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About Ground Moles

It’s easy to make a mountain out of a molehill when a mole comes and destroys your garden. These little furry animals live underground and spend their days burrowing through the soil. They are mostly blind and their eyes are sometimes covered with fur or skin. In fact, Darwin once used the mole as an example of a species that phased out an organ because they did not use it enough. He said that functioning eyes were not advantageous to a mole who lives underground, so today they are almost completely blind. While moles are typically harmless to humans, they can do a number on your garden. They push rocks up to the surface which can damage tractors and other equipment. They often damage drainage systems as well. Plus, other animals such as weasels can use mole tunnels to get into fenced off areas. (Learn how to get rid of weasles)

Are moles all bad? Their constant digging helps to aerate the soil and their diet of invertebrate animals means they don’t eat your plants or their roots. However, they will push up small piles of dirt called mole hills which can quickly ugly up your well-kept lawn. In India, moles are considered disgusting animals. In fact, calling a man the Hindi word for mole means that he is a filthy coward. In England, the death of William III is blamed on a mole. The rumor is that William III died after he was thrown from his horse when it tripped over a mole hill.

Getting rid of Garden Moles

The good news is that moles are not social animals, so you usually only need to get rid of one of the little suckers to end your troubles.

An Easy Mole Trap

First, scavenge your property and locate as many tunnels and holes as you can, then find out which tunnels the mole uses frequently by destroying part of the tunnel and waiting to see if the mole fixes it. If he does, then you know this is a tunnel he likes. You can use this to your advantage by setting a trap in this tunnel. You don’t need a trap to catch a mole though. Many times you will see him traveling right under the surface of the ground and you can catch him with two shovels, pitching one in the front and one behind. Once you have him, place him in a covered bucket or trash can and take him far away from your property.

Mole Molestation

There are other ways as well. You can use mouse traps to catch moles as they are about the same size as a large mouse. You can try mixing oil soap, castor oil and cayenne pepper together and then dilute it with warm water. Spray this mixture over and in (where possible) the mole’s underground highways. Flood his tunnel system using this solution and a water hose. The soap will cause the castor oil and cayenne pepper to stick to the mole’s skin which in turn will cause him to itch and burn. He will not want to hang around your property much longer.

Mole Repellents

You can also try using fox urine or placing human hair down in the holes. Both can work to repel a mole. Plain castor oil gives the moles an upset stomach which might encourage them to leave. You can also poison them with mole pellets that you drop down their tunnels. Getting an outside cat to roam around your property will probably just send the moles to someone else’s yard.

To prevent moles from damaging your garden place wire mesh in the dirt before you start planting. The roots of your plants can still go through the mesh, but the mole will not be able to destroy the plants by uprooting them. Of course, this is best done when you are first planting a garden  and does not solve an existing mole problem.

Although moles can be destructive, there is something to be said for just letting them stay in your yard. They do work to aerate your soil and kill grubs that might harm your lawn and garden (See how to get rid of grubs). They usually won’t stay very long in one place, so it might be worth just waiting it out until the mole runs out of food and moves on.

Click here for more information about how to get rid of garden moles 

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  1. Try the Tomcat Mole Killer. They are gummy worm looking poison that kills moles. 6 worms to a package and it says one worm will kill one mole. I’ve used it, and it worked like a champ.

  2. rotten beasts. tried traps, occasionally got one, but it was a lot of digging and setting and waiting, for not much. best success with “Giant Mole Killers” they are like big fireworks that spew nasty smoke/gas down their tunnels. you have to carefully dig out the openings to the mole hills, being sure you haven’t shoved dirt down the hole and plugged it- which prevents the gas from going anywhere. used oxy/acetelyne also. that worked, but it was too noisy. goto to see how.

  3. 1. Moles can’t jump(well not more than a few inches ) ,so the cheapest way to get rid of these buggers is to make a pit fall trap on an active run with a small bucket ,coffe can ,ect…..even with the bottom of the hole and then place a board to cover your damage .
    2.glue traps placed in the hole and cover with a board for easy checking ,
    OR for the patient , if you developed a good amount of hatred for them is to flood the holes and see where they pop out and captured d manually (or there’s a reason for the game whack’a’mole)just kiddin’… ).

  4. i was told to put juicey fruit gum in there hole. when they eat it it will kill them? i am not sure if it work becouse i am looking for idea and gonna try them all till there gone. wack a mole sounds the best….lol

  5. I use Lorsban 15G insecticide (approx 16 pounds to the acre)with an overshoulder spreader.(Extra fine, hard to handle). I put it on about once a year. This don’t kill moles, kills their food supply. You would have to purchase this at a farm supply or have a farmer friend get it for you. Expect to pay $60 to $100 for a 60 pound bag.

