Posted on: August 19, 2013 Posted by: Nicole Harding Comments: 0

If a person is chronically gassy they may be uncomfortable and wondering how to get rid of gas in stomach. There are several methods of how to get rid of gas in stomach and most of them are preventative methods. Once the gas is there it can be hard to get rid of it expect by taking a gas reducing medication or pill that can be found in the drugstore. It is far more effective to prevent excess gas than to treat it.

There are a few ways of how to get rid of gas in stomach without taking medications and it starts with adjusting the diet and the way eating is done. One of the most common food sources that causes gas is foods with high amounts of fiber. Fruits and vegetables are big contributors of gassy stomachs especially when they are eaten raw. Though fruits and vegetables are definitely healthy some of them are large contributors to gas. Some of the vegetables and legumes that cause gas include broccoli and pinto beans. There are many other delicious and healthy vegetables that do not cause so many gas problems. If a person is experiencing gas they can still eat vegetables and fruits but it would be wise to stay away from the broccoli and the beans.

Another source of gas can be from drinking carbonated beverages. Carbonated drinks like seltzer, regular soda and diet soda all have gas in the drinks themselves. These carbonated beverages are essentially pumped with gas so a person that is prone to getting gas should stay away from drinking these beverages. If a person takes in the gas bubbles when they are drinking the soda or seltzer those gas bubbles will end up inside the body and can contribute to a gassy stomach. Instead of drinking carbonated beverages stick with flat liquids like juice and water.

Gas can also be attributed to gum chewing and chewing food while talking or chewing food too fast. When a person chews they tend to swallow air even without realizing it. Taking in air is easy to do when a person is chewing gum or chewing their food too fast. This air that is swallowed can easily end up as trapped air in the body. Sucking on a mint instead of chewing gum and chewing the food slowly and thoroughly can be the best way to prevent gas from swallowing too much air.