up and put the basket outside in the cold for the afternoon. Also I’ve vacuumed up the majority of flies in the windows and set out the bowl trap with wine in it and already it’s pretty full. GROSS!! Hopefully this will be the end of my fruit fly adventure! Good luck to you all, I know what you’re going through!!

  230. I used my dyson as someone else had suggested and wow I got rid of 90% of them and now I am waiting for my bowl trick to get the rest…Thanks for coming up with the dyson idea!

  231. I was feeling aggravated and hopeless when I came across this post. I have got to hand it to the people who mentioned using rubbing alcohol. It worked/s WONDERS! The flies did drop instantly and seemed disoriented. I quickly cleaned them up and flushed them down the toilet. I just sprayed the whole kitchen and bathroom and my room and living room with alcohol. There are still a couple of flies lingering around, but it’s ok. First thing tomorrow morning I’m going to buy a couple of large rubbing alcohol bottles and start spraying. I’m so excited, I can hardly wait. PlEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE give this a try, you will not regret it. I can’t believe something so simple did the trick. Good luck everyone. 😉

  232. I’ve had these things for months upon months. They just randomly showed up one day, not in the summer but in the fall, which was odd. They’re infesting my bedroom. There isn’t anything up here for them to want. No bathroom, no sinks, no food, no fruit or drinks. Yet they still come, hundreds of them, constantly. Every time I try to eat up here the swarm me like they can sense that I have something even if it’s something they’d never want. God forbid I set the food down cause then it would be doomed and lost forever and I’d have to waste it by throwing it out. I cleaned me room so well that there should be no reason for them to stay. I moved all my furniture and everything just to make sure nothing was attracting them lost behind it. I washed all surfaces, vacuumed three times, and then they were gone…for about a week.

    They all came back and now there’s even more. Currently I am trying the apple cider vinegar in a bottle trick. I have it placed over by my big vanity mirror because for some odd reason the little shits are attracted to it. Idk what to do anymore. They’re so disgusting and I hate them and I just want to live in peace. Also, my damn bedroom is the only room in the house that has this problem. They don’t move on to anywhere else, they just stay here and multiply. They’re not even in my kitchen where all the food and stuff is. Apparently they like me a little too much.

  233. Another option is an all natural product called Eco Drain System. Fruit flies breed in the drains, this is their primary source.

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