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Among many of the insects that are found to enter indoors, gnats have become one of the worst pests because a gnat is considered to be any small two-winged fly which includes the ones that like to bite and the ones that don’t bite. Many people have an increasing amount of gnats during the summer months. There are a few different things that you can do to avoid the nasty gnat infestation. The first of many is to purchase a gnat bug spray at your local maintenance store and use it according to the directions. This may eliminate a great portion of the flies but become rather costly.

Finding out how to get rid of gnats in your home can be done by doing a basic internet search. You will bring up results that explain different ways to create a trap for your little visitors. If you practice catch and release then you will be pleased to know that many of the methods are designed to release the flies back into nature.

The most common trap used to capture flies of any nature is a vinegar trap. It normally consists of a cup full of water and vinegar with a plastic overlay and a few small holes punched in the plastic. Another common method is to take a plastic container and place a piece of almost rotten fruit in the bottom of it and by punching a few holes in the top, you will be able to successfully capture these buggers. These two traps are normally how to get rid of gnats in your home by using items around your home.

For those that would prefer to call an exterminator to spray there home for any insects or pests that maybe inside, may spend more money in the long run but will normally rid themselves of the gnats temporarily. When hiring someone to come into your home and exterminate a problem, you are allowing anyone to walk into your home. For some people this is not acceptable, to have a stranger in their home around their small children or spouse. Therefore, the needs for alternative methods arise.

There is not a ?get rid quick? scheme out there unless you would like to test out your vacuum cleaners ability to suck up the insects, which is highly advised against. Creating and setting up a few of the vinegar traps around the house might not eliminate all of the gnats but it is a great method to lessen them. It is also an easy method to teach a friend if they are interested in learning how to get rid of gnats in your home or theirs. To avoid the entrance of gnats or fruit flies, eliminate their food source by putting all of your veggies and fruits inside air tight containers or placing them in the refrigerator.