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Don’t listen to the non-believers! If you’ve ever had to deal with ghosts, you know that paranormal activity is some pretty serious business. It’s difficult to offer a single suggestion on how to get rid of your ghost problem; there exists very little scientific knowledge backing any of these techniques. There may not be any particular reason that your ghost-friend is drawn to you, but here are some experimental methods to detach yourself from the spirit world for good. Here are 9 ways that you can get rid of ghosts and return to a normal life of sanity!

1. Learn the history.

If you think your home might be haunted, it’s recommended that you look into its history. The more you know, the better prepared you’ll be to tackle your ghost problem head-on.

Is your house built on top of an ancient Native burial ground or a whirling portal to hell? This would explain why you got it for such a low cost, or you simply found it vacant. Different types of ghosts take different approaches to get rid of. Consider going to your local public library for clues. Search for old artifacts in the basement of your house or try looking in the attic to learn more!

2. Learn not to fear.

Ghosts can be pretty scary. The bad news is, they also feed on your fear. The more scared you are, the more likely a ghost is to terrorize your every waking moment. If your ghost is one of violence, you have every right to be scared, but if he or she is relatively peaceful, don’t be afraid.

If you’re scared while trying to get rid of a ghost, your chances of success are significantly less than if you go in feeling confident and brave.

3. Call a priest or psychic.

This is almost always a good idea. Calling a priest or psychic to inspect your home will let you know for sure whether it’s haunted or you’re just crazy. If they suspect you have ghosts, ask if they can get rid of these ghosts for you.

This might cost a little extra, but professionals have tons of experience exorcising unwanted spirits from homes. Exorcisms can be thrilling experiences, and you can learn a lot from watching somebody perform one.

4. Get religious.

If you aren’t a spiritual person, but still have ghost-problems, it might be time to change your outlook on life. Religion has provided ways to get rid of ghosts since the beginning of man himself.

Consider going to a public mass next Sunday, talking to the pastor about your ghost-stresses, and asking what you can do to strengthen your spiritual life. While it isn’t recommended that you pace around your home reciting Bible verses just yet, spiritualism is definitely something you should consider.

5. Try an ouija board.

This method is only recommended if your ghost-pal is already causing a ruckus in your home. Ouija boards allow you to communicate with the nearest spirits around you.

If your ghost isn’t really being a problem, using a Ouija board will likely only draw the spirit closer to you. If you have nothing to lose though, consider this method to ask the spirit what troubles him or her, and perhaps offer some comfort through soothing words or suggestions. If you kindly ask a ghost to seek the light, there’s a good chance it will listen.

6. Watch horror movies.

Here’s an exciting way to learn more about the history of ghosts. Many horror movies claim to be based on true stories, so why not try to learn from them? For example, The Exorcist warns you never to perform exorcisms by yourself, or you might get thrown out of a window. The Sixth Sense demonstrates that even your best friend could potentially be a ghost. Ghostbusters hints at the technology that might soon exist on the market to rid yourself of unwanted spirits. Knowledge is power! The more you know, the better.

7. Don’t believe in them.

Plenty of victims of ghosts have discovered that choosing not to believe in spirits anymore is a permanent solution to getting rid of ghosts. The power of the imagination is remarkably strong, and it’s easy to conjure ideas of things that don’t actually exist.

This is not to discount the existence of ghosts, but if you choose not to believe in them, you’re likely to never experience their ghastly evils. Try activities like basketball or science to move on from your ghost obsession.

8. Move to a new home.

If you’ve tried everything you can, and still find yourself haunted by ghosts, it might be time to move. This is a particularly great option if your ghost is violent or sexually promiscuous. Sometimes, the harder you try to get a rid of a ghost, the stronger their powers of terror become. Consider moving somewhere with historically low levels of ghost activity. Avoid houses with lots of stains or abandoned hospitals. Hopefully, your kind of ghost isn’t the type that attaches itself wherever you move and haunts you until you die. Speaking of which…

9. Become a ghost yourself.

If you can’t beat em, join em! Some ghosts are simply too strong to overcome and will not stop terrorizing you. If you must accept defeat, do so with ghoulish dignity. Being a ghost is probably pretty awesome…haunting people that cheated you in life and walking through walls and the like. Admit it; you’re jealous of ghosts and all their mysterious powers. Why not opt to be a ghost yourself? If you believe in the presence of ghosts, perhaps you can become one yourself after your life on earth ends.

