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Picture yourself as one of the world’s most famous celebrities. Everywhere people look, they see your face in ads, billboards, and TV commercials. Every fashion magazine has you on the covers, and perhaps one or two have you as the pin-up. Your movies are making waves in the blockbuster charts and everyone agrees you live the life most can only dream of. Then, one day, someone announced to the whole world that you have a condition that isn’t exactly what you would call celebrity material. Suddenly, everyone is talking about how you allegedly have genital warts.

Most sexually transmitted diseases are cause for shame, especially if you are a public person and reputation is something that you have to take care of. Other sexually transmitted diseases like herpes or gonorrhea have seen so much media attention that almost everyone is practically desensitized to them. Genital warts are a different matter. Aside from the fact that a genital wart is not really pleasant to look at, women are in danger of getting a far more serious disease due to this. It doesn’t help either that the stigma of seeing something physically abnormal is far worse than a disease of the same nature that doesn’t really make itself known physically, like syphilis or any other STDs.

How a Genital Wart Appears

A genital wart usually manifests itself as a small, fleshy bump not dissimilar to a regular wart. In women, most genital warts occur in and outside the vagina, the cervix (opening to the womb), or even around the anus. For men, they can be found on the shaft or, usually, on the tip of the penis. The scrotum is also a common place for genital warts to grow on men. Since genital warts are spread through direct contact with the skin, there are rare occasions when genital warts are found in the mouth or throat of a person. Usually, this happens when there is oral sex involved. Genitals warts vary in size. Some can be smaller than a ballpoint tip, or some can be as big as a very large pimple. There are cases when several smaller warts cluster together to form a big one, usually looking a bit like a cauliflower. Genital warts tend to spread rapidly and are highly contagious. There are instances when bleeding, mild pain and itching can occur, especially if the wart happens to be inside a woman’s vagina.

Medically known as condylomata acuminata or, quite simply, venereal warts, genital warts are caused by the human papillomavirus or HPV. HPV infection is currently being tagged as the most common sexually-transmitted disease in the United States (it should be noted that HPV itself is not a disease; rather, HPV is just the group of viruses that contribute to different diseases). Of all the different HPV genital infections, genital warts are the most easily recognized. While the HPV strain that causes genital warts is not responsible for cervical cancer, it is always recommended that a woman who has genital warts be checked by a competent physician, since cervical cancer is caused by certain types of HPV. Abnormal growths that are checked early can also be cured more easily than those that have fully grown.

Identifying a Genital Wart

It’s difficult to diagnose a genital wart at the onset, so if you suspect that you may have one, get yourself checked by a doctor right away. He or she may apply an acetic solution on the suspected area in the genitals to whiten the warts, and then view them through a colposcope, a special kind of microscope. For women, pap tests can also help detect whatever changes the genital warts may have caused on their cervix. A pap test every three to six months, based on the severity of the genital warts, is recommended (Learn how to prepare for a pap smear).

Genital warts, unfortunately, cannot be eliminated. Most cases of HPV infection go away by themselves, usually without any significant complications. In the case of genital warts, the best that you can do is to remove the warts themselves. However, removing the warts does not eliminate the virus that causes them. For this reason, genital wart recurrences do happen. That being said, here are several ways you can eliminate the warts or lesions.

Topical Treatments

Topical treatments are applied physically on the warts. Usually, they work by “burning” off the bumps and the warts. The advantage of topical treatments is that you can essentially do them at home, without needing help from someone else (and in most cases, genital warts are really something most people would rather keep to themselves). Remember, however, that such medications are to be used only on the external warts around your pubic area; those that are internal should only be treated by a physician. Also, when buying any topical treatments, don’t just buy anything over the counter. Make sure that you consult your doctor first as they may have a specific treatment for you.

The downside of using topical treatments is that they are essentially chemicals and as such, they might cause irritation when applied on non-infected skin. Which such a thing happens, wash the area immediately. They also need a strict adherence to the medication dosage; you can’t just apply it every time you feel like your wart is worsening. Lastly, pregnant women should never even attempt to use this type of medication.

Surgical Methods

Most warts are usually removed by the topical medications your doctor will prescribe to you. However, for cases in which such treatment doesn’t work or is not feasible (like warts inside the genitals or on pregnant women), you can try the surgical method.

There are several methods a doctor might use. These include:

Cryotherapy: In this method, the doctor freezes the warts using liquid nitrogen every one to two weeks. The main idea is to cause a blister around your wart. As the skin heals in time, the warts begin to slough off, allowing the formation of new skin.

Electrocautery: The doctor employs an electrical current to burn off the wart.

Excision: Much like common surgery, the doctor will use surgical instruments in order to cut off the warts. Like other surgeries, anesthesia will also be applied.

Laser Surgery: Usually reserved for very tough to treat and extensive warts, this method uses lasers—intense beams of light. The downside to this treatment is it is prohibitively expensive.

As mentioned, genital warts cannot really be totally removed, as the virus will always be there, potentially causing a recurrence. The best way to get rid of genital warts, therefore, is to prevent yourself from getting it in the first place.

If you can, abstain from sex as much as possible. Keep in mind that HPV—the virus that causes genital warts—is the most common sexually transmitted infection in the United States. As such, every time you engage in any sexual activity with anyone, you risk a 7% chance of HPV infection.

If you engage in any sexual activity, always remember to be cautious. Contrary to common belief, condoms are not enough to prevent a genital wart infection (or any HPV infection, for that matter). Genital warts are caused by skin contact with someone who has them, and condoms only cover the penis, so other parts of your genital area or your partner’s are still at risk. Condoms reduce the risk, but they do not eliminate it. Just play it safe and remember: an ounce of prevention is better than a truckload of cure.