  6. I have tried the gas in hole too. Mole still there. I was told by a co-worker to try bubble gum I will try this next.

  7. I’ve tried most everything and nothing has worked except have lots of patience get up at daybreak and wait until the molehill starts pushing up then take a shovel and dig as fast as you can under him and pop him out of the ground smack him before he digs back in. GOOD LUCK and remember patience

  8. We’ve got a mole on steroids. Had 10 holes yesterday. This morning 3 additional ones. We keep a pitchfork next to our door. If we are there when the mole is there he gets it. We haven’t been too lucky lately though.

  9. We find a molechaser very effective this lets out a high pitched noise that the moles dont like trouble is as soon as you take it out[to save batterys]the little blighter is back again!!

  10. Try using hot wing sauce, tabasco sauce ,caynene pepper mixed together
    and place in run of the hole. Watch the buggers run. Also you can use
    this tonic. tabasco sauce, liquid dish detergent, chili powder and
    a quart of water. Mix all and pour into hole runway. That has
    worked for me.

  11. I agree with the suggestion to use the TomCat Mole Killer poison worm bait. I’ve had a mole problem for 3 years and this year I used the poison worms and bam – all tunnels stopped, no new tunnels formed. Previously I used those spring traps that spike into the ground and have had no success with those. The TomCat has proven to me it works and I’m going use that every year as preventive maintenance: whether or not I have a mole problem, I’m going to put these poison worms in the ground. It’s insurance – a small price to pay to keep your lawn undamaged.

  12. I found that if you stick a garden hose into a molehill and turn the tap on full pelt, the wee buggers float out and you just get a golf club and practise your driving. Quite effective and great fun too !

  13. use a Highway flare; after opening the hole up light the flare and let burn for a few seconds, place it into the hole (fire side) and lightly cover around the edges, as it burns lightly push the flare into the hole, the fumes will kills them.

  14. well these little furry animals are pretty bad in my yard, so i decided to walk out in the middle of the day and push on all the tunnels were they were flat to the ground, the next morning i noticed that they rised back up, so i got my garden hose , turned it on and “wam” here comes a mole with its little pointy fingers, so took a dabber and killed it. That worked

  15. My Rottweiler/bull mastiff seems to be doing a fine job of getting rid of the moles. Only problem now is the dog has dug up the back yard trying to get to them! Plus she likes to show off what she has done and will leave the dead mole somewhere easy for us to find (in the house, by the back door, ect..)

  16. After spending $300 on a “mole exterminator” who laid bait and set traps for two months with NO RESULTS, I took matters into my own hands. Took my garden hose, flooded a run, out popped a mole, cut him in half with a shovel. Very satisfying. Very cheap.

  17. Help! They have me surrounded. The moles are digging all around my house and near my septic field. For every hole I did up and drop poision into, I find 3 more mounds. This am my son attached a shop vac hose to the exhaust pipe on our car, put the other end in a mole hole, sealed it up and started the engine. I have tried pouring pinesol mop water and any thing else I can find into the holes to flood them out and the hole never has fill up. Any advice would be appreciated.

  18. No tip….
    I have one acre of yard and the moles are thick!
    I can’t count all the hills..
    I have tried all the above… nothing works….
    The only thing I haven’t tried is the Tomcat mole Killer….
    That will be next.

  19. It’s war at my house….I guess I have to become a mole wrangler…I’m getting the tomcat mole worm poison…wish me luck…it’s me or the moles!! GAME ON!!

  20. We have tried to flood them out, we have stamped all the mole hills down and sat like idiots waiting for them to reappear, they do very quickly but we are too slow in trying to trap them. Any ideas as my grass now looks like a total mud bath. They are really annoying little things.

  21. I had a guy tell me to poke holes with a stick in frshly dug runs and put juicy fruit gum rolled up like a stick in the holes. I am waiting to see what happens. Grub worm killer is my next step.

  22. use a piece of 3/8 dowel or steel rod to probe the ground about a foot from the mole hill, when you find the tunnel you will feel your rod drop as it passes through the tunnel. I use a sharp carving knife to cut out a small hole to locate the tunnel and the direction it is running then enlarge the hole so that a tunnel trap will just fit and become part of the tunnel, wedge in position if needed with a small stone and cover with a board or box to exclude light. Tunnel traps will catch the mole from either direction and on one occasion I caught one at each end at the same setting.
    I trap moles on a 5acre camp site, usually about 20 each year.