Inevitably, getting rid of ghosts can be quite the challenging venture. Don’t be afraid of ghosts! Maybe what you think is a ghost is time is actually just your fridge acting up, for instance. If your ghost isn’t a fridge though, it’s strongly recommended that you try each of the above techniques and see which one provides you with the most success. Happy ghost hunting!

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  1. I believe that I had several unwelcome spirits in a house I use to live in as I actually felt “a hand” on my person at times as well as saw them in a mirror every day over a period of a month’s span. I was extremely distraught at first but after speaking to a pastor and continually listening to God’s word everyday I decided to cast them out if you will. I commanded them to leave the house in the name of JESUS and they obeyed. I will not be afraid of them because it is true they have no physical body and although they would love it for you to be afraid they have no substantial power to harm a human being.

  2. NEVER use a Ouija board. They ONLY conjure the BAD entities.

    I had a Native American friend who gave me the items to construct a spirit catcher. It consisted of a hanging ring wrapped in leather cord after the 5 point star is put in the middle of the ring. A blessed arrowhead hangs at the center of the star. 2 blessed Eagle feathers hang from the bottom of the ring. You can find these items at the local psychic fair…unless you know an Indian.

  3. the use of olive oil is good spread on window sills and doorway, and claiming this is the house of the child of light, jesus protects us,god demands you leave, follow with the lord’s prayer to protect the family and home of god

  4. I am at my wit’s end and do not know where to turn or who to contact! My 16 year old daughter is missing schhol and not sleeping due to ghosts appearing in her room. Day or night, it doesn’t matter. The bad thing is, they are people she doesn’t recognize and she says they are “scary looking”, with burns, cuts and other injuries on them. I have studied the metaphysical/paranormal for years and have taken all the steps I know of to get rid of these energies that are disrupting my daughter’s life. I have done thorough cleansings and apparently they are not working. If anyone can give me advice as to what to do next or why she is seeing them and they are “injured” I’d be grateful.

  5. I am being huanted. its not just my house but everywhere I go. I have bruises on my arms and legs. Can ghosts be violent?

  6. There is a CD that you can play in your home which will drive away the ghosts for good. It was developed by a paranormal investigator, and has kept my home spirit-free for more than a year. I purchased it from Ghost Hunters Inc. for $50. Their address is: GHI, 1541 N. Main St. Suite 153 Crossville TN 38555.

  7. How do you stop them? we don’t have holy water right now! Pleae someone help us! We are about to get attacked! You might not believe it but it’s true

  8. Hi, my name is Skye, I’ve had something following me sense I was a small child. I’m not sure what it is but I’ve been having more and more nightmares with it inside, and yet when I wake there are noises in the room that range from something scratching like say a cat would, or like this morning I herd breathing but when I tried to look for the source of the sound I got to terrified to keep searching and left the room. There are blurs of light in most all photos of me even when light glare wasn’t even an option, and I’ve even had people close to me say they either hear things or even feel them. The most scary thing is there are times where what ever it is literally paralyzes me, takes away my ability to move, I can hear it laughing when this happens and honestly it scares me more than I could ever put into words.. I need help, please I’m begging Anyone who has Any ideas to get rid of what ever is following me Please tell me.

  9. I have had similar problems, no matter where i go I always feel spirits around me, like they are following me everywhere I go and not the friendly kind of spirits either and I know it does not help when I give in to the fear, I have been with my boyfriend for two years and every time he is not here I can’t sleep because of the fear and paranoia. I read on here about the Cd does anyone know if I can buy that CD online.

  10. I’m not surprised most of the methods are not working. I have heard very similar stories to what some of you are experiencing. Often times, the spirits are “connected” to us through our previous lives, we’ve probably hurt them in some way and they have found us for revenge.

    I do not claim to be a ghostbuster or have any authority over this matter, and i’ve only stumbled upon this webpage accidentally while searching for something totally unrelated. If you are at your wits end and would like to try something, please seek out a Buddhist Monastery near you, a Tibetan Buddhist Monastery is good (the monks are very well-versed with issues like these).

  11. My family and i just moved into an old house. My son, boyfriend and cousin have slept there since day one, but my daughter and I stayed at our apartment up untill lastnight. I spent my first there and it was the worste experience. At 1:20 am i woke to the noise of the sheet sliding off the mattress and so was I. My body was being held against my will, I could not yell for help, and my back and neck hairs were cold and standind. I am terryfied to stay another night there but have waited so long to move into a house, and have no more options. Please tell me a fool proof way to rid this spirit from this house. Sincerely, Desperately scared

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