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  1. I have a few warts in and around my anal, its the first time i had noticed them. i dont know what to do or how to get rid of them. i dont know how they appeared? how do i stop this happening? what shuld i do?

  2. Go see a dermatologist. And don’t go to a dermatologist that uses Cryo or Electro or topical creams. Those don’t work. The only real way to ensure effective removal is to have them surgically removed. It only takes a week or two to heal and recover… also, there is a medicine your doctor can prescribe to use after the surgery to make sure every little wart has been taken care of. Whatever you do, DO NOT fall for any of the Internet scams like Amoils HEAL WARTS. I tried that, and it was a nightmare that only made my case worse. Go to a doctor! They see warts all the time. 75% of Americans are affected by genitals warts at one time or another… you’re not alone. Don’t be embarrassed, and don’t put off seeing a doctor! Warts only get worse the longer you wait.

  3. I also have them around the anal area i went to the doctors he forwarded me to a hospital for treatment i got given aldera cream this stuff is ridiculous im worse off than with out treatment i read the leaflet supplied with the cream and it says when using the cream more genital warts may appear MORE i want rid of them not bloody more of them but silly me thought id give it ago how ever but i can see a difference they seem to hav shrank and dry i think thats the problem its so sore i cant hardly walk or sit if you get given aldera i strongly suggest having,Cryotherapy or Electrocautery or even Laser Surgery compared to using this cream.
    Chris (UK)

  4. I don’t know how to get rid of a wart right above your lip and on my middle finger I’ve froze them put duct tape i don’t know what else to do i need help

  5. I didnt go to any doctor yet but i have a feeling that i have genital warts from the amount of research ive being doing. i noticed it about 3months ago. i have a cluster on my stomach and 2 random ones in the pubical region. i only had 3 sex partners. i need help ive been really shame and mainly deppressed. i cant take off my shirt without people seeing it. i need help. what is the best thing to do?

  6. I just noticed 1 medium sized bump on the shaft of my penis.
    I squeezed it thinking that it was like one of the ingrown hairs but it started to bleed a little and a white substance came out of it. I think it may be genital warts somebody please help me

  7. For the person who has the warts around your stomach….you should get that checked out…sometimes that could be an irritation from a belt buckle.
    a lot of people are illergic to nickle. a lot of belt buckles are made out of nickle.
    Im not a doctor and neither are you so my advise to you is to see one.

    The person who has a wart on their lip all you have to do is rip the sucker off and make sure you get all the roots!

  8. This is a reply to bryant regarding the below post:

    “I just noticed 1 medium sized bump on the shaft of my penis.
    I squeezed it thinking that it was like one of the ingrown hairs but it started to bleed a little and a white substance came out of it. I think it may be genital warts somebody please help me”

    I have had these before on numerous occasions and they are not warts they are “Papules”. You get them from skin to skim contact. If it were a wart you could not squeeze it and it wouldnt give off puss. If it were a wart you would squeeze and nothing happens until you literally break the skin and start to bleed.
    Once you have squeezed a Papule it’ll go away. They are also fine to squeeze, it wont cause any damage or reaction. Have a look on the internet about them or go to your local sexual health center if still concerned.

  9. I once had a big wart on my finger that bothered me for months and i didnt know how to get rid of it. But there was a time when i helped my mother cook and i use to prepare the salad dressing and i use to squeez lemon everyday and my fingers would be soaked with lemon juice and eventualy after doing this on a daily basis my wart totally disappeared after 2 weeks without any marks. If you have any warts around your body you can treat them at home with lemon & vinegar on a daily basis and they will disappear, but if you have any genital warts then you should consult a doctor right away and dont be scared, he will give u direct solutions of creams and treatments.

  10. I PROMISE THIS WORKS……and I discovered it on accident. I had tried a bunch of the home remedies without any effect whatsoever. But recently I had been having to use a cleansing product for a week in order to prepare my skin for a surgery. In 3 days my wart was completely gone!! I was amazed! It is called Hibiclens and you can buy it in any drugstore or pharmacy. The doctors will give you this to bathe with to get rid of bacteria on your skin before and after a surgery. It really, really works! And it is very inexpensive!!!

  11. I recently just noticed that i have these little bumps in the area where the pubic hair is, like on the base. They haven’t blead at all. They just look like baby warts. I’m really scared. I have gotten warts before, from playing sports, with bacteria on the matts and such. Got 2 on my fingers, but i went to the doctors and i got them frozen off. Is it possible that you can get genital herpes frozen off?

  12. Hi, I have had HPV for 3 years now. I have had two break outs. THe first time i tried Wartrol and it worked. I sprayed it under my toung three times a day, and on the area of the warts 5 times a day, and i also prayed my butt hole with it. It worked. II now have my second out break and i am trying the wartrol again.

  13. Hello. I think I have genital warts. I’ve notice several little black bumps on the shaft of my penis. I picked one off and it bleed a good amount. Are these GW?!

    Please help

  14. Working out, healthy diet, and lots of pineapple do the trick. I had 3 of them of fairly good size… I recently moved to Hawaii so i’ve been eating a lot of pineapple and drinking a lot of pineapple juice, I noticed that after a few days of consistently drinking and eating pineapple my warts disappeared to almost nothing. If I would have continued the consistency of drinking and eating pineapple they probably would have disappeared completely. I have also heard to actually hold a piece of pineapple on there. The acid from it dimishes warts. I also noticed that they got smaller when I was working out consistently. Like my doctor told me, it is a VIRUS. So just like any other virus a healthy diet, excercise, and foods rich in acid and vitamins will help keep you breakout free and dimish any existing warts.

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