  23. Mike don’t waste your time with juicy fruit. Been there done that. We seem to be infested on at least 3.5 acres and are surrounded by woods. These varmits are everywhere. I have tried moth balls, unwrapped juicy fruit and chewed juicy fruit, peppers and home remedies. Not any work. The only luck we have had was killing the grubs. But with this much acrerage it’s costly. I am now going to try the tom cat worms and the peanut butter mouse trap. What an adventure.

  24. I used the jar trap and it worked with in an hour. I dug a hole and set a quart jar with the top of the jar level with the running hole and than set a block of wood over the hole to block the lite. With in an hour I caught one but sorry to say it was a vole and not a mole. I put the jar back in it’s place and caught 4 more!! I would have liked to tried the tom cat worms but found out it is againt the law in NC to kill a vole. I will swear the cat did it. We are unable to purchase this but I did purchase rat bait pellets. We have to many to keep those jars going. But atleast I know it works!!!!!

  25. the little **** have got it sorted.they have done this for years .im going for all the ideas.they all sound fun.and i can have a beer sat with my shoot gun.sounds like a result to me.good luck

  26. all home rememdies fail with moles. I found I had the best results when I would freshly mow the grass..and all mole holes would be flattened down. I would keep an eye out and at the first sign of a hill rising…I would quietly go out with my splitting maul and stand spread legged over the mound…the next moment I saw the dirt being pushed up.. I lowered the boom on the little sucker… killed 4 moles with that..and haven’t seen any new mounds in a very long time. They do start breeding in the early get em as soon as you can. Good luck.

  27. hose in the ground to flood them out, wait till they pop up then .22 rifle to pick the sods off!! i used a 8 bore shotgun on the first one! made more of a mes of the garden!

  28. I have a minature daushand and he is my mole digger now. Caught only one last year. He now is training the pit bulls to find the moles. The moles like the soft dirt around the chicken coop and dog yard. We live in a clay area so most of the place is to hard for them to run, including the garden area. Not sure what to try now.

  29. first thank you all for sharing your experienciences, especially the website owner,
    but what might work for some may not for for others, i live in california, i tried mole baits, bombs, mole repellents, mole traps,and more things, i live in a well trafficked area mi front neighbours are the firemen, so i think moles got used to a lot of vibration, anyway what works here was, 1, hit them with a shovel, 2, flood their hole with water, 3, kill their food suppy, i use a termite killer that can also kill centipedes, it,s a dirty job and you get dirty but it works here, and i only spreaded on areas where moles are active,

  30. last year we lost all the water in our pool (3,000 gallons) apparently from moles tunneling under the pool looking for water. everytime they popped up, they took a little piece of the plastic lining. so now we have a bout 100 little holes in the bottom of the liner. the pool is only one year old. now its time to get rid of the mole problem so we can get a new liner.
    after reading all the solutions, i am getting afraid we’ll never get rid of them. we were told to put spearmint gum in the holes, but now that i’ve read these opinions, not sure what to do. has anyone ever had this problem w a pool?

  31. I had a one acre yard and approximately 750 moles. After trying all the recommended remedies; traps, gum, carbon monoxide, poisons, pitchforks, etc., I resorted to burying and detonating a 10 kiloton nuclear weapon. I now have the world’s largest swimming pool, but absolutely no moles.

  32. You guys are too funny!!! I had a blast reading all your comments and will have a blast buying some TomCat mole killer tomorrow…We have 16 acres, and we are covered in moles, voles or whatever else lives underground! Damn varmits! Leave my mud (yard) alone and go to the rich people next door! They have grass! 🙂

  33. dig a hole that will fit a glass milk bottle in it. Put the bottle in it and make sure the top is level with the ground. The wind whistles over the bottle and drives the moles crazy!!

  34. So couldn’t you just shoot them with a pellet gun I mean it won’t kill em but it will probably make them leave

  35. Okay, so this is not exactly a world-wide known remedy, however, with two great danes, and a mastiff, I had a lot of working material on hand…..killed two birds with one stone with this one! Requires a little patience, and a strong stomach: one, locate moles. (was very obvious in my yard; was where Great Dane size holes coincided with smaller ones)Two. Pack end of mole holes with dog ****, after feeding dogs canned sweet potatos (anything that will smell to high heaven works well) …. pack and repeat. Gradually, I managed to lead moles to my neighbors yard where they went nuts, but they left my lawn alone.

    ps. don’t try if you actually enjoy your neighbors company.

