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Running out of room in your apartment? Want to make space for something new? Whatever your reasons, getting rid of furniture can be a bit of a hassle. Furniture is often heavy and awkward to move, so getting rid of it can result in stress and annoyance. Don’t let that piece of unwanted furniture clog up your life! If you have a piece of furniture that you no longer want in your house, here are a few solutions that will help clear out a room crowded with furniture.

1. Sell it.

If your furniture is in good condition and you want to make a little bit of extra cash, selling your furniture is a great way to get rid of it.

The best way to sell your furniture is to post a “For Sale” ad online. Sites like Craigslist and Kijiji are perfect options because they let you post your ad for free, and you can even include pictures of what you have to offer!

There are 2 things that will help you to sell that furniture: great pictures, and a great description. The pictures prove to a prospective buyer that your furniture really is as nice as you say. Take a few well staged pictures by cleaning up your furniture, removing anything in the background that might distract from the focus of the photo, and be sure to use good lighting.

A well-written description is next, and the trick to writing an ad that will get attention is to be clear, brief, and informative. A post that rambles on uselessly or a post with only one sentence will not get the attention it deserves. Put some thought into it and anticipate the answers to potential questions. Taking the time to do it right will pay off.

If selling online isn’t for you, go old school by dropping it at your curb with a “For Sale” sign. Do this on a weekend morning to catch garage sale goers. Those sun hat and fanny pack wearing deal hunters will be the most receptive market for this type of solution. Check the weather before putting your furniture outside. Few things reduce the value of furniture like damage from the elements!

If you have an older piece of furniture that you think may have some value as an antique, seek out an antique dealer in your area. Some dealers buy pieces from people and others will try to sell it for you and keep a percentage of the sale. This is known as consignment. That old piece that you inherited from your grandfather might be worth more than you think!

2. Donate it to charity.

Feeling charitable? One way to get rid of your furniture while also warming your heart is to donate it to a worthwhile charity. There are many charities that take your unwanted furniture and give it to someone in need, or refurbish and resell it before giving the proceeds to charity. Either way, your sacrifice can help to make someone else’s life better.

Keep in mind that most charities won’t take your old baby furniture. They can’t trust that it still meets safety regulations and child safety comes first.

Many charities will even come to pick up your old furniture at a scheduled time. You can likely even receive a tax receipt for it. Not too shabby for something that you otherwise had no use for!

3. Give it away.

This is an option to follow if you just want that furniture gone with no muss or fuss. Similar to selling your furniture, you can post it online using the same classified listing sites. Attaching the word “free” will be sure to attract some attention and your furniture will be gone in no time.

Placing furniture at the curb without a sign is universally accepted as “take this away, please!” So if you just want something gone, that’s where to put it. Your unwanted items will disappear as if by magic!

4. Ask friends or family.

If you have a sentimental attachment to a piece of furniture, consider giving it to someone close to you that will be able to use it and treat it properly. Perhaps you have a friend that just moved into a bigger place and is looking to fill it with furniture. Or maybe a family member is venturing off to college and needs to furnish a dorm room or apartment.

Ask around to find someone willing to rehome your unwanted furniture. If it’s in good condition, there’s bound to be someone that could take it and would give it a good home.

5. Repurpose it.

Feeling handy? One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. Many pieces of furniture could be repurposed for something else.

Take an old chair and turn it into a coffee table. Tear apart a chest of drawers and rebuild it into an entertainment center. The possibilities are endless and the only limit is your imagination. Browse the Internet for ideas for what you can do with your old furniture. You’ll be sure to find something that you can do that you may not have thought of before.

6. Dump it.

Although this is easiest, it’s actually one of the worst solutions. As a result of excessive consumerism, landfills are bursting at the seams with unwanted furniture and electronics, amidst other junk. While your furniture will be crushed down to a fraction of its size, this bulky furniture can still take up space that can take generations to decompose.

Even incinerating is not a great option. Burning furniture releases carbon into the atmosphere, adding climate change problems. Keeping large pieces of furniture actually helps the problem because that carbon is densely packed away into the wood.

Keep all of this in mind before deciding on dumping that furniture. It may be easy, but the consequences of being in that mindset can have dire consequences for future generations.

Whether you’re downsizing your living space or just upgrading, everyone will need to deal with excessive furniture at some point or another. Keep the above tips in mind to avoid fretting over unwanted furniture. Dumping the furniture might seem like your only resort but first try the solutions that put that furniture back to use. As the old saying goes, “Waste not, want not!”.

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