Posted on: August 19, 2013 Posted by: Nicole Harding Comments: 0

Genital warts can be a scary thing. Since they are so often correlated with cancer, then no wonder why they aren’t the most pleasing thing to know you have. If you ever suspect that you have genital warts but aren’t 100% sure, then you should always go see a doctor immediately. He will be able to give you the proper treatment that you need to fix your problem. If you know that it is genital warts for sure, and you want to fix it yourself, then you can do that as well. There are a couple of things that you can try out on how to get rid of genital warts fast. After all, who would want to wait several weeks for them to go away?

The first thing that you can use to help get rid of them is the use of topical treatments that essentially “burn off” the wart. The great thing about this is that you will not need any assistance in putting the topical on your wart, whereas some of the other treatments you may need someone else there, which can be quite inconvenient at times. You should make sure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients in the topical as well, as that could just end up making your situation worse. Otherwise, topical treatments are a great method in how to get rid of genital warts fast.

Another way to get rid of genital warts fast is to have it removed surgically. Two popular surgical methods include cryotherapy and electrocautery. With cryotherapy, the doctor will use liquid nitrogen every two weeks on the wart, which over time will freeze the wart and cause it to blister up. With electrocautery, an electrical current is used to “burn off” the wart. Both of these methods work great, but the cost of surgery can be a turn off for some people. If cost is not an issue, and the wart is too bad to be healed with a topical treatment, then this would definitely be the way to go.

Unfortunately, genital warts cannot simply go away within a few hours or even over night. The good news is if you use proper treatment and have some patience, then you should see the wart slowly disappear within weeks. The biggest key is to realize that you have a genital wart and then seek treatment as soon as you can.