  36. We moved into this mole invested yard 3 years ago and have tried everything to get rid these ( well I can’t say what I call them ) but I’m sure you all have called them the same names.Anyway I’m seriously thinking of tryin some TNT this year! Don’t think thats legal but at this point I don’t care anymore. Tomcat worms huh? thats about the only thing I haven’t tried. I found a dead weasel out in the road today and found out they eat moles too bad the weasel died before the moles altho I think the weasel might be what made 1 part of the yard look like a bomb went off under ground. ( H’mm maybe the weasel beat me to the TNT! )

  37. Last year we buried a dead mole in a very active tunnel and never got another mole in that area all year had plenty of them other places in the yard but not in that spot! I’m wondering if we bury the dead weasel in the yard if that might chase the moles away from my yard. Might sound morbid, but weasels are big if I chop him up I could bury him in quite a few tunnels but I don’t know if it would have the same affect as the dead mole did.If anyone has any ideas on this please let me know. Thanks !

  38. I jsut purchased a product called “liquid fence” which you spray on the lawn in early spring and also in the fall. We will try it soon and I will let you know how it works. We had voles over the winter but this product is also recomended for moles.
    The little buggers ruined our lawn but I still don’t have the heart to kill them – this product is safe and will repell them simply because they can’t stand the smell, so they relocate.

    Good luck to all.

  39. Last year was the invasion of the unholy moles. They fell in love with the damp distribution boxes in our septic field. The rotten little suckers filled (packed to the top) two of the boxes with yard dirt (not yucky stuff). Neigbor and I hired a pest control guy to kill or herd them elsewheres. He placed one spike trap for over 4 months and got three moles and a friendly rat snake that was also going after the moles. Tried to charge my neighbor and I over $1000, that is a lot of bucks per mole! He told us voles do not tunnel and since we had tunnels we were dealing with voles not moles. We paid half and he still sends us pictures of voles off those illegal internet sites. We think he was getting too close to his work – we should have noticed the scented vole-skin vest sooner. When clearing the mole dirt out the distribution boxes and pipes one of the curious creatures poked their nose out to see who was digging out their boxes. I moved, stared him in the eye and he backed in the tunnel. I tapped the ground behind him, he poked his concerned little head out, I grabbed him by the neck, he lashed out at me with his wicked claws. It was a tough struggle as he eventually became the first mole to fly 125′ Guess the flight time was too much for his little heart as his landing lacked any style or grace. We noticed he was a star-nosed mole from the tiny ring of appendages around the snout. Next was mice and rat poison dropped into the holes (shake a couple pieces out of the yellow box into hole) seemed to get rid of them over a couple weeks. Careful – Do not leave the D-Con bait where the less detructive animals can get to it – also do not leave it out where a neighbor might mistake it for trail mix. The stuff trimmed the field mouse population a bit too. If a critter dies on the surface from the bait then bury it so nothing else gets exposed in the food chain; we skipped the optional ceremonies and grave-side services. My neighbors with hungry outside cats have rarely seen a mole, a vole, a vole on a pole, etc. If they come back this year (the moles, not the neighbors) maybe we’ll try squeezing a fox over the holes like that other person did. A suggestion for the lady who was using her blender on the weasel: try a wood chipper. It is faster and has bigger chunks – plus keeps your milk shakes free of the funny after taste.

  40. My husband once told me if you hook a hose up to the car exhaust and insert the other end into the mole tunnel and let ‘er rip. It seems a humane way to do it as it supposedly puts them to sleep.

  41. I am a lawn care peofessional and let me share some tips that work for us. You can continually stomp their trails and that will discourage them enough(sometimes) to leave. You may have a large supply of grub worms they feed on have lawn treated for grub control.

    Some products that are guaranteed to work (by manufacturer) are:

    Liquid fence mole repellant: Spray easy to use one time spray entire lawn follow up on perimeter every 6 weeks or so. Active ingredieints Yeloow grease and castor oil. try their web site for details.

    Lesco sells a product called Talpirid that is a new bait guaratnteed to work. More of a bait that looks like gummy worms, bad for family with kids or dogs.

    If you live in canton area call Earth Turf

  42. Milky spore kept moles out of my yard for the past 20 years. Moles would get to property line and turn around. Plus I haven’t had a grub problem with them eating my turf grass roots. I have noticed that it must be wearing out as I am seeing more grubs and some mole activity lately. I plan to reapply milky spore this spring. A friend of mine used milky spore on his lawn with the same results. It’s not inexpensive but it certainly is worth the money especially when you consider the term of its effectiveness.

  43. not sure if it works just trying it now someone told me to use the castor bean and it works if not a bomb sounds like a good idea these rodents have chewed up my front and back yard it is a mess hope the castor bean works

  44. Hi again everyone, Well I haven’t resorted to the T.N.T. yet and didn’t get the chance to chop up the dead weazel and get him buried something got to him before I could but I have been out stomping down lots of tunnels the past few days.I got some of those tomcat worm thngys some of you were talking about and plan on stickin them in the holes this weekend. Hope they work! Today while out stompin tunnelsI came across another dead weazel in my yard I sure wonder whats killin them and wish whatever it is had a taste for moles. Until I found that dad weazel out in the road a couple of weeks ago I had never seen one before and now I find another dead one in my yard, Seems like I’ve been on critter patrol alot this spring.The other day I had a herd of deer run thru my yard and that same morning had a coyote right up my my front porch. Anyway I’ll let ya know how the Tomcat wormy things work out. Type to you all later and Good luck!

  45. I have been fighting moles in the back yard for 2 years and have tried traps, castor beans and grub control with no luck. This morning I noticed a new mole mound and smashed it down with my foot. When I returned 30 minutes later there was a new mound. I opened the hole and inserted the water hose on full blast. Within a few minutes two moles dug their way to the surface and are now in mole heaven. The game is afoot!

  46. I have the yard from ****, it looks like a bomb went off with all the tunnels. I have tried stomping, the stupid wind mill things because they hate the vibrations (doesn’t work), I did find that they do not like Red Hot(the hot sauce) I dumped a whole bottle in his hole and flushed him out with water. I’ll let you know how long it lasts.

  47. all right this is how u do it. Get a hose jam it in a hole flush them out and sit in a chair and w8 with your bb gun pellet gun .22 what ever. Soon you will see them running out of those holes and you shoot them and there goes your mole problem. My dad told me of an old lady he lived next to who wouyld find the end of a mole hole and sit there with a knife. As soon as that mole popped his head out she would shank him and get the job done.enjoy

  48. Really strange for me that I caught my mole in a bucket and drove him 5 miles away from my house and kndly dropped him off in a field. About 2 days later, there were more holes and now it seems worse than it was before. Do they live in packs???

  49. Mix peanut butter with human hair (visit your local barbershop)drop mixture into holes cover with plastic. No more moles. Works every time. John R.

  50. Don’t buy the poison pellets, trap or poison worms. Drown them out. All you need is a hose and some patience. Wait for the mole to pop out and have your pellet gun handy!

  51. Mouse Traps! Yes, cheap mouse trap with a small dab of peanut butter on them. Set out at night near a mole hole. I just started this yesterday and caught (killed) two of the little buggers so far! After spending so much on mole traps, vibrating mole chasers, high pitch mole chasers, poison worms and peanuts this is a cheap and effective tool!

  52. I used the GEL BAIT for moles….followed the directions very carefully & did exactly as it said and “Bingo! No More MOLE!” He took the bait from one of the places that I placed it in the tunnel and I haven’t seen any activity since that first day I placed the bait! (With the gel bait, you have to be very careful in placing it in the tunnel or the dirt will tend to fall back into the hole on top of the bait you just placed & soil the bait…it’s SUPPOSED to resemble a grubworm to attract the mole but if it gets dirt on it…I can see how they wouldn’t go for it then) Anyway..No more freshly raised dirt frm the mole tunneling ( I usually push them down to see when & if he would come thru again and push the dirt back up ) Sure enough…every morning there were the tunnels pushed back up in my garden,.. so…I went to my local feed & seed and they told me that most people had better luck with the gel bait than traps, poison worms etc so, I gave it a try. I’m pleased. He’s gone. They ARE such aggrevating little creatures….VERY ANNOYING. I think it’s because YOU CAN’T ACTUALLY SEE THEM DOING THE DAMAGE and it’s tough to catch them in the act…You just suddenly notice that there’s one around messing up all your hard lawn & garden work!! Frustrating but the GEL BAIT WORKED! For once a product that actually did what it said, Lol~ GOOD LUCK!

  53. Definitey don’t use moth balls..I had A LOT of people tell me that works. And it doesn’t! The moth balls just end up on top of my lawn after I’ve buried them all over the place. Hopefully I can get rid of them with other people’s tips. I live on an Army post and I know it’s not right to kill them. But GEEZ my lawn is DESTROYED! Can I flood them out without killing them?

  54. There are poison smoke bombs (they don’t explode, only smoke) you can use to gas them. You can get them at the local hardware or garden shop. Dig a small hole in one of the fresh mole trails. Light the smoke bomb and place it in the hole. Cover it up, but not so tight that you smother it out. The smoke fills up the trail and gases the moles. Works good!

  55. I too have been frustrated for the last two years chasing a couple of moles that were having a field day in my yard. I discovered that if I rolled my lawn with a water filled roller each time they began digging I could eventually limit them to a very small area. By sitting quietly alongside where I knew they would be I was able to be there as they would clear an air hole. As soon as I located them I would use a pitchfork to penetrate the hole and excavate the earth in that area. Voila, I was able to bring both of them to the surface and dispatch them, eternally speaking! Pleased at this point to still be mole free.

  56. I watched a mole tear my front yard up for a week. Every morning I would stomp his path down, by the afternoon when I got home from work it was right back. Again I smashed ground down, I repeated this for a week. Saturday morning I was sitting on my front steps early smoking, suddenly the ground moved I got my shovel crept up and rammed it in on him. I dug that spot up a little bit sure enough he was dead. Very efficient and extremely cheap.

  57. well i have some good news for the person who said dont use mothballs
    they do work and they will not be all over the yard because they disolve very quickly especially on the hot summer days they seems as if they melt in two days i know and the smell is not all that loud because it is outside and also the cutter mosquito repellent that you hook to your water hose works as well but it is a little more expensive than the mothballs. just throw some mothballs in the yard or
    stick some down the the holes and all around your flowerbed and watch those moles and their babies move out!!!

  58. This is what i did i peed in a bottle and poured it down the hole and they ran out of the hole. it sounds disgusting but it works

  59. I heard a landscaper with a radio show in Florida once tell the audience to put chocolate Ex-Lax in the mole tunnels. He said that would clean ’em out and drive ’em out of your yard. I also heard this on ‘Gardening By the Yard’ – a show that used to come on HGTV. Break off a tiny square and put it in the hole. They eat it and it makes them very sick and they leave, never to return. Moles are an animal that has a memory for traumatic events. Ex-Lax to them is trauma. They won’t come back.

  60. Ok. landscapers came in and redid my yard and now the little boogers we call moles are in my house like little feild mice and I have small children can some one give me any helpful hints on how to rid of them.

  61. tell me about those moles they recked my yard. but those smoke bombs really do work i tried them and those suckers havent come back. thanks for the tip Elizabeth!

  62. The best way I found to get rid of moles is to trap moles ! After trapping their are other deterants you can use to help keep moles from you yard.

  63. urinate in a kosher pickle jar then mix with orios and fruit loops, then pour the mixture on top of frequently used tunnels. works ever time!

  64. I have found that a small mp3 player with portable speakers blasting guns n roses or rage against the machine, placed inside a recently dug tunnel does the trick. make sure the player has a long battery life. set the mp3 player over night and the moles will flee!

  65. My lawn was being torn up by moles, it was driving me crazy. My husband wanted to have a go at them with the shovel but I wouldn’t let him – they’re annoying but they’re also cute! In the end, I tried this mole repeller that vibrates and annoys and disorientated them. It took a few days but after a short while I noticed they’d gone and my lawn was nice and smooth again!

    I can’t recommend it enough! It’s even solar powered so I don’t have to keep forking out for replacement batteries.

  66. Your readers also may be interested in the products found at CrittergetterOnline which have been proven (both through customer feedback and testing performed by the University of Nebraska) to be 90% effective for gopher control. The Crittergetter is safe for children & pets, constructed of industrial grade materials, and uses an abatement technique that folks have employed successfully for decades.
    These burrowing critters are savage little beasts, however, it appears that the folks over at Crittergetter have finally accomplished something that has eluded the general public for as long as it has tried to scratch a living from the earth or beautify its surrounding landscape – furnish a product that actually eliminates any burrowing pest!

  67. I live in Ammanford, so anyone looking for mole & pest control services in Carmarthenshire (South Wales) get in touch with Justin Lake, a really nice guy and highly recommended. Anyway he’s done me proud so I wanted to praise him for his good work, also he dont charge you if he has no results, and he really does get results,my lawn has gone from looking like a pet cemetery to a posh golf course